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  • Summary: The greatest threat to the world of Norrath has been unleashed in EverQuest! The lost continent of Taelosia has been discovered and a massive assault force, the Legion of Mata Muram, is creating chaos and devastation on this once peaceful continent! Experience EverQuest: Gates of Discord and help protect your world while adventuring in many new zones, including a stony city, sprawling temples, a myriad of catacombs, and a maze of sewers. And meet the Berserker, the newest EverQuest character class and perhaps your closest allies in melee combat against the invading hoard of fearless, deadly monstrosities from the chaotic Realm of Discord. [Sony Online Entertainment] Expand
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  1. 90
    For the player who has played this game for a while, there's a palpable aura in the air -- the risk and challenge are back, the dangerous continent of Taelosia beckons. We are playing with an enthusiasm many of us haven't felt in a long, long time. Hats off.
  2. As an expansion pack this isn't a new game but it throws you enough bones to begin construction of a medium-sized graveyard.
  3. The challenge is back for the upper-level players and the new class is fun to play. The game also sports some wonderful new attributes which make grouping more fun and rewarding.
  4. The true standout here, though, is the area design. The zones are absolutely stunning with a palette of rich colors and textures. [Sept 2004, p.67]
  5. While most of the player base may feel left out by this expansion, it is nice to see SOE address some of the high-end bottlenecks.
  6. Caters mainly to the higher level players. For those players, I would say that GoD is the most extreme add-on for EverQuest to date, in terms of being challenging, and it’s a must have.
  7. If you haven't bought Gates yet, look into the mirror and ask yourself: "How many times do I want to die today?" Seriously, only the insane need apply.
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  1. DainA.
    Mar 19, 2004
    This expansion has more potential than anything I have yet seen in the Everquest series. Unfortunately the experience is marred by the same problems seen in the last few expansions. The content is far from ready for public use and the number of bugs found in the new zones is unacceptable from a company that has had five consecutive years of practice developing this game. Maybe in a year this will be the expansion that is described on the box. For now it's just another half completed attempt to squeeze a few dollars out of the Everquest fan base before the next wave of MMORPGs are released. Expand