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  1. Oct 26, 2013
    Diablo 3 have 1+ year in market and really be honest is there someone still playing it, i'm not talking about 20k people who still have fun of this game,but its more like, "Diablo 3" only name itself need be played from millions.
  2. Oct 25, 2013
    this is a big dissapointed for ARPG nad diablo 2 lovers.. thats played 2000 hours on my barb,paragon 90,can solo mp10 uber bosses,and then POE came out,and then i realised,D3 is like sniffing glue,and then POE come to save my life...
  3. Oct 25, 2013
    I always use the Metacritic as a good and useful reference, like a good compass. But I'd never wrote a critic. Until Diablo 3 made me do it. I'm know the game, I'm a long time fan of Diablo series and I know that all the selling success was only fault of the success of the two earlier games. They could made the new Hello Kitty game with the name of Diablo 3, and the selling on the first week would have the same result.
    Everything in this game is rage inducing, the storyline is twisted and the fun is absent. A game with a broken storyline with no fun. I'm must be bold with this: a game with no fun. The thing that what is all about, fun. And it is not there. The horror, the terror mood from the first two titles was gone too. Here in Rio we call it a fiasco, a big failure, a disaster. A sound, loud, clear and big FIASCO.
    My note, 3, is only for those people who was born before 2000, who never knew Diablo series and the Blizzard North geniuses. If you are one of them, Diablo is a score 3 game. Otherwise, it's 0.
  4. Oct 24, 2013
    Highly disappointing.

    Pros Good animation, good combat feel, good story/cgi scenes
    Cons- Terrible drops, shallow character customization, dev team is skeleton crew divided between pc/console, so sloooooow content releases. Currently over a year since last content update.
  5. Oct 24, 2013
    One of the worst games I've ever played and as a 'Diablo' title, it's an insult to the series and it's fans. The storytelling is enforced on every player. The music is forgettable and theatrical. The voice acting is repetitive, terrible and over the top. The bosses are stupid and underwhelming. The gameplay is linear. The story is butchered and stupid. The 'stylized' art style looks good at first glance, but then you see that the developers vision of "horror" theme is nothing more than cliche Halloween styled artistry with pastel colored bodies and blood smears placed in random fashion. Everything about it just felt cheap. To make matters worse, the fanbase told them all along that the direction of the game was a bad idea. From the beginning blizzard ignored all those opinions and now today, we see blizzard backtracking on all those things that they told us would be good. But at the end of the day, the core of the game itself has been trampled all over and it would need to be remade from the ground up to be fixed. Such a terrible game, I will be burdened with the memories for the rest of my life. I wasn't dumb enough to enjoy it. Expand
  6. Oct 24, 2013
    3 points for decent graphics and smooth mechanics, but that is all Diablo III really offers unless you're looking to make a good buck by ripping off the fools in the real money auction house. which is incredibly easy since most are kids stealing their parents' credit cards.
  7. Oct 20, 2013
    The game is a major let down from is predecessors, which had a great variety in build and RPG mechanics, which was completely streamlined, for the worst. The the loot system itself is completely atrocious, making one single weapon to be more valuable than the rest of the gear combined, which is a poor loot choice. The art style is bland and generic, another major let down compared to the unique aesthetic from the originals. Don't buy this game if you value your money. Expand
  8. Oct 18, 2013
    I consider myself a Diablo authority, having played both predecessors for more hours than I care to admit. I was lured into the original Diablo immediately, and Blizzard's games held me with an iron grip all the way through Warcraft III when college finally put a limit on the amount of time I was able to commit to gaming. I thought Diablo II was a triumph in every sense of the word—addicting, innovative, and a sequel that paid proper homage to the original by maintaining all that was good and improving upon everything else.

    I will preface the review by saying I wanted to love this game. I wanted to be painfully addicted to this game. I wanted to remember why this franchise was so hard to get away from, so deeply immersing and impossible to put down. In short, I had high expectations, yes; but I also was willing to give this game every fair shot it deserved at grabbing and holding my attention.

    This game was, without exception, the greatest gaming letdown I have ever experienced. Let's be clear: if Blizzard released this game under any other title, it would be lauded as a success and plenty of people would buy it and play it. Often, even. But this isn't a game under any other title—it's titled Diablo. And by failing to understand the sheer magnitude of that legacy and all the expectation that comes with it, Blizzard not only insulted and belittled its fanbase, but also disgraced this game's heritage in ways thought unimaginable. It's a shocking indignity that such a magnificent, groundbreaking series had to experience this piteous a fall from grace due to the blithe shortsightedness of its creators.

    Diablo II was striking in its ultimate simplicity. Its success was not due to some enigmatic coincidence. It excelled at two pillars—variety and reward—that kept players coming back for hundreds if not thousands of hours of gameplay. Already finished leveling your sorceress? Great—now make a new one, choose a different skill tree, and you will experience an entirely different adventure. You'll find new items, new players, new strategies, new reasons to keep playing even after this new character. Put simply, you will never want to stop because the possibilities are truly endless.

    Fast forward to Diablo III. Finished leveling your character? Don't bother creating a new one, because the ability to customize your character is utterly gone. Your second Monk will have all the same exact skills, abilities, and stats as your first, and you will have no control over them. (Blizzard's claim that the ability to customize your skill bar is equivalent to full character customization is as laughable as it is sad.)

    Think the unique item you just found is cool? Yeah, it would be, except for the part where unique items are no longer unique, and they have randomized stats and abilities just like rare items. What's worse, every other player on the server has one just like yours because they bought one from the Auction House.

    The gameplay isn't the only piece of this game with which I take issue. This isn't the first sequel to fail to live up to the gargantuan if not plainly unattainable legacy of its forebears. My biggest problem comes from Blizzard's shockingly arrogant and dismissive reaction to fan criticism that was unleashed—and en masse, I might add—upon the game's release. They not only denied to millions of fans across the world that the game had any apparent flaws: they also told fans, plainly and simply, that it was unacceptable to expect them to produce a game that resembled, in any fashion, the first two titles (indeed, how dare you expect such a thing).

    Blizzard has become a great example of a company that has not only forgotten where it came from, but also forgotten who got it there. This game spits in the face of every fan who has ever loved a Diablo game for its innovation, commitment to variety, and seriously addictive gameplay. To end this review with the understatement of the year: this game isn't worthy of the name it bears.
  9. Oct 13, 2013
    Ridiculous critics scores. Don't waste 60 bucks! After over a decade of waiting this is what we get? The gameplay has been reduced to left click to win and skills and attributes have been removed or simplified to increase the dependency on gear so that you'll be more likely to use the Auction House. And that is exactly where they want you.
  10. Oct 13, 2013
    Ridiculous critics scores. Don't waste 60 bucks! After over a decade of waiting this is what we get?
    A game where the character models and overall graphics are a blurry and ugly mess that wouldn't have been acceptable 6 years ago. Where the gameplay has been reduced to left click to win and skills and attributes have been removed or simplified to increase the dependency on gear so that
    you'll be more likely to use the Auction House. And that is exactly where they want you. Expand
  11. Oct 13, 2013
    I can't believe this game cost $60. I can't believe I have spent $60 dollars on it, the $60 dollars that I will never get back and about 10 hours of my life.

    Right from the beginning I could sense the rip off... you can't even customize your character appearance!!!! the F!?
    Well I created a barbarian character. It felt great at the beginning I walked around and killed all the
    monsters, the visuals were great.... except... once I started to level up, the skill tree (if you can call it a tree) has proved to be useless and pointless. I was killing things better with the basic abilities.
    Once all the hype settled in I started to feel like a moron sitting near computer pressing the same mouse buttons and keyboard keys 1,2,3,4 without any strategy whatsoever. You can be brain dead to play this game there is no thinking required at all.

    Simply said the game has no depth.

    Probably would be a good game for a cell phone...
  12. Oct 10, 2013
    I really wanted to play this, but on-going server issues absolutely destroyed the experience. After actually being able to play the game, nothing short of a masterpiece would've sufficed, and this unfortunately is no masterpiece yet just another mindless hack-n-slash game with an extremely boring story that tends to think that sending mindless waves at you constitutes an enjoyable game. This would potentially be true if the game didn't look like a cartoon, a truly regrettable gaming experience. Expand
  13. Oct 8, 2013
    F^%$ing stuipid game. Clearly the critics got paid off 88/100 vs 3.8 user score? Good job guys. If you like the old Diablo games don't touch this. It's been completely tainted by the wow designers.
  14. Oct 1, 2013
    I hated this game so much. I stopped playing after I reached max level with a char and got to the hardest mode and before pvp patch. First of all, all the loot you get in the game is garbage. like 90% garbage. and 10% of the stuff you get that's useful ISN"T EVEN FOR YOUR CLASS. So you play and play and play and you get items and you get no upgrades because you have to use their "Auction house" to buy any new items to keep up with their difficulty curve.

    So you have to take all that crappy loot you can't use, try to pawn it off at the auction house and buy new loot from the auction house that someone else found for your class. Here's an idea, how about the monsters drop items for ME? instead of this stupid middle man called the Auction house?

    But wait, put in a bunch of useless affixations for your items and 0 character and class customization and you get a very very boring game with an auction house run by bots and a game that is frustrating, boring, and tedious.

    Going to the forums doesn't help because all you get is a bunch of PC(politically correct) General managing robots that don't give you straight answers and just answer stupid questions like "What is your favorite monster?"

    I'm really disgusted with this game considering it took 9 years to create this mess.
  15. Sep 30, 2013
    Blizzard must have paid off the critics on here. This, as a Diablo series game, is a joke. It is disgustingly bright colored instead of dark and gothic. It's story is TERRIBLE, and clearly written for young children. It's abilities are not too bad, but lack the depth and strategy Diablo 2 allowed for.

    The skill loadout would have been a good idea for some brand new game, but most Diablo
    fans wanted the in depth character skill customization Diablo 2 offered. The mods to each ability just feel lazy on the developer's part as well. Item stats are randomized on even high end items, and unlike Diablo 2 they are mostly pure stats. This just makes gearing very boring. And finally they seem to have intentionally designed it to make it as easy as possible for players to leech xp without doing any of the work. If they aren't in the same zone they still get some xp, can't be kicked, and will get summoned to bosses automatically when you start the fight.

    This game is fun for a little while, but ultimately disappointing.
  16. Sep 29, 2013
    This game just seems extremley outdated. Back when developers and designers had very limited resources it made sense to have fixed cameras and extremely linear paths, but for today standards of a full priced action rpg the it seems archaic.

    For example, at first is seems fun walking linear paths using simple button presses to perform actions over and over, but of course this will get
    old very fast. So in order to stay immersed in the game and not get bored you may try exploring, but the game is to linear, (with limited backtracking and small paths), to have much fun exploring.

    Then you may try to just appreciate the visuals, but as stylized as they are (which is not always a bad thing though very diffrent and much more cartoon then it's roots) with a fixed camera there is not a lot of flexibility when it comes to appreciating the scenery.

    Then theres the hole level progression and loot motivator, but the game feels so streamlined and limited in these areas as well. I still wanted to enjoy this game despite all these flaws, and there is still fun to be found in the game, but sadly, the game is also extremely short. As much as I wish to enjoy this game, it sadly feels far to much like a chore playing it.
  17. Sep 28, 2013
    No mini-games, boring creatures to swat with mundane attacks, lame weapons/loot...uninspired and repetitive levels and scenery...boring characters and quests. The game is more like World of Moneycraft than Diablo. I tried to like it but it just plain sucks. There is far more to do in skyrim or any Elder scrolls game for that matter. Don't waste your hard earned cash on this WoW clone, buy Skyrim or the originol Diablo's instead. I mean they were too lazy to even put in weather effects or a decent character customization. Oh and there is nothing to do once you beat the game on all the difficulties. The achievements are pointless and reward you with literally nothing. And then there is the pathetic DRM and failed auction house. It's sad how millions of sheeple bought nothing but a piece of hype (and sh**). Expand
  18. Sep 27, 2013
    An absolutely terrible disappointment. If you were a fan of the original Diablo titles, you will most likely hate this game. Blizzard has essentially removed everything that made Diablo dynamic (stat points, skill trees, runewords, the ability to jump from act to act in a single game session, the ability to create your own unique games, 4 player maximum, very poor story-line). Every time you play, you're forced to go through the same exact quests over, and over, and over, every single time you make a new game. There is no quest log. Do not waste your money on this game. Expand
  19. Sep 26, 2013
    the core of a arpg is gone in this game look for it to get better in 2014 with the rmah an the gah leaving the game everything in this game is well done but the core of the game is gone so i give it a 4.
  20. Sep 25, 2013
    A shadow of the former Diablo's. Sadly this game does not live up to the ones that came before. Its too easy, and lacks the depth and breadth of the other Diablo titles.
  21. Sep 25, 2013
    Just a POOR game i played 3x 60s and now nothing to do NOTHING maps everytime the same Auctionary house and now they write that they will close the Auctionary at march u know why at march? they hope that people start buying now when they know that AH is closing at march those failors they should get banned from the gamingscene! Criminals NEVER Blizzard games NEVER!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Sep 24, 2013
    I don't understand why Blizzard takes too many years to finally ruin a series of games. Unfortunately I brought the game to feel complete waste of time and money. Diablo 3 miss the main elements of the serie, the atmosphere (corrupted and full of pain world) and the sense of weakness... Yeah the effect that the player gets in panic or feeling of danger. Respawn sucks, Loots sucks, Magical item sucks, Classes sucks and the worst of all.... Visual and voice ruin the atmosphere of the dark fantasy involved in Diablo.

    The best and unique Diablo 1 get contaminated as well that Warcraft.
    Sad, very sad
  23. Sep 19, 2013
    Auto leveled stats, maps that point you where to go like you are 10 years old or retarded, laggy forced online play even for single player and a storyline that had me bored not even half way through the game. Diablo 1 and 2 are a couple of my favourite games of all time, why did Activision have to f*** Blizzard North and put out this horrendous attempt at a sequel.
  24. Sep 17, 2013
    The implementation of the auction house and real money auction house destroys the fun for me. This is a poor idea, which destroys the excitement of finding something truly awesome after a long grind. There is nothing about this experience that can even come near the feeling you got in Diablo II, when finding a high level green item. All the super graphics, the smooth 3D engine, the nice music, and decent voice acting is all for nothing.
    Completing the game takes just a few hours, and after that, you are stuck with a pointless grind,
    which rewards you with absolutely nothing.
  25. Sep 16, 2013
    After several hundreds of hours of gameplay I find myself regretting a large chunk of it. A sliver of the game is enjoyable while the rest is boring and dull.
  26. Sep 16, 2013
    I've loved the graphics and the story, even if a little shorted then what is expectable from a game with a 9 years of work. Nothing really new on the characters, skill etc etc. But the whole hack and slash experience is a lot of fun, musics create the right atmosphere, voices are just fine and so on.

    but then you finish it, and replay it just to find out that the only thing that changes
    is the difficulty level of the monsters. Blizzard didn't spend a MINUTE trying to make the game enjoyable if replayed. At certain point it's rather embarassing, when you find the templar AGAIN and quest with the SAME templar with the SAME NAME, which, finished his quest just disappears!! it would take a junior programmer an afternoon to make up something more clever, like another templar with another dialogue which at least walks away. It's really embarassing.

    And then the auction house kicks in. You find out that the weapon of your dream that took you weeks to fine tune and equip, it's one third of the power that you can buy in the auction house. From that moment on you stop picking up weapons from the ground forever.

    Kills the whole game, totally.

    Get Torchlight 2, at least it's created as an adventure game and not a secondlife version of ebay.

    Shame on you Blizzard
  27. Sep 13, 2013
    Stripped of all the RPG depth and character development of the first two games, Diablo III is disappointing from the start. But the pay-to-win, real money rip-off auction house makes this game nothing but a joke. To make matters worse, Blizzard then releases a console version that fixes some (not all) of the problems of the PC version, but refuses to give the paying PC customers a corrected version! PC gamers were used as a trial-run for the console port, and offered nothing for their suffering. When even respected developers like Blizzard have abandoned ethics, morals, and artistic vision, and turned to dumbed-down gaming, crappy ports, and intentional rip-offs, one must necessarily start to lose faith and hope in the whole gaming industry. Who will save us from the misery? Not Blizzard. Expand
  28. Sep 11, 2013
    I played this during release and whilst fun at first; I stopped after I noticed the game had glaring problems like bad loot and itemization, real-money auction house, class imbalance, online only, bots, etc etc...

    Fast forward to a year, I tried playing it again hoping Blizzard finally patched the mess they did with this game. But nope, it still sucks and failed to live up to the hype.

    What's funny is they're releasing an expansion that comes with a patch that'll supposedly fix loot and itemization AFTER A YEAR.

    What a joke Blizzard has become.
  29. Sep 9, 2013
    This game was a massive disappointment. Pros- It looks good Cons- No offline mode Bland loot items AUCTION HOUSE Hacked accounts Slow, glitchy servers repetitive gameplay Impossible to find good items outside of said auction house Game unplayable at lauch and the icing on the cake...Blizz doing NOTHING to help with any of this This pisses me off so much even now. This whole game was such an ugly blatant money-grab that doesn't deserve to share the name of Diablo I and II. It's developers spurned everything that made the first two games legends in and in return gave us this garbage. Expand
  30. Sep 9, 2013
    I was a big fan of the Diablo franchise, but blizzard's approach to this game made me completely unable to support them.

    It's a true and undoubted deception.
  31. Sep 8, 2013
    Terrible Titan Quest clone that requires you to install the game onto a flash drive just to prevent the framerate stutter. Or splash out on an SSD hard drive. Either way is a little awkward for those of us with normal hard drives.
  32. Sep 7, 2013
    Diablo 2 was such a great game. So much detail and fun. Not like this rushed piece of crap. The skills are so lame and the graphics make me wonder if bush is still president. This is a downgrade. U would think with such an amazing game like d2 they would put the best they had into this but ohhhhh no they wanna just get a quick buck off of us. Lame lame lame. Guess when they keep cancelling the release of a game there's a good reason. Epic fail. Expand
  33. Sep 6, 2013
    Here is how your Diablo 3 experience will go: Log in,Hold left-click: receive pants, random disconnect. Login, repeat, repeat, possibly with more disconnecting.
    I can't say that I've NEVER been more disappointed in a AAA title such as Diablo 3, but I have VERY VERY NEARLY never been more disappointed in a title from such a beloved house such as Blizzard. Maybe it's because it is now the
    House of WoW, and the original creative genius that gave us such gems as Starcraft and the original Diablo and Diablo 2 is no longer in residence...
    Whatever the rationale behind it, requiring a persistent online connection for what is an overwhelmingly Solo-and-LAN-Party Experience was ill-advised and catastrophic. On the underhanded-gold-grubbing side was the idea of a real-cash shop for items in a game for which the player had already payed FULL RETAIL PRICE!
    The dull, repetitive gameplay, along with the infuriating frustration that would come with trying to ACTUALLY PLAY THIS GAME WITH FRIENDS, compounded by the blatant greed of the publisher condemns this game to the realm of Horrible Things Which Cannot Be Unseen.
  34. Sep 4, 2013
    Certainly not the game it should have been. Ridiculously toned down and made overly simple and linear for the masses, released on consoles. Made worse by the original director Jay Wilson's retarded behaviour on social media where he attacked Diablo II players.
  35. Sep 4, 2013
    Worst game evr and a waste of time. Very, very disappointing! If there will be a Diablo IV, i definately won't buy it. Save your money, because that's the only thing they want from you! It's a complete disaster!
  36. Sep 3, 2013
    Simply put this game breaks one of gaming's cardinal sins, its just godawful boring. No thought or creativity was put into this game and even a year later there are still server issues for an offline single player game.
  37. Sep 2, 2013
    Upon looking at some of the glowing reviews you might lead yourself to believe this is a worthwhile game. The sad truth is it's not. I have seen some people give this game a 10 before they've even finished it and I'm willing to bet all of the other high rated reviews at best completed normal. I'm here to tell you that even normal is no good. The story is paper thin and so incredibly generic you'd think it fanfiction if you weren't actually living it. Sure the gameplay is solid and the graphics are ok but that's not what this is all about. The vast majority of people who bought this game didn't buy it to give a quick once through and like I said even that is a pretty piss poor experience. Now let's get to what makes this game truly terrible. The end game content, there is none. You will find yourself looping the same routes over and over and over for hundreds maybe thousands of hours to one pointless end, obtaining gear. Well guess what, even the gear in this game is god awful. It's dumbed down and 99% of every single thing that drops is worthless trash. Even the legendaries and sets are lackluster. Now let's talk about the auction house and it's truly terrible effect on the game. Because of the auction houses existence, there are gold botters and because of gold botters gold is absolutely worthless. No amount of in game farming will yield you enough gold to compare to people who can just throw down cash. In fact the balance is so in favor of this that the price of crafting certain items and even removing some gems from sockets is a reflection of this. Simply put, this game is a let down. It has no style, no substance, no depth, it's just a glorified sixty dollar arcade game. Expand
  38. Aug 31, 2013
    Basically, DIII is a boring version of DII. I had to stop playing it not long before the end of Act II. It's just... Same thing... Over and over... Almost zero field to experiment with a character. Pre-defined set of abilities. Boring monsters with much fewer specific to them properties. Much less random maps. Repetitive and dull script. Yeah, I had to read what happened up to Act IV, and hell, I was not surprised even once! I understand that story in Diablo game always was needed just to somehow justify the massacre, but remember how much deeper was DI and DII stories! And, finally, what's one of the main addiction to RPG reasons? That feeling, when you YOU make your character stronger the way you want. There's none. You don't raise stats (the game makes it for you), you don't choose abilities (you pick them from a constantly available list), the only way to modify all this is loot and it's random too. But graphics and designs are good. Expand
  39. Aug 30, 2013
    Diablo 3, the successor the infamously popular and well received Diablo 2...This is a game that rides on the coattails of it's successor. This game is a colossal and dismal failure. How could it fail so badly when it had such a great example to follow? The developers goals were lofty, yet they chose on multiple occasions to abandon systems that worked tremendously well in the past and instead chose to implement unproven systems. Why reinvent the wheel when it comes to the stat, skill and item systems? A new story, new characters, more items in the same vein as the items of the past games and heck while your at it throw in a few new, fun systems, but test them. And test them again. And...Ahhh... you get the point. I purchased this looking for a game that blended nostalgic moments from the content and systems of Diablo 2 with modern advances in gaming and iterations of the franchise that fun new experiences. I got a game devised to cash in on it's predecessor's glory and was entirely a failed attempt at innovation. This is a SKIP. Expand
  40. Aug 30, 2013
    I looked forward to this game so damn much. The second Diablo game is one of the best games I've ever played because it combined a variety of elements so extremely well and managed to be completely unique and quite different from its predecessor.
    Which is the first and biggest problem with Diablo 3; it's a bloody mess. The difficulty has been scaled back from very hard to
    kindergarten-hard. The economy is broken you can buy a single item for a very cheap price and you will wreck the next 3 acts that you play. The new skill-system seemed like a good idea when you realized that it didn't encourage switching your game-style. You will literally just choose a few spells and use them act after act after act. The skills are also unimaginative and most are completely useless which is why only a chosen few are good enough for the later stages of the game. This makes everything repetitive and very grindy. Spamming a single ability over and over again until everything is dead is NOT a good way to do things. Which brings me to my next problem; the loot is so boring! In Diablo 2 you could pick up an armour and gain access to an ability that your class couldn't even use. In Diablo 2 you could get a weapon that had a chance of shooting fireballs at your enemies. In Diablo 3 you get items with stats like: +361 dexterity and +270 vitality. They do no difference whatsoever and this is really a deal-breaker in a game that relies so heavily on loot and gear.
    And always online DRM is unacceptable. I'm not even mad that I couldn't play the game when I first got it. That was a long time ago and it was fixed; it's fine. But I should never ever have to be online to play an offline game. That is the dumbest thing they could've possible done and it absolutely infuriates me.
    Diablo 2 improved on great features. Diablo 3 removed them.
  41. Aug 28, 2013
    This game is bad. Really bad. Do not buy.
  42. Aug 26, 2013
    I will try to be as unbiased as possible: + Fluent gamplay and fun combat + Good sound effects + Easy to learn... - easy to master - Horrible story, really the writing is atrocious - Skill system is pure **** - Doesn't offer any real customization - Graphics are always blurred and even highest setting looks bad - Horribly designed skills - Horrible itemization - General design of important game aspects underwhelming

    All in all: 4/10 would not buy again.

    As a Diablo fan you will find the story is an insult to the genre and to its fans. The itemization is just terrible and everybody who was tasked with the job should leave the gaming industry forever. As should the designers of the skill system it offers no customization at all. It is obvious that the D3 developers don't understand what makes a good aRPG because this game is an arcade game that caters to less than casual players.

    As a Diablo fan this game is a: -1 10
  43. Aug 21, 2013
    I'll cut this real short and simple:

    -Always online DRM. Hosting own game in D2 worked just fine. No reason for this garbage except No single player mode incredibly insulting. Screams of greed.

    -Real Money Auction House: You may have thought you didn't need to use the AH if you didn't want. You were wrong as gear drop rates are so low it has been clearly designed to force you to
    spend money on top of the $60 full price you spent on the game itself.

    -Storyline absolutely abysmal. I thoroughly enjoyed the Medieval Gothic themes of D1 & D2. Here we have bright colors, non-dark environments and no gothic art style to be found anywhere. Instead we get Starcraft Protoss heaven. Literally everything about the storyline was terrible to me. Tyreal going from this mysterious, cool sounding rebel archangel to a random black guy. Deckard Cain killed for literally no reason. Diablo and all other major act bosses are simply generic villain clones that look like something out of WoW raid dungeons. Game forces you on rails through each quest in order so no skipping quests once you've already beaten the game.

    -5+ years on development would have given sufficient time for a good team of industry veterans to create a deep, huge game world with interesting mechanics and things to do. Instead you can beat the game in less than 12 hours.

    -No skill/talent trees from D2. Can't make interesting builds. Instead you have a limited skill pool to choose from, which is easier for casuals to understand but don't as much customization as D2 skills tree did.

    -Server and lag issues that exist solely because of always online DRM. Hardcore players regularly killed because of lag and coding.

    Perhaps one of the most sad aspects of this whole experience is there are still legions of die hard, fanboy zealots that absolutely adore being spoonfed this kind of extreme From a gameplay perspective and a business perspective D3 is absolutely a ripoff when one has at least a tad of experience under their belt. Do you think other companies could get away with this Imagine all car companies required their cars to be logged in & connected to wi-fi internet in order to work in order to stop automobile thefts. Do you think that kind of business model would work? No. People would be outraged and actually spam them with letters telling them just where they can shove it.

    In the game industry however, I'd wager to say most gamers are between ages 12-28 and as such these people are less likely to have experience in business, thus the industry can still make a profit ripping people off. They get away with it because young people in that age group usually don't care or lack the knowledge to make informed decisions. When you buy Diablo 3, you are literally using your wallet to tell Blizzard to make more games like this. Companies will always trail what was successful in the past. Every gamer should NEVER pre-order a video game and instead read many reviews and watch many raw gameplay footage of said game after release before deciding to buy.

    Thus sadly, Diablo 3 style games will continue to be pumped out by blizzard such as their "Reaper of Souls" expansion pack. Diablo 3 no doubt was commercially successful despite it clearly being an inferior experience to its predecessors that are a decade old. The people to blame for this mess are the gamers who wasted their money on this and encouraged this rotten business behaviour.

    I should know, I was regretfully one of them.
    Never again however. I haven't touched Heart of the Swarm and never will. However the cinematics quality was high, but the way the story played out was laughable.
  44. Aug 21, 2013
    When I first started playing, I found myself enjoying the game. The first two chapters were a lot of fun, and being able to play with some of my friends was an added boon. However, by the third chapter, the game really begins to drop off, and by the fourth it's almost as though Blizz just stopped caring entirely. This was also where I finally began to experience the biggest issue I remain to have with this game- lag. I was only barely able to beat the game before the lag eventually got to a point where I literally couldn't play the game anymore. A note to Blizzard, and to all other devs planning similar DRM- not everyone has stable reliable internet connections, and punishing these honest customers is no business model. Expand
  45. Aug 18, 2013
    Totally disappointed: graphic style copied from wow, and totally opposed to the dark environment in Diablo 1&2 gameplay absolutely unbalanced: it is too easy,and that makes it utterly boring.
    No PVP,internet connection required to play offline; real money auction unbalances even more the games mechanics.
    The player stats are now fixed WHY ?!
    After 12 years... Such a failure.
  46. Aug 16, 2013
    Hello, I'll be writing this review from a "Diablo 2 LOD player precept". I'm going to talk about what has been removed from D3, that D2 LOD did right "in my opinion." - (No offline single player.) - (Battlenet System) - In D2 you could make your own games (Not in D3) - Only 4 Players in a game now from the previous 8 player games. - No longer having the option to choose your own games to hop into.(old school item for item trading). - Lag or Downed Servers or Errors (Not really improved from D2, maybe even worse) - Botting still in the game *Up side for blizzard if a bot farms a nice item they share the profit with it - (Ladder System) *I cann't imagin restarts because of the real money auction house *-one of the worst ideas ever put into a Action game is holding back one of the best - (Drop System) *Feels very unrewarding. Old system felt more rewarding because there was more items in the game. - Set items *there is no point in wearing a full set because there's normally no bonus for wearing all the pieces. - AH *You'll find the real gear on the real money auction house or a website. - No Runes meaning "No Runewords" So doesn't that mean white items are useless? - No Jewels - No Charms (Small Charms Large Charms Grand Charms Torchs or Annihilus or Gheeds Fortune) - No Ethreal items - Little to no Aura Spells on hit Items *One of the most fun Powerful items from D2 - (Way Points System)************** Just to Magic Find another Act you have to beat the one your in or Hop into another game - (No Open World PvP System) - (No Skills or Attrubites points System) *Characters feel less unique - (No Valueable Quests)************ *There isn't one Resistance or Stats Quest or Socket Quest or Skill Quest. *There are just mandatory quests in D3 - (Randomized Map Generating System)* Feels less randomized in D3 In D3 Every Characters Damage scales off of Weapon Damage. Unlike D2 where you had to make decisions on Crush Blow, Deadly Strike, Open Wounds, chance to cast a spell 1-3 to skills, Auras, +1-3 freeze target, Monsters rest in Peace, Prevents Monster heal. - Top lvl is hit way to fast You'll find yourself around act 3-4hell max level Still having another Difficultly to go, and you have to gear grind and do it a 4th time for no other reason then lets do it a 4th time. - The Old Cow level (with massive mobs of Cows wheeling Axe Polearms) lets just say its more like a flower, carebear, pony land. - Enraged Minions - Not having your mercenuary when playing with your friends. The game has chanced alot "I feel like the game has went backwards". What really pisses me off tho was Blizzcon 2011 "Which you can watch on youtube." Blizzard showed off alot of idea's saying most were finalized "just some needed some fine tuning" Almost all of those idea's shown at blizzcon didn't made it into the game. There for I had no idea as to how D3 would look, sense what they showed me never made it into the game. Expand
  47. Aug 14, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I know there's a lot of fan backlash here but I honestly can't score Diablo 3 more than 4 even though I've beaten it on all difficulties. First two difficulties: too easy thus mainly seen as a chore. Third: Just about right. Fourth: stupid, and the wrong kind of difficulty to boot I don't see how it's a skill check against the player to have your mobs stats set so that they'll one shot a wizard and now the only way to play is to kite everything. That said I did play all this before some supposed "tweaking" and before that, wizards in full resists were basically fodder in Inferno. But alas I can only review based on what I played.

    The main reason I score low is:
    1, We've gone from dark, gritty and scary to childish and ridiculous. This isn't diablo. I actually went back to play the original and it still has that same chilling atmosphere and feeling of dread. This game, with it's apparently 6 year old child diablo throwing pathetic taunts your way on the end level, is an insult to the senses.

    2, Auction house and lack of solo offline. They killed what made diablo fun, the grinds, the chance to find something really special. There is no chance to find anything special anymore. After four playthroughs I got generic drop after generic drop, absolutely tedious. So I started to browse the auction house and soon after lost any desire to continue playing. I will not pay for loot thanks.

    So yeah cheers for ruining everything that made Diablo great, blizz. All you had to do was repeat the dark atmosphere and loot grindy addiction but nah. And ignore the positive critic scores folks because they are clearly not being honest.
  48. Aug 9, 2013
    Long time Diablo and Old Blizzard fan that had the unfortunate experience of playing this pay to win scam game in which the makers do not listen to feedback and try to avoid the real issues with the game. No game deserves a 0, but I must give it one in the hopes it keeps people from buying this on console and/or pc. Trust the users on this one folks; the game is garbage
  49. Aug 6, 2013
    yes, sure a bunch of negatives are from the day 1 release issues, but compared to diablo 2, the immersion and spooky elements like fighting the A2 boss are gone. The fckd up the loot, when you find a yellow the first time it's a good feeling, soon you will begin to realize the only times you get good feelings will be when legendaries drop. Thats really all you count on, any other colored items are most likely vendor cash, please don't support Diablo 3, the only reason why it sold so many copies is because it's Blizzard Ent. if anybody else released this same game it wouldn't have sold as much. The title sold, not the game. Game is garbage Expand
  50. Aug 6, 2013
    Somehow they managed to remove all the fun factor from diablo in this sequel. Finding gear becomes boring as 99.9% of drops are garbage, unlocking new abilities not rewarding because most of the suck. When the game came out the balance was flat out BROKEN in inferno. It still is but nowhere near as much. Using the auction house is MANDATORY and so is gearing and speccing defensively in inferno. Choice? Nope, if you try experiment you'll suck. There is cookie cutter spec and gear and that's the only thing you should ever use because its the only thing that is viable. Classes are imbalanced, Barbarian far outshines the other classes by a large margin, You can spend 500m on a barb and wreck mp10 with ease (the hardest difficulty). Spend the same gold on a monk and you'll barely be able to do mp3, and die a lot. There's just no point in playing anything but a barb. Story is terrible and completely forgettable. Also blizzard are doing their usual thing and promising things and never deliver. They promised pvp, It's STILL not in the game. Some boss mechanics are flat out broken. Like act 2's boss can hit you and kill you in one hit before you can even react. Expand
  51. Aug 4, 2013
    to be fair, D3 have great cinematic and great story, kudos for those who did this in Blizz D3 dev team. But I must highlight that the game-play for D3 is just not fun, i mean like seriously NOT FUN AT ALL. Act 1 is great but until half way in act 2, i had this feeling like the game is not complete or something, something is really missing in this game. Still finish the whole game for nostalgic sake. Stopped after a month the game release cuz its like too boring to continue. Re-install D3 few week ago after one+ year, read some comment here in meta that some improvement was done after all the patches so i was like ok lets give it a 2nd try but i was so wrong. Yes stuff at AH is cheaper and can get good equipment at a lower price, but uninstall it again after half day of playing cuz the game is just too boring and repetitive. Conclusion? Worst money I spend on a game and I regret buying this game. Lesson learned the hard way and will never buy a game pro-order, only purchase after reviewing actual user reviews. Expand
  52. Aug 1, 2013
    This game gets a 0 for having always online DRM (required even for single player), for numerous reasons. Even if it did not have such crappy DRM, it is still only a vastly overpriced so-so game deserving of no better than a 5. I feel sick to my stomach when I think about the fact I paid Blizzard for this game. I will never give them another dollar in my life even if they change their ways--they have shown their true corporate colours. It's the same way I feel about EA, another company that people should be boycotting under they go out of business. By the way, for this genre, I recommend Torchlight 2 for great quality at a great price. Expand
  53. Jul 31, 2013
    I bought it, I played a long time and I have a huge remorse trash nothing to do many bugs, many hacks, a lot of money in a market trading addict bli$$ard closed his eyes to the use of fraud because they earn too much money Sad but true bli$$ard died Activision just left like hell from this POE or Diablo 2 much better than this masterpiece of garbage.
  54. Jul 30, 2013
    Good old Diablo receive another offspring with online-play and real money auction house. Great.
    Time to bury the stinking corpse of long-dead demon in the lava pit.
    There is too many better H&S arcade games focused on drop. And even some MMO.

    But it's not a zero. They are do some work. Really.
  55. Jul 30, 2013
    bad game ............
    very bad game ..........
    u must spend cash to improve your character's strength ........
    and the game is too short, less content, outdated graphics
  56. Jul 29, 2013
    Now, I'm not one of those guys who has a mild dislike of something, so he gives it a low score. No, I pride myself on seeing what is good in something. The Good: The environments and sound design are spot on. The areas in the game are lush, the models are well done, the physics engine and amusing and absolutely glorious to see in action. The Bad: Literally everything else. The voice acting is terrible, the plot is full of holes, you must be online 100% of the time, even to play the single player (and believe me, you don't notice how often your internet goes out until a game will kick you off the second it cuts out), the entire game lacks any sort of challenge, there is only a linear progression along a fix skill "road", rather than the skill tree that made Diablo 2 such a pleasure to play.

    You cannot allocate points to anything relating to your character. Everything RPG related is totally fixed, and the only thing you can do to affect a character's effectiveness in combat is to buy a new weapon that puts points into your character's "primary skill", which is to say, the only skill that will ever matter to you.

    So, lets say you are a Barbarian that has reached the maximum allowed level. You are 100% identical to every other Barbarian at your level. The only differences you have are the abilities that you have equipped, which you can swap out at literally any time, and the weapon that you are holding.

    Due to this asinine lack of character customization, you must use a new feature that I honestly didn't think would affect the game. I was, unfortunately, wrong.

    I am talking about the Auction House. In game, the weapons that you find are worth around 50 gold. In the online auction house, you can sell your items to other players for hundreds of times that price.

    What happens to the game is this: You get frustrated, and because leveling up will not affect your build or character, you go to the auction house, buy a new weapon, beat the bad guy. Repeat ad nauseum until you finish the game.

    The bosses are visually impressive, but pathetically easy. I honestly don't even know what happens if you die, and I finished the game on the "hard mode" equivalent.

    This is easily the worst sequel I have ever played. This game felt more like a halfway thought out mod for a better game than a full fledged sequel to what was arguably the greatest dungeon crawler of all time. I cannot recommend this. Not even after a year's worth of patching is this game even 1/10th of Diablo 2. Not only is it a terrible sequel, it is a terrible game, and Blizzard should be ashamed for tarnishing this once wonderful franchise this this abomination of poor game design.

    If you have a love for Diablo 2, I beg of you, stay faaaaaar away. If you have never played Diablo 2, go buy that instead. It's a third of the price and 10000% better.
  57. Jul 28, 2013
    When will developers get gamers do not like always-on DRM? Diablo III fundamentally is a solid game, but the business practices of Blizzard Entertainment cannot be excused. Plus, the game only works when it wants to. Its been updated, but its still a frustrating mess. Do not buy this game is all I can say.
  58. Jul 27, 2013
    Terrible waste of time of a game, doesn't even have half of the features its prequel did over 10 years ago. Don't waste your money. Making loot not drop to drive the real money auction house, so they can profit on micro-transactions.
  59. Jul 27, 2013
    What can i say in addition to several thousands of negative reviews... This was my biggest disappointment about the game. It'so strange, that such a mastodon in game making as blizzard released such shallow, boring to the death game. I can remember how i replayed part 1 for quite a few times with joy. This one, however, took me some willpower to complete. I was just curious, if it's going to be better closer to the end. But no. Hell, even such relatively poor titles as Torchlight, Titan quest and Neverwinter are more addictive. Even god forsaken Hellgate london. And that game is terrible. Shame on blizzard. If i could only take my money back, i definitely would. Expand
  60. Jul 26, 2013
    Having been an avid Blizzard Fan for many years, as well as trying out literally dozens upon dozens of other games. I can safely say that Diablo III is a major disappointment. I'll start with the Positives. Graphics are pretty decent, I mean if they were too fancy the game wouldn't run smoothly. and that's pretty much it. Now on with the negatives. It ruined Diablo Lore It severely limited character customization
    Item affixes were severely limited, others have mentioned this as well. I actually did the math and you're getting something like 70 less item affixes than you did in Diablo 2. Even the gems are simplified to the point where all you get is your main stat. This further limits character customization.

    Some of the Elite monsters were so stupidly overpowered that it was nearly impossible to pass them in a dungeon without dying 20 times in a row. You lost gold doing this, and with the new changes to how repairs work, many players were without gold for quite some time.. unless of course they went to the RMAH. This was even more of a problem when most characters had to build incredibly tanky to stay alive, but lacked damage output to kill these monsters, putting them into a frenzy state where they pretty much started 2-3 shotting you(more damage in frenzy)

    Boss Fights were ridiculously easy compared to the elite monster fights, Not even kidding here.

    The game in general has been dumbed down, simplified for the casual masses, The fact that it's coming to the consoles supports this. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but when the majority of the player base was expecting a true successor to diablo and diablo 2, This wasn't meeting their expectations. '

    The game was quite repetitive. Other games have figured out that having small limited maps is quite boring, Diablo 3 did not seem to get this memo. I understand that it's hard to make maps, but diablo 2 had map generators, which Diablo 3 also has, but it's use is severely limited and often times you only get a handful of slightly different maps. I actually had to ask myself at one point, are these maps really random? or is there just 2-3 different variations that get randomly chosen, This is because during my 4 playthroughs(normal to inferno) I got stuck with the same maps for dungeons more than once.

    I mean, I could go on till I used my 5000 characters up, but to me it just seems like Blizzard made a simplified casual hack n slash. They had so much that they could've drawn idea's from, plenty of hack n slash games to look at. What makes them popular, and what makes them boring or repetitive. It seems that even with all this, they decided to not heed any of it, and make a game that gets boring after one playthrough.

    Hell, even their answer to the lack of content was the paragon system, Essentially, once you max your level. You level more... But this time it's Paragon levels. This is copy and paste from the blizzard website itself.
    After you hit level 60, any further experience you earn from killing monsters will begin to count toward Paragon levels
    There are 100 Paragon levels
    Every Paragon level will reward you with:

    Core stats such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Vitality in amounts similar to what you’d gain from a normal level
    3% Magic Find and 3% Gold Find

    So instead of adding more actual content, they decided to just add more levels for you to grind, in the same limited content.

    I really hope this opens some peoples eyes, the people giving it 10/10 or 8/10, or 9/10 are most likely players that have never experienced the genre before, or have never even played diablo1/2. They may like the game, but there is honestly SO much more that Blizzard could've done with Diablo, but chose not to, Anyone that's not a Casual player would be able to tell you this. You see it on the games forums, and you see it on here in the user reviews.

    It gets a 3/10 from me because the graphics are nice, they seem to fit in with the whole Diablo series nicely, and the music is pretty decent as well(still not as good as D2). I also like that they were trying to reach the casual playerbase, just not necessarily how they did it. Mostly because it seems like it's just being done for money. If they improved upon some, or even all of the things I mentioned, I would likely give this game a 7/10 or even 8-9 depending on how well it was done. I bet most other reviewers here would do the same as well.
  61. Jul 26, 2013
    When you see the startling difference between User Review and Critics Review scores, you quickly draw the obvious conclusion: Diablo 3 has no right of existence and has been hyped beyond belief, while delivering a sub-par experience that has not only been riddled with launch and patch problems in the past, but today still suffers from a bad design, extremely limited content and too many console-friendly mechanics choices.

    Diablo 3 wants to be plug and play for the masses, but that is never the game it was intended to be from part one. Fun for single playthrough on a day off, as eight to nine hours should do the job. Easily. The game does not deserve a single hour more, though.
  62. Jul 25, 2013
    After playing 2500 hrs, I must say... Although the game is 1 year old, the PC version has not been fixed for critical bugs. The game still drop to desktop during fights due to directX errors and lost connects. Most hardcore players are killed permanently due to the poor coding errors. The company lacks in debugging. The coming console versions will fail shortly. Honestly the game is frustrating to play. The terrible repetition makes me really sick. Poor game design. The game looks like only for elemental school kids. Expand
  63. Jul 25, 2013
    Among all three (four if you count Drakensang) diablo-ish games, Diablo III, supposedly the 'original title', has to place 3rd or 4th overall. You can argue Drakensang is the worst of the four because of its insane pay to win cash grab, but Diablo 3 is not better by a lot. The only advantage Diablo III has over TL2 and PoE are: 1) Diablo III has better graphics than TL2 2) Diablo III has better physics effect than PoE

    and that's it. TL2 and PoE does better in almost, if not all grounds, and they are much cheaper games.
  64. Jul 22, 2013
    The positive:
    High production quality, extremely well-made low-poly meshes and low-resolution textures, amazing pre-rendered cinematics. Well designed and thought-out experience from start to finish. The hack-and-slash gameplay is fluid, fast-paced, and engaging. Character and class builds make sense, are flexible and easy to understand. The auction house is a structured economy that
    makes gold an essential liquid commodity.

    The negative:
    Is not an appropriate follow-up to it's predecessor in terms of story, atmosphere, or music. Character customization is simple, but not rewarding or interesting. You can only pick a few skills to use, which creates a more restrictive play-style and, while you can experiment with many potential builds on a single character, the builds you can create aren't particularly creative.

    Finding loot is usually unexciting because, generally, the best loot for your character is whatever maximizes the stat for maximum DPS. Rares, uniques, and set items drop too infrequently because if they did, their value on the auction house would plummet. While finding loot for many players was arguably one of the main draws in Diablo II, Diablo III lacks this draw because the most efficient and effective way to obtain items is through the auction house. Players end up engaging in finding loot less (again, because good items need to be extraordinarily rare to be valuable on the market), and end up grinding simply to find gold to pay for loot. If Diablo III is supposed to be an evolution of Diablo II, why are players grinding away mindlessly still? At least in Diablo II, if players were grinding, it was to find items instead of gold.

    Item crafting (runewords, crafted items, etc.) is also completely missing--socketing gems in order to simply boost stats for DPS isn't the same and it lacks interesting results.

    Overall, players are given less choices in what they can do while playing the game, and are forced to focus on monetizing the auction house in order to reap any benefits of having played the game. Rewards are simply proportional to the efficiency of grinding and the strength of a character build is almost entirely based on maximizing DPS.

    Aesthetically, the atmosphere is not the same as Diablo II's because it deviates from the austere, dark, horror-gore style and inserts a bit of a cartoonish flare. Overall, the game is colorful, vibrant, and saturated in a way that does not suggest an impending doom or dire circumstances. Animations are over-exaggerated. Dialogue is generally good, however, as well as the voice-acting.

    Diablo III might be a better game if it wasn't simply an ultra-polished Diablo II--slimmed and stripped down to its core mechanics to make the experience an exercise in maximizing player rewards. Of course, many players, including myself, criticize Diablo III mostly for not being Diablo II; at the same time, Diablo II is simply a classic, but extremely out-dated game. I think gamers have come to expect more depth in their gameplay instead of the linear grind of Diablo games, and Blizzard should not be afraid to completely overhaul their approach to the franchise in future iterations. Don't try to make a better Diablo II/III, just worry about making a Diablo IV.
  65. Jul 19, 2013
    The worst gaming purchase I've ever made. Besides enforcing draconian DRM without makign a truly connected world, fails to reach the bar raised by its predecessors in the art direction, music, mechanics and story. It's lame narrative, coupled with a purposedly dumbed down control (for console testing), linear gameplay and shallow progression system makes this an incredible disappointing experience. Expand
  66. Jul 19, 2013
    -pay to win
    -stupid storyline (my cat can write a better one)
    -no skill/stat points
    -stupid class choices
    -bad graphics (yes it is bad.)
    **** artwork
    -dumb soundacting
    -retarded bosses
    -moronic followers
    -useless items

    +auto picking gold is not a bad idea. congratulations.

    made by retards for morons to play. good fuvking job.
  67. Jul 18, 2013
    Most stupid game ever

    -Always online DRM
    -Lack of skill diversity
    -Connection errors
    -Short Story
    -Play to win


    Really bad game.Don't buy!
  68. Jul 14, 2013
    Una porqueria le dieron en toditita la madre haciendolo online.
    Se requiere de la coneccion a internet forzosa, por lo que es una porqueria, no lo compren. Te clavas en el juego, luego te quitan el internet porque no pagaste, y pues ya chafeaste. 0000
  69. Jul 14, 2013
    One giant pile of garbage. They pretty much destroyed the Diablo Lore and did nothing but create a boring game based on making from the auction house for Blizzard. Possibly the dumbest and biggest failure in video game history. Avoid this game like the plague.
  70. Jul 13, 2013
    Diablo 3 is probably one of the biggest waste of $60 I have spent on a game. The graphics are pretty good with as much going on the screen, but several other factors are absolutely terrible. There is little to no customization of your character, where the game does not allow you to choose stats or the skills you learn and empower them greatly. Also, the story is very bland with one what could be considered a twist at best (I know it is a hack-and-slash, so I'll let this one go). The game play starts out well, but gets boring after putting in 10 hours or so (Farming for gear is just awful, as the boss fights are pretty generic and you have no other reason to get better gear once you beat all 4 modes). Speaking of modes, the design team sounded lazy by trying to provide a full experience with 1/4 of the content by making you play each mode to get to the next one. The release of the game was awful, as it looked it was still in beta and is only now a release-worthy product (if I dare say even that). The critics obviously played the first few hours, if that, and did not think about long-term game and replay value. Oh well...At least now I know not to buy any more Diablo games. Expand
  71. Jul 13, 2013
    Sigh. One of the biggest disappointments of 2012. BUT there is a remedy. Torchlight II. Go buy it. It's on sale on steam for $10 and will literally address every complaint you have with this mess.
  72. Jul 12, 2013
    Dumbed down. No choices that matter. Way more action than RPG. World too small (see Sacred 2). Items and item stats horrible. This is a loot finding game where a normal amount of playtime for a working adult (5 or so hours a week) will take you decades to find interesting items i did'nt say buy...). AH bad idea for those who only want to solo the game and find cool items. Bliz made this for a new (WoW) type of gamer, not a hardcore old-school gamer that wants the thrill of the hunt. Leveling waaay too fast. No runes as objects. Poor customization for items/item upgrades. Stash too small. Unnecessary gold sinks. Items better in Van Helsing, and it's a $15 game! Some people like what they've done... I'm ok with that, but this is now an online focused game that can be played solo. I'd be happy if it was a game that could be played solo without any interaction with anyone or online influence on game design. Always online doesnt bother me, i have good net. It's being forced to play in others sandbox. Expand
  73. Jul 12, 2013
    This game is a disgrace, an insult, a puke, a shame. It is bad, so bad it hurts. It is made by morons for morons, all in the name of greed. Don't be fooled: everything about it is wrong. Avoid at all costs.
  74. Jul 3, 2013
    What can we say about these numbnuts. DRM really SUCKS. DRM really SUCKS. Blizzard is ona hiding to nothing cause they full of numbnuts, cause DRM really sucks
  75. Jul 1, 2013
    not worth the wait and the game is made so little kids can play it
    cool kiddie game you guys are playing hope you enjoy.... i'm hating it.

    Torchlight 2 a bit better not much
  76. Jun 30, 2013
    It would be a masterpiece if it was from a small company with 10 workers or something.
    But it's not, it's from Blizzard, it's predecessor is nothing else than Diablo II.
  77. Jun 29, 2013
    The good thing about diablo 3 is the goblin.
    If they made diablo 2 lod with better graphic i think more would buy that game, than diablo 3. Everything that made diablo 2 good, is now missing, What i miss the most are the rune words, and the skill system. And i never had one decent drop, with over 200 hours gameplay. And yes, i do have mf and a budy of mione gave me items that i only could
    have been dreaming on getting myslef. I can play monster lvevl 5 all acts easy Expand
  78. Jun 27, 2013
    This game lacks everything that would make people remember and love it's predecessors. Graphics 7/10 Dark and nice. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds 7/10 No Matt Uelmen but it fits. Gameplay... Oh boy. I could go on and ramble about the weaknesses of this game like everybody did. Instead here are three things Blizzard has to fix in order for the game to make more fun: -Get rid of the preskilling system. All of it. Skill AND Ability preskilling is the wrong way. Most of the fun in D1 and D2 was character customization. If you simplify it, you take out the fun of the game. Instead, make choice matter.

    -Skill damage based on weapon damage. Get rid of it. Seriously, this mechanics is the very reason that's making the game repetitive and unplayably boring. All you need to win is enough items with +stat to your main attribute. I keep seeing lvl 26 characters dual wielding 196 damage weapons and owning every major boss in under 10 secons. That would not have been possible in D2.

    -More Diversity in item affixes. All you get are the same lame stats boost over and over again, magic find, more xp and gold and such. Healthdrain is rendered obsolete by the new healthglobe system. You could make the game more challenging by reducing the drops of those healthglobes.
  79. Jun 25, 2013
    Fail Not much more to add this game is a joke People don't buy expansion pack, maybe that will teach them $%^# You blizzard for this massive disappointment
  80. Jun 19, 2013
    Reasons to avoid like the plague: ERROR 37. Real Money Auction House. Itemization. Class Balance. Repetitive. Ugly. Candy colours designed for children. Incredibly clichéd and poor plot.

    Just buy Torchlight 2, you're better off playing that game... on so many levels.
  81. Jun 16, 2013
    I have paid for a game and can not even start a single player!? What exactly is on that disc?! It is a sick joke... Give my money and wasted time back!
  82. Jun 11, 2013
    Possibly the worst game triple A game I have ever played in my life. The worst game in the ARPG/Dungeon Crawler genre, I would even dare to say it is an insult to the genre and should be tagged as an arcade game. The adjectives that come to mind to describe this game are far from pretty, so I will keep them to myself, but you get the idea. Seriously, I have trouble understanding how companies that are 5% of the size that Blizzard is have developed games that on Diablo 3 in every single possible way. I don't understand. Lazy devs? Greedy activision? I don't know. A user score of 3.8 is far too generous in my opinion. This game is scum and should be avoided at all cost. I for one will not be playing the Diablo 3 expansion even if it is free. What a pile of garbage. Expand
  83. Jun 9, 2013
    Launch was a disaster. Over 400 hours of playing and found nothing good. Sold items in RMAH to cover the cost of the game and quit. Never again blizzard. Waited over 10 years for this sequel and what a disappointment.
  84. Jun 7, 2013
    I'm really shocked that this is a release from Blizzard Entertainment. It feels more like some sort of free to play cash shop game, where they design it to be mind-numbingly boring and hope that you'll buy things from the cash shop to improve your experience.

    Unlike the vast array of other ARPG's I've played, this game just absolutely refuses to let you find your own gear upgrades. The
    intent was obviously to try to herd players to the auction houses to buy items, but considering ARPG's are largely about finding items, this design really ruins the experience. In fact, there's nothing else really to this game other than an incredibly boring, frustrating and defective item system. There (was) no pvp, the social system is basically non-existent--so I guess we are supposed to buy items from the cash shop so we can just log in and stare at our awesome character.

    Blizzard removed a lot of things from the previous Diablo games, saying that these elements essentially constituted bad game design, but then they replaced these elements with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. So there's now no reason to kill bosses in Diablo 3, (farming bosses was bad design, apparently), there are no skill trees, (skill trees are bad design, apparently), there (was) no pvp, (no pvp is apparently better design than imperfect pvp), not to mention various other elements that were removed from the series.

    There's not much of a game here after the first play through, I'd spend my money on another title.
  85. Jun 7, 2013
    Require non-stop internet connection.
    Boring skill system.
    This game is just about farming.
    Less content from previous version (diablo 2)
    There is no challenge.
    There is no fun.
    There is no balance between heroes.
    Pay to win game
  86. Jun 4, 2013
    All Blizzard had to do was remake Diablo 2 with updated graphics and no RMAH. Always online for single player mode? What a waste of $60 this game was!
  87. Jun 2, 2013
    Wanted this to be great so much but bought it on release day and a week into it I didn't see any point in playing. Played it for the most part for the story and it was very very very bland. Story was overly predictable and weak. Gameplay is good but repetitive like D2 which wasn't bad cause the loot kept u playing but in D3 the drops for your character are horrendous which leads me to believe you are curbed to use the auction house I never did. I never bought items in D2 and never felt the need to with D3. As a huge fan of the franchise i'm just disappointed. No skill tree or skill points? D3 seemed to try and be too mainstream to me. Instead of staying true for all of us that waited on this game for so many years. Expand
  88. May 30, 2013
    1 point for cinematics -9 points for gameplay Act 1 was only good act in entire game everything else sucked hard .
    Act 2 makes me vomit Hurr hurr hahahaa i wont betray you go get my body & my head hahahahah thank you fool now i will destroy the world hahahah .
    Act 3 while you were busy raising the catabults my lieutnant stormed your cellar you will surely fall now after
    killing the fatty in cellar a mere victory over useless tool !!"!!!!
    Act 4 hurr hurr this is heaven basicly 1 kind of hallway over and over shemale diablo is waiting for you

    Positive --
    Act 1.

    AH & real money AH .
    Act 2 & 3 & 4 .
    Artificial dificulty we promise you you will die alot durr hurr lets add rare packs that are impossible to kill like molten jailer teleport mortar Gl with that .
    Angels are useless tyrael doesent do a damn thing and that strongest angel just keeps getting his ass kicked .
    Story sucks ass Cain dieing to evil butterfly .
    Graphics they are using wow engine that is like 8-9 years old this is worse rehash than COD.
    Loot basicly game is made so that you wont get any good loot and have to use auction house.

    Fire jay wilson remove auctionhouse atleast real money ah fix the loot make better story
  89. May 28, 2013
    I plan to keep my distance from this iteration. Having played on a friend's computer, I can say I neither like 1.) how Blizzard feels about their customers, and 2.) how they make their games nowadays (and what their games are, in consequence).

    Diablo 3 is a game where none of the original authors were involved in creating the sequel. In this case, it amounts to an analogy of R. A.
    Salvatore writing "Lord of the Rings 2", or the author of Twilight authoring "Crime and Punishment 2". The changes are just too contradictory to what Diablo 1 and 2 represented. Why did Blizzard North get sacked? Because they had artistic integrity? Just look at the original plans for D3, from the early 2000's, they say a lot about how the game was really meant to be. It is really disappointing that the original project got scrapped. Besides, the vast majority even on Blizzard's site have stated they definitely prefer the originally planned art, even in this day when graphics and all is supposed to be better, and many of whom state this really appreciate graphics in general.

    A game is primarily defined by what emotion or feeling it gives to the player. This is done via artistic and conceptual vision. Diablo 3 does not feel ANYTHING like D2. Smoothness and high-performing requirements can be good things, but very often are just otherwise.

    People game for the EXPERIENCE, not the way you swing your hammer, how neat the inventory looks or how fast a button-click responds. The experience is both intellectual and artistic. But Diablo 3's ambient qualities just plummeted to regular cartoons, and mindless DPS-viewing.
    It IS cartoony as by the saturated candy-whooping animations and designs, silly (wow, a boss named "Skeleton king"... wow, how cheesy), simplistic (they've scrapped the whole stat and skill system, and in fact, all LOGIC behind choosing skills instead you'll just choose and construct a "role" or animations). It IS simply dumbed-down both artisticly and stat-wise.

    Ok, whoever enjoys MMO's (and Blizzard's oh-so-inspirational WoW in particular), you can be delighted by this game. But it is nowhere near art as opposed to originals.

    Not to mention that the originals were SINGLE-PLAYER GAMES, that actually ALLOWED playing the game. Whereas this iteration throws other players in your game, without you having any intention of playing with them (not to mention the damned DRM). And on top of all, this MULTIPLAYER game does not allow for competitive multiplayer nor LAN.

    This Diablo 3 can go to Pandaria, as much as I am concerned.
  90. May 27, 2013
    What the heck is this? Blizzard just lost all respect I had for them. I have always been a huge D1 and D2 fan and played the crap out of them: D3 is a letdown. #1: persistently online; it lags and you can't play it without internet. Worse you can get hacked and will receive constant spam to buy money. #2 first two acts are carbon copy of D2, second two are super bland and lame. #3 no creative leveling at all. No "points" #4 witch doctor replaced the necro? really? #5 real money auction house is a joke and shouldn't be in any game, ever. Really just a total piece of crap. All they have done is upgrade the graphics, which really aren't that good, and screw up what they already had with online stuff. Should be called Diablo 2.5. Next time Blizzard, think about what you're doing. Expand
  91. May 22, 2013
    Probably the worst gaming experience I've had, or should I say let down, in years. Forced online game play. Repetitive unoriginal gameplay. Uninspired graphics. And let's not forget the auction house blizzard money grab. Blizzard is on a downhill slope.
  92. May 22, 2013
    The good: graphics
    The bad: pretty much everything else. itemization is garbage. always online DRM for a single player game is a joke. Their flimsy excuse that it's to stop botters and cheaters is a farce, as the game is rampant with botters/exploiters/duper. 4 player only? 6 skills at a time? designed with console in mind. no skill tree, no character customization, mostly useless
    skills leading to no build diversity. terrible story which you're forced to repeat forever. A supposed ACTION rpg without much action. cooldowns? seriously? This is what happens when you have WoW designers work on the game instead of the original D2 team.

    A lot of features of D2 were left out. (jewels, runes, runewords, cubing, secondary weapons etc etc) It's a massive step back in so many ways, and it's pathetic that they couldn't come up with anything new, and have to save old features for an expansion.

    The worst problem of all is that the whole game is designed around the rmah, to generate revenue. It is the single most retarded decision they could have made. Having the rmah itself isn't bad. People would have spent money on the game on 3rd party sites anyway. But designing the game and drops based around rmah destroyed the game and any fun factor it could have had. The drop rates are abysmal, and there is no way to really find your own items. The poor itemization means 99.99% of what you find are garbage. Rarely do you find something that can even be sold for a pittance. Even the few good items are garbage without great rolls. It's a loot based game without loot. As many people have said, it should be called "auction house adventures"

    a couple of the patches have improved the game a bit, but don't amount to much more than a facelift. until they fix the core issues the game can only be considered terrible.
  93. May 19, 2013
    This is I believe the worst video game of all time, because of its failure to live up to its potential. The game is just NOT FUN. All your upgrades must come from the auction house or crafting.. boring!!!!!!!!!! Its a boring money pit.
  94. May 19, 2013
    I wrote a 5000 signs review, but I'm editing it down: The good: -Nice graphics -Fluid gameplay The bad: -The story -The items -New item slots that add nothing to the game but graphics -The character offensive skills all being completely dependend on and fully based on weapon damage -Even spells being completely dependent on weapon damage -The taste in my mouth when a hammer with 500 fire damage makes my cold spells stronger simply because it deals more damage than the wand I had before
    -The lack of ANY actual character development beyond the CoD unlock-on-level model
    -Better items being a nonfunctional replacement for character development
    -The cartoony monster affixes (Arcane Sentry, reflect damage, invulnerable minions)
    -The cheesy NPCs
    -The cartoonish and childish style, dialogue and plot
    -All characters are the one and same with different colors of sparkling on their attacks
    -The auction house made necessary to have any fun what so ever
    -The real money auction house giving botters incentive to bot
    -The odds of finding useful items you need without using the auction house
    -Difficulty solely being the grade of your equipment in any given encounter
    -Bosses never drop anything useful
    -Nephalem valor band-aid on the broken spine that it the game's itemization
    -Paragon levels band-aid on the buried corpse that is character development
    -Maps are all small mazes not large open spaces.
    -Maps are not randomly generated.
    -No functional PVP
    -PVP gameplay being displayed in 2010 but scrapped
    -Areas and mechanics in gameplay videos getting scrapped
    -Diablo II and Lord of Destruction gameplay and mechanics getting scrapped in favor of WoW mechanics
    -Diablo II enemies and lore getting completely scrapped in favor of all new enemies
    -The british skeleton archers. Talking. Skeletons. Talking british. SERIOUSLY?!?!?
    -They were WARNED about all of this in the beta OH SO MANY TIMES but did nothing
  95. May 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Worst game ever! Expand
  96. May 11, 2013
    Potential was wasted, game is currently destroyed by bots, ah/rmah. PvP is a mockery of the players. Randomness map? no such thing exists. Maybe Expansion will repair this destroyed game. Now waiting for PS3 version. Playing is wasting the time its Pay2Win. Only 3 for initial good impression.
  97. May 10, 2013
    I don't think I need to repeat what the whole internet is saying. Some points for the graphics, cinematics and soundtrack. This game took me to the highest highs and the deepest lows (in a very specific segment of my life, of course): most excitement I ever felt about the launch of a game, then gradually but surely descending to the most disappointment I've ever had from a game. Now I just don't care, uninstalled it. Expand
  98. May 8, 2013
    Just the worst game I ever played in the whole world. The story suck as hell really and gameplay sucks like the story. The graphics.... Every thing just suck in this game (I want my money back).
  99. May 8, 2013
    DO NOT BUY, Waste of money.
    Wish I had listened and not wasted my time and money,
    never purchasing anything from Blizzard again.
  100. May 8, 2013
    Game made around the Auction House.
    Made so player could sell other players items for real money and blizz gets a cut.

    Worst thing i played in years. And unfortunately i pre-ordered so there's some money i'll never see again.
  101. Sep 29, 2012
    I started playing this game and actually really enjoyed it through the first hour. The story seemed like it was going to be compelling and it felt like perhaps the game was going to be a more refined version of Diablo 2. Skill systems were interesting right off because you were constantly getting new things to try every level and everything seemed like it would be useful. Items that I could use were dropping a bit less than I had hoped, but still thought the game was good.

    By the end of the first act I was still liking the game, but it really did lack variety. You really only run around outside in the same kind of places and then go into a hellish type torture chamber place where zombies are being burnt and demons run at you. It still had enough variety to be entertaining though. I went into act two and thought, hey this is very similar to act 2 in diablo 2. You go to Lut Golein, it's sandy and bright and your in a market city. This is kind of neat to feel nostalgia towards Diablo 2, but at this point act 1 seemed like act 1 from before and act 2 is the same as well. You would think by now they would have come up with something new right?

    Anyway, went forward through the act and it was okay. Same thing, it lacked variety and you went into the sewers ( just like in act 2 of Diablo 2). It just felt like it lacked creativity at this point and by this time my skills were starting to show problems too. Certain skills are just way more powerful than others and there was really no point in using anything other than them. They have patched this a bit, but still it's not really that balanced. You will find one thing that's best and go with that.

    Enter Act 3 or should I say half an act. This act is pretty short and boring, the story at this point really gets cliche and uninteresting. I was really sad at this point because you could tell blizzard just gave up on the story and creativity. At this time you realize that items don't drop very often at all that you need because there's an auction house and they expect you to use it. So, don't expect good things to drop for you, expect things to drop for others very infrequently and then expect to have to sell them to other people, just to buy stuff for you. Auction house works great in games like WOW, but here you kinda want to find some things for your own character every now and then. It actually makes it fun to fight things and hope good stuff drops, but just don't expect that to happen often at all.

    By the end of this act I was actually dreading act 4 because I felt the story was just stupid at this point and don't worry, I wasn't disappointed. The final act, which can't even be called that is about half of the size of act 3! It's set in "heaven" which could have been really cool, but ends up super boring and generic. I don't think you'll find very many people who will enjoy this act. It seems thrown together and could have been done better by almost any game company. Blizzard is better than this and I'm not sure how this managed to pass through their testing.

    You beat the game, the story sucked, and guess what? Now they want you to beat it again in nightmare mode....which is about the same difficulty as normal. So you are even more bored. Then you get to beat it AGAIN....Hell mode gets harder and you learn you can actually die in this game towards act 4. By this time you have beaten the game twice and the already bad story and boring acts are pretty much loathed. You would rather be going to school or work or whatever it is you do. Hell, after beating this game 2 times at that point I would almost rather do laundry and that is saying something.

    You beat the game on HELL and now have beaten it 3 friggin times, and now what do you unlock? Inferno mode! YAY! The same damn game, but now you can die in 2-3 hits. You must now gear up at this point to beat each act, and "champion" packs of monsters can kill you very quickly if you don't adjust tactics..Each class generally has a certain build they must use to get through. There is a little variety, but very little. If you are lucky enough to have good things drop for you then you might make it to act 3 and 4 relatively easy, if your unlucky expect to play through act 1 a million times in hopes you get something..ANYTHING to sell and purchase better gear. Then you finally gear up, you finally get through act 4. And you are done. Nothing else in the game to do. So why play any more? The better question is why did you beat the same game 4 times in a row, that wasn't even very fun the first time? My advice is, don't play Diablo 3 at all. If you played Diablo 2 then congratulations, you played a better game with a better story. No reason to even take a look at this. If you are really bored with life then you can take a look, but you wont find anything new.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]