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  1. Jul 31, 2011
    Not much to "play" in this game. Going through the nightmare of right clicking through the ui is not something I consider to be "fun". The game plays itself really. I liked most of the concepts of what there is to do. Maybe be a pirate/pvp, industrial(which is nothing more then grab some of this rock and sell it), and just grabbing random missions from agents back at a station. Now...i'm not sure why you would want to pay so much for this game boggles me. I might consider paying 3-5 dollars/mo. but 15/mo being the smallest obligation is kinda high. I'm not a fan of "i'll sit and wait" type crap. To warp, I click a few things and wait....I click a few buttons to mine, now I wait....I bring ore back by clicking "warp to station" and want to refine/make items(if you have blueprints) and now you have junk that gives ISK(the currency of EVE) Corperations(guilds, clans, etc) are something you can join so that you have a group of helpful people to play with. Makes it a MMO. No point in it being that otherwise. Lets add people to the mix to help/interfere with the game. Which the game falls short due to the things to do, no major roles in corperations. Now I didn't play for a really long time, maybe that wasn't enough to find out more or appreciate the game more like others, but when I play a game, I would think spending 10 hours plus might give you enough of a reward to want to keep playing(in other words, spend more money) When you play a MMO or RPG, you want to come back to it because you loved the story, or now you have a role in the mmo world. EVE doesn't feel that way at first. After learning the basics so that you can even start to play, you really don't have much there that helps coax you into going further. It feels like a dead end almost. I started to get going but found out after going down the industrial path, I need someone else to help me mine. I can do it alone, but it takes forever. Not much reward after either. All in all this game needs to really revamp how it plays I would think. I want to "play". Not que up a few things and let it play for me. Its all the same, combat/mining/traveling to other systems. Just not much there that keeps you yearning for more. Not a horrible game, just boring. Awesome concept, just shallow gameplay. Good looking ships and stations, but ships are the only stepping stones that would keep you going. other real purpose except to act as safe zones and/or selling/buying points. If EVE can start to deliver the whole package that they talk about, I would play it more. As of now, and where we feels like a beta that is stretched out enough to try and be a game. Only to get you to pay so that they can hopefully someday deliver that promise that your sinking your money into. Lets hope that day comes sometime soon.

    Just not enough to pay 15/mo in my opinion!!!!! 300,000 people at 15/mo=4,500,000.00 a is taking so long for the "EVE Promise"
  2. Oct 6, 2011
    After starting the game a year ago i basicly started learning everything about the game you need to know. The most important thing you need to know is that CCP (developer) claims that this is a pvp game. The whole concept however of the gameplay within eve online makes you not want to pvp. There are 3 types of systems high/low/null sec , basicly in any of them pvp is impossible. There are simple features CCP can place into their game which will improve their gameplay, however they seem to be more busy with making a 3d station while negleting pvp and pve content. If there is a chance and time you do find yourself pvping then eve online offers you the most passive and boring pvp combat you can expect from a mmo. You orbit around your target at your optimal range and you basicly let the skillpoints do the rest. The skillpoint system is another thing that really makes me give eve online a bad review, having to wait almost 40 days for 1 upgrade is a bit to much. Playing the game also doesnt help you achieve your goals faster. Now about the pve. The pve in eve online is non existent, the missions you do are boring and basicly the same all the time. This is also one of the things ccp can put some effort in to improve pve, however as i said before their priority's are messed up and making 3d stations to burn down your video card is more important. Conclusion:

    If you are looking for a pvp game look somewhere else since Eve Online isnt giving you any sort of pvp combat.
    If you are looking for a pve game then also look somewhere else since Eve online isnt giving you any sort of good pve content either.
    If however you like to piss people off and annoy people eve online could be something for you by becoming a pirate.
    If you like to spend 99% of the game afk making isk ( in game money ) then Eve online can also be something for you by becoming a miner.
    If you like to scam people in a game then Eve online can also be something for you by afking in stations and try to scam people with contracts.
    If you like to have to wait hours and sometimes days before you get into a pvp combat which isnt really that special gameplay.
    Then in this case aswell Eve online could be something for you.

    So basicly if you want to spend your time and money on a game which doesnt bring you any sort of fun then Eve online it something for you.
  3. Jan 22, 2012
    This game has the most elitist and unfriendly player base by far in present MMOs. What you can do in the game is limited by what skills you have learned, which to ensure longevity of the game take days or even a month or more to learn making any progress in the game mind numbingly slow. The training time can be reduced by implants which cost a fortune and of course you lose them if your capsule gets blown up so CCP got the grinding part covered nicely. All of this could be acceptable if the game was captivating, but EVE lacks any story apart from a few mission arcs and no effort have been made to change this. The missions given to your by the regular agents are repetitive either kill, mine or fetch this or that.

    The UI is terrible, the only complex thing about this game is learning to use it's ugly, old & awkward interface.

    In addition you have no direct control over your ship in any way (No WASD or Mouse), flying in space consists of telling your ship to approach or orbit around ships or other objects the terrible pathing algorithm makes navigating near anything a nightmare. The only other manual thing is picking targets to lock and which modules to activate then the rest is taken care of by the game.

    The only positive thing is the visual appearance.

    If you played the X series and hope that this game would be an MMO remake then steer away from this unless you are a glutton for punishment.
  4. Feb 29, 2012
    A game with skills based on longevity of membership. It is a good marketing scheme, but, consider if you start now, it will take YEARS before you can even think of engaging one of the older veteran players in PVP. I did find the economics model to be quite interesting, I was able to earn enough money day trading to pimp out a battleship, the only problem was I wouldn't have the skills to use it properly for about 18 months. Hahaha, where's the fun in that??? I'm paying by the month! Lol Expand
  5. Mar 23, 2012
    Graphics are decent but that definately doesn't make up for it's catalogue of brutal flaws.

    The game is very slow, so slow that i actually fell asleep in a combat mission! I guess shooting dots isn't my thing, cause that's all combat is in Eve. I felt like i was playing pacman, going from level to level just eating dots and that wasn't very satisfying.

    Don't expect physics either
    from this game, all combat is automated and there is no manual actions unless you count clicking a module and watching it do the interval thing. You can sort of steer your ship, but that too is mostly automated. It is probably safe to say most of this game is automated for you.

    Interactions with planets, stations, other ships and all that stuff that makes space life fun is non existent. You can dock with stations, but you just get close and dissapear. Epic right? You cannot enter orbits and there are only a few ships you can dock and interact with.

    The economic part of the game was pretty impressive and seemed just as complex as a real one. It is full of scams though and deters players from actually using it at all.

    I could go on all day with this so ill just sum it all up. Eve has the potential to be the best game ever made and i truly believe that, but it is crippled by so many things like automation that will keep it at the bottom instead of the top. If you like action you will definately not like this game at all. If you like using calculators and spreadsheets, then sign up right away. It all comes down to what the player likes, but in my opinion you don't really "play" this game at all, it plays itself for you in most cases.

    So i gave it a 2 for the graphics and the ability to exit the game quickly.
  6. Apr 23, 2012
    This game can be fun, if you have a LOT of time and a LOT of money (or even more time). You will need months before you can do anything interesting, as the skill system is simply membership based. Want to specialize in something? Good. Plan your skills, wait a few months, and there you are! In the meantime feel free to get bored as much as you like. People tend to value what they invest time in, so this is a good marketing strategy, but a boring videogame. Want to fight? Target the enemy, turn on your weapons and start to orbit, wait for the game to do the rest. All other professions revolve around making more ingame money for the sake of it, and are even more boring and repetitive. After a while I realized that I didn't enjoy the game by itself, but what I was imagining while playing it, which is something I can do for free. True: after many months spent waiting for your skills to develop, you may buy a PLEX, ingame time other players bought with their irl money and sell for ingame currency (another proof that this game greatly rewards basement dwelling rich people), you just need to grind a few days for ingame money. You also need that money to buy ships and weapons tough, which basically means you're going to spend a lot of time grinding for money anyway, unless you open your wallet and start selling PLEXes yourself. This game succeeds in creating a complex fictional economy, and before a battle you need to spend time thinking about how to fit your ship, so if your idea of fun is seeing a big, fictional bank account grow, or meticulously planning your ship's equipment and then watch as the game plays with it, and you have a lot of time on your hands, then by all means play eve online. Otherwise, go play a decent game. One thing I want to add, as a physics student: THIS IS NOT A SPACE SIMULATOR, even if some people may say the contrary. There is no gravity, you can literally warp trough stars and planets, collisions deal no damage, no solar wind effects, and god help you if you find yourself maneuvering near any large object, hopefully this is going to take less than a few minutes. The game is really bad at plotting a course around obstacles, and you can't steer your ship, you can only point it towards another object. Nothing in the right direction to maneuver to? Too bad, come back in five minutes, maybe your super advanced ship managed to understand how to avoid a big static rock. Expand
  7. May 23, 2012
    Eve is a chore to play. As an open world MMO you're free to explore and do as you please, but this freedom comes with a lack of any direction. There's not much in terms of story. The only single player "story" is had by performing extremely repetitive missions for agents which usually involve fighting other ships. There is no such thing as EXP. The player learns new skills over time, which take progressively longer depending on the level of the skill. This means that there is zero chance of ever catching up to someone who's been playing for a year, as there's no skill point cap. Thankfully, the skills are trained offline too, and you can allot skills to be trained in a queue. "Death" or the destruction of your ship has severe consequence. Ships can cost millions of ISK (the currency) and making ISK takes time. You can buy insurance, but this usually doesn't even cover half the cost of the ship when it's fully fitted with weapons. Some good points are: Faction wars, player made economy, many jobs ranging from pirate to miner. Social engineering is also permitted, unlike in other games where it's forbidden to scam other players. In Eve, anything goes. You'll often find a scammer or two in local chat offering a dodgy deal. However the game takes serious time and effort to get anything out of. I'm talking years of dedication. Eve takes itself very seriously and unlike WoW, it is NOT a casual game. Expand
  8. Jaz
    Feb 24, 2013
    There are few space MMOs and Eve is one of them. I don't like it for 4 main reason:1) Most of the time you dont really see spaceships but spreadsheets and far away bleeps 2) As someone described it very accurrately "its a game for wolves, made by wolves" ie ganking, treason etc not only are tolerated but celebrated 3) You need lots of skill points to fly effectively different types of ships, use weapons etc and these skill points accumulate automatically in real time (hours/days or almost week) for each one. That mean that even after years you won't really be able to compete the game "veterans". 4) Last but not least, i simply don't have any fun playing this game. Looks more like a full time job to me. Expand
  9. Jul 18, 2012
    I spent a day figuring this game out. It is ridiculously difficult to get used to, and I never DID get used to it. When I figured out how it worked, I was really let down: all it is is clicking a button and waiting. That, and trying to get even MORE used to this incredibly complicated and difficult to understand game. The character creation is kind of nice (sculpting is kind of hard to do, though, and you have very few options clothing wise), but the game is very laggy and system intensive, so I had some trouble making my character.

    Well, to top it all off, it has a monthly fee. Over 100 dollars a year. Reoccurring, too. Don't waste your money, guys.
  10. Jul 13, 2013
    people call this a game? a game generates creativity, therefor that creativity creates fun. this game slaps you in your face with a huge stack of spreadsheets. Its like Satan showed me his math homework! what the hell do the words even mean?
  11. Apr 19, 2013
    This game has what seems like some nice pros but there are some big cons, and after awhile you realize the pros are actually cons too. There's a steep learning curve, very steep. The game doesn't teach you everything, and there'll be things you still don't understand after six months of playing. You virtually cannot be successful by yourself in this game, you have to join up with corporations (their version of guilds) at one point to have any chance. The drawback to this is most of the time these corps (guilds) is just a method of the leaders to get the lower members to do all the work for their own goals and they reap most of your rewards. Also there's a lot of scamming and theft that goes on within corps and in the game in general. It takes incredibly long to do anything in this game, we're talking days and even months. Skilling your character to the top levels of one skill can take months, and there's lots of other skills you need. A max skilled character take years, while a decent character will take six months at least. There's no way to really make it go much faster as skilling takes place in real world time. For example, you pick a skill you want to level up and after one day or whatever (whether you're playing or not) you get that level up. It might not seem so bad, but there's high skill levels that require 30+ days for just one skill level, you're going to need multiple skills like that. It's very time consuming loading out your ship, you have to put multiple components into it. When you die, you lose everything on your ship. You have to start all over from scratch building your ship again. Factor in that you can't just get your ship and all the components you used in one place, you have to go all over the place to buy everything again. Travelling around takes forever too. Ship combat, while graphically looks good and appears quite complex is actually pretty boring. You target the other ship and set your weapons to fire, then you watch as the ships exchange fire back and forth until somebody dies or runs away. This might be alright in other games, but you're usually always outclassed by people playing the game longer than you because they can fly better ships. It's not because they have more resources than you either, it's only because they've been playing longer. You need certain skills levels to fly better ships and use better ship components. What's worse is even if you've been with the game for years and have the best ship possible, it doesn't matter because if you get jumped by 30 or 50 people in smaller much inferior ships, you'll still lose; once your awesome ship is destroyed you may have to spend a lot of time and resources to replace it, assuming you haven't gone bankrupt at that point. In real world terms, it's virtually your house burning down and you have to rebuild from scratch. Getting jumped by a lot people happens all the time. People wait in groups at the entrances to areas for people to wander in to attack them. If you come in with a valuable ship or a smaller group, they will lock you down so you can't run away and they'll call for all their buddies online to show up. It's happened on many occasions where really valuable ships get caught and hundreds (yes hundreds) of ships show up just to destroy it. The only way to move around is to try to sneak through or moving in well armed fleets, no guarantee though. Also due to the game mechanics, big ships have a hard time killing smaller inexpensive ships. This means even if you're flying a big mean ship, you can't kill the little ships so if enough of them are swarming you, you're dead. This means the fleet you're traveling with must have ships that can handle them. Again meaning you can't really do things on your own effectively. People also hunt you down if you're doing stuff in their controlled areas, constantly interrupting you from doing things. Much time will be spent trying to elude people. The social environment is horrible as well since the game is rife with scamming and distrust. You pretty much only trust your corp members (who some actually do try to steal from you or the corp or are spies for other corps....seriously this happens often). Anybody you met at random, you can assume they're going to try to kill you and they're going to assume the same about you. The game has no real ingame story and purpose, it's a sandbox. While great since you can come up with any goals you like, realizing those goals are very unlikely. It is exceedingly difficult to get ahead as the game is setup that way and the competition from others who've been playing the game longer than you. The worse con is everything takes so incredibly long because it's a subscription based game, you have to pay monthly to play. Trying to pay for the subscription with ingame money is too hard as you have to be decently skilled up (6 months at least), know people, and be playing constantly for that month to make enough to pay for that month. This game is a trap! Expand
  12. May 2, 2013
    EVE is graphically beautiful, and has a lot of depth. It also has some of the most brutal, merciless PVP found anywhere. Unfortunately, the way it is designed for the most hardcore PVPers means it has nothing to offer anyone else.
    If you're the sort of person who likes to pick on defenseless other players, almost kill them, ransom them for the majority of their in-game assets, and then
    kill them up anyway just for fun, then this is, as far as I know, the only game where such conduct is not a ToS violation but rather an accepted way of living for many players.
    If like most people, you find the above unethical, horrifying, or just downright vicious, EVE is not the right game for you.
    I've always been a fairly competitive PVP player (spend a lot of my time on SC2 ladder) but EVE is way beyond what even I am comfortable with. EVE is a universe where anyone can randomly kill you at any time for no reason. There is no safety anywhere. One of the players' mottos is "don't fly what you can't afford to lose" because you can and will get randomly ganked by much higher-level players for no reason, and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
    IMHO, this is not the way to run a game. It caters to the most sociopath players, and anyone even suggesting that PVPers could do their thing in their zones, and PVEers could be left alone in theirs is labelled a "carebear" and mercilessly mocked by other players. The whole game is built on a brutal, exploitative attitude where everyone is out to get everyone else and that just doesn't make for a very nice environment to play in.
    I really did try to give this game a chance. I played for a few months. I flew every class of ship up to and including battleships, but in the end, the fancy graphics and the hype just couldn't cover up that this is essentially a game for sociopaths.
    If you're a sociopath, this will be your paradise. If you are a normal person, then stay away.
  13. May 17, 2013
    A game where the developers have been caught playing favorites with players and rigging roleplayed events that were touted as open ended (hence rendering the sandbox a lie). The game community is easily the most vile psychopathic gaming community I have ever seen in any game, and this is not only tolerated but promoted by the developers. Combine that with a developer studio that is endlessly chasing the latest shiny project and promising the moon, then delivering a kludged together mediocre mess, promising to "iterate" it in the future. In reality, then they go off chasing after the next project and never come back to the mess they created. The mechanics are illogical and the result of jury rigging over years, resulting in the rightful name of "spreadsheets in space". Expand
  14. May 21, 2013
    Eve Online is a tedious and outdated game with unefficient interface and simplistic combat which basically consists of 2 parts: PVP and playing tetris on lowest speed for hours to make money to buy ship you will lose in PVP. If you want to evade playing tetris, you will have to pay another 15$ in addition to 15$ subscription, which is quite pricey, and everything Eve Online does PVP-wise World of Tanks just does better. Do yourself a favor and evade this game, it's not actually more complex and deep than WoW, it just takes much more time. The only kind of people who should regard playing this game are disabled ones, because they have enough free time to grind for credits so they could choose not to pay this game with real money, and it will sure take all of their free time. Expand
  15. Feb 14, 2014
    "Players looking for repetitive gaming won't like EVE, whereas those with creative thinking will" says one of the trailers for EVE. "Oh God", thought I. "Finally something different. Totally disgusted with WoW kind of games". After a bit of youtube watching I decided to try out this beautiful looking, breathtaking and very brain-promising space simulation ready to buy subscription.

    After installation which also runs on MAC, I proceeded to character creation. "Very detailed, very easy to use" thought I with joy, taking care and time to perfection my in game myself. I can even get scarfs, even change lighting. What a beginning.
    I read with interest information about the in game factions and carefully chose my bloodline. Ready.
    "I wish you see this. I am in a vast, huge futuristic station. It's far bigger anything you've ever seen. Tutorial asks me to undock. Click. Now, I am actually flying in the space! I can zoom out and in totally, looking in every detail of my little ship. Or is it capsule? It's like an egg. Let me think why would it be shaped that way. Aerodynamics. Look at all these buttons around. I am sure all mean something and I am sure everything is there for a reason. Oh wait. I am flying.. ou, just straight towards a huge planet. It must be it's gravity pulling me down. Oh no, no.. how do I stop it? Oh... well.... I just flew trough planet."
    My simulation expecations were shattered. My hopes for learning about science were shattered. My illusions for exploring and knowing the Universe were shattered.
    Being let down, kept playing. My impression is going to improve. I learn a bits from tutorial. About ship equipment, wait, it reminds me a little bit of Wow gear or all other games, no, just coinsidance. About combat - you actually lock target and then press buttons and shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot. No, only coinsidance this game is about much more than that. It's not like the others. This game is made out of real players. Not any Npcs. Does it say agent? What does it do when I accept this mission? Oh. I have to fly somewhere, kill something and bring something back. No.. it's... did I use word coinsidance?
    Ehm... I do like 25th tutorial missions. I kind of stopped reading it. Only clicking accept, then wrap to (it's flying around 5 light years in a second) then take or kill and then come back, then complete mission. No, surely NPC is not going to tell me how amazing I am whatsoever, or that I did something noone has done before.
    Well.. it's like my 30hour of gameplay maybe and I... I feel like quitting. Or should I play another 1000 hours (people in Eve spent even 10.000 hours of pure gameplay) just to earn trillion or gear up or kill another player? Oh right, the original system such as this has its cost. You know, let me evaluate. In there, you have gun level 1. When you want gun level 2, you need money. To earn money you besically need to study a book. Wide one. When you get your gun level 2, you can kill player with gun level 1. Target him and ratatatatatatata shoot shoot shoot. And he actually detonates. I am not kidding.
    Today, right decision was made. Low security part of the Universe, that was my brave destination. With warm and eager heart I set my autopilot and watched all these wallpapers on the screen that look like stars and planets. I might put one on my desktop. Finally arriving. Ratatatatatatatata bum. I am webbed I cannot escape. I scream out for my life for the pirates to let me be. They do not listen. They charge. After amazing and memorable 2seconds fight I explode. Still in my capsule. Bum bum bum, my capsule explodes and with last swearing I end up my final breath, my body falls upon indifferentness of the Universe. This is the end.
    All of a sudden, i wake up in new, identical body. With all money, maybe even all skills having all ships I had in the dock. End of my story. Epic story. I heard EVE are submitting user stories? Will you help me to send them this one?
  16. Apr 4, 2014
    I have been playing this game for almost two months really trying to like this game. I ran missions, explored wormhole space, station trading, and mining. However, I quit because this game is very focused on the sadistic side of human behavior. You cannot prevent someone from killing you and taking all of your hard earned stuff. You can avoid being killed for a short time but eventually you will be eaten by the bigger fish. This is what they don’t tell you - this game needs new blood so that the bigger fish can consume you. As a new player you are constantly flying around in fear of being cannibalized by others. I could never destroy something that I know takes somebody much effort to create – and for this you will be labeled despairingly as a Carebear. I can understand that you are better than me and you caught me and you destroyed my ship. However, it doesn’t stop there. After your ship is destroyed they Pod you (and they really don’t have to do this) and you have to start all over again. The worst part is that people are constantly trying to scam you. They say they want to help you but in the end they take advantage of you. This is completely allowed - The game developers say this is the beauty of the sandbox mode. I say it is “Lord of the Flies” in space. A bunch of kids on a deserted island and all hell breaks loose.

    Sandbox mode? Don’t think so. How can this be a sandbox game when you are limited to where you can go, and do, as a solo pilot? Yes, a few good people exist but you can’t trust anybody. I live this in real life why would I want to spend my recreational time doing this?

    If you are a sadist then please play this game and enjoy yourself. I would rather you live your fantasy online than in real life.
  17. Dec 30, 2013
    After two weeks of hardcore playing and researching, reading and trying tons of stuff. Having unlimited ammount of money to spend and break ships for PvP. I can say that there is no way to solo PvP and kill anything in this game even in frigate faction pvp. People with 1and more years of training skills have +2000% dmg more than you along with +500% more hitpoints. While using the same ships and equipment you use.
    The 'place for noobs' is (novice outpost), something like a dungeon where you have ship limit of tier 1 frigates. The problem is, Eve considers its ok to let 6y old players get inside too, with their +%dmg skills.
    Not sure why they failed to grasp the concept of having a place where noobs can fight noobs.
    I am not a fan of waiting 1 year so I can finally measure my real skills and knowledge of the mechanics against other players. The only way to win a fight and have fun with it, is if you bring a number of friends, which with a huge amount of strategy and coordination, can finally manage to one guy down.
    Ofc there are many ways to play this game. You can choose to transport stuff from one place to another and get cash. Or mine and get cash. Or kill npc-s and get cash. Or do missions and get cash. But these aren't any fun. They are as boring as any other game which supports farming of something. Actually the farming in Eve is terribly boring. Even killing of spiders in WoW is a lot more fun. And the last way to play that game is to go to 0.0 sec and be a part of corporation and its wars. What you'll be doing is camping their systems all day long, waiting for someone to show. You will be given a ship and told what to do. With your tight specialization. Since you wont be doing any dmg with miserable skills, you can pretty much just slow people down, disrupt their warp drives, repair other ships, jam their targeting or tracking. Only one of these at a time. And ofc you will be the first one to die. If CCP could manage to realize that this game needs at least 50x time reduction on skills (Currently you need at least 1 year to only max your frigate, which is the first ship class and there are 20 more). Sorry, but I dont have time to wait for it, nor the noob friends inside to help me out. My 10 friends which I play other games with, they don't want to join it too, because they have heard its retarded slow. And its true. Nevertheless, buy that game, play it, die all around the place, have fun. Its educational and a lot of things are very much fun. That free trial is made exactly for that, to recruit new victims for the bored old players which pay their game :D

Mixed or average reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 22
  2. Negative: 3 out of 22
  1. As expectations are put aside and the game is explored for its own merits, it begins to provide a vast sense of potential that few games can muster. [June 2003, p.97]
  2. A game of epic proportions.
  3. An enjoyable game. It emphasizes teamwork and really gives a lot of character tweaking to sink one’s teeth into, but you really need to be patient individual to deal with the mining aspect of the game.