Mixed or average reviews - based on 27 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 27
  2. Negative: 0 out of 27
  1. Fantastic 4 offers four characters, a repertoire of moves, and compelling level design that culminate in an engaging game. The production values are good, thanks in no small part to the authentic voice acting. The bonuses are a cool addition to the game as well.
  2. This was definitely a labor of love and it shows in the quality of the presentation and the attention to detail in every subtle nuance of the characters, their powers, and the way it all comes together in the gameplay.
  3. A solid 3 rd person action brawler with responsive controls and enough fun included to force me to play through the game more than once and then to play through the more difficult bonus levels.
  4. While the action is fast and frantic at first, it quickly becomes a bit too repetitive for its own good. With the camera issues and too much of the game played solo, Fantastic Four is a solid effort, but it comes short in the execution.
  5. It’s just a good, solid action game that is fun, if not sometimes addictive, to play.
  6. If only the developers had made this game more PC friendly, it wouldn’t be such a hassle to adjust to the confusing controls and rather limited in-game options.
  7. It's not polished enough to join its high-quality brethren in the superhero game hall of fame-- but even amidst a plague of poor design blunders and bland production values, it succeeds at offering some mindless controller wrangling in spite of itself.
  8. Your typical arcade-style button mashing adventure game. It should remind you of playing "X-Men" and "The Simpsons" in the arcade with the way it demands constant repetitive button pushing.
  9. I can’t say the game is all bad, as the teamwork aspect does offer up some unique gameplay, but with senseless enemy AI and a small amount of non-repetitive action, this game isn’t something I could really recommend without getting a cramp in my stomach.
  10. 65
    A straightforward action brawler with some interesting ideas. Very limited sense of freedom and wonky camera hurt the experience.
  11. The models up close are unsightly, the cinemas grainy and the music has all the luster of a Tide commercial, but the game on the whole is entertaining by game standards. [Aug 2005, p.50]
  12. Fantastic 4 doesn’t pretend to be anything more than a straightforward beat ‘em up, action game.
  13. 65
    It's decent, mindless fun…until you realize how little freedom your four heroes actually have.
  14. It’s really the co-op mode that saves the game from utter mediocrity. Nevertheless, the abject blandness of pretty much every other facet of the game holds it back from being decent enough to purchase.
  15. But more importantly, you do get to 'be' the Fantastic 4 and experiment with some really rather excellent superpowers, and the game isn't so bad that a serious fan couldn't overlook its flaws.
  16. Whilst not the worst film tie-in, Fantastic 4 still feels heavily watered down and certainly comes across as a weaker version of "X-Men Legends."
  17. Frustrating controls and fighting engine, and really lackluster fun-factor keep this game on the store shelf.
  18. There aren't any ridiculously awesome animations or eye-popping visuals that would grab the attention of a casual gamer, and the actual gameplay and content are much more enjoyable if you actually have an appreciation for the special powers and possibilities of the Marvel characters that appear in the game.
  19. 60
    Co-op also makes the bad camera even worse. It's better included than not, but if you want great multiplayer, play the deeper and more fulfilling X-Men Legends or one of the Baldur's Gate games.
  20. Like most entertaining beat-em-ups, Fantastic 4 develops a rhythmic monotony that easily carries you through the eight or nine hours that it lasts. [Oct 2005, p.67]
  21. But it clearly screams console from every pore, mysteriously labelling keyboard controls as move icons in its frequent in-game hints, which engenders all manner of frustration. [PC Zone]
  22. Bottom line, one can conceivably see a platform on which Fantastic 4 is a solid 3D beat-‘em-up, but the PC is not it. Players who feel they must spend their hard-earned gaming dollars on a Fantastic 4 game are urged to get a console version, not the PC’s rushed-together heap.
  23. It is passable as a button mashing brawler with a few interesting concepts (namely the bosses and that fact that you control four, old-school comic characters), but suffers from a variety of game elements that just weren't done quite well enough, such as poor control mechanics, middle of the road graphics, lack of variety with the combat and more.
  24. The game suffers from imprecise controls, a lackluster presentation, a few bugs, and other issues that make it difficult to recommend.
  25. At its core, it's a simplistic console game with all the usual trappings - brainless combat, lame puzzles, and shoddy controls. [Oct 2005, p.70]
  26. Lazy little film tie-in with some purely irritating features. [Oct 2005, p.99]
  27. Comic aficionados may be eager to become a part of an interactive comic world, but fanboys, prepare yourselves for a terribly average adventure. The only reason to consider Fantastic 4 is to cope with PC gaming's summer drought.
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Mixed or average reviews- based on 5 Ratings

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  1. RobertN.
    Sep 26, 2005
    Waste of time and money.
  2. ManuelC.
    Sep 1, 2005
    Graet game!