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  • Summary: FIFA 07 delivers complete authenticity with licenses for all the world's top leagues, including MLS and Mexican 1st Division in North America, and 26 others from over 20 nations. This year, you have the power to shape your club's destiny in the EA Sports Interactive Leagues, a new online mode that enables you to pit your club against supporters of your real-world opponents. The online interactive leagues feature the F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League and the Mexican 1st Division. Experience the future of online gaming as you play your games according to the real-world schedule. When they play, you play. Track your team's progress as the aggregate results determine your club's position in the league table. This year, new intelligent A.I. ensures that your 11 men on the pitch make realistic decisions, finding space and passing like professionals. A complete overhaul of the game engine now means that you have to employ real world tactics, make split-second decisions and think like a player in order to win matches. Watch as your players jostle and collide realistically while trying to win balls. Experience the realism of the world's superstars, who come to life with signature moves and authentic playing styles and a more sophisticated shooting mechanic that gives you greater control to produce finesse shots. Plus you now have the ability to apply topspin or backspin to the ball for more creative set-pieces. [Electronic Arts] Expand
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  1. 85
    While the effort to imitate the best elements of Winning Eleven is obvious, EA does its own fair share of innovation with some great long-pall passing, jostling and the Interactive Leagues feature.
  2. The multiplayer clearly deserves the admission price.
  3. Make no mistake, this is the best version of FIFA ever and maybe even the most fun-to-play arcade footie game ever. [Christmas 2006, p.97]
  4. Better realism gives you far better challenges and when coupled with the graphics and fantastic audio it makes the ‘beautiful game’ into a beautiful game.
  5. "Pro Evolution Soccer" still reigns supreme. FIFA 07 most definitely beats PES in a few areas, most notably in presentation and the brilliant first-touch control, but it's still not "PES."
  6. FIFA 07 is still entertaining, but it's about as workaday as it gets. It goes through the motions of offering team updates and a smattering of new features, but fails to address core problems or significantly innovate in its approach to football. [Nov 2006, p.96]
  7. There just isn't enough new here to make FIFA 07 a worthwhile purchase. [Jan. 2007, p.63]

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  1. UtasvC.
    Jan 6, 2007
    Its best FIFA game ever and the most realistic except for Pro Evolution Soccer 6.
  2. PaulE.
    Oct 1, 2006
    As far as now (after only 1 day of playing) I have to say I like it very much. Good ball control and intense midfield play(which is real). Maybe beeing developd for consoles, some controls are not available with keyboards. So a stick analog controlers are a must for the fans. I give it an 8 and I consider it the best in series with one major flow: database. it is unacceptable that in rest of world mediocre teams to be present and top european clubs not to be. Also for second year, Adrian Mutu receive a "nick" name as Petrovici. Easy to fix with built in editor. Waiting for comunity patches with more lagus and with better teams. Enjoy playing! Expand
  3. Aug 4, 2013
    Finog izgleda, ali mnogo nerealno.....................................................................................................................