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  1. Apr 12, 2014
    What Joebreeze690 failed to mention is that this game is still in beta (as of this post), and things are still subject to change. Yes there are bugs, but that is to be expected in beta games. The game itself was greatly inspired by Ultima 7, the developers even said so during the kickstarter.

    If you're a fan of rich and engaging worlds, then this should be on your list of games to
    purchase. As of this post I've spent 88 hours in the beta, in comparison I've spent about 100 hours in Dragon Age Origins. I love my RPGs, action and turn based alike.

    The game has a nice drop-in co-op gaming experience, and a well thought out and planned dialogue system. The battles are challenging, but there's ways that you can get around tackling enemies head on if you so wished. The NPCs are engaging and it doesn't feel like talking to them is like quest grabbing with markers over their heads. The game doesn't lead you by the hand with markers dotted all over the map.

    There is no set classes, instead the game gives you general prebuilt classes to choose from which you can modify. In that way you're a lot more free to decide your character than most modern RPGs allow. At the moment the prebuilt classes number 11 in total, with them being a mix between melee, ranged and spell casters. You have five initial schools of magic (earth, fire, water, air and witchcraft), with another likely to be added later in the game (the mysterious Source that you are meant to be hunting down). The music is written and composed by Larian's in-house composer, and is excellent, fitting the scenes it plays in well.

    This game will be good for fans of Dragon Age Origins, less so for fans of Dragon Age 2. Even in beta, this game is in my top 5 games of all time.
  2. Jun 30, 2014
    Most of the good things have been said alredy by previous reviewers. Literally the best RPG to come out in at least a decade.

    + Combat
    + Story
    + Maps
    + Excessive dialogue
    + Playful environment
    + Mods
  3. Jun 30, 2014
    From the second the game starts there is this feeling of adventure and wanderlust, something that we used to have in older RPGs, that weren't agenda driven social justice platforms, when people outside of gaming couldn't influence artists into doing this their way. When stories were genuine and experience were crafted with love and care.
    This applies to much more than the writing, and
    Original Sin has some damn good writing, it's turn based gameplay is easy to get into, but offers a lot of intricacies and interactions to learn and exploit, while providing a challenge to players of all skill levels.
    The environmental interactions and innovative co-op play put much bigger games to shame. Truly it's a wonder that a small European developer like Larian were able to make a game that dwarfs major productions from EA and the like. It just goes to show you, when you LOVE doing what you do, and don't just do it to turn a profit and support some stupid agenda, it will shine through in your work.

    Original Sin is a must for any cRPG fan and considering it's modern look and easy to pick up nature, I am certain that it will bring a lot of newcomers to the genre.

    My only gripe with it is that due to budget management or whatever, Larian weren't able to add NPC reactions to the day/night cycle and weather system, but it's such a small thing in such a massive, uniquely enjoyable game that it doesn't matter.

    Truly an adventure worth experiencing.
  4. EMG
    Mar 22, 2014
    So far a highly enjoyable if a bit buggy RPG. What is available of the game world at the moment seems vast and detailed, especially the dialogue options. Even when moving items nearby NPC's will question your actions making the whole experience feel more real than some. Many of the bugs however actually add to the games humour and the stealth is definitely the funniest thing. 10/10
  5. Jun 30, 2014
    Suprisingly great !! Old school RPG fans will like it. The game has a good story with plenty of alternative endings plenty of character plus there is CO-OP support which is rare for a RPG game !!! Gameplay reminds a lot of classic games like Baldurs Gate, Ultima, and other classic PC RPG titles from the late 1990 and early 2000. Only negative for me is that there are no speeches during conversations and that the turn-based combats are a bit boring but for a old school RPG refresh these kind of lacking material are acceptable Expand
  6. Jun 30, 2014
    I've been playing this game for the past month, and I just can't believe how much fun I am having. I am a bit surprised that there are some people giving this game negative reviews though, but I guess if you really don't like turn based games then you will not like this game. My favorite part of the game is the ability to approach quests in different ways. For example my last play through in the beta I decided to kill everyone that I came across to see if I could still complete the quests and sure enough i was able to complete every quest I came across even though I murdered the quest giver, and anyone associated with the quest. Great game, can't wait to get home from work to play the official release. Expand
  7. Jul 2, 2014
    Overall, I'm thoroughly pleased with the game. It's a no-nonsense classic CRPG that actually has the cojones to challenge its players. Combat is turn-based and requires strategy (it might not quite be XCOM, but it's closer to that than hack and slash-RPGs like Diablo), quests require you to pay attention and think for yourself, and if you do something really stupid, chances are you're punished with swift death. All positive things as far as I'm concerned. The writing is solid, sound quality is decent, graphics are a bit cartoony but fit the game.

    There are some technical glitches that can occasionally be annoying, like some background chatter that gets a bit repetitive, and some items/characters can be hard to target (or easy to misclick). But that's minor nuisances at best.

    In the end, I think anyone who grew up playing classic CRPGs like Baldur's Gate 2, or Fallout 1, will probably also enjoy this game. Hopefully it will also find new audiences.
  8. Jun 30, 2014
    Larian took a huge chance with Divinity: Original Sin. Not only is it very much "old school" in design, having challenging turn-based combat, complex character systems and multitude of solutions to problems, it is also the most ambitious co-op cRPG ever. Oh, and did I mention it comes with a complete development kit for making your own games?

    Story-wise it is definitely a Larian game.
    Quirky humor and general lightheartedness give a very different experience than the traditional RPG epics do. While some may be left longing for a more serious and thought-provoking writing, most will still find the story and it's intrigue immersive enough, especially with the world constantly reacting to your actions.

    While Divinity: Original Sin is certainly not a game for everyone, I have high hopes that the gorgeous audiovisual trappings and accessible modern UI elements and helper systems will introduce a new generation of gamers to a more complex kind of games.

    For the few of us who grew up with Ultimas, this game is that rare 10/10 "game of the decade". No doubt about it.
  9. Jun 30, 2014
    Must say that I'm really happy that a game of this kind is made again. And not just another consolized shooter or arpg with handhelding and big quest arrows.
    Larian had a great kickstarter, and the communication with the community was/is outstanding!

    This game has so many elements with crafting, spells, skills etc that it can be played in a varity of ways.
  10. Apr 13, 2014
    D:OS is, while still in beta as of right now, shaping up to be one of Larian's best and - most importantly - memorable RPGs.

    The world of Cyseal is large and diverse, built on top of years and years of Divinity lore. We get to combine items (sometimes in the most hilarious ways), actually role-play PCs (for instance, the dialog let's you take on different perspectives), wield elements
    and make them work together (water + lightning = pain ^^)... The list goes on.

    Tactical combat is a nice addition, one that I craved for quite some time now. Worth mentioning is the music, composed by veteran musician and metalhead for life (XD), Kirill Pokrovsky. The man has experience and it shows! Also, throughout the game you'll be accompanied by Larian's own trademark humor, which more often than not hits all the right notes.

    The one thing Larian needs to do now is to work on the bugs - but that's why betas exist. Recent feedback from Larian shows they are putting a lot of effort into dealing with problems and I have no doubts they will succeed.

    All in all, I heartily recommend buying and playing D:OS!

    P.S.: user Joebreeze690 commented in his review that "[i]f you enjoyed Dragon Age, you'll be as disappointed as I was." I don't get this sentence. What has my enjoyment of Dragon Age to do with how I enjoy D:OS? You could as well write "If you enjoyed Metroid: Fusion..." or any other game. Fact is that Dragon Age, while still being an RPG, falls into a very different basket than D:OS. If we're really going to compare D:OS to other games, than I'd say it's a lot closer to Ultima series; a spiritual successor, if you will. And for the record, I liked the first DA ;)
  11. Jun 30, 2014
    A welcome return to form for the both Larian studios and the RPG genre in general. One of the best RPGs made in the last decade, if not all time. Gone is the focus on 'cinematic' (read: linear and hackneyed) content and terrible 'action' (read: dumbed down and tedious) combat that plague so many modern RPGs, and instead we have a return to open-ended fantasy adventuring with tactical, turn based battles. Hopefully the quality of this game will be mirrored by other high-profile kickstarter RPGs (Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, Tides of Numenara, etc.) and will usher in a new RPG golden age. Expand
  12. Jul 3, 2014

    Age 40 and played to death all the CRPG/RPG classics. This is as close to Planescape I've ever seen. A few hours in and regret missing Larian's Kickstarter. I'd have loved to have played the A/B versions and watch this classic evolve.

    A damn fine game for anyone who loves to stretch their brain and click and test and die and laugh just like back in the
    It's a game that that demands you think and forces you to try various battle approaches as you progress due to it's balancing. The battles count. It's not an XP hunt.

    After a wonderfully hand drawn intro sequence we're shown an Old School 2D isometric view with up to date visuals and given a brief explanation of you and your companions arrival at a beach. Then, with voice acting and dialogue from 90% of characters being worthy of any past or present classic HBO series, both characters you have created (Yup, you you create two characters of your choice and control them both, or play the whole game in Co-Op with a friend), you argue and lie and attack and trick and each other as well as NPC's.....if you want them to. My two characters currently hate each other and bicker all the time and always start a fight. Typical Battlemages.

    That's freedom of creation. But you can also go solo with MASSIVE stat boosts if you want, but I'll do that on the second run me thinks. As the game will clock in around 100 hours, that's 200 hours of constant gameplay for £30, or 15p per hour.

    There's also a magnificent story telling opportunity for millions of budding scriptwriters to create their own quests via the extensive Mod Toolkit included to add to the already interesting and challenging storyline quests.
    I'll be doing one based on a story from years back if we're able to destroy parts of the environment throughout. We shall see.....

    Not everyone will get this, but Quicksave is king again.
    That moment when the enemy appear on screen and you Quicksave...crap, forgot to check that new unidentified thing...then you're half way through a battle aaaaaaaand your dead. F8. Right.... It's a huge one use fire bomb. Cool......I'll attack THAT Demon first then!
    I really miss this it in games. And talking to chickens.

    I hope the modding community blow our socks off with their tweaks, stories and Dungeons full of the Shiny Shiny to keep us enjoying this exceptional roll based CRPG. An instant Classic.
    Best £30 I've spent on a game in a long time.
  13. Jul 3, 2014
    Breath of fresh air with elements from Baldur's Gate, Ultima, Final Fantasy Tactics, Dungeons and Dragons, and Dragon Age. SCORE 95/100.

    Truly challenging, deep, immersive, and entertaining. It does not hold your hand in any way and is not for casual gamers. Old school RPG fans will need a change of underwear.
  14. Jun 30, 2014
    This game is more than homage to RPG's of yesteryear, it is an evolution. The amount of passion Larian has put into the game is evident in almost every element - from the gameplay and UI to the incredible soundtrack.

    Playing the full release here and as a RPG fan I could not be happier. Exceeded all expectations!
  15. Jun 30, 2014
    Larian has managed to pull off an incredibly ambitious idea with a nearly perfect result. Original Sin a game that is engaging, challenging, fun, and lovingly crafted, with tons of detail and world reactivity.

    The seamless co-op makes the experience even more fun, as your partner will be able to challenge many of your decisions through separate dialogues - or distract a shopkeeper with
    idle chat while you might rob the store behind his back. Toss in a really easy to use editor with a huge range of options and scripting capability and you might just end up with hundreds of additional user modules like those made for Neverwinter Nights.

    The story is fun and interesting and serves as an excellent excuse to set the party loose upon the huge areas in search of treasure, secrets, side-quests, exploration and puzzle-solving. The writing is often light-hearted but certainly knows how to pull off dramatic moments - a pleasant change from loads of the recent "grimdark" stories.

    The game's combat mechanics are just as great - it's possible to spill oil on the ground to make ground slippery, set it on fire, put the fire out with water, turn the water into an electrocuting deathtrap and then boil out the water with a fireball to turn it into a wall of fog - or freeze it to have everything entering it slip and fall. Melee and bow-based combat is also full of various options, and the classless system permits mixing up skills in any way you'll like. There's even a skill that lets you talk to animals. And a spell that lets you throw people off a cliff.

    The game is also very pleasing graphically, everything is distinct, stylized and detailed - and the music is fantastic. Connecting for co-op is easy and quick enough, though the initial loading time may be a little lengthy.

    Overall, having followed Original Sin's development closely, I can't say it's a "pleasant surprise" - it's the solid dream game that the developers have envisioned, worked on, collected feedback on, and finally delivered. Fantastic and inspirational work.
  16. Jul 1, 2014
    I would recommend this game to any RPG fan out there. It is fresh and with great graphics, yet it has that "old school" feel about it. This is a tough game to beat, with open world and many side quests, crafting and silly things to do.
    The combat is great, the manipulation and interaction with the environment is super fun too. The only thing I do not like is that when I click on a party
    member, the inventory screen does not change to that character. Everything else is perfect.
    Buy this game and support this developer. 10/10
  17. Jul 1, 2014
    I personally feel like this is one of the greatest RPG's to be released in easily the last decade. It captures the magic of old school RPG's while still bringing its own personality. From the moment you start the game, you are presented with a sense of freedom so rarely found in modern RPG's. The combat is tactical, fluid, and rewarding. The character development is outstanding. The dialog is witty and entertaining. The amount of content is absolutely staggering. Most importantly, this game is just a blast to play. I can't wait to spend countless hours exploring this world. I absolute recommend this game to people who enjoyed the Infinity Engine games, Ultima series, or even the original Divine Divinity. Expand
  18. Jul 1, 2014
    I've been playing this game non-stop since release. I'm only taking a break to write this review, go to sleep, and then I'm going back to the game again. It's just that addictive, especially if you enjoy isometric RPGs with a modern look. The character creation and development is detailed but accessible and not at all frustrating (thanks also to the slick user interface), the dialogue is superb (humorous and snarky), and the amount of things you can do with the environment is just crazy! Teleporting, talking to animals, setting things on fire and putting out the fire with a rain spell, freezing a surface or making it slippery, cooking food from ingredients, stacking things on top of each other or rearranging them in other ways, etc. - it's all here! That alone can take you hours, not to mention the interesting quests and character interaction. The amount and variety of loot is staggering, too. The game is very easy to get into, as it thankfully has a lot of modern conveniences like the item highlight or the global chat. I'm positive that Larian has created a new RPG classic, and I hope it becomes successful enough for them to do a sequel, too. Expand
  19. Jul 4, 2014
    So many of the younger persons have been so spoiled growing up playing nothing but Diablo-like click fests, that they have no patience for a well thought out and deeper RPG experience.

    Divinity: Original Sin, is throwback to the golden era of the cRPG. The age before Diablo's success spawned a new type of RPG with the most important element removed or given a back seat - THE STORY!
    Not to mention a watered down version of RPG combat - the button mash.

    This game is nostalgic. It leaves me with a good feeling just thinking about returning to the game, and experiencing it with the attention and thought that it was designed for. There is great attention to detail, the writing is excellent and humor a fun diversion, and the combat forces you to think instead of like pointing at a group of monsters and clicking them to death.

    This is what a real RPG game is all about! Great job guys!
  20. Jul 2, 2014
    very very good, a must for all roleplayers, at first a bit slow, but give it a bit of time will discover a lot and very fun surprises... i am enjoing it a lot.
  21. Jul 2, 2014
    Having played 12 hours of their latest Divinity: Original Sin I must say that this is one of the most enthralling and well-made games I've met during last couple of years. Yes, that's the game for nostalgic fans of isometric RPGs from the early 2000s, but it's beautiful, it's polished, optimized and absolutely gorgeous.

    While it is not "perfect" in my eyes - it's more of the Baldur's
    Gate reincarnation than that of the Planescape, but it features tons of monsters, quests, dialogues, jokes and battles, with very few bugs and stunning music. So for me it's 10 out of 10, a big classic-feeling fantasy role-playing game where you can be witch, rogue, ranger, mage, warrior, you pursue one big main quest while fulfilling dozens of others.

    Attention to details is a strong selling point here. Cats that give you quests. Manipulating the weather to actually make spells like Rain useful. Tactic options in battles. A bit of humor here and there. Exploration. Loot. Crafting, oh, need to try it more.

    I've played it in beta, I will go and play it now, I am going to replay it after I finish and I totally recommend it to all RPG fans. I've been following Larian games since the very first Divinity and I am very happy to see their evolution and growth.
  22. Jul 1, 2014
    Best RPG since Baldur's gate. DOS takes you back to the root of RPG, pen-and-paper is back at its very best with turn based combat, rich character development that covers RPG elements, a rich world with flesh and colour, a screenplay written by novelists who enjoyed what they did, with the best music ever, with freedom to play the game with nearly infinite playstyles. And so many more, but alas I must go back and play now... It's time to dream again... Expand
  23. Jul 1, 2014
    If you find reading difficult and prefer to be read to. If you have ever said "I think all day at work, I don't want to think in a game!" If you can't figure things out without being told. If you define strategic play based on how fast you spam a key. If questing for you means following a bouncing ball to a location flashing "QUEST OBJECTIVE HERE!" If you define a game simply as "Entertainment" or "Fun"
    If you consider thinking, exploring, figuring things out, learning from failure, applying different approaches as being "elitist".

    Then this game may not be for you. Chances are you will be on the steam forums complaining.

    If however you answered no to those and you are someone who has longed for the cRPGs of old. Well... Happy Birthday to you!
  24. Jun 30, 2014
    Wow im so amazed ! Don't really no what too say think of all the best RPGs of the last decade its like Boulders-gate, Neverwinter and Ultima7 all in one this could be the best RPG I"ve ever played. You can do whatever you want in it you will not be held by the hand. Im so glad I took the risk and bout it. THANK YOU, Larian Studios
  25. Jun 30, 2014
    So far, this has to be the best game I have played coming out of crowd funding. Mind you I'm sure there are other great ones but this is the best I have experienced myself.
  26. Jul 1, 2014
    What surprises me is how long it took a game developer to figure out how to equal or improve Baldur's Gate in the year 2014.

    The answer is finally here. Here we have a game with a big world and MANY ways to interact with it. A game where it is FUN to evolve your character. A game where it is FUN to play around, not running a scripted treadmill, but exploring the environments, and
    approaching encounters as a way to tell your own story!

    The good news is that Larian have put most of their effort in to refining the engine and the underlying rule set. In the pipeline there will be a creation kit which will allow the player base to create adventures, the best thing to happen in RPG gaming since Neverwinter Nights.

    Larian are putting RPG gaming back on track. Let's not forget that Oblivion is also hard at work on Pillars of Eternity, and Bioware is looking to redeem itself with a (finally) worthy Dragon Age Game. Looks like 2014 maybe the year of the great RPG restoration! praise the RPG gods!

  27. Jun 30, 2014
    This is an amazing game. The Beta is over and I've been in on it for quite a while. I just got my hands on the final game, but I've played through it in various stages of completion.

    This is the most I've been impressed by this type of game in years. It's gives me the same sort of feeling I got when I first played Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter. It's got more depth than either of those
    games and the sheer scope of it is amazing. This is a huge game and is as close to a pen and paper RPG as I've ever played in a video game.

    The level of detail is great, the dialogue options are varied and you've got two characters that you create yourself that can converse with each other if you wish. The levels and objects are extremely interactive, and there are a ton of spells and skills.

    I seriously haven't been impressed by this type of RPG since the 90's. That's saying a lot as this is probably the biggest leap forward in this type of game since then. Well worth the money and time to play and has a lot of replay value.

    On top of all that, there's an editor that allows players to create their own adventures. I've only poked at it a little and haven't gotten into it yet, but it's an impressive addition to an already great game. There will be tons of replayability for this game.

    This is a serious contender for the best RPG of 2014 without a doubt.

    That said, it's not Skyrim. I'm not going to say it's better or worse than Skyrim, just that it's different. It's also not Diablo despite the similar perspective. It's turn based combat with an overhead view and party management. Combat is similar to the recent X-com games in some ways. That's not for everyone. It's also a bit more involved than the Final Fantasy menu based turn based combat. However, if you're into old school top down RPGs like the top down D&D games or ShadowRun, you should not miss this game. It hits every note right and is well worth playing.

    RPG fans should not miss this game. It's one of the best of it's type ever made.
  28. Jul 1, 2014
    A worthy successor to the hidden gems that are Divine Divinity and Divinity 2. The world is massive and open with lots of reactivity. It's filled with interesting places to see and things to do. You can do just about anything you want, in which order you want. No level scaling here, thankfully.

    The writing is typical of Larian with lots of smart jokes. The tactical turn based combat is
    much more interesting than today's hack'n slash-rpg's. The elemental magic is a great system, for example cast a lightning spell towards a bunch of enemies standing in a water puddle has a chance of electrifying the puddle and stunning all the enemies. If you cast an ice-spell, you can freeze them solid etc.

    Coop-mode is also a welcome addition, which works great. The character creation and leveling up is deep, and allows for a customized character without being limited by class. You can have a mage wielding a greatsword, or a rogue with expertice in healing. Almost any object in the world can be lifted, used, combined and crafted. You can make potions, weapons, armour and other objects from just about anything. Wear a bucket on your head like a helmet? Sure!

    If you have never tried the previous Divinity-games, it's easy to write this of as a Diablo-clone based on the looks. However, this is so much better and deeper. Imagine Ultima 7 combined with Baldurs Gate 2, with 2014-technology and graphics/sound. If you like rpg's you NEED this game.
  29. Jul 1, 2014
    Great game, the old school is the best, for sure one of the best RPGs made in the last decade, the best turn-based combat ever . This game gives me the same sort of feeling I got when I first played Baldur's Gate I and II. I love it
  30. Jul 1, 2014
    I was thinking, i grew up and thats why games doesnt give me same satisfaction anymore, i was so wrong, this game will be in top 10 RPG of all time...
  31. Jul 2, 2014
    It's fantastic so far so I'm glad I backed the game when it was still on Kick starter. The game rewards creative players and encourage exploration which is very uncommon in modern games. Its definitely one of the best RPG in this decade taking inspiration from games like Ultima and in my opinion holds up against the classics.
  32. Jul 20, 2014
    This is a re-review. I originally gave this a low score, but having finished the game I realize it deserves much better. A lot of people suggest fans of old isometric RPGs from 15 years ago (Ultima, BG) will like this game, and I would agree. But it's a game that shouldn't be compared to them, because it has a personality of its own.

    Major pros:

    + Combat is deep, tactical, and highly
    addictive. While not quite balanced as the first 1/3 is much harder than the last 1/3, if nothing else there's a definite sense of progression.
    + The story and setting don't have the heart of Bioware's best, but there's enough whimsy and intrigue to keep you engaged.
    + Multiple ways to conclude quests.


    - The UI lacks polish. Endless floating windows that get in the way of each other, limited camera rotation makes finding the right perspective difficult sometimes, tiny buttons. Functional, but could be much better.
    - Obtuse puzzles. I get that the developer didn't want to hand hold players, but pixel searching for buttons, vague clues you may not even find if you approach quests out of order, just cause grief.
    - Cheap instadeath moments. For example, there's a boss whose corpse will kill your character instantly if you step on him. But there is no warning that will happen. Resurrect scrolls are common enough, but it still annoys me.

    Besides certain puzzles which I genuinely disliked, the cons are more nitpicking than anything else. Overall, this is a must play for any fan of the great isometric RPGs of the past.
  33. Jul 7, 2014
    This pretty-looking game with interesting tactical combat is marred by very poor game design that gets worse the more you progress. At one point in the game, there is a whole region that you can easily miss if you didn't happen to come across a single parchment in the middle of nowhere, with dire consequences as you will get stumped in the story and not know how to progress. You also have no way of knowing that you did something wrong, because some areas are purposely designed to not be accessible when you first encounter them. There is also an overabundance of frustrating and at times nonsensical puzzles, some of which you cannot solve if you did not do the quests in a particular order and will leave you completely stumped. The game also has its own brand of physics-based puzzles, but sadly they are annoyingly overused. It involves throwing barrels or other objects onto holes in the ground which spew nasty stuff such as poison, and it will get old very quickly because it's not challenging, it's just dull and slows the game down.

    The character creation is also very odd. Supposedly, the classless system was designed for variety, but the combat schools are tied to a single attribute, so you can't create a dexterity-based fighter, or even a rogue that uses anything other than a dagger or ranged weapon, without severely gimping your character. This limits build choices. Also, there is no dual-wielding, which is very strange in a 2014 RPG.

    The game's camera is poor. If you click on a spot to travel to, your camera height does not follow your characters, so if you happen to be going downhill, you will see your characters from such a height that DoF will kick in and make them blurry. The only way to prevent this is to hold the button down and move the mouse in the direction you want to travel, but if you do this you can't pan the camera so navigation becomes a pain.

    The game's graphics are IMO pretty (for an overhead perspective game), but the performance is horrible. Make sure you have a beefy system if you wish to play the game maxed out at 60 Hz. Artistically, it's your standard fantasy setting, pleasant-looking but with nothing which really stands out.

    If you're on the fence about buying this game, wait for reviewers to get past Cyseal, when the game's design issues become more egregious.
  34. Jul 4, 2014
    The best RPG game in possibly a decade. The visuals are nice, the soundtrack is great, The story is interesting, it's new elements are innovative, choices actually do something, and character possibilities are so rich that there's something for everybody. Sometimes there is voice and sometimes not, which is kind of weird, and thus gives it a 9 instead of a 10.

    An essential game to own
    if you like Turn based RPGs. Expand
  35. Jul 1, 2014
    This Game is realy the savior of the classic cRPG´s. If you enjoyed games like Planescape Torment, Baldurs Gate or Fallout you WILL love this game. It has all the virtues of this RPG classics combined with SUPERB graphics, voice acting (not 100% of course), modern handing and a great UI. Even ppl that didnt know tactical and deep RPG´s should give it a try!
  36. Jul 7, 2014
    I can understand why there are so many 9 or 10s here. Because Larian studios is one of the few developers aiming to create great and classic RPG games, and generally will not scarifice a game's depth and quality in exchange for the taste of mass public. Also, there are so many average or even mediocre RPGs released in the recent years, so this game just shine like a diamond in a sea of sand.

    Although sticking to the formulas of old classic RPGs, let alone the plague of technical issues and quest related bugs, this rushed game still need more polishing before it can be a great game with good experience to most players.

    Here are the areas that need further polishing:
    - rock, paper, scissors argument system is just plain boring, it never comes close to the epic conversation of Bahdur's Gate
    - the self-talking mechanism between the main characters is just odd, it should have another ways to develop characters' social skill
    - there should be a general direction hint of what players should go, just like Divinity 2, so players will not just move to areas they are not supposed to go yet
    - traveling and picking up items are just chore, as it takes too many time and clicks
    - no balance of combat difficulty and the use of enviornment, tacticial variety should be allowed for player to pick from, but not a death is guaranteed if not following particular direction
    - equipment and character models should have a greater diversity
    - imbalance between quest types, there are just too many puzzle solving quests, and if not followed in particular orders, player will just get stuck
    - there are still improvement areas for how those puzzles are presented and solved
    - combat accuracy is too unreliable, resulting in just a save or load attempts, since enemies are generally overpowered
    - there should be more adjustment available for font size and camera angles

    Overall, it can be a great game just like Divinity 2 in the past, once all the issues are sorted out, but again it may take around 2 years again.
  37. Jul 1, 2014
    Its indeed the best rpg published since at least a decade , we had a few good things like grimrock blackguard, shadowrun , and MMX , but this one beats them all.
    Think a game like ultima 7 done today with modern graphics and humor and much better tactical combat.Theres an incredible attention to details, and although they ran out of time and couldnt a ddd everything they wanted to , its
    very polished and full of surprises.
    Cant go wrong with this one seriously, if they arent getting 90+ all over the place its because its a small studio who cant bribe like AAA publishers.
  38. May 6, 2014
    Playing the BETA and I am surprised at how much FUN i am having even with a few crashes and bugs. I love the depth of this game and cannot WAIT for more content to be included in the final release. That said the game play is great with the turn-based combat. At first you may be put off but then you realize you have to think through what you are doing instead of smashing buttons as fast as you can. This opens up a lot more enjoyment for the game. The other fun part is the game never takes itself seriously and allows you to laugh at it as it laughs at itself. Expand
  39. Jul 3, 2014
    I've waited a long time after Kickstarting this project. It has exceeded my expectations on every level and brings back so many memories of how games SHOULD be created. A perfect score from me.
  40. Jul 1, 2014
    It`s a truly great RPG and a game that will please many people. Larian wasn`t in my high-score studios list before, but this release is top-notch. I highly recommend this.
  41. Apr 11, 2014
    I have spent a couple of hours with this game and have found it to be a great disappointment. While I have no doubt that the creators took advantage of the latest in modern technology, it comes across as primitive. You can't see where you're going and movement is awkward. While the graphics quality is better, it's like playing Ultima, back in the day. I don't have time for this. If you enjoyed Dragon Age, you'll be as disappointed as I was. Expand
  42. Jul 12, 2014
    This game has a ton of potential unfortunately it feels unfinished. After about 50 hours in the game I can only find 1 flaw but its such a big deal it takes a 9/10 game to a 3/10. The game simply has no way of telling you where quests begin and where the quest wants you to go. Sure the NPC may say something like. "you will find what your looking for at the old mill" but where is the old mill you say? You could easily spend more then a few hours of real life time trying to find said mill. Thats where the game falls short BIG TIME. Every single quest you ever get is just like that. For people that have no lives and can waste countless hours of each play time session wasting time accomplishing nothing this game is a 9/10 for them. For people who have real lives and can only play 2 hours at a time this game gets boring very fast because you will never feel like you have accomplished anything. To please both crowds all that had to be done was a toggle button for quest paths/markers. Have it on if you like or get stuck or have it off if your the hardcore no real lifer. Shame on the devs for not including everyone to enjoy a game with such amazing potential. Expand
  43. Jul 5, 2014
    As is typical of Metacritic, most reviews are excessively negative or positive. This game does not deserve a 0/10 and it certainly does not deserve a 10/10 either. Divinity: Original Sin is an homage to the top-down RPG's of old, taking major hints from the Bioware hits Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights. But does it really measure up? If you ask me, it comes damn close but misses by a thread's hair.

    Let's break it down:

    Maps. The maps are huge and there is no loading in between interior and exterior environs. The graphics, for this type of game, are great. Probably the best I have personally seen in this genre. They don't just look good, but they're really well designed as well. The terrain has a natural flow to it, it's up and down, not just flat surfaces like you would find in the previously mentioned RPG's.

    Music. Is great. It's thematic, it of high quality and all around just works. The sound effects are likewise done well. That's all I really have to say about that.

    Story? Well, let's just say the story isn't winning any points in originality, the setting itself is your standard high fantasy fair. It actually sort of reminds me of the "rift" universe. In aesthetics, design and theme. As suggested by the title of the game there are underlying religious tones (it's got the typical Tolkien inspired "good vs ultimate evil" story) though I am not far enough in the game yet to make a real judgement.

    The writing is good, GOOD. But the game is not winning a Pulitzer (or even a Hugo). Dialogue is generally well written, if a little clichéd. It's more or less what you'd expect to find in a fantasy themed MMO (yes I realize this game is not an MMO, I'm just comparing the dialogue). There are only voice-effects for ambient dialogue, entering into a conversation is text only, so I hope you like reading (luckily, I do!) or mashing "1" to get through the dialogue options as quickly as possible. Exploration is highly encouraged and rewarded, in both items and experience. Seeking out every lonely corner of the map to search for treasure and baddies to kill is a must if you want to find the gear to outfit your party.

    Gameplay - Generally, aside from a few nit picks, the game play is decent. It doesn't really contain anything I haven't seen done (better, in some cases) in other games but it's solid and pretty fun. The only real downside is the excessive "difficulty" and I put difficulty in quotations for a reason. It's difficulty stems largely from the fact that you are always at a disadvantage, and usually, it's an artificial disadvantage. Certainly the AI does not seem to have the same limits on action points and thus each "unit" tends to be capable of doing more / turn than your party. But generally the fights are exciting and you never really know which way they will go. There were many times I thought I had a fight in the bag only to be thwarted by having my healer focus fired and decimated. The AI doesn't seem fabulous, but it's not riding the short bus either (*cough* Rome2 *cough*).

    The game tries to develop relations between characters (a la Dragon Age), however, none of the characters - That I have found - really have much of a character and those that do are stunningly simplistic. The only real PC I have come across that seems to have much in the way of a personality is the Warrior Madora.... Who only stands out because of the illogical and excessive bigotry this character seems to have towards anything and everything for reasons that are so far completely unexplained. The party social interactions sort of miss the mark, in my opinion. Dragon Age was such that the characters were fully developed, each had their own idiosyncrasies and background you could delve into through conversation. Personally, I grew attached to certain characters in Dragon Age and hate others. Dragon Age, in my opinion, was a break through in player immersion. The social/romance options and the fallout that came from them were, in a way, revolutionary. This was definitely helped by the fact that, true to Bioware standard, every line was voiced. You could hear the passion (or lackthereof), the cynicism and positivity of the characters according to their personalities. Divinity tries to accomplish this in various ways but falls disappointingly short. Anyone like me, who will take immersion over gameplay will feel this aspect of Divinity is a little lacking.

    Given that this is by an indie studio, however, this is perfectly understandable. They obviously don't have the resources of Bioware.


    I'd recommend this game to any fans of NWN / BG. It's good, it's fun, it has a lot going for it... But it's not the epic perfection that the Metacritic reviews make it out to be.
  44. Jul 1, 2014
    As a a lover of all things old-school RPG, this game hits all the right notes. No one is making games like this anymore, and Larian has managed to make a really great one. I see a lot of comparisons to Baldur's Gate, but the game has more Ultima VII in its DNA. Everything in the game is interact-able -- everything. The player is free to devise their own solutions to obstacles instead of blindly following a quest arrow. It almost reminds me of Deus Ex in that regard. Really, I can't recommend this game enough to fans of the genre (people looking for another Diablo-clone will be disappointed though).. Expand
  45. Jun 30, 2014
    Really nice and fresh air to crippled theme of new RPGs. Nice dialogues, charming environment and great story. If you liked Baldur's Gate or others old school games, you will love this masterpiece too.
  46. Jul 2, 2014
    Best game i have ever played. Everyone will must play in Divinity: Original Sin. It's like modern oldschool: Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment, Arcanum and others.
  47. Jul 2, 2014
    Registred only to rate this masterpiece and express my feelings.

    I've been busy with gaming for almost 25 years now and i can safely say that this is the first time in a long while i felt the way i did since back in late 90 's.

    Brilliant depth of story, level of design, soundtrack and turn based combat at its best. Just perfect.

    Support Larian, they truly deserve it. 10/10
  48. Jul 5, 2014
    The game has his problems, the alfa and beta were on a tiny version of the game and the modifications happened mostly to make the gameplay a bit more balanced in its variety. Goes without saying that the game has a few minor bugs or loading issues, because as a matter of fact the game despite alfa and beta was RUSHED(they just couldn't postpone any longer). Larian on its part is working only on fixing those bugs for the moment, it doesn't have other open projects and the constant updating, although for some tedious, shows that they are doing their best to fix whatever needs fixing. The game is not completely voiced and for people used to full-voiced games and very few books that can be a drag immersion-wise; the lack of full voicing was due to the fact that the game was expanded till the last minute before release, and since the voicing is the last part of the game-making any further voicing would have delayed the game release by a huge deal. Around 25% of the musics comes from old Larian games and half of the remaining was not specifically made for the game. This happened cause the author fell ill during the production and it was thought best to maintain unity rather than hire somebody else. Since most of the low rate reviews was on these issues I thought I might shed some light on the matter, Larian isn't a big-time production house, 1/4 of their founding came from kickstarters while the rest was a huge leap of faith on their part, a make it or break it kind of effort if you will. They took a small sector game(in the last years) such as cRPGs and jumped through hoops to make it as main-stream as they could, single-handedly taking the genre forward about 10 years. It is not a casual gamer kind of game, it forces you to read often more than most are willing to do, and it's not completely polished. Some said that the graphic is good and as a matter of fact it is, although the textures are often low quality, they did a lot of managing with the money and time they had and they achieved what they strived for, the game has an overall good feeling with as little as possible. D:OS doesn't deserve a 10 because it's the pinnacle of RPGs or because it showed a new way of doing things. It deserves the maximum score because it took an old formula left on the shelf for too long and without aid managed to make it viable in the year 2014.

    I'll leave you with a few numbers to make you understand why D:OS and Larian deserve 10/10 on this game:
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: production costs 85 million dollars.
    And although i have no numbers on the dragon age games one thing is for sure, their costs were well above 20 million dollars(i am keeping myself tight here)
    The witcher 2 10 million dollars(which was considered an insanely tight budget for the end result)
    Larian scraped up 3 million dollars plus 1 million of kickstarter during production for a total of 4 million dollars.

    They really outdid themselves with what they had, therefore this game sets a standard of quality for small houses and in my opinion the hiccups here and there can be forgiven. The 10 is not only for the game per-se that would still deserve a 9 as it is now but for how much was made with what little they had, I can but hope they'll make a **** of sales because I can't wait for their next game and I seriously hope the budget is gonna be less of an issue next time.
  49. Jul 24, 2014
    The game starts really well. It includes some hints like 'treasures are hidden off the rodden paths" and sure there are some side quests.
    It's actually one of the most linear rpg's I've played.
    The real issue is that the game more or less forces you to play the game in THE way developpers thought. If you don't, bad things happen:
    Bad thing 1: Bugs. You suddenly get a quest about
    events you never noticed, or get additional entries to your main quest about items you never found.
    Bad thing 2: You can't go where you want. Either you are too low level to survive, or the game just plain prevents you (near the endgame) unless you go back and change your choices in order to get some McGuffin.

    It's sad, because I like the humor, some 'side' quests are funny (but you need the xp at least early on, so do them - later you don't know it but you need stuff there so go for it too).

    There are other issues:
    You need a good eyesight, and your characters need good perception too, if you are to find the 4-pixel wide buttons somewhere on some walls. Unless you know where they are, you will spend hours watching at wall textures near the eye-level of your characters in close zoom, at different angles, with a poor camera.
    Companions are a joke. You have a choice of 2 with background or some others you can recruit much later with no incentive as they start level 1 - even if you can get them up to a decent level fast.
    Meaningless character dialogues. Most of them. Even when you manage to avoid saying something, the NPCs will still consider you said it. Long after you solved Mystery A, the corresponding dialogue options still show up.
    Unfinishable quests still show in your journal. Hey, that guy mentioned in the journal is dead, No use cluttering it with a quest I cannot finish. (Since I can't resurrect NPCs when they are not in my party despite the ubiquitous scrolls of resurrection)
    The end game is a chore. Really. Stop playing once you've reached the last dungeon (you should know it). Everything afterwards is just painful/boring. The last battle took me an hour and a half of just lowering the hit points of that damn monster who wasn't even that threatening but oh, my, 1h30 of repeating the same winning moves over and over again? That's not fun in any way.
  50. Jul 3, 2014
    This is one of the best games I have played in a long time, an unbelievable time sink that you enjoy every moment of. As you play new depths to the game are revealed. It's one of those games where not everything can be mentioned because there is just so much game. The first map alone can take 37 hours to complete then you still have 3 more big maps plus 6 smaller maps and that doesnt include dungeons. Combat is fun but challenging, interactivity with the world is incredible.

    More patches with new content is also coming. Comes with a mod kit (which is actually simple to use), so expect some crazy mods in the future on steamworks. Well done Larian you surpassed my expectations.

    This is a release impression
  51. Jul 3, 2014
    I can't even describe how much fun this game is. It made me use my account here for the first time, if that's any indication! The game is full of humour, deep turn-based combat, secrets, many roleplaying options, multiple solutions for quests, choices and consequences... It's almost too good to be true, but it is true. It has its flaws, of course, every game has. But they're negligible. The game is awesome, and deserve all the praise it's getting. Expand
  52. Jul 8, 2014
    Graphics and combat are nice they are the only reason I gave the game a 4. Everything else...a mess. I love an open world adventure, but this game just leaves you totally in the dark. There is a storyline..yes, but guessing where you have to go next is a chore. I wandered aimlessly around Black Cove searching for some way to open a door to proceed for hours....I understand gaming is supposed to be a time waster...but your supposed to enjoy that wasted time. Camera is a joke and hides half of the things needed to proceed. The "journal" is really no help. No map markers giving you an inkling of where your supposed to head next....all in's just a mess.

    Original idea was great...execution was horrible.
  53. Jul 3, 2014
    It has been so long since i played a RPG like this. It is everything i hoped.
    Sure it has its limitation, like the game is not fully voiced, the animations/graphics arent top notch, the UI could use a little work and there are a few bugs, but i can look over all of those things and still give a perfect score, why?
    Because the game excedes in everything else it tries to do, it is so much
    like old schools RPGs ,like baldur's gate and the original Neverwinter nights. This style of game is missed by many, unforturnally bioware doesnt make like this since anymore, The last one was Dragon age: Origins.

    A few noteworthy featues:

    -A lot of exploration
    -Tons of dialogs with randoms NPCs,
    -Side quests, just in the first town there are already so much to do, that sometimes you forget the main quest.
    -The combat system is great, turn based done right
    -Two main characters which is something different, great when you are playing Coop
    -Party system, with interaction with companions Bioware style
    -Map/mod creator, if you played Neverwinter Nights back in the day, you remember how important that is. Endless possibilitys there.
    -Good character creator system(it is not as complex as D&D but it is good enought)

    In conclusion, if you are looking for a true RPG experience this is THE game to play right now, if you are looking for another AAA "Action RPG" that are all about combat and quick reward, stay away from this one
  54. Jul 3, 2014
    One of the best RPG's ever, there is practically no limit in what you can do, and the turn based combat is just perfect, haven't had so much fun in a game of this magnitude in a very long time. This game is best enjoyed when playing with a friend
  55. Jul 3, 2014
    This is a game that makes you realise how insensitive we've become in our gaming experience. We've allowed ourselves to accept that market giants lowers the standards of gaming under false pretenses of better performance, next gen tech or accessible gameplay.
    This is a game that slaps you in face and makes you wake up from your Matrix-like existence "Wake up Neo!" and reminds us of what
    we once had and what we've lost during the last 10 years!
    There's still a couple of rough edges, true, still that would make this game a 9 out of 10 by my book. But I'll be damned if I didn't kick it up by one more point just cuz these guys had the balls to do what they did!
    This deserves eternal respect!
  56. Jul 2, 2014
    Every person that likes RPGs and thought-provoking games in general, should say a HUGE thank you to Larian studios for setting the bar so high! Kickstarter games of the genre must now compare to this masterpiece and not be content with "good for a kickstarter game" status.
  57. Jul 4, 2014
    D:OS is a great game and an example of a successful Kickstarter campaign. It's kind of a mash-up between Ultima 7, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout (the earlier games, and not Fallout 3 onward), so the "old-school" crowd will dig it. This isometric RPG allows your party to explore the world in real time. Whenever enemies are encountered, the action switches to turn-based combat. Your party can manipulate the environment within and outside of combat, crafting is available, and you can even play co-op with a friend. Highly recommended Expand
  58. Jul 3, 2014
    After playing for 3 days now I can say this is the cRPG that RPG lovers have been waiting years for. I'm fairly new to the RPG genre, (as in Dragon Age Origins was the first RPG I played, since have played BG2, Planescape Torment, Fallout 2, NWN). This game is so much fun and has so much depth, it's awesome to see a studio bring something like this out in 2014. A few minor hick-ups make this a solid 9/10, but it's gets a 10/10 on the slider to off-set the couple of 0/10 cry baby rage quitters on here : ) Get the game, support the studio, and don't go online looking stuff up, you'll spoil the awesome surprises waiting for you in D:OS! Expand
  59. Jul 4, 2014
    I just love this game :D, Larian studios just hit the nail with this game. After very successful KS campaign and quite long alpha/beta period they managed to fulfill and improve most of their KS promises/features.

    There is so much content that in 15h of playtime i didn't even left the first town. Considering this I will easily spend 100h during my first playthrough.

    When i started
    playing game just sucked me into beautiful world and interesting stories. Turn based combat is fun, smooth, challenging and amount of diversity in character creating offers many interesting builds to play with.

    Many thanks to Larian for what is till now a really awesome game! Needless to say it will most likely take place as my best RPG of 2014.
  60. Jul 4, 2014
    A great disappointment. The game is kick-started by community, and have gone through the stages of alpha and beta. Many bug reports are submitted by the community, in the hope that they will be addressed when the game launches.

    However, the truth is that most of those issues are not addressed at all, and the game just launch in such a buggy status.

    So, what 's the result? A lot of
    users suffer from loading issues, game crash and save corruption.

    Therefore, the game is now nearly updated at a daily basis, but unfortunately there are more and more bugs discovered by the community as the game is on sale now.

    This is unacceptable for such a long development cycle, and the tons of new bugs identified just make me doubt about if the game is actually tested before launch.

    At this rate, I wonder if the game will be at least free of game-breaking bugs one month after the launch.

    If you are interested, just check the steam forum for the issues currently reported by the community.

    See for yourself before you make a purchase decision. Don't just blindly buy a game if you have to wait for a long time before it is finally playable.
  61. Jul 2, 2014
    This game is totally AWESOME! An AAA game funded with Kickstarter. + Level design + Story + EPIC Co-op + Tons of quests + Many way to reach your goals + Interaction between Characters (if you co-op too) and with NPC + Humor + No waypoint on the maps for quests + Combat (Turn Based) System + Deep Character generation + Talents, skills ... - this is how an RPG have to be made!

    Thumb up for Larian Studios!!!

    ... ah ... you can create your own adventures with the editor included!
  62. Jul 3, 2014
    Although the game leaves beta, game breaking bugs are still everywhere. Long loading time or save corruption still can happen randomly. The game also have some performance issues which exist during the stages of alpha.

    The plot is also quite linear and boring. Class distinction is meh. The only positive is the interaction with environment during combat.
  63. Jul 5, 2014
    This game, although with much potential , for me - is super boring. I mean, sure, there is so much u can do , but the super slow pace of the game feels like im loosing time in game with no action going on. Dissapointed overall.
  64. Jul 2, 2014
    I was caught totally unprepared by this game. I did not expect such a masterpiece. It is really addictive and fun adventure, unlike any other that I've played within the past 10 years.

    Bravo, Larian!
  65. Jul 2, 2014
    If you enjoy an RPG with ultimate freedom, great co-op, and unmatched tactical combat, then Divinity: Original Sin is for you. It's a game about making your own story, instead of following the same worn out path. Furthermore, the editor gave me a fantastic first impression, and I feel like the decades long life of this masterpiece is just beginning.
  66. Jul 2, 2014
    Finally a game worth registering to give it a score yes they deserve a 10 and yes you should buy it if you like old school RPG this is the one for you and I hope they make more.

    The time detail and attention that has gone into this game is amazing it puts to shame the pretty but sadly mass produced rpgs we have be fed the last few years.
  67. Jul 3, 2014
    It's like playing Baldur's Gate again for the first time, with all the coolness of modern technology. It's a great game with a great story, great mechanics and it's all very open and interactive.
  68. Jul 11, 2014
    I played this game for like 8 hours and I can honestly say this is not a good game as it was promoted I know now certain people might seriously get hurt and try to censor my review (like done to my previous review) in order to cover up the truth but truth can never be hidden forever. I actually had high hopes since some people in everywhere talks positively about this game so I bought it and started playing it.

    I am gonna group my review into categories in order to make it easy to read. first graphics, sounds, (voice , ambient music), gameplay, features ,technical side and my honest view.

    the graphics isn't really great like it was promoted the characters have less polygons and when the game is zoomed to a character it's quite visible and body and face textures don't blend together well and it's quite visible in character creation menu, the settings show the game has ambient occlusion, SMAA like that graphical options but they ain't really visible in the game and there is motion blur in the game but it's totally useful because who would want motion blur for a strategy RPG game? we want to see the entire screen it shouldn't be blur when characters move like in first person shooter games and SMAA 1x does not do a good job because when it's set still I could see the jaggy lines around the characters so there has to be more options like SMAA 4X or 8X unless SMAA option is useless, the game has a lot of shiny effects but it breaks the realism of the game and beaches ain't realistic the area where the water and ground met doesn't blend together properly so water stays in a specific shape and there are no waves come from the sea.

    sounds ain't really awesome either. there ain't any memorable or interesting soundtracks the menu music seems like a music plays in a funeral so boring and it makes me depress and cry I dunno why but it seems really bad for a game like this honestly and there ain't any good music during the gameplay and characters don't have voices and everything is like text based but occasionally our main characters babble something and it has voice and ambient music isn't great there isn't proper ambient music either in beaches there is an obvious ambient sound in real world but it doesn't appear in this game and in jungles ,in dungeons it's same you will feel like less realistic in every area, there are a lot of dialogs but most of dialogs don't have voices so you just read them like an article.

    game seems have a lot of unnecessary features like picking unnecessary objects that you never use and picking items that you can catch fishes but actually you can't use them for catch fishes and there is no day and night cycle but developers promised to do it and there is no in game time and it always stays in the same time and you can't sail on boats, ships and can't even swim but there a lot of ships and ponds there and there is a large sea around the ground too but it's totally useless since there is no swimming, boating, sailing features and everything is set in the ground it makes me really disappointed. I really had high hopes but after playing the game everything was broken.I heard that developers claim it's hard to implement day and night cycle feature but it's not a proper excuse certain games have it so why this doesn't? I don't care about the game's price if it's worth I would buy no matter how much it's.

    technical side is same like the game features. the game seems heavy and I can't even ALT+TAB to come to the desktop because then it takes a lot of minutes and the game seems consume both processor and the GPU heavily but it doesn't even look like a high end graphical game I feel like developers wasted their time on a lot of unnecessary things and game stutters a lot specially when there is going to be battle or approaching to a new area but luckily if you wander in the same area there is no stuttering and it takes 2 mints to load the game to the gaming world and it takes like 45 seconds to load into the character creation menu and texts are really small so it's hard to read from distance I have to come and close to the screen to read everything so reading the things is really hard and it makes me discourage and painful and there are a lot of lengthy dialogs and most of dialogs are not really necessary, and buttons for opening important menus like inventory, map are really small and not even properly visible. it takes a lot of times to search them, the game doesn't have a direction and you have to wonder everywhere to reach to the destination and no horses if there is a horse at least the traveling would be easy and the UI seems so messy like dialog UI is so big and it covers 1/4 of the screen during a dialog so basically you can't do many things in this game like people say it's like a big hype and the game is still in the beta level because there a lot of technical issues and developers seem fix them in each day but it's also annoying to update the game constantly.
  69. Jul 4, 2014
    Created an account just to write a review for this. The game is brilliant, it has everything I've always hoped for in an RPG and its the first game to achieve that. Even if 'all' the parts doesn't live up to their full potential, the fact that it has -all- the parts is enough that this game stands not just on its own merit, but lifts the bar for other RPG's to follow!
  70. Jul 2, 2014
    One of the best classical RPG made in recent years. I've sinked 15 hours for early beta, and the final version is already a quite polished game since then. Pros: 1. Classical isomatric view with authentic art direction and neat graphic. 2. Depth in story, puzzle and mystery, the 1st murder case is complex and can be solved in multiple ways. A lot of intriguing side quests. 3. classic and smooth turn based combat using action points. Smart use of elemental magic that counters each other e.g. electrocute enemies if they stand on water, use ice or rain to put out fire.
    4. rich in loot, random status of loot, and a ton of ingredients.
    5. attention to detail, variety of skills to use, complex but not complicated, similar to fallout 1,2.
    6. Online COOP for the campaign!

    Cons: 1. still some bugs, such as by-stand NPC repeating just 1 dialog over and over while you are concentrating to read thru a real conversation.
    2. no dialog voice over (due to small budget)
    3. just 1 skill point after level up is not really useful after high level, because you need to save up more points for specialization. This is quite redundant.
    4. the quests can be very difficult and sometimes misleading with the clues, you might lose your orientation, I am afraid in later stages the quest gets overwhelming and some players just drop out of the game.

    Conclusion, if you enjoys BG1,2 fallout 1,2 you would love this game. totally worth the price.
  71. Jul 2, 2014
    Was a kickstarter backer and very glad I was. The amount of depth in this game is amazing. All the different skills, the dialogue, the crazy amount of quests. And it's not just linear, or one way to do quests. A lot of quests have different ways to complete them, different outcomes. The combat is beautiful, all the skills are so varied and amazing to use. The customization is intense. You can just pick and choose whatever you want. Want to start out with a fire mage/ranger? Sure! Witchcraft/Rogue/Water mage? Why not? The only thing I have to say negative is it is a bit glitchy and buggy, and the way to get skills is a bit annoying, buying the skillbooks from merchants. Also wish the 2 other companions were in the game currently, but there are tons of henchmen of all different classes. This is a party game mostly, you control at least 2-4 members. Highly recommended, you will be totally immersed and won't have your hand held at all! Expand
  72. Jul 3, 2014
    Great game! Neverwinter Nights / Baldur's Gate with 2014 graphics and features... and not hampered by a pen and paper rule-set... deep and satisfying.
  73. Jul 8, 2014
    Mostly very good turn-based combat. Breaks down late-game if you min/max at all, and can also break down early-game if you min/max competently, but if you avoid doing that then the combat is the best part of the game. Environmental interactions: Best I've ever seen. Water+lightning, fire+poison, water+ice, water+fire, lightning+blood, etc.; the way they interact is very fun, and makes the battles interesting, though cluttered at times (especially as the smoke created by your fire magic obstructs line of sight to your targets).

    Character customization is alright, but between 2-4 characters you can experience everything the game has to offer. Not very deep. Some talents are very fun, but most are extremely boring. Also no appearence customization.

    RPG elements are honestly very poor. The dialogue is weak; quirky, but the humor falls flat a lot of the time. Never sure if I'm supposed to take what's happening seriously or as a joke; it's played straight and not over-the-top enough that it could go either way. In either case, I didn't find it especially funny or interesting, but that may be because of my personality.

    Game reacts very poorly to player actions. For example: Two guards attack you at the start: You can murder them and nobody cares. You can't tell the guard captain about what happened. Another example: You can find physical evidence as to the identify and actions of the early-game antagonist is by exploring, but you can't tell anybody about what you know (despite even having his journal in hand) because that's not a part of the quest. Another example: After you complete the first zone, nobody cares. Guard captain still calls you an obnoxious **** who's only there to get in his way, people of the city act if it's still in danger, etc. Many more examples, too many to list.

    Quest system is very bad. After the first zone, you get no clues about where to go. "Find the white witch"; white witch's cabin is protected by a force field. Remove it. How? Never explained, nobody knows. Hope you like exploring and have a character with high perception to detect the hidden main story quest items, or are happy with googling the solution. Not only example of this problem, but I'm trying to be succinct.

    Puzzles: Very annoying. One puzzle, looks like you can throw your teleporting pyramid over a chasm, but you can't because there's an invisible wall there. Next room: the solution to the puzzle is to throw your teleporter pyramid across a chasm identical to the situation that was impossible just a few minutes ago. Many other examples of this: The rules of what's possible and what isn't change arbitrarily; are inconsistent. You cannot deduce the solution to a puzzle a lot of the time, it's just trial and failure, or pixelhunting. More frustrating than satisfying.

    Companion NPCs are nonexistant. Only two in game, other are voiceless henchmen.

    Other things... no day/night cycle. Camera is not very good. Can't zoom out far enough, gets stuck at strange zoom levels, foreground elements (like trees, big rocks, foliage, etc.) constantly obstruct vision. Dents in the terrain often impact camera strangely.

    Interface is overall poor. Many important features hidden with tiny icons; not designed for big monitors and high resolutions. Did not even know about "delay turn" button until someone told me.

    Skill bar: Too small. 10 skills, 3 bars, must be cycled through (with no hotkey) by clicking tiny arrows next to the bar. Very irritating; you will end up with 50+ skills on your mages, making you constantly click the tiny buttons or just opening your spellbook to cast them from there.

    Combat complaint: You need to click models to target them. Models continue playing idle animations in combat. Sometimes they will be obstructed by aforementioned doodads. Situation: You mouse-over your target. You wait 2 seconds to be 100% sure you can click it. You click. The model played its idle animation, which (somehow...) made its center of mass no longer act as a point it could be selected at. Your character spends action points walking up to the enemy instead of attacking it. Extremely irritating.

    Inventory management is cluttered; too much crap to pick up, which can't be ignore because some of the crap you pick up will be vital to have on-hand to solve puzzles - you can end up with 100 items in your inventory, often making it a nightmare to navigate until you can go through every single item and rule them out as important then get rid of them.

    ARPG/Diablo-style, but with no "smart loot". You will probably not remember a single item in this game. You will not care. 99.9% of it is vendor trash. Vendors sell random loot, including random skill books required to learn skills, and only reset their inventory when your main character levels up. If unlucky, you may never get access to many of the skills in the game.

    TLDR: Combat is very good, most other aspects are alright but need a lot of polish, RPG aspects are very poor.
  74. Jul 16, 2014
    The game's not horrible, but it's nowhere near the masterpiece people seem to be calling it.
    Story - mediocre and predictable, but not terrible. If you're able to willingly suspend your disbelief long enough to watch Revenge of the Fallen, you can probably turn off your brain enough to be entertained by this game's plot. But that's the level the plot's on. Summer action blockbuster

    Combat - Mediocre, with some impressive elements. People have compared the combat to X-COM, and I have a one-word piece of advice. Don't. X-COM is a masterpiece of tactical squad-based combat, quite possibly the best made by anyone, to date (and I used to like Breach and the original X-Com) and this... well, this isn't. It's not horrible, but it's not nearly as polished as a game where tactical combat *is* basically the whole game. That's just foolishness.

    Gameplay - This is where it takes a bit of a bath. Maybe once there are mods to deal with the finite random loot issue, or the inventory management hell which (despite the squares in inventory) is all too reminiscent of why I started to hate the Ultimas... but for now, gameplay is full of useless timesinks such as repair hammers and jumbled inventory with appallingly few sorting options. I know many will excuse this by claiming the modding community will (or already has) start to address these issues, but the fact is that only a piss-poor release obligates the modding community to incorporate functionality the devs should have built in the first place. I felt the same about Skyrim's UI out of the box too, so don't feel I'm being unfair on D:OS.

    Vision - This is probably the single best thing about the game; while they didn't necessarily achieve all they set out to achieve, the dev team for D:OS has done some interesting work in the way their elemental interactions go together, and has done a reasonable job of fleshing out certain skills. That said, there are balance issues with the interactions (wet/stun, wet/freeze and leech/bloodletting as examples) which have necessitated patches (since release) to adjust and will, I'm sure, require more. Also, I can't be the only person who realises that a path from electrified puddle to foot to ground doesn't pass through anything which would cause a stunning effect. Other abilities could stand some work too - other than Pet Pal, there's very little in-context incentive to invest in anything but combat-centric abilities. Certainly there's not much point in being charismatic when one can save-scum until rock-scissors-spacebar works.

    With the right mods to improve its faults and the right patches to adjust balance through means other than immunities (for example, let a boss be frozen but give him/her an explosive ability to break out and damage nearby characters when it happens), I could see this game achieving about a 6 or 7 rating; at present, as it is, and based on its quality at release, the 4 stands.

    One final note... old-school, this game is not. Might and Magic 1-3, the SSI gold boxes, Bard's Tale, Wizardry 1-5 and Ultima 1-6 are old-school. This is some johnny-come-lately stuff. If it didn't come on a set of 360K-1.44Mb floppies, it's not old-school. Period.
  75. Jul 4, 2014
    I wish more people knew about this game. It has great graphics, steadily pumping at a high frame rate with max settings.Divinity is exciting and fun, while still being turn-based. The crazy thing is that I haven't even played this game yet!
  76. Jul 2, 2014
    Best RPG I have played in the recent years. It has all what I like including turn-based combat, interesting plot, a lot of decisions and well-done graphics. Nice work for true RPG fans!
  77. Jul 26, 2014
    So what we have here. Another childish fantasy, where everything is green. Stupid story written by a five-nephew of the main developers, dilaogy wrote to his younger sister. Absolutely no atmosphere, which drew players into the game, just another generic fantasy pun, this time enriched RPG elements.
  78. Jul 3, 2014
    *sigh* It's been so long since I've had so much fun with a turn based rpg. Of course most of that is due to the fact that there aren't many anymore - unless you count the Japanese ones like Pokemon, which I don't enjoy.

    So, yes, the combat is fairly simple to get a hang of, but also very challenging. You have to have a strategy to succeed, but you do have the option to flee if things
    get too hairy. For me, the combat is the best part of the game - which is unusual because I don't normally enjoy combat. I guess it's because each encounter feels unique and because there's a variety of different enemies that require unique strategies to overcome. There are also a bunch of different classes and you can mix and match the skills to make your own blend of character - a fireball throwing thief for example.

    The magic system is awesome btw. You can light oil on fire, create a rainstorm to put it own, then electrify the water puddles to stun enemies, freeze the water to make them slip etc. Really creates some interesting situations. Mages aren't the only ones who can do this either. Archers can shoot flame, water, poison, ice etc arrows.

    Something to keep in mind though: this game was made on a tight budget compared to most modern releases. A lot of it of it is voiced, but most of it isn't. It's more like classic RPGs like Bauldur's Gate in terms of dialog. Don't expect Mass Effect cutscenes etc. Also, not a lot of options for character customization. There are some though and I'm sure mods will add more. (Did I mention mods? It comes with the editor the used to make the game and it looks pretty nifty - though I haven't had the chance to play with it much.) The devs might make some additions too. They've been updating it frequently and fixes every little bug that's cropped up.

    Back to dialog: there are dialog tree and some conversation skills. There's also a conversation mini-game for arguments that I don't enjoy too much, but it's tolerable as it is determined by stats as well as luck. It was probably included to solve disputes when you play multiplayer co-op - which, I haven't played, but most seem to enjoy it.

    The story is decent - same the universe and all that, but it does seem to be somewhat non-linear - as in it makes room for you to do things in an odd order should you choose. There are a few memorable characters and some unexpected plot twists etc. A lot of content too. The game is actually way longer than I expected. A ton of side quests as well.

    On the whole you can really tell the devs put their hearts into this and that's a rare thing too these days. 10/10. Great game.
  79. Jul 1, 2014
    I deliberately waited for the release and was sure that Larian wouldn't fall into some fishy business with early access like some other companies did, iykwim. DOS constantly updates and now it's very fun, deep, detailed and very addictive. I'm a big fan of old-school hardcore genre, so this game is really a pearl amongst swine:)
  80. Jul 2, 2014
    If you are a fan of turn based gameplay and innovative charming story telling then you will love this game. You can tell that the developers put a lot of love and effort into this game. Its a crying shame that games like this will only ever be made by crowd funded developers. This is a game made for RPG fans by RPG fans and it does not disappoint. If you call yourself a gamer and you do not have this game, shame on you! Seriously go and buy it right now.. its that good. Expand
  81. Jul 3, 2014
    20 hours in and this game is fantastic, a wonderful deep RPG with a rich, complex world to explore and a staggering amount of stuff to do. The only major issues i'd point out are technical and a possible subjective issue in that a lot of fans of the original divinity games may not appreciate the move to turn based combat, however this possible problem is offset by how god damn fun the new combat system is. Due to a late press copy there aren't many official reviews out yet so this game is selling solely on word of mouth, so any fans need to speak up! Expand
  82. Jul 4, 2014
    I clocked about 70 hours now in 4 days. **** amazing game ! Everything from crafting to systems in games is polished as ****

    Return of cRPG era !

    Get candle put in oil and watch as world burns !
  83. Jul 4, 2014
    One realy pleasant surprise this gem of a game. It had a somewhat sketchy launch at 30-06-2014, but as of right now (04-07-2014), 5 days later of launch, it already received a large number of hotfixes and updates to make the game even more polished and realy feels 100% as an AAA title in full right.

    Game is funny, full of exploration surprises, RPG elements realy interesting but not
    boring, combat is turned based but surprisingly fast and fun.

    I do believe that most (if not all) people complaining of negative ratings on this game must either have terribly optimized PC software/hardware or realy hate true RPGs not feeling them "action" enough.

    This game does not hand-hold you telling everytime where to go. There is no skyrim-like button you can press to know to way to go nor a mapmarker to tell you where to go next. There is no giant popups on screen telling you that an NPC wants to give you a quest on the next corner nor a glowing UI telling there is an object that needs to be picked up. Everything is done by exploring, conversating with NPCs, having "feelings" and "suspicious" that something is strange there and investigate.

    If you are used to games like diablo3 that is loot, loot, loot, kill, kill, kill, you will be disapointed with this game, it's more like older games that realy rewarded you for being inteligent, inquisitive, explorer and curious. In a sense it's not an interactive movie, but a treasure-finding game in every corner.

    Unfortunately, this latest gamming generation of people is more about easy and quick satisfaction instead of working towards a hidden goal that needs to use the brain, so probably you will find a lot of negative people saying that its "slow" or "non-intuitive" or "no quest markers, zomg!" or "no full voice textz, i need to readz, it's so 10 years ago, zomgz!".

    Don't play this game as an easy hack-n-slash expecting to end the game in 10 hours and get over with it, this is a game that will probably take you over 40hours if you are new to the (real)RPG elements and if you enjoy exploring and experiencing most of the hidden stuff.

    Also, there is the toolkit for the game engine that the developer released with the game, basically meaning that fans can build free content, mods that will probably change anything you might not fully enjoy in the game, etc. At the launch price with all this stuff, it's a given good value.

    As of now, i'm over 10 hours in the game, but i keep going back to see if i missed some corner unexplored and i still have some quests i', not sure how to proceed, but i'm folowing "gut-feelings" of where they might be.

    Bottom line: For an RPGer, i believe this is probably the best game launched in the last 10 years, probably only Dragon Age: Origins might be close behind.
    For a non-RPGer, it's harder to predict if you'll like it. You might love it, you might not. But if you have cash i highly recomend you try it because it's a potential "life-remembering" game.
  84. Jul 5, 2014
    Excellent RPG! Beware, it's 3D isometric, but has nothing in common with Diablo or other H&S. It' a real, complex RPG. Also I thought I did not like the turn-based combats, but they are really very interesting and very well done. The environment do not change (you don't go into a special grid for the combat), and you can use the environment at your advantage. Beware because the combats are tough, enemies are smart and are easily tougher than your characters, so you must use caution. I also very much like the fact that you are not "taken by the hand", you really have to search for yourself for the quests. Also the fact that you don't play one but two characters who can sometimes argue other what to do. Expand
  85. Jul 3, 2014
    This is truly an excellent RPG. It never stops to surprise me with "things I had no idea could be done" and it's freaking addictive! The only issue I have with this game is the random drops which can and I hope will be fixed by someone. (either devs or mods) I usually only give a 10 sometimes to compensate for stupid 0s, this is not the case. It's a 10 because it IS an awesome game. Great job Larian. Expand
  86. Jul 3, 2014
    My friend and I bought this game to have something to play together, and went into the universe without high expectations... We were blown away. Highly recommended.
  87. Jul 4, 2014
    Divinity: Original Sin feels like the lovechild of Baldur's Gate and Golden Sun. I love that spells are useful in and out of combat and that, as a player, I wanted to cover all my bases in tems of skills and talents (no min-maxing). The voice acting for the main characters and some NPCs is a nice touch that wasn't there in the beta. My favorite part is probably the cooperative conversations, which may or may not be innovative but add a tremendous amount to multiplayer games. I'm not very far into the story but I have high hopes for it. I've heard that the previous Divinity games were forgettable but it seems like the crowdsourcing helped a lot! Expand
  88. Jul 3, 2014
    What a wonderful game. Tons of skills, attributes, gear, stats - DEEP synergy system between skills/environment etc... What an amazing game. Lots of conversations to take part in and idle chatter/ambiance all around. Great music and sound effects. The movement seemed real choppy and awkward at first. - Realized you click the ground and pan the camera around with WASD became much more fluid. I can't give any game a 10 and there are no decimals - 9.4

    If you like Rpg games then don't be a fool, pick this up. There is just no way that you, as an RPG fan, could possibly be disappointed. Rather you will be losing significant amounts of your time in a flash with no regrets to speak of!
  89. Jul 4, 2014
    Camera is absolutely rubbish, it even flying out the sky If you do simple things like walking up or down, combat has absolutely absurd miss chances in melee (I specced 100% Into hitting my blows and I still had the issue of only having about 50%~ hitchance against huge lumping orcs), Spells are either completely absent without spending thousands of golds in vendors, do no damage or simply never feel like applying their effects when you need it the most as casters are the most fragile classes and don't even get me started on the dialog system. Rock paper scissors. Really?

    My biggest disappointment and at the same time, great laughter though, was that how my 2 hulking warriors could not take down a thin, wooden glass door with 3 greatswords and 2 halberd axes. Initially planning to break in and steal some stuff in a deserted house, the door got down to 40% before all of my weapons broke, leaving me with a slightly damaged nigh invulnerable door and huge expenses in weapon repairs and that's just pathetic for any RPG standard.

    Yes, I am well aware that you can pick locks but unfortunately, my character specialized in lockpicking did not deem it necessary to bring any lockpicks on his grand journey and nor did any of the 52 NPC's I've traded with or the dozens of houses I robbed have any. These may seem like small complaints, and from some aspects of view, they are. But really, the biggest offense here was how I tried to derail from the generic path at the first city and was met with only opponents more than 3 times my level, which I either had to abuse-win by packing oil barrels and letting them explode in their faces or get instantly wiped out even with the best gear humanly possible.

    Long story short, this game has a long way to go and It's really quite the embarassment to be called a release with patch after patch after patch confirming this.
  90. Jul 12, 2014
    Pros: Its definitly an rpg Good graphics Cons: Volumes of text Very very slow gameplay Turned based Poorly optimized If your a fan of baldurs gate than you will defenitly enjoy this game. If you enjoy rpg's but don't like to take turns punching each other and reading volumes and volumes and volumes of text than this game is not good enough to make up for its downsides. I was looking forward to this game for a long time but now that its out im a bit dissapointed. I also hate how a simple top down turn based rpg is so resource intensive on the computer. Expand
  91. Jul 2, 2014
    I just created an account to make this review. I have not yet finished the game, but I can tell so far (15 hours in) that This game is a must have for all RPG fans:

    - Great interactions with the world and the characters (good randomisation in conversations, items that you can actually pick up and not just look at);
    - Deep customisation of your party (from visuals to stats and skills);

    - Lot of choices to level up your character (lots of spells, armor, weapons, skills - both passives and actives);
    - Spells that interact with the world around you: you can cast a rain spell and make everyone around you wet, so they become less resistant to shock spells and more resistant to fire spells; poison clouds explode in contact with fire spells, etc.

    Two things I did not liked so far: camera (a little clunky sometimes, requires getting used to) and te repetitiveness in conversations around you (almost every time you engage in conversation with some NPC, the others around you start talking the same thing over and over again, without stop).

    All things considered, this is a great RPG to play both singleplayer or with another person. Worth the time and the money!
  92. Jul 2, 2014
    Tenia mas de 10 años que no me divertia tanto con un juego de ROL, me recuerda mucho a juegos como Ultima VII, la interaccion y los chistes son buenos, no esperes un clon de algun juego conocido, la gente de Larian hace sus juegos con sus propios meritos, lo recomiendo.
  93. Jul 2, 2014
    Another one of the many who registered to metacritic for this review. Amazing. As an older gamer who has been burnt out with games recently. This one sucked me in. So many games get accessibility wrong and lose you in the first few minutes. This one doesn't hold your hand, but it's so well choreographed. This one just works. It reminds me of gaming back in the early 90's and it's got me hopeful again for gaming in general. Great work Larian. Expand
  94. Jul 3, 2014
    Graphically, D:OS looks like Dragon Knight Saga. Some of the graphics are ripped straight from the contents of that game. You can just move the camera now to different zoom levels above the default zoomed in view; which is important in the turn-based battles.

    Archetypes have progressed from Warrior, Wizard, Ranger to a whole host of options. You can still mix and match everything to
    match your playstyle. If you want to be a bow-wielding ranger with water (healing) magic and dabble in picking pockets, go right ahead. You're only limited by the number of skill points you get in the game. You start out with 5 at character creation and then 1/level to 5, 2/to 10 and then 3/level to the cap of 20, IIRC.

    Loot will sometimes contain skill raising modifiers, so you might find bracers that give +1 to your bow skill or boots that raise your barter skill, etc. Loot is randomly generated on opening a chest or clicking a corpse. There are common, rare, legendary, etc. types of ranges for loot descriptions. Basically white loot has no modifiers, just a character or attribute level to equip. Say a magic staff requires 8 Intelligence, for example. Blue has one modifier, green two or three, orange four or five and there is also some unique gear that is always the same from game to game.

    Crafting is in and you can craft hundreds of items. Much of it is unnecessary, but several recipes are vital to your success. If you want to craft metal items, you'll need some blacksmithing too. You can craft scrolls, spellbooks, armor, weapons, rings, food, and weapons and that's not all. If you have an archer, you might make him your crafter as special arrows are rare and expensive, so crafting your own will limit your out of pocket. Crafting ingredients are common loot.

    The economy is broken as in most loot-focused crpgs. You'll have 100,000 gold by the end of the demo area. You'll be able to buy anything you want before leaving the first town and merchants have cheap stuff that isn't worth buying, with skillbooks being the exception.

    There is no resting but there is also no mana so spells to restore health are free outside of combat and potions are extremely common. There are potions that raise stats temporarily, but they're useless and can be sold. You might keep potions that give resistance to fire, poison, etc because of terrain.

    Combat is turn-based and is very much about controlling the battlefield. Nearly every combat will have environmental hazards that you can use to your advantage and so can the enemy. If you're standing next to a barrel of oil when a fireball goes off, you're going to burn for several rounds. Lightning that hits blood or water will elecrtify the whole area where it is located causing little damage after the initial hit but potentially stunning everyone for multiple rounds. If you have two mages, having one cast rain and the next throw lightning or a freeze spell; this can eliminate the toughest creature(s) in a fight. They're stunned or frozen and won't be able to do anything on their turn. This isn't Blackguards level of planning, but you don't just go in willy-nilly.

  95. Jul 3, 2014
    Made an account just to review this amazing game. The depth of this game is unparalleled - there are so many secrets and areas to find and explore, the quests are interesting and varied and the combat is challenging. While I was skeptical about turn-based combat at first, I am now really enjoying it. Each encounter is a challenge, with your party often going in outnumbered. Using the elements together (e.g. burning patches of oil or poison, or freezing water to make ice which characters will slip on) is intuitive and adds a great layer of tactics and positioning to the fights which would be impossible in a game with real time combat.

    Coop is also great fun - I have been playing through with a friend for around 20 hours as of this review, and have only just left the area surrounding the first town. The rock, paper, scissors minigame for arguing with your partner is a little clunky, but that is a minor complaint. The powerful editor which comes with the game, and is the same one used by the developers themselves, will hopefully give the game long-term appeal, and I'm looking forward to seeing what custom made adventures people will come up with.

    All in all, if you are a fan of old-school RPGs, or RPGs in general, definitely give this game a go. It's the best £25 I've spent in a long time.
  96. Jul 3, 2014
    Impressive old school rpg game. Instant classic.

    Best experience since Baldur's Gate, please help the indie developer promote the game since they delivered a really good game. Thanks to folks like this indie studio PC gaming is on the rise.
  97. Jul 3, 2014
    What else can be said about this game? It went beyond my expectations. It has so much depth that the first town alone takes about 20 hrs if you want to complete that town area. People are quick to groan at Divinity Original Sin being a turn based RPG but my god the turn based in this game is fun and well in depth. You can experiment like drowsing enemies in water and then using electricity to electrocute them, so using elements plays a big role in the game.

    As for creating your character, you can customize their looks and also selects their stats and skills. On skill PetPal let's you talk to animals which will give you hints on your mission and also help you find hidden items. The music in the game is incredible, very different from your usual RPG music, does not sound generic, really stands out.

    Story is not your usual generic "must safe the world" or "you are the chosen one!" type story, it starts off as a murder mystery which you are trying to solve. It's not all what it seems and it starts to build up throughout the game.

    As for length of the game, it's a very long game because of how much depth it has. First town alone can take 20 hours to complete and there's another town that takes that same amount, there are also other smaller towns so overall it's easily a 50+ hour RPG game.

    Having played Dark Souls 2, South Park: Stick of Truth and Shadowrun: Dragonfall, I gotta say Divinity Original Sin outshines every single of those games. And that is saying a lot because those were good to great games too.But Divinity: Original Sin really outdoes it with it's content and exploration, non of those games can match it in that regard. Do yourself a favor and get this game, you won't regret it.

    BTW You can play it with co-op online if you want. It surprising works very well, the host of the game is the one who saves the game and can continue to play it without the co-op partner if he/she isn't available. The co-op partner can drop in/out at anytime. When someone is in battle the partner if he/she is in another place the game doesn't pause, he/she can continue exploring the world, even getting into their own battles etc, so each person is free to do whatever they want without restrictions.

    While the game has some technical issues they have been continuing fixed by the developer on a daily basis. Other devs it would have taken weeks, so expect this game to have great support from Larian (dev).

    Giving it a 10 because it's one of those games that hasn't been made in years and it far exceeded my expectations.
  98. Jul 4, 2014
    Played solo this game is the best RPG we've had in years.

    Combats are fun, tactical and challenging.
    The world is a blast to explore thanks to the sheer amount of interesting puzzles, secrets, dialogues and ways to face every situation and interact with the environment.
    Character progression is deep and interesting, adding replayability to a game that's already huge and the player is
    never handhold so being creative is extremely rewarding.

    Played solo this game is the best RPG we've had in years. And then on top of that you can add the fun of playing it co-op with a friend.

    You can argue or agree with your friends over moral dilemmas either in real life or with the game persuasion system.
    You can let your friend empty the pocket of every merchants in town while you talk your way through a quest.
    You can think together to the best way to handle a battle.
    Or simply laugh together at silly dialogues, unexpected result of world interaction - "Oh **** there was a small puddle of water on the ground" - and marvel at the sheer amount of stuff to do.
  99. Oms
    Jul 5, 2014
    One of the best games I've played in the last 5 years. I've put in over 40 hours in the last 4 days. This game is amazing. I'm already planning a second play through. The world is so detailed and dense its hard to not recommend this game.
  100. Jul 3, 2014
    I will be brief:

    Good old old school game, with amazing new physics and colours.
    And, the most important: it's 1st ever huge RPG that really suited for co-op.
    All in that game just seems to be right for such an oldfug, like me.

    So, just 3 advices:

    - Play with friend(that you are hated).
    - Hard difficulty.
    - Don't play melee.

    Have fun!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 57
  2. Negative: 0 out of 57
  1. Sep 12, 2014
    As much as I loved the bulk of the game, by the end I was burning out, and burning out fast. Despite that, I'm glad that some studios are still willing to show an almost insane level of ambition in realizing the games they want to make without compromise, even if it does lead to a few dire moments here and there.
  2. Sep 8, 2014
    An amazing RPG experience. It falls a bit flat on characterization and writing on occasion, but nails just about everything else. It does a great job of compelling players to roleplay their on-screen characters, putting the "RP" back into RPG.
  3. Sep 4, 2014
    It feels like there’s a very good game inside Divinity: Original Sin, but it’s hidden away behind a thousand glitches and gameplay problems.