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  1. Oct 24, 2012
    It's a thoughtfully crafted space shooter sim that captures the cinematic look, sound, and feel of the Battlestar Galactica series while delivering an intense payload of sci-fi conflict.
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  1. Oct 27, 2012
    Forget every "game" that stained the re-imagined BSG franchise. This is what you've been waiting for.

    Diaspora takes the complexity the
    space simulator Freespace 2 has to offer, changes the physics, adds incredible attention to detail and fantastic graphics and leaves us with an authentic, visually appealing and challenging experience.

    Make no mistake: Without the complexity it offers, it wouldn't have been worthy of the name. Players who are new to Freespace 2, which is the (open source) game the Diaspora "mod" is built on, will have trouble remembering all the keys and commands and stick to a more basic control scheme. But given time and training, one can get quite skillful and pull off incredible maneuvers. That's one of the appeals of Diaspora: It is not dumbed down. It offers enough simplicity for newcomers but doesn't hide that there's a complexity that requires skill to master.
    And I that's without the option to customize the ammunition load-outs for the vipers and raptors... which is there. And you can play around with it to find what suits you best.

    Diaspora's graphical fidelity is impressive, to say the least, if you keep in mind that Freespace 2 was released in 1999. It features custom models and environments. Texture work is also high quality although there are places where they appear a little gritty, but not to a deterring degree.

    The audio quality is great, especially considering that it is a fan project. Yes, that means that the voice acting is, in places, a little off but never by much; overall, it is really good. The score for Diaspora is composed in the style of Bear McCreary's soundtrack for the series and yet has its own flavor to it.
    All in all, the audio editing is incredible and adds a lot to the atmosphere.

    In terms of gameplay, it is absolutely sound. The campaign doesn't pull any punches and you can very easily die which goes to show that the damage models are authentic: The best way to avoid getting blown up is avoiding enemy (and friendly) fire completely.
    A few passages may have to be repeated to a frustrating degree but such is the nature of most space simulators worth their salt. However, the game offers several skipping options and allows you to use auto aim, by which it caters to both the more casual fanbase (who need the help) and the fledgling aces (who aren't forced to use auto aim).
    The only thing bugging me when I played it were, well, bugs. It should be noted though that they are being ironed out while we await the next episodic content release.

    The issues Diaspora has are tiny. It easily blows every commercially released BSG game out of the water. It is a must for everyone who ever dreamed of flying a ship from the BSG universe.
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  2. Sep 12, 2014
    Kind of confused why this freespace open standalone mod gets a rating on Metacritic? I can think of a few others just as deserving like the Wing Commander Saga and The Babylon Project. Still Diaspora is authentic to the modern BSG series and tough as nails for casual flyers like myself. I could tell a lot of heart and soul as gone into this one it is quite amazing and can't really fault it only praise and just wish I was a better pilot to enjoy it more lol. Full Review »
  3. Mar 6, 2013
    Diaspora is a unique gaming experience, and it really is a game within its own right.

    Fantastic visuals, very smooth clearly well optimised
    performance, professional and immersive voice acting, well written action focused storyline that in my opinion fits in almost seamlessly with the re-imagined BSG franchise. With my HOTAS and TrackIR, in the campaign, I AM a Viper driver. If you watched the new BSG and thought "I want a game where I can be Apollo/Starbuck", this is it. And if that wasn't enough there's more campaigns coming.

    Didn't give it a ten due to some voice acting in the briefings is a bit wooden, Interface is very usable but not of the same quality as the actual gameplay and if you don't have a HOTAS and TrackIR/Freeview, I can't think this would be as epic an experience.
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