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  1. May 13, 2013
    Elsword is an amazing game that have a lot of story. this game is based on a manga. thus, If you compare the characters from the game with the manga, you will double your enjoyment of the game.
  2. Feb 17, 2014
    These critics really should play the games they criticize for more than jut 2 hours.
    Elsword is a game filled with fun and mini-games, events, activities. And one of the most updated games I've ever seen, there's always an update and main event every month, new characters coming out from the original Korean version.
    It does the job it promises very well, it's a pure 10 for it's very
    unique design, and don't mix it with Maple Story, Elsword is a new century side-scroller, Maple Story is in a different league, Maple Story is a Legend, Elsword is a Rising Star. 10 out of 10 with not doubts about it's score. Expand
  3. Sep 1, 2014
    The game is good and fun but i do admit it does get tiring. The story line is a little confusing at first but if you pay attention you'll see how it all clicks. the game does have you kill your keys on your computer by a lot. the characters are pretty good but some are over rated and overused. but if you come to play and make friends you wont be making much. the players are more there for pvp i think and some are there to play and make friends. however i think from when i played in the past to now i do say some things have changed like when i first started a lot more people used to talk, be friends and come together but now i really don't see that as much but i still see some of it but not as much, before when people did talk to each other people where mean like really bad. Expand
  4. Nov 7, 2014
    Elword isn't jast a fun gam I love that gam I play every day same peeps didn't like

    but I thank it's fun I rally hozp you try that gam maks me hippy to now that thais gram is in here
  5. Feb 26, 2014
    As a free-to-play game, this is pretty decent. The presentation is stellar in its color and visuals and the soundtrack, while nothing amazing, is fun to listen to and adds to the action. There is a story, but there's no point in paying attention to it. What this game features is beat-em-up hack-and-slash action that's easy to get into and fun to play with friends. It's not enough to keep you hooked for months at a time, however, as it really is nothing more than a hack-and-slash game and you'll have to do a lot of it to get anywhere in the game. This can take more than a long time as it takes forever to level up. But after playing 40+ hours, I'm still playing and probably will keep doing so for a while. The game is fun and the community is also friendly, and its all free. That makes a good package.

    Edit: In a recent patch, they've improved the leveling system and the bar isn't nearly as high. It's not much, but an improvement. Score changes from 7 to 8.
  6. Dec 13, 2013
    This game is truly a very underrated game. While if does have flaws, it simply makes you want more, once you get a bit further into it.

    Main things to know:
    Elsword is a hack'n slay MMORPG, which is 100% free to download and play. You do have a cashshop, which can get you some nice things, but it's not necessary to spend money, to achieve anything. There is(at the moment) a total of 6
    characters to chose from. Each character is very unique and can get 3 different job advantages. Therefore you have enough room for developing a character that fits your playstyle. The Korean Server has 8 playable characters(9th is coming out at the moment).

    The story isn't that great. You do have the choice to read the story things, backgrounds etc. but it's not something you really need to do, in order to enjoy the game. If you however like storytelling in MMO's, it's not that bad either.

    As mentioned earlier, it's a Hack'n Slay game. You have 2 basic attack and 4/8(depending on if you buy the bonus slot) usable slots to put your skills in. It does seem kinda strange, but this basically forces the player to actually think, before simply using skills randomly. Also, instead of having a full mana pool to use your spells from, you have to fill it yourself(mostly with normal attacks).

    The PvE is so-so. The first 3 areas are ok, the 4th area is really annoying and horrible to play through. But once you get past it, the areas(including ~6 dungeons) get better and better, making the endgame really enjoyable.

    The PvP is simply amazing. Is has some minor problems(mostly with player lag), but can also be a rather enjoyable or awful experience. While having good equipment and a high level is recommended, it's not a must. The PvP looks more on the individual skill, rather than forcing you to get high end equip and Avatar clothing.

    The game is quite amazing and can become an awesome experience, it you are into games like these. I myself am playing the EU-version ever since it came out 3 years ago. I tried a lot of 2D and 3D MMO's which were all in the hack'n slay genre, but for me Elsword is without a doubt the best out there at the moment. So yeah, if you look for a new game, or simply something to kill time, try out Elsword.
  7. Aug 21, 2014
    Elsword is a pretty decent free to play side scrolling games.Anime lovers would enjoy this game more.I Iikes sounds and graphics. It also has a nice gameplay features.The game has an indian server named Elsword india - and many gamers playing this ..
  8. Jul 19, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Elsword is definitely an underrated game. Though sadly, not by much. The storyline is unclear and not very relevant. In fact, characters who were once hated are very much welcomed into the communities that attempted to kill them previously. The menus are a tad confusing, but nothing a little experimentation won't fix. Also, it doesn't provide much of a tutorial, but this works fine for those who like to experiment, like with older sidescroller games. The combat system is a bit unbalanced as well, especially to those with ranged characters. However, the amount of customization is beyond amazing. There are nearly limitless possibilities and the game never forces you into microtransactions. The community is a bit competitive nowadays, though. So if you're looking to make new friends, that will be unlikely. The game is fast paced at first, but later levels require an excessive amount of dungeon grinding which gets annoying and tedius. Expand
  9. Nov 2, 2014
    Elsword is fun, for one day.
    I played this for 2 weeks and got bored almost immediately, leveling is tedious, spending real-life money on a game that's free is stupid, and what is the story line?
    Leveling really is annoying and a lot of dedicated players will agree with me on that. It's not worth leveling up.
    I thought this game was free. The K-ching price is unbelievable. I swear
    somewhere out there kids on Elsword are crying. I had a close friend (who still play the game) spend over $100. You can buy like 2 legitimately good game with that money. WHY COSTUME SETS AND PETS?
    Finally the indistinguishable plot. Maybe if I payed more attention I can collect clues!
    I refuse to read a manga to understand why the hell I am continuing to play the game.
    Seeing that there's 23 positive review, I heard that Elsword community is good(if you're high level which my friend is), so If you want to hang up with kids, teens, and adults via game. This totally is the game for you.
    Not underrated in the least bit my friends. Overrated? Close.
  10. Jul 25, 2013
    Confusing menu's, wildly variable difficult, stiff movement and combat. After that you must pay money to customize your character's appearance. The game is interesting for about 20 minutes, then it is nothing but a money sink. But the story is fairly complex, so some may enjoy it for that.
  11. Jul 3, 2014
    horrrible storyline and controls but you can change the controls... which takes you 10 hours to do also the medium graphics are better than high graphics like srsly? dude! easy to change options and stuff BUT THERE IS NO CUSTOMIZATION AT ALL also its really boring because its a damn button masher all you have to do to win this **** game is just spam power attack over and over and over... and you get the point but i do like the 2.5 D aspect of it anyway IF YOU SEE THIS GAME GO **** IT STRAIGHT IN THE ASS AND GO AWAY FROM IT Expand

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  1. Jun 17, 2012
    Elsword isn't the most polished game, but it does beat-em-up action quite well. Between the pets, the gear, the PVP, the costumes, and even the boss-rush modes, there's a good deal of content waiting to be plumbed by gamers that want a bit more action and skill from their MMOs. It's at least worth a look.
  2. Jan 6, 2012
    An overall bad game that feels cheap in every part of it. When the matter comes to money it's a rip-off . Fun only in the first hour.