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  • Summary: The dynamics of the characters that live in the Republic will come to life as the men and women have their own personal goals and agendas, which are often in conflict with each other. Will you be able to manage these willful personalities? As a Republic you will now need to take the Senate into the account. Characters will belong to various parties depending on their goals, values and ambition. The Senate will pass laws, which will allow or disallow certain country actions. Making sure that the party in power backs your own goals, adds another strategic element to gameplay. Monarchies and Tribes will have their own courts, beware of bootlickers and sycophants who will stop at nothing to replace your divinely appointed ruler with themselves. "Carthago Delenda Est". Senators will cry out and charge players to perform their duties. Now the Senate or a religious power can give players missions to fulfill, guiding the player through ambitions to experience a rich and rewarding history. Mobilize the Senate to back important laws such as 'Lex Gabinia' to fight piracy or the 'Lex Acilia Repetundarum' to reduce corruption.Players can also enact decisions at various levels, working with regional governors to grant citizenships to a region or a province. Completely revised military AI, particularly in the area of military campaigns. Will benefit experienced players in particular. An overhauled interface making the information more easily accessible for both new and advanced players. [Paradox Interactive] Expand
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  1. The best and only simulation about ancient Rome just got even better. A must for any history buff. [Jan 2009]
  2. For an add-on of only 9MB, Vae Victis added many things to a game already complex, with a learning curve that’s quite steep and not accessible to everyone. But those who will discover its secrets will be rewarded with a realistic and historical experience that will keep them glued to the computer for many hours on end.
  3. With a lot of previous mistakes corrected by the mini-expansion, Europa Universalis: Rome got its second wind. Vae Victis is worth a look even for those grand strategy fans who dismissed the original game.
  4. As far as an expansion goes, it has to be said, that this felt a little light weight.
  5. 75
    The addition of a more meaningful political element better helps to recreate the vagaries and intrigues that nations must endure on their long march towards either fame or oblivion.
  6. Not a mandatory purchase for EU Rome fans, but a reasonably priced expansion. [Issue#16, p.64]
  7. Interestingly, the senatorial concept has also been expanded to the barbarian tribes and other nations allowing you to more effectively subvert them to your cause. Assuming you're willing to get your hands dirty and do some assassination and smear campaigning, then you can sow seeds of malcontent far better than before.
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  1. Nov 24, 2011
    Nice Strategy game! For the greatest humans!
  2. Mar 12, 2011
    Awesome grand strategy game of the ancient Roman era. Vae Victis adds the Senate which makes it very interesting. The Senate will give you missions to complete for added bonuses, similar to Total War: Rome in that regard. It's not an easy game either, you will feel challenged as there are internal issues and conflicts, as well as hordes of enemies abroad. You'll enjoy many hours and sleepless nights with this one. Expand
  3. Jul 28, 2012
    This game makes The EU:Rome slightly better but it's still a joke in comparison to other games by Paradox. I can't say I like it when I play as the Roman Republic: I should be running a family there, trying to climb in the state's society, getting new offices, fighting other clans and trying to improve my standing, pretty much like in CK2. It would be much better than running the whole country with almost no regard for the characters. Expand