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  • Summary: The ER game combines the best of the popular strategy/role-playing genre with the top-rated television franchise, ER. Players of the game will get to interact with their favorite stars in dramatic and engaging storylines reminiscent of the TV show. In the ER computer game, the player joins the cast of the TV show as a newly hired intern and handles a steady flow of patients with health issues ranging from minor cuts and bruises to serious injuries sustained from accidents and violence. Through it all, the player will have to navigate goals, dodge sticky politics, deal with gut-wrenching ethical dilemmas, and engage in steamy romances. With perseverance, the player will gain prestige among peers and supervisors and ascend the ranks of Chicago's County General Hospital. [Legacy Interactive] Expand
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  1. ER is not a terribly complicated game, with a setting and tasks that are limited in scope. Yet fans of the show, and those desiring a bit different sim experience, will undoubtedly find laughs and enjoyment in this light-hearted depiction of an intern's first days.
  2. An enjoyable outing with the group from ER. Having the real actors is a hoot! The tasks are involving, and having gifts that add to abilities is a fun feature.
  3. 70
    When all you have to do is treat patients with the progress dial and occasionally talk to a fellow staff member, it just feels a little too much like work.
  4. If you don't appreciate games with only so much to do and only so much to explore than ER probably isn't for you.
  5. This game is boring. I will not play this game anymore, and I would have to say that the only people that should be playing it are die hard fans of the TV show. On second thought, I can’t recommend this title for them either.
  6. Bereft of tension and riddled with lazy animations, ER is far from infectious, though it does have an underlying charm that might dazzle the more clinically inclined (or failed medical students).
  7. Most will find life at Cook County General Hospital surprisingly dull and too much like hard work.

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