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  1. Mar 24, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 meats Dragon Age: Origins. More action, devastating spells with visually striking effects. This game will make your $300 video card investment shine.
  2. Mar 13, 2011
    This is one of best games of the years. Don't believe any of the bad reviews. They are shills for other gaming companies. EA is one of the finest game makers in the business and Dragon Age II exceeds all expectations and will be the number 1 RPG for years go to come.
  3. Mar 12, 2011
    I can't even be bothered to give a full review and for all those TL:DR people out there, then I can honestly say 'first time disappointed with Bioware". Whatever jack ass tainted this IP should be sent to work in the salt mines.
  4. May 22, 2011
    Amazing game, not as good as Dragon Age Origin though but still very close. The story is good and there are plenty of choices to make. And most of the character are interesting.
    I recommend it. 10 points for Dragon Age 2 :)
  5. Mar 29, 2011
    At first I was like... OMG what a trash game. Crappy combat system. Stupid camera etc etc etc. Just like most of the reviews here are. But I've forced myself to continue playing and after I while i realized that the game is not bad at all. You have the same funny character which made Origins what it was. You have the similar quests. A considerable amount of choices which affect many aspects of the game. Even the order of doing quest sometimes results in different dialogue options. The ability to import saves from the Origins and the minor effects (different quests and choices) somehow make you feel that there were a effort put in that game. I have found the game quite challenging at Nightmare difficulty if you think that the combat is like on a film just try that. The only think BIoware must do now is fix the camera, and make the dropping out of nowhere enemies disappear, put some more effort into the level design (after a while it get stupid to fight in the same cave/warehouse for 10 time) and the game will be as good as the original. Lets hope they will be able to do that with one good Ultimate edition and an expansion. Expand
  6. May 22, 2011
    -Bu ney oluyor?

    -Witcher 2.

  7. Mar 15, 2011
    While BioWare's sequel to Dragon Age Origins makes a lot of compromises to satisfy casual gamers, there are many innovations in the RPG genre that make this game a worthy sequel. First the bad: Party customization is simplified a bit too much, and copy pasting areas isn't just lazy, it's also a repetition of a mistake they made in the first Mass Effect.

    The good: The story and characters
    are an improvement. Dragon Age II steers away from the cliché fantasy plot and instead opts for a more personal story and a political conflict. This is a bold move and while I understand that many people will not like this, I think this is a huge step forward because it's not done very often. Origins also had cliché characters, like Morrigan who says 'fool' in every sentence and rejects the idea of love and friendship. The characters in the sequel, with some exceptions, are much more likable. They develop friendships with each other over the years and the biggest improvement in this sequel is the party feels more connected. They visit you at your house, they visit others at their house, they play cards in a bar, etc.

    Combat is often criticized for being too simplified while in fact it's almost ecactly the same as in Origins. It's quicker but that's about in. I do find it disappointing that I can't zoom out because it makes targetting harder for mages.

    In short: Big improvement over Origins. Lazy level design is disappointing but character relationships and the less epic storyline are more interesting.
  8. Jun 1, 2011
    First of all this game doesn't deserve 0 or 1 Come on people stop whining that it was not as epic as dragon age origins .Overall it is quite dissapointing after the hype it created along with th success of its predecessor but it still it is not that Bad.Basically what bioware is trying to do is make it a mass effect that's the biggest mistake dragon age is something different and whats with this small map and playing with only one human is another negative but still has its positive like the story is pretty good along with the character models and the r.p.g elements Overall Its quite playable but still i recommend the predecessor why the hell the product was rushed I was suppode to give it a score of 7 but with all those negative comments its better to give it a 8 Expand
  9. Mar 26, 2011
    Dragon age 2 is one of the best games so far this year, it has a great story, great characters and an improvement combat system however it does have some issues like recycling levels far too often.
    The Skills system has seen a vast improvement with more skills to choose from and each allies has a unique skillset
  10. Mar 16, 2011
    Yeah sure the combat isn't as strategic as Baldurs Gate II and the story isn't as engaging as the original Dragon Age, but I still had an absolute hoot.
  11. Mar 9, 2011
    Dragon Age 2 is a great successor to the classic and a good candidate for a GOTY of 2011. Way better fighting system than bloaty and unintuitive Origins one make the gameplay so much more fun. Story is interesting and exciting, you grown really attached to the characters thorough the game. Voice acting on Hawke really puts life into him instead of being a marionette without feelings like in the first game. Overall must have for all RPG fans. Expand
  12. Mar 9, 2011
    Everyone needs to chill out and put things into perspective. I mean honestly, I enjoyed it more than the first one. Everyone is only really trashing this game because Bioware changed the formula from the first one.
  13. Mar 10, 2011
    Faster combat. Decisions that could bite your ass in the long run. Top notch voice acting. Just like what Bioware did in the Mass Effect franchise, they improved every aspect of the game. People afraid of innovations should go live in a cave or fully embrace what Bioware did with this franchise. Dragon Age II is an instant classic.
  14. Mar 19, 2011
    Frankly, I am baffled by so many negative responses. With user score 4.3 the game has to be real crap. Surprisingly, it's not. I spent about 6 hours with it, and I must say Bioware made a good job. As I hoped, they managed to transfer a lot of Mass Effect 2 look and feel into the new Dragon Age game.

    What I like most about ME2 and DA2 is that for the first time in many years Bioware is
    doing something that feels fresh and new, and not yet another Baldur's Gate clone. Don't get me wrong, Baldur's Gate was great, probably the best thing that the company has ever done, and I immensely enjoyed it. Almost every game from Bioware after that tried and failed to live up to this high standard. It's time to move on. DA2 is an honest (and rather successful) attempt to do some change in the area.

    Probably, other gamers are outraged by simplification, and there is indeed a lot of that. Personally, I think that it had to be done a long time ago. NWN2, for example, was a nighmare and completely unplayable because it was overloaded with all kind of junk that simply was no fun anymore: unwieldy inventory, complicated party control, monstrous class system, etc. DA2 makes an excellent job of cutting out everything that failed to work.

    Now, dialogs. Maybe they are a bit oversimplfied, but defnitely an improvement. Don't get me started on dialogs in DA:O. They were horrible. The idea of "approval" ratings for party members was a distaster. To please everyone, your character had to be a real hypocritic bastard. The whole exprience was digusting, frustrating and boring. So good riddance. In DA2, it's "rivalry" vs. "friendship", which is much more fun, because both extremes have their advantages (similar to "paragon" and "renegate" in ME). Graphics. Ok, maybe it's not perfect. But "2003"? No way. I am running on "medium" detail level, cause my graphics card is not fast enough, and it looks great. Again, I see it as an improvement over DA:O, which didn't exactly work for me. I think in DA2 it's stylish and atmospheric. The city of Kirkwall is just beautiful. All races (dwarfs, elves) look definitely better. Darkspawn are scarier, etc. What else is needed?

    To summarize, the game is a lot of fun. It's very well paced, packed with action, and there is much less boredom and pointless running around than it was in DA:O. Try it for yourself, if you haven't yet. However, keep in mind that the demo is real crap and doesn't give a good impression of the game.
  15. Mar 9, 2011
    Honestly, Dragon Age 2 is a significant improvement over Origins. Faster combat animations have been implemented while keeping the system largely the same
    The graphics look better both technically and artistically, and there are no more ugly brown environments
    -Player character is actually voiced this time, so no more silent awkward animations while talking
    -RPG interfaces have been
    redesigned to be more balanced and easier to access and manage
    The story is told in a unique way, and really draws you in
    And the companions are far more diversified rather than just stereotypical princes, dwarves, witches, etc.

    Everything is improved aside from the fact that the game largely takes place in the city and the Elves facial design look somewhat weird. I don't understand why some people hate the game for the small changes that took place. Just give the game a try and soon you'll be caught up in its universe.
  16. Mar 24, 2011
    Dragon Age 2 was destined for division among its fan base since it was first revealed to the gamer community. Many people complain that the game has been dumbed down and that it was stripped of its personality. Having beaten the game, I can't help but wonder if any of these negative reviewers actually played more than the first act. Lets start with the story. DA:O's story felt like a template made from every other Bioware game ever, you're a hero, gather allies, go kill this, DA2 took a different approach and never shows you the whole conflict until the end, instead choosing to hint at the epic battle to come. I found it easy to step into the shoes of Hawke, who made me feel like a unique and powerful character. While Hawke can only be an human, you can still change his/her appearance and his/her story feels more developed than the seven origins in DA:O.which changed nothing except for a few cameos throughout the game. Combat has vastly evolved, Bioware chose to make combat more stylish and fun to watch. Warriors no longer run like they have lead weights for feet, and mages don't prod uselessly with one recycled staff animation. Your new companions are better developed then Origins' as well. Origins feature the standard stoic knight, the standard evil sorceress, and the standard elderly wizard, ect. DA2 developed characters that I connected with, that I learned to love or hate, or feel sorry for. The moral choices you make in the game are no easier than they were in Origins, just better organized. The wheel doesn't dictate the morality of your choice, just the stance Hawke will take. For example the top right option is usually friendly, but being friendly with a blood mage isn't always a good thing. Finally, Kirkwall proved to be a far more dynamic setting than DA:O. Kirkwall is much larger than Origins Denerim, and it has much more personality. Kirkwall is a sin city of crime and corruption, and it makes for some interesting encounters.

    However, DA2 does have obvious faults that make me feel like it was a little bit rushed. Dungeons and caves are often copy pasted for other quests. So when you've seen one underground cave, you've seen them all.There is also no longer a speech or intimidation skill, so some sticky situations can only be resolved if you say the right things and get lucky. The graphics are still substandard to many other titles on the market, but no one seemed to care when Origins came out, so I'm confused why everyone cares now. The top down view has also been removed from the game, which may bother some (myself not included) but fortunately the designers retained the tactical pause function. Also some of the violence in the game can be over the top, which sometimes made the game feel silly instead of dark and moody. Enemies exploding from a dagger strike may be a little much for realism fans.

    Overall, Dragon Age 2 is a step in a different direction, but I think its the right direction. DA2 isn't simplified, just streamlined and more focused then before. Fans waiting for Baldur's Gate 3 will be disappointed that this franchise isn't the game they were waiting for, but that shouldn't take away from what DA2 does well. Despite some rushed design, I enjoyed DA2 more than I did DA:O. If your willing to look past some of the flaws, then maybe you will to.
  17. Mar 10, 2011
    DA2 fixes a lot of annoyances in DA:O, but seems a bit unfocused. The talk about the game being dumbed down is mind-boggling to say the least. I have been playing DA2 on hard difficulty and random bandits and mean templars are feeding me my own shield while in DA:O I rarely died or had any difficulties. You can make some good skill and ability combos and positioning of your team is the key to victory.

    It takes more time to get to know the new companions, but they're all interesting and will make you interested in them. For the first time it has been difficult for me to choose which companions I want to bring with me, I never had such problem in ME games or DA:O. Also the other NPCs in the world seem to have real personalities, but you don't usually get to know them too well.

    Choices matter more than in DA:O and you have more options even in regular conversations. The way you talk to people defines your personality in the later game and you can even choose to let your companions to do the talking for you in some situations. Quests are plentiful, but the side quests can too easily distract you from the main story, just because there is a crap load of them. That can also be a good thing for you, but it is a matter of opinion.

    I will be updating this review as I get further into the game and get to know the story more, but so far it has convinced me of that the average joe flaming the game either had some very unrealistic expectations or haven't played the finished game.
  18. Mar 18, 2011
    My my, what a week It has been! Like so many others around the world, Iâ
  19. Mar 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 1st I would like to say to everybody sorry for my spelling im from KY :( 2nd to those who gave the game a low review are you sure we are playing the same game? Graphics look amazing, (DX11 FTW) not only is combat auctly fun, its a challenge (on hard setting ofcourse, only noobs play on normal or easy), while the story is nowhere as good as DA:O, Its still very nice and engaging, I played a mage, let me tell you, I hate templars even more. I could see how if you didn't play a mage in DA:O, and especally in DA2 you might not get the same experience I did. In DA:O there were times where the story was very stale, coupled with the fact it was walk walk walk, dialoge, walk walk walk, dialoge. DA2 is more like Mass Effect 2 where interactions are Directed, and auctly have production value, not just people facing each other with blank stares talking. Everybody who gave it a bad review did so because its not what they wanted, Classic Bioware, not because the game is a bad game. Anybody who says the graphics are bad, they are nutz, it looks 10x better the the 1st one, and about 3x better the ME2. Granted im using DX11, max settings, with the Hi Res pack. My only complaint is the inventory, Mass Effect 2 has more options in armor. 5billion Bow drop, yet nobody is an archer, excpet the DLC guy, which you don't get in the 1st act, staffs NEVER drop, and you can only change your party members Weapons, Belt, Kneckless, and Rings. (which SUUUUUUUUXXXX). In conclusion it seems like DA:O and ME2 got togeather and had a baby named DA2. Granted its not Biowares best work by anymeans, With the only negitives being crappy invo, and a lesser story, (Its bioware people, their crap stories are still better then 90% of others out there) its still a very good RPG and well worth the 60Dollars if you can run @Max settings and play on hard mode. (Normal is mind numbingly easy.) Expand
  20. May 18, 2011
    Holy ****
    What's wrong with these people? Seriously it may not be as good as other games of Bioware but still it kicks ass. Quests and combat are enjoyable and the story is good. Characters are also deep but not as deep as Origins or Mass Effect.
  21. Mar 10, 2011
    Listen to the people who played the game for than a little bit. It is clear that some people have an agenda to smear this game. I will point out the good and the bad in bullets. GOOD: * (Less Talking)- The thing that bugged me most was the British accents which seemed to not shut up. Almost exactly the same as Mass Effect also the main character speaks as apposed to standing there standing every one his thoughts via brainwave. *(Combat) - Its faster and more appealing that before. *(The world) - The world is much better detailed and fleshed out than in origins. All the environments look great.
    BAD * (No variation with races) - the thing I liked most of Origins was that you can build your character even with race. Now you just start off with a human and that's that. Not a Huge Issue but one that people may find irritating. *(Not tactical cam) - If you played on PC you would know that the camera can be zoomed really far back like in Balder's Gate where you can tactically plain your attacks. Not in this game. However due to the games ability to be modded not a big issue because chances are people are making that kind of mod as I am typing. (( All and all a game defiantly worth checking out. Lucky for you there are demos on all systems and PC)
  22. Mar 22, 2011
    This has been review bombed because it's the cool thing to do, however I am going to review the game based on my 40+ (and counting) hours I have spent on it. Currently on my 2nd playthrough. First, my credentials: I'm a hardcore girl gamer. I spent countless hours on Baldur's Gate, NWN, Planescape Torment, Mass Effect to name a few, and of course DA:O. Second of all, I absolutely love it for some inexplicable reason, which may have something to do with a rather engaging story requiring a lot of your input and attention, fast paced visceral (not just a buzz word) combat, beautiful looking art, some cute injokes (about the world being too brown, lulz) amazing attention to detail, a levelling system that is simplified but actually makes more real world sense than the previous one did, non-repetition (something I had a big gripe with in DA:O) and some neat throwbacks to your imported DA:O save. I have ALWAYS wanted to see where my character choices would take me over time, so it is extremely gratifying to be able to play over multiple years and really have a big impact on the events of the game, rather than just playing through them. My favourite thing about RPGs is designing characters, and in Dragon Age 2 they've allowed you plenty of room to shape Hawke how you want. There's also the thing where no matter what speech option you pick, Hawke comes off sounding completely badass and awesome. The voice acting is phenomenal. It's also worth noting that every character is voiced and lip-synched, you don't do any reading. Not long ago that was unheard of. I was unprepared for how emotionally invested I got into this, which is party why I'm rating it so highly. I really cared when... okay no spoilers, but there are some character deaths that kind of got to me. At first I was determined to play a "renegade" character, but I found myself responding to conversations with the choices I really would pick in real life, because I was so damn invested.

    One other thing I really want to mention is that I am replaying immediately after finishing the game, as I can't bear to think about all the stuff I missed by choosing certain options. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED. Why it's not a 10/10: Some things were dumbed down too far, like conversation choices. It by no means stopped me from enjoying the game, but micromanagement is a popular hobby of a lot of hardcore gamers, so it's nice to have the option there. Secondly, it's too short, and the ending is rushed, I'm guessing this is because Bioware are looking forward to rolling out masses of DLC to us. I did notice the price on steam was a bit less than what I paid for DA:O on release date, (as far as I recall I paid $100 for it, which is common with AAA new releases, keep in mind I'm Australian and everything is expensive) paying $70 for a new release is a little easier to swallow. Awakening was a great expansion, so I'm up for more of that. Anyway, I just wanted to balance out the negitivity as I have really enjoyed this game and it's up there with ME2 for me. A lot of people had a whinge about how bad DA:O looked when it came out, and I have to wonder if they bothered playing it on a decent PC. These games look great pumped up to max settings. If you can't run those, then don't whinge. If you have a PS3, reflect on your inability to upgrade your video card.

    Seriously guys, stop looking for flaws and just enjoy it. It's not a perfect game for the reasons I stated above, but it really is worth playing for anyone remotely into the fantasy genre. I'm curious how many hours some of the other reviewers here spent on the game. Did they just play the demo? I thought the demo made the game look pretty **** actually. It's apparently cool to hate on big companies (that secretly review their own games) but it's not cool to just jump on a bandwagon without evaluating something for yourself first. I tell you what though, I am damn well sick of killing abominations. Makes me almost want to lock those mages up. Sorry Anders, that was a joke. I DIDN'T MEAN IT ANDERS.
  23. Mar 14, 2011
    As a caveat, I will state that I didn't even play the game without the high res texture pack. The moment I went into the options and saw that option greyed out, I went "WTF?" and within 20 minutes (including locating/downloading) this pack I was ready to go. Key system specs would be: Intel Q6600 2.4ghz Quad w/4GB RAM Geforce GTX460 1900x1200 Res is my min play standard even if I have to lower some other settings. The "Very High" setting was apparently too much for my system even with AA and anisotropic filtering off. Whatever is in that "Very High" package is hefty to say the least. Lowering this setting one notch down (And conversely turning ON the anisotropic filtering at max) found me playing the game with what I would state as much improved graphics compared to the original title.

    If you were familiar with DA, then you probably already knew that it was much more action-adventure with some token RPG elements thrown in for good measure. If you thought otherwise then you may not enjoy the sequel because it hones in even more on these elements much in the same way Mass Effect 2 shed some of the RPG undertones of its predecessor.

    You will find the talent (ability) system fairly shallow compared to most deep skill-set RPGs just as the first DA. That said, they did arrange the individual skills a bit better to allow you to pick and choose a bit more easily. That said, most of the deeper skills have pre-reqs that will require you to take some abilities whether you want them or not. All in all, I find that the character abilities and the encounters play together more nicely than the original DA.

    The Tactics screens seem quite a bit improved although I have not tinkered too extensively with these yet. The Custom Tactics have done a good job of automatically incorporating into my followers lists of tactics and I have found my followers to operate much better overall in regards to controlling themselves in combat vs. the original.

    The NPCs and monsters are still not too broad in scope when compared to say AD&Ds Monstrous Compendium, but I feel this is more artistic direction and how they wanted their world to be than any serious limitation to create monsters on their part. That said, I would like to see some more diversity in NPCs. On this subject though, I found I wanted to tear my eyes out if I saw another darkspawn in the original, whereas the mixture of blood mages, undead, giant spiders, rock wraiths has livened things up at least a little bit. In fact on the subject of rock wraiths that has been one of the first times I've seen Dragon Age try and use the environment for tactical decisions in the fight. It seems like they've taken much more advantage of 'wave'-based encounters than they did in the original but still keep them relatively fast-paced.

    The voice acting is top notch and I've found myself actually listening to the brief quips from random NPCs and actually listening to the individual stories a lot more carefully. While perhaps not as epic-feeling in scope, I have enjoyed my slow rise to power in Kirkwall as the Champion, learning about the tensions between various races and factions along the way.

    Expect a radial dialogue like in Mass Effect 2. While I have become a fan of Bethesda's Fallout 3 dialogue system for RPGs, it is not without faults either. For me, the Mass Effect 2 dialogue system just seemed a natural fit for the action-adventure with mild RPG elements that this game is.
  24. Mar 8, 2011
    I really enjoyed the new combat. Characterization is fantastic. I love the new dialogue system and improved character development.
    This game is a lot of fun.
  25. Mar 8, 2011
    Great game

    A lot don't like the changes but don't know how to move on. Definably a great RPG

    The story is great, the combat changes are awesome. I love it through and through
  26. Mar 8, 2011
    Bioware. Where ports to the PC contain better graphics then the consoles. I own the original on both 360 and PC; by far PC has the best graphics. Although I do prefer the feel of a controller in my hands as opposed to a keyboard, I always felt the PC had the better deal. I really hope this ties me over until Mass Effect 3 comes out. Which kinda begs the question since both these title are out this year, creating a lull in their production; what is Bioware planning? Expand
  27. Mar 8, 2011
    Bioware did it again. Simply amazing, the gameplay the story the everything. The graphics on this game could give modded Crysis a run for its money. The people who are hating on the storytelling just don't get it. It's obviously too deep for them. And don't get me started on the characters accompanying Hawke. Merril is just soooo cute. I want to nom her head and giggle and squee every time I see her.

    Some people may dislike the changes but they just need to get past the fact that games evolve. No longer are we stuck with a silent protagonist with which we just choose lines of words to reply with. I mean who wants to read all those words? Certainly not I (but maybe some nerds Now we have a fully voice acted character that speaks with super realistic emotions expressed in each sentence.

    Which is great because the dialogue is amazingly deep. You can choose between the peace loving diplomatic guy, the angry lets fight now guy, and the sarcastic witty guy for like every single response you make! Certainly no other game matches Bioware in its depth in character choices.

    You can literally do anything.
  28. Mar 8, 2011
    Don't listen to the haters this is an AMAZING game and well worth the $60 it cost me. Runs beautifully on my XFX Radeon 6870 with graphics on full 1920x1080. This is a game you'll either love or hate so try the demo first! Most fun I've had in an RPG for a long time, feels almost like 3D Baldur's Gate. Must buy if you like action oriented combat.
  29. Mar 8, 2011
    Enjoying Dragon age 2 very much about 5 hrs in and is very entertaining has enough new stuff and enough old stuff (from DA1) to be enjoyable. There are a few thing I would of done differently but all in all a good solid game.
  30. Mar 9, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've been playing this for the last 2 days and it's really good. We can't compare it to the first, it's more action oriented, but it's still good. The graphic are good on the PC version, but the animation during dialog aren't that good, but the weren't in the first either. It deserve a better score then the average user have put, so i put high score to revamp it. STOP TROLLING ! Expand
  31. Mar 8, 2011
    The best RPG ever, you never played as fun and tactical party RPG combats, it's the biggest and most interesting town that you ever seen in RPG. There are many player choices with consequences on the story. The story is very well written and will make your eyes wet many times. Some companions are much more attaching than any companion of DAO.

    DA2 fixes many weakness of DAO, the fights are
    better balanced and more deep. DAO fights was ridiculously easy and now at Hard difficulty they are hard and at Nightmare it's a real challenge. In DAO the companions was sort of dead puppets once out of the camp. Now they are lively and really participate to the adventure, and even, your companions will influence the evolution of the story. In DAO you had only very few build per class, now in DA2 you have plenty more builds making you character building a lot more fun and deep. In one play through DA2 isn't as long than in DAO, because of the multiples alternatives coming from player choices and companions choose the replays are much more interesting and setup a longer play value with replays. Expand
  32. Mar 9, 2011
    This is the Dragon Age game to get into if you have never played Dragon Age Origins. I played through my 120 hour campaign of Dragon Age Origins/Awakenings and this game is a breath of fresh air and this is why. I didn't want Dragon Age 2 to be Dragon Age Origins 2. Here are the main gripes people have. 1. It's a console port. 2. The graphics are terrible. 3. The combat is overly simplified.
    4. The conversation wheel.

    1. There is no way around this. The market is what it is. Vote with your dollar, and know that other people are voting with theirs. If a developer needs to put the title out on multiple platforms, so be it. I'm not sure what they're talking about with this complaint. 2. The graphics are the best I've seen in a fantasy game in a long time. Especially with the day 1 Texture Pack you can download, and if you have a directx11 capable card. 3. Playing through DAO I know the combat was different. The combat in DAO always felt clunky to me. Strategic yes, but clunky. Almost like your characters were in slo-mo. Now, the combat is visceral and fast paced and does not lack the depth that most users have commented on.

    4. I LOVE the conversation wheel. I'm around 4 hours into it and I LOVE the fact that the game plays through like a movie similar to Mass Effect. After 130 hours or so of DAO I was pretty happy not to be reading a novel while I was playing my game. I should let you know that Bioware has been VERY communicative about relaying the information to their fans prior to release and there was a demo on PC. That said, there should be no reason why any fanboys of DAO would be dissapointed as they have had ample time to become educated before making a purchase. This of course would speak to the invalidity of many of these user reviews. If you knew what you were buying why did you buy it? I don't see any legitimacy to the claims the negative feedback users are putting out there. They simply don't like it, and they give it a bad review without playing it. There's no law against it, but I love this game and I wanted to put out my two cents.
  33. Mar 15, 2011
    Too bad a great game like this got hit by a raid. It's not worth a ten, probably no game is, but it's a marked improvement from the first game on several levels and thus is worth way more than a 4; probably an 8. This is Bioware's darkest, most tragic, most grey-morality story ever, it's fun to play, and the characters are better than the ones in Origins; more nuanced, more realistic. The game system is better balanced and more fun. The only major negative is that the minor quest locations are sometimes very similar, and you revisit locations, but for the rest of it, it's great. If you're an RPG old-school purist who demands that the main character NOT be voiced or make facial expressions, then you will not like this game, but most other RPG fans will. Expand
  34. Mar 9, 2011
    It`s not just a sequel. It`s more like a rebirth in fast-paced style.

    Great storytelling makes you feel like you are really there and care for the cast. The atmosphere is superb and Bioware again nails with voice acting.

    Some will not like some changes in combat, but works for me.

    Awesome game, a must buy for people who loves a great story.
  35. Mar 9, 2011
    Great game and really enjoying it. The combat is much improved from the last game, despite others insistence, the tactics system is still alive and well, especially in nightmare mode. The ability to center around a living person in the city of Kirkwall and follow them through years in the game is an awesome step and one that my friends and I really have enjoyed so far. Do yourself a favor, get the game, play through it just once. You don't be disappointed and then you can take it back if you want. Collapse
  36. Mar 9, 2011
    Improved upon in almost every way. More immersive, better storytelling mechanics (especially the fact that relationships develop over a series of years) and combat is just downright more fun. If you think the graphics are worse than the original, you are lying to yourself. The combat is strategic as ever, just FASTER AND MORE FUN. The abilities all actually DO something, unlike DA:O where you spent points on things you would never use. And if you really have a problem with the dialog wheel, go play D&D in your basement. Interactive cinema is what its all about. Expand
  37. Mar 9, 2011
    Game is great, personally I prefer this feel to the combat. A lot more responsive and satisfying. Mainly posting this because of all the bad reviews, can't stop playing for too long ;).

    Hopefully this will be cleared soon, bunch of spam accounts posting identical reviews.
  38. Mar 9, 2011
    I had to write a review seeing all the haters out there. i am a few hours in and really enjoying it. I loooooooooved DAO, and so far i am enjoying DAII as much. Yes the small inventory can be a pain at times, and spending so much time in Kirkwall could get a bit repetitive if the story and the action was not constantly driving you forward. But overall it is a great RPG that will be engrossing for event the hardest cynics. Expand
  39. Mar 9, 2011
    Dragon Age II is a great story with lots of emotion. I love the characters and the graphic style. Combat is really good ... one of the best combat executions for an RPG. Best of all words ... I just love the game.
  40. Mar 9, 2011
    One of the most anticipated games for a reason! Was able to play as the Mage in the Demo and the Rogue for the past 20 hours! As an RPG fan, this game really sucks you in with its in depth story by making you feel like you are really part this world that BioWare created for you. I look forward to spending many more hours on this.
  41. Mar 9, 2011
    This review isn't a complete one; I just want to inform potential buyers out there that DA2 isn't the train wreck most of the reviews make it seem. --First, the combat. It's not hack and slash! I have no idea where people are getting this from. Sure, it's easy on Normal, but so was BGII, NWN, NWN2, ME, ME2, DA:O.... get my point? They put hard and nightmare modes for sods like us that don't want to run through the game feeling like we're gods. On hard it is IMPOSSIBLE to make it through tough fights without tactics and micromanagement. Enough said.
    --Second, the story(telling). Look, we've heard it all before. Guy grows up saves the world/city/girl. If you're going to slam an RPG's story, you don't want to be playing RPGs. Now, the storytelling in DA2 is a different matter. I for one love the, oh, 12 or so different choices available as responses, throughout a conversation. It really opens up the dialoge and the way the story unfolds. I've tried a bunch of differnt options out, and while sometimes it's tough to mix and match, you definitely get variety. Plus, it's nice to hear a few sentences spout from Hawke's mouth when you click a one line option, especially when you're asking questions.
    ---Three, screw the graphics. Who cares, really. I've got DA2 running fine on my Dell XPS on the "low" settings, and it's not making me puke. That's good enough for me. Remeber the original Deus Ex? Those graphics blow, but the gameplay, story and lore still make it incredible today. ---Fourth, the character development is a lot better than Origins. I mean A LOT BETTER. Branching paths, requirements, difficult choices, tougher requirements, meaningful decisions. Bioware, keep this model! Use if for every game you have coming. I mean it! It's a nice balance between old school and modern role playing models. ---Fifth, everyone's complaining about the DLC. Yeah, I agree, Bioware has sold their soul. But it's not wrecking the game, and a huge chunk of it is free, so it's more like they're in purgatory. Don't boycott the game over it, but definitely write the developer. ---Sixth, I'd say currently the game's actually a solid 9, not a 10. I just wanted to get posted at the top. :~) Thanks for reading! Go rock the world!
  42. Mar 15, 2011
    Solid. Not a DA:O clone by any means and that might be part of the underlying reason for the ridiculous hate spamming. After reading a large majority I'm fairly certain many of them were 'told' to perform such an action and may not have actually played much of the game. Anyway, I really hope you can look past the pointless, childish rage spamming and give it a go. It's not a bad game by any means - just realize that it's not DA:O; its more action oriented in the sense that the combat is faster, the customization is streamlined, and it's easier to get into and organize yourself. The skills trees (or whatever they are called :P) are great... tons of options in there for fine tuning the direction you want to take your player and your party members. Dragon Age 2 is solid. Expand
  43. Mar 9, 2011
    Dragon Age II is an awesome game hands down. On most of the major points it is a really fun and engaging game. The combat is much better this time around, allowing you to feel more involved. This is especially true for Warrior's and Rogue's who benefit most from the combat changes. Hard to believe mage is even more awesome.

    The game really has not changed dramatically from its core
    Origins roots. Overall it provides all the great aspects you expect from a Bioware game. Some of the only noticeable negatives I have found are the reuse of dungeon layouts. This was relatively disappointing since the game is centered around one area and adds to the feeling of repetition. This is where the time constraints are very obvious.

    To finish up this short review I'd like to comment on the graphics. They look great, even at the medium settings. The art style might not be to everyone's taste ( on a related note kill animations are not as satisfying) but everything from my point of view looked very nice.

    Solid game, can't go wrong, that is if you are not a jaded Origins fan.
  44. Mar 9, 2011
    I really liked this game because it has dragons and dragons make me happy when i play my games, in the game there is a dragon that has become old and you have to make sure it dies peacefully (which explains the name of the game, ofc) after you make sure the elderly dragon is in piece you get to have sex with a womin who gves you more powers if your a mage but if your a warriro she has sex with you instead of the other way rond. i gave it 10 out of 10 because whenever i see the intro i smile. it also has a nice menu and gr8 textures Expand
  45. Mar 9, 2011
    New, bold and engaging with addictive combat. Interesting and compelling characters, like Origins. Much more intelligent than the ads would make you think.

    Having played Origins, I was not expecting the more action-based combat to be very good, but it was surprisingly enjoyable and maintained the same level of tactics as Origins (though I admit I don't like to micromanage my party's
    actions). Exploring all of the side-quests, I think I got a bit too powerful by the end and had to turn up the difficulty to make it more challenging, but it was always fun.

    The plot was a refreshing change from the 'save the world from the ultimate evil' plots that you see so often in fantasy games. Make the entire story based around a single location provided a nice focus, and made the story feel much more personal.

    The explorer in me was a bit saddened by the re-use of level graphics in many occasions, but the characters, situations, gameplay and quests themselves made up for it in the most part. The graphics and environments are simply beautiful.

    Items and equipment got some nice improvements (I've always hated sorting through piles of junky items like you are forced to in some other games). The only minor point about this that I didn't like so much was not being able to customize the armour of my party members.

    In summary, this may not be a "hard-core RPG" (a fact that some people can't seem to forgive), but it's a great RPG that has a synergy of a lot of good elements that make Dragon Age 2 stands very well on it's own as it keeps you coming back for more.
  46. Mar 9, 2011
    Yeah, yeah, yeah....a slap for real fans of DA"O. Congratulations to everyone screaming "oh this is so bad, this is not DA, I want my money back...The true is this game is very good and your "reviews" don't mean anything because fans of DA:O aren't stupid enough to abandon buying game just because of this fake "zero-rate spam".
    And about game: It's awesome! The combat is more dynamic than
    in first DA but it's still strategic and hard. For now I can't rate whole plot because I haven't finished it yet but for now it looks really good.
    For me it's 9,5/10 - the same as first DA. Don't trust trolls, try it on your own :)
  47. Mar 10, 2011
    I have been playing PC RPGs since Ultima 7, so I kind of miss the isometric view.

    But that is about all I miss. Love the new combat (yes, you still need tactics to succeed on hard, and there are still a lot of stats to manage). Love the way the story unfolds so far. Love the friend/rivalry system. Love most of the characters. Love the new inventory system. I will say that the "tone"
    dialog system is slightly limiting. I think there should have been a fourth tone option that was neutral without trying to be funny. I can see why some people might be disappointed... this is NOT the same as DA:O. It took me 4-5 hours of playing around in this system to overcome my dissonance and really get into it. But now that I'm into it, this is the most fun I've had with a video game in at least year. Bravo, Bioware! Expand
  48. Mar 10, 2011
    If you are fan of Mass Effect, then you will love it, like me. Bio ware you are best.
    Dragon Age 1 path to 2 part looks like Me1 to Me2. Many people forgot that is rpg means Role Play Game, when you play a role with your decisions in dialogs.
  49. anx
    Mar 10, 2011
    I like the game. I like the way they've changed the battle. And, surprisingly, the conversation wheel from ME works just fine. To my mind it was worth waiting for.
  50. Mar 10, 2011
    I am a fan of the RPG genre and played the original, albeit lightly, the improvments over the first are noticable. The Stories frequent options for pathway choice is great and the option to take more playable characters that fit the expanding story succseed where the originals story based around none playable characters. I think the combat is tons of fun and works very well all around. There is the issue of SO MUCH day one DLC, 2 expansion missions, and a checklist of downloads some free, some only for buyers of other EA games. All in all that doesn't change that fact the combat is the core and done exceedingly well! Expand
  51. Mar 10, 2011
    An excellent role-playing game, and a logical and direct evolution of the previous game, more action-focused and more polished, although its action focus won't please everyone. (c)
  52. Mar 10, 2011
    People you are not right dragon age 2 is a very good game and an excellent continuing of first part. I agree that this game is a bit different and not like the Dragon Age but you must know that Bioware is doing all the best to give pleasure to players and I think we should accept Dragon Age 2 how it is.
  53. Jun 20, 2011
    Great game so far! For the equipment customization options we have lost we got much more developed and usable skill tree's and a major graphics overhaul if you have the rig for it. The combat is fast and exciting, maybe a little too fast, and the animations are a nice change from the clumsy puppet show motion of the last one. The tatics screen is far better worded and actually useful. The downside is your toons seem to be overly dependent on it to actually trigger any of their skills. My tank lady absolutely refused to used shield slam till I scripted it in. My only complaints are so far it has seemed very on rails (3 hours in), almost as much movie as game. And in cities its frustrating having to run around with you tab key held down so you can actually find the vendors etc. The inventory screen is reminiscent graphically of x-com and looks slightly rushed to market. Expand
  54. Mar 10, 2011
    game was worse than the original, but still very solidly madeâ
  55. Mar 10, 2011
    I'm not hugely far into the game. I haven't experienced all it has to offer. But I played DA:O for ~30-40 hours before I just gave up on it. I didn't like it, playing on PS3. DA2 so far is just a much more fun and smooth experience. I have a fairly high end PC (two 5850 in crossfire) but it plays great at 50-60fps with DX11, all options on, Very High detail, and the HD texture pack. No lag or crashes yet. If I set it to 4xAA I can record video just fine (which I'm doing) above 45fps. The funny thing about some of the negative comments is they comment on the convo wheel sucking then also praise former BioWare RPGs. Apparently they never heard of Mass Effect... Anyway while it's hilarious that some fanboys or whatever they think they are decided to negative bomb this game, it's definitely worth picking up. If you're on the fence just go check out some Let's Play videos and decide for yourself. I'll be uploading my stuff to YouTube on the weekend (TheWolfram23). Expand
  56. Mar 10, 2011
    While other loudly shout that the game is failed, i'd say that i loved this game all the way.
    Some advice for those who are angry about a product - try to judge the game as it is, without a single comparison with DAO, and you will probably like this game, in the same way as i liked that.
  57. Mar 16, 2011
    Dragon Age II вполне добÑ
  58. Mar 10, 2011
    I like it, I will be happy to play! And I can not understand why so many negative reviews? The first game was very good, I think the second will be even better.
  59. Mar 10, 2011
    Okay, I've been playing every spare moment I've had since the midnight release and this is a phenomenal title by Bioware. Graphics: if you want max graphics you need a GeForce 500 series card or higher to enable it, or you'll stutter. High is for DX 11 cards and it would only let me have medium with my 240. So more graphic control on the PC with clearer wording on what I can use and what I can't would have been nice. Reused locales are present and I had thought after ME 1 they had learned to stop rehashing stuff, but then again this game's development time was a fraction of the first titles. The reason? They tell a very specific story in a refreshing 2nd person narrative. Characters all go through development over the title, people who want a challenge: roll with Nightmare. Combat on console: people keep posting about button mashing. It's optional, go into the options and turn on auto attack if you don't like it. Cliffhanger endings: It's BiowareEA, there's going to be a stream of DLC, there's going to be an expansion pack, and there's going to be a GOTY edition. Events from your DA:O game transfer, most of the cast make guest appearances, and the lore is solid. It's clear this is being considered a franchise and that we haven't seen the last of DA or the main character, they've told us from the start what this title is about: one man's rise to fame and glory. BG 2 fan? Tactical view is toast. DA:O was a claim to the past, DA2 is moving forward mainstream style. It's huge, lots of content, lots of choices, fully voiced, and replay value for days with lots (almost all) of the quests that take about 15 minutes or less to complete. Can't choose your race, but you get gender and class. For the casual, you can bring who you want without worry of party balance and still make it through. Inventory: mostly your PC exclusive. Most characters have their own weaponsarmor so you can't outfit their every detail. Micromanagers will be sad, I think that's obvious in the user reviews. I absolutely adore BG2, Neverwinter 2, Witcher, Mass Effect 1 and lived and breathed Mass Effect 2 and DA:O. Hope this review helps/ Expand
  60. Mar 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. i must say that this game is one of those, that you must play based in what you see and NOT in what you read. i just toke a risk buying it, and im pretty happy i did. Certainly the dislikes from ppl came because of the change on the direction on history line and some gameplay changes. i have 7 Hours Playing already, and as RPG fan, this change was quite enjoyable. i was waiting for a little more of graphical improvement, but the changes are OK to me.

    IS NOT A BAD GAME, but they changed the direction about to DAO. They did Add a little more action to it. They did it more like Mass Effect Style, and that its what some DAO´s fan dont accept. i Love DAO and ME as well, so this DA2 is great for me.

    Could be Better? of Course, we can allways Want more from Bioware, this time we was waiting for a lot more. and i think that is the real problem.
  61. Mar 10, 2011
    This is one of the best RPG I have ever played... such a progress since Dragon Age: Orgins... I won't write a lot - I'll point out the good and bad points: + Great storyline + Great artwork, design + Nice soundtrack + Super characters, each of them has it's story... + Great graphics, it looks super on maximum settings! + Awesome action, not so boring as in DAO And now... - A wait? I can't remember any!!! Expand
  62. Mar 10, 2011
    Play the game before you come to the internet to complain about it people. I played both Origins and I just beat this game and I love it just as much. Give the changes a chance before you condemn them for being "dumbed down."
  63. Mar 11, 2011
    It's a good thing that Metascore's are based on reputable publishers and not the biased opinion of a "betrayed" fanboy. There was nothing Bioware could do against the inevitable fate of a sequel to one of the greatest RPG's that ever graced humans. If you ask me, however, DA2 comes very close to sharing the glory. I've seen not hide nor hair of the issues reviewers are experiencing; quite the contrary in fact. For people who found the combat of DA:O to be sluggish and repetitive, DA2 is a welcome Saint. The quick-paced hack-n-slash style brawling kept my interest rather than turn me away from boredom. Granted the difficulty level has been turned down a few notches, I play RPG's for the experience and story, not to constantly have to reload my saves, which I was doing often even on Normal in DA:O. And to say that strategy is no longer needed is ridiculous. I found myself constantly pausing the game to issue commands to my party members.

    The graphics are not comparable to 2003. I don't understand how someone can even utter such a thought. The graphics are, in fact, refined in a manner that is completely reflecting of the story arc. DA:O had a serious, mature art style that utilized grey's and blues to set a mood. You were not a hero as much as you were a hope. DA2 moved away from that because the message is different. The art style utilizes more extreme blacks and reds and reminds me of scenes from Sin City. You are a champion, let your power be known!

    The equipment system is a very welcome change to me. In DA:O you had to be constantly on the look-out for upgrades for your plethora of partners. In this game your party members have "companion armor", which negates the need , or rather doesn't allow, for the equipping of head, chest, hand, and feet armor. Only Hawke can be equipped. This allows you to focus all the best equipment on him, who is your MAIN CHARACTER, rather than worrying about the NPC who usually die anyways.

    And then there's the story. I've been seeing reviews that say shallow, horrible script, no content, blah blah. Even in DA:O I wasn't physically forced to pace my room, hand on chin, staring at the floor, then the ceiling, to think about the ups and downs of saving an Elf or killing him. RPG's are meant to hurl you into a story, make you apart of the action, and DA2 does that with FLYING colors. I can choose to be cheeky, serious, kind, lovable, flirtatious, dominant, deciding, passive, or just plain rude to anyone I decide.

    This game is not only a step, but leaps and bounds separate from it's predecessor, and that's not a bad thing. To compare the games would be like comparing sandals with running shoes. Both are useful in certain situations, but trying to play beach volley ball in Nike's will cause lots of frustration. You have to see DA2 as a game rather than a sequel. It doesn't live up to DA:O standards because it creates it's own. I fully believe this game is an underrated masterpiece waiting to explode.
  64. Mar 11, 2011
    ok, so here's a reasonable review. aka not a zero, or a 10. Dragon Age:Origins came out so recently that everyone, including myself, is comparing the two games. This is not unexpected, see Mass Effect 1 and 2. When compared to DA:O, this game gets a 6. That is, I wanted to play DA:O 2.0 and was let down. While this will hurt sales, the game itself is a solid 8.5. THE GOOD: Your character has a remarkably unique adventure, enhanced by the ability for you to choose. I felt like a **** boss when I was champion of my little town. Voice acting was fun and it kept me engaged, when the story was interesting. The gameplay was smooth and easy to control (and is THE ONLY reason i was able to beat that red dude in a 1v1. HOLY CRAP my build was not meant for that matchup, lol). The supporting cast had goals, past issues, and uncompromising habits. I reached level 20 as i was completing the story. We meet characters from DA:O. The world map interface is pimp and easy for quests. They made items easier to manage. Scenery graphics(water reflection), special effects (spells), character heads/mouths are great. I had no bugs the entire playthrough. Abilities are so varied it's awesome. Also, i had fun playing. It was FUN.

    THE BAD: Your particular role is not very important or driven. You are not special and you don't really have a goal(DA:O STOP THE BLIGHT NOW GOGOGOGO! Mass Effect 1: STOP THE EVIL SPECTRE OH **** END OF GALAXY SAVE GALAXY GOGOOGO!) This can cause the perception that the story is 'flat', and if the story is 'flat' the characters in that story seem 'flat'. Think, the Earth is 'flat'. One consequence was that it never SEEMED like there was a main quest line. So all of the quests felt like different ways to get xp. The story fell apart several times for me when i was able to predict it. FIRST MINUTES OF THE GAME: Oh, I have a sister and a mom with me... and it's bioware so they like to kill off characters, yea my sister's dead, and maybe my mom. (i think i could have made it so my sister didn't die, but i didnt care after i saw where it was going, sorry sis). You will never in your life have enough money for all the cool **** some vendors sell. Example, one ring was 100 gold, and i had 50 just before final missions. so if i had wanted , say, 15 of those 100 gold items to deck out my crew... yea gl with that. Protip: just play the game and before the final missions use a money cheat and buy the cool stuff. The world kind of feels the same as DA:O, with 'instanced' parts of towns and forests. But that's bad because it feels small. Like, compared to oblivion,GTA, or whatever with square miles of **** These levels really seem repetitive after a while. Character clothing/gear is still visually not up to par with what it could be. aka when you take an image and stretch it over some polygons. The final boss (for me) was a character I met more than 1/2 way thru the game. I mean, yea she's evil, but... i mean... ok i'll just kill her. im just **** because in DRAGON age 2 you dont win by killing a DRAGON. COMMENTS: The story is presented, it seems, for the exclusive purpose of making DLC's more viable. The end of the story is 'current day'. This is a cool way to tell a story, but i know what they're up to. Even the world map is just READY for another button that says "New Town 1" Also I had sex with almost every character in the game, so that was fun.
  65. Mar 11, 2011
    For me; This game it's so beautyful but not private to many bugs. Also the city present in this game give us an important emotional investigates players; It's so a very big game with differents protagonists with them unique characters. The Graph's game is an concentrate of all moderns technology in video game. Bio-Ware it's alway faithful of him.
  66. Mar 11, 2011
    First, I will justify why *I* rate this game as a 10, I think this game is a pure masterpiece in story-telling, gameplay and just overall "fun", this game appeals to me on so many levels, it is so immersive, the voice-acting is of the highest quality, the story is insanely good, the combat is "fun", on the higher difficulties the combat is challenging and the best thing I can say to sum up this game, is when it ended I wanted to go through it again and again, regardless of the "lack of reasons" to repeat the content: I wanted to do it.
    I'll point out some negative points first though, The default difficulty is too easy, I mean I appreciate the toning down of the "spikyness" of DA:O normal difficulty, but essentially it is a fuel for people to hate this game, having said that Hard is a very good difficulty setting and normal needed to be somewhere between where it is in the game and hard, I am playing through on hard and I have to use a large amount of tactics, position my characters carefully and aim spells properly. Pausing is a major part of my gameplay and although FF is only on in nightmare, it also means I can have more fun with freedom of spells in my arsenal rather than being limited to a "nightmare only" build.
    There are also some lazy layout designs, most of the time the game revolves around a generic "dungeon" for each type of area, a generic cave, a generic sewer, a generic camp, a generic mansion. Where the only differences in layout are where they decided to wall off the area, this certainly was very lazy imo, but it doesn't detract from the gameplay experience.
    A mixed point is the amount of "console-porting" this game has done, and in reality I find it has done very little, the only major one is the removal of the tactical camera. Whilst I don't care about this because I believe it reduced the difficulty of lots of fights in DA:O to the point of obscurity, I would like to have seen a system where I could pan with the aiming of my spells rather than limited to my controlled characters field of vision in order to try and place a spell, it doesn't really matter on any difficulty besides nightmare but it is going to make nightmare have an arbitrary difficulty scaling.
    Having said that the combat is fun, it is active, but it retains all the tactical positioning of it's predecessor. If I am not careful about positioning my mages in relation to my tank they can be dead in seconds. Boss fights require you to "move out of the fire", whilst adopting large amount of phases to their battles forcing you to change tactics midfight, healing has changed (for the better imo) to be more supporting, healing has a long cooldown so using it at the right time in combination with potions (which again have a shared cooldown) mean that it's ever so important your weaker party members don't get jumped on or they are dead.
    However, I think the hugest selling point of DA:2 is it's immersive story. Arguably it's story is actually quite weak at the core, but the way it is told, the way it slowly leaks information to you, the way that your actual character stays in character (If you are very jokey with your choices your character is very jokey when investigating or making plot decisions, same is said of being aggresive etc). So in a sense you feel like you are being consistant, even if I make an aggresive move as a "jokey" character, I do the aggression in a more candid tone.
    I got the feeling that this story was essentially placed as a "filler" to get from DA:O to DA:3, but the story is told in such an amazing way that drew me in like no game ever has done. The female Hawke voice is exceptional, along with the other voice-acting work on this title. Having read reviews I was expecting the story to be not that special, but in reality the story was insanely well told, small elements coming back up later to be huge influences to key plot points. Whilst all the time remaining totally unpredictable. Whilst, I kinda knew how the game was going to turn out before the final scenes, I couldn't have guessed how awesome the ending would be.
    DA:2 surprised me again and again, made me burst out laughing from snippets from your DA:O imported history and from my character just staying in character and putting the thumb up to authority at the right times I wanted to. I want to point out that the demo is nowhere near indicative of how this title sizes up on the whole, the fact the demo was limited to normal difficulty was a poor decision by the devs imo. Hard is a great difficulty setting and anybody playing this game should start out with this setting unless you only want to see the story, which is just as worth it.
    To sum up:Play the game before judging, it's an amazing RPG imo
  67. Mar 11, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Yes, a dubious idea of clothing - the only misses, lubricants impression of Dragon Age 2. Extraordinarily narrow scope, a different system of "pumping", dizzyingly dynamic battlefield, it would seem, to frighten and repel, but do not believe the first experience. Wee see, a great RPG, one of the best works BioWare.S
    it's a Great Game! thanks BioWare
  68. Mar 11, 2011
    This game is good all those negative reviews are just bunch of trolls. If you feel that this game is a mindless hack and slash game try it in hard or nightmare mode, the only down side is that your companions has less option in customizing there items.
  69. Mar 19, 2011
    She was the most anticipated game of the year. With trepidation, I watched all the interviews and news. And now the game is released. A feeling that we were betrayed and sold.
  70. Mar 11, 2011
    BioWare has done it again with their most fantastic title to date! Everything from the character interaction to the graphics have been fleshed out making Dragon Age IIâ
  71. Mar 11, 2011
    I'd love to give this game the score I think it deserves, which is a solid 9.0, but the plethora of 1 and 0 reviews force me to at least normalize the score by making mine a 10. Dragon Age II is by no means the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. This is what so many of you have missed. The flashier combat, voiced protagonist, and lack of the ability to choose your race are not BioWare attacking fans of Baldurs Gate-style RPGs. They are design decisions intended to create a new entry in the series. Hawke's story is not intended to be the player's story like the Warden's was. It is like Mass Effect, more of a Player-guided protagonist who is separate from the player. The combat, while fairly ridiculous on the higher levels, what with all the corpses exploding, is intended to change what was taken as a flaw in the previous game, the glacial combat. At no point in my several playthroughs of Origins did I feel any of my characters were actually any good at fighting. The tank would just sort of stand there and wave his sword while the ranged companions would stand off to the side, firing hordes of arrows into enemies who would simply keep walking around like pincushions. I understand that this system, with its highly tactical combat, evokes nostalgia in many PC gamers, but in this day and age, I feel that is rather outdated. I applaud their direction as far as making swords and arrows feel as though they are actually doing something to enemies. As far as graphics go, this game is a lot better than Origins. It's no Crysis 2, but the ones calling out DAII for its graphics while clinging to DA:O as a great game should look closer. There was a marked improvement between the two games. As for the story, I will not spoil anything, except to say that this game is very dark. BioWare has tried to create a dark fantasy in the Dragon Age series, and the previous game has very little in the way of dark. If you chose the right options, everything turned out all right in the end. In this game, no matter how hard you try, you never really get the classic heroic conclusion. I applaud BioWare for actually making this happen. Many games have claimed to create choices surrounded by muddy waters, but they generally do not succeed as far as one option always producing a result that is generally perceived as good. You find none of that in Dragon Age II. It makes the game that much more depressing and that much more REAL. I feel sorry for the folks at BioWare who have to sift through all these negative reviews calling for them to make another Dragon Age: Origins, because despite the massive amounts of them, chances are it's a small minority of angry ex-fans, while the people who actually like the game are still busy finishing it. In summation, a great game, much better than many I have played this year, and definitely worth my $60. Expand
  72. Mar 11, 2011
    PC Version - Graphics are stupendous on a newer system... GTX 400 series or above should be good. 200 series is probably good too. The game is definitely not like DA:O... but I'm not disappointed. Obviously there are going to be a LOT of heartbroken people out there that were really looking forward to a return to the old style of RPGs a-la Baldur's Gate and maybe even Neverwinter Nights... Dragon Age II is not going to be that. I enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins but I did have to struggle through it to finish before DA2 released... I enjoyed Mass Effect, but I also found myself pushing through to finish just before ME2 came out.

    With Dragon Age 2, I am having an absolute blast. I find it a very enjoyable experience, and I really like each of the characters Hawke works with. They make me laugh, cuss, and even surprise me with some of their remarks and conversations. Unlike with DA:O, I will be playing through this game at least one more time. I do not feel forced to push through playing this game... and I recall that I had a very similar experience with Mass Effect 2. Very enjoyable game, the characters are fun, and I do not believe there is a problem with the combat/mechanics. Now... This is not Dragon Age: Origins, but that does not mean this is a bad game. I tell people who ask about Dragon Age the same thing I say about Mass Effect... Play the second one first, then move on to the first one. For the majority of people new to the series/genre, ME2 and DA2 are much easier to learn and enjoy. Was I hoping that DA2 would become the next Baldurs Gate 2? Yeah... a little... But I'm not letting those hurt feelings get in the way of what is a good experience. Dragon Age 2 stands well in it's own regard even if it didn't meet the expectations of many fans of DA:O. You can probably blame EA's influence if you like... but I do believe Dragon Age 2 is worth the money.

    I've put the difficulty on hard, and find myself completing all available side quests, backtracking to collect chests/materials/loot, and talking to every party member/NPC as much as possible. I did all this in DA:O, but everything feels much faster and lively in DA2. Sure I noticed the caves/dungeons/warehouses were copied/pasted... but the story and character interactions are in place to pull your attention off it. I'm happy I no longer have to mess with EVERY single armor slot on every party member. That was tedious to me... at best. There are plenty of bad things if you look for them, but I find there are more than enough good things about this game to make it worthwhile. Anyone who can't see them is really just upset the game isn't what THEY believe it should be. I saw a review that was rated 6.5/10 that hit on a good many true points about the flaws. A 6.5 is the absolute lowest I would believe this game should have, based on flaws alone... But I believe the game is easily a 7-8.5. I'm giving it a 10 because I am getting my money's worth, and am very happy with what I am playing.

    Now... I want Bioware to update the Toolset so we can make use of mods/addons.
  73. Mar 11, 2011
    Great Game 10/10, better than DAO, which was a 9/10 imo. Love the story and the flow of combat. On nightmare mode it is an extremely challenging tactical game. I have played nearly all of the CRPG's since the PC D&D games from late 80s and early 90s (secret of the silver blades...etc) up to now I never thought action and RPG could actually exist in the same game. A great setup for future games from Bioware. This game is NOT suppose to be a DAO sequel, it is an experiment in using interactive frame narratives with RPG elements. I love forward thinking, everything evolves. GREAT GAME! Expand
  74. Mar 11, 2011
    I put 10 because it is really excellent game! The tree of skills became more, tactics is more clear and the drawing has not disappointed! A lot of new and it is good!
  75. Mar 11, 2011
    I'm hearing a LOT of anti-DA2 feedback going around. Frankly, I can't understand it. It seems merely out of a fear of change, rather than if the change was a good or bad thing. When I first played the demo, I was freaked out by many things, but after finishing the game, none of those things held water anymore. It was simply me being "whoa different game is different" and none of it made it a bad game in the end. I know the quick phrase to describe the changes is "dumbed down" -- and trust me, I hear ya. They dumbed down Mass Effect from game one to game two, and I was totally pessimistic about DA2. But you know? "Streamlined" is honestly the better term for it all. In the end, it is an amazing game. One of the most memorable RPGs I have played in a while. Is it worth it's selling price new? Yes! This is a $60 game. There's so much crap out there selling for the same price and is just a huge disappointment. This is one of those games. Please, ignore reviews and just play it for yourself. And I am not talking about just the demo. The demo is in no way indicative of the tone or experience of the main game. Look to Denerim in DA:O for a better idea of how it might feel.

    If you find you skip dialogue scenes, it might be just an okay game, because you're skipping the best part. If you're just watching your family's cutscenes with a "okay okay I'm getting a quest" attitude, then it's not going to work its magic on you.

    As a visual novel community, I can honestly say that WE will see what the developers were doing with the story and appreciate it. The hordes of action games may not see it, but I certainly did, and I will defend it rabidly. I was so surprised by how good it was. Maybe because of all the pessimism. Maybe all these bad reviews are good -- so you go in thinking "this will blow", but then blown away.

    It's a shame that it will take too damn long for people to find that out, since everyone is going to take one look at the negative reviews and decide to wait until bargain bin day. Or worse, the developers will see the negativeness and not make DLC for it. Christ. I've never wanted DLC more for any other game before. I don't want this game to be over.
  76. Mar 11, 2011
    There's a lot of butthurt about Dragon Age 2. Lot of nerds wanting to crunch stats, spank and tank and grind for gear. It's not that sort of RPG and, like Mass Effect 2, it is all the better for it. It's a story, one that you have a huge part to play in telling, rather than just watching it unfold, you make choices and pick sides and shape the world. Meantime you stab up a bunch of people and get frisky with a pirate wench, among others. It's not perfect, the combat animations don't fit the tone of the game too well for example, but beyond that it's a masterpiece, far superior to the original. Expand
  77. Mar 11, 2011
    Imagine all of these reviews spoken in the voice of comic book guy from the simpsons

    (great game though, it's certainly not the same as DA:O and bioware has decided to take a different route and all that good stuff)
  78. Mar 11, 2011
    This game feels a lot like Baldur's Gate 2 to me. That being said, it's very good. I feel completely immersed, the combat is EXCITING! (unlike the first), and the characters memorable and funny.

    Truly loving it, the only thing negative I can say is that it does feel a little "rushed". Still, worth the money. A lot of the negative reviews are simply because it is hard to compete with a
    groundbreaking original. Sequels always have it harder. I played the original right before this one came out and it's still very fresh in my head. Comparing the two is easy for me, Da2 wins. Expand
  79. Mar 11, 2011
    It's a very good game and a worthy successor to the first. I loved Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 and would love it if Dragon Age 3 had that sort of depth as far as environments and spell mechanics and NPC's are concerned. That said, the combat is a lot of fun and the streamlined combat mechanics don't take anything away from the tactical elements. I do recommend playing the game on the Hard difficulty setting. Normal is pretty trivial, at least early on, whereas Hard is a challenge on par with the Infinity Engine games Expand
  80. Mar 11, 2011
    I'm beginning to wonder if these people actually played the game past either the demo or the first 10 minutes.

    The combat in Dragon Age 1 was basically this: Right click, watch your character (literally) walk over, and start swinging their sword like they're about to fall asleep, and then you win. If you slow down the combat in 2, it's the same thing, but god forbid people actually think
    for more than 5 minutes.

    Graphics: I can't play the game on Highest Dx11 without my FPS dropping to 3 and textures spazzing out. So this is the only valid complaint I can see.

    As far as the difficulty complaints go: I've had to turn down the difficulty during some parts. Some boss fights are just ridiculous. There's nothing "dumbed down" at all. As I said, combat merely happens faster and abilities actually have visible effects.

    Conversations being simplified? This one is just stupid. "I don't have to THINK about what I say now!". I never did in the original and I somehow managed to get everyone to love me (usually just pressing the first option). Take away the wheel that gives you a graphical representation of what you're about to say and it's the same thing as Origins

    Either way, it seems most negative reviews focus on nothing and just say "GG BIOWARE YOU KILLED THE RPG MARKET!" without actually specifying why they hate it (which is pretty much Metacritic in a nutshell). To quote the most popular negative review on here: "Unless you're on hard mode, there is nothing to discuss as far as combat goes". It was the same in Origins. Play on Easy or Normal and you could 'lol' your way to victory. From the same review I quoted earlier "after a mere few hours with it I honestly have no drive to play it any more. That didn't happen until Orzammar with DA:O.". I don't know how people can praise the original, yet chastise the sequel when they openly admit they never finished either. 29 hours in and I'm still having a blast (albeit multiple rerolls because lol@me).
  81. Mar 11, 2011
    This is one of the best RPG in the world. Unlike the first part of the game is 10 hours and she's fun and interesting. I do not understand people who put her 0 and 1. You even played in it?? Why spoil a game rating? Do nothing else or what?
  82. Mar 12, 2011
    Lots of angry players who wanted the game to fail or rated it low without ever playing it. It's a great RPG in a great series.

    There are copy/pasted caves all over the place and that is a flaw, but that is the one and only flaw in the entire game.

    Whatever Bioware did to make so many kids cry and pray that their game will fail, my hat is off to you. Keep curb stomping the haters and
    make more quality content. Expand
  83. Mar 11, 2011
    Liked: Random armor generator, and shopkeepers regularly replenishing. Appearance of fully upgraded sets and armor as well as companions. (Anders and Merrill looked amazing)

    Disliked: Difficult to put together a full set of gear, say for example, a full suit of elven armor nearly took me to the end of act 2 just to get something piecemeal that looked halfway decent. Failed to put my
    second act set together when I didn't pick a fight in the Hanged Man for the rogue chest piece. Need more sexy outfits, yes.

    Liked: Companion interaction.

    Disliked: Need to buy most of the 'gifts' to get said interaction, should have been acquired randomly like the other half of the influencing equipment.

    Liked: Overall storyline, plot progression. Ending left me wanting for more from the series.

    Disliked: Once it's over, it's over, no epilogue, no closure. You just have this vague sense that the story will continue in DLC and new expansions.

    Liked: Combat. Great, wonderful, bloody. PC version excelled in this category. Storyline, and plot had this growing 'sense' of chaos slowly consuming the entire world. Companion quests, events, dialog, and romance.

    Bugged comments: Some minor glitches, but the flow of the game and lag was low. Found a random bandit type leader on the beach non hostile close to the entrance, and never did find that kidnapped girl in act 3 on the same beach(related?)

    Final Conclusion: The end was epic, I got the girl, and killed both individuals I wanted to kill off. I managed to keep my party together, except Sebastian also which was impressive. Overall I had fun, and it's an excellent legacy to the original Origins.

    Oh the musical score... best part, without question it totally painted the scene and adding to the suspense and emotion of the game.
  84. Mar 12, 2011
    Dragon Age 2 - I liked it. I think this is the best game I ever played. Graphics, combat, story telling, its all better. I think, DA2 take its rightful place in the world of computer games.
  85. Mar 12, 2011
    Never in all my days have I seen such a concerted effort to destroy a games reputation in the history of the internet.

    Dragon Age II is as good a game as Dragon Age: Origins was, in its own way. The difference in the styles of the two games are not entirely all that different, the biggest change to DA2 in regards to how its played out is the lack of full itemization for your companion
    characters and thats really about it.

    The story is fantastic, anyone who says otherwise doesn't understand that the games dynamics are secondary to the games story. And DA2 delivers, on story, in spades. Whats more the changes to the combat dynamics are so miniscule that the concerted and concentrated attempts at slagging the reputation of the game by "user score" alone seems like its been done by a huge group of angst ridden "fans" of the Dragon Age franchise that refuse to see the good of the game simply because of the few things that have been changed.

    DA2 is a ever growing, intense story that travels over 10 years of your characters life in Kirkwall. And while some may complain that the game is "smaller" than DA:O because its only in and around the city of Kirkwall most of the environments in DA2 are actually bigger than any of the environments in DA:O, instead of fighting in a tiny little area, or parts of the city being about the size of a breadbox, Kirkwall's different districts stretch out quite a bit. To compare, take the Market District of Denerim in DA: which is about the size of the village of Loethering (fields not included), as compared to the Hightown or Lowtown districts of DA:O which are comparably the size of the Brecillian Forest areas in DA:O.

    Its got just as much total play time, if you do all the quests in each act as a single game of DA:O and twice as many epic moments. In fact nearly every decision you make as you progress in DA2 will have effects and ramifications on what occurs later in the years of the game. And whats more none of these decisions have "clues" as to what the right decision is, something you do with all intention of trying to do "right" may have dire ramifications in the future of your game, regardless of your good intentions.

    This game not only has all the replay value of DA:O, it is missing a lot of DA:O's slowdowns in regards to replay value. DA2 doesn't need "Skip the Fade" mod because there are no sections of DA2 that are universally tedious. Whats more there are no sections of DA2 that are as universally predictable either, even the Fade sequence that is in DA2 is much shorter, has some fair rewards in it and some interesting differences in occurrence depending on who you take with you.

    The 720 or so people that have negatively reviewed this game have done so on the basis that the game is now accessible to people who enjoy action RPG play, and while i won't disagree with them, there are some changes to DA2 I didn't like as well, the major thing I will disagree with them on is that just because its "different" doesn't mean its a piece of trash that has fallen far short of the mark of BioWare's usual quality.

    I've been playing the game since the day of release and I still have not completed it on my very first character and I can already see, from the 3 acts I've played that there are going to be a lot of different ways for me to replay this game as I wait for DA3, as compared to DA:O where I more or less just kept replaying the SAME GAME just with a different personality, with DA2, the game can change substantially depending on the choices I make.

    DA2 is a fine platform for the continuation of the franchise and I feel that other than the itemization issues and the locked itemization for companion characters its a worthy successor to the DA franchise. Making it more exciting, giving it more replay and best of all, making me hungry for more of the story, in a way that DA:A did not do, after DA:O was released.

    Please keep in mind as you read this page that this game has been subject to a concentrated flagging by a collusion of unhappy niche RPG fans that are all part of the same group on the BioWare Social Forums, a group that was specifically formed for this purpose alone, to come to Metacritic and to drop the user score as low as they could. And as you can see even with this concerted effort theres only around 800 people as compared to the hundreds of thousands of preordered copies of DA2 that were sold.

    The game isn't perfect I give it a 9 of 10 and I do so because they did strip out some elements of RPG control that I'd have liked to have kept, but the story is fantastic, the way the game changes and morphs around your decisions is awesome, and the new combat pace is also quite good. DA2 is everything DA:O should have been, but missing a few things DA:O was that DA2 should have kept.
  86. Mar 12, 2011
    Fantastic game, i like this. Is amazing... the only downside is that history is a little out of Dragon Age: Origins
    Good innovation by Bioware. The game innovates in many ways and the combat is amazing. The graphic quality (a full) is wonderful and unique characters.
  87. Mar 12, 2011
    Game is a HUGE step up from Dragon Age 1. The only reason people don't like it and why it's getting unfavorable reviews is because it's not EXACTLY THE SAME as dragon age 1. If they called it something else and cut off all ties with the first game it would get 10's across the board. There's more emphasis on combat and human interaction than ''adventure'' and lore. Personally i love the direction they're going with both this game and mass effect 2, and i hope it continues.

    Keep up the good work, bioware!
  88. Mar 12, 2011
    I have to say I don't understand all the negativity surrounding this game. I really enjoyed it. Like really. The conversation wheel is exciting, the main character (you) is cool and funny and quests are generally entertaining. There is a consensus among 'hard-core' gamers that this has been 'dumbed down' from Dragon Age:Origins. I disagree. The combat is slightly easier (this can be changed by putting it on hard difficulty though), the graphics are better than the predecessor (although not stunning) and the city of Kirkwall full of life and things to do. It is my opinion that people are riding a wave of dislike for this game as they judge it too firmly on the previous one. This is a different game in some respects. However it is also a brilliant one. Flaws include many loading screens and a small world map, but the new dynamic combat, the improved visuals, the main character speaking and the depth of the gameplay (where your decisions really seem to matter) make this a brilliant role playing experience. Just not one for the hardcore, baldurs gate loving PC gaming community that seem to spawn from troll land at the moment.
    Graphics - 8 (if on very high detail)
    Gameplay- 8.5 (a little repetitive but fun)
    Presentation- 9 (Beautiful loading screens, simple menus)
    Sound- 9.5 (great music and superb voice work)
    Lasting appeal- 9 (a long game with multiple plot lines)
    OVERALL- 9/10

    Bottom line- If you liked Mass effect 2 you will love this game.
  89. Mar 12, 2011
    Not as good as DA:O. A great game nonetheless. The combat is excellent. Fast paced, while still being tactical. And the Story actually flows better than Origins in my opinion. Well worth the price of admission! Well, at least I'm having fun.
  90. Mar 12, 2011
    Dragon Age II is a great game once you get past any bias you may have or false expectations over why it isn't "Dragon Age: Origins 2". I will try and keep my feedback spoiler free and focus on the core tenants of what the game offers and why I rated as I did:

    Pros: 1. Unique story-line, new characters and setting.

    Although you spend a majority of your time playing in one area of the
    Dragon Age world, you never run out of things to do. The advancement of the story allows for deeper sense of exploration and understanding of the world you are thrust into and the impact you have on its evolution. 2. A compelling set of characters and individual back-stories to work through.

    Although it may miss some of the classic characters of DA:O, DA:2 does not fail to deliver on high-quality characters with a rich background to explore. Each one bringing with them a unique set of opportunities and challenges that you as the hero will work through as you relationship grows. 3. A plot that will leave your head rolling by the time you get to the end, with some of the best and morally challenging decisions I've faced in an RPG of this type.

    It is harder to describe the story without going into spoilers, I am now on my second play-through and my head is still spinning from the first. By far one of the better stories I've had a chance to be part of in any RPG. Every action, every relationship, every decision will lead to plot twists and turns that you just won't see coming... And in the end, all must decide....

    4. Action packed combat, no dancing around your enemies for 5 seconds before you start combat. The combat moves as fast as you do. I love what they did with the pace of combat, it gets the blood pumping and really makes you feel epic. Your characters react as quickly as you do, so you can move through fights quickly and with devastating force. At the same time, for the more complex engagements, you have the ability to take a more strategic approach by pausing combat and issuing commands to individual party members.

    5. Simplified user interface

    I love the idea that I spend far less time managing my inventory then I do playing the game, definitely one of the better features. Potions, Crafting & Armor are all simplified for players to be able to get things done without investing countless hours into organizing through tons of items you may never use. Cons:

    1. Limited environment, repetitive maps

    Sadly, where the game lacks in a large way is a true sense of open world exploration. Although the world of Kirkwall is huge in and unto itself, it doesn't quite offer you the freedom of true exploration. I can understand why it is the way it is based on the story, however I am a fan of being able to explore and this was one area that hurt. The other is the fact that several of the dungeon maps get recycled, after a time you will start to see several familiar maps come up time and time again. 2. Over-simplified armor and customization

    Although I am a fan of simplifying the armor and inventory management, I do prefer to have control over what armor my party members wear and when. I feel the game did not really offer a lot of variety where party armor was concerned.

    3. Race restriction

    Although I can appreciate the character of Hawke, I feel the limitation to human takes away from story. The story would have been equally as compelling having an Elven, Dwarf or Human protagonist but that's a personal preference. 4. Can't import a finished game

    Though not game breaking, if its a feature your hoping for it isn't there.... You finish your game and you can replay as often as you want (Obviously), but you'll have to start a new each time.

    In closing, my review is favorable and I personally feel the game excels in its own right. Although many on these posts have said otherwise, I'm not comparing it to something its not, I am rating it for the experience I had. Its a fantastic game and well worth the investment, just don't go in expecting Elder Scrolls, Fallout or any other of the Open Ended RPGs its been compared to.

    Dragon Age II is not opened ended, its a narrative with a specific plot you act out as the player. From that perspective, the game delivers on one of the more action packed thrill rides I've had.
  91. Mar 12, 2011
    So much dislike here i thought i`d put in my 2 penny worth.. Its not excatly the same as DAO no.. but get over it. To me DA2 is like mass effect becomming mass effect 2. ok not as much fuiddling to get the right gear etc more fast paced combat and fun.. dont get me wrong im a fan of the old baldurs gate series and not a console rpg tourist. I think half the reviews here are written by peeps who have probably played the demo.. or maybe 1 or 2 hours of the game and want to flame at the change.. To me every minute or hour that passes in the game i see a lovingly created story, some seriously crazy fights and spells and just enuff rpg to keep u hooked. Yes i did love DAO.. but this is summin fresh and fun.. its damn right crazy at times and i apluad u bioware for trying to push games forward.... Now flame me if u like but there are times during DA2 it feels more like baldurs gate 2 than any game ever has.. so just because u lot have pushed this score down so low.. im gonna give it a 10.. Expand
  92. Mar 12, 2011
    Good game. Excellent story. Great RPG. Much room for improvement so Dragon Age 3 will be even more playeble. I anticipate more joy from Bioware in the future.
  93. Mar 12, 2011
    I have no idea why people are rating this game so low and saying some very outrageous things. People, don't listen to these loosers. The game is fantastic. I think the voice acting is spot on and I love how it's darker than the previous. The graphics and sound are a breath of fresh air. I can't wait to see how it progresses!
  94. Mar 12, 2011
    I felt this game was interesting in story (something other people seem to disagree with, I'm not sure why??) and was very entertaining. I'm not much of a critic, but I felt I'd come with my opinion anyway, seeing as I had been slightly worried about the quality of the game after reading so many poor reviews of it.
    I truly enjoyed playing it and to me, that's really the most important part.
    I'm not sure about the quality of the graphics. I rather liked them, but other people seem to find them outdated? I haven't got much to compare it to tbh because I don't play that many games. The story was good and I liked the way they did the narrative (and I also found myself really liking the narrator, lol). I knew of the companions beforehand, yet I still found myself liking some of the ones I did not expect to like. I mean, there are problems with the game, sure, hence why I didn't give it a 10, but really, they are so insignificant compared to how great the other parts are. So I think if you liked Origins and don't play Dragon Age 2 with a "GOD DAMNIT I HATE THIS" attitude from the start, you will be pleased. If you are content being dissatisfied or unwilling to try because of the bad user reviews, then your loss I suppose :/ Expand
  95. Mar 12, 2011
    I've just completed this game and overall, I was very surprised how engaged I was with the gameplay, story and the characters themselves. I'd come expecting the worse (read the user reviews and comments from forums) but on it's own, it was very good. Thx BioWare! Well done.
  96. Mar 12, 2011
    First review, excuse the rambling nature:

    Very enjoyable game. Gameplay more fluid than predecessor. Graphics better. Graphical style much less generic. Story comparable, if not better. Storytelling of the highest caliber. Characterisation and NPCs top notch. Sadly, character customisation options reduced compared to predecessor, and Bioware games in general. However, player actions seem
    to be create a greater response in the world, and makes for a more involved experience. Good game length; I finished my first playthrough in 32 hours, and there are things that I missed. Cannot make qualified review of replayability, but I can see myself doing at least two more playthroughs. Excellent pacing of story. Main complaint is the rather lacklustre content of the game's journal/quest log. Great RPG, I recommend buying it. But if ambivalent, wait until price drop and DLC-packages appear. Expand
  97. Mar 12, 2011
    Aw some game. i love it very much. they improved most aspects in game. i want to see it in RPG of the year award. :) and i wonder why there so many negative review from users. this game much better than previous.
  98. Mar 13, 2011
    An interesting marriage of the decision-making mechanics codified by Alpha Protocol, an extensively rehashed dialogue system of the Mass Effect series and the role-playing system of the original Dragon Age, this game would have received a lot less undeserved criticism if people were judging it as a Gaiden game instead of being a true sequel. It feels and acts like a Gaiden game, after all - most of its events are not significantly related to those of Origins, although the decisions you've made there certainly make an impact on the otherwise insular world of Kirkwall and the Free Marches.
    The streamlined dialogue system, caused mostly by the introduction of a voiced protagonist, now tracks your overall behaviour and that affects how your character acts and reacts to outside stimuli when out of your direct control - something added for cinematic impact, and something a lot of people find jarring and unpleasant for an unbelievably wide amount of (mostly) daft reasons.
    The rehashed combat is faster-paced, aimed obviously at pleasing those who did not enjoy the previous game's rather old-school approach to tactical combat, while not flawless, still behaves better than the one in KotOR, for example, the thought of which it was obviously supposed to invoke due to the overall similarity. While it may be uncomfortable for hardened PC veterans to get used to the idea of a non-detachable camera, it does not detract from the enjoyment of the game, as those who play with direct control over one character and AI tactics over the others will not notice it at all, and those who play via micromanaging every character's every breath in battle will generally manage on a level too micro for it to cause them statistically significant discomfort.
    The story itself, based off the foregone conclusion that your protagonist has somehow gone and helped the world become a worse place through trying to make it a better one, makes a lot of people complain that there is no core to the story - how they missed the focus on the evolution of a refugee into the Champion of a city-state is beyond me. Most of the quests - both central to the story and not - revolve around you and your involvement in the city's internal affairs, and the game goes out of its way to show the impact it can and will have on the day-to-day lives of its people. Those expecting something more similar to the first game's crusade against evil will probably be disappointed - but that does not mean that this game's story is any weaker than the last one's.
    The companions you will travel with are a mix of new and old - two NPCs from Origins return as actual companions - Isabela, the pirate queen you could have a tryst with as the Grey Warden, and Merrill, the protagonist's friend in the Dalish Elf origin - and two companions from Awakenings return as, well, one companion - Anders has become the new vessel for the Spirit of Justice, but that did not go well for either of them. The rest of the team are new to the story of the setting, but they all come with their own load of emotional baggage, issues and aspirations - wildly conflicting ones, at that - which you will have to take into account when dealing with them.
    Another nice element borrowed from Alpha Protocol is the rivalry element - you no longer suffer penalties from having your companions hate you, as was the case in Origins (though if you play your cards wrong they WILL leave the party and never come back), instead, their personality changes to reflect the wrongs you inflicted on them and they gain bonuses that benefit them and them alone, instead of you or the whole party. A nice touch, that, and another handy step towards the humanization of our companions - they will often clash with each other about their beliefs and intentions while walking with you through the city or the surrounding landscapes, often with hilarious conclusions.

    Indeed, the game is not devoid of problems - the need to download the high-quality textures as a separate patch to make the game look even remotely modern, the horrifyingly crippling graphical card compatibility problems which require a lot of shamanic magic to attain a stable FPS count on an nVidia chipset, especially an older one, and the copy-and-paste based dungeons stand out as the foremost ones. However, none of these really detract from the fun you could be having with this game instead of bashing it on the Internet, and the subtlety of some of the design decisions (like the fact that the appearance of your family members will change along with the appearance of your protagonist, or that the magical cure-all Special Dialogue Option Button borrowed from Mass Effect along with its dialogue system will no longer actually solve ALL the problems) helps reinforce the fact that this is, in fact, a beneficial step in the evolution of the genre.

    It is with that thought that I end my review - this game WILL BE LEGENDARY. If only because of its impact on the gaming community.
  99. Mar 9, 2011
    Great game and really enjoying it. The combat is much improved from the last game, despite others insistence, the tactics system is still alive and well, especially in nightmare mode. The ability to center around a living person in the city of Kirkwall and follow them through years in the game is an awesome step and one that my friends and I really have enjoyed so far. Do yourself a favor, get the game, play through it just once. You don't be disappointed and then you can take it back if you want. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Apr 18, 2011
    Moving even further from the classic RPG, strong story and clever combat are nonetheless still found within Dragon Age II. [May 2011, p.52]
  2. Apr 12, 2011
    Despite some advancement in storytelling approach and liberal borrowing from Bioware's Mass Effect approach to gameplay, Dragon Age 2 on the PC has a lot of bugs and is populated with re-used settings that make this feel like a play performed on a stage with two sets.
  3. Apr 11, 2011
    For a rushed product that is still battling bugs, the currently offered product still provides 40 hours of challenging and engaging gameplay. This combines to provide a good, but not great gaming experience.