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  1. Jun 26, 2012
    After playing D3 for close to 70 hours now, I have to say that while it has fun moments, it has overall been quite a disappointment. I absolutely loved D2, and logged hundreds of hours playing it over a decade ago. D3, unfortunately, does not live up to the legacy of D2. I feel as though I got my money's worth in the time I played and a somewhat enjoyable story.. But as a Diablo game, it falls very short. Expand
  2. Jun 26, 2012
    This game is a real insult to the Diablo's saga. Full of bugs. No fun. It only turns around the real money auctioneer house. We are watching the fall of Blizzard.
  3. Jun 26, 2012
    I have rated this game 1 out of 10, for the great music and sound effects, otherwise it would have been a BIG FAT 0. People would have thought: "if you really dont like this game why dont you just uninstall it and leave it.". Well, I feel so cheated out of my hard earned money to pay for such an unfinished game that I actually register with this site JUST TO VOICE MY DISAPPOINTMENT. Never ever in my 20+ gaming life that I have played such a crappy game: game is short, story is short and cheesy and childish, drops rates are crap (99.99% of the drops are NOT for your class, when its ur class equip it would not have ur class stat on it ie: str in a wiz gear), Arpg and the little action that we had was nerfed to the ground, 3 times for the pass 4 weeks since it went live, a general rule of the updates is that if they are seeing people having fun in game, chances are it will be nerfed in the following patch update. Final word of advice, if you consider yourself as a person that enjoys a quality game, dont waste your time and money on this piece of junk. At least not at its current state. Expand
  4. Jun 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. (SPANISH)
    El juego carece de imaginación es demasiado lineal y predecible. El modo de juego normal se completa apenas en unas horas sin la mayor dificultad dando paso a los siguientes modos de juego como Pesadilla en lo que encontraras que es exactamente lo mismo que el anterior modo, convirtiendo el juego en una experiencia de lo mas monotona. El artesano y El Herrero son personajes dentro del juego completamente inutiles ya que se puede comprar joyas y armaduras muy superiores en la Subasta con poco oro o bien con un porcentaje de inversión por mucho menos de lo que costaría subir de nivel a dichos personajes. Los servidores continuamente generan fallos y desconectes.
  5. Jun 26, 2012
    User score on this site is getting lower and lower. To be honest, Diablo 3 deserve that low score. Come to think of it, it has been 5 weeks since diablo 3 was released and their server fixing arent finished yet. I hope that blizzard company will simply rot.
  6. Jun 26, 2012
    This just proves that the critic reviews are always more accurate (and not full of bullcrap). How can you give a game the 0 score just because it has DRM.
  7. Jun 26, 2012
    I expected a more complex game-play with far more skills, specialization and demand on the player. The game is dumbed down, compared to the added complexity from Diablo I ot Diablo II. Disappointed.
  8. Jun 26, 2012
    In order to give a non-biased review, a friend and I did a full D2 playthrough before buying D3, and I honestly don't see why everyone is so butthurt. D2 was a great game, one of my all time favorite and although D3 doesn't quite live up to that legend, it's still a pretty damn good game. The gameplay is solid, the physics on the enemies, the variety of ways each one dies and the "impact" of each attack really makes the combat fun and engaging.

    As far as server issues go, as a late buyer I've managed to avoid all the connection errors and lag that many pre-order players experienced. I've currently half way through nightmare, and the game has had no bugs, connection issues or other problems of that sort. Many welcome changes have been added to make the game less cumbersome. Many of you have referred to this as "dumbed down", but I for one am glad to see that the game is more user-friendly. Do i miss being able to spend points on my character to make them unique? No not really, because any player who is making a serious build will generally get the str and dex required for their gear and then dump the rest into vitality anyways. As far as skills go, being able to through points into each skill is nice, it's also quite fun to have access to every build without having to commit the entire character to one or another. The runes that modify the skills add a great amount of depth, allowing you to customize your skills to suit your playstyle.

    Obviously however, I do have some complaints about the game. First of which, Normal mode is way too easy. I know inferno mode makes up for this (though it has issues as well), I felt like Normal mode was "here casual players, this is the storyline: have fun". It was so easy that I got a touch bored as I one shot entire groups of mobs with ease, never losing any health. Even Diablo himself was a pushover. Nerfs to certain classes and builds is also pretty annoying. Having built your character into a behemoth of destruction, only to have the core of your build nerfed into the ground is a real fun killer. The games storyline (outside of the awesome cutscenes) is rather bland, though I honestly wasn't too engaged in the D2 storyline either. Overall I think the game was well worth my money, and anyone giving this game anything under a 6 really had their hopes set too high. The game had bugs on release and some large nerfs went by, but any gamer worth a damn knows that a game of this scale is going to have some issues.
  9. Jun 26, 2012
    This is a fun game, dont get me wrong: It's a solid hack-n-slash game, lots of clicking with your mouse, fast-paced, lots of looting. Overall though, I guess I'm just not as impressed as I thought. This could be due to all the hype and high expectations associated with D3, but it's alot different than its predecessor D2. This newer game has graphics more like Warcraft, more colorful but still "Hell" themed. I personally dont mind that the entire skill tree is unlocked by level, The game definitely has good CO-OP mode, you can join automatched public games. The story isn't that good, or maybe I wasn't paying attention... And overall, I feel like the game is too short. but I've only played on normal, and currently nightmare. Its a good game, sometimes I like Skyrim better. Expand
  10. Jun 25, 2012
    This Game is the End of Blizzard as we once knew them, Diablo 3 is a Bad game If you need PROOF just vista the Official Forum for Diablo 3 HERE ( )

    After Patch 1.0.3 They have Removed the last bit of Fun that was in the Game, They have Nerfed the amount of Gold that drops and up the cost of Repairs so much people can not even afford to Repair in

    Getting ready to Sell Gold for real money in Blizzards New Real money Auction house they did this on purpose.

    Please visit the forums and read for yourself this game is not even worth a RENT.
  11. Jun 25, 2012
    Almost all the negative reviews here are based on 1st week when there were some issues with access etc, and somehow players who expected to beat Inferno easily. Check the last 10 pages or so of reviews to get a more evenly balanced view. Ive played the entire franchise and this definitely carries on the tradition. Looks great, sounds great. You may have to get used to the new skill/rune system but once you figure it out you'll see that it enables a great variety in builds. Far more than previous versions. This game hasn't gone down so well with the crowd the expects 'BIS" and "end game". Somehow many players (while claiming to be Diablo fans from way back) miss the point that farming lower levels for gear upgrades was always part of Diablo. There was never any end-game other than beating Diablo (or Baal) and becoming more and more powerful. Diablo 3 makes looking for gear even more rewarding with random events and more champion mobs. The beginning levels are easy, but the challenges present themselves in the later acts where you get greater variety of affixes on the mobs that will be challenging or near impossible. If you are a hardcore (one death, your character is gone) player, Diablo 3 is even better as there is built-in shared stash between characters as well as crafting which lower level or new characters can access. So even if you die there is still progression in some aspects. no more "mules"

    If you are a casual player, it appears to be going very well with that segment as well. Easy to enjoy at the lower level difficulties, try a few classes and then move on. Well worth $60 as you will get 100's of hours of gameplay.

    Not sure why the 'online only" seems to be affect so many people. I only ever played "online" in D2 anyway to participate in the HC ladders and play with friends on anyway. It was done to counter all the previous issues with dupes and hacks. Honestly Ive seen far more draconian "DRM", this is not it. It's especially odd since online play is pretty much a required aspect of any multi-player game nowadays.

    So in summary, still loving the game, glad to part of a new journey of Diablo, plenty of content to come.
  12. Jun 25, 2012
    Could have been great... but... the lag even when playing single player just ruins the experience. The lag is hit and miss, comes and goes at random. Nothing like getting killed by lag, and the annoying rubber-band slingshot effect. Blizz seems determined to blame the community rather than their servers. I play a lot of online games, from WOW to TF2 and hardly ever have any lag on my 25 meg connection... but in Diablo 3 it is just a frustrating fact that you have to endure. Without the lag I would give the game a solid 8, but with the lag... a 3 at best. Diablo 3 will be the last Blizz game I ever purchase. I have been a loyal customer since Warcraft 2 and have spent hundreds of dollars on their games. Too bad... their loss. Expand
  13. Jun 25, 2012
    I have never logged on to anything and gave a review for any purchase, but i felt that for this game here i had to. i made this account just now to say this....
    this game makes me sad. i had no idea that they would make $60 game that most people knew was going to sell several millions of copies, into another pay to win game like the ones you see on the internet. what happened to make a
    "good" product sell it and be done with it move on to next project.
    greed makes me sick ......oh yeah this game is bad btw ....there are still people saying the game is good but i think these people are the ones making money off it, by either shear luck or exploits like bot programs. they are trying to get people to buy gear to play the game. they get a dollar per sale and 15% whats left. sure those guys with bots farming 24/7 love this game and the handful of lucky people....gah im done. this is funny im am actually upset over a product..... if i would have known i would not have even thought about purchasing this game and holding out for a fix.... should have asked for a refund sooner.
  14. Jun 25, 2012
    I could almost swear that there's been a covertly organized smear campaign against this game by some user reviewers. You know something's odd when there's such a huge disparity between the pro and user review averages. Yes, of course the haters will claim that's because the pro reviewers are bought off-- but this is a really unusual disparity.

    Diablo III isn't perfect by most
    standards, but so is practically everything in the universe. It's a really well-developed and polished product technically. The graphics are deliberately painterly, almost even impressionistic, in places, and that's not for everyone. The sound and voice acting are exceptional. The biggest flaw, for me, is the story: it's very cliche. Some of the dialogue is good (and very funny) but some is surprisingly juvenile. What really matters about this game, though, is combat and replayability. The combat system is extremely rewarding, as long as you're willing to try a variety of different setups. The six active ability setup is almost infinitely better than Diablo 2. As for replayability, well I've "only" played about 175-200 hours I guess and it gets a bit old sometimes, briefly; but geez people-- this is a game, not a full-time occupation... There are some balance issues, of course, but Blizzard is addressing them. If anyone thinks that they could do a better job of balancing a game (and its loot) with this many variables, I'm sure they're welcome to try. Also, if anyone still seriously thinks they should be given the ability to MIS-assign character statistics, I don't even know what to say. It was a bold and very smart move for Blizzard to remove the illusory choice of skill points. There's still plenty of opportunity to mess up your gear and your actual combat-ready statistics, if that's important to you.

    The biggest remaining hurdle for Diablo 3, in my opinion, is for Blizzard to continue balancing skills until more builds are viable in deep Inferno territory. Otherwise, I think it'll have lots of staying power for people who don't already dislike it for whatever reasons. It's not an MMO and won't receive as many updates, until an XP. But it's very fun and replayable if you're open-minded about its similarities and differences from predecessors in the top-down action rpg tradition.
  15. Jun 25, 2012
    I would give it a higher review, but I didn't want my review to be considered "positive." --- The bad: automatic attribute point distribution, all skills are given to you, slow-paced, too many cutscenes, too much dialogue you have to skip, not being able to use waypoints to travel to any act, lack of a lobby, lack of a join game list with custom names, level limit of 60, leveling feeling to linear (no logarithmic progression), and boring itemization (few affixes, main goal is to stack main attribute + vitality + dps/defense, etc). --- The good: updated graphics, physics engine, a friends list integrated in the user interface, an overall well designed user interface, sharing items between characters is easy, fun combat (when you're not getting completely wrecked and 1-shotted), achievements, inspecting other characters, and user statistics. As you can see, the things that are good aren't nearly as important than the things that are bad. I have about 40 hours on this game, and they have been generally decent. There are periods where I won't play for weeks at a time though, so I guess that sort of tells you what replayablity this game has for me. Once I reached Hell and played Act 1 a bit, the game lost some of its entertainment value. There's no burning desire to go and play again like Diablo 2. I just don't know what to think of this game anymore. Hopefully they can fix it up with updates, but I doubt it. Expand
  16. Jun 25, 2012
    I have played the play as a demo test and unfortunately, it could not fulfil my expectations. Before I do not like it that I must be on-line in the single player mode constantly. For me the whole product has fallen through.
  17. Jun 25, 2012
    Graphics are decent, but often don't fit into the universe. Partly extremely poor design like the Elf-Butterfly "demon" Magda, which completely kills any atmosphere in Act 1+2 of the game. It seems like the developers often did not know what they should be doing, and because of that insisted on some really bad ideas.
    The lack of any atmosphere, lack of customization because only 5% of the
    available runes are any good, no pvp, poor balance in Inferno, extremly poor boss monster design, can't play offline are just the biggest errors.

    Although the game plays fluent and is fun to play for the first hours, it gets overshadowed by it countless defects. If you are not sure if you want to buy it, wait until the expansion pack. Until than, blizzard will have fixed a lot of the problems, though not all can be fixed. It has the potential for an 7/10 or 8/10, but no more.

    Not a worthy Diablo 2 successor, and already now the biggest disappointment in 2012. The first blizzard game that I regret to have bought. From now on I will think twice before a blizzard game.
  18. Jun 25, 2012
    Game is overally OK but it lacks the epicness of diablo II ,price is buffed due the games name. This game would bore a new player rather quickly so most likely only old diablo I and II players will stay on diablo III for long time.
  19. Jun 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. If you are from Oceania, then you will get 2 second delay; Blizzard has made no secret (or effort) to aid, assist or communicate to players about the issues of the latency. There is no plans for an oceanic server at all, and with the trend the company is taking it will only get worse.

    That is only part of the issue; I could go on about how poor the story line is, the lack of game play, how over 80% of the maps ARE NOT randomized; the elites are far to over powered in inferno, how 2/5 classes are almost unplayable in Inferno and how the others have about 6 viable builds each..

    In General, this is the most dissapointing game I have anticipated in the last 10 years, I am finding it hard to compare it too anything, maybe not having Suikoden 6, but then again D3 just brings tears to my eyes. Another thing I have to say is that Blizzards lack of empathy and customer service is beyond disgusting; to the point where you ask yourself are they even trying to be professional, or just sweeping players under the carpet hoping that the addiction of gaming will keep them quiet...

    Well in this case, the gamers have spoken loud, and in volume. Check out the PRO CRITICS, they are all bought off by Blizzard and probably do not even play the game beyond the first week. BUY THIS GAME AT YOUR OWN RISK - and if you want a reason to stop gaming RPGS and go back to study, training or another real life activity, then D3 can give you that incentive! I took up MMA and cant even bare to log onto my once prized Blizzard games
  20. Jun 25, 2012
    Hi, I played Diablo Diablo 2 and of course all Blizzard games, Starcraft was awesome but this years Diablo 3 does not simply meet high Blizzard games level. Mediocre story, world of warcraft copying, connection issues, confusing auction house , repeating game again and again to get required items, stupid mobs difficulty based on your dps and not skill. It simply is not worth 60 euros I paid. "Thank you" Blizzard, I bought all your games but will use cracked version next time to compensate this sh...... Expand
  21. Jun 24, 2012
    at first i was, YAY a D3 this rox and stuff but after a month of playing i'm looking for a better game? Something is not right and that something is the stupidest design of the game ever made this is not a ARPG it's a kill everything that moves, there are no skills there are no attribute points, they auto distributed, and there is no way you will have the time to get a good item in game without the use of the AH this game is a fail and i feel scammed by #1 company that i always trusted to bring me what i need.
    Well Blizz another customer left i hope you have fun with dump games.
  22. Jun 24, 2012
    Diablo 3 has good art design and passably entertaining character class design. It suffers from bad gameplay, story-writing, and game-balancing.

    Regarding gameplay, D3 majorly suffered from lacking proper incentives to kill things. Prior to a late nerf, the most efficient way of making gold, for example, was not to kill monsters or bosses, but to do speed runs breaking urns wearing gold
    find gear. This was extremely more lucrative than fighting any mobs. Further, there wasn't any substantial reward for killing elites (and no more reward for killing particularly hard elites). The item drops in the game were extremely subpar. The best way to play the game involved farming gold and buying items at the auction house, and using gimmicks to avoid difficult elite monsters. Put simply, there wasn't any incentive in D3 to be strategic or intelligent in gameplay. Further, farming wasn't rewarding as well, as having to break urns for hours to get a decent amount of gold on end is, to be honest, kind of pathetic. Regarding story-writing, put simply the story was incredibly cheesy and neither interesting nor immersive.

    Regarding game-balance, my biggest problem is that D3 was not a finished product when it was released, and subsequent "patches" made drastic changes and detracted from the enjoyment of accomplishment in the game. Personally, as a gamer looking for a challenge, the game's major nerfs to Inferno, difficulty in group play trivialized beating the game and has made it less enjoyable, as (even) less skill is required. Nerfs to character class abilities were frustrating for a perfectionist wanting to play a complete game, and the nerf to core game mechanic of increased attack speed (halving its values) drastically altered the game in a unsatisfying way, as watching your long-played champion become far less effective is a major let-down.

    Conclusion: Those looking for an immersive strategically challenging and rewarding game should not purchase D3, as it is quite the opposite.
  23. Jun 24, 2012
    10 years for this sh*t? No lan? Need connection internet everytime you want to play? Graphics sucks, PVP delayed, Too much OP champions and nerfing the wrong ones, a guy finished the game on 12 hours or less? WTF bro! dont buy it, wait till the game has a better price.
  24. Jun 24, 2012
    Horribly broken game past act 1 inferno the game becomes more and more broken. Being able to get stuck in a monsters "waller" ability, rubberbanding because of horrible server lag that most of the time costs you a lot of HP or a death. Repair bills from just fighting are almost 800% more than what they were before, horrible customer server when trying to submit bugs. (multiple tickets closed without addressing issues) And broken boss battles where the mechanics were not fully tested out. After 13 or more years I am no longer a fan of Blizzard. Sad how the mighty have fallen. Expand
  25. Jun 24, 2012
    Disappointing. - No more skill points to distribute, no more attribute points to distribute, skills unlock automatically as you level up. No diversity in skill builds. No runes, rune words or interesting gems. No interesting special stats or unique perks on items what so ever. No trading, instead you craft items and sell it on the AH and get 300 million gold to buy whatever you want(true story). No cool weapon elemental damage and effects. Items are uninteresting (dex,int,vit,str = fun?) with very few and equally boring set items. Legendary items are usually the worst items in the game. No pvp at all. No Charms. No cube recipes.Patches and the game in general is tailored to make the RMAH profitable for Blizzard and forces you to play the game a certain way. Like killing extremely annoying and boring "elite packs". Rage timers? 20 different health potions and you use one? Boring story. Questionable dialog. On the good side: +more inventory space. +No need to buy scrolls. +I can dye my armor pink. Expand
  26. Jun 24, 2012
    Not the best game ever created but very enjoyable if you love loot grinding games because that's all Diablo III is - It's your basic, old-fashioned, top-view, dungeon crawler/kill spree/loot grinding/Action RP game, similar to Torchlight and tons of games from the 90's. Not much story, just lots of bloodshed. The graphics are good for an isometric 3D game but the audio is lacking (not in quality, there just isn't enough sound effects and music). The controls are easy to learn, expect to click a LOT as with any loot grinding/action RP, and the interface is simple and informative. There are four difficulty levels in the game: Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno. For fans of this genre I'm warning you now: I found gameplay a little too easy on Normal difficulty and on Nightmare difficulty - Normal should have been branded Easy and Nightmare as Normal - I've just gotten into Hell difficulty and I'm finally having to start strategizing and kiting. Not sure what Inferno will be like. The classes the game offers are your standard Warrior, Rogue, Necromancer/Mage. All of them are enjoyable and offer an experience unique from the other classes. Overall, judging this game as a standard mass murder and loot spam game. I'm very satisfied with it. The graphics are good, the basics of the game are simple to grasp, and the classes & combat are great. Still, this is 2012 not 1996. A modern game should have a great story, fantastic soundtrack to accompany it, character customization (from stat assignment to choosing the way your character looks), a wide range of difficulties, and offer gameplay that is more interactive than clickclickclick on bad guys. This is a fantastic game for the genre but compared to modern classics outside of the genre, like Oblivion & Skyrim or Shadow of the Colossus, this game comes up lacking. I'm giving this game a 8/10 from the viewpoint of a guy that grew up on these kinds of games and the original Diablo and can enjoy the game for what it is, but I'm certain younger players and those that are new to the genre will not appreciate it. TL;DR - Buy if you enjoy loot grinding/action roleplay games that have limited story, lots of killing, easy to get into, interesting classes, and lots of content. Don't bother if having a well thought out story, a great soundtrack, challenging gameplay, offers character customization, and want anything more than click spam & run away combat. Great dungeon-crawler and a solid game that is much better than the original Diablo but compared to many modern games it's not very impressive. Just an FYI if my review didn't scare you away, all of the technical problems mentioned in previous reviews no longer exist - I've never had a problem connecting to the servers or encountered any bugs. Expand
  27. Jun 24, 2012
    This is not Diablo! Theres no old atmosphere, unique atmosphere of Diablo world. Music is not even close to the previous games. Graphic is like in LoL. Poor RPG elements.

    Big disappointment!
  28. Jun 24, 2012
    One of the most disappointing games of 2012. I was really looking forward to this game since I stopped playing Diablo 2 in 2004. I was in the beta and the first 15 levels up to skeleton king showed lots of promise. The graphics while not cutting edge are crisp, the environmental effects are done well, and the spell animations are great. Unfortunately what the beta did not test (and I really wish it did!) was the end game. There are tons of issues why Diablo 3 fails at this, but here most of them in list form: 1) Blizzard's decision to allow ultimate flexibility with skills/specs, but at the same time limiting spec changing is just poor design. There is nothing fun about feeling like you can spec in numerous ways to overcome unique challenges, and then have to maintain some stale spec for the majority of your level 60 experience. Don't get me started if you accidentally mouse click near your skills as you can drag the skills off and reset your buff that gives you extra chance at finding gear the more elites you kill (stacks up to 5). As a demon hunter there are very few viable builds that will allow reliable killing of elite packs -- which is really where the end game is. 2) This brings me to my next point, killing elite packs that sometimes have insane affixes is not fun. Invulnerable minions and some other combinations are near impossible. Sometimes these mobs are positioned in areas where you can't actually progress unless you lure them away into a corner after repeated deaths. Sometimes the best solution is restarting the game which in my mind shows that this is also pretty bad design. 3) Blizzard gives us mixed messages on item stats. At one point they want you to be able to kill things quickly (hence the enrage timers), but on the other hand you sometimes need ridiculous amounts of defense stats to withstand normal wear and tear of battle. Gear that has the ideal mix of defense/offense is like winning the lottery. 4) Essentially the worst part of Diablo 3 is the fact that despite how long you may farm inferno and I have for weeks, you really never get anything decent. The amount of crap loot I've got for doing the same thing over and over again in Act 3/4 on inferno is mesmerizing. Accumulating gold requires playing hell or Act I inferno (where the chance to get good items is 2% or less, so its just gold farming). Since when is gold farming good game design? 5) Lastly the fact the real money auction house is even available despite the fact that over 2-3 weeks of farming nearly nightly for 2-4 hours I did not receive one upgrade from my demon hunter (with my friend playing as well) makes me think Blizzard wants this game to make money for them rather than have any good design or enjoyment. Lastly, haphazard patches with very little communication of what's changing or stealth nerfs makes me think this game really isn't salvageable. Extremely disappointing game with what could have been huge potential. Expand
  29. Jun 24, 2012
    I have put about 80 hours in the wizard and have reached lvl 60. I am yet to be impressed.
    I had such high expectations for this game, and I have been let down.
    I kept playing I the hope that the game would get better, but sadly it did not.
    The game only get's marginally harder until "Inferno" which is the hardest Difficulty. which should be called Impossible. There are so many
    problems with D3, All the other USER reviews fully explain in detail.
    What Drives me crazy is all the Critic Reviews that seem to be paid advertising for blizzard.
    I wont pretend I know how to make a better game. In a word, "Rubbish"
  30. Jun 23, 2012
    I'm a big fan of Diablo and once I heard that Diablo III had a release date I just could not wait, and now that it is installed on my pc for now all my free time is Diablo time untill my family starts to complaints, well it is what is and it is still the best game ever and I will say it right now is it possiable a Diablo IV if so I will be one of the first in line keep up the great work.
  31. Jun 23, 2012
    I created an account on this site just to review this game. I'm going to break this post down by the pros and cons of this game and its developer. Pros: -better graphics -new classes -professions -cool animations -rune system diversity -porting to allies -identifying/porting fix -AH Cons: -online only -lack of story and short campaign -initial server problems (no excuse for that)
    -constant nerfs to gold/itemization outside of AH
    -under powered professions

    Overall the game felt more like an expansion. Whats really been pissing me off lately is how these developers are trying to find new ways to scheme more money out of people. Nowadays when I pay $60 for a game, generally you can expect 6-8 solid hours of gaming. This feels like a fraction of the time it took me to complete games back in the day AND they were less expensive. Now games have monthly fees, DLC which cost more $, the RMAH % cut, and all these other methods for making more money and giving us less of a game. Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of this ****

    I was an avid player of D2 and had big expectations for D3. There was a big part of my problem right there, but why not expect big things? Blizz has the money, the talent, the fan base, and the time to create some solid games but here lately I'm just not seeing it.

    I think the user review here isn't accurate but the professional critic reviews are equally as inaccurate. Out of the GBs of space Blizzard's games require you'd expect more out of this game. If you were content paying $60 just to play the game through once or twice then more power to you. But if your me you can't help but agonize at the bastardization from D2 to this wannabe D3.

    For me video games are becoming like the movies. Create a hot trailer with a few big names which bring a certain revenue then insert the camera into someone's anal cavity and start filming and expect people not to download it. I'm sorry but I can't support these corporations who are going to put profit > product. If you have a good product the profit will always be there, but the emphasis needs to be on the product.

    These companies are more concerned with getting away with the bare minimum to achieve maximum profit then have the audacity to sell us more stuff on the side that should have initially been included.
  32. Jun 23, 2012
    Do you like fun?

    If you answered yes to this question, stay far away from this game.

    Visuals are solid, sound is solid. Dialogue and story are glue sniffing retarded.

    The game has 0 replayability, boring monotonous gameplay and its endgame consists of being an unpaid item farmer.

    Horrid game.
  33. Jun 23, 2012
    As always in Blizzard releases, the visual impact is stunning. Colors, models, music, interfaces are just perfect. The average customer reaction is too influenced by early servers issues and does not even closely reflect what you experience in the game. Who accuses the plot to be predictable or puerile plot, maybe has forgot that Diablo has always been about some brave hero wandering and killing demons. If you look for something more intriguing, then the whole franchise is not what you need, not just this third episode. Try some german literature, maybe. Expand
  34. Jun 23, 2012
    Absolutely disappointing and uninspired game which simply circles around a casino-system. Blizzard ransacks the chance for properly working game mechanics which would never disturb the always-online-"experience" in order to generate maximum revenues via the real money auction house.
  35. Jun 23, 2012
    This is a terrible game. I played Diablo 2 for a total of 5 years, and I was still playing it only months before Diablo 2 came out. That is a real game. This is a slot machine disguised as a game. The content is very little, they force you to play through it, and it's very annoying and restrictive. All the new patches Blizzard devised has made the game worse. They only want to maximise their profits for the game, and this completely sucked all the life out of the game. You won't get any good or useful drops, you might as well just sign up to the lottery because the odds are more on your side. Instead you need to pay real life money to enjoy the game or farm gold for hundreds of thousands of hours doing the same 6 boring quests repeatedly. Expand
  36. Jun 23, 2012
    First off, Metacritic appears to be censoring bad reviews of this game. The User Score is likely much lower. In a nutshell: If you enjoyed Diablo II, you will NOT enjoy Diablo III. I've spent 90 hours playing a Wizard. The first 20 hours were great fun, the past 70 were not! I would pay $20 for this game in the bargain bin, not the outrageous $60 that Blizzard is asking. The graphics suck. They are not much better than Diablo II, realeased over ten years ago. Think Torchlight with a lot less character and a lot higher GPU requirements. Think WoW style graphics and you have a good idea how awful this game looks.

    The gameplay is simplistic. You die. You die, a lot. You die some more. You spend a all of your gold on repairs. Then you die some more and decide to quit the game. That's about all that happens after the first difficulty level.

    If you plan on advancing, then you must use the auction house. It is impossible to solo this game. If you plan on reaching the highest difficulty level, Inferno, then you must also spend yet more money on the real money auction house (Blizzard takes a huge 30% cut of all purchases.)

    There is no skill to this game. You do not spend skill points, or stat points, nor can you farm gear on your own. You must use the auction house. Well, I guess I shall end here, since metacritic refused to post my 5000 character critique... maybe this will actually be posted for a few seconds before Blizzard pays them to take it down.
  37. Jun 23, 2012
    I've played this stinker of a game for 90 hours. If you are reading this, do NOT buy this game AT ALL COSTS. It sucks, hardcore suckage, as in suck my dick suckage.

    Buy Torchlight I, or II, or Titan Quest. You'll have a blast. You will NOT enjoy this awful game.

    I'll admit, I enjoyed the 20 hours that it took me to complete the single player game. The other 70 hours were an
    undending hell. In order to progress past "normal" difficulty you MUST use the the gold auction house.

    In order to progress past "hell" difficulty, you MUST use the real money auction house and pay yet more money to Blizzard than the outrageously prohibitively $60 that these ^##%&(#@( already ask. (In case you are wondering, I'd pay $20 for this game in the bargain bin, it is NOT worth anything else.) Should you fail to heed this simple advice, you will spend entire weeks dying and not having fun.

    Yes, that is right, the main theme of this game is death. All you will do is die. You will die not because you are a bad player, but because you do not have adequate gear. How do you get said gear? You do NOT play the game, you spend gold on the auction house, you spend yet more real money (than the outrageous $60 fee for such nonsense) on the real money auction house... a great deal of money. Then, maybe, you are capable of "playing" the game.

    Should you ignore this advice and attempt to "play" the game like any normal PC game, you WILL fail. Death is extremely prohibitive. All of your gold will be spent on repair bills. The designers claim that you should be able to craft, in order to fill in missing gear slots. This is FALSE. You MUST use the AH, waste your gold, and you will not have enough to pay for the massive repair bills. If you die, under any circumstances, you FAIL.

    Did I mention that this game requires a broadband internet connection to "play"? If not, bear that in mind. If you do have broadband internet, expect frequent delays and disconnections. You WILL DIE, regardless of your best efforts, simply because the Blizzard servers lag something awful.

    DId I mention that the game is also terribly buggy? I play a 60 Wizard. Some of the most interesting skills that I have DO NOT WORK. This is unexcusable in game this mature and old.

    Have fun playing the way that you are? Do not worry, Blizzard will patch the game soon to prevent you from having "fun". This is a concept unfamilair to these Zingy wannabes. As of patch 1.0,3 (yes, only 1.0,3 considering the replate flaws....), I lost 20% of my DPS from patch 1.0.2. There have also been many reports of Blizzard "hotfixing" the game to remove popular farming sites. After all, in order to succeed, you MUST spend 100's of hours farming (assuming you do not spend massive amounts of real life money on the real life money auction house to further this fiasco.)

    Ugh, this awful metacritic text editor is not working correctly.... Anyways, I spent 100 days playing DIablo II. This Diablo sucks a lot. The graphics are also terrible. If anyone says anything good about this stinker, they're fans of farmville.... IF you like farmville, or dying, you'll like this terribad game.
  38. Jun 23, 2012
    Like all Die-hard Diablo fans, I had waited for some 9 years for the release of Diablo 3. To say Diablo 3 has been a great experience would simply be a lie. Just to play Diablo 3 was for me a big investment. I bought a new computer because my sweet computer wasn't fast enough nor did it have the proper graphics card to run Diablo. I bought the game, a New PC and a New Graphics Card just to play the game.

    Blizzard claims to have spent 10 years creating this New Experience. The graphics are nothing special for the amount of power needed to run this game. The story is unbelievably short, basically because it totally lacks one. This game is not really worth the highend investment. It's a very short story with subpar graphics (since there was a 9 year wait). But the worst thing about Diablo 3 is that there really is no actual game for your purchase, You do get a real physical disc or digital copy of Diablo 3 but you need the Blizzard Server to play this game. If the Blizzard Server is down then you have no game to play. I loved Diablo 1 and 2. I wanted to love Diablo 3 but it's just not all it was hyped up to be. Save yourself some money, some time and lots of aggrivation and just pass this title over for something worth playing.
  39. Jun 23, 2012
    I created an account here specifically for the purpose of writing this review because I think so many people are unfairly giving this game poor reviews. I was a huge Diablo 2 fan, and I see no degradation of quality in Diablo 3. I love it. While there are some plot holes, the game largely holds true to the previous titles in the series with some great improvements. I love the skill trees, the ability to switch up how you play the game on the fly allows for great flexibility, particularly when the game seems to difficult to play. Often, the problem can be solved by tweaking your skills. It presents a fun dynamic of getting stuck and then figuring out how to get your self unstuck. I love the visuals, while not quite as dark and scary as previous titles, I love the look and feel of the game. I even like the auction house. I do not have that much time to play, although I have put in upward of 50 hours, so being able to quickly find items to keep my character relevant is easy and fun.

    In my opinion, most of the people that are deriding this game are people without much life outside of gaming. It makes me sick to see some people dismissing this game so easily and vociferously. Get a life, I say.

    If you're the least bit interested, I would recommend giving it a try. I love it and can see myself playing it for many years.
  40. Jun 23, 2012
    This is the kind of game which forces a player to play for hundreds upon hundreds of hours--only players are no longer 'playing'. All they are forced to do is 'farming'. This isn't the kind of 'farming' which rewards players for any certain amount of effort made. It is an activity that makes the player spend these hours only for a small chance of something coming their way that can then have a chance of having a percentage of progress. It forces this mindless grinding upon players, which only benefits the game's 'Real Money Auction House' system, from which Activision Blizzard is making a nice cut.

    There is no single player mode, despite what is said. You must keep yourself online at all times, and that means under no circumstances that you could play on your own or have a 'LAN' party with only you and your friends.

    The multiplayer mode is horrible. There is a limit of only 4 players per game total. Players suffer from a constant threat of having their accounts hacked, but they are forced to keep playing online because they cannot play offline. The online game play also suffers from a number of bugs, including but not limited to a bugged chat system, exploitable servers, and insecure online play.

    The game itself, aside from the horrid farming forced upon players, has very little going for it. The controls are clunky and awkward, many times making the player's character do unintended things. There are several dozen implemented 'fixes' as Blizzard calls them, that are actually made to make the game more difficult in order to force the player to farm longer. There is almost no fun in this game, outside of the first play through, which lasts only about 6 or so hours.

    The only alternative to farming for hundreds upon hundreds of hours is a single option that Blizzard would love for all players to take: paying real world money to win. That is, this game is made to force players to pay money to buy more items in order to progress. It is a slow choking that eventually will leave no players for this game at all.

    TL;DR? This game is horrible and no one should pay more than 5 dollars for it.
  41. Jun 23, 2012
    The game itself is probably fine but the attitude that Blizzard is treating its community and their intention to drive everyone to use RMAH is outrage. 0/10
  42. Jun 23, 2012
    Catastrophic disaster. The story is bad, the graphics are obsolete, pay-to-win, takes no skill to actually play the game. And with the latest v1.0.3 they infinitely ruined the game; Repair bills are way too high which forces to grind endlessly. They also nerfed the drop rate of loot considerably so you are force to use the Real-Money Auction House
  43. Jun 23, 2012
    Diablo 3 proberly the worst hack and slash game ever created in history of gaming. Charecter customization has been dumbed down so much that every player is the same. The overall gameplay is boring and frustating as best. The game is designed so you have to pay real life money on there auction house to get gear. The days where you could kill endless stream of monsters to satisfy you gear needs are gone. Its really hard to belive its the same company that made Diablo and Diablo 2. Dont buy this crap game, waste of money. It do got nice graphic thats the reason why im giving it +1 Expand
  44. Jun 23, 2012
    Diablo 3 is inferior to Diablo 2 in each and every way but one. Cheating. And not just small cheats such as maphacks. You got bots, duplication of items etc. Diablo 3 has been out for 2 months by now, the game is already completely ruined by the cheating and Blizzard stands by the sideline watching, incapable of fixing their own mess. Other than that the game itself is quite good. The story was decent, the gameplay alright. How ever there is something that has been bothering me. Why is it called Diablo 3? This game is nothing like Diablo or Diablo 2. This game should be called World of Diablo.

    To sum it all up, I'm glad I traded a f2p mmo account for a D3 key. Otherwise I would have felt ripped off.
    Do yourself a favour. Don't pay for this game, trade something equally useless for it, such as a used paper towel.

    In conclusion. This is a Blizzard "Entertainment" product and as such it is highly overrated garbage praised solemnly because it has been developed by Blizzard.
  45. Jun 23, 2012
    Diablo III has lost a lot of the "Diablo" feel that many veteran fans once enjoyed. I'll refrain from spoiling the plot, but it certainly isn't what many fans desire. The gameplay certainly isn't terrible, but it isn't very entertaining either. Early on, you are unlocking your skills and slowly becoming stronger. However, by the end game, you are suffering against hordes of demons, some of which are just completely unfair and overpowered and make you feel like even attempting to fight them is a waste of time.

    Farming items or gold is constantly being tweaked by Blizzard, due to their inclusion of both an in game Auction House (a place to sell your items for in game currency, or buy items for said currency) and a Real Money Auction House (RMAH for short; a place to sell your items for either Blizzard's online currency, or real, actual money, or vice versa).

    The inclusion of either auction house is met with mixed reviews, but it truly detracts from the game experience. It is easy to feel like you *must* use one or both of the auction houses to be competitive at all in the hardest difficulty, and the economy fluctuates so much that the prices are (mostly) unrealistically high.

    The atmosphere is no longer Gothic and frightening; instead, it is a lighter world, even in places that should be terrifying, such as a dank cave or a tower cellar. The graphics aren't bad by any means, but they certainly have room for improvement. The music and background effects are no longer as eerie, either, but more bland and just... kind of *there*.

    There is no stat allocations at all; you receive stats automatically leveling up. This does make having the "optimal" character easier, but it also detracts from customization, something that many people hold as important. The skill system is also very bland; while each class has many skills, with many ways to enhance those skills, the harder difficulties make it nearly impossible to use the skills which you want to use. The goal of this system was to avoid having one or two "optimal" builds, but the game itself is unplayable on harder difficulties if you attempt the majority of builds.

    The game itself is only available for play online. That means that players are subject to server crashes, server lag, and at the mercy of the servers being up to even play the game. When server maintenance occurs, players must wait hours until it is complete.

    Along with the game only being online, Blizzard is constantly tinkering and tweaking the way skills, items, monsters, and even item drops work. This is under the pretense of "maintaining a balanced game". However, many players (myself included) want to play the game OUR way, not THEIR way. For example, there was a particular method to effectively collect gold (and items, to a point) which involved going to a certain location and smashing ungodly amounts of pots. Recently, Blizzard nerfed the pots entirely, making them occasionally drop mundane amounts of gold and NEVER drop items. This is just one of the many "exploits" that they have chosen to nerf, because it goes against they way THEY wish for you to play the game. One player described this effect incredibly well:
    "It's like playing a game, and then having your older brother rip the controller out of your hand and saying 'hold on, you aren't doing it right!'"

    Now, the game isn't ALL bad. On normal you feel like a demi-god, tearing through minions and growing stronger. Each character offers different skills and different resources (which some players enjoy, and others dislike), making the replay factor slightly good. However, it's predecessor accomplishes this to a much greater degree. All in all, Diablo III is a game that comes on strong, but quickly becomes repetitive and boring. Is the game worth playing? Maybe. Is the game worth $60 new? Not in a million years.
  46. Jun 23, 2012
    The utter neglect Blizzard has shown in regards to this game is mind boggling.

    Not only has this new team of developers managed to rip the soul out of Diablo, they managed to create a mediocre piece of badly coded shallowness catered to casual gaming.

    What is most frustrating is the fact that their servers create lag spikes resulting in unfair deaths, their game is broken on so many
    levels and the latest patch only helped to suck more of the fun out of the game, along with breaking a myriad of spells and mechanics.

    The addition of an Auction house and Real Money Auction House is another step backward, clearly Blizzard has seen what a money maker WoW is and decided to poor that into the game.

    The result is a boring game with a childish art-style that only servers one purpose : Force people to spend real money on the Real Auction House.

    This game is not about skill, it's about investing the most money to get the best gear and I am fully against these types of business schemes.

    Furthermore they took everything that was remotely fun or remotely connected to actual skill out of the game.

    Their hit detection is so broken it's possible for you to die from an attack performed by a melee mob on the edge of the visible playing field --> nowhere near you .

    Blizzard's response to this issue : It's the way we want it to be, we don't want people dodging mobs.

    I.E. : We are too incompetent to fix this issue and thus we'll just say it's meant to be that way.

    I loved Blizzard, I forgave them for the folly that is WoW but this was the final drop.

    Total neglect of their userbase.
    Extreme neglect of their European customers.
    Bad server stability.
    Total lack of respect for it's customers.
    Total lack of knowledge on what Diablo used to be.

    If you feel like grinding for over 900 hours in a boring, demotivating environment where everything remotely fun has been siphoned out and being forced to spend Real cash on gear then this game is meant for you.

    This is the last game I'll ever have purchased from Blizzard, I will be warning my children's children of the band of thieves that Blizzard represents.
  47. Jun 23, 2012
    Inititally, regardless of issues on release day, I enjoyed this game. It was something that I looked forward to for years. Now, I don't even play it. Since the most recent patch 1.0.3., I feel like Blizzard is making changes that should not be made to an already released game. Changes this drastic should be made during beta testing, which was obviously rushed. Playing Diablo 3 also relies so heavily on the gold and real money Auction House that the fun of grinding for gear is almost not present. I really feel like the Diablo team dropped the ball after making the first two fantastic games. As for now, unless I feel like spending real money on in game gear, I have no way to progress further into Inferno difficulty while still enjoying the game. Expand
  48. Jun 23, 2012
    Fun the first time through. But Diablo is about uber lewt and this game did not deliver in that respect, at all. I mean, bosses drop after normal mode. C'mon? I mean... GG
  49. Jun 22, 2012
    Those who have played this beyond hell, and have been with the game since it's beginning will probably agree. This game is terrible. In mid-hell all the way to inferno classes are unbalanced and really--the only ones surviving and doing moderately well are *epically* geared. Considering myself a decent player, I have been able to navigate up to act 4 (through many deaths). I can say their design and implementation of creature hit points, damage, and skills (particularly elite creatures) fall far short of par. I suppose I could give an example--in one cause I had a barb in inferno and was constantly being chain frozen and walled with arcane sentries hitting me all at once until I was dead. There was nothing I could do--helpless as a baby. In any case, beyond this you can include their horrid updates. While they did lower creature damage to a small extent, in exchange they gave bosses rages that make them all near to impossible (belial's constant poison pools once he hits around 10% of his life is one example). So in all, instead of nerfing the game, they seemed to have done all they can to make an already extremely difficult setting unplayable. I honestly cannot see what they are trying to do in their game. The overall enjoyment of this game after hell setting is about MINUS 100%. If you're one of those people who has a strongly sadistic nature, I'd say get this game. It has all the abuse you'd need for a full life supply. For the rest of us, I'd say skip it. Expand
  50. Jun 22, 2012
    Obviously hated because of the always online requirement and dumbing down of the controls, Diablo 3 is still better than a lot of the games out on the market right now. Diablo has never really strived to be a lore heavy game. It's an arcade-style dungeon crawler. The whole point of the game is to grind for levels and look for loot. It is slightly disappointing they changed from the dark and dreary visuals for something more.. Blizzard looking, but it doesn't look bad. The controls are simplified because it's meant to be played like an arcade game. The more die hard fans of the previous games will be disappointed, of course. They took out a lot of the customization options, and made it generally easier to play and dive into. Is it a good thing they did that? Ehh...

    If you're looking for something epic like The Elder Scrolls, Baldur's Gate, or something of that nature, you're going to be disappointed. If you're looking for a game that you can run around and beat up monsters for a bit in, you'll enjoy it. It doesn't necessarily feel like Diablo, but it is still good.
  51. Jun 22, 2012
    This game just isn't much fun. These are the core ways that it fails. 1. The rune system was a good idea in theory but there are a huge number of entirely useless skills and in most cases the runes only make subtle differences. This has lead to most builds of each class being very similar. 2. Loot is boring. Very few of the item properties are fun or interesting and all classes end up maxing almost the same stats. Loot is too random you can't plan a build around specific set and unique equipment. Also because the loot is so random drops feel pointless hardly even worth picking up. As a result the only real useful thing is gold which is very boring to farm. 3. The game is less social than D2. There are far less communal skills and the game rewards playing solo. Having to join a random game is !@#$ty with no idea what the goals of the players in the game are. And the scaling sucks, a character gets more powerful too quickly so you can only play with friends very close to the same level.

    4. The forced quest structure kills the causal re-playablity, the story is fun the first play through but I want to be able to jump around and do what I want, when I want. 5. The game is hard in all the wrong ways. I think D2 hell was harder and more fun than D3 inferno. ONE HIT KILLS ARE NOT FUN. Because of issue 4 and the scale issues replaying areas while you get stronger is just not fun. 6. Some of the basic game mechanics are just broken primarily crafting but other things too.
  52. Jun 22, 2012
    OK. I have been playing Diablo 3 since it released. I am a fan of both Diablo 2 and 1. At 31 years old this game insults the gaming world as a whole. DRM requires an always online connection. The game seems to be geared toward making you use the RMAH (real money auction house) where blizzard makes a percentage on anything sold on it. They said that only 1/5 players play online and blizzard is trying to force you into playing it multi-player. The graphics are behind by 5 years.(that is being nice) It is a short story but it is a loot game that is meant for you to continue to progress through each difficulty much like D2 was. Blizzard has decided to lead the way with this DRM and the RMAH and both are a complete failure in my opinion. (and that of most people who have played this game) If you want a game that holds your hand and tells you what you can and can't do then this is the game for you. I can go on and on about the failures in this game but i don't want to be 40 by the time I'm done writing this. Expand
  53. Jun 22, 2012
    IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU: My account was banned, Blizzard claimed I had unauthorized third party software on my computer. I have no idea what they are talking about, I've come up with a list of things I have installed that might be causing the problem. Dual boot linux, Avast antivirus, Logitech gaming keyboard, and the f.lux brightness tool. Nothing even related to D3. If you buy this game, be warned: Blizzard can take it away from you at any time and they don't even have to justify it. Expand
  54. Jun 22, 2012
    Massive disappointment. No skill or stat choices, itemization is horrible compared to D2 (or any game of this genre really). AH broke the end game fairly hard. Seems like a big ploy to make bank off the Real Money AH. Also my account got hacked, and when I went to restore my stuff I was berated by the GM for having a key logger... which is interesting because there were over 2500 failed login attempts on my account before they got in. Oh also - passwords are not Caps sensitive? What in the .... what are you doing Blizzard? Expand
  55. Jun 22, 2012
    gonna have to come back for a new review here; normal through hell are a fairly pleasant gaming experience; it wont last very long and its only fun your first time through. but the heart of the game; where all the loot tables are best; where 90% of all items are located; inferno mode. its a mess. designed around needing gear you could never ever ever hope to possibly get in less than 10000 hours played. itemization is **** for a game that is all about the loot.

    every single part of the "end-game" is directed to try and get you to use the RMAH; the game has no offline mode and the always online is frequently down and always laggy.
  56. Jun 22, 2012
    ok so the new patch is out an it is clear all blizzard is trying to do is milk the players for more money not to mention they change the stats on the items on your character even if you payed $$ for them witch renders them useless so i had to re-review this game an its content an give it what it deserves a 0 never buy or play another blizzard activision game
  57. Jun 22, 2012
    This is the most disappointing game I've ever played. True it has some cool background scenery, other than that it's just bad on top of bad. Terrible game mechanics, terrible story line, terrible childish dialogue. They might as well have called it Diablo 3: Lord of Terrible. It's a pure waste of time. Playing with friends makes it semi-tolerable but they reduced the number of players allowed in one game down to 4, and they made it very inefficient to play multiplayer at all. I wish I hadn't wasted money of this game, but I thought they would improve it through patching. It's only gotten worse. Expand
  58. Jun 22, 2012
    I just made an account to write a review. I want to know who these critics are and how they review a product. Yes, the game was fun the first time played. Then I realized it was not the game I anticipated all these years. I'm kind of mad at the new "Blizzard" trying to force us to play the way they want to profit from RMAH which the game should've been titled instead. If you have not bought the game yet and in spite of all these negative reviews from the actual users (and not the "CRITICS" ), and you still want to give it a try.. Go ahead. You'll have fun for a few days. Then you'll probably come back here and leave a review like this one. Game itself is ok if you have never played Diablo series before. But once you reach the cap level, you'll know what I'm talking about. Don't waste your money on RMAH, I mean Diablo 3. Basically, the samething in my opinion whatever you call it. Expand
  59. Jun 22, 2012
    Aaah, Diablo... Whatever this is, it ain't diablo. If blizzard would still care about what it's customers want from a game i'd remind them of the following self-evident things : 1) These things do NOT belong in an ARPG : - Cooldown timers on skills - Enrage timers on monsters - A limit on the number of skills that can be used equal to the number of available slots of an action bar - Frustating progression based gameplay with constant gear-checks and lots of kiting - A constant stream of badly animated cutscenes that can't be auto-skipped - Bland itemization by using an MMO-like stat system and basing damage output on weapon base damage - A RMAH to which players are forced in various ways to find the gear upgrades necessary to progress in-game in any reasonable amount of time - Lack of a singleplayer as well as a LAN-play option. And on top of all that 2) These things do NOT belong in a Diablo game : - Colourful "happy sunshine" graphics - A ridiculously stupid story - The death of Deckard Cain - Tons of breakable objects with NO purpose whatsoever. The Diablo franchise has forever been ruined. The only things done right are the sound effects and the basic gameplay, which should be and still is the most important, but it just doesn't cut it, sadly enough... Congratulations Blizzard, you achieved the unimaginable. Rip Blizzard North. Back to LOD for me. Expand
  60. Jun 22, 2012
    0/10 This game was decent before all the nerfs. RMAH ruined this game along with every hotfix/patch implemented since release date. To anyone who hasn't bought this game yet, Please don't. You'll only help blizzard's illusions of a successful game.
  61. Jun 22, 2012
    remember when blizzard actually cared about what they put out? it is getting harder and harder every time they pump out a game that so clearly takes a dump on gamers.
  62. Jun 21, 2012
    Awful game play and experience overall. If the original diablo developers were still working for Blizzard it might feel like diablo and more polished. The gear progression only takes place through purchases in the auction house. After 200+ hours on one level 60, I have not found an upgrade to use besides the auction house. Its a big let down for the entire gaming community imo.
  63. Jun 21, 2012
    Very disappointing. I'm a huge fan of the Diablo franchise, but this game stinks.

    They only let their beta testers play 1/48th of the game and it shows.

    Don't pay full retail for what will basically be another year of beta-testing. Currently, each patch makes the game WORSE, and they are sneaky about slipping in "hotfixes" that make it less fun, or fix things they refused to admit
    were broken.

    If you MUST give this company your money, buy D2 and the L.O.D expansion.
  64. Jun 21, 2012
    I had high hopes for this game, crushed hopes now. I won't complain about the graphics, they're nothing special, but get the job done. They game play mechanics are actually enjoyable, for a while... and that's where it ends.

    I think most of the reviews here have covered the boring storyline, blah...blah..blah.. I'll focus more on the current state of the game. The game shouldn't
    even be named Diablo, it should be called Auction House. After playing a while, you quickly realize that the gear you need to progress to the next act doesn't drop for you. So it then becomes a gold grind to afford your upgrades at the Auction House. Along come all the exploits, bots, etc. and the economy is out of control.

    Blizz's latest solution to this is patch 1.03. Nerf everyone's damage, 5x everyone's repair costs, 3 min enrage timers on bosses, no items in smashing and kicking things anymore, very little gold from the environment, you're killing inferno mode bosses/champs and getting hell mode loot. The forums at Blizzard are on fire, the mods can't delete the negative threads fast enough, players leaving the game in droves and an attitude of indifference from the one or two mods who've actually responded to the flood of rage.

    Sad part is.... I still think the game has potential to be great if the execs over there would focus more on making the game fun rather than how to funnel as many sheep as possible into the Real Money Auction House to get their 15% cut..

    Do yourself a big favor if you're considering buying Auction House 3, Give it a month or two and see if Blizz is able to iron out the wrinkles, because currently, it's a joke.
  65. Jun 21, 2012
    For a game that has been in development for 10 years, this game was a huge letdown. The first playthrough on normal difficulty is ridiculously easy, and enjoyable, but this game has no replay value beyond that. It's predecessor, Diablo 2, had immense replay value due to farming all sorts of awesome items, and with skill trees you could always remake a same class / diff skill tree character, and it played totally different.

    The skill system, while innovative and unique in a sense, is plagued by issues. Any of the decent skills or builds have been nerfed by Blizzard. The itemization is .... lackluster at best. What made D2 great was the items. There are no good items here, the drop rates for legendary / set items are atrociously low all across the board, and their stats suck in comparison to regular magical items or rare items.

    End game - the drop rates on the good items have been nerfed into the ground, and Blizzard does nothing to address any of it's fans concerns - which has turned the D3 community forums rather toxic. Story - is simply not good. Don't want to give any spoilers here, so I won't - but the antagonists talking points are redundant, out of character, and gives me more of a 'saturday morning cartoon' villain than a lord of hell.

    all in all you may get enjoyment out of the game for five to ten hours, then it becomes very lackluster. I'd recommend you save your money and get a game with a bit more replay value than this. Which is sad, I'm a hardcore blizzard fan (every game except WoW, I grew up on Lost Vikings! and Warcraft : Orcs and Humans) - and this company has turned from a love of games to a love of your money. Even 'only releasing when it's ready' D3 is still plagued with bugs.

    The fact that they nerfed magic find and it no longer applies to breakable objects, is sad. That is a core of what the Diablo franchise is all about, and clearly the developers are out of touch with the essence of what made Diablo 1 and Diablo 2, and in general Blizzard games in the past, successful.
  66. Jun 21, 2012
    Ignore the game site critic reviews. They pick the ones that will give them favorable unrealistic reviews, period. That said, here is THE GOOD: D3 returns with a new look, very simple to play, easy for anyone to understand, runs on the weakest of computers. THE BAD: Most lag is calculative server side and not graphical, graphics are mediocre, game patches can cause big issues, player acquired game items disappear, player skills don't always animate indicating activity, not very 3D Vision friendly, Blizzard latency-disconnects-crashes still intermittent, game is too simple for those who want more, repetitive game play and story line, player item drops continue to be too weak to support player/game mode progression. THE REALLY BAD: Extremely poor customer support, phone center officially understaffed with no queue hold ability, trouble ticket response support is 36 to 48 (business) hours, technical responses are ignorantly laughable, game costs $59.99 or more. Expand
  67. Jun 21, 2012
    When a game just isn't fun, it deserves a 0. I'd write a full review, but then I'd be putting more effort into the review than Blizzard did into Diablo 3.
  68. Jun 21, 2012
    TL;DR: This game was released unfinished. It still is. Inexcusable. 4/10.

    The story is entirely too predictable, it isn't creative; it feels rushed and is much too short. I expected to be dazzled with its direction and was bitterly disappointed - they had every opportunity to do more with it and well, they did not.

    DRM has a lot of arguments for it, but in this instance what it
    prominently serves to do is deter the experience, and this is especially punishing when considering a single player. Understandably there were server outages on release and that's to be expected but the game still suffers from frequent downtime (this mostly from game breaking bugs/exploits that Blizzard attempts to rectify). Lag spikes are frequent, and the problems seem to be server side. Getting anything lower than 200ms could be classed as a miracle, so expect to frequently die from something that 'did not' reach or hit you.

    Class balance is tragic. As a direct result the norm seems to be to continually creep massive unannounced nerfs into the game. Most nerfs are warranted, but there is no excuse for silently releasing changes into the game when it effectively neuters a hardcore player
  69. Jun 21, 2012
    Very Simple Visit the games forums and make a determination for yourself. As you can see the criticts must have been paid nice amounts of money or are not original diablo fans. See on the forums. enough said
  70. Jun 21, 2012
    RIP Blizzard Diablo 3 was fun for the first 2 times through it. but seriously inferno level is just unbalanced un-fun and nothing but a waste of time. as of this review there are 1617 people playing on the US server. That alone should tell you everything you need to know about the game. For a game that was 12 years in the making it is extremly unimaginative and lets be honest it was never intended to be fun. It was made to make ActaBlizzion fist loads of money on the RMAH.The only hitch they ran into is that consumers like to get value for their $60 usd. and the platform is just a stripped down version of WoW with poorly ported controls poorly sized hit boxes poorly designed interface, and well just a poorly designed game in general. It has been barely a month since they (ActaBlizzion) broke all records for pre sales on a software release and they have less than 2000 people playing it. i have a monk that is well into inferno and even with the loot drops buffed in the latest patch mobs at the end of act 1 are still dropping loot from the hell play through.

    I just accidentally dragged one of my skills off of my action bar and it zeroed my level 60 loot buff. EPIC FAIL. the only reason the buff is there in the first place is to keep people logged into the game for longer than 3 min at a time. because the servers couldn't handle the load.

    ActaBlizzions solution: make the game so boring and unimaginative that people quit playing, because after all once they have your $60 usd who cares if you keep playing.

    I can hardly wait to see the sales numbers from the next release from this FORMER industry leader.

    If you decide to try this game you have to agree to the DRM ALWAYS LOGGED ON requirement. for those of you who don't know what DRM is it is an extremly sad attempt to keep the game from getting copied. the so called "Digital Rights Management" software downloads onto your computer and ties up valuable resources by having your own computer scan itself for copies or other attempts to hack or subvert the game. ( as if the people doing that would not remove the DRM first thing.) The end result is a poorly performing game with random sluggishness as your computer tries to catch you hacking, AND NO POSSIBLE WAY TO PLAY OFFLINE.

    Even to play a single player campaign requires you be at the mercy of battlenets laggy and barely stable servers.The TOU states that battlenet can pull the servers down at any time with no warning for as long as they please and you have no recourse because you clicked ok on the TOU at the start.

    but don't take just my word for it feel free to read everyone else's complaints on the official forums @

    and remember what Cormack says: Betrayal can NEVER be forgiven.
  71. Jun 21, 2012
    Game-play is mind-numbingly repetitive. Players forced to play only online so Blizzard can throw up patches that nerf what little fun existed in the game at first. Unbelievably arrogant developers and employees .who tell players what is fun and what isn't and delete forum threads and ban forum users who are critical and hurt their little feelings. Huge fail for Blizzard.
  72. Jun 21, 2012
    I bought this game because he was remarkable in the past, and today has a similar effect, worth in the past he scored positively, bringing news and entertainment, today is just so much frustration of waiting for a game that is based on the auction house with real money
  73. Jun 21, 2012
    A poorly designed knock off of the original. This review focuses on the gameplay in inferno difficulty at patch 1.03. Balance is non existent, ranged classes sack all defense for pure offense and die in 1 hit. Melee, well it's a joke, you stack vit, armor, resistances, block and dodge so you can last 4 hits. The worst part is that you are not dying to bosses, you're dying to random packs that are impossible to kill. And I do mean impossible.

    Ok so you die, no big deal, save for when you die, you lose durability. And the repair costs are astronomical. An item that sells for 2000 gold can cost 4000 to repair. Why do you die? Because you simply cannot beat some monsters. Not by any fault of yours, but because they are simply too strong for a party of 4 to defeat. A character than can solo inferno diablo can be killed in Act 2 by some mobs.

    Ok so how do you get more items, well you open your wallet. You can buy them with gold, but on each death you lose your gold (it starts around 4000 gold to repair your items per death and racks up), so you are not as wealthy as you'd expect to be. The only option is to buy them with actually currency, which of course is over priced. Blizzard takes a cut of each sale, and takes a 15% cut to transfer it to a paypal account.

    Compare all this to Diablo 2. There were very strong boss packs, but nothing you could not handle. You start out weak in D2, and then by the end of the game you're very strong. The opposite happens in D3. You start out easily rolling through normal, but as you progress you become weaker even though you get better gear. Storage is also an issue, as you can only get 3 tabs (though the beta showed 5). It seems the game is more the first part of a game, and not a stand alone product. Blizzard is waiting for it's expansions to balance the game.

    All in all, this isn't a game worth purchasing at least for the first 3 years of its release.
  74. Jun 21, 2012
    Not worthy of being called D3, More like world of diablo. Takes our most loved parts of the first 2 games and throws them in the trash. This may be great for first time diablo players but those who grew up on this franchise and have been waiting 12 years should be severely disappointed. Builds? Who needs them. Obviously the critics only played normal mode then stopped. Now 3ish patches later they've managed to shake even more fun from the tree that was a great franchise. Expand
  75. Jun 21, 2012
    Overall - 4.8/10

    The game is lackluster, its missing its polish that is normally apparent in Blizzard games. Holes in the story line, broken promises (PvP), silly voice acting, obvious testing issues, and a general lack of customer feedback has destroyed this games chances of becoming great. Most of us bought Diablo 3, because it was Diablo. The teasers, the beta, the screenshots,
    the game box, and hell the website all lead us to believe we were getting something that we just plain did not receive. For those of you who got refunds or are selling items on the RMAH to get your money back, more power to you.

    Some say gamers today are "entitled", and that the developers / creators spent hundreds of days making this game for us. We are entitled, we have opinions, we have voices, we have choices. All people are born with this ability and use it everyday. We all spend our hard earned money on consumer products; food, entertainment, transportation, etc. When we don't get what we were promised or expecting, we demand a refund, or we don't return. Just because its a "game" doesn't excuse Blizzard from falsely advertising a product and releasing a retail game that is obviously a product that is reminiscent of an open beta.
  76. Jun 21, 2012
    The story is very limited.... for diablo 1 and II, games from many years ago, it's reasonable that we could only follow a single line of history, with limited quests and choices. But nowadays, with diablo 3 as a big title and blizzard knowhow, i really was waiting for some more "complex" gameplay. Really disapointed with Blizzard, even now with the last "patches", that is only trowing the game to a black hole =( Expand
  77. Jun 21, 2012
    The storyline is mediocre, repetitive and lack substantial depth in plot. This game is only playable online, even if you wish to partake in single player mode. Their server lag spikes, which happen frequently, often lead to the death of many players that play hardcore mode with no compensation or regard from their support team. The game play mechanics are severely limiting. There are no skill levels, no points to assign for attributes, and you are only able to use 6 skills at any give time. Changing skills will take away all buffs to your character, pull out a menu that blocks your entire screen and have a cooldown of a minute, which severely discourage players to change skills once they start playing. As a result, this game is solely based on gear and their auction house system. In order to progress in the game you are forced to rely on better gear. The problem is that in order to progress into the next part, you have to use gear that drop from that next part. Gear from your current point are 7 levels lower than you. The solution to this is to use the auction house and buy your gear either with gold or real money. As of the latest patch, they have made gold nearly impossible to get. Repair costs for items are now 5x higher than previously and the gold drop from environmental objects is near 0%. For every attack you make, hit you take, chest you open or pot you smash you incur repair damage. With the imbalance in gold, people are urged to use real money to progress in this game. Then when people buy thing with real money and DO progress, they nerf those items and they lose their value and the feel of progression that came with it. Blizzard has made progression in this game stagnant and punishes players for their the inadequacies of the development team with dealing with bugs in the game. The biggest problem is the arrogance they exhibit in saying that they want people to have variety to play with flexibility and to explore new ways to play BUT AT THE SAME TIME eliminate methods of playing the game that does not align with their philosophy (which changes frequently to suit their needs). They force players to play this game in only one way and eliminate any other methods of playing. As of this review, most of my friends have already left this game because of Blizzard's inability to LISTEN to what their player base wants instead of arbitrarily thinking they KNOW what players want. Their amount of people that play public games dropped from 20k to barely 1.5k on peak hours. Blizzard does not respect the players or their wishes for the game and has severely disappointed me as a fan. Expand
  78. Jun 21, 2012
    A generally well made game which has failed to meet many expectations from the community, based on previous experience with the franchise. The biggest shortcoming is the lack of end-game content, which has left many more dedicated fans restless and unhappy (hence the bad reviews here).
  79. Jun 21, 2012
    ARPG, ARPG, ARPG, Bliz this is an ARPG! Not an MMO! Okay you want online only for DRM, whatever, doesn't make this an MMO, I personally didn't care since I played D2 100% online. Who cares if people attack fast, who cares if people want to kill pots for an hour instead of monsters, who cares if people want to farm chests and racks, who cares if people want to be able to mow through mobs with epic gear after farming for 100 hours like D2, who cares if I want to wear a cracked sash and short sword after playing this game 1000 hours and try to kill diablo over a 20 minute period without instantly dieing to some "enrage timer".

    People play games to have fun, for an ARPG that means starting as a little level 1 weakling and eventually becoming a god that owns everything with epic gear that they find in a reasonable amount of time.

    Want to know how to make an ARPG? See Diablo 2, there must be at least a couple people on your dev team who still understand what made D2 great.

    Farm bosses? Who cares, people are having fun.
    Farm chests? Who cares, people are having fun.
    Farm huge amounts of demons? Who cares, people are having fun.

    Nerf this, nerf that, "fix" this, "fix" that. Enrage timers, nerf loot, useless legendaries, forced quests, forced acts, forced force forced, slow attacks, slow runspeed, slow slow, nerf nerf, boring, frustrating, wasted time, NOT FUN. Go back to step 1 in the dev process:
    Was Diablo 2 fun or not fun because of awesome overpowered loot? fun
    Was Diablo 2 fun or not fun because people could do/farm whatever they wanted? fun
    Was Diablo 2 fun or not fun because people felt satisfied with loot drops farming in a variety of ways? fun
    Was Diablo 2 fun or not fun for open PvP? fun
    Was Diablo 2 fun or not fun because you could "break the game" and carry an 8 person game feeling like a god? fun

    Look at D3, everything that was fun is no longer here.

    5% IAS , 10% movespeed , 3% Knockback , 10% reduced crowd control , 50% enhanced damage .

    30% IAS , 30% movespeed , 25%-100% knockback , Cannot be Frozen , 250% enhanced damage I'm having so much fun becoming strong!

    I just filled the screen with lightning, I just ran to blood raven in 20 seconds, I just owned hordes of hell's mobs, I just tanked baal with 7 other people, I just.. I just.. I just.. had so much fun.

    Did the loss of the Worldstone make everything and everyone weak?

    Diablo R.I.P.

    P.S. If you loved D2, then everything you enjoyed is gone. If you like slow grinding MMOs with boring loot then you may like this... for a bit. But eventually there will be nothing to do because this isn't an MMO.
  80. Jun 21, 2012
    This is a fail excuse for a game in one of the best series launched. Pay to Win.. gimme a break. Blizzard continues its streak of fail. Terrible story line, online play only? really ?? I highly doubt there was even a beta test, seems we are STILL beta testing this hunk of ****
  81. Jun 21, 2012
    This game is actually around a 9/10 in my opinion but it's the least I can do counterweight the pointless review bombing this site experienced with all the zero score reviewers. The game overs a smooth polished action smash up, and I've thoroughly enjoyed 200+ hours now of gameplay with a group of 3 friends. Blizzard continues to produce patches which have been smoothing out the end game experience and are working to reward actually playing the game. I'm looking forward to having as many hours logged in D3 as I did in D2 and D1/Hellfire. Expand
  82. Jun 21, 2012
    If you're not playing the game the way Blizzard WANTS you to play, you will be punished. If you don't use RMAH, they will find a way to make you use it. Players are forced to abide Blizzard's wacky philosophy of "fun", which is subjected to change at any second as they please. Not to mention various performance issues with PC and Mac, you will not be able to get a decent(50+ FPS) performance with a $3000 rig. Waste of time and money, greatest disappointment and failure in the 21st century. Expand
  83. Jun 21, 2012
    Go to the D3 forums on bnet and read most of the user comments. At present time, that will tell you all you need to know before buying this game. If you enjoyed D2, don't expect to enjoy D3 simply based on that or you will be disappointed....
  84. Jun 21, 2012
    If you liked Diablo 2 you will dislike this game.
    Combat is pretty fun! WHY PLAY ONLINE ONLY ARG?!?!! Loot is worthless, remember in D2 when you would kill an act boss and some random unique or set item would drop? That doesn't happen here.. at most you will get a yellow item.
    Overall feel of the game is basically a D2 remix with a punk rock feel... in other words it sucks. Nothing
    original except the feeling of regret for buying a Diablo game. Trust me I have been on board since the original Diablo but this game is pathetic. Expand
  85. Jun 21, 2012
    350 hours played, two chars at lvl 60 and doing this I had no fun at all.. It's simply not Diablo.. It's kind of a WoW H&S with RMAH.. I'm so disappointed guys.. After 12 year it's bad, simply BAD. I was a Diablo 2 player and i can't have fun with "this" it's different, it's not Diablo! I hope some blizzard Dev can read this, i'm happy to send to him my copy of D2 and D2 LoD so he can play it and CHECK BY HIMSELF!. Expand
  86. Jun 21, 2012
    I had a lot of hope for this game and gave it a chance to prove my initial feelings wrong, but after a month it hasn't managed to overcome the negativity I feel towards it. The skill system suffers from the designers not knowing what they wanted. They wanted you to have the freedom to basically play as you like and change skills to help overcome difficult parts of the game. However, at level 60 they completely switch this on you. They want you to pick a build and stick to it to get the necessary valor buff, thus negating half the freedom of their system. Want to roll through inferno with one build for groups and then another for bosses? Can't do that if you want to even have a decent chance at getting something that might be marginally useful. Then at level 60 many of the skills because either useless or required, so much so that few builds are able to actually survive at that level. So instead of negating the build system that was Diablo 2, they made something worse where you actually have less options. Now for the part that really hacks me off, the blatant money grab. The game requires you to use the AH because of horrible drop rates and utterly horrendous random **** drops. So now they have increased repair fees which eat away at more gold that you need to pay for way over priced items, because of out of control gold farmers and bots. Now you can't afford the gold AH you have to turn to the RMAH. I have had it, maybe in a few months once blizzard does something about these issues i'll play again. I might even come back and redo this review, but only if the game gets better and less world of diablo. Expand
  87. Jun 21, 2012
    I gave it a 3. I'll be honest, I've not completed the game, and probably never will. Diablo II true successor this is not.
    I used to play Diablo II a lot in my youth, it was pretty much the only PC game I'd play, it was fun, addictive - and since that time it'd be my 'go to' game every summer, I'd reinstall it, even if just to play for a handful of hours, to experience the magic and then
    I'd be content. Diablo III simply never delivered any magic from my brief time with the game.
    It's essentially been designed to be a rather dull grind through 'til level 60 where the game quickly goes from a good challenge to broken, unbalanced, mess.
    Loot is no longer designed by way of the carrot and stick method, instead we're given useless drops that serve no purpose but to clutter up our inventories - the real loot is all sold via the Auction House - a system which is a massive point of contention for me.
    The game is overly streamlined, there's a vast array of invisible walls, and locked doors and blocked entrances that only open up as the story progresses - something that Diablo II was not a victim to, to such an extent.
    The story is quite frankly, garbage, and predictable. It offers no intrigue, or mystery. The characters are flat and poorly written - the games use of audio messages to tell of the lore is flawed because it's often interrupted by ingame sequences or completely inaudible over the noise of battle.
    The skill system was designed to offer more depth and more varieties in the builds by way of runes, but it simply offers less variety. It's not particularly creative - and it fails to add some excitement to the basic dungeon crawling gameplay.
    The maps are bland, and do a disservice to the charming art style.
    The multiplayer is basic, the lobbies offering little customization to find a player tailored to your needs, I spent a lot of my time with the game playing with my partner, and while he enjoys the game - as a Diablo newcomer - I found the multiplayer equally as boring as playing alone. The game offers no PVP, it's woefully missed, and something that Blizzard should have put in there at launch.

    To summarize;
    - The game is too easy for the vast majority of players, who will lose interest before hitting the harder difficulties (And why should we have to replay the game a handful of times before we get a real challenge?)
    - The loot is not rewarding - the game is a dungeon crawling loot game, if there is no worthy loot, the game has failed on a very basic level
    - Throwaway story that is highlighted evermore by the super linear nature of it's progression

    I also find the whole RMAH a very cynical, profits based system and I want nothing to do with it. That Blizzard is being so blatant about it amazes me and does invoke a certain level of awe within me.
    Blizzard can alter and nerf and update the game as much as they want, but it does not take away from the fact that they released a terrible, broken, shallow game at launch, one that does a massive disservice to the franchise and that, for me personally - has made me vow not to support any software they intend to release in the future, Diablo or otherwise.

    I can agree that for some people this game hits the spot, is a joy and a wonder, but for me, I will look back fondly on Diablo II, while Diablo III will be long forgotten.
  88. Jun 21, 2012
    This is a complete joke, and the first real failure of blizzard, dont fall for the trap, this game is not worth a penny! i hope they will do something to up thier game creation, and take action against those noobs creating and makeing decisions on this game, because they failed badly, and i feel so stupid for buying this game...

    Lame Always online system-
    **** item/drop systems-
    finished game-
    Stupid casual ingame settings
    Easy to figure game history and ending, even from the start. just stupid.
    Boring endgame grindfest.
    General chat / Trade chat already FULL with chinise spammers. blizzard do nothing.
    and much much more negative **** dont cheat yourself. dont buy it.
  89. Jun 21, 2012
    Shame on you Blizzard for a "money hungry" game concept/design in a struggling "real world" economy.

    I refuse to sit in a dead-end game and farm countless hours of nothing. I also refuse to be frustrated and pressured into spending my time in the auction house with gold I can barely make in order to marginally gear my characters. I waited for patch 1.03 in hopes that would fix WoWablo's
    woes but Blizzard just dumped another load of garbage onto my lawn.

    Too bad people had to pay money in order to find out they will have to pay more money. Sure there's no monthly subscription fee but the RMAH is there to make up for that. Lesson learned, I will never purchase another Blizzard product or Blizzard affiliated product. After having played WoW since it's inception I'm done with that too. Too bad I can't cancel my Battle-NET account outright. But until that time comes, not playing will suffice.
  90. Jun 21, 2012
    the more i am playing and attempting to farm/loot/gear up to making my way through inferno. the worse this game wears on me.increasing repair costs. nerfing the difficulty. then nerfing the drops i was getting..horrible. waiting 12 years. and quit in 4 weeks. now the gold sellers are allowed and encouraged. gold sellers and spam are what ruined diablo2.
  91. Jun 21, 2012
    Mkay so I'm 100 hours into the game and i dislike it more with every hour played. Its not about difficulty lvl - fresh after getting to 60 i geared up from ah with like 1 mil gold and act 1 was easy mode. First time i did it died maybe few times entire act, had to skip one elite pack that had too nasty skills for my class. Constant connection? Meh, dced few times in total so its not a biggie . But cant imagine playing in hardcore. One dc/lag and you're done... Increased repair bills ? As i said i don't die that much. What i REALLY HATE is how I'm forced to use ah all the time. During leveling if you don't use ah then you will find yourself running in gear thats for 20-30 lvls lower. Good luck with that. As lvl 60 i have ONE item that dropped from monster i killed. Other then that every single piece of equipment came from ah. Is that how games suppose to be played? I don't think so. I don't mind farming, played Korean mmo for almost 3 years ... but i need to know that there's some reward waiting for me in the end. What diablo offers? Ability to sell my gear at rmah once I'm done with it? I don't need to make money out of games, it suppose to be fun not work. If i spent 10 hours in game killing monsters and in the end i don't have even one item i can equip then whats the point. Why as lvl 60 in highest difficulty 80% of my drops are for low lvls? Another 19 has some messed up stats. Maybe 1% is worth selling in ah... Diablo feels to me more like on line market simulator than action RPG. Sure you can play the market, get rich, buy best stuff available in game but ... I rather play something else. Expand
  92. Jun 21, 2012
    The game itself is good, although the price of 60$ +tax% is a too pricey for a game that offers little more than a rough 6-8 hour campaign with none of the modern rpg element of this decade. By that I mean, the standard has been set, and Diablo 3, though much better than its predecessor, it lacks the modern feel. I understand that keeping to the original style of the game is always nice(Top angular Camera angel, skill usage) and all, but leaving out everything that is expected from rpg this day and age was not a wise choice. Simple things such as character customization , in-depth npc, etc. I know that one of the Diablo's series praised trait is its action, with little to no story, but! THOSE time has changed, and it wouldn't hurt a company who spent nearly 11 years making this(though they are still delaying everything) couldn't just add a more in-depth experience beyond the "POINT CLICK-LOOT-KILL BOSS-WATCH CUTSCENE FOR STORY(Story was good, kudos to that)". Most of all, I felt the game left a lot to be desired by the veterans of Diablo 1 & 2, stripping the mechanics of pointing skills points where i want, just for the cause of making a simpler for casual gamers. I understand that by doing this, they could draw in more modern gamers, but yet they couldn't included other modern content that I already mentioned above. To conclude my review, I would love to say that, I personally enjoyed the game, and had my moments with it, but at the end of it all, it left a bland taste in my mouth, that even though it was polished and well in-tuned with most of it's origins, it had a lot to be desired. 7/10*. Expand
  93. Jun 21, 2012
    What a terrible ending of a great franchise and used-to-be great game company. When the game designed is built around corporate greed and RMAH, it is a recipe for failure. The first play though normal was fun but this game has zero replay ability and game depth. It loses the fun quickly and not rewarding to play in anyway. I swear that Blizzard will never get another $ of my pocket ever again. Already uninstalled. Expand
  94. Jun 21, 2012
    I rated this 3 at most simply because it wasn't what I expected. It's like I'm not playing a Diablo game at all. The overall story is too linear and weak. The totally butchered the game. It's a huge insult for me and for every Diablo fan out there. This is not worth $60 at all. It feels like $20 - $30. I'm already generous at giving it a 3. I wonder why most gaming review sites give this a high score. I smell company politics and bias here. people should be aware what they're paying for. Lastly, the online-only aspect of the game is a big big disappointment. Expand
  95. Jun 21, 2012
    What is there to say: I was playing the game for 2 weeks after the release date, and that's it. Did not remove it from my PC, but haven't started it since. I just don't feel the urge to play it.
    Funny, but this was not the case with Diablo 1 or 2...
  96. Jun 21, 2012
    this review was an 8 before the 1.3 the game is a joke,blizzard nerf is a you have to spend milion to repair and you cannot have progress after act 2 cause they nerf all the the only way to progress is go in rmah that it is exacly what they want..
  97. Jun 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am only rating this game so high because the story... however brief... is quite entertaining. But seeing how there are achievements to beat the entire game in >4 hours, that is about all the content you're going to get. The only entertaining bit about this piece of garbage is if you get to the secret level as a barb and start playing home run derby with the teddy bears. Blizzard... you lost another long time customer Expand
  98. Jun 20, 2012
    Diablo 3 (Version 1.0.3 10057)
    This patch made the game even less fun then it was before. Nice way to screw all the people who bought items with attack speed!
  99. Jun 20, 2012
    piece of poop with a stinky $$ sign on it. canT wait for tourlight2. already uninstalled this disgrace from my PC.piece of poop with a stinky $$ sign on it. canT wait for tourlight2. already uninstalled this disgrace from my PC.piece of poop with a stinky $$ sign on it. canT wait for tourlight2. already uninstalled this disgrace from my PC.
  100. Jun 20, 2012
    To me, this game is pretty awesome actually, however I can only give is a 6 because of the troubles i had even getting the launcher to work! i must have looked for answers for 4 hours at least. However, the game, once working, is pretty fun and a good buy.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]