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  1. Jul 29, 2013
    The topic word for this piece of DLC is lazy. The level designs were lazy, and not much thought was put in to them. They were a hassle to play on. The concept was: small, non-innovative maps, where wave after wave of boring enemies appeared. What a drag this was. I did not enjoy my first play through of this DLC.
    Vergil's move set was really boring, and far from fleshed out. I missed my
    double jump, and Dante's move set the entire play through.
    The fact that I had to pay to get this is just the industries money-whoring at its finest.

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  1. 70
    It could have been much better, with more features to enrich gameplay and cut-scenes that would have utilized the game’s engine, but still, it’s reasonably priced as a game. [May 2013]
  2. May 10, 2013
    As a fan of Ninja Theory’s take on Devil May Cry, I had some fun with this DLC, mainly thanks to surreal Limbo setting. But Vergil’s Downfall is short (took me about 1,5 hour on medium difficulty), cut-scenes look more like storyboards than something that was supposed to appear in the final product, there are bugs and Vergil is no Dante. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.77]