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  • Summary: A series of events has transpired across the world of Norrath and the familiar faces of Firiona Vie and her nemesis Lanys T’Vyl return to find themselves at the forefront of the events. Unbeknownst to them, a dark influence has seeped into the world of Norrath causing new tensions to arise and conflicts to intensify as the dawn of a new age emerges. The Age of War is upon the people of Norrath and heroes return in this ultimate, unending battle between good and evil. Featuring new lands with enhanced graphics, bold new storylines, and updated creatures including goblins, drakes and the ominous Frost Giant, EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath is the next great expansion pack for the fantasy saga that is EverQuest. Make ready with new features such as the interactive world map, use your potion belt to access magical items quickly, and quickly swap between weapon sets using the bandolier. Plus, with the all new guild hall you can easily get your guild ready to encounter anything that comes your way! EverQuest: Dragons of Norrath is bursting with new adventures and intense battles for players of all levels. [Sony Online Entertainment] Expand
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  1. This expansion scores on almost every level in bringing new and improved changes to the game. While the essential elements of EQ remain, Dragons of Norrath makes it easier for players to find a guild and embark on all the elements this game has to offer.
  2. 86
    You receive 20 potions that will instantly completely fill your mana or hps; much better than a short term particle effect.
  3. A very solid piece of work, one of the finest that the developers have brought to the table.
  4. With all the new features and lackadaisical content, Dragons of Norrath is a fan service that caters to the crowd of loyal EQ veterans, and just about every EQ fan will be pleased with what it offers.
  5. A fine add-on that will keep WoW at bay. [May 2005, p.105]
  6. If you've been away from EverQuest for a while and you're thinking of coming back for this add-on, don't bother unless your goal is to eliminate corpse-runs. [June 2005, p.74]
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