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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 17
  2. Negative: 0 out of 17
  1. The game’s presentation is superb, the gameplay is good and fast-paced, and the game offers much replayability.
  2. The 2005 edition provides very smooth controls and some nice gameplay modes, making it stand as the best game in the long-running FIFA Soccer series.
  3. There's no doubt that this is EA Sports' best soccer game, to date, on the pitch. However, it's really unfortunate that the career mode isn't more user-friendly.
  4. And it's not so much the backgrounds or stadiums, which don't get me wrong look great, but the animation of the players. EA Sports has always managed to get the players running, tackling, goalkeeping, and kicking right on the money. Even better than last year's game.
  5. 86
    The Franchise mode is extremely satisfying because the long term and short term consequences of your decisions are always going to be on your mind and that only ads to the pressure of winning.
  6. Fast, fluid, and deep in-game control will satisfy soccer vets. [Holiday 2004, p.88]
  7. The menu system is confusing and all over the place, clearly not designed for use with a mouse, and the graphics look like they predate 3D accelerators. If you can put those aside though, FIFA 2005 is a very solid experience with plenty of addictive action for soccer fans everywhere.
  8. A slick and highly enjoyable production, and what it lacks in realism, it makes up for in pure entertainment value. [Holiday 2004, p.86]
  9. A game of football that is fast and fluid; now that the game uses its own engine and not a modification of the NHL one, it’s fair to say that issues such as stifled player controls and jerky animation transitions are well and truly a thing of the past.
  10. Great for a kickabout but just not as addictive as "Pro Evo 4."
  11. The new first-touch control, the games biggest innovation for 2005 and the catalyst for this change in attacking emphasis, is brilliant. It’s logical, easy to use, works as it should, looks realistic and can blow a game wide open.
  12. While the added management options offer a little more depth, you'd be much better off just playing a good Soccer management game, or if you're looking for a good soccer simulation (which FIFA 2005 isn't as it's still very arcadish and full of silly and inaccurate AI solutions), try your hand at "Winning Eleven" by Konami, probably the best soccer simulation currently available on the market.
  13. 60
    Soccer sim fans are still much better off sticking with "Winning Eleven" despite its lack of license power. However, for online players, FIFA 2005 is worth taking a look at because it removes a lot of the offline AI issues.
  14. With its improved control system and animation the FIFA series is heading the right way across the pitch in terms of fluid gameplay, but even with these improvements, it still hasn't caught its greatest rival.
  15. 60
    With "Winning Eleven" on the market you just expect more, and you get it. FIFA may have high-priced Premiereship licenses and a killer career mode, but at the end of the day, it’s just not as much fun as the competition.
  16. So with the main new feature [First Touch] largely redundant, you're simply left with yet another sluggish, indistinguishable FIFA game. It's also tactically perverse, with defenders lurking on the edge of the box, and forwards showing little inclination to push up.
  17. Players now react quicker and more like their real-life counterparts when handling the first touch of the ball. And first touches are generally smoother now, with players being able to flick on, trap or kick straight away on receipt. In practice, however, it’s not such a massive advancement and the player movement and control is still fairly sluggish. [Nov 2004, p.121]
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  1. ArghaB.
    Oct 8, 2005
    Its a very good game..Graphics are good.Ball control is better and the pIayer faces are realistic.But as we know,in Fifa 2004 we can hit long Its a very good game..Graphics are good.Ball control is better and the pIayer faces are realistic.But as we know,in Fifa 2004 we can hit long shots but here we cannot.(i gave 3 for graphics 5 for ball control and 1 for player edits) Full Review »
  2. SerkanA.
    Dec 27, 2004
    Best soccer game ever.
  3. KelT.
    Nov 7, 2004
    Quite nice to play.