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  • Summary: Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will immerse gamers in the universe of Doctor Who, allowing them to take on the role of the Doctor and River Song as they travel across time and space to save the Earth. Gamers must learn to master the complexities of time travel with exceptional time based game play, changes made in one time will impact another creating multiple possibilities and challenging players to solve puzzles across the centuries. Expand
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  1. Mar 4, 2013
    So, is Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock worth it? If you are a big fan of the series, then you should get some enjoyment out of getting to be The Doctor. If, however, you aren’t much of a fan, you probably won’t find this game’s mechanics and minigames to be worth your time. It is a competent effort, but not a great one.
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  1. Mar 15, 2013
    Having played the game on both PlayStation 3, and PC, I can say that this is definitely the superior version of the game. With a lot less bugs, it is clear that Supermassive Games and the BBC learnt their lesson from the PS3 launch of the game that was riddled with bugs. Rather than rushing a PC release, they took their time and instead released on Steam 6 months later. However, the game still has bugs just as any game does which may turn people away from the game. Furthermore, some bugs are game-breaking unless you can fix them (changing the graphical settings tends to fix a few issues, for some reason). This, however, does not break the game completely. I completely enjoyed my PC and PS3 playthrough, my PC version running perfectly and with no bugs whatsoever on my first PC playthrough (many other people have experienced bugs, however. I can only imagine it has something to do with memory/CPU as they were running at higher settings? I am no expert on that matter however). I would strongly recommend to anyone that even likes Doctor Who a tiny bit to buy this game, as at £6.99 it is nothing short of a bargain. Expand