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  1. May 18, 2012
    Great game and a worthy sequel. Enough changes to keep you coming back, and multiple skill levels to keep you coming back. Not even sure what they haters were hoping for, just Diablo 2.5? No changes in gameplay? No changes in anything? Sorry guys, that's not a sequel. If you love D2 so much, go back and play it and keep the nerd rage about server issues to yourself. People that complain about stuff like that have never really had real issues in their life. Expand
  2. May 18, 2012
    Its not Diablo II its WoW 2. And this why most of us disapointment.
    im not talking about DRM, single player etc because u in my opinion u dont need to play diablo game alone, but the truth is this game lost all the its great features from diablo 2 and turned into WoW 2.
    Diablo 2 is still popular 12 years after its release and i see many people who play it online. do u really think this bad
    game will be played in 12 more years? Diablo 2 is a game that stands the test of time . diablo 3? doesnt even stand the stand of present time.
  3. May 19, 2012
    Casual gamer here. Absolutely gutted offline single player mode isn't available. Games like warcraft, starcraft, diablo, are what I'm about. I buy the games, chuck it on hard and play the single player campaign. I've never made the transition to online play with any game. The main reason being I live in a country where internet connections aren't great. So to find out online connection is a must is so annoying. I also game on a laptop and dont have roaming wireless internet, I find it really average to think I could buy the product but be limited where I use it. I think for someone like the gamer who's not interested in online play this will push them towards piracy. I for one wont be buying the product due to my internet limitations. However if there was a cracked version that allowed offline play that would look pretty good to me right now.

    I cant believe the ignorance from blizzard that everyone around the world interested in playing diablo 3 will have access to a quality internet line.

    Seriously?????? You cant be that stupid?????
  4. May 19, 2012
    As anyone has already pointed out, the biggest flaw is the DRM.
    There are QUEUES in the singleplayer, what the heck???
    Is this the future of video gaming? Cattle-ing people? None should support this kind of product because it just degrades the whole video game industry.
    This has NOT the spirit of D2, to whoever says that they are just blizzdrones. It has nothing D2 had.
    The story is plain
    and dumb, no customization whatsoever, chosing one feat for your skill and call it customs? There is no more skill building, you just chose your arsenal and your gameplay won't be much more different than any other dude having your character.
    As always the first playthrough can't be easier, the replayability is just doing the game again (which is short as well) and doesn't add much at all.
  5. May 19, 2012
    This game is unplayable because of DRM. I have 6Mbps ADSL Internet connection and pings in other games like 80-120ms. In D3 my average ping is of 600-1000. This is incredibly unplayable even at single player campaign.
    I've wasted 60 euros just because Blizzard was a trusted company for me till here. I don't care about graphics and sound, i don't care about many years of development of that
    game. I simply log in, watch my hero "jumping through space" in lags and i quit. Expand
  6. May 24, 2012
    This game is OK but the always-on DRM absolutely ruins it for me. DRM for multiplayer games is to be expected, but forcing you to always have a connection to the blizzard servers in order to play a single player game is ridiculous. What if you have a laptop and want to play it somewhere with poor/unreliable wireless signal quality or no wireless signal? You can't. When playing a single player game on my desktop I'll be running through a field and then in a flash my position will reset to where it was a second or two ago when the server last synched, its totally jarring. Sometimes when this happens I'll be surrounded by monsters and instantly die. I'll be pretty far into a dungeon and my connection will get dropped and I'll get booted back to the game lobby and have to repeat the level. All this is even if blizzard allows you to log in to their servers to begin with, hope you don't want to play your game when their servers are down or at capacity! I'm still having lag issues on my desktop over a week after release, I'm not whining about the launch-day issues that they improved upon over the first couple days, and this may in fact be my ISPs fault rather than Blizzard's. Blizzard really should have given you the choice of an open or closed system like they did in Diablo 2, this design decision to require a constant high quality internet connection at all times killed my enjoyment of this game. As to the gameplay, its pretty much what you'd expect, an updated version of diablo with new classes and skills. Graphics are decent, voice acting is good and the monsters the game has allowed me to see so far have been interesting - I like some of the vomiting zombies and giant bloated corpses that explode into a mass of worms, I like how you see monsters climb up the sides of cliffs and climb in through windows before joining the combat, creative stuff like that is good. Story is decent, kind of a rehash of the original story so far but it makes me nostalgic when they drop names like "king leoric" in the story. I'm one who doesn't really want a long story in an action rpg so the story is at just about the right level for me. Gameplay however seems dumbed down from predecessors, not nearly as much character customization as I would like and my only deaths so far have been due to lag. $60 for this is an insult, should be $20. Expand
  7. May 19, 2012
    I think we need to stop being fanboys of a game, a company, or a franchise and just evaluate something for what it's actually worth (basically, leave nostalgia out of it)
    Diablo 3 is on it's own merit, one of the most exceptionally bad let downs of all time. The graphics are so cheap and second rate, it looks like an indie studio of about 4 guys did the work on it. The characters are 2
    dimensional and so hard to get behind it's laughable, so you almost wish it was a comedy. Oh and in terms of customization (the cornerstone of the RPG experience) forget about any deviation from what they decided your character will look like. And to top it all off, after paying $60 you can't even play it without getting kicked off every few minutes due to Blizzard mandating you stay online while you play. Why did they mandate this? So they could suck more money from you via the Auction house. Diablo 3 is gaming's Waterworld. Expand
  8. May 19, 2012
    For background, I have played both Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 to an extent. I completed both games multiple times, and although it has been a while since I played the titles, I was completely distraught when I started my character on Diablo 3. The game-play was completely dumbed down to the point that a trained chimpanzee could complete the game without any problems, the graphics look as though they were taken out of WoW and darkened slightly. As I feared, Blizzard have forgotten how to make a game that is not the hugely successful WoW. Diablo 3 is a huge let down for anyone who has ever played either Diablo or Diablo 2, and I, in all honesty, cannot see how it would attract new players (aside from those who fell into the hype). I won't be a fool and say Blizzard "owned us" a great game, after this long of a wait, but after waiting for eleven years, expectations were high. They were met with Starcraft II, and they were simply destroyed with Diablo 3. It is as disappointing a game as you will ever find, and there is absolutely no way I am ever going to fall in love with it. For those reasons, my rating is a solid zero. Expand
  9. May 19, 2012
    I remember the first Diablo blowing me away, Diablo 2 blowing me away, LOD blowing me away and here comes Diablo 3 . . . blowing massive donkey penis. Seriously, go to hell actiblizzard. RIP Diablo. As far as I'm concerned Diablo ended at LOD
  10. May 20, 2012
    Servers are down 80% of the time, average graphics, poor animations, average sound, no character customization, too pricely, dumbed down talent trees, dumbed down inventory, no pvp (although promised), "always online even when playing single" bull-poop, average story, average voices, poor support and many, many other reasons that force me to slam this game (and the producing company) with a well deserved 0 (zero). Maybe they'll do better next time. Expand
  11. May 20, 2012
    Wow, just went to play. Played 2 mins and BAM server maintenance. WTF? Thats why people hate always online DRM. You want to play single player BUT CAN'T. Blizzard sucks. Only dumb fanboys will vote positive on this piece of broken ****
  12. May 20, 2012
    Orrible drm ruined this game... WAY TO GO BLIZZARD
  13. May 20, 2012
    This game is a pale imitation of its predecessors, and doesn't deserve the Diablo name.

    Cartoonish WoW graphics, cookie cutter character development, weak (and short) story which has been a massive disappointment to me as a fan of the franchise.

    All of this would earn it a 3/10, but this has been reduced to nice fat 0/10 by the multiple errors that have accompanied any attempt by me to
    play it, and destroyed my enthusiasm built up by a very long wait.

    By all means, buy the game, but in few months and DO NOT pay $60 for it
  14. May 20, 2012
    Diablo has been Kotified. No more farming items, you have to farm cash to spoend in the Auction House. With real life money AH coming next week no surprise the whole game is designed to push you into using it.
  15. May 20, 2012
    I wish I could say something about the game, but I haven't been able to log-in. This is ridiculous, not being able to play single-player without passing through's crappy servers. I know they're doing this to prevent duped items and getting ready for the real money action-house, but this is NOT the way to go. A big no-no to Blizzard.
  16. May 20, 2012
    I love this game. I really do. But Blizzard CAN'T get away with the way they are running the game. The launch was a giant epic fail. Nobody could log-in, people lost achievements, someone even lost the character. For all the week, there were huge lag spikes (even playing in single-player mode with no other player allowed) and disconnection. And now the ice on the cake: sudden maintenance on a SUNDAY AFTERNOON for EU (the FIRST Sunday after the poor release on a TUESDAY). I love this game, but I hate Blizzard for what they are doing. And they will probably get away with this, with a simple "We're sorry.". No, WE are sorry, you aren't. You got your money, after all. Expand
  17. May 20, 2012
    Since I haven't been payied by Blizz to review, there you go: buy this game if : * you like not being able to log in on a Sunday, for 4.5 hours straight, without any reason and ETA or communication from Blizzard other than : we are taking the server down, live with it * you do not enjoy lobotomized gameplay * the wonderful many skills and runes become 3 survival skills and 1 or 2 dps from Nightmare on ( so no choice there, if you want to live)

  18. May 20, 2012
    I've asked for a refund from Blizzard as its unplayable. I have no clue what game the "expert reviewers were playing, but its wasn't the one the rest of us were. Underneath the DRM / online nightmare and terrible customer service from Blizzard, there is potentially a good (though hardly 100% - that is a very lazy piece of reviewing) game, but who knows as the current one is ruined by latency and lag...which is pathetic. Its not that much better than Diablo 2 (graphics are poor, object reuse is very common) and that was 12 years ago. Though I can play Diablo 2 at the moment.. I cant play Diablo 3... solo... as the servers are down. Expand
  19. May 20, 2012
    Game is good, but the need for constant internet connection while playing single player game is seriously fouled up. I've been kicked out from quests in the middle because connection went fubar and now I can't play, because servers are having MAINTENANCE, and that, pretty please, ON SUNDAY AFTERNOON.
  20. May 20, 2012
    A typical Blizzard game. This game was hyped so much that it was obvious it would be disappointing in many points. Skills, Story, Graphics, all acceptable nut not nearly as epic as you might think when you look at press' ratings. I would rate it about 83/100, but the server situation, online restriction and Blizzard politics do not deserve even 1 point.
  21. May 20, 2012
    Trouble logging in and playing from Day 1. Now on Day 3 my account was hacked all my gold and items were missing and a Level 1 character that I had never played with was in my recently played list. What's more? The user was still online on his Level 1 Barbarian no doubt ripping off other accounts. The login screen is a joke. There is no time out if you enter an incorrect password therefore making a brute force attack much easier to execute. I quit playing Diablo 2 because I was "popped" in PVP and it looks like I am going to quit playing Diablo 3 for the same reason. Expand
  22. Feb 16, 2013
    The problem with this game is that Blizzard didn't prepare enough for it. Lots of lag problems, bugs that don't allow you to play, always online DRM, laggy servers, bugs making items characters disappear forever, achievements getting bugged. Also the gameplay is not exempt from it too. Because they made some really dumb decisions on this game. Like for example Legendary Items are horrible when compared to Magic Items from Inferno. Lots of dumb design choices too, though some were really improvements to the game, it feels ilke they cut shortcuts on lots of aspects on the game. No Runewords useless common socketed items, action house destroying the game balance and progression, useless hirelings, etc It's just not a Diablo Sequel, and coupled with the horrible problems caused by their design choices leave me with the decision to never purchase another game from Blizzard again Expand
  23. May 20, 2012
    Terrible servers. Completely obscure patching - in a day where company transparency is key, Blizzard is hellbent on letting players in the dark (no official patch until now either). Graphics look ok (even though they're outdated the art direction is good) but the engine is beyond bad. Better looking games run smoother and with less memory leaking.

    The game itself is a mess. Writing is
    beyond terrible, plot is predictable, no immersion, itemization is poor and created to force you to use the auction house. Game is incredibly easy and scripted bosses have absolutely no change in their AI or move sets in the higher difficulties. Game is also very short. Did I mention the always online-DRM?

    There's pretty much no redeeming quality to this game.
  24. May 20, 2012
    Let me just start by saying I made this account on metacritic for the soul purpose of expressing what a disappointment this game was. A. Graphics, pathetic let down. Very cartoonish/childish, with a little bit of lame gore. B. Constant internet connections. Often random episodes of lag that are not from me, but from the servers, sometimes to the point where it is unplayable, wouldn't dream of attempting hardcore in such conditions
    C.No customization. Though I do personally like new form of "talent tree" they set up, I would like to be able to customize how my character looks.
    D. Blizzard does not care its customers are unsatisfied and just has the mentality of 'They will get used to it.'

    Conclusion: The general feel of the game is it was made for money without the gamer in mind. Blizzard is a horrible company now that is just another greedy corporate company. Can't wait until a new company comes in and takes these greedy pigs out of business.
  25. May 20, 2012
    I was dedicated enough to beat D3 between server maintenance, but I'm already sick of it. It has a no permanent character customization and no replay value. At least with SC2 I could make different choices in the campaign and play in offline mode where the lag is not unbearable. D3 lacks any original thinking, smooth game play, and essential features for a full price title. It doesn't deserve the name it carries, so I only refer to it as "D3." Expand
  26. May 21, 2012
    First off, I just want to clarify that this review is not a complaint over the connection issues/first day launch problems. So many "critics" want to wash the consumers complaints with, "Give them a break," or "This is expected during launch." They fail to acknowledge what is actually written within the thousands, yes I said thousands of negative reviews. To put it simply and clearly this game is GARBAGE. Why? The intense feeling of gloom and doom that one once had when playing Diablo 2 is completely gone in Diablo 3, the graphics are MUCH to bright and cartoonish. When playing you can never become attached to the game simply because of the graphics engine in which they chose to use with diablo 3 (world of warcraft graphics engine). The voice acting for some of the characters, such as the male wizard; is absolutely TERRIBLE. A homeless man could have done a better job on acting the scripted dialogue and dont let that one famous voice voice actor from avatar fool you into believing the rest of the voice actors in Diablo 3 are going to be exceptionally amazing. The story line is a major disappointment, so not to spoil it I will not explain further but to put it simply, I could have created a better story line. Next up, the skill tree. The skill tree is so auto pilot that a 5 year old kid could play through normal without suffering any consequences of the skills in which they can choose from. Did I say choose? I meant given to them. Also, there is no potion bar in which you strategically heal yourself, so the more this 5 year old child kills things the faster he can heal himself and progress through the rest of the game mindlessly clicking away. The little socialization features Diablo 2 aloud are completely gone and instead is on the xbox live format of socialization, which is auto assigning games with random people. Pointless to play hardcore because of this, also impossible to play hardcore, they included it but do not allow quick exits anymore. Ya you read right, 10 second delay on logging out of a game which means if blizzards sites lag (which they do 24/7) you cant just quickly exit to save your butt. Blizzard only added hardcore mode to the game to bring back that crowd thinking it would be the same but instead is only a gimmick. Do not waist your money, I would advise it because you will regret it. This game is much like the star wars the old republic hype, blizzard is only riding on the name to sell copies. Keep in mind Diablo 1 and 2 where created by blizzard north NOT Blizzard, so the developers are completely talent less and under a corporate mind set in which is the newly formed Blizzard. Watch out folks, games like star craft, world of warcraft, diablo are just never going to be the same. Expand
  27. May 21, 2012
    This title brings nothing new to the genre, the need for a constant internet connection at face value appears to be a poor decision by Blizzard, then you are stuck with login errors, server maintenance, lag issue, the constant internet connection becomes game breaking.

    This game has been simplified by the removal of the stats system, and simplifying the skill system which have removed
    much of the interesting potential of strange builds. The itemization is terrible, I did not want to play a single player WOW clone, this game needs to be heavily patched... before its worth a look. Expand
  28. May 23, 2012
    For me this is really amazing game. Its still old and good Diablo just with some news, which made this game much better. Graphic is great (good enough for nowadays) but physic is cool. Easy to play and hard to be master.
  29. May 24, 2012
    I see it as a glorified Indie game. It's fun but not worth it's price-tag of ââ
  30. May 23, 2012
    Diablo III is a failure in so many aspects that it'd be impossible to put just in a few words why it's so bad and dissapointing. They had the time, they had de money and resources, they had experience in the gaming world and they also knew what their customers were expecting. Taking all that in consideration, I guess D3 is the biggest Fail in gaming history. To sum up, it has no soul.
  31. May 23, 2012
    Such a buggy mess on the performance side of things. Once things are fixed up I'll review my score.

    Waited so long for what? Errors, glitches, stuttering, lag, DCs, poor servers?
  32. May 23, 2012
    Horribly over-hyped. First run was fun, but after reaching mid nightmare it was all the same. There is 0 replay value in d3, absolutely no end game content. Horrible decision to make it online-only DRM with no offline single player. Servers are always down or shutting down. Game was pushed out the door 60% complete and will forever be remembered as Blizzards downfall.
  33. May 26, 2012
    You expect to be able to play a game youve paid $60 for. Especially single player campaign offline when "servers" are down.
    Other than that, the game looks like a bad MMO from 10 years ago.
  34. May 26, 2012
    A big let down can play single player with out being logged in. graphics are ok nothing big. If they wanted to make a good game then they should have done away with the log in stuff for a single player game i can care less about co-op
  35. May 26, 2012
    I'm currently in nightmare mode and really have no desire to play the same bad storyline over again. I kill bosses for the first time in nightmare mode and they don't even drop rares...I feel like this game really wasn't in development for the past 12 years....I feel like this has been pushed out onto us incomplete. I played both D1 and D2 as a teen and can remember having tons of fun. This is simply not the case here. I mildly enjoyed the first play through of D3. The story was very poor. I was disappointed with the character development. The item drop/randomization is in my opinion broken. The server problems really weren't an issue, nonetheless, I didn't appreciate paying for something and not being able to use it when I wanted. Overall, I think Blizzard put no thought into this game. They decided to put out an incomplete product. I was anticipating this game for years. I thought I would be lost in the demonic and frightening world of Diablo 3, instead i found myself in a kid like WoW looking game. Very disappointed...... Expand
  36. May 29, 2012
    The problem with critical reviews of this game is that critics are expected to churn out judgement based on sitting down and playing the game for a few hours (or a few days at the most) before they need to write an article about it. This is accurate of how Diablo 3 is. Play it for a few hours or a few days and you'll tend to say "best game ever." Play it longer than that though and the impression (very, very) quickly fades. I am giving this game a 1-rating despite being a (former) Blizzard fan not only because the game requires you to always be online with servers that are very unreliable - these things can be fixed given time. The reason I am giving this game a 1-rating are because: 1) the game is too short, 2) it assumes you'll have to play the game over and over and over (ad infinitum) just to progress to the higher difficulty levels. It requires you to either grind for gear or scour the AH and in this regard, it loses what made the Diablo franchise fun. It was FUN to kill monsters. It's NOT FUN getting 1-shotted in Inferno difficulty because, despite grinding hours for gear, the RNG gods have not yet given you enough gear to be able to handle this level of difficulty. In this regard, Diablo 3 becomes a game not of skill, but of luck. There's no aspect of strategy here. To be able to survive Inferno, you need to have a very specific build with a very specific (and very hard to find or very expensive) gear.

    This is not the game for you if you just want to sit back after a long tiring day at work and kill stuff and be happy about it. This is a game for people who either play games for a living, or have enough money in their Daddy's trust fund that they can afford never to work a day in their life and can spend all of it playing this game.
  37. May 29, 2012
    Diablo 3 took everything that made Diablo 2 fun and just threw it away. This is a game for casual scrubs. Terrible game, don't buy it. Blizzard used to be the best game developers in the world, it is sad to see how low they have sunk. Oh and by the way, enjoy always having to be online to play when Blizzard's been to cheap to buy decent servers (have fun playing with 150 ms at all times!).
  38. May 29, 2012
    Great game, love playing it, but that's the problem. Why does it feel like I bought a temporary license to play a game. Servers are up and down. Auction house works "sometimes" and the fact that I have to be online to play is rather annoying. If it was an MMO it would be expected, but come on, this isn't an mmo. Max players you can have in a game is 4. There is no PvP. (yet) but really, having to be online at all times to play a game, that some can say it's suppose to be a multi-player game, but if i can't play it single player offline, not that fun when you have to wait for servers to be up. Like i said great game, but if i can't play it when i want to, and it's not an MMO, than it can have a low score. Expand
  39. May 29, 2012
    Online only for a single player type game..............And you can only play when blizzard decides to let you. Terrible story and terrible support from blizzard. I want my money back!
  40. Jun 1, 2012
    I've played around a 100 hours of Diablo 3 and I can say I have an accurate grasp overall on the release. Yes, the critic reviews are positive. My review would be too if I only played for a few hours on normal. The game doesn't have much replay value so leveling past your first hero might get boring. The auction house is dreadful; it rarely works, has a very limited post limit, and is incredibly inflated. Inferno mode is the biggest joke I've ever seen. I've cleared through most of it (painstakingly) but it literally wasn't even tested by Blizzard. A lot of down time combined with many late game inconveniences makes this the biggest gaming disappointment in years. Expand
  41. Jun 19, 2012
    It's an inferior Pay2Win MMORPG; without the RPG, without the MMO. D2 and D3 have nothing in common as far as game mechanics are concerned. Even aesthetically they have nothing in common, heck Diablo's a female now with boobs.
  42. Jul 27, 2012
    Bad uniques, bad set items, no crafted items, no eth items, no jewels, no runes, no charms, no runewords, generally bad loot tables, smith not balanced, juwel guy not balanced, enemies not balanced, kite n run instead of hack n slay gameplay, no gameflow at all between act 1 and 2 inferno, bad balance of classes and skills, no pvp at all, steady serverproblems combined with no offline singleplay mode, chat bots, ingame bots, auctionhouse bots, exploiters that made billions and billions of gold worth ten thousands of dollars ruining the auctionhouse market. Take this list. Apply it to a game. Rate the game. Do it honest. Expand
  43. Jun 6, 2012
    The main problem with this game is that it's just boring. Mobs, items, story...all are just goddamn boring.
    Second major problem is the always online requirement. **** that for a joke for a single player game (and don't tell me this is a multiplayer game - single play is a major component). Server down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance? Too bad, you can't play the game. ****
    you Blizzard. At least Dawnguard is coming out soon and I can get back to a proper game. Expand
  44. Jun 8, 2012
    TERRIBLE, i literally made this account to warn you how bad it is. story trash, customization trash, skill factor trash,replay value trash,fun factor trash, pvp not even a duel feature at release... so trash, itemising trash, u want to have best gear forget playing game only xploits and cheats farm good gear rest is bought by farmers the sec its posted in ah so some dude who owns 20 copies and doesnt even play the game has all the good loots but who cares becuz by inferno uve played this weak ass story to death and its just not fun.mele classes in inferno are used for gibb kiting oh man let me farm repairs so i can die 15x while rng class kites cuz respawn is skill right? im not even touching base on how fail the servers were at launch and prolly still are as i unstalled this trash, its really pathetic that i am looking for expansion news 1 week after launch cuz all there is todo is kill broken elite mobs which i would have to farm A1 hundred times becuz the others way too hefty in repairs to make money and spend that money on items the gold farmers flipped 10x already up to a gabillion gold, but again why look in ah for what this game is bad i dont want better gear to farm faster money to rinse repeat if i needed more complaints the craft system is a joke cost before mats are more then u could fetch for crap u can make, the gear is ugly and share a few common overused skins im just curious how many of these critics on MC must have stock in blizzard becus that MetaScore is clearly not from anyone who played this trash. ugh just avoid it its BAD Expand
  45. Jun 8, 2012
    Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares maybe sell 1 decent rare on auction house, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares, buy gear on auction house, Farm, vendor crappy rares, Farm, vendor crappy rares.

    That's pretty much the
    game. I strongly suggest skipping this one folks.

    ***********************************60 Barbarian 180 hours played, 25 million gold spent on gear, currently in act 3 inferno, not really getting anywhere
  46. Jun 11, 2012
    I am willing to look past the launch day errors and habitual server problems. However, I am not able to look past the flatness of Diablo 3's game play and storylines. I really can't see myself playing this game anymore; I mean how many times can a person do the same acts over and over before it becomes boring and tedious?
  47. Jun 20, 2012
    Save your time and money, this game was an absolute failure. The only way you might like it is if you never played the first two of the series. If you have played the first two avoid this at all costs, it was an absolute failure and it is only a giant ploy to fuel the real money auction house in the game.
  48. Jun 22, 2012
    IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU: My account was banned, Blizzard claimed I had unauthorized third party software on my computer. I have no idea what they are talking about, I've come up with a list of things I have installed that might be causing the problem. Dual boot linux, Avast antivirus, Logitech gaming keyboard, and the f.lux brightness tool. Nothing even related to D3. If you buy this game, be warned: Blizzard can take it away from you at any time and they don't even have to justify it. Expand
  49. Jun 23, 2012
    Do you like fun?

    If you answered yes to this question, stay far away from this game.

    Visuals are solid, sound is solid. Dialogue and story are glue sniffing retarded.

    The game has 0 replayability, boring monotonous gameplay and its endgame consists of being an unpaid item farmer.

    Horrid game.
  50. Jun 27, 2012
    Welcome to the future gaming. A real money item shop in the game for 60$, with a feeble diablo-clone attached to it and sweet-fap-advertisements (reviews). An always online single player mode, with queues to play the single player mode.
  51. Jul 14, 2012
    Blizzard promised a game that would be fun to play (it was -- briefly), feature prominent PvP (it doesn't have it at all), and would be viable to play long after reaching level 60 (it's not). Instead, they delivered mediocrity tailored to maximizing profits, in particular by manipulating drop rates in order to increase prices on the RMAH. Blizzard is not the company they were in 2000. They are a single-minded corporate driven money-making behemoth, There is nothing wrong with that, except that those companies make games designed to make them money, not games designed to deliver players a great experience and extensive replayability. Wish I could get my money back. None of my 15 or so friends that started playing this game in May still play it. Not one kept playing more than 6 weeks. If you haven't bought it yet, avoid it like the plague. Expand
  52. Jul 21, 2012
    Wow... there isnt much more I can say about this game that hasnt already been said. So I will talk about the company that allows you to play it. I have been on the Diablo 3 forums from day 1 reading and commenting on constructive criticism because I really wanted the game to be successful. The reason the forums exist is so players can discuss game topics and the state of the game in general. Even when I requested a refund from blizzard they asked me to comment on the reasons I was leaving in their forums.

    Well... I have been banned from the forums twice now for what they claim to be "Trolling".

    What I did was post inside treads that offered constructive, and well worded feedback, and criticism. Most of these posts even without ToS violations get censored and deleted. It doesnt really matter what you say on thier forums, as long as its not something they agree with.. they simply remove it.

    I made a very good post the other day about the difference between F2P and P2P, and based on the fact that Diablo 3's business model is to make residual income from its MicroTransaction using the RMAH, I said that Diablo 3 should convert to F2P to get the majority of the players back.

    There was a lot of comments some negative and some very constructive that brought up many good points.

    This is what blizzard considers trolling. I did not slander blizzard, I did not say their game sucks, I did not make any negitive comments about the game. I simply showed two arguments on how it should be F2P instead of P2P, and got banned for it.

    This company is going down hill, and fast. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see how things are going for not only their parent company but blizzard itself.

    So to sum it all up:

    Diablo is indeed a very bad game. If you need reasons.. just visit any site that provides user feedback.

    Blizzard is a bad company and ppl should not buy games or any products from them. It just allows them to keep doing what they are doing. They will ask you for your opinions and then they will censer you, and then they will ban you for them. This company does not like free thinking ppl, and this is even more obvious if you look at how they totally dumped down the game because they think all you consumers are morons.

    Just ask Jay Wilson.
  53. Jul 27, 2012
    Let me start off by saying that this is NOT a Diablo game. It is a World of Warcraft-ish spinoff in which Blizzard slapped their name on. Avid fans of Diablo1 and D2 need not apply! This game is completely lacking of all/any end-game content. Furthermore, they plan to implement a noncompetitive arena only based PvP system for 4v4s ONLY, which is still months away, and they haven't released any plans for any other endgame yet... But they have stated they have some prospects. I wouldn't get my hopes up given their track record since release.

    Item grinding, at ridiculously low drop rates (lower than d2), is their current version of endgame and the drop rates have taken into account their RMAH and GAH (real money auction house; gold auction house) systems. What's even worse is that upon the low droprates of say, a legendary, you also have to hope RNG shows you love on property rolls on that item.... For EACH property. With that being said, don't plan on progressing in this game alone.... And with that being said don't plan on playing this game in multiplayer, because the game becomes heavily lopsided so punish multiplayer games, unless you and your team are ridiculously geared and skilled and have plenty of time to waste. Instead of progressing yourself, you will mainly find yourself farming gold, not items, for auction house progression.

    The game was released in online mode only to protect the players from botting, hacks, etc but that promise fell through as bots have already ruined the economy and continue to run rampant, exacerbating inflation. Simply put, the online mode only, that is required, only protected Blizzard from people playing with pirated copies instead of protecting all parties involved.

    The dev team is very poor about the implementation of fixes, the game is riddled with bugs and exploits from an extremely limited beta testing phase. Truth be told, this game is in a paid beta state and that's me being nice.

    To make matter worse, Blizzard upholds their reputation to cater to the general playerbase skill level, so hardcore people and elites need not apply. Inferno mode, the original difficulty intended for "the few skilled and dedicated players" was nerfed less than a month after release. And not a well thought out nerf either, a "everyone can now do this" type nerf. Nerf nerf nerf, that's all this game has been so far. Simply put, this game is fun for maybe 100 hours. Anything more is a job. You can be the judge of if you want to spend 60$ on it for that kind of time. However, past that the game is quite terrible. Other than having nice graphics it has nothing really going for it. It's just a game with multiple WoW systems implemented and a Diablo name stamped on the box (for sales).

  54. Jul 19, 2013
    -pay to win
    -stupid storyline (my cat can write a better one)
    -no skill/stat points
    -stupid class choices
    -bad graphics (yes it is bad.)
    **** artwork
    -dumb soundacting
    -retarded bosses
    -moronic followers
    -useless items

    +auto picking gold is not a bad idea. congratulations.

    made by retards for morons to play. good fuvking job.
  55. Aug 25, 2012
    Visuals - as my casual gamer sister said when she caught me playing diablo 3: the graphics are way too Ragnarok-like for a game about demons. For me it would kind of work if the graphics were oriented for a game such as Bastion but it just doesn´t fit the mood here; maybe I´m not the target market for this stuff, perhaps it was never intended for a mature audience. But even then starcraft 2 is graphically darker than this.
    Leveling up - the whole chain of evolution is visually available from the very beginning and as you receive new abilities just by leveling up you test them and see their uselessness and go back to your previous killer formula. You have no paths to choose and/or costumize your character, it 's just a straight line ahead without much thinking nor branch working.
    Level design - as most maps are "randomly" generated you should finished them the first time you encounter them since if you logout and login minutes later the whole configuration will be disposed in a different lego-like block struture. This is nice in a way because it gives a more "challenging" map but as you don't interact very much with the scenery, the traps in it for you to use against enemies are useless, you just pass through a painterly wallpaper most of the time having enemies mostly as a mean to reduce game progression. Besides the dungeons everthing is a straight line and even the dungeons only serve to explore and find the audiologs in diaries form, which works a lot better in bioshock than here. A world-map sandbox universe would have worked wonders here (zelda like or even metroid like), instead they made as straight lined as Final Fantasy XIII, probably even more.
    History: everything is so handed down and the hand holding just never stops, pretty much this whole game history can be totally explained in 4 phrases. And don't get me wrong, they have some nice points, although I still have my doubts about what deserved a CGI cutscene and what didn't, the way which it was treated and served mostly ruined it for me, a very Disney/Pixar approach.
    I just finished a demon hunter 4 Acts playthrough and I had as friendly AI to fight the demons a thief, an arcanist and a templar like guy. Where were the monks, mages and wizards? And Tyrael's uselessness is unbelievable...
    I wonder how courageous or just ill-willing the producers were to pull this out and give us a collector edition with diablo 2 and its expasion along with it. Probably just lazy and greedy.
    On its own it's hardly one of the worst games I've played but not in the spectrum of the bests either. Also it doesn't add anything new to the mixture, so it doesn't even have the excuse of being experimental. Sadly more disappointing than starcraft 2.
  56. Sep 3, 2012
    Unfortunately, the vast potential this game had and still has, got wasted without care by Blizzard.

    This review is written on my impressions since release until now. (Patch 1.0.4)

    Even though Jay Wilson himself stated that "D3 is a loot based game", 99% of the items you find are not usable. This goes to the point where you play the game for over 250 hours and haven't found any
    upgrade for your character. The implementation of a in-game auction house was not a bad idea in general. Due to the lack of finding good items yourself you are forced to use this machinery, but unfortunately there are big flaws in it, too. Every item you sell on the gold AH receives a 15 % fee, thus even if you find an item to sell, Blizzard takes 15 % of it away. Furthermore, the prices suffered from a severe inflation, which was caused by countless botters that are still botting without enough reaction of Blizzard. Countless websites sell gold now for about one dollar per million, while the starting price for a million was at about 50 dollars. The addition of the real money auction house is nothing but a rip-off. I somewhat understand that Blizzard wants their part of the cake in a game without monthly subscriptions, but when the best items in game can only be afforded with real currency it goes too far. More about the game itself: Boring and repetitive. You have to play 3 different difficulties before you can finally reach the highest difficulty where, in theory, the best items can be found. The funny thing about this is that all different difficulties have the absolute same storyline. Dull and tedious as that is, there is not even more alteration when you finally reach Inferno, the highest difficulty. There you can finally farm for items, but also only one specific chapter in the game for the best efficiency. (Time-input compared to loot quality)

    A player VS player option or an endlesshuge dungeon with increasing difficulty could outcome this dullness, but none of these exist until now. The game literally got released in an unfinished state with insane amounts of bugs and possible exploits. Last but not least a huge and unacceptable problem is the lack of communication between developers and players. The diablo forum is literally filled with thousands of posts either complaining about flaws in the game or providing great ideas to improve the game. The feedback is simply ignored. Sometimes easily a week goes by until a Blizzard official posts in the forums, and most of the time the threads that are answered are of no real concern while very important ones that could benefit the game are simply ignored. The lack of communication is also reflected when it comes to game balancing. There were several instances in the game's history where patches were announced that the majority of the community didn't want. Never did Blizzard reconsider their decision or maybe try to find a compromise between player wishes and their plans. When they decided something, it had to be; play the game like they want or don't play it, it seems. The problem with this is, that players, who put a lot of time, effort and in many cases even real money into their characters, one day woke up with a character that has been nerfed to complete uselessness. (When they nerf something, they don't make it fair, the destroy it completely.) In the current state there is one class (Barbarian) which is far superior to all classes in terms of farming efficiency, all other classes have either been nerfed to the ground or were not as good from the beginning. This also encourages players to play only one class and makes the game even more monotone.

    All in all I can only give this game a 4 out of 10 in it's current state. There is still potential, alterations like buffing all classes to the state of barbarians, increasing loot quality, implementing content providing variety and listening to the community could help this game reach the state of a all time classic like Diablo 2 was, even exceed this classic. But to be honest, even though I still hope for a change, I highly doubt there will be one, as the new developer team just doesn't seem to care.
  57. Feb 7, 2013
    This game failed to improve on Diablo 2. The game has way too many changes from its predecessor. In addition, D3 lacks an end game as the Auction house renders the item hunt short lived. Also, the content (Acts only 4) are quite short and after you complete the game on normal (only option at first) that is all the content and sanctuary completed. So basically Diablo 3 is rinse and repeat in terms of content. Other issues include a very poor non competitive dueling system played on only 1 small map/arena. In conclusion this is a game that failed in terms of content and providing suitable end game options e.g. pvp/ custom games/map editor not existing. Expand
  58. May 15, 2012
    The game is great, but with the error37 and the constants internet "check in" make this a bad game" Why this blizzard?? We bought your game, we want have it.
  59. May 15, 2012
    So after having played this game for around about 3 - 4 hours, I can confidently say that staring at a screen saying 'error 37' is not fun. would not recommend if you like fun things.
  60. May 15, 2012
    Absolutely horrendous. I bought a single player game and I have to be online to play offline mode? What kind of wizardy is this **** I mean for christ sakes man if I buy a beer I don't expect an apple juice.
  61. May 15, 2012
    This game is just bad.
    You can't log in due to **** servers.
    It is only 2-6 hours long.
    Real money auction house
    Graphics that are just appalling.
    Retcons its own ending.
    No Pokemon like in WoW.
  62. May 15, 2012
    So Blizzard makes us wait for 10+ years charges a hefty sum and then puts **** DRM? How can a game this size can fail on launch day. This is not a MMORPG, so I shouldn't be bothered with all this "server is too busy" errors and actually be able to play the game. I respected the devs and paid for the game; in return I expect the same treatment and not this. Returning the game. End of diablo 3.
  63. May 15, 2012
    It is a very good game, VERY GOOD!!!!
    It even comes with a challenge, beat the login server, error 37 is the prime evil, if you beat it, all will obey your orders.
    Now seriously, if you don't mind spending 3 hours to get in, you should totally buy, if not, don't waste your money.
  64. May 23, 2012
    After playing a firm 50 hours and leveling two characters in to Nightmare I can safely say a few things. First of all, the length of time Blizzard made us wait for the game, as well as the length of time they spent beta testing were obviously squandered. While the core game play itself seems bug free, everything else from the client, to logging in, to the auction house, to even doing in-game trading is finicky and simply just plain bad - untested, unfinished product. At the heart of the game is the Diablo hack and slash combat we all know and love, and the skills and classes feel good. From this aspect the game excels very well. However, and unfortunately for Blizzard, the fact the servers were horrible on the first week, and still lag constantly, the auction house which continually gives you error codes whenever you try to buy an item or sell an item, the incredibly short, predictable, and tired storyline that any elementary school student could have come up with, the incredible shortness of Act 4, and the quite clearly 4 year old graphics engine combine to give a rating - 5/10. The game hits all the points we wanted from D2, and that's not saying much considering that game is 12 years old. Feels like a Diablo 2 expansion pack more than a new full game. Expand
  65. May 15, 2012
    If you are hoping for a third edition to the Diablo series, and have play the past two, do not have high hopes for this version. It reminds me of what they did to the Dungeon Siege series. They used the name, but removed everything that made it great. If you have never played Diablo I or II go for it, you probably will enjoy it. This game IMHO should have had a different title, maybe I wouldn't feel so let down. This game was the final straw. I am no longer buying New releases. I am going to wait until user reviews come out, and price drops. Expand
  66. May 15, 2012
    Tons of fun, a couple hiccups at launch but a really enjoyable game. I cant wait to bang my head against the wall in inferno. The changes in the skill system are good, saving up points was not a fun mechanic.
  67. May 22, 2012
    I am surprised how so very few people mention the similarities between D3 and WoW. I have never played WoW, just looked at friends playing and I can see so many things taken from WoW.
  68. May 30, 2012
    Sigh.... For those of us who have played Diablo, Diablo II, Lord of Destruction this is a huge let down. Everything has been simplified and rushed the gameplay feels like Dynasty Warriors and the story is just.. under par. NO MORE POINT SYSTEM and tons of issues that need to be patch at this time everyone is experiencing lag or choppy gameplay rendering it hard to play or survive. I have played the game through to hell mode (normal,nightmare,hell,inferno) and i am giving this a fair review as most are just pissed off and give it a 1 or 0 i feel Diablo III should be rated at a 5, Not worth 60$ maybe 30$ and i would wait to even buy for the reason that they have a lot of work to do in making that game playable. Expand
  69. May 15, 2012
    It has been a horrible nightmare trying to get this game downloaded and then to get logged in. They let you go through an 8gb download only to find at the end there's a corrupted file and you have to reinstall. They give you a line of bunk that you have to reset your modem and turn off your firewall and all this other crap that doesn't do squat.

    Then when I finally get into the game I
    am shocked at how it plays compared to Diablo 2. No more stat customizations, no more skill choices, no more anything customized by the player to make his character unique. It's just a romper room game of hack n slash. The 8 year olds out there will love this. Look Mommy Look I beat up dah bad guy, I rock.....can I have some juice now peeze.

    It is so simple easy and linear it's just not worth playing. Gawd I hate getting ripped off in the computer gaming industry but you know how they work NO REFUNDS SUCKAH.

    So, I'm just telling you DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS! It's just not worth it and the headaches will be horrible because you'll be sitting looking at the screen to login more than you'll actually be able to play
  70. May 15, 2012
    Very disappointing game. I was fortunate enough to have the game work alright, however the combat was dull and uninteresting. It felt more like wow then a diablo game and the story was abysmal even for blizzard. I would not recommend this game to anyone. The game play was best suited for casual gamers, but I doubt that they would want to jump through all the hoops to play this game.
  71. May 19, 2012
    My original review has been withdrawn. Pending further exploration of the gameplay, characters, art design, story, etc. Multiplayer-side will hopefully be thoroughly tested too. Reason; I began to look past the initial annoyances and, although they still bug me somewhat, I have seen a side of the game that I had overlooked, blinded by mostly unfounded rage. So, based on what I have experienced in the game so far, I will give Diablo 3 an 8. Expand
  72. May 16, 2012
    When you can get connected the game is pretty cool. Especially if you are long time fan of the franchise. I just wish I could consistently connect. I may post an updated review later after I can get more play time. I bought the collector's edition and have to admit I was pissed on launch not being able to play for the first 24 hours or so. Here is hoping I like it more next week.
  73. Sep 24, 2012
    This game had it's launch problems, then you could play it for a while and no the RMAH has turned into what many feared it would. There should have been an option to play this game without internet connection. It's a shame, the death of Diablo no doubt.
  74. May 17, 2012
    Outgrowing gaming was something I had begun to accept - especially with PC gaming and its decline. My hopes haven't withered away entirely, with prospects from Bethesda and Blizzard and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 keeping my hopes afloat. I think we can all agree the Diablo series maintains superior replay value for games of their day and age. Unfortunately, video gaming is constantly ever-changing. Console-tards have overrun the video game world. Their need for instant gratification and simplification and flashiness has eventually seeped into PC gaming (cough* Skyrim and there removal of attributes, stuff from previous installments, etc.). Though I'm not that old, I'm a longtime vet of old school titles like the Diablo series. Like many of you, I grew up with the game. I f**king loved it. Still do.

    My point is this: The people who made this game aren't the original devs. They borrowed concepts from other oversimplified games, made their own oversimplified Diablo clone, and made Diablo into a chick. Seriously? It's all about the money, isn't it Vivendi? I should have known better. But I digress. - Character development simplified. All skills auto unlock (which is horsef**k). Skills can't be upgraded to your liking with points invested into them (the one thing they should have kept). No attribute distribution. Completely unoriginal skills and effects. The RPG element has dissipated severely. You can make your character male or female. Customization can't get much more depth than that. /sarcasm

    - The original "dark/fantasy/horror" theme of the game is lost. It adopted the cartoon-world style that WoW has. I remember the "grittiness" playing Diablo in the dark, while nearly sh**ing my pants when the Butcher came out of his room. I'm not going to complain about the outdated visuals too much, since the original Diablo games weren't renowned for their graphics. They did what worked - which is what I hoped they would do here. But they didn't.

    - Plot is terrible. Diablo and Diablo 2 weren't the best, I'll admit. By best, I mean something along the lines of Final Fantasy VII and X. How many years was Diablo 3 in making? With all those years of development, I would expect something refreshing in the least. I predicted so many parts of the story it wasn't even funny. I feel like I've been lied to. I can't help but to speculate that the game began development a year or two ago, and they've just been hyping people up all these years to make money (i.e. Chinese Democracy - Guns N' Roses)

    - Sound and effects were alright.

    - I will admit, the auction house was sweet. But they're implementing a real money auction house, where they get a cut. Way to turn the tables on those pesky Chinese farmers, Blizzard. At least they've realized you can't get rid of them; so why not join them, right? #allaboutthe$

    - Buggy launch is buggy

    - Gameplay isn't all THAT bad compared to originals. Diablo was a point and click game originally, but it shouldn't take all these years to realize a game with the exact same concept. People will get their hopes up and expect something unique and original, only to be shot down by something stagnant.

    - Need internet to play? No single player offline? Self explanatory.

    - No PvP. One of the reasons I continued play and developing my characters in Diablo 2 for years on and off was the fact I could poop on the chests of newcomers. When it hasn't been implemented, it implies several things: Character skills and attributes weren't too well thought out. By this, I think they created them for PvE, disregarding the balance and effects players would have combatting eachother. It means the game is unfinished. They took too long making it, haven't finished, and rushed it into the fray to ease the ever growing throng of Diablo-fanboy piranhas (like myself, admittedly). Shoulda saw it coming when SC2 was announced, boys. - Bringing back old school characters to induce nostalgia in older players? Didn't do it for me. I was actually offended seeing these monsters I've slain in the past magically brought back out of nowhere. The only one I wouldn't have been disappointed with and wasn't brought back was Andariel, so I could pause the game and look at her boobies jiggle. Then again, they probably would have taken that out too. Overall, I'm disappointed. It lost that effective formula that I can't quite put my finger on, which kept me and so many others coming back. If you're a fan of the series, don't give in to capitalism and waste your money on this oversimplified Diablo clone. Yes, I'm putting on the level of a "clone" and not an actual title within the series. It's that bad. Like the hero of old who slew Diablo beneath Tristram and became the Dark Wanderer, this game too is nothing more than a shadow of it's former glories. 1/10.
  75. May 17, 2012
    The reviews that have come in so far are awfully repetitive. Like they've all been coached on the same OCD aspie game forum. The game, quite simply, isn't nearly a 3.8. Gamers will literally shoot down anything today, no matter how finely polished and well made. I don't think PC gamers deserve good games anymore. After the fiasco whiny gamers made in the wake of the Mass Effect 3 release, I finally get it; the games will never be good enough. The aspies will always complain. "Not enough ridiculous attributes and skill points for me to obsess over!" "I can't make my character look just like my furry acceptance forum avatar!" "People with lives, jobs and money can afford to participate in auctions that my horded lunch money can't match!"

    This is insane. I've played the game as a Barbarian up to level 10 so far and it has been absolute blast. Diablo 3 is just like the old school dungeon crawlers where you just run around smashing skeletons and barrels and boosting your loot. That's it. So your screen isn't almost completely full of little buttons with unique spells or skills or whatever-the-hell. Who cares? It's a lot more fun that way for the rest of us "casuals", or basically 90% of the burgeoning game market.

    And guess what? The "consoletards" that prefer a more streamlined, intense gaming experience are not wrong. The "decline" of PC gaming as seen by aspies who prefer clutter and lots of variables to obsess over, can easily be seen as a new era of awesome by those of us who prefer a cinematic experience without a lot of BS.

    There are a few things that make me groan: the always-online DRM, the graphics are a little plain. But those things haven't hindered my experience wasting zombies en masse one bit. Get over yourselves, nerds.
  76. Jun 27, 2012
    Diablo 3 is just a way to force you to use your real money in order to finish game, like the fremium games out there, with the difference it wasn't free. Add the fact servers go down very often and you find yourself logged out loosing items and buffs. Blizzard this time made a big flop. You're forced to use a constant Internet connection, even if the nature of this game wouldn't need.
    waited for Diablo 3 for years, now I'd like it was never released, because it's an ugly, farming game. :( Expand
  77. Jun 3, 2012
    Here is a 26 page thread on the official Diablo 3 forum dated June 2, 2012.:

    It is an honest up to date view of how registered players rate D3. Gone are the rage reviews from the initial start up when players were unable to access and play D3 for 2 days after it's release. Gone are the reviews rated "10" for people trying to counteract
    the rage reviews. Also gone are the reviews by "professional raters", the critics that write reviews and work for magazines and web sites that rely on money recieved for advertising from game manufacturer's: The average user rating shows 6.0 to 6.5. The thread says it all. Expand
  78. May 18, 2012
    As usual, Blizzard nailed the gameplay and succesfully synthesized the new 'perfect drug' for PC gamers. In this iteration of the franchise however, the production value surprisingly falls short of what we've become accustomed to from the company. Unlike Starcraft II's highly polished cutscenes, Diablo III offers poorly animated in-game cutscenes and jerky dialogue transitions.

    Multiplayer play was made much better, and much easier - so much easier that you'll probably find it impossible to play alone! Too bad that the cost for this was a highly controversial DRM that Blizzard utterly failed in supporting on the first few days from launch. Blizzard probably lost many supporters because of this (I can understand), but Diablo III remains a fun game that will keep you entertained for a good while.
  79. May 18, 2012
    No one has said the extremely obvious. They just remade diablo ii with newer graphics. I am only into act ii, but I have killed the butcher and I have taken the carvan east. Even act ii is in the desert. WOW let get original. Mobs are also very similar. Not overly impressed. Guess I should stick to LOTRO!!
  80. May 20, 2012
    Okay, Diablo 3's quite good, but the download and login problems are bloody chronic. I think this low rating gives a nice little warning that making single player games require login, then **** up the login servers just isn't acceptable. Giving 3/10 to push it closer to 3.3 (as in Error 33).
  81. May 20, 2012
    outdated graphics, broken servers, playable only when is up + it is obvious they released a 25% complete game to boost their H1 earnings reports.

    think will be playable when 1st expansion and its 2nd patch comes out - just like d2
  82. May 20, 2012
    Okay, this should've been a Single Player Game. This is no MMO. You should've given us the choice to choose between off-/online. Now I have a game, which is no MMO, and I can't play it, because you MMO experts (WoW) can't handle your servers. This makes me regret the purchase so much. Truly sad.
  83. May 20, 2012
    I don't care about the DRM, I don't care about the average graphics, I don't care about server problems. What bothers me is yet another RPG has sold it's soul, and is now nothing more than a point and click fest. The game has been dumbed down into oblivion, which tells me a lot about the critics who have scored diablo 3 so highly. Blizzard has probably used half of their marketing budget to bribe reviewers. Expand
  84. May 20, 2012
    I am no doubt in the minority of people who do not find the DRM to be a problem. I am always connected to the internet, and yes; the first few days of server issues were annoying but there are more serious problems with the game. Considering how long this game has been in development, it is appalling to see how little has been done to improve the Diablo formula. For years many games such as Torchlight have been considered "Diablo-clones," but the master has a lot of learning to do from the students.

    For starters the graphics are terrible for such a simple game. The spell effects are hit and miss, but for the most part they are quite lacking in polish considering how much could be done (and how much time they've had to do it).

    The game's mechanics are as simple as they should be, but the problem I have is with character development. Characters get no appearance customization, leaving you to look exactly like all of the others that share the same class and gender. Armor changes look so infrequently you can go a whole act and none of your teammates will notice your equipment has changed. Weapons are recycled models, with nothing new ever added into the mix as you progress. Even with all of these simple faults that could lead to the game being more enjoyable, none surpass the problems with skills and stats.

    The skill system is by far the most boring aspect of the game. Each character is given skills at varying levels and then runes to equip and upgrade your skills. This system gives you preselected upgrades and completely removes player input on how they want their character to evolve. My monk is set up for tanking, and less than half of the times I've leveled has he ever a got something to increase his ability to tank. This means the majority of the time I spend leveling with him, I use the same skills I've been using since the first act on normal difficulty. I feel as though he really isn't changing, and I have no input at all how I would like him to change. I will be the first to applaud Blizzard for trying something new, but this system is not good. I honestly would have preferred gaining skill points and being able to choose my skills, and use skill points to upgrade them. Currently, my main skills change so infrequently, it feels like I'm doing the same thing over and over until I get so bored I have to play something else to avoid falling asleep.

    Stats are another problem area for this game. Depending on your class you will only be stacking in two stats. Vitality is for everyone since it gives you added health (and thus survivability). Barbarians stack strength, Witch Doctors and Wizards stack intelligence, and Monks and Demon Hunters stack dexterity. If you have a stat not specified for your class, all you gain is an arbitrary bonus (int gives resistance, dex gives dodge, and str gives armor). This means stat balancing is non-existent. As it stands, there is no reason for a Wizard to have any dexterity because it does not provide critical chance, nor will it increase any of his abilities. This has removed the need for allocating stat points when you level, but makes armor and weapon choices a simple yes or no. It also makes you wonder why the in burning hells you just found a Witch Doctor off-hand that has strength and dexterity.

    Lastly I'll wrap up my complaints with a few quick points about other problems I've noticed. Voice acting is terrible. Polish is nice, but they only polished a turd. Crafting system provides equipment of a lesser value than of what you find out in the world (and yet you have to use the equipment you find to salvage for parts to make new equipment). Story is way too short (four acts total amassing MAYBE 10 hours on your first play through). Harder difficulties only give trash mobs more hp (too much if you ask me) instead of the preferred method of more difficult enemies. Dungeons don't feel different at all on multiple play throughs. With all of these problems, it does have some nice qualities. The combat is often fun. Getting a new skill or rune will sometimes change up your strategy enough to where you'll feel like you're playing a new class. Tanking is fun for those who do not like relying on someone else keeping you alive. It's active and involved and the game makes sure your full attention is on it, or you will suffer a death.

    To sum up, this game does not feel finished, and it feels more like a beta than a full game.From any other game company I would have held it to lower standards, but considering it was Blizzard and considering how long it took; this game is a poor excuse for a Diablo sequel. I would not recommend to anyone to buy this game. If the price ever dropped below $15, then maybe, but it is not worth the $60 you would waste on it otherwise.
  85. May 20, 2012
    (Apologies for my bad english) A few reasons because this game SUCKS: - 6 skills to use at the same time and only three passives.(in torchlight you can play with 12 of them) - No character customization (equal appearance and attributes, yes there is no attribute points, to all characters) so... - Only the gear make the difference between the characters = The game is based on loot. - Check points - Life globes WTF?
    - No free to go world. Only you can go to point A to B to C...and visit some "alternative" dungeons during the trip.
    - Legalized gold selling/ auction house with real money(Steal mode on)
    - Constant connecting to the internet even in the single player campaign.
    - The only PvP option = WoW - Clone arena
    - The Error 37
    - The last two Infernal Lords are really pathetic.
    - A real wasteful of scenic potential. (Combat scenifications, comments of the monsters, music, special situations...a huge mass of good stuff go directly to the rubbish). So, from gamer to a gamer: Just save your money for the Grim Dawn or Torchlight II, Diablo III is an absurdity
  86. May 20, 2012
    I had it...DRM is screwing up the gaming industry... putting aside how invasive and inconvenient it is for all players, it almost feels like I'm "renting out" their game on their property.
    I have decided that if this is the direction that developers are taking... I will simply stop buying their games... period.
    I refuse to get ripped off again..... PD: does any one know if you can get a
    full refund on a digital copy of D3?? Expand
  87. May 20, 2012
    This review starts off at 10/10, and I'll explain the deductions... (I tried my best to not have spoilers of any kind)

    DRM: I personally wouldn't play offline, as I want my character to progress, and to play with my friends; BUT being required to only play online just pisses me off as a consumer. Make it so single player characters that are offline can NEVER go online. Problem solved! (
    -3 )

    Connectivity: Under normal games this is not an issue. Server crashes, you get a 10 second time-out. If you die, so what repair your stuff for a marginal amount of gold and continue. I however play Hard-core. If the server craps out on my character may be permanently deleted through no fault of my own. ( -1)

    Auction House: I've seen stuff available for sale in Game-gold (which is fine) I would never pay any cash for anything. I won't knock the game for that. ( No Effect )

    Game-play: It is somewhat fun, you have to play with other people or it will become boring as hell in no time. The inclusion of lore, and side stories helps to add emersion, but the story is predictable, and very linear. I was expecting a better story out of this game, as they had 12 years to make it and a litany of novels written about the world to draw off of. ( +1 ) I wish this was higher like a +4 :( but no way can I rate it anything other than ( +1 )

    The fact I can only customize my hero through items is a bit disappointing, but it has it's upside as well. No worries about misplacing a skill point, or a Patch coming along ruining my build, but It's all cookie cutter. It's a + and a - in my books. ( No Effect ) Graphics: The cinematic are gorgeous, but there are soo few!!! The rest are drawn graphic-novel style with not much in the way of colour. They can argue they did this for effect, but I found it disappointing, and skip them the second time through. A waste I say... The world is nicely done to a degree, there is depth along the sides of the map so it feels bigger than Diablo 2, but the trees, rocks, chests, and all objects are poorly textured, and have rather piss poor Poll- counts. The characters look their best, and I use this word reluctantly, at the log-in screen. Even here the textures are very poor, and the overall models weak. This game looks like it was released in 2004-2005. ( -2 )

    Sound: Awesome! Voice acting: Really good. ( +1 ) Environment: The game is too colourful and pleasant for the story line it purports. The game is about death, sacrifice, evil, horror, terror etc. Sure have the parts colourful when this emphasises the nature of the level, but when you are in the midst of a supposed living nightmare. It doesn't fly. ( - 1 )

    Interface: easy to navigate, they think of all the little things that could make life annoying and didn't commit those sins, but these are little things and spit/polish, so can't earn a lot of points. ( +1 )

    Skills: Some skills are simply useless compared to others, there is very little in the description to the exact numerical effect on damage, evasion, resistance, etc. So you have to activate a skill with your stat menu open to see exactly how good or pathetic a skill is. It should be as simple as putting your mouse cursor over a skill and see (grants a +7.87% evasion at your current level... for example). (-1 )

    If my math serves me right this is an aggregate of -5 to the original starting score of 10. So I rank this game a 5/10.
  88. May 21, 2012
    The inability to play offline, repetitive gameplay, predictable plot and sub-par graphics not to mention numerous bugs and connection issues have led me to give this game a 0/10 simply as a way to show my frustration.
  89. May 21, 2012
    I found D3 a great disappointment. The need of a permanent internet connection to play a single player game is absurd. I think they could find a way (offline for single player and online if u want to play with others ppl). In my opinion from this point of view Valve is way above Blizzardâ
  90. May 21, 2012
    This game is just bad. The gameplay is dull and boring and the story is just... well, it's like it was written for a B-movie. No, even worse, a Z-movie. The graphics are catastrophic even at high settings. A lot of customization was removed (gee, thanks a lot, Blizzard), and skill customization has to be ENABLED IN THE OPTIONS MENU. I was hoping I could do the same for the attribute points, but guess what? NOPE! CHUCK TESTA! I'm mad as Tristram at Blizzard for pulling such a cruel and misfit joke on the gaming community, and that's why this game I shall rate with 0/10. It's trash, don't buy it, buy Torchlight 2. Expand
  91. May 21, 2012
    Worst diablo game yet. Lag in SINGLE PLAYER GAMES. Constant server downtime to play a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. Blizzard condoning using real money to buy gold and items. This will allow bad players to charge their credit card in order to cheat and be the best. Inferno difficulty is designed to suck real money out of players. The game economy is intentionally ruined by Blizzard so they can have yet another cash cow. **** you blizzard. **** you. Expand
  92. May 21, 2012
    The great thing about the Diablo franchise was the ability to immerse yourself in a wonderful environment wherever you are, whenever you want. Unfortunately Blizzard decided to become the new Zynga, and in doing so have completely destroyed a great franchise. It is hoped that they address this issue quickly and allow legitimate owners of the game the ability to play the game where they want, when they want, and most importantly How they want. I don't play games online. My location doesn't allow high speed internet and so I avoid buying games or systems (read Xbox 360) that focus heavily on the online experience. I'm giving my game to the first homeless person I find. Why would I give this to someone that has absolutely no use for the game, and will never be able to play it? Well.. there's really no difference between their situation and mine. Except I paid good money on a worthless product. Collapse
  93. May 21, 2012
    I would love to tell you how great this game is. How after 12 years, Blizzard finally hit it out of the park again, and how I can relive my highschool summers playing Diablo 2 playing their new, polished, awesome product.

    I can't tell you what the game is like though, because I've had it since launch and I still haven't successfully logged in. Not even once. Every day I'll get a bit
    farther and get a new error.

    0/10 - the game doesn't work. It doesn't matter how much time they put into making this, their stupid servers and always-on DRM mean I can't play it. Waste of $60.
  94. May 21, 2012
    Short game. Horrific amount of errors or downtime. No ability to be played except on computers that have a good internet connection leaving me unable to play it most of the time. Legalized gold selling. Poor story. Awful servers. Ruined system of skills/attributes that seems more like WoW. No PvP except WoW clone arena. Worse than average graphics. Possibly worse play than Diablo 2. Expensive. Better free to play free to download games are available.

    Just waiting until they start charging per month to all the people who "bought" the game.
  95. May 21, 2012
    Why Diablo 3 is a failure:

    Let's start with the guts of the game, the mechanics and work our way to the less important, but still relevant things they got wrong as well.

    1.) Skill system/stat allocation system: Where is it? It doesn't feel like Diablo without it, plain and simple. It feels cheap, unrewarding, and lame. If I roll a hardcore character I might want to put more into
    vitality. Maybe they could have IMPROVED upon the d2 system, we all know it wasn't perfect. Maybe runes to augment the skills/synergies?

    2.) 2.0 - Yet another step backwards, we could have had a beautiful chat room set up with our characters at the bottom of the screen, both matchmaking games to quickly get you in the action and open games (like "act 1 start" etc.) 4 players in a game? 4? Diablo 2 allowed more in a game, doesn't that feel wrong? Hell WoW had 5 in a party, 4 max in a party wouldn't even let me play in a game with my 4 other friends...

    3.) RMAH - Just because you can choose to ignore it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Join a pvp arena to have someone who bought all their gear kick your ass. Sounds fun. Lets not oversight the lack of world pvp, no more getting on your lvl 94 alt and kicking some lvl 30 gankers ass. Oh thats right nobody can even hostile in town. Enjoy your WoW arena matches. Maybe there will be pillars to line of sight around, weeee.

    4.) Health globes: No no no no. I don't want my life to be dependant on an arcade-ish chance to drop health on the ground. It's **** potions in d2 were not great, but there was some micromanagement to it. It once again could have been improved upon. In path of exile (another ARPG showing some promise) They made the potions recharge on your belt, and potions could be blue, having stats like instant recovery/ 30% increased run speed during potion duration. Blizzard really dropped the ball on this.

    5.) Graphics/feel: It's not Diablo 2's next of kin, It is WoW's next of kin. Diablo 2 was full of dungeons with mutilated bodies on torture racks, demons lingering in the dark cursing in demonic tongue. It felt visceral and dangerous. Diablo 3 feels like a loot romp through bland green-tinted grass. Blue and purple dungeons, yessss, great job Diablo 3 developers, really captured terror there. Diablo 2 was Raiders of the Lost Ark and Diablo 3 is Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull. As far as inferno goes it seems like they turned up the difficulty knob to make the game more "hardcore." Too bad when the game mechanics suck it's not even fun.

    1/10 and if you disagree, i'm sure you're one that's looking forward to mysts of pandaria as well. RIP Blizzard not going to reward you for alienating your fan base and ruining your game series with poor money-influenced game design choices.
  96. May 21, 2012
    I just finished normal mode and made it into the next playtrue, however I don't feel like playing much more. (got maybe 8 hour gameplay.) Reasons are mixed, but it generally is summed up as the game looking and feeling like it should have been made in 2005 or 2006. It's simply not worth the price. Try getting Magicka or Torchlight II instead, which is both cheaper and in my view better.
  97. May 22, 2012
    I've played through the game on all difficulties and beat it within 4 days (taking breaks for work). Honestly, the game is terrible. It went from a dungeon crawler, like 1 and 2, to a game that is painfully linear. Blizzard has taken a game that you could play without using the internet and placed it on overloaded servers that they do not provide support for. The lag from the aforementioned servers makes the game virtually unplayable at certain times, significantly decreasing the enjoyment of the player. The dynamics of the game itself have not changed despite the progressions in graphics capabilities and platforms. Blizzard chose to utilize a platform that both Mac and PC can use despite the fact that Direct X is significantly more common among PC gamers (no true gamer owns a Mac... they're garbage). This platform causes PC users' graphics cards to reach temperatures that not even BF3 induces. Now for the game itself, you cannot use your own keybinds, such as WSAD for movement, you're limited to four slots for abilities, not to mention the fact that there are numerous bugs within the game itself that limit performance. Diablo 3 was turned into a pure RNG game that has gear so poorly itemized throughout the entire game that it displays only the utmost disparaging incompetency in the designers. This game was far too simplistic, the characters never stop talking, the creatures and abilities are all from World of Warcraft (even with similar names to boot), this game lacks originality in every single form. They even had the audacity to reuse the Diablo 2 soundtrack for Diablo 3. I searched tirelessly for any small sign of originality or enjoyment in any aspect of this game. To my dismay, there was not a single one.
    For the fanboys out there (most of which who were born long after Diablo 2 was released), Blizzard is making this game pay-to-win. That's right! Pay-to-win! So you can use your parents credit cards and buy gear from the auction house! Rumor has it, these items will not be poorly itemized, and you get that extra special feeling when you show your friends how awesome those pixels are that you payed real money for!
    GG Blizz.
  98. May 22, 2012
    Where to begin with this one. Alright, so the game came out a week ago now and everyone has had a chance to play it. Launch day sucked, but that was semi-expected. But here's the problem now. This online only DRM **** has got to go in games. Blizzard integrated an online only feature to prevent hacking/piracy, yet the tables have turned on them - there is currently an exploit allowing people who have done nothing but play the game to have their session ids captured and then their accounts hacked. It doesn't require a trojan horse, it doesn't matter if you have an authenticator - it is a security hole that they overlooked. Even people who do not play in public games can be targeted by this exploit. It is absurd. Blizzard has shifted the entire burden of their problems to the user. Admittedly, they have to fix the exploit, but it is now the user who has to suffer for it because s/he cannot log in without having his/her account jeopardized. In terms of gameplay, I find the game pretty fun. A lot of the abilities (e.g. the Demon Hunter's) are WoW copies, but what makes it fun is switching out your abilities to prepare for certain styles of fights. The graphics, while not astounding, are pretty good. The storyline, while somewhat cheesy and predictable, is also entertaining. My only complaint about the gameplay is that Diablo 3 has always been a game that i've played with friends, so limiting party size to 4 is pretty weak.

    The ultimate problem that I have with Diablo 3 is not the content of the game itself, but with how Blizzard has forced the user to comply with a lot of bs to play the game. Requiring online only play (even for single player), integrating a "real money auction house", removing lan play, and demonstrating inadequacy in terms of preparedness for launch and security measures are real concerns that the company has yet to honestly address. Instead of looking to their audience for feedback like other up and coming game companies, Blizzard has been banking on their reputation and abusing the end user, ultimately just seeing him or her as one of the many millions of suckers to have tolerated their ****. For the record, I'm one of them for now.
  99. May 22, 2012
    This game is very disappointing. The main problems are:1) there aren't really important innovations from Diablo2. 2)there isn't any kind of atmosphere(and that was very important in Diablo 2).3)the soundtrack sucks(and it's very similar but not as good as wow soundtrack).4)the skills and talent assignment is too simple.5) the drm online sistem(it's a good thing only if you can choose beetween play online or offline but that is not our case).6) you can't choose to make diablo 3 difficult from the beginning, you have to finish it one time in normal to see some real challange(but that makes it really boring).7)it's not dark as diablo I or II and in some aspects the graphics reminds me wow.8)the graphic looks old.. .I would ask only one thing to blizzard, if diablo 3 had to be so much different from the two other chapters of the series why call it diablo? Maybe to sell a lot of copies.. Sorry for my bad English but it's not my main language. Expand
  100. May 22, 2012
    This is a huge disappointment for all hardcore gamers.The major problem is simplified casual gameplay oriented on non-gamers. And its complement with lots of minor issues from absurd DRM policy to outdated graphics and step back in terms of general design.
  101. May 21, 2012
    The great thing about the Diablo franchise was the ability to immerse yourself in a wonderful environment wherever you are, whenever you want. Unfortunately Blizzard decided to become the new Zynga, and in doing so have completely destroyed a great franchise. It is hoped that they address this issue quickly and allow legitimate owners of the game the ability to play the game where they want, when they want, and most importantly How they want. I don't play games online. My location doesn't allow high speed internet and so I avoid buying games or systems (read Xbox 360) that focus heavily on the online experience. I'm giving my game to the first homeless person I find. Why would I give this to someone that has absolutely no use for the game, and will never be able to play it? Well.. there's really no difference between their situation and mine. Except I paid good money on a worthless product. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]