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  1. Sep 16, 2014
    There's plenty of good to say about Dishonored. The game mechanics are simple and straightforward, gameplay is intuitive and offers you choice in how you approach each mission, lots of options for controls. There aren't any major flaws in the game from a technical or design standpoint - expect for the poor textures. Graphically the game isn't far different from Half-Life 2. Facial detail is horrific, but that's an art style choice perhaps. What really makes Dishonored shine is its immersive game world. It feels well-crafted and you can tell there's a lot of effort gone into making the story and context as polished as possible. However, despite all its efforts, Dishonored feels somehwat lacking in one major area: completeness. By that I mean it's so linear and unvaried, it feels more like a demo. Why do I have this opinion? Perhaps it's because I rarely got to use any of the upgrades I bought or engage in combat. And although the game doesn't present you with lots of pointless choices and text walls and RPG elements that don't affect gameplay, the level design is certainly lacking in gameplay variety. Yes, each level is well-thought and detailed, but the actual gameplay is extremely repetitive. I played the game on Hard and it suffers from the same problem as Hitman Absolution - that it's too easy to be stealthy. The game rewards you for not killing anyone and being sneaky. For this reason (because of the achievements), it's tempting to be tactical in your approach. Although the game's mechanics and tools and AI accommodate for this, the excitement is definitely lacking. Furthermore, should you choose to engage in combat, there is no real fun to be had there either. With just a pistol (or bow) and a sword, it's very basic. Fast, granted, but not fun. The supernatural abilities are indeed a great feature of the game and don't feel out of place, however as with everything in this game, they're ultimately unrealised potential. Never in a level was I forced to think creatively or use the level and my abilities/weapons etc. to make a meaningful impact in any way. I'm not saying that the game should be open-world or an RPG, I just think that it's been heavily cut down in order to make it linear and easy to finish in a relatively short time. The developers went through so much trouble to build the game world and story, yet none of the characters felt well-developed at all. Granted, the story is good, but it could do with so much MORE. Same with the levels - good, but need MORE VARIETY. You spend so much time exploring the levels finding journals (lots and lots and lots of text which isn't really worth reading), collectibles and money, yet in the grand scheme of things they're absolutely useless. All those upgrades for nothing! And the choices? Well, they seem meaningful at the time but don't really impact the story overall.

    Bottom line: great foundations, unrealised potential. "Underdeveloped" is how I would sum it up. It'd be interesting to see how the next game turns out. Dishonored is a good game on its own but is a bit disappointing because it makes out to be so much more than it actually is.
  2. May 9, 2013
    The best game I've played in almost 8 years. The art style is wonderful, the story is gripping, and the controls are very fluid. It's also an amazing PC game, the options menu is plentiful and the controls are spot on, i experienced about 2 or 3 bugs, none of which were game breaking and never had a problem with the controls. There is so much depth and lore poured into this game, it's hard not to get pulled in. I loved it. Expand
  3. Jun 23, 2013
    Flavorful and graphically stylistic steampunk-style FPS brought to you by the makers of Orc Kicking Simulator with Conveniently-placed Spike Traps. Even though the melee combat is fantastic, you are made of paper and the game is designed to be played stealthily; I feel a lot of the tools provided to you are half-thoughts, only thrown in to appease the console audience who wants to try to run-and-gun through a stealth game. This brings forward another problem: not enough non-lethal options. The whole game can be beaten by blinking behind enemies, choking them, and hiding the body in a dumpster and, sadly, this is the most effective way to beat the game.

    For being so plot-centric, Dishonored's story is disappointingly predictable and the ending boils down into two paths (high or low chaos). Dishonored is missing something thematically at it's core but I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps this is one of the few FPS games that would benefit from stylistic cutscenes instead of locked & zoomed camera interludes.

    Dishonored is a refreshingly creative stealth game with very stylized graphics that will stand the test of time (the same can't be said for the gameplay sadly). I think this is worth playing but it is disappointing to see what could have been if Arkane stuck to creating solely a strong stealth game.
  4. Nov 14, 2012
    It's a shame really, Dishonored is not bad. And merely not bad. The stealth "system" is sadly not a patch on the ancient Thief games and the selection of weapons is quite good but not really anything new. The steampunk setting and artistic style is interesting but plotwise there were no surprises. I am intrigued to play it a second time to find all the secrets but sadly this game didn't live up to the hype. Close but no cigar. Had they made light make more of a difference in stealth I might have really enjoyed this. Expand
  5. Nov 4, 2012
    The main plus and the best thing in this game is the atmosphere/setting, this is what keeps you thrilled during your journey to Dunwall. Great visual style and locations/characters/machines design. As for the gameplay: I preferred do make it through in a stealthy way (because I wanted to have a nice ending!!), so I crawled at first but when I was bored I used the tranquilizer bolts to neutralize the enemies or just used the "cheating" teleport to run away. At the beginning of the game it was all a bit chaotic. but later I got used to it and even got some fun. About the "Chaos system", which affects the ending - I don't like it, because it causes you not to use creative killings, bombs, mines, grenades, guns, rats, name it! to get rid of the enemies because you just should not kill them if you want a good ending, and thats why you lose a lot of fun. In total the game is nice, and I'll repeat myself, mostly because of the Atmosphere. Expand
  6. Nov 13, 2012
    Great job Arkane Studios!!! Let me start by admitting that Dishonored is not a flawless game. The AI and the stealth system could use some improvement (better overall AI, and a stealth system more similar to Thief's Dark Engine). The game has great art design and story (a little bit predictable, but still good...). The music and sound effect are really good. The city of Dunwall, which is modeled after late 1800s-early 1900s London and Edinburgh is just amazing!!! The world of Dishonored is rich and complex.

    I enjoyed the non-linear and flexible maps, and the different powers the player can upgrade during the campaign! That adds a lot of replay value to the game!

    I wish there have been more weapons in the game...
    A Great overall game!!!
  7. Mar 16, 2014
    Just finished playing GOTY edition of the game and it was great, I don't have much to complain about. You can try either a stealth or more hands on approach (lethal or non-lethal) and it works both ways. The game leaves it up to you to find many creative ways of neutralizing enemies and it affects how it all ends. Story is nothing new really just your typically save the day lazy story that you find everywhere but it works I suppose. The 2 story DLC's are also very good. Expand
  8. Aug 2, 2014
    Very stylish mix of Half-Life 2, Thief and No One Lives Forever with high qualities, taken from all these sources and blending them into a slightly dark retro-future-industrial package. Good level design, nice aesthetics, story and a just about right amount of balance between action and sneaky playstyle. Even on hard mode it was kinda short and easy stroll for just about 1 full gaming day, but that seems to be the case for most modern games in this genre lately and if it's well-done like this, it can still provide a very strong experience. "What will we do with a drunken whaler? Slice his throat with a rusty cleaver Early in the morning." 8/10 Expand
  9. Dec 29, 2012
    Dishonored is actually pretty good and can be actually better than Far Cry. Most of these PC games are actually are "dishonored" but this one is great. The graphics are 10/10 and the missions are 8/10 and the gameplay is 9/10 which means its like a 8/10 game.
  10. Aug 6, 2013
    Dishonored is amazing game that has amazing elements of other games that i really love super powers like bioshock stealth mechanics like thief and great combat system somehow like assassin's creed giving you the ultimate game with interesting story and great replay ability as it has multiple endings i could easily say it is one of the best games of 2012
  11. Jan 7, 2014
    Absolutely brilliant game. Combines intuitive mechanics and exciting gameplay with an enthralling story and strong graphics, Everything a game should be. This comes very highly recommended.
  12. Nov 29, 2012
    Dishonored is great in a lot of ways, but mediocre in a few. It has an excellent setting and level design, and there are many ways to accomplish objectives, whether by sneaking over rooftops, disabling alarm systems or just brute forcing your way though. That said, the enemy AI is pretty bad and stealth is rather simplistic, depending mainly on line of sight, not light level. The story is just... eh. I never really hated any of the antagonists, even in the last few missions, but maybe that's the point. I had heard a playthrough is pretty short, but if you explore or enjoy the stealth aspect you can expect about 15 hours. Expand
  13. May 16, 2013
    It's a fantastic game for stealth fans, me being one of them liked this adventure very much! The artistic design is purely outstanding, nice variety of ways to reach your objective, great replay value! But the story isn't very original good old vengeance! And it gets repetitive! Overall great game!
  14. Nov 29, 2013
    Although I like this game a lot. It feels very unpolished. There is a lot of screen tearing and the textures look terrible. This was made in 2012, and looked outdated even when it was released. The game is very rewarding in its stealth mechanics, yet it seems rushed. I cant explain it but everything graphically and gameplay wise seem unfinished. Even with these problems I have fun with this game and it deserves multiple playthroughs. Its absolutely worth your time, and a sequel is well deserved as fixing this games issues in another installment of the series will make it perfect. Collapse Expand
  15. Jul 31, 2013
    Dishonored features a great environment. The city of Dunwall is well built and the graphic style works well. Gameplay suffers somewhat from linearity both in the story and in the missions, but this is saved by the fun of the various gadgets and powers which grant the player a lot of ways to "mess about" in the levels. I don't really see the plot to be that weak, or the levels to be too small. The game feels and plays like a pretty GOOD console port. Definitely worth buying and a couple of play-throughs. While nothing is really outstanding or surprising, it's a solid game with an interesting setting and definitely will give some good memories. Expand
  16. Oct 15, 2012
    Dishonored is a thinking man's game, period. Each level in Dishonored gives you a sandbox to toy around in and lets the player run wild with their imagination as to how they will get through each situation. Gone are the overly scripted scenarios you're used to in games that funnel you down a certain path that the designers carved out for you. Dishonored is a game that asks the player to think, to use their noggin, to overcome the obstacles, and while you have many tools at your disposal, it's your choice to decide how you use them and how you make your way through each environment. Do you prefer to kill every enemy in your path with weapons? Do you prefer to take them out through silent means? Or, another possibility and the most gratifying of all, is to make your way through the game without killing a single enemy. Everything's up to you, which is the true beauty of Dishonored. Dishonored's a true "water cooler" game where no two people will play the same and it's fun to talk to others and see how they played through the game. It's a deep game that only asks the player to think for once. Sometimes thinking for yourself can be fun. Dishonored's art direction is beyond amazing. It's important to note that one of the minds behind the art is Viktor Antonov, who was also the mind behind Half Life 2's City 17. Harvey Smith, Co-creative Director at Arkane Studios, has said that they went for a "water color" look with the game's graphics, which is an apt description. While you won't be blown away by the textures or anything, it's still one of the most beautiful games out there because of its unique aesthetic. Dishonored is one of those games we rarely see in this day and age. Harvey Smith, known for his work on Deus Ex and Thief, brings his experience from past games to make a new intellectual property that carries the same gameplay principals but puts it in a new and interesting world. This is a game that deserves to be supported. It's a rare and unique experience that no one should miss out on. Expand
  17. Mar 18, 2013
    Unique visuals, flexible gameplay and gorgeous environments give you countless options to take on the situation. The sad thing is: it's all kind of the same. Samuel brings you to a location, you eliminate the target, and again and again.
  18. Apr 27, 2013
    This game is the best fps action game I have played in a long time. I do not understand what made Bioshock Infinite out-score this game. Gameplay, story, and progression are much better here, though Bioshock gets credit for its completely unique world. The only thing I can really complain about, which is minor, were inaccessible rooftops. This game really catered to my roof-hopping fantasies, so when an inaccessible roof was encountered, I would get annoyed. When I completed the game I was not itching for more, so it will not receive a 10/10 from me, but I am still very eager for a sequel. Expand
  19. Jul 5, 2013
    I will preface this with the fact that I am a big stealth/action story driven game fan. Dishonored is an incredible game in many ways. The lore of the world that Arkane has created is deep and well fleshed out in this moderately long gem. There were times where I would do a beautiful stealth run and the next mission blow it but recover and simply go about killing and giving up much of the stealth approach. The game leans toward a more stealthy and non-lethal approach with the level of chaos determining just how rough the world is for you to survive.

    The graphics are gorgeous and the art style is very Steam Punk, which I happen to enjoy. Corvo is unfortunately a silent protagonist which is a shame but I can live with it. The story is deep and VERY dark. Well written dialogue and limited but impactful cut scenes really help to carry the story without getting in the way.

    If you like gadgets, a sort of limited magic, stealth and action with a design that allows for either or both within a single mission and a truly unique and engaging but not very attractive grungy steam punk world you will love Dunwall and enjoy Corvo and all that Dishonored has to offer.

    At this point you can find Dishonored for as little as $24 and its a steal. There are only 9 missions but I played it and completed all of the optional mission objectives and got 21 hours of solid play time.
  20. Jul 29, 2013
    I dropped this game after 1 hour playing. The story was not appealing to me at all. Work as a guard of your wife? I wasn't fond of the artistic setting. The gameplay is nothing new. And it's definitely more linear than the games used to be in this genre.
  21. May 13, 2014
    First off, I do want to say that I love the world that they've created - the locations, the characters (some are admittedly shallow/bland), the lore/history. I found myself wrapped up in it. Although admittedly the whole "Outsider" thing is very... odd. The graphics and the sounds are good enough too. Yes, this type of plot has been done before, but why is that considered such a bad thing to warrant such a low score? How many movies, shows, books, and songs have the same themes and storylines over and over and over again?

    Second, while this is dubbed as a stealth action game, I do have to admit that the options for stealth are fairly limited (mostly blink+choke or blink+avoid or maybe a sleep dart here and there). Plus you really can go around running and gunning, although on the harder difficulties that's obviously more of a challenge to do. However, I still found myself enjoying the gameplay and I don't think it's bad but I don't think it's great either. It's definitely not as complex as you would think.

    Third, I do have gripes about the game although they're relatively minor. My biggest gripe would have to be the lack of options for equipment. You're basically stuck with a sword, a pistol, and a crossbow. I'm a sucker for new items and equipment in games so I was somewhat disappointed when I found that you don't use anything other than those three main items. Of course, there's the whole magic component, but that's a different matter.

    Honestly, for all those people asking for something completely new or different, I wish you the best of luck. Those games are rare for a reason: coming up with completely new material that not only works well but sells well is extremely difficult nowadays. Not to mention all you whiners about "they stole this from that game" etc etc... you do realize that every single step of progress humanity has ever made was because of "stolen" ideas/material from what we've done in the past?

    Overall, I enjoyed this game. While not a perfect 10, it's a solid albeit short game and one that I'd recommend to my friends.
  22. Mar 17, 2013
    A truly well-written game with a high fun factor. With this game, you really get the whole package in terms of gameplay mechanics. Whether you take the low profile stealth road, chaotic brute force combat road or anything in between, it's all very enjoyable and addicting. The same goes for the setting and atmosphere. The amount and combination of awesome weapons, powers and many player-determined plot directions add to the replay value immensely. However, I do have a few issues with the game. First off, there could have been so much more. I thought the game was a bit short, and given the many creative gameplay mechanics, I felt there was acres of room the game could have used up to be better. It was like a child receiving an amazing new toy, but had very limited time to play with it. Second, the dialogue. The dialogue in the game is well done, but it's easy to notice that it's also a little lazy. For a game with such great gameplay and atmosphere, some of the voice acting comes off as rushed and emotionless. This is noticed the most by the dialogue given by enemies, where it gets repetitive and senseless. Lastly, the characters. Whether the characters are enemies, allies or neutral, not too many of them have uniqueness and can come off as characters that are there just for the sake of just being there and not establishing much connection. I didn't find myself having intended dispositions of some characters when I was intended to. Overall, a brilliant game and definitely falls into the "something every kind of gamer should play" category. Expand
  23. Nov 3, 2012
    Varying situations, non-linear levels with more than two options, loads of ways to eliminate your targets - all of this basically makes Dishonored an exemplary stealth-action game. When I saw the trailers, I expected it to be some kind of a first-person Assassin's Creed, but I was wrong - the game itself is closer to the Hitman series - it's not open-world, but each level is a sandbox where you are free to do whatever you wish. The tools of the trade are pretty damn impressive - you'll have a lot of fun combining the teleportation, time stopping and possession. Dishonored's only flaws are its shortness and the main plot. First one is neglected by the game's replay value - you'll definitely want to use all the gadgets and adopt the aggressive playstyle after you beat the game in a semi-nonlethal way. The quite lame plot is a bigger problem - the twists (the only one, actually) is predictable, and the whole story is too cliche and serves merely as a connection between the missions themselves. Which is a shame, because Dishonored is set in a very well-detailed world with its own mythology. Arkane Studios 's Dishonored is probably the only original (not a sequel, not licenced, not a reboot) AAA title this year, it delivers a refreshing experience, doesn't put the player in any limits and is overall a great game. Don't miss this out. Expand
  24. Jan 21, 2014
    Based in a fictional setting of Dunwall, Dishonored tells us an interesting story of political corruption, betrayal, oppression and resistance, and of course lots and lots of death, whether it’s at the hands of the plague or the never-ending conflict that goes on. The immersive setting and nice story-telling are then assisted with gameplay that gives the player a chance to tackle every challenge in their own way.

    What I greatly enjoyed about Dishonored is the diversity in which it allows you to approach its challenges. It’s a similar style of gameplay as the Deus Ex games. The player can go in with stealth, or they can go guns blazing, or maybe to try some diplomacy, or even to mix and match all of those. Even the primary targets can be handled in ways other than violence. That’s right – it is possible to complete the game without killing any major antagonist.

    Depending on how the player handles each mission, they will acquire either high chaos or low chaos. Being merciful, using non-lethal ways of taking down regular enemies, and not triggering alarms all lead to low chaos, which in turn leads to a good ending. The opposite leads to high chaos and hence a bad ending. This greatly adds to the replayability of the game and makes it interesting to complete it at least twice.

    Apart from standard weapons and equipment used in each mission, the player also learns supernatural powers throughout the gameplay. They can do so by acquiring special runes which are found in many areas of the game. Many of these powers are very interesting and provide excellent opportunities to try out new and creative ways of getting past a challenge at hand. Perhaps the most commonly used power is Blink, which allows the player to quickly teleport short distances from one cover to another, which is extremely useful for stealthy gameplay. There are several great powers to use, but the ones that stood out the most to me were Possession, which allows the protagonist to possess rats and other small animals and to get through small crawlspaces this way, Dark Vision, which allows the player to see nearby enemies through walls, and Bend Time, with which the player can temporarily slow, and with an upgrade completely stop, the time.

    There are few minor things to criticise about Dishonored, like the lack of ways to take out the enemies non-lethally (sleep darts and upclose seem like the only ways), or how sometimes enemy AI and behaviour can be a bit unpredictable. The ending also felt a bit rushed, but once I got to the end of the game, I realised that it’s not so much the ending that’s important in games like these, but the journey itself. All those are just small drawbacks and were nothing compared to the unforgettable experience the game as a whole provided to me. A single playthrough may go for only 15-20 hours, but each minute of that playthrough keeps you fully immersed in the game’s rich and somewhat gloomy steampunk setting, not to mention its great replay value.
  25. Oct 24, 2012
    What is more to say... It's so boring and insulting, it's not even worth the download of the unofficial demo version. I feel very embarrassed I had it on my system. I have to perform a restoration now, for good measure. They lent something like $40,000 for the Unreal license to write it off against taxes. Same goes for Bethesda's marketing budged, making all the fake rating possible. You know what that means? Those ***** having a nice little party at your expense, whether you are so stupid to pay double for it or not - they couldn't care less. Expand
  26. Dec 24, 2013
    This is one of the best games of 2012. Simple incredible, almost perfect. Plot gripped me from the very beginning. Amazing combat and especially stealth system. Try hardest difficulty with no kill anyone. Also try to gather all coins in the game it was very hard and very entertaining!
    The only thing that saddened me is the ending feel quite empty and does not explain anything. Anyways,
    the game is great, I am waiting for DH2 Expand
  27. Nov 27, 2012
    As a Thief fan, I will honestly say that I was slightly disappointed by Dishonored. First of all, let me say that Dishonored's visual aesthetics and world design is astounding; the city of Dunwall feels like a real place and a lot of effort has gone into its history. The gameplay itself is a mixed bag: the powers are generally quite useful and never feel unnecessary (except for the possibly game breaking Dark Vision), the sword combat is challenging although unsophisticated and movement is smooth and intuitive, but I don't feel they make the most of the rooftops through use of blink and the levels in general feel somewhat restrictive compared to Thief. Despite some good uses of environmental & emergent storytelling, the actual plot is fairly poor in Dishonored. The plot is predictable and the silent protagonist actually cripples the storytelling and characterisation; with characters all having great visual design, but mostly bland personalities. Technically, the game is quite a good port; with a good amount of customisation and an FOV slider, plus the option to disable smoothing. Overall though, Dishonored is a bold attempt to mix stealth and action with some great mechinics and setting, but it's let down by a lack of depth in the story or characters, some AI issues and the limitations of both the levels and the powers available. Still well worth a purchase, and an excellent introduction to stealth games. Expand
  28. Dec 30, 2012
    One of the most atmospheric and hauntingly beautiful games I've played. The stealth-action gameplay and supernatural assassination options are a lot of fun to experiment with. It doesn't quite get full marks from me as I didn't find the story as gripping as something like Deus Ex: HR, for example. And, because the overall length of the game was around 12 hours and relatively easy. Admittedly there's plenty of replay value here, but I'm really hoping there's some great new DLC in 2013. 8 out of 10. Thanks Arkane/Bethesda! Expand
  29. Nov 21, 2012
    I haven't played Hitman Absolution and Far Cry 3 isn't out yet, but for now, best game of the year in my opinion. Original and interesting storyline, amazingly diverse and engaging gameplay and very good graphics. Overall, a great and complex game that every gamer should play at least once.
  30. Jun 23, 2014
    Excellent stealth dystopia. SCORE 95/100. Steampunk dystopian Hitman Absolution. That, by the way, makes for an awesome game. Superb controls, good RPG upgrade system, extremely cool story, and graphics that still look great almost 2 years later. If you like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Hitman, Thief, Bioshock, Deus Ex, or Tomb Raider - then you will think this game is simply a masterpiece. You will not soon forget it. Expand
  31. Nov 2, 2012
    Dishonored's beautifully designed world makes an unforgettable experience to all gamers, and the bloody, fun ,mostly-stealth gameplay is extremely polished. Maybe the story is a bit dull, but still the game manages a great gameplay.
  32. Aug 8, 2013
    An amazing game. Stealth, action and narrative are all top notch here, Having played through the base game I literally can't understand some of these low score reviews they make no sense to me. The combat is fluid and with the various magic powers at your disposal, fun and varied. The stealth works intuitively and is one of the better examples of the genre. The world is amazing and deeply intriguing, if the game has a flaw it is compared to how interesting the world is some of the characters seem shallow and that at some points near the end the games limited funding shows (but just barely)

    I usually reserve a 10 for games I feel people are unfairly bashing en-mass. Not so this time, a true gem of a game definitely worth experiencing.
  33. Nov 15, 2012
    I think the most unique part of this game is that you get to choose the level of violence or stealth that you will use to complete the game. The main story in the game is sort of interesting, but nothing new; i.e., hero saving the damsel at the end of the game. Also, you aren't overwhelmed with hundreds of side missions--there are some, but the amount is manageable. Some may disagree with me, but I get confused when there are too many side mission. All in all, this is a good game, but I would suggest waiting until the price drops before buying this one. Expand
  34. Nov 12, 2012
    As an old Thief fan, I must say I expected this game for quite a long time. Of course, it can be played as a 1st person shooter, but it loses half it's glamor. Sneak , sneak , sneak and try not to kill anyone !! Really challenging and the spells variety gave an extra plus. The graphics and art were really atmospheric and well designed. Could do with a little better AI, though. Looking forward to a decent sequel ! Expand
  35. Jan 8, 2013
    If you have a high end gaming pc and want a high end experience do not get this game. The water color textures are terrible. Just to get this game to look good takes build prop edits and a course in Nvidia Inspector. But other than the terrible visuals the game play by itself is really fun and the sound is awesome. I got 10hrs into the game before I uninstalled it.
  36. Mar 14, 2013
    this game is solid,interesting and fun.bethesda has done a great job(again).the gameplay is good and fun.the graphics are good.the sthealth is very good.this game is the best game of 2012.
  37. Oct 12, 2012
    Simply amazing! I watched and read the reviews and was doubtful of the praise Dishonored is receiving. I bought the game and if anything, the scores fail to do it justice. The level design, controls, music, atmosphere, combat, stealth, puzzles are all perfect. I kid you not, they are perfect. I bought this, X COM and F1 2012 this week and haven't touched the other two. This game is polished and not a technical issue in sight (for me). I took a quick break to write this review and going straight back now. People are saying it's a short game, but I prefer quality over quantity any day. I'm yet to complete Dishonoured but know I'll start it all over again to find missed items and improve my score. I have no idea how/why people are scoring this so negatively. This has been (easily) the best game I've played all year. Expand
  38. Oct 14, 2012
    Picked up this game without watching any trailers and the moment I got the controls, Skyrim and Thief: Deadly Shadows popped up in my head like a prostitute wearing a party hat out of a cake. While by no means lacking in quality, the graphics are great, (For PC) story is decent and the game offers new ways to explore the sneaking-around genre with various "magic" abilities. The lacking parts however, are quite severe. The more people you kill, the worse ending you'll get and you cannot render enemies unconscious in combat by say, a club weapon or with the hilt of your sword but you must instead strangle them from behind (while undetected) or shoot expensive "Sleeping" bolts into their faces (In which you can only carry a maximum of 10 with upgrades). Challenge or not, you'll be extremely disappointed at the moments you simply must kill to progress in missions (Some allow a non-lethal approach but you'll still draw blood on some), leaving any kind of 100% perfect play-through impossible. I found myself just running through the entire game by repeatedly gulping down mana potions and stopping time because rendering enemies unconscious was an insane bother, like having to ride a unicycle up a mountain instead of taking the sky-lift. For sh!t and giggles, i went ahead and took Hardcore on my second play-through and wouldn't you know it, the game is still dirt-easy. Sadly a flaw that will forever appear in console-ports like this even if they do a good job with most of the stuff, the rest will be sticking out like a huge pimple. Expand
  39. Aug 21, 2013
    A surprisingly good game. I was afraid of sneaking and those sneak-achievements, but after playing a while, it became a nice experience. Now, I can hardly imagine to play it violently.

    The graphics is acceptable, the mechanics is good and the music is non-intrusive, except when it sounds too similar to the "you have been detected" sound. The music brought up some nice Fallout 3/NW

    One thing I kind of missed is the in-game progress on the collectibles and kill/detected counts; the collectibles show up temporarily, but the counts are shown only between missions, that is, hourly long missions.

    Once played through, the locations can be easily memorized; in a achievement-hunter-friendly way, but what annoyed me somewhat were the unskippable boat-landing sequences.

    I would give it 8.5
  40. Nov 4, 2012
    Dishonored lives in between many games (Half Life 2, Deux Ex HR, Hitman, Assassin's Creed, etc) but manages to create it's own identity with unique mechanics and an immersive world. It is not a shooter nor a pure technical stealth game in the classic Metal Gear way. First it is a game about choices, and in that aspect it is pure genius. Second it is a handcrafted world inspired by the industrial revolution era, but with some fantasy and sci fi aspects that is simply amazing to explore. Characters are at their worst completely believable plot devices, and at their best mesmerizing performances and dialogues. Third it is a game about refined art. Yes you read well. For example the music was written by Dexter's composer Daniel Licht. If you know Dexter, you know what I mean. Graphics are extremely refined, even in the brutal bloody executions. Clearly this game is targeted at an adult audience. Sadly I don't think that most people will be able to appreciate how good this game is. It is simply a masterpiece that will be remembered for the years to come. Expand
  41. Sep 1, 2014
    A very good game that mixes stealth and action in a very Deus Ex'y way (which is good).
    The world is extremely well designed with many details and secrets to uncover. There are books and notes to read, safes to crack, items to steal/scavenge. It isn't really open-world but the mission areas are big enough to give you at least 3-4 options of getting through them.
    Between every mission you
    get to purchase supplies and upgrades to customize your character. On missions you collect runes and bone charms, and purchase supernatural powers such as time bending which really adds to your arsenal.
    The world does react to what you do, so if you kill people like a maniac the city will plunge into chaos and everybody will be afraid of you coming for them, if you are merciful and stealthy your quest will actually lead your character and the city into redemption. Different endings and levels changing based on your actions give it some replayablity.
    The story is a bit predtictable but not at all bad, and the reactions of characters to your actions really makes up for it.
    Voice acting, sound effects and the music are on a decent level, but don't expect anything special here. Guards' dialogues will sometimes repeat in an annoying way. Swords and guns sound flat.
    Graphically it looks dated, luckily you can tweak it a bit on PC in the ini file so it looks almost like vanilla Skyrim.
    Combat could be better, it's a little too fast and chaotic if you do not use powers, and if you do it gets ridiculously easily.
    Stealth is a bit silly at times, for example you get basically undetectable if you're at higher level than guards, because they never think to look up.
    There are a lot of "WOW" moments in the game, when you do a particulary awesome move or perform a cool assasination. It makes up for the crappy combat and meh stealth.

    Imo this desperately needs a sequel ! Gets an 8/10, best assassin game after Asassin's Creed.
  42. Apr 13, 2013
    Dishonored is a first-person stealth oriented action adventure that takes place in the steampunk inspired city of Dunwall. Playing as Corvo Attano, the game does a great job in allowing you freedom in how you can complete your objectives. In addition to this, there are numerous places to explore in search of money, items, collectibles and such. Because of this, I have to disagree with the reviewers who believe the game is very linear. The story is pretty easy to understand and books are everywhere for those who wish to know about Dunwall amongst other things. The game also throws in a plot twist to keep the plot engaging, though I found the ending rushed and a tad disappointing as I was hoping for something more conclusive and explanatory. Graphics wise, the aesthetic choices made complement the setting well, though there are still some low res textures here and there. The sound quality is quite good however where excellent voice acting, sound effects and soundtrack coincide to enhance the experience. Gameplay is also quite good, offering two distinctly different playstyles stealth and combat, though personally I think the best way to play is a mixture of both. You also choose whether to use non-lethal or lethal methods to take care of enemies. I would recommend lethal despite the high chaos as non-lethal restricts your arsenal to simply sleep darts and knocking people out from behind though feel free to play it that way if you wish. Just some other pros and cons of the game: Made with the PC platform in mind Very fast loading times Some degree of replayability A good length I think the game would get boring if it continued for much longer, took me around 12-16 hours) I thought the powers were kinda unbalanced. Expand
  43. Jun 9, 2014
    Dishonored is a great stealth-action game, with some enjoyable RPG elements. It's good, most of the time, despite poor AI and the unsatisfying ending.
  44. Oct 13, 2012
    Dishonored is surprisingly good. Actually, surprisingly fantastic. Leading up to its release I had written off Dishonored as a wannabe Bioshock with Half-Life 2 elements; a game aping far more profound and successful games with the selling point being some inane gimmick which does close to nothing to altering gameplay in any meaningful way. But what I got was an incredibly fleshed out world coupled with some of the most creative emergent gameplay I have seen in a long time. Most of the time when games offer you "choices that affect the outcome", it usually comes down to a handful of moments where you choose dialogue option A or B. With Dishonored, it's all about what you actually do, in every moment in the game. Wanted posters with your face only show up if you get caught, the stories different guards tell about your actions differ according to what you actually do. And the freedom the game gives you goes beyond the Gears of War style "choose the right or left path". In any given assassination mission there are countless ways of going about your goal, and you can go the whole game without killing anyone or kill everyone you see. The powers the game gives you are an absolute blast as well. As far as the world goes, characters are fleshed out and the plot, while simple in a way, is not so much a tale of the good guys versus the evil guys, but more a tale of the seductive nature of power. Issues are minor and I am shocked at how well stealth and combat complement each other. Get this game. Expand
  45. Nov 25, 2013
    Lots of fun but doesn't quite reach its potential. Game movement and fighting are fun, but too easy. One power (the rats power) basically makes all other offensive options unnecessary. Graphics are fine for gen 3 consoles but looking very 2008 on the PC. Story is passable.
  46. Oct 16, 2012
    It's mediocre fun, as i knew it would be. In all honesty i prefer the old Thief over this thing any day. It has a lot of good ideas, albeit sometimes poorly executed. It demands a very high suspension of disbelief, even with menial things. The AI is surprisingly dumb. It seemingly boasts with open world and lots of choices, but that's a lie. There's only one large area and a dozen doors leading to a handful of other, smaller areas. It tries very hard to be the Thief of this generation but humbly fails, in my opinion. I read somewhere that Dishonored's stealth system that was supposed to be based on Thief's but was discarded because it was too "unrealistic". Instead they put a system where the only direction an enemy faces is straight, so even in broad daylight you can stand above an enemy's line of sight and they'll be none the wiser. There's also the superpower that lets you see through walls. I really don't get if they were being sarcastic, or just plain old stupid, but there it is. The story is a cliche mish-mash, set in a fantastic but very unbelievable world. All in All, i liked playing it for a short while, but when i stopped there was no real craving for another run. After Thief 2 I was left with a void for a good sneaker installment (Thief 3 was ridiculous, aside from the Asylum mission). This comes close, but i don't think this is IT. Rent before buy is my advice. It might not be your 50$ cup of tea. Expand
  47. Oct 14, 2012
    This game is simply great, and I say this before criticising it because a lot of people get hold of the wrong end of the stick. Compared to all other games of the same kind of genre, this game is the best one to be released this year. Still it's not the best of all time. I don't mind the graphics and the art style they chose, because you shouldn't be a graphics w***e and look at the whole package the game delivers. To get down to the points that bother me the most: You will never use half of your abilities. Some are hilariously overpowered, like you can blink behind enemies and take them out silently. The AI will never bother and is suffering from amnesia, they had art directors from HL2 I think, because the perimeter walls in the city look exactly the same, a lot is copied from Bioshock 1, especially the ending they pulled (the good one). Other than that I like the characters, you can identify with lots of them and understand the cause they fight for, but what bothers me is that they just push you around and tell you what to do. As if I was some hired thug of some kind: "Yeah Corvo, do this, do that..." No way, lay off the attitude son, I'm no errand boy. Anyway, I give this game a rock solid 8/10, not perfect, yet nothing to complain about. Expand
  48. May 2, 2013
    You have to play this game at least twice to really maximize gameplay experience. It's a bit limited in that once you complete a mission you can't return to that section of town to continue exploring or get any treasure left behind, however, the game is very tactical and thoroughly enjoyable.
  49. CBZ
    Oct 16, 2012
    Great game, probably Game of the year so far.
    Its fun to go through the maps in different ways and find all the different paths to achieve the objectives.
    The environment is very original and maps have many options despite the linear structure.
    Graphics are not top notch but it kind of goes well with the cartoony style of the game. Im playing in normal difficulty and so far the AI is
    average at most but I expect the hard setting to be better.
    Some people are being too harsh, probably because they had such high expectations.
  50. May 4, 2013
    one of the best games ever!!!!!! this is just a perfect game. everything in this game is done great. the story is great. you really care for the characters and you do want to get your revenge. the gameplay is amazing. its hard to describe the greatness of the gameplay. the gameplay is really unique. the good thing about the gameplay is that you can play how you want. you can be sneaky, but if you want you can also kill everyone face to face. there are also multiple ways to do everything. there are a lot of paths to get to your objective. there also a lot of ways to do your objectives. the powers in the game are really fun and useful. the sidequests in the game are really fun and cool and its a blast to do them.
    the game looks amazing. from a technical perspective it isnt impresive but the art style is so good that it makes up for it. the city where the game happens is called dunwall, and its amazing. there wasnt a game location as good as this since bioshock. dunwall is amazing and beatiful, and it has a lot of detail put into it.
    this is maybe the best game ever!!!!!!! if you cal yourself a gamer you should definetly try it!!!!!!!
  51. Dec 29, 2012
    Overhyped and overrated, this game is not near as good as I expected. A number of issues include a weak story, repetitive gameplay, abysmal graphics, and rushed stages.
  52. Jan 1, 2014
    Boring and tedious. Picked it up on a Steam Sale for $7.50 and I can't keep playing it. Switching powers is a pain, the auto-save checkpoint system is kind of a mess (expect to go back and get runes again and reassign them to powers when you die before the next checkpoint), and the game is just not that interesting. It's a burden to pick up and play, I didn't find it engaging at all. The game looks and sounds good, but that's all. The only game on the market today with rogue-like elements that nails it from alpha to omega is Assassin's Creed 4. Expand
  53. Feb 7, 2013
    This game is Great, The story is highly interesting and the combat is smooth and realistic. At first I thought I might come across features I wouldn't enjoy as I do with other games, turns out I enjoyed every moment of it. If stealth isn't your thing like me then you don't have worry so much about it unless your trying to get the low chaos ending then you can just challenge yourself for it or watch a spoiler (I suggest you don't). If your someone looking for some single player excitement then this is the right game for you. Expand
  54. Aug 7, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that Dishonored is a masterpiece among all the lame & bore 12 hour RPG first person games in 2012.

    The graphics in this game is 'OK'. If you have played BioShock Infinite, it is definitely noticeable that there is a small graphical boost with the UE3 that Dishonored also uses. But not much. People who are too obsessed with in-game graphics, this might not be a
    game for you.

    The plot of the entire story is well landed out. But what I didn't liked about it is during the cut scenes, the protagonist is muted during the entire story. Whereas in Infinite, Booker talks almost all the time in the game.

    The stealth mechanics of Dishonored is somewhat bland and definitely needs more variety of skills powers. The game also does reward the player for completing different puzzles in order to obtain the hidden runes bone charms. Aside from these two relatively negative points of the game, the game is perfect.

    Lastly, for the price, this game definitely worth 10 bucks during its peak sale discount of 66% on Steam, big steal. Even for 30 bucks, it is still worth getting. Knife of Dunwall is superb, and is kind of the only DLC that is worth. Runes, money can be obtained through using a Cheat Engine. So the extra coins from the Void Walker's arsenal is useless. Dunwall City Trials isn't fun either.

    One of the best RPG I've ever played. Hope Arkane and Bethesda keeps up the good work and land in a Dishonored 2 asap!

    (Seriously, if you have high hopes for EVERY SINGLE video game, you shouldn't be playing them at all. That being said, I never trust any critics but myself, by trying out the game)
  55. Jan 18, 2014
    [DISHONORED SteamPC Score10] One of the best games I have ever played. Play as a Master Assassin and Bodyguard framed for the death of the Queen. Get thrown into the dungeon, escape, take revenge. Play with Stealth or Action, Level up and choose Skills for Magic and others. Released Oct 2012 and played 9 months later. Add to cart with all the DLC. Enjoy this game smoothie….

    [DRM] Steam
    only, thank goodness there is no GamesForWindowsLive on this title, nor Uplay, nor Origin. I did not have to create an alternative account.

    [MyPC 2011] i7-2600K 3.4GHz / ASUS Z68 ProGen3 / 8G RAM / Radeon 6870 / W7 PRO SP1 / Samsung 275T @1920x1200 / Logitech G15 / Kensington ExpertMouse / Sennheiser HD600

    [NowPlaying] BrokenAge [MyFavorites] [Win7] TombRaider Dishonored TheKnifeOfDunwall TheBrigmoreWitches TheDreamMachine Ep1-4 30FlightsOfLoving Fez BioshockInfinite Antichamber Stacking Metro2033 Rochard Crysis&Warhead&2 JustCause2 Rage [XP] Papo&Yo DeuxExHR&TheMissingLink DeadSpace1&2 Fallout3&NewVegas HalfLife1&2 Bordelands1&2 BatmanArkumAsylum AssassinsCreed Magicka RedFaction Portal1&2 FromDust MrRobot Sam&MaxSeasons1&2 CulpaInnata TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland DreamfallTheLongestJourney Syberia1&2 CrayonPhysicsDeluxe DefenseGridTheAwakening PlantsVsZombies Prototype Bioshock1&2 UnrealTournament3 Quake4 [360] AfroSamurai BrutalLegends [XBOX] HALO KOTOR1&2 Crackdown ArmedAndDangerous AggressiveInline BeyondGoodAndEvil DeadOrAlive1&2&3&ExtremeBeachVolleyball Psychonauts [AppleG4] FullThrottle DeusExMachina ONI ReturnToZork Suspended UnrealTournament TombRaiderSeries [Born 1964 I do not know anybody who works in the game industry ~ I just enjoy games : - ]
  56. Nov 24, 2012
    This is a solid game, well-made, beautiful, a story line that keeps you interested most of the time, and game-play that allows for a diverse enough range of possible ways to finish any given mission to keep it interesting. However, there are some things about it that make it not worthy of the incredible reviews it has been getting. The missions are quite linear, there's little that motivates you to go too far off the beaten path, no real reason to explore the nooks and crannies. The missions themselves are usually pretty similar in nature each time (you can meet them with different methods, but still basically the same kinda missions), there are a few missions that are a bit different, but not different enough or unique enough to really warrant much mention. It seems like this game would have benefited from a better upgrading system, the upgrades you can get are not very exciting, thus there is very little motivation to strive to find more coin to reach for that next awesome upgrade, nothing like that at all. It's an enjoyable game, and I'll continue playing for some time still, but once it's run it's course I probably won't ever come back to it for further play in the future. If they made another Dishonored game, but instead of trying so hard to make the stealth aspects the major gameplay mode, they shifted it into more of an action and exploration oriented RPG with a more open-world feel to it, this game would be great. I think that's where this particular game would meet it's highest potential. Expand
  57. Oct 21, 2012
    DIshonored is a curious game. It promotes itself as an open world FP-action-stealth-RPG with a deep plot but at the end of the day after the 20 or so hours it took me to complete the game, I was impressed by it for other reasons. Firstly, the stealth element is mediocre at best, mimicking stealth mechanics of modern action titles such as Deus Ex and the Elder Scrolls. The climbing mechanic is definitely one of the best Ive seen in recently years with EVERY obstacle able to be climbed over/ascend onto in first-person. No more of the **** 'Oh this ledge is too high, my character cant reach it coz they jump liek they're toddlers' or 'Oh noes I cant get overt this barrier coz my character cant jump high enough'. Its called using your bloody hands and body. And finally, Dishonored showed us that. I am crying with happiness.
    Oh yes, they managed to make both the stealth and all-guns-blazing approach satisfying, which is a plus as most modern games of such manner would only reward players who chose the stealth path. The excellent plotline, the world, NPCs and superb voiceacting are also highlights. The ending to the game is nothing sort of heartwarming (though this depends on your choices in the game) and this does not mean its a happy ending (depends on you interpret it - I say its a happy ending despite what happens). The cons? Its not open world. Thats right. They lied to us. Essentially there are NINE missions, each with a large area to complete objectives. Its not an open world sense like Deus Ex. There are no hubs to visit, no cities to explore or locations to be discovered. You're essentially handed the area for each mission and through their open yet linear multiple pathways, you proceed, overcome and complete your objectives. Oh and did I mention its pretty short? I finished this game in a little bit over 20 hours and that's only because I actually did every single side-quest as well as found almost every collectable in every mission as well as listened/engages in every dialogue possible. If you rush, you can finish the game under 10 hours (a player on steam forums completed the game in 7 hours). Dishonored is an experience. You play it. You finish it. You probably will play it again just to see how things will pan out differently. And then you probably wont touch it again. But you'll still think it was worth it, the money well spent. An excellent, well-rounded title that deserves your attention.
  58. Jan 18, 2013
    Amazing game, I absolutely love it. If you enjoy action, adventure, stealth, the freedom of choice then buy this game. The story is good, the setting is dark and despairing, the gameplay is so much fun. There is a lot of ways to progress through a mission and the choices you make effects the world around you and it's people. You can choose to play with stealth and not to kill anyone or you can be a ruthless assassin that leaves none alive. Also, this game has a lot of replay value, you can complete the game numerous times and not get tired of it. Expand
  59. Oct 10, 2012
    Dishonored provides solid assassin gaming experience but remains very short. Some of the skills in the game make playing almost too easy. Graphics are a bit old compared to now days standards but it doesn't ruin the game.
  60. sft
    Aug 11, 2014
    There’s a rat in the kitchen -- and everywhere else

    I loved this game and can find only one fault with it (more about that later). Arkane Studios have created a compelling game that ticks just about all the right boxes for me. It looks great, with very striking design and a unique painterly style. The city of Dunwall is beautifully realised and is a joy to explore. The gameplay
    successfully fuses the use of powers and weapons and the choice between stealth and combat is nicely balanced. The mission design is quite varied and allows for a number of ways to complete each one, thus offering decent replay value. The voice acting is always convincing, thanks to a star-studded cast, and the story is reasonable, although not strikingly original. Where it falls short is in the level of humour. Aside from one amusing line about someone not wearing pants I don’t recall there being many laughs along the way. And that’s a shame, because if not for the lack of humour I would have given DISHONORED a full score. Expand
  61. Jan 13, 2014
    Fantastic game. Real gem.

    +story, atmosphere, design (of everything from costumes to levels),gameplay, world changes and reacts to your actions (reminds me of first Deus Ex).

    -sometimes too easy with all the powers player have
  62. Oct 24, 2012
    I personally think we have all been tricked. The hype and amount of awards this game came out with is undeserving. I am a HUGE Bethesda fanboy, so I pre-ordered this title months ago, and I am more than a little upset. The more you play the better it gets but it is a sad version of what could be a great game. If you are playing on PC then you have a leg up, if you were unfortunate enough to get it on console--I'm sorry for your loss. Graphics---Week, Storyline---Seen it before, Concept---Truly awesome... Basically it is Bethesda's answer to BioShock fans. As a reviewer of games as a hobby (Liquid Gamer Podcast), I get to play a lot of games, and this was disappointing. Although the idea is outstanding, the execution is lacking. Hear my full review on the show, Expand
  63. Jan 7, 2013
    Nearly a perfect execution for this genre (Superpower FPS like Bioshock or Crysis). Borrows heavily from some of the best games of the past 10 years. Artistic style inspired by Borderlands, superpower system inspired by Bioshock, architecture...think Victorian Half-Life 2. Allows you to play in a way that suits you, but primarily limited to stealth/non-lethal and aggressive/lethal. Aggressive approach can be a bit too easy and one-note. Stealth can get frustrating at times when the availability of take-downs gets nit-picky about exact position relative to adversaries and makes you feel more like an assassin robot than a fluid ninja. It was entertaining enough that after first completion (stealth/good guy) I immediately started my second play-through (aggressive/bad guy). Doesn't bring anything new to the genre, but brings some polish to some old and proven elements. Expand
  64. Jul 19, 2014
    A FUN stealth game, reminds a lot of the Thief series, very nice graphics, nice worlds and the City of Dunwall is fantastic although there is a little gloomy side of the city considering the plague... BUT! A fantastic game, very good work on behalf of Arkane Studios
  65. Oct 9, 2012
    great game. runs at 60 fps no issues, contrels really well, art style is fantastic. deus ex meets bioschock with a little of half life in it. best combo ever made. cant recommend it enough, if you are a pc gamer this is the game to get along xcom. two gret games that will keep you busy.
  66. Apr 15, 2014
    Perfect. Chapters are sewn together seamlessly. The stealth was enough to take you biting your nails. The nonlinear ending was also good, making it a replayable game. Simply perfect.
  67. Oct 27, 2012
    Amazing game. If this was made in a shinier engine, the stealth was a little more challenging, and the game had a couple more missions to it... it would be my GOTY for 2012 hands down. Sadly I can only give it a 9 as despite having an amazing art design, brilliant gameplay, high replayability (of at least 2x required to see mostly everything), intriguing story/characters, and a nice atmosphere/sound effects/music, the problem with this game is just that it isn't challenging enough... you start the game and the first few levels feel awe-inspiring, but once you realise the terrible limits of the vision of the AI you really are too overpowered for any mission without getting a single upgrade. (And the upgrades are lots of fun, but they make the game become a theme park rather than the gruesome travesty that the story seems to think you are in). Still I highly recommend it. I don't know what my GOTY for 2012 is going to be, so this could still be it, but Dishonored 2 on UE4 or some other engine would just about blow my socks off. Please make it happen Arkane :) Expand
  68. Apr 13, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played. Everything in it is so great that You would like to spend with it every single minute of Your free time. Music, plot, climate, NPC, main character are awesome. It is only a peaty that game isn't very long. If You ever imagined what will come from matching Bioshock and Deus Ex You don't have to do this anymore, because answer is simple Dishonored.
  69. Oct 20, 2012
    Dishonored is a game that excels in many aspects, and although the plot is nothing more complicated than Mario games, it is still able to involve you with its rich and intriguing narrative. The gameplay, albeit too easy at times, is always fun and truly emphasizes the idea of playing a game in any way you want. The art direction is one of the most gritty and original since Half-Life 2, and certain areas in the game look like true works of art. The gameplay adds and improves upon everything that was present in games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, such as looting, swordplay and enemy AI. Unlike what some people may say, Dishonored doesn't necessarily punish you for assassinating people, as long as you make a couple of humane choices and refrain from going out of your way to kill every enemy you come across. The cast of characters are all interesting, and all interact with you in unique and different ways, allowing you to interpret their intentions and get involved in the story as it plays out. The only drawbacks for me was that I felt a bit overpowered at times, and I didn't feel that certain abilities and upgrades were made in such a way that they were a necessity - an experienced player would likely be able to finish the game without any. I also felt the ending could have provided more closure after countless hours of expectations as you involve yourself in the story - depending on what decisions you make throughout. Then again, this is a game set in a world that is yours to play with and approach in your own way, so its up to you to make the most out of it by focusing on the journey, not the destination. Expand
  70. Oct 16, 2012
    I have learned my lesson. Never again will I trust the word of a video game "journalist." It's quite obvious these guys are being paid for favorable reviews. My fault for ever believing them, I guess. Dishonored is a shallow, boring, tedious game. The stealth mechanic- so highly touted in previews and trailers- is utterly lacking in complexity and challenge. "Blink" behind a guy, choke him to sleep, stash his body in a dumpster, rinse, repeat. That's the whole game right there. It gets old very quickly, as do the sword fighting and gunslinging. Playing with all the toys in your arsenal is fun at first, but the charm quickly wears off and descends into boredom. The story is thin as matzo. The setting is cool, sure, but no effort is put into characterization, especially with Corvo- yet another dull, silent protagonist- and the game suffers for it. You don't care about the heroes, and you don't hate the villains. The big twist isn't shocking in the least, and the ending feels rushed and incomplete. The writing is passable, but nothing special. This dreck would barely earn a C in an entry level creative writing course. The graphics and art design are Dishonored's saving grace. Dunwall is gorgeously realized, and the game runs beautifully on the PC. The world Arkane has created is truly a work of art. If only they had harnessed its full potential. In the hands of a better developer, this game could have reached its full potential. Expand
  71. Dec 28, 2012
    This game is great. It's a tonne of fun and I recommend it to anyone who likes stealth games. The only problem I have with this game is that killing everyone and your targets gets you a bad ending and doing everything the non lethal way gets you a good ending. This would be fine if the game didn't seem to be so tailored to you killing people. While there's a million different way to kill targets (And it's probably not lot more fun if you get creative) there's only a couple of ways to non-lethally dispatch enemies, sleep darts and choking them, rendering most powers and upgrades almost useless. This doesn't stop the game from being hella fun though, so buy it. Expand
  72. Nov 29, 2012
    Disappointment is the word of the day. Afer 12 hours in I discovered that I hadn't done anything else, but the same all 12 hours. I had been looking so much forward to that game and I really tried to enjoy it and I just didn't.It's boring beyond Words, I don't even know how I managed through those 12 hours. I was so furious in my disappointment that I just quit the game and deleted the game to never come back. I really feel stupid spending 25 EU on this "masterpiece". I don't even know why I'm giving it 1 point, I would only recommend the game to people who got dementia, because they won't notice that you're doing the same. Expand
  73. Oct 10, 2012
    wow!!! is this game good, all the areas are unique and around every corner u spend alot of time exploring areas are geniunly interesting and i havent played a game like that since half life 2 this is definatly a special game buy it without hesitation !
  74. Sep 12, 2014
    decent fun and some innovative game play. a pretty good stealth game for those who love to play that way. game generally plays well but seems to lack a little soul and depth. it was also way too short with too little actual content.
  75. Mar 2, 2013
    Probably best game i have been playing last time. This awesome piece of software is no way near Bioshock like some people say. It feels more like mix of Dark Messsiah and Thief with its own great atmosphere and creative level design. Cartoon-like graphics isn't brilliant but definitely stylish. Simple story isn't about revenge cold served only. Noticeable moral choices make gameplay even more interesting. Summary: there is no perfect game and Dishonored was made as good as could be made. Developers efforts are visible and should be appreciated. Expand
  76. Oct 9, 2012
    Best game I have played since Skyrim! Has a bioshock feel to the artstyle and atmosphere, and the controls and gameplay are amazing! I finished the game and started it again almost directly afterwards and am having even more fun the second playthrough!
  77. Oct 11, 2012
    Replaying through this game is a must. Even within the first level I noticed pathways/things that I completely missed the first time through. So great to see what happens when a company puts so much emphasis on a single player game nowadays. Instead of making a sub-par co-op mode or something they have made the most fun single player experience I have played this year....easily.
  78. Jun 6, 2014
    Excellent game, i enjoyed a lot this game, very good looking graphics, good ambientation, very comfortable controls, hope this game is the first of a succesfull franchise. The storyline is very complete, with pros and contras, but looking at the details you can see how well designed this game is. The only problem i have was with some executions, too quick executions, not too creative. The enemy IA is okay, and you can go around being stealth or fighting like a man, i love the realistic effects in the combat system. The game is linear but at the same time it give you the oportunity to explore and search for runes and stuff, rescue people or just enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Overall is a great game, but it is not perfect. I totally recommend this game, it's a very decent release. Expand
  79. Jan 1, 2013
    Is a good game and I true what it states, you can play it like you want either as an accion game killing everyone or using stealth aproach, the problem in this game is the stealth is Ok but It could be much better Corvo only has one non leathal take down and it only can be used when you are facing a enemy in the back in frontal assault your only option are sleep darts but you can only carry 10 and you cant increase the sleep dart capacity so if you run out the only alternative is escaping asuming you don´t want to kill anybody in the game. Don´t take me wrong is a good accion game an a decent stealth game that could be better in the sneaking aspect Expand
  80. Oct 21, 2012
    It has been quite some time since a game really caught my attention. The number of options available to meet an objective is amazing but unfortunately I felt that the game was too short. Overall its well worth the time and money.
  81. Nov 12, 2012
    I've only gotten as far as completing the mission where you have to deal with the Pendleton twins at the Golden Cat. But I think it's enough to get the gist of overall gameplay. The game seems to encourage stealth and benign neutralization tactics - that is, using nonlethal means to subdue foes. However, there are more lethal attack options than there are nonlethal. I must admit that it feels quite limiting to the overall approach one should take throughout the game. This is coming from someone who prefers more open-ended games with a lot of weapons and less feeling of guilt as a result of using lethal force to neutralize hostiles. Anyway, I'm not discouraging people from playing Dishonored. I'm just suggesting that if you're favorite approach to combat is putting all bad guys to sleep without being detected, than this is right up your alley. Expand
  82. Jun 23, 2014
    After returning from a foreign voyage to seek aid with the deadly plague ravaging the city, Corvo Attano travels to the tower of Dunwall and meets with the Empress. After delivering a message, they are attacked by teleporting assassins led by Daud; they magically restrain Corvo, kill the Empress and kidnap her daughter Emily. Corvo then is blamed for the murder and is sentenced to
    execution. He breaks out, and together with him and a conspiracy group, He has to avenge the empress's death. The story here is essentially Corvo doing contracts for this group in order to get to the newly crowned emperor Lord Regent. Each contract being somehow related to Regent. The story here is nothing special or original. What is original here is the city of Dunwall that the game takes place in. The "plaque" that ravages the city really does make you feel uncomfortable and a little sad to see how much of the city is ruined because of it. I also liked how similar this game's plaque is to the real life Bubonic plaque right down to how it spreaded with rats. All the characters here are well voiced, even if they're aren't unique, and some of them are likeable. The biggest problem with the characters is with Corvo mostly due to how he's another generic "mute" protagonist. Some of the scenes with him and with some of the other other characters could've been more interesting and emotionally compelling but because he never talks (outside of simple grunts while in gameplay), those scenes feel more awkward and uninteresting instead. A message to Arkane Studios: Why give your protagonist an actual face if your not gonna give him a proper voice actor. Besides a predictable plot and an uninteresting mute, the story here is service-able. 6/10

    The biggest strength of this game is in the gameplay seeing as how the exceptional level design and multiple ways of completing contracts makes the gameplay fun along with good replayability. Now while you can't get different swords and pistols, you can still upgrade them as well as upgrading your supernatural powers. These special powers are: teleportation, possessing animals and humans, unleashing a swarm of deadly rats, seeing through walls, releasing a gust of wind that knocks back or kills enemies, and slowing/stopping time. You can upgrade these along with some nice perks to boost your stealth and combat skills. You can also use a heart (literally) to help find runes to upgrade your powers and bone charms which serve as perks. When caught, you can use your sword, pistol, or crossbow (all of these including ammo type can be upgraded using blueprints) to silence your victims. Because of the excellent level design, the game presents you with multiple ways of getting to your target and eliminating your target. Think Hitman but with super powers and no clothes changing. The game also has side missions that you can do for rewards, and the gameplay has affects that happen based on how you play. Completing side missions and completing missions with low chaos (stealthy way) will have characters behaving differently along with a different final mission structure than if you were to go loud and kill everyone. On a side note, this is one of the few stealth games where you can incapacitate an enemy rather than killing him/her if you're interested in not getting your hands dirty. I also liked the dialogue that happens between guards and contracts and the A.I. does a solid job of being a challenge. The only problem I have with the gameplay actually has nothing to do with how the game plays. The problem here is there's NO new game plus, and for a game like this that encourages replaying missions, that can be a big problem for some players including me. What if I wanted to try the entire game using all my newfound powers and upgrades without killing anyone? Well, I'm out of luck unless there's a mod for it somewhere. The gameplay here is fantastic, but because of the lack of new game plus, I'm afraid that outside of achievement/trophy hunting, I'm not sure if I'll be returning to Dunwall anytime soon. 8/10

    The game looks good at max settings. Dunwall is quite a city to look at, facial models and lip-synching are good, the textures are ok, and the lighting does a great job. The game looks good, but not really mindblowing. 7/10

    All the in-game sound effects are nice to hear, and the score does a really great job at building tension when you get spotted. Outside of combat, the score plays some nice background tunes as you're exploring Dunwall. The music here fits the world of Dunwall greatly. 8/10

    Dishonored could've been one of the all time greatest stealth games ever despite having a weak story, but the lack of new game plus really hurts this game the same way it hurt Bioshock: Infinite. I'd still say buy it, but if you want great replayability, then I'd suggest sticking with Hitman. At least he gets to keep his weapons.

    Rating: 8/10
  83. Jun 25, 2014
    Dishonored has been one of my favourite gaming experience. The story and the gameplay will change with your way of dealing with the enemies, which adds a replay value for those interested, and the special powers are very well integrated in the story.

    The music is perfect, from the trailer to the last song of the game, making the atmosphere very dark and spooky

    Never have I been so
    implicated in a storyline. I mean I REALLY wanted to kill the bad guys and I even realized at the end that I had just killed everyone in a rage run at some point, although I started the game all stealthy "because I was a good guy". The story really made me change my character's personality, and that's why I give a 9.5 to this game

    The last 0.5 would have gone the a longer storyline. I think the story could have been longer, and the "special power" part a bit more developed.

    Conclusion : A game for thieves and for warriors too, a fantastic journey in a dark world. Get it for nearly nothing on Steam !
  84. Oct 17, 2012
    kind of really really really buggy. just a quick warning to you PC lot. if you have an AIT card, have fun fixing the pile of bugs. if you brought it on steam, have fun. if the game crashes outdated could save files will overwrite you newer local save files and if you own this game on any other two formats, have fun, as, its actually a really really really good game. buggy as a bethesda title (oh wait, it is a bethesda title :P ) but still has some good soul. hopefuly when its fixed i can enjoy it in all its glory, but for now, ATi and steam users beware.

    as for an actual review, i may update this, if not, just check the date of my review. if its more than 1 month old, its probarbly fixed, my reveiw is invalid and should be reported for spam, removed and my bias annoying comments purged, as this review is based on the day 1 release game, not a (hopefuly) patched on (BUT ONLY FLAG IT AS SPAM WHEN ITS BEEN A MONTH!!!!)
  85. Oct 17, 2012
    So reading some reviews while I have not finished the game yet; the intro story wise falls completely flat. Its kinda just like this is a city and if you want to care about it you have to read 30 text journals hidden everywhere. Oh and were the good guys because we said so. Anyway story failure aside, I cannot possibly justify the cost of this game. 60$ is fine for a full game single and multilayer with more than likely a custom game engine. This is sadly not the case when I hear people beating the single player in only 7 hours and a bad implementation of the unreal engine(by bad I mean the graphics are absolutely atrocious not to mention there aren't any settings to change anything other than bloody rat shadows I mean really you've got to be kidding me). I'l give this game a 3 and hope it improves but I can't even force myself to play through more of this without giving myself a headache from crappy visuals Expand
  86. Jul 31, 2013
    Very good game with nearly flawless game mechanics. Dishonored is a fun stealth action game with great art design and decent storyline. The areas are rather small, the missions linear, but this is compensated by the fact that you can take varying approaches on how to fulfil the tasks ahead. Maybe a bit too short, and a bit too easy on normal difficulty. In terms of content it is okay, but could contain a few missions and gameplay hours more. The graphics unfortunately are not that great on PC, especially some of the textures are rather low quality. Still a recommendable game though. Expand
  87. Apr 8, 2013
    There are some very good and some very bad decisions behind this game.
    The good:
    The background, the environment, is top notch. You can clearly see bethesda at its best in the small details, a very good steampunk, grimdark environment gaining some depth with every book you find. The plot is believable, even tough nothing new, and thankfully it's about one city and its government, not
    another "save the universe" cheap crappy plot. Music and graphics are also very good, and you can see that a lot of work went into this game. In fact, while horrible messes like Mass Effect 3 are probably mistakes to blame on a corporate timetable imposed on the developers, the problems of Dishonored are mostly about the game mechanics themselves.
    The bad:
    The stealth is quite shallow, being built around skills that allow you to blink around and stop time. It is in fact a better game if you simply refrain from using such skills most of the time, but you will come across some section which will force you to do that. Going for a killing spree is just plain boring, and I wouldn't recommend that, in the same way I wouldn't recommend it in Deus Ex HR.
    The game also has pretty much no replay value. Maybe I'll pick it up again in some months, and then forget it forever.
  88. Aug 4, 2013
    Dishonored is a good game... GOOD not GREAT as many point it out to be.
    - Great atmosphere
    - Enjoyable Combat
    - Good Graphics
    - Great Skills
    - Extremely short (about 4-6 hours)
    - Short Selection of Weapons
    - Bad Story
  89. Oct 23, 2013
    Dishonored proves to be a strong stealth game: it's one of the fewest stealth games that puts creativity to the gameplay. It is a revolution, but it doesn't perform the revolution perfectly. It offers a highly intelligent gameplay, with some limitations. Story-wise and graphics-wise isn't anything special, but all what matters is the gameplay.
    It's a welcome challenge to use the unique
    powers to eliminate enemies. It provides an unique experience, and makes you think for a creative way to kill enemies. It will also follow your taste of gameplay: either you kill hiding on the shadows, or you just go kill everyone while being detected. Combine that, with the sweet looting and with the linear, but interesting exploration, you've got a great game. And, thankfully, the game has replay value.
    But the experience isn't that special, having a slightly short campaign (it took me about 10-12 hours), and the sometimes claustrophobic nature seeming a steal from Bioshock. It's just nothing new with the imerssivness of the game.
    Dishonored is a great game. It may not realize all your wishes, but it does satisfy. (Final Score: 8.46)
  90. Nov 9, 2013
    I cannot deny my love for this game, and it's been a long time coming for a review. Also, I am not being paid to do favorable reviews FOR ANY GAME. That is the most garbage, disgustingly cynical, and annoying thing any gamer would think about other people. It's strange too, because Dishonored is exactly what cynical gamers wanted, but apparently even that is not good enough, so let them drown in their own sea of irony they created themselves by crying about how games are awful now compared to retro or older games. Moronic retro hippies, gosh darn it! I bet if this was a sidescroller pixel game, they'd think it was amazing. Idiots.

    Alright, now I got that off of my chest, let's talk Dishonored. I had this game for awhile already, but it earns some of my highest accolades for being the only stealth game I enjoy immensely. I don't like stealth games, for the most part, but this somehow reeled me in. First, I was immediately drawn in by the beautifully rendered setting. A dark sort of steampunk setting where instead of steam as a powersource, it's whale oil. Within this setting, you have absolute freedom to choose where you want to go, and when. There are hidden items everywhere in these places, and loot lovers like me eat that right up! However, it is mostly in a controlled, smaller environment that never feels too linear. Each mission within these areas can be completed in any way you want as you have so many awesome abilities, equipment, and accessories to help you with them. The combat is annoying and honestly far too difficult, even with my favorite spell, Slow Time, but you have that choice! I just hope you find a better way to deal with foes if you want to go on a murder spree. Otherwise, prepare for annoying cheapshots every second during combat!

    Also, your choices do matter in these environments. It makes you think hard about killing, and whether or not it is the right thing to do. You can change the course of the game by these decisions, with some choices causing more of the zombies called "Weepers" to appear in later areas, or security to greatly tighten in other areas. Each area, by the way, being a mission. But even then, you can take a break from the tough decision making and go on plenty of side missions, which is an awesome bonus! You can even spend your hard earned money on upgrades, which is also great as well. I am a fan of that kind of game mechanic!

    Anyways, Dishonored, as well as all of its DLC, is amazing. If you don't like it, then so be it. Just be careful, because Corvo might be in the dark, waiting to punish the haters.
  91. Oct 10, 2012
    Incredible. And I thought Borderlands 2 was GOTY. WOW. I'm blown away, it's a perfect mix of Bioshock, Deus EX and Assassins Creed, or it's a one of a kind masterpiece. Incredible. Just finished my second playthrough and it just keeps surprising you with all the choices you can make. Can't wait for round 3.
  92. Nov 13, 2012
    Look, its a good game.. but its not the best example out there, Deus Ex Human revolution was better executed, longer and had a far more involved story. Its an original world, but not a particularly clever one. Its good, but its not great, and its not worth £30. If you fancy it wait till the Christmas sales.
  93. Dec 25, 2012
    After the first hour of this game, I was very disappointed. I thought it was tedious, linear, and a complete waste of money. The trailers and and media made it seem as if the game was nonlinear and offered freedom of choice; indeed, one trailer even made it look like there'd be parkour involved. I was quite excited, and after playing through the beginning, I found the reality to be utterly disgraceful. Boring, easy enemies and a completely linear path made the gameplay a grind. Intrusive objective markers and a huge HUD floated on my screen, and poor controls made me wonder if this was really a terrible console port.

    However, since I try to withhold judgment on games until I've played for at least two or three hours, I kept playing. Shortly after the first hour, the game really opened up quickly. I started discovering how useful the jump/grab system was, and I started getting into the meat of Dishonored. I messed around in the options menu, and realized I could turn off the bits of the HUD that I didn't like. I mapped the misplaced block key to one of my gaming mouse thumb buttons, which really helped the gameplay. I got out of the beginner phase, and realized the game is far from linear. Deus Ex is similar, but Dishonored is actually more open, with more realistic ways to climb over stuff in the environment.

    There's no parkour, sadly, but Dishonored comes very close. You have a long reach when jumping, and you can pull yourself fluidly up on almost any plausible surface. The combat is a little sluggish, but it's nowhere near as bad as Deus Ex or Killzone 2 in that regard. Both of those are great games in their own right, but I don't think anyone could play them without thinking that the combat is kind of unresponsive.

    About an hour into the game, you get into areas with a lot of alternate paths. Really, I don't even want to call them paths. You're set loose in a city district, and you can jump, slide, and climb your way to most areas within the district. You generally hold a sword in one hand and a special weapon like a pistol, crossbow, tool, or spell in the other hand.

    The graphics are decidedly meh. The art direction is good, and they make use of lighting effects such as ambient occlusion and sun shafts, but overall the polygon counts and texture resolutions are a little on the low side. Having said that, most of the time the game is really quite pretty, though I don't think it ever really looks realistic. It's easy to run smoothly as well, and that's not just because of the mediocre graphics. It's well optimized, like most Unreal 3 Engine games are, and my GTX 460 and Phenom II x4 run it well above 60 fps on ultra at 1080p.

    So, in short, if you only play the first hour or two of this game, you'll probably be disgusted. The tutorial and beginner mission is really not interesting at all, and it makes the game seem like a generic, linear stealth shooter. If you play past the first hour or two, however, Dishonored becomes awesome, and completely lives up to the trailers and hype. There are relatively wide and unique open areas, the lore becomes interesting, and the stealth is world-class. I'm very glad I didn't ditch the game after the first hour, because it has a real shot at becoming my favorite game ever. I deduct one point because the intro is lackluster, and it probably turns off a lot of people since it's not an accurate representation of the game. Arkane should probably work on their first impressions. Everything of theirs that I've played since Arx Fatalis has had a very weak first hour.
  94. Oct 17, 2012
    This game has so many moving parts, I am amazed it came together as well as it did. Arkane's pedigree didn't exactly leave me high in expectation. They delivered with some beautiful, understated art, characters and setting I remember after putting the mouse down hours later, and greatest off all, a set of abilities and options that are all handled with a fine degree of precision. In the span of 4 seconds, I can teleport to the top of a fire escape, leap down and silently snuff the life out of one poor soul, then subdue his partner, while maybe alerting three other soldiers. You can then decide to stop time, assassinating all three with your blade/pistol/crossbow, create a gust of wind to knock them all back, or simply cook a grenade to explode in their faces. The moment to moment action is an interlocking chain of checks and balances. My only possible gripe with the encounters is that later on (After 'the twist') the player is forced by sheer design of some of the foes into a more deliberate and brutal (and less creative) form of interactive expression. On the whole, a fantastic new IP, one I hope to see more of. Expand
  95. Oct 24, 2012
    I was so excited for this game when it was announced, I couldn't wait. And I was not disappointed with the game. At first I thought it was a little too short, but then realized I wasn't at the end yet. There are so many different ways into your target areas, multiple ways to accomplish a mission, and numerous ways to combine your powers into great combos. The scenery is beautiful, although a little washed out looking. But when they tell you you will not be seen while leaning, it's a lie. Because I did so many times. Of course it has its kinks and its bugs, but what game doesn't? Whether Bethesda decides to make a sequel to this or leave it as a stand-alone game, I will be happy either way. I can't wait for the DLC! Expand
  96. Nov 14, 2012
    A great game that was engaging and solid to a T in gameplay. Then ending is... awful and is what gives it an 8.5 in my books. It truly is bland and unmoving which is a terrible shame. I really wanted to see more about the 'outsider' and several other aspects that get completely glossed over or forgotten. They should not have made three separate endings, there should be only one strong ending despite the branching game-play. It really has no point in the end. I truly love the game and the world and it is totally worth playing, but man.. its a trend with games now to end with a wimper, mostly due to cut funding or strict timelines, really is sad. Expand
  97. Oct 15, 2012
    Fun game, the gameplay is pretty similar to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, stealth is required, but the levels you play in feel open, and have a lot of opportunities for exploration and finding hidden stuff. I was kind of hoping this game would be like an RPG, while it does have some RPG elements, like upgrading your weapons, there's no level up system as I hoped it would. The game is VERY immersive, with good voice acting, very well mixed sounds of ambiance, the music is more subtle, but gets stronger when your character is in danger, like when a swarm of rats is chasing after you. The combat can feel a bit clunky at first, but you will get used to it. It's similar to Skyrim's combat, you have a weapon in your right, and one for the left, the right weapon controlled by the Left click, and left weapon for right click. You can use a dagger, a crossbow with multiple kinds of darts, a pistol, and all sorts of magical abilities. I recommend this game for anyone who enjoys the stealthy games, like Human Revolution, probably not a good choice for anybody who enjoys charging out and fighting, as you will get killed. Expand
  98. Nov 28, 2012
    Fist off, I would like to say that gimmethatsanwitch CLEARLY did not play the whole game. The plot is amazing,and the game is fun. My only qualm is that it takes awhile to get used to the controls.
  99. Nov 15, 2012
    Dishonored is an interesting game. Nice artistically done environments. Great voice overs. Multi point access to the areas and objectives. Two ways to play game. And over all believable world with a lot of details and back story's. I wish we would see more games like this than clone FPS games.
  100. Nov 1, 2012
    Buy this game. In short, it's Thief + Bioshock in a steampunk City 17. The stealth and world navigation is sufficiently challenging and rewarding. The combat flows well, even in large melees, with the omnipresent option to go non-lethal. The highly explorable areas are excellently done, with only a few sharp edges left unpolished in the later levels. There aren't points at which you're forced to stop and take a look at the beautiful place you're sneaking/slashing through, but dang there should be! I only ever encountered one major visual glitch, which was my held weapon staying in view when I used the mask's zoom on one level. The story is original with some generic features that are masterfully implemented so as not to draw attention to themselves, thus keeping it all cohesive. On the downside there, I felt the Outsider was a weak plot device used as a writer's convenience, which is closely connected to my feelings about the ending which didn't meet the expectations set up by the rest of the game, dropping my rating by one measly point (well, half a point, all things considered). Beyond that, the only pet peeve I had with the game was the fact that doors must finish opening to be closed again. And if that's all I had to complain about while progressing through this magnificently constructed world described in Deus Ex fashion, this game is truly one of the greats. Again, buy it. Expand
  101. Oct 10, 2012
    Mehhh. Game is just o.k. It's such an obvious console game that it really feels kinda scrub on the PC. Illusion of choice in all the levels, because they are actually quite linear. The game basically punishes you for killing people, so the "right" way to play it is to avoid everything and not kill anyone. This basically ruins the point of using all the cool powers and weapons. My biggest complaint however is you basically HAVE to keep the power that lets you see through walls on 24/7. Without it you are at a huge disadvantage. The problem is this means you're playing in washed-out sepia mode with annoying music / sound the entire game. Could it have killed them to put in an enemy radar?

    Rent it, don't buy it.

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  1. 90
    We can draw comparisons with other titles all day, but everything is based on something. Dishonored remains a unique gem in a beautiful, yet chaotic world, with flawless gameplay. [December 2012]
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Dishonored rarely challenges the players, but it doesn't take them for fools, either, so that's an achievement compared to other games in the genre. Just don't expect strokes of genius like the Shalebridge Cradle level from Thief: Deadly Shadows.
  3. 100
    Dishonored injects new life into stealth actions and their sophisticated worlds. Awesome work in every detail. [Nov 2012]