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  1. Jul 7, 2014
    This pretty-looking game with interesting tactical combat is marred by very poor game design that gets worse the more you progress. At one point in the game, there is a whole region that you can easily miss if you didn't happen to come across a single parchment in the middle of nowhere, with dire consequences as you will get stumped in the story and not know how to progress. You also have no way of knowing that you did something wrong, because some areas are purposely designed to not be accessible when you first encounter them. There is also an overabundance of frustrating and at times nonsensical puzzles, some of which you cannot solve if you did not do the quests in a particular order and will leave you completely stumped. The game also has its own brand of physics-based puzzles, but sadly they are annoyingly overused. It involves throwing barrels or other objects onto holes in the ground which spew nasty stuff such as poison, and it will get old very quickly because it's not challenging, it's just dull and slows the game down.

    The character creation is also very odd. Supposedly, the classless system was designed for variety, but the combat schools are tied to a single attribute, so you can't create a dexterity-based fighter, or even a rogue that uses anything other than a dagger or ranged weapon, without severely gimping your character. This limits build choices. Also, there is no dual-wielding, which is very strange in a 2014 RPG.

    The game's camera is poor. If you click on a spot to travel to, your camera height does not follow your characters, so if you happen to be going downhill, you will see your characters from such a height that DoF will kick in and make them blurry. The only way to prevent this is to hold the button down and move the mouse in the direction you want to travel, but if you do this you can't pan the camera so navigation becomes a pain.

    The game's graphics are IMO pretty (for an overhead perspective game), but the performance is horrible. Make sure you have a beefy system if you wish to play the game maxed out at 60 Hz. Artistically, it's your standard fantasy setting, pleasant-looking but with nothing which really stands out.

    If you're on the fence about buying this game, wait for reviewers to get past Cyseal, when the game's design issues become more egregious.
  2. Jul 7, 2014
    I can understand why there are so many 9 or 10s here. Because Larian studios is one of the few developers aiming to create great and classic RPG games, and generally will not scarifice a game's depth and quality in exchange for the taste of mass public. Also, there are so many average or even mediocre RPGs released in the recent years, so this game just shine like a diamond in a sea of sand.

    Although sticking to the formulas of old classic RPGs, let alone the plague of technical issues and quest related bugs, this rushed game still need more polishing before it can be a great game with good experience to most players.

    Here are the areas that need further polishing:
    - rock, paper, scissors argument system is just plain boring, it never comes close to the epic conversation of Bahdur's Gate
    - the self-talking mechanism between the main characters is just odd, it should have another ways to develop characters' social skill
    - there should be a general direction hint of what players should go, just like Divinity 2, so players will not just move to areas they are not supposed to go yet
    - traveling and picking up items are just chore, as it takes too many time and clicks
    - no balance of combat difficulty and the use of enviornment, tacticial variety should be allowed for player to pick from, but not a death is guaranteed if not following particular direction
    - equipment and character models should have a greater diversity
    - imbalance between quest types, there are just too many puzzle solving quests, and if not followed in particular orders, player will just get stuck
    - there are still improvement areas for how those puzzles are presented and solved
    - combat accuracy is too unreliable, resulting in just a save or load attempts, since enemies are generally overpowered
    - there should be more adjustment available for font size and camera angles

    Overall, it can be a great game just like Divinity 2 in the past, once all the issues are sorted out, but again it may take around 2 years again.
  3. Apr 11, 2014
    I have spent a couple of hours with this game and have found it to be a great disappointment. While I have no doubt that the creators took advantage of the latest in modern technology, it comes across as primitive. You can't see where you're going and movement is awkward. While the graphics quality is better, it's like playing Ultima, back in the day. I don't have time for this. If you enjoyed Dragon Age, you'll be as disappointed as I was. Expand
  4. Jul 12, 2014
    This game has a ton of potential unfortunately it feels unfinished. After about 50 hours in the game I can only find 1 flaw but its such a big deal it takes a 9/10 game to a 3/10. The game simply has no way of telling you where quests begin and where the quest wants you to go. Sure the NPC may say something like. "you will find what your looking for at the old mill" but where is the old mill you say? You could easily spend more then a few hours of real life time trying to find said mill. Thats where the game falls short BIG TIME. Every single quest you ever get is just like that. For people that have no lives and can waste countless hours of each play time session wasting time accomplishing nothing this game is a 9/10 for them. For people who have real lives and can only play 2 hours at a time this game gets boring very fast because you will never feel like you have accomplished anything. To please both crowds all that had to be done was a toggle button for quest paths/markers. Have it on if you like or get stuck or have it off if your the hardcore no real lifer. Shame on the devs for not including everyone to enjoy a game with such amazing potential. Expand
  5. Jul 24, 2014
    The game starts really well. It includes some hints like 'treasures are hidden off the rodden paths" and sure there are some side quests.
    It's actually one of the most linear rpg's I've played.
    The real issue is that the game more or less forces you to play the game in THE way developpers thought. If you don't, bad things happen:
    Bad thing 1: Bugs. You suddenly get a quest about
    events you never noticed, or get additional entries to your main quest about items you never found.
    Bad thing 2: You can't go where you want. Either you are too low level to survive, or the game just plain prevents you (near the endgame) unless you go back and change your choices in order to get some McGuffin.

    It's sad, because I like the humor, some 'side' quests are funny (but you need the xp at least early on, so do them - later you don't know it but you need stuff there so go for it too).

    There are other issues:
    You need a good eyesight, and your characters need good perception too, if you are to find the 4-pixel wide buttons somewhere on some walls. Unless you know where they are, you will spend hours watching at wall textures near the eye-level of your characters in close zoom, at different angles, with a poor camera.
    Companions are a joke. You have a choice of 2 with background or some others you can recruit much later with no incentive as they start level 1 - even if you can get them up to a decent level fast.
    Meaningless character dialogues. Most of them. Even when you manage to avoid saying something, the NPCs will still consider you said it. Long after you solved Mystery A, the corresponding dialogue options still show up.
    Unfinishable quests still show in your journal. Hey, that guy mentioned in the journal is dead, No use cluttering it with a quest I cannot finish. (Since I can't resurrect NPCs when they are not in my party despite the ubiquitous scrolls of resurrection)
    The end game is a chore. Really. Stop playing once you've reached the last dungeon (you should know it). Everything afterwards is just painful/boring. The last battle took me an hour and a half of just lowering the hit points of that damn monster who wasn't even that threatening but oh, my, 1h30 of repeating the same winning moves over and over again? That's not fun in any way.
  6. Jul 8, 2014
    Graphics and combat are nice they are the only reason I gave the game a 4. Everything else...a mess. I love an open world adventure, but this game just leaves you totally in the dark. There is a storyline..yes, but guessing where you have to go next is a chore. I wandered aimlessly around Black Cove searching for some way to open a door to proceed for hours....I understand gaming is supposed to be a time waster...but your supposed to enjoy that wasted time. Camera is a joke and hides half of the things needed to proceed. The "journal" is really no help. No map markers giving you an inkling of where your supposed to head next....all in's just a mess.

    Original idea was great...execution was horrible.
  7. Jul 4, 2014
    A great disappointment. The game is kick-started by community, and have gone through the stages of alpha and beta. Many bug reports are submitted by the community, in the hope that they will be addressed when the game launches.

    However, the truth is that most of those issues are not addressed at all, and the game just launch in such a buggy status.

    So, what 's the result? A lot of
    users suffer from loading issues, game crash and save corruption.

    Therefore, the game is now nearly updated at a daily basis, but unfortunately there are more and more bugs discovered by the community as the game is on sale now.

    This is unacceptable for such a long development cycle, and the tons of new bugs identified just make me doubt about if the game is actually tested before launch.

    At this rate, I wonder if the game will be at least free of game-breaking bugs one month after the launch.

    If you are interested, just check the steam forum for the issues currently reported by the community.

    See for yourself before you make a purchase decision. Don't just blindly buy a game if you have to wait for a long time before it is finally playable.
  8. Jul 3, 2014
    Although the game leaves beta, game breaking bugs are still everywhere. Long loading time or save corruption still can happen randomly. The game also have some performance issues which exist during the stages of alpha.

    The plot is also quite linear and boring. Class distinction is meh. The only positive is the interaction with environment during combat.
  9. Jul 5, 2014
    This game, although with much potential , for me - is super boring. I mean, sure, there is so much u can do , but the super slow pace of the game feels like im loosing time in game with no action going on. Dissapointed overall.
  10. Jul 11, 2014
    I played this game for like 8 hours and I can honestly say this is not a good game as it was promoted I know now certain people might seriously get hurt and try to censor my review (like done to my previous review) in order to cover up the truth but truth can never be hidden forever. I actually had high hopes since some people in everywhere talks positively about this game so I bought it and started playing it.

    I am gonna group my review into categories in order to make it easy to read. first graphics, sounds, (voice , ambient music), gameplay, features ,technical side and my honest view.

    the graphics isn't really great like it was promoted the characters have less polygons and when the game is zoomed to a character it's quite visible and body and face textures don't blend together well and it's quite visible in character creation menu, the settings show the game has ambient occlusion, SMAA like that graphical options but they ain't really visible in the game and there is motion blur in the game but it's totally useful because who would want motion blur for a strategy RPG game? we want to see the entire screen it shouldn't be blur when characters move like in first person shooter games and SMAA 1x does not do a good job because when it's set still I could see the jaggy lines around the characters so there has to be more options like SMAA 4X or 8X unless SMAA option is useless, the game has a lot of shiny effects but it breaks the realism of the game and beaches ain't realistic the area where the water and ground met doesn't blend together properly so water stays in a specific shape and there are no waves come from the sea.

    sounds ain't really awesome either. there ain't any memorable or interesting soundtracks the menu music seems like a music plays in a funeral so boring and it makes me depress and cry I dunno why but it seems really bad for a game like this honestly and there ain't any good music during the gameplay and characters don't have voices and everything is like text based but occasionally our main characters babble something and it has voice and ambient music isn't great there isn't proper ambient music either in beaches there is an obvious ambient sound in real world but it doesn't appear in this game and in jungles ,in dungeons it's same you will feel like less realistic in every area, there are a lot of dialogs but most of dialogs don't have voices so you just read them like an article.

    game seems have a lot of unnecessary features like picking unnecessary objects that you never use and picking items that you can catch fishes but actually you can't use them for catch fishes and there is no day and night cycle but developers promised to do it and there is no in game time and it always stays in the same time and you can't sail on boats, ships and can't even swim but there a lot of ships and ponds there and there is a large sea around the ground too but it's totally useless since there is no swimming, boating, sailing features and everything is set in the ground it makes me really disappointed. I really had high hopes but after playing the game everything was broken.I heard that developers claim it's hard to implement day and night cycle feature but it's not a proper excuse certain games have it so why this doesn't? I don't care about the game's price if it's worth I would buy no matter how much it's.

    technical side is same like the game features. the game seems heavy and I can't even ALT+TAB to come to the desktop because then it takes a lot of minutes and the game seems consume both processor and the GPU heavily but it doesn't even look like a high end graphical game I feel like developers wasted their time on a lot of unnecessary things and game stutters a lot specially when there is going to be battle or approaching to a new area but luckily if you wander in the same area there is no stuttering and it takes 2 mints to load the game to the gaming world and it takes like 45 seconds to load into the character creation menu and texts are really small so it's hard to read from distance I have to come and close to the screen to read everything so reading the things is really hard and it makes me discourage and painful and there are a lot of lengthy dialogs and most of dialogs are not really necessary, and buttons for opening important menus like inventory, map are really small and not even properly visible. it takes a lot of times to search them, the game doesn't have a direction and you have to wonder everywhere to reach to the destination and no horses if there is a horse at least the traveling would be easy and the UI seems so messy like dialog UI is so big and it covers 1/4 of the screen during a dialog so basically you can't do many things in this game like people say it's like a big hype and the game is still in the beta level because there a lot of technical issues and developers seem fix them in each day but it's also annoying to update the game constantly.
  11. Jul 16, 2014
    The game's not horrible, but it's nowhere near the masterpiece people seem to be calling it.
    Story - mediocre and predictable, but not terrible. If you're able to willingly suspend your disbelief long enough to watch Revenge of the Fallen, you can probably turn off your brain enough to be entertained by this game's plot. But that's the level the plot's on. Summer action blockbuster

    Combat - Mediocre, with some impressive elements. People have compared the combat to X-COM, and I have a one-word piece of advice. Don't. X-COM is a masterpiece of tactical squad-based combat, quite possibly the best made by anyone, to date (and I used to like Breach and the original X-Com) and this... well, this isn't. It's not horrible, but it's not nearly as polished as a game where tactical combat *is* basically the whole game. That's just foolishness.

    Gameplay - This is where it takes a bit of a bath. Maybe once there are mods to deal with the finite random loot issue, or the inventory management hell which (despite the squares in inventory) is all too reminiscent of why I started to hate the Ultimas... but for now, gameplay is full of useless timesinks such as repair hammers and jumbled inventory with appallingly few sorting options. I know many will excuse this by claiming the modding community will (or already has) start to address these issues, but the fact is that only a piss-poor release obligates the modding community to incorporate functionality the devs should have built in the first place. I felt the same about Skyrim's UI out of the box too, so don't feel I'm being unfair on D:OS.

    Vision - This is probably the single best thing about the game; while they didn't necessarily achieve all they set out to achieve, the dev team for D:OS has done some interesting work in the way their elemental interactions go together, and has done a reasonable job of fleshing out certain skills. That said, there are balance issues with the interactions (wet/stun, wet/freeze and leech/bloodletting as examples) which have necessitated patches (since release) to adjust and will, I'm sure, require more. Also, I can't be the only person who realises that a path from electrified puddle to foot to ground doesn't pass through anything which would cause a stunning effect. Other abilities could stand some work too - other than Pet Pal, there's very little in-context incentive to invest in anything but combat-centric abilities. Certainly there's not much point in being charismatic when one can save-scum until rock-scissors-spacebar works.

    With the right mods to improve its faults and the right patches to adjust balance through means other than immunities (for example, let a boss be frozen but give him/her an explosive ability to break out and damage nearby characters when it happens), I could see this game achieving about a 6 or 7 rating; at present, as it is, and based on its quality at release, the 4 stands.

    One final note... old-school, this game is not. Might and Magic 1-3, the SSI gold boxes, Bard's Tale, Wizardry 1-5 and Ultima 1-6 are old-school. This is some johnny-come-lately stuff. If it didn't come on a set of 360K-1.44Mb floppies, it's not old-school. Period.
  12. Jul 26, 2014
    So what we have here. Another childish fantasy, where everything is green. Stupid story written by a five-nephew of the main developers, dilaogy wrote to his younger sister. Absolutely no atmosphere, which drew players into the game, just another generic fantasy pun, this time enriched RPG elements.
  13. Jul 12, 2014
    Pros: Its definitly an rpg Good graphics Cons: Volumes of text Very very slow gameplay Turned based Poorly optimized If your a fan of baldurs gate than you will defenitly enjoy this game. If you enjoy rpg's but don't like to take turns punching each other and reading volumes and volumes and volumes of text than this game is not good enough to make up for its downsides. I was looking forward to this game for a long time but now that its out im a bit dissapointed. I also hate how a simple top down turn based rpg is so resource intensive on the computer. Expand
  14. Jul 6, 2014
    I like the graphic, i like the the idea of the fightsystem and some quests and dialogues (humor or just good so 1 of 5) but thats all, the traits-system is unlogical(can be heartsless and fair and so on wtf?) , the mainchars are boring, find the murder of jack is just run from a to b to c and so on, very boring and so long, the mobs are most time the same: some rangers, one or two mages and some meelees, the Ki is stupid(if u not just run in) u need no tactic, just the element spells and counter or protection, the bosses have no specialattacks, only more damage and bossmelees mor hp, summoners gets all the aggro
    the few dungeons are small, and the explodings traps just irritating

    zoom in is needless cause no tilting of the camera
    and many atmosphere things how missing animals, day and night are missing,

    u cant explore the map outside cause of the lvlcap of the monsters( to strong, 3 lvl difference u die after one hit from an orc), the map is too small for , so the game is very linear,
    i dont see the open world, u can only decide how u get some things(jack murder), if u break in or steal or talk with an animal
    maps look big, but isnt, u just move slow, there is not much
    decisions have no effect, just if u fight or not most time, but most not memorable
    if u are lvl 10 u saw almost all skills, the spellcasting is slow, especially summoning, but many spells too,
    the town is under attack, but u have not feeling for this
    looting many things after fight makes me tired, scroll in postion when moving the same,
    i dont know how people needed 30 hours for the first map, i have read all text, i have all quest, i played on hard after lvl 5 and needed 15hours, i wanted try more fights, so I killed all soldiers in the town, this was a nice, but short fun, know i stop playing, i have no motivation, i hoped i would be better, but after the fights were no challenging I see no reason, and i am afraid of another long boring text- and walk-quest with no surprises

    yes its a low budget production and it could be I`m to critical, but 10/10 is
    greatly exaggerated
    is think the 80% of the budget went into the editor and technique, the rest seems like a better mod
    who have fun with stealing and find chests could have fun, but who wants decisions which influence the charakter
    or story, or surpisings storyscripts or fights not only from one side, or an enemy which counter and debuff or stun u or focus ur mages, or want nice endbosses or great dungeons or explore the world or a nice story, then dont play the game, humor and small decisions are not enough, the game is nothing against bg2 or nwn 2(think about the potentiality these days)

    ... i try the editor.......and wait for pillar of eternity
  15. Jul 12, 2014
    I really wanted to like this game. I really did. But there are just way too many quality of life issues and interface clunkiness that it just kills all enjoyment for what should be an amazing game.
  16. Jul 19, 2014
    Another day, another s*** game. After Dragon Commander I wasn't expecting much anyway. I played it for almost 10hr and gave up, story sucks, characters suck, classes suck, its riddled with bugs and for a game that was supposedly finished it feels much like beta. Turn based combat is a disaster especially for your melee units who are at a huge disadvantage compared to ranged units, would of been much better if they just put a pause button like BG & DA do it. I suggest you go play Divinity 2 Dragon Knight Saga rather than this s***. That game has its issues but its leagues ahead compared to D:OS (and I consider it one of the best games ever made). Expand
  17. i0n
    Jul 16, 2014
    Having been excited about this title for some time before it's official release, I was only too happy to pay full price the moment it became available on Steam.

    Unfortunately, and with the benefit of hindsight, this purchase proved to be a poor choice.

    After 60+ hours, the game itself has been mostly entertaining. Fans of classic RPGs such as Baldur's Gate, Neverwinter Nights and
    Arcanum will feel right at home, and although Divinity: Original Sin doesn't bring a great deal of innovation to the table, there is a vast amount of well conceived content to explore and enjoy.

    The technical problems I have experienced with this game however, have been overwhelming.

    Crashes on both saving and loading (roughly 1 in 4) have made progress immensely tedious, and only dogged persistence has allowed me to progress as far as I have. In truth, the majority of the 60+ game hours I mentioned earlier have been spent re-playing the same areas over, and over, and over again.

    A short read through Steam forum 'sticky' threads will confirm that I am by no means alone with this problem either.

    Much to the credit of the developers, they have been immensely proactive in releasing patches to try and correct both this problem, and other less crippling issues. At the time of writing however, they have not yet found a solution, and each time a new patch is released I start my journey from scratch all over again.

    If you're seriously considering buying this game, don't be taken in by the 'old school' posturing of a small, but very vocal group of self-appointed fanboys. As the number of players increases to include those with far less biased views, so too do the number of players struggling to get this game to work as intended.

    In short? The developer has released what is effectively a beta, yet is still charging top dollar for the privilege.

    Put bluntly, I didn't fork out the full release price to be a beta tester.
  18. Jul 22, 2014
    Although the recommended system requirement is 4 GB RAM, the truth is if you don't have at least 8GB RAM, you may suffer from long S/L time, random crashes during S/L, or even memory leak or hog from time to time, rendering the game unplayable. (as of the latest version 1.0.81)

    There are still no fixes for this yet. So, in case there are any 32-bit system users here, don't even think
    about this game.

    Just check the users' comment in announcement and the "Windows 32 bit issues" in steam forum, you will understand more about the game's issue in RAM usage. Also, there are also tons of glitches and bugs reported in the forum, but still not yet addressed.

    So, you are better off to delay your purchase until those issues got fixed. This game should be great once all the issues are solved, but it is not worth to buy at such stage.
  19. Jul 26, 2014
    Big step backwards for RPG. I bought the game off good reviews, wonder if there is a way to pull out from the reviews anyone who invested in the kickstarter and is not objective, this is NOT a 9.1 game. The fighting system is unique and kind of fun, will admit that. But the rest of the game is really sub-par relative to Dragon Age and Elder Scrolls. First, the quest design and feedback is absolute crap, can't put it any other way. So many times you finish one thing and have absolutely no clue what to do next, and the next step when you find what it is is just not that logical. Also, on one hand they tell you to go off the beaten path, but going off the beaten path goofs up the quest progression. Also, very limited feedback on how to proceed with any one quest, is massively frustrating. I am pretty thorough in cleaning out an area, not missing anything, but I have never spent so much time in online forums figuring out how to do simple quests. The leaps in logic you need to make even limited progress at so many points in the game is really not fun. I enjoy a good clever challenge, this was at many times just massively time consuming and frustrating. I hung in there through Act 1, am now throwing in the towel. It's great that someone created a game from kickstarter money, but going forward I will wait to pay $60 for games produced by companies who put together a product that is not full of bugs. I'm not buying the "old school RPG" tag as a blanket hall pass for its many shortfalls. Dragon Age 2 and Elder Scrolls were true 9s this game is no 9, not even close. Expand
  20. Aug 13, 2014
    Bought this on the assumption that it was going to be a modern take on Baldur's Gate, but it really isn't.

    This game doesn't come even close to having the fidelity of the D&D games of the late 90s/early 2000s. Character creation consists of choosing between many different class names - all of which are irrelevant, since everything is about skills. There is no differentiating between
    skills and spells either - the fighter is essentially a spellcaster like everyone else. In short, character creation is boring and your characters all look the same. Only two characters can be recruited, which means absolute linearity with a 4 member party system.

    The worst part of it however, is all the bugs and things that simply do not work, or work in a way that is very difficult to grasp from the information you are given. An example of combat: I want my wizard to teleport an oil barrel to set a group of enemies on fire and sneak my rogue in and kill the enemy boss. First try: I use my walk in shadows skill on the rogue, and walk him in while the rest of the group stands behind. Nope, doesn't work - walk in shadows gets cancelled and the main group refuses to join the battle. Second try: I teleport the barrel and boom, big explosion, lots of fire, but the enemy does not take any fire damage? Why? Because they are wet? Because they are skeletons? Because the developer wanted to give them a fire protection for some reason? God knows. Oh well, I activate my 'walk in shadows' on the rogue, this time with success, and prepare to sneak him in. But, hmm, there is fire there, so I should use my "immunity to burning" scroll with a 100% chance of setting the 'immunity to burning' buff! Good idea! 4 action points spent, and in we go!, first thing that happens is that my rogue loses half his hitpoints to, guess what, fire damage. What gives? Maybe I need immunity to _fire_, not _burning_? Okay, very well, third try: This time I choose to spend some extra action points and sneak my rogue _around_ the burning oil. However, still he ends up in a tight situation with one enemy left to fight. What to do? Use the healing potion? Hm, no I have a stun skill with a 105% (!) chance to work, no need to waste potions. So, whizz-bang, large effect, but is the target stunned? Nope, "The keeper of bla bla saved against stun". So what the hell does 105% chance of success actually mean?

    Suffice to say that after 5 tries on the same battle, you get very tired of the nonsensical game mechanics of 'Divinity' and just turn it off.
  21. Jul 28, 2014
    this will probably be my favourite game of the year but at the moment it crashes pretty much every time I save so thats ruining it slightly ! Apparently associated with 32 bit versions of windows 7 so until they get it out of beta like performance I'll give it a 1. They have already been many updates which is good to see but dont think it should have been released in this state.
  22. Aug 20, 2014
    Yes it has nice graphics and a simple interface, but what it does not have is anything to draw you into the story. The game in a word is boring. I played it for hours and never could get excited about it. The pace is very slow. The click and move is very annoying. There is just no fun to this one.
  23. Sep 10, 2014
    After beating this game, I feel like I should revise my review.
    + Good combat, although it becomes repetitive and annoying as it feels slow and clunky, and it simply boils down to having strong items or high intelligence for spellcasters
    + Decent writing, but throughout the game you start to notice a pattern of the same silly writing that tries hard to be different and smart but just
    becomes annoying and unrealistic. It's as if all characters in the game speak the same lame dumb way.
    ----------------- Horrendous puzzles that are stupidly designed. Hunting every millimeter of your monitor for retarded hidden buttons or sorting out through the mess of the inventory system for obscure keys/items or simply solving crap through illogical trial and error is just horrible puzzle philosophy. Simply horrible. I play games to have fun, and my time is limited. Wasting hours to solve idiotic puzzles that make no sense is just a waste of my life and mood.
  24. Aug 30, 2014
    Seems like almost everyone here uses almost only 10's and 0's and I am forced to play along.
    Here is my review:

    With more than one hours logged into this game and I haven't gotten out of the first act, not because its that packed with sweet baked cookies but because its that time consuming.
    The game has only recently came out and it was summer, the end of student vacation all around
    the world, but there is a big problem with this game. Unless you are a RPG, story based game fan like myself it wouldn't hold your interest and you would grow tired of it quick.

    The reason lay within the game itself, as a single player its a complete failure - You are in charge of two main characters and possibly two flat henchmen, without another player to assume the role of one of the character you are left there alone to weed through hundreds of pointless arguments with yourself...

    The game becomes very easy when you play it on single player with a very strong resemblance to heroes of might and magic 4 - you don't need to communicate and thus lose the fun of communication.

    - The story telling in this game is quite average like the rest of Larian games, it starts of nice at the intro but it loses pace quick and soon your investigation of the murderer will sum up with breaking into everyone houses, stealing all their belonging so you can afford the highly priced books from the local 'friendly wizard' or from the very people you are trying to save. but don't worry no one will seem to notice you are a major kleptomaniac as there are no real choices and consequences in this 'rpg'

    - After you are done breaking into everyone houses - you will go on a kill spree, no choice in there either. The enemies are nicely leveled in order to guide your approach which would remind you of a silly arcade game. level 2, level 3, level4.
    But divinity isn't doesn't present itself as a silly arcade game. It wanted to be the spiritual predecessor to planescape torment and the baldur's gate.

    Let me tell you something about those old games - They didn't have boring items immersion breaking system which glorified the replacement of your sword or armor every time you played. In baldurs gate your attributes didn't change every two levels(In planescape they did but it was part of the plot) Your Great sword would improve 800% from level 1 to level 20
    it would improve only by a mere 35% from 1-10 to 1-10 +2 your full plate armor didn't improve by 2000% from level 1 to 20
    It would improve by 10%.

    What happens here is, that Larian has a developed a diablo like item system devoid of any logic, fun or immersion in order to promote time consuming tasks. rather than spending their time developing a real time they spent it on creating lots of identical loot painted in different colors or ridiculous names. but in reality these are the same items and the all point of them being there is to turn you into a kleptomaniac and inflate the game time.

    The noncombat skills are worthless and un interesting and only serve in breaking immersion.
    Trade - non interesting and only serve in consuming time
    Your two top source hunters are under supplied and can be beaten by lowly guards at the beginning.

    Some of these problems are common among many rpg games, but they are still problems which can easily distract from the fun you will have playing this game, too many developers like to glorify their leveled games based on the old D&D well in reality the D&D gave great respect to levels and used them to create a better sense of immersion. while in today games level are there in order to grant you a false sense of achievement and consume your time with menial tasks.

    Instead of focusing their time on great a great and wonderful interactive story and fun combat, Larian sucked in to the mmorpgs mentality of creating a highly frustrating and time consuming game which give you cookies every time your did a repetitive action.

    This can still be fun if you have a reliable playing partner, do not buy this game if you don't you will only become frustrated and waste your valuable time.
  25. Aug 29, 2014
    Finally beat the game. Finished every side-quest (No Guides Used). This game has a few horrible horrible horrible horrible problems. First of all, the slowness of the game, and I have no problem with slow games... until they pass the point of no return... Some of the casting animations literally take 8+ seconds.... seriously... there is NO need for this. Bugs are ridiculous, some game breaking. I had to restart the entire game TWICE because of it. I waited btw, until the most recent patch to play. It is a broken game atm. There are only 2 FOLLOWERS. AND..... ROCK PAPER SCISSORS? REALLY? I will wait 2 months, and see how it has developed. But until then, this slow... broken... and unfinished game gets a 0. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 57 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 54 out of 57
  2. Negative: 0 out of 57
  1. Sep 12, 2014
    As much as I loved the bulk of the game, by the end I was burning out, and burning out fast. Despite that, I'm glad that some studios are still willing to show an almost insane level of ambition in realizing the games they want to make without compromise, even if it does lead to a few dire moments here and there.
  2. Sep 8, 2014
    An amazing RPG experience. It falls a bit flat on characterization and writing on occasion, but nails just about everything else. It does a great job of compelling players to roleplay their on-screen characters, putting the "RP" back into RPG.
  3. Sep 4, 2014
    It feels like there’s a very good game inside Divinity: Original Sin, but it’s hidden away behind a thousand glitches and gameplay problems.