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  1. Jul 10, 2013
    This game improved so much since it was released on the beta. There are over 90 heroes to choose from currently and the gamplay is as intence and as rewarding as DOTA 1. I know alot of people will be hesitant to try it at first but there has been a new tutorial system implemented in DOTA 2 and I think it will help new comers. I know some people who play LOL might bash in this game, but both games are compleatly different. Its like comparing COD and Battlefield, they are so different that connot be compared. (no preference on either game, I think bot of them are good) Give this game a try, the learning curve is very steep but it is rewarding when you learn. I think this is the best gave valve has ever developed and has been the most played game on steam ever since the second year of beta development. Try it out, its free and badass! Expand
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    There's 2 things about Dota 2 it's completely free and it's developed by VALVe. If that's not enough for you to try this game I don't know what is. The only thing that you have to spend in order to play this game is time. That's right, Dota 2 is not like most other games and that's because it's very complex, so be patient, learn the mechanics and once it's in your system then you'll start having a hell lot of fun. I wouldn't recommend it if you're a casual gamer and can't be bothered to invest that time. If that's the case and you want to play a MOBA then that's where LoL comes in. If you already play LoL and want something more challenging and more rewarding then by all means try Dota 2. Plus it has way better graphics, great character customization and doesn't require any money to unlock heroes (which I find very frustrating in LoL). It is also more balanced imo. As for the community, well it's still a MOBA so don't expect too much, although it's not so bad. Expand
  3. Jul 12, 2013
    One of the best, most difficult and truly competitive games I've ever played. It is free and doesn't have any pay-to-win, all heroes are free, the only paid content are cosmetical items that DO NOT change gameplay.
  4. Jul 17, 2013
    Best free to play game in a true sense. There's no need to buy new heroes, no Pay-to-win issue at all. The game is absolutely fantastic especially after Valve has been putting focus on server stability, balance and the most importantly, community. It's amazing how the game has been improved since its first Beta launch back in 2011. I've played Dota 1, LoL, HoN, and Smite but I;m certain this will be my go-to ARTS game. Expand
  5. Jul 11, 2013
    Its a very good game. I started playing since the beta about 1 and a half year ago. Its true that its hard to master the game but Its very interesting and fun to master each hero. As you get to learn that each character is situational and not the same. I have become addicted to it and i find it as my favorite Action RTS.
  6. Nov 9, 2013
    This game improved so much since it was released on the beta. There are over 90 heroes to choose from currently and the gamplay is as intence and as rewarding as DOTA 1. I know alot of people will be hesitant to try it at first but there has been a new tutorial system implemented in DOTA 2 and I think it will help new comers. I know some people who play LOL might bash in this game, but both games are compleatly different. Its like comparing COD and Battlefield, they are so different that connot be compared. (no preference on either game, I think bot of them are good) Give this game a try, the learning curve is very steep but it is rewarding when you learn. I think this is the best gave valve has ever developed and has been the most played game on steam ever since the second year of beta development. Try it out, its free and badass! Expand
  7. Jul 11, 2013
    Compared to League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2 has more unique heroes and items. It is more advanced and rewarding than LoL. It is slower than HoN, which is important in team fights. The best popular MOBA out there.
  8. Jul 12, 2013
    DOTA 2 is the best in the MOBA class. I have played LoL, DOTA, DOTA 2 and some lesser known MOBAs and DOTA 2 is by far the best. In addition, it is F2P which is amazing. And unlike, LoL or HoN which require you to use a rotating hero list until you buy your own with real money or accumulate enough in-game currency to purchase a single hero, DOTA 2 immediately gives you access to its entire library of heroes, for free. In LoL as of the date of this post, it would cost $588 to unlock all heroes with real money. (15000RP/$100, total cost heroes 88185 RP. This calculation excludes bundles)

    Each character has a unique playstyle and skillset, and doesn't feel like a clone of another character or a cheap rip off. Every character plays a certain role well, and plays it uniquely. Playing well leads to great rewards, and playing poorly has severe consequences.

    There are issues with DOTA 2, the biggest being there is a huge learning curve and you are going to start out being bad if you don't have previous DOTA experience. Learning characters skills, what items do, and what you should be doing early mid and late game initially may be overwhelming. However, doing research and practicing eventually pay off as DOTA 2 is truly one of the most challenging and highest skill cap games available. Valve is also implementing (or has implemented) a tutorial, but there is no way the sheer amount of information needed is contained within it. But I'm sure its a great place to start.

    Graphics are great. Gameplay is great. Servers seem lag free. Crashes are very rare. ITS FREE!
  9. Jul 16, 2013
    Let me get it out straight away DotA 2 is probably the most fun and satisfaction I got in a multiplayer game.

    I'll just list everything great about this game:

    the aesthetics are great, the art and the graphics are gorgeous, the competition feel is big. The replay-ability of the game is infinite.

    Most importantly it's free, so just install Steam and install it as soon as possible.
  10. FBF
    Jul 16, 2013

    - seemingly infinite strategical aspects (!)
    - complex gameplay and mechanics
    - a thriving, international competitive scene
    - free to play
    - never gets boring (Really. I've been playing Dota 2 and it's precursor for 5-6 years now.)


    - steep learning curve
    - as in every multiplayer game, some people you encounter can be rude
  11. Nov 14, 2013
    DOTA 2 is the best game in its genre due to the variety of heroes and game modes it provides and most importantly it's free without any pay-to-win features. Matchmaking system needs some improvement but other than that it's flaws are minimal.
  12. Jul 12, 2013
    Never been so addicted to a game before! Weekly updates, balanced, and a economy if you like to trade. Basically this game has everything you can ask for in a Moba.
  13. Jul 16, 2013
    Valve did a great job by hiring Icefrog, you can't find such a balanced game without Icefrog and you can't find such a great detailed game without Valve

    Balanced Game Competitive game Greatly detailed GOTY 2013 :D
  14. Jul 13, 2013
    Alright, first of all I'll be the first to admit that DotA has it's own flaws in itself, being a really competitive game but some of the reviews on here are utterly disgusting. So let me bring this up as a Dota2 ex DotA and HoN and LoL player.

    If you're transitioning from league of legends, you don't have to worry about runes or stuff like that, since any imbalance caused by that is no
    trouble to us, secondly, you have ALL the heroes/champions. You can experiment without playing x amount of games for a 6300 IP champion, and doing that about 50 times but you have to keep in mind that DotA has more advanced mechanics and is more punishing.

    If you are saying that this games changes you, it's not the game that changes you, it's yourself letting changed by the nature of the game, you become more competitive and forgetting that you are playing with other players.

    While I do admit DotA has some minor issues as to the matchmaking system but it's not extremely easy to asses each player's skill and their improvement, it's never been done by machines with 100% success we have to be patient.
    And lastly, please do not talk about the game if you didn't play it extensively and competitively, since some reviews say that vote of surrender IS a feature in dota 2 (it's not). Don't follow the ragers that critic everything just for the sake of being cynical.

    All in all this is a REALLY strong game with each hero being unique and strong in itself but keep in mind the advanced mechanics, and if you are new, try practicing with bots, they are pretty okay to start, read guides, don't assume you're the all knowing guy and see you in the game.
  15. Jul 16, 2013
    I've been playing DOTA off and on for at least 7 years. It's become a part of my life like golf or the NBA. I can't thank Valve enough for bringing modernity to the game and making it a viable E-Sport. If I were to laud two improvements, it would be the matchmaking system and the shop in the game.
  16. Jul 15, 2013
    This game is just perfect, mostly for me: a guy who played dota for a long time, this game can be played by anyone, thing is, DotA 2 is not an intuitive game, you have various tutorials however. I know people can be a bit hostile, I am too, that is because in this game, if someone mess it up real hard, then you most likely lose the game. People have to know which role they are playing and play it at its best in order to win the game, but also, if you play perfectly but your team or some mates doesn't then you probably won't win the game, and if you are competitive like me, then you will get mad haha. But try it out, DotA has a matchmaking system so you will play with other people with the same skills as you probably, you will stand a chance there, and eventually get more skilled. Expand
  17. Jul 15, 2013
    The first time I played Dota 2, The opposing team did not show us any mercy, and I loved every second of it. This game is so addicting and fun, I didnt even care about winning or losing. Great characters, Epic Gameplay TeamWork Wide range of Options and all out fun are all available in Dota 2. A must Have
  18. Jul 16, 2013
    More than 10 years developing a system and balancing one game. Now bringed back by Valve and Icefrog.

    This game has got everything to raise to the glory. Easy to learn, Hard to master.
  19. Nov 14, 2013
    This game is great because of its steep learning curve and a vast variety of heroes and strategies. Anyone who likes MOBA -type games should love Dota 2.
  20. Jul 16, 2013
    Don't listen to the League Of Legend fan plastering this with negative reviews.

    Critics have done a bang up job for the most part reviewing this game, and the score shows just how good this game is. People giving this a 5 or lower are obviously not in touch with reality and truly need to be ignored.

    This game is deep, too deep for a review here, go read a few of the professional
    reviews and you won't be disappointed. Expand
  21. Nov 1, 2013
    Great game ruined by terrible company that is not involved enough with it's playerbase, zero communication, dubious approach to bug fixing and balance.
  22. Jul 16, 2013
    I played my first game of DotA about 6-7 years ago,and I must say I immediately fell in love with it.I played it a lot and after some time I started playing other games of same genre (League of Legends mostly).I have to confess that i was happy playing LoL and wasn't hyped at all when Dota 2 was announced, I thought it was another try to get money by copying DotA.I was very wrong,Dota 2 is the most balanced,fun and strategically complex game I played so far.

    Game is focused on gameplay but graphics are very decent.If you are coming from other games of this genre, it may take some time getting used to graphics.For those thinking that graphics are dark and wondering why,there is very good explanation.Terrain is dark so there is greater contrast between terrain and abillity particles(usually bright) so teamfights are more clear.Steam Workshop did a very good job making cosmetics for heroes, making heroes look even better.

    As for gameplay its a true skill based game.There are no bonuses you get by spending money and all heroes are playable from start.Game balance is almost perfect(Out of 96 available heroes on tournaments 96 are played at least once in last month).The most amazing thing about Dota 2 is amount of strategies you can play, synergies between heroes, lane combos you can play with friends.Even when you think that everything is hopeless and want to give up, with good timing and team coordiantion you can turn around every game(that is why there is no surrender option in Dota 2).
    The best side of game is it's complexity and in same time it is the worst.There are lot of mechanics that are very important and that you have to know to be a decent player, but once you learn them you will find them very clever and fun.All heroes have strong ability kits and are fun to play.Heroes are very different with very different playstyle, even playing against some hereos require different playstyle.Some heroes are easier to play then others so you may find them stronger at beginning but as you advance as player and learn how to deal with them you will realise they are not that good.Although game is updated every week, there are only couple of balance patches a year.Many people dislike fact that there are 4-5 new heroes added each year, but development team philosophy is to add heroes not for the sake of adding, but to improve the game.

    As for community I must say its very complex.Some people will rage at you, blame you, even troll you.I think that is kinda expected from online F2P game, but as you play more games you will get bigger MMR(match make rating) and you will rarely see this kind of people.Since there is report system most of ragers and trolls are banned/muted.Many people will complain about community, but in reality community is much more mature and friendly then in other F2P multiplayer games.

    DotA/Dota 2 as an Esport is a game played at almost every Esport event.In my opinion its in Top 3 Esport(others are Starcraft and Counter-Strike) of all time.Biggest tournament is The International which gathers best teams of the world to compete for 2-3 million dollars prize pool.Dota 2 scene is constantly growing, and it is a game that is very fun to watch (You can even bet with Cosmetic items on some sites making watching games even more fun).Games are watchable through in-game Dota 2 TV that is most amazing spectator client i have ever seen.You can watch games through player's perspective that alows you to see every action of player you are watching (His Cursor ,Screen...),listen to your favorite commentators and there is option to see different type of graphs and statistics available.

    It is highly recommended to play tutorial before playing against other players.Since at beginning you are matched with players who also created new account your first 10-20 games might be against DotA veteran or complete noobs,but it will get better after those ten game.Bad games can happen to everyone(even professional players have bad games from time to time), so If you play bad in some game and feed just say you are sorry and 99% of time team won't flame you.Watching guids helps a lot aswell (Purge and Merlini Recomended).There are even mini-guides created by community you can find ingame in top-left corner.Playing this kind of game with friends is much better.By the way if you don't know Russian you will learn a great deal of it (trust me :D).

    At the end Dota 2 is not the game you will play and master in couple of hours.Skillcap is enormous and even professional players can't play all heroes very well.Every game of Dota 2 is a new lesson that will improve you as a player.If you are looking for game to play without spending much time learing it ,this is not the game you are looking for.

    Note:Some reviews will bash this game,players and mechanics although they never played it before.Its mostly because of rivalry betwen Dota 2 and LoL.
  23. Nov 1, 2013
    Valve won't even give a single message to its community. Instead if fills the store with stupid ass cosmetics for them to line their pockets with. I appreciate that the game is free to play but it takes 10 seconds to log on to twitter or facebook and go "Sorry guys, no event this year." Instead they sit completely silent while the player base hypes itself up out of control in expectation. Valve has nothing to gain by being silent. Expand
  24. Jul 16, 2013
    LISTEN! don't mind negative reviews most of them are obviously made by League of Legends fanboys. If you don't like this review then stick to the critics.

    Dota 2 is probably the most addicting game I've ever played. I played the first Dota back in 2008 and it was amazing. Glad Valve developed this game instead of sticking to the Warcraft 3 version. This version is far better because of
    it's realism and challenges. If you like a fun and challenging game, this game is for you. Expand
  25. Jul 16, 2013
    Very addicting with a steep learning curve, you'll sink many hours into this game. Of course there will be abrasive players in the community, but guess what, there are function in the game to fix it. Mute and report the player(s), and play on. GL HF
  26. Jul 16, 2013
    Simply the best "Dota" game out there.
    Stop blaming about community, making the community better is everyone's duty, anyway, it's not the game's fault.

    Try it, especially if you are tired of LoL-- Dota2 is far more challenging and flexible.
  27. Jul 20, 2013
    Ok, so, DotA 2 is going to be what makes e-sports a mainstream thing in the West like it is over in S. Korea w/ Starcraft. I really believe this. Valve has done a simply amazing job of bringing the game over into its own while retaining the character and solid mechanics of its WC3 counterpart. It's a highly challenging game that will immerse you for hours, the support of the pro scene is phenomenal, and the little holiday events that Valve puts on just ads to the charm of the game. The characters are well developed and feel unique not only in their gameplay styles, but also in their personalities. They do not feel static, but feel very alive, just like an RPG should. It's the perfect blend. If you're into games that are addicting, have high skill caps, e-sports, team play, and community, then definitely try DotA. The community CAN be a little brutal sometimes, but once you find some good, mature, and patient friends to play with, that's when this game really shines. Their matchmaking system would be my only complaint. They are still sorting it and are actively looking at ways to improve it, but it's really put a damper on the game since its launch. The temporary issues with MM aside, this game is an absolute masterpiece. What could you expect from Valve though? These guys are the new Blizzard. Expand
  28. Jul 20, 2013
    Can be a little rough for starters. But, the time you would put into learning from the tutorial system or youtube videos would be well worth it. You can check Purgegamers for gameplays which is what helped me learn this awesome game.
  29. Jul 25, 2013
    I simply just enjoy this game, it was an amazing upgrade from playing dota1 well especially since it's easier in dota 2 to find servers etc. and matchmaking brackets seem pretty fine for me playing in SEA. This game has so many layers and layers of complexities and balances over the many years it has existed and the constant reworks and the amount of changes to maps and heroes, causing some to be removed from the game, but now it's pretty balanced with Frog just playing with the meta around. You can say the learning curve for dota is steep, but it starts to get worth it when you are able to play the game at a decent level, and even more when you conquer the steep mountain from an amateur to possibly a professional, not that I am one, I am still on that steep, steep curve but I can still enjoy dota :D. hope you enjoy this game.
    So far I have abt 1k dota 2 games, and I am still planning to play many more, hope to see you people there.
  30. Jul 16, 2013

    The gameplay is probably the most exiting and fun part of Dota 2. It's pretty challenging but when you win or kill someone.... the feeling just the FEELING OF OWNING someone is like life at it's greatest. As you progress or lvl up, you get to challenge more challenging opponents and of course the gameplay gets intense too. To win you need to practice more and more but trust me,
    it will take days, months or even years to be a master player and that's mostly the goal of almost all Dota 2 players: compete to the top (for fun)!

    One word: Masterpiece

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Critic score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 32
  1. Feb 19, 2014
    Simply irresistible and addictive as hell.
  2. Sep 1, 2013
    Unforgiving from the get-go, but a landmark in competitive multiplayer design. [Oct 2013, p.68]
  3. Aug 30, 2013
    A great PvP game that offers some of the most intriguing and nuanced team combat around.