• Publisher: Aspyr
  • Release Date: Apr 17, 2006
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 453 Ratings

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  1. Negative: 39 out of 453

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  1. Aug 5, 2011
    Dreamfall has a very engaging story until toward the end when the story just abruptly ends. Very confusing. Where are the Cliffs notes? Aside from a confusing ending, the graphics were great, hats off to the artists. The puzzles detracted from the story and had nothing to do with the storyline, which is probably typical for an adventure game. But this wasn't much of and adventure game anyway, just a story pretending to be an adventure game. Expand
  2. Jul 2, 2011
    I own over 125 PC games and have been playing PC games since they came on floppy discs and ran on Dos with 640k memory. Having said that, I've played a lot of great games, and a lot of BAD games. Then there is the LONGEST Journey. I'm assuming it's titled that because playing this game seems that way when you are fighting with controls to move around in the game, and listening to continued talks between strangers and friends. This is not a GAME. It's a Cartoon Movie. Any potential game play was KILLED by extremely poor controls. Expand
  3. Jul 17, 2012
    Dreamfall may be the strangest game sequel ever. The gameplay, the graphical style, the character you play for most of the game, and the tone are all different from the original Longest Journey. And yet it is still very much a sequel, with some of the same characters (and a few important new ones) living in the same world(s), with enough common plot points and historical details to make it clear that you haven't accidentally bought the wrong game with a similar title. But still, it's a third-person 3D interface instead of point-and-click. It has little of the Longest Journey's snarky humor (except when Crow and Roper make their welcome reappearances), making the game feel somewhat darker. And because the humor is limited to characters you encounter, rather than the primary character you inhabit, the game feels a lot more serious overall. Also, the added freedom of exploring a 3D virtual world is offset by less interactivity; you have fewer choices, and your choices have fewer significant effects, than in the Longest Journey. Dreamfall comes close to being an "interactive movie," as other reviewers have described it. In short, I enjoyed Dreamfall very much, but not for any of the same reasons I enjoyed the Longest Journey. It is simply an engrossing story set in an interesting world with enough ties to its predecessor to feel pleasantly familiar. If you prefer combat and/or a high degree of non-linearity, look elsewhere. Expand
  4. May 11, 2013
    Note I won't be comparing it to the first game in the series.
    Dreamfall is a third person action adventure game (more adventure than action) which takes place in literally 2 worlds, Stark (technocratic) and Arcadia (Magical) and concerns itself with two main plots and a variety of subplots.
    What i liked :
    - Straightforward simple puzzles, none of the esoteric logic some other adventure
    games have.
    -Beautiful world and superb aesthetics. These places do feel familiar if they would've existed. Nothing looks too out of place and thus doesn't draw away from the immersion of the game.From Casablanca in stark to Marcuria in Arcadia, they all look equally wonderful and imaginative.
    -Stealth sections. Now compared to other reviews i didn't mind them. A couple of them have a puzzle sense to them (ie a different way to be steathy). Even if you don't like them, you can still complete them
    What i didn't like :
    -Combat It feels weak and rather random if you happen to hit the enemy or visa versa. It honestly seems tacked on.
    -CLIFFHANGER ENDING Now the good part is, at least 1 major plot gets resolved, but the game opens several others and doesn't bother to close them. AND THERE WAS NO SEQUEL IN THE NEXT 3 YEARS that really took 1 point off the total score.

    Overall, if you like an engaging narrative you'll like Dreamfall. You may not love it, but still like it. A 7/10 from me
  5. Aug 2, 2013
    Dreamfall: The longest journey, is the sequel to the point and click adventure game “The Longest Journey”. Dreamfall is about exploring different worlds and character development. To put it quite bluntly, Dreamfall is a story driven game, with some flawed action sequences and some underwhelming stealth portions. I have always wanted to play Dreamfall, and for some reason I only just got around to it. I’m glad I waited, since my younger self probably wouldn’t have appreciated the game for what it truly is, since it lacks any real action.

    Dreamfall presents itself some 200 years into the future, where corporations seemingly act as the government. There is often references to the wire, which is quite honestly just the internet from what I gather, only everyone seems to be connected to it at all times. Everyone seems to be reliant on the wire for everything, and it’s heavily monitored by corporations.

    The setting of Dreamfall takes place in a sci-fi world called Stark, but also a different world of magic called Arcadia. Only a few people can travel between both worlds, often called shifters. The story is completely linear, and although the game allows you to choose specific dialogue when in a conversation, the outcome is eventually going to be identical to everyone else that has played the game. The only reason to choose the other conversation options is for more back story of each character, or maybe a event. It’s quite a nice feature, and although the story is static, this makes it seem a little bit less so.

    Ranging from 10-15 hours, the game is a decent length. The story itself is one of the most interesting and immersive narratives I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Most of the game is actually listening to conversations between 2 or more people, so take that into consideration. There is also some fairly easy puzzles in the game, with a few non-obvious ones thrown into the mix. The world itself is very static and linear. There definitely can be exploration, but there isn’t anything interesting to find if you deviate from your path.

    Combat and stealth need to be mentioned. Combat is simply clunky, often times you’ll be throwing punches into thin air because of how bad it is. The stealth in the game doesn’t present a meaningful experience either, as I could be standing in-front of someone 5 metres away and they won’t even notice me. Why this was even included into the final product is beyond me.

    The worst part of the game though, is the awful ending. Two hours up to the games ending, you begin seeing a lot of events taking place, and a lot of questions get brought up. The ending flat out refuses to answer any of the questions you might have about other characters or sequences you saw before the end. It’s completely left to your imagination what happened to everything and everyone else besides Zoe.

    Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, is one of my most favourite adventure games. The story itself is something everyone should experience at least once in their life. While the combat and stealth are completely awful to your experience in Dreamfall, the game is worth your time if you can appreciate a interesting narrative in a sci-fi/fantasy world
  6. Nov 7, 2010
    Great game only downside were the combat although there wasn't much of it and possibly the puzzles were a little easy but perhaps that's a good thing because they don't get in the way of an amazing story and flow of the game. Took 9-hrs to complete no guides needed.
  7. Jul 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I don't know what it is with this game. Just like it's predecessor, I have played a big part of the game being either annoyed, or amused by weaknesses, simplicity, or oversights in writing and/or gameplay. I've wondered lots of times what the hype could've possibly been about, especially when running from a to b and back for the millionth time. I still kept playing though. After about 2/3 into the game it had somehow managed to get a firm grip on me and while the faults and annoyances remained, I'm deeply immersed into the whole story.

    So, is the story that good ? I can't really tell. It's definitely not bad, but I've played the Witcher 2 just before this and, for comparison, that game does have what I'd easily call a really good story. Dreamfall is more like the series Lost. There's holes and gaps and things that happen that don't seem to matter, but then there are also great story elements and moments which just kept me hooked. In the end, the good parts do balance out the bad.

    **Minor spoiler alert**

    ...until it suddenly ends with a bunch of cliffhangers that dwarf the hanging gardens of Babylon, which I thought was very annoying. I still can't hate it for it though. Despite all it's flaws, and there are many, the game is just good.

    I also liked that I felt a bit like playing a low-violence Tombraider.
  8. Apr 25, 2011
    I truly loved this game when it first came out, the story and atmosphere and even most of the VA work was top notch. The core game play did have a few control issues that seemed to crop out here and there but nothing so bad as to pull you out of a great experience.
  9. Nov 6, 2011
    This is a first rate classic of adventure gaming and the metascore of only 75 shows that critics who get bored if they haven't killed anything for 5 seconds, and can't resist sniping at adventure games, shouldn't review them. Dreamfall has a wonderful story and provides a captivating experience.
  10. Jan 24, 2012
    This is not a game. It is a slightly interactive movie. It's maybe one or two steps more advanced than clicking a "Next" button to watch the next cutscene. Most of the input from the player-- I mean, viewer, consists of running through towns to the next cutscene. There are a handful of symbol puzzles. There are also a number of interactive "world" puzzles, but all of these have either painfully obvious solutions, or are clunky and tiresome. The story takes a long, long time to get good (I was bored witless for about 80% of it). But it does get good, very good, eventually. Right when it gets good, however, it ends. None of the plot's major elements come to a conclusion and this immediately sours and frustrates what little enjoyment I recieved from this gam-... movie. Don't pay more for this than you would for a night at the movies, popcorn included. Expand
  11. Nov 3, 2013
    Fantastic writing, amazing setting, characterization and storyline are superb, the audio is also amazing. So why am I giving it a mere "7" you ask. Well, sadly the game mechanics themselves are a little clunky, especially the fighting. However the story is so good it's worth playing anyway. As to how good it is in comparison with the original? Well, I haven't played that yet so I couldn't say.
  12. Jul 19, 2012
    A really brilliant adventure game that everyone should try at least once, highly engrossing storyline with memorable characters and very finely crafted levels with a variety of 'not too difficult' puzzles.
    Extremely enjoyable to play and certainly one game you will always remember.
  13. Nov 10, 2011
    I consider myself a fan of the original title, The Longest Journey - it had a unique atmosphere, captivating storytelling, likable characters and much more. It was a rewarding experience to play this game and that time was definitely not wasted for me. This title also has a replay value, although of course, it doesn't offer any new content or new ways of solving puzzles, but it's the kind of game that I like to play again from time to time (time being measured in years) and still enjoy myself while doing so. It's a very good relaxant. I am sure though, that this kind of title generally has more appeal to female audience than to a male one. / I was looking forward to the sequel, but that was probably because I hadn't been seeking any gameplay-related information in advance. If only I had known... / The game was fine at first, only to gradually get worse and worse. Fighting in TLJ? Really? And of course, also a pretty lame one. Why put that there? So the console users would feel satisfied about having at least some action and wouldn't run away to let off their steam elsewhere? The biggest problem though - at certain point, the game stopped being a game and turned into an interactive movie. Also, the storyline... I can't comment about the inconsistencies with the prequel because it has been quite a long time since I played both games (and when I was playing Dreamfall, I didn't remember all the nuances of the original title to be able to compare the storylines perfectly). But I must say, seeing April again was dissatisfying and her character was only a shell of her old self (which is understandable, given the circumstances, but still... a letdown) and the ending was depressing and clearly prepared for a next installment. / What bothers me about this (apart from what I already mentioned), is that some imagination was clearly still present here - e.g. nice and interesting environments, but for some reason, it's full potential was not unleashed. It's always sad to see there WAS some idea, but the team failed in delivering what they were supposed to deliver in terms of gameplay. / I am definitely not looking forward to another TLJ title (if any will be produced), because I don't believe that anything is going to change here, even though a lot of criticism has been voiced towards the creators. Seems to me like the authors are just milking the fame of the original game and they want to happily continue doing so. /
    I am giving this game a 4 (I considered giving it a 5) - the main reason for it being a lack of gameplay. I don't want to support a trend of movies posing as adventure games. And of course, the re-playability I mentioned in the beginning drops to zero for me with this title.
  14. Apr 24, 2012
    Whilst some aspects of this game continue from the original (nice look-and-feel, good music and I thought the voice acting just fine), it is let down by some very poor choices. I don't mind the moving controls, but the fighting is horrendous (-1), if you sort out out to move and swing, you win every fight easy. The puzzles are also repetitive or dull (-1), and the end, sheesh, even if they were thinking of a sequel, it is still a really bad and inconclusive ending (-2). It's better to warn people so. That aside, it still entertains in terms of a game, story is enjoyable, and you are interested in getting to the end. For $10 or less, not a bad game to add to the collection. Expand
  15. Mar 3, 2012
    It's a pity I couldn't actually finish Dreamfall, since it seemed like a great retro game that could stand the test of time! Unfortunately showstopper bugs and the juxtaposition of insanely easy puzzles and insanely difficult ones, made the game less appealing than its predecessor.
  16. May 7, 2012
    Sequel to the best(in my opinion) adventure game of all time: The Longest Journey. Story and character wise its still a masterpiece, but unfortunately most things that were changed from the original are problematic. The biggest problem are the controls - game dropped point-and-click style play and introduced third person view. The controls are clunky and stiff.That is a big problem when you take into account new features - fighting and stealth sections. Fortunately the rest of the game is as good or even in some parts better then its predecessor. The story, characters, dialogues are excellent! The story itself is very intelligent and moving. The story has an open ending and by the end You will be probably in tears...yes its that damn good. The sad thing is that the ending sets up a third part, that probably will never come...Either way this is a great game,and if You can overlook the clunky controls You will not regret playing it! My rating: 9/10 Expand
  17. May 14, 2012
    Gosh! That game really sucks....ugly character design,stiff animations and poor backgrounds!
    The graphic "designers" must have come straight from school...TERRIBLE !!!
    ( like: YEAH ! I am soooo proud of me....i can create a 3d model....i never was good in school but
    the computer makes me feel like a real artist !! )) LOOOOL !!! Just talent-free wannabe´s !!
    The story
    has been told like 1000 times....boring ! Stupid dialogues all the time.....

    The only good thing is: I like norway......
  18. Oct 22, 2013
    This game needs more mixed reviews. It's a decent spin off that doesn't quite live up to its predecessor. It's less memorable, less immersive and quirky. And it's gameplay is really boring. If you can look past its shortcomings it's a beautiful game with a captivating story. (Story that is to be concluded in Dreamfall Chapters).
    Also, the first game was definitely more daring, but
    Dreamfall stays mature in the way it deals with difficult occurrences, and the more complex, blurry motives of its characters. No hand holding in this regard. Intriguing. Expand
  19. Sep 17, 2012
    Visually this game is far superior to the original and the story is equally engaging. The biggest drawback is the lack of complex puzzles to solve, the very awkward controls and the after though introduction of a combat system. However the cut scenes and acting are excellent and keep you moving deeper into what could be best described as a movie/book/game hybrid. Very unique and a game I love for the sheer impact of the story it tells. Expand
  20. Jan 12, 2014
    Dreamfall: TLJ is a 3-d third-person point and click adventure game. The game is a sequel to a classic adventure game released in 1998 called The Longest Journey. It is not necessary to play the original TLJ to play Dreamfall, but it helps a lot, since the game universe and many characters are the same. The game is very heavy on story, dialogue, and cinematics, and light on puzzles and gameplay.

    Story: the story is both the best and the worst I have ever seen in an adventure game. In the last two years I have completed 12 adventure games including old classics and modern indies. Dreamfall has a very complex and compelling story involving several interesting characters, political movements, and the complex game universe. It includes elements of comedy, drama, and tragedy. The story really gathers steam toward the end, resolving one storyline while introducing several more. Then, in the middle of the gathering drama and revelations, the game suddenly ends with no resolution to the fate of a dozen major characters and a dozen major plotlines. This is perhaps the most unsatisfying ending I have ever seen in a game, movie, book etc. Even if they did plan on a sequel, this was just plain terrible. I know a lot of people hated The Empire Strikes Back because of the unresolved plotlines. This is 100x worse.

    Gameplay: there are a few puzzles that require some thought, but overall the mental challenge of this game is on the light side for an adventure game. It is a little unfair to say that this is just an interactive movie, there are some clever puzzles. Unfortunately there are many times you are just sent on a mission to fetch a particular item and bring it to a particular place. The purpose of these brainless missions is to trigger cutscenes that move the story along. A lot of the action takes place in small rooms and tunnels. This means the camera that follows you has to zoom in and out a lot. I suppose this is a problem with any 3-d third-person game, but it can make you a bit dizzy. The interface was tweaked to be more "console friendly". This makes it a little more clunky for the PC, but not terrible.

    Fighting and stealth: the developers added a few fights and a few stealth sequences in the game. The fighting is flat out a waste of time. Just stand in front of your enemy and smash the mouse button and you win. Either that, or the enemy is so tough you always lose. The stealth sequences were much better, although they did not really fit in an adventure game. I like to play adventure games leisurely, with one hand on the mouse and the other hand holding a cup of coffee. I don't want action.

    Graphics: the graphics are dated by 2013 standards, but they are nice, especially the Dreamcore sequence. The close-up shots of faces look the worst. Lots of cutscenes, some of which are pretty cool.

    Sound: there seems to be a lot of interesting music and sounds, much better than the typical adventure game.

    Overall, from the quality of the story, to the quality of the sound and graphics, to the overall scope of the game, this had the potential to be EASILY the best adventure game of all time. Unfortunately the game was crippled by bizarre decisions by the developers: the mega-cliffhanger ending, the introduction of bad action elements, the clunky interface, the too-easy puzzles. What were they thinking?
  21. Jan 3, 2013
    I give Dreamfall a 10 for the simple reason that I have played through it at least 5 times, maybe more. It's not a perfect game, and it has its issues, but something in it compels me to play through it again from time to time, something most games do not do.
  22. Feb 13, 2013
    It is a masterpiece, albeit simplified for the sake of gameplay time, no hardcore, but it is a new genre of interactive cinema, and this game handles told story not be forgotten for a long time zasyadet in your memory, this is one of those magical events, in which you believe.
  23. Nov 10, 2013
    This is a typical adventure game were the award lies within the story. The puzzles aren't many, and often not that interesting. But the characters, dialog, story and especially the setting are all interesting and engaging. The game will take you through all sorts of environments, from futuristic versions of our world into medieval fantasy landscapes. But the gameplay isn't that advanced; it mostly consists of running around and clicking on stuff, and you won't have much trouble figuring out which items to combine or were to use them. There are a handful of fights within the game, but the fighting mode isn't very well made. But as this isn't a fighting game, I can't say I expected the fights to be that grandiose, and frankly I didn't expect any fighting at all. But since the setting of the game triggers a lot of curiosity, I will have to say that I somehow from time to time found myself wishing I played something else instead, as I missed being able to interact in more ways within the world, rather than just hearing the protagonists comments about stuff I click on and talking to people. I'd say the reason of this lies within how linear the story could be at times. If there were more ways to complete different tasks, or at least more complicated one's, I'd feel more engaged in the actual gameplay. Another thing I would welcome was if there were side quests or just small stuff to explore in general, to sidetrack a bit from the main story. The main story is interesting though, it feels like an epic adventure as it will build up from something feeling like a "regular life simulator" into an magnificent journey between worlds. Expand
  24. Oct 25, 2014
    I would start by saying that Dreamfall is basically a masterpiece in terms of storytelling (and perhaps some more). Right before Chapters got released I decided to play TLJ and Dreamfall again. I must admit that playing Dreamfall straight after playing TLJ made me see clearly some of DF's flaws and understand why some fans were disappointed.

    Dreamfall is drastically different than its
    predecessor. The old point-n'-click interface is almost completely dropped as you're now moving the characters around 3d environment with controller. (I actually prefer that interface) BUT, that's not all.
    In general, DF has more "hollywoodish" feeling in it. It feels much more like an interactive movie in a way, unlike TLJ. Its pace as much faster compared with TLJ, and many aspect, while good, feel inferior regarding TLJ: The characters are (usually) not as appealing or memorable as on the first game, the puzzles aren't as original, the dialogues aren't as clever, and April Ryan, the loved heroine from TLJ comes back in a rather gothic-gloomy-just-leave-me-alone fashion (although that's a part of the STORY and is completely understandable), and in general it felt as if we've lost some of TLJ's depth.
    Don't get me wrong, these aspects are good(!) within the game, but can be easily overshadowed by TLJ.

    And now, enough with comparisons, I'll try reviewing DF on its own:
    The graphics are beautiful! Both Stark and Arcadia looks fantastic on medium-high settings and even better with anti-aliasing (mainly with ATI video cards I think). I truly enjoyed exploring and viewing the environments in the game.
    The musical score for DF is also amazing in my opinion. Much more "hollywoodish" as I said earlier, it feels orchestrated, and although at times it's poorly mixed into the game (in my opinion) it is very well done, the music as felt all the way throughout the game, and not because it loops infinitely, but because as in a movie it is carefully fitted into every scene alone.
    Story is amazing, of course. It stars of in a weak way. It actually starts off like TLJ - some teenager who's lost direction in her life, and just walking around aimlessly talking to everyone etc'.. The thing is that Zoe looks more dull and shallow than April in TLJ. Give her a chance, though. You'll learn to like her quickly enough as the story twists and turns wittily and Zoe changes and develops.
    In general, the three main characters you'll control in the game would go through interesting changes, which are wonderfully presented to you in DF's cinematic ways. And towards the end it gets really emotional and touchy, you'd probably have no choice but to sympathize the protagonists.

    Now let's talk about some weaker points of the game, as much as I'd like to ignore them... But they're still there: Gameplay wise, well, DF is NOT a big hit. At all. It tried to introduce some action sequences with combat and stealth (I actually kinda liked some of the stealth parts, but..) they were pretty badly done, and for that reason they didn't add to the game as much as they could! (You can avoid many of those sections though). Aside from that, there are *some* inventory puzzles. Not that many. So, what's left besides the aforementioned gameplay aspects? Well... Dialogues. And running around. From cutscene to cutscene. It's sad for me to say these things, because I enjoyed DF so much! Yet, I simply couldn't ignore that big parts of the game I just passed with listening to conversations (merely listening, not even choosing what to say), or with backtracking, which is, at some point, well, not fun.
    And unfortunately, it makes exploration of the beautiful world introduces in DF somewhat tiring and not too rewarding. That's a minus. (Not to mention that the entire game is rather easy!)
    Nice thing about the gameplay, though, some sections can be played in several different ways, in some dialogues you can respond in different ways, and that's actually a great and well done addition to DF's replayability.

    And I'm getting out of chars here, so lets make it quick! DF has some technical flaws as well. Minor, but still - The loading screen appears just way too much! Every time you go from one location to another. This can get pretty annoying! (Although the waiting isn't too long, just a couple of seconds).
    At times, the characters walking around simply fade away! Not aesthetic.
    The characters' animations aren't that good usually, which is a pity as the 3d models themselves and graphics in general are so fine.
    One last thing which didn't annoy me personally but is a drawback - there are many characters and terms which players that are new to TLJ's universe are not familiar with, and Dreamfall doesn't introduce those well.

    That's all I suppose. It's clear that Dreamfall isn't the perfect game, but whoever plays it should understand that the real thing is the story, which most people would agree - is great.
    The game gave me great joy and excitement, and it deserves high grade.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 45
  2. Negative: 2 out of 45
  1. 40
    Edited down to a tight package this could probably make a pretty good machinima feature (or Sci-Fi original motion picture for that matter). But as a game, it fails.
  2. 100
    Dreamfall is an amazing journey that propels players into a world where science, magic, art, and music combine to make a whole much greater than the sum of its parts.
  3. Where Dreamfall excels is in telling a story. The imaginative characters and locations are truly memorable and create a unique experience that makes the ride more enjoyable than the destination.