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Summary: In Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, the player directs a party of three characters ? Fighter, Sorcerer and Rogue. The player controls one party member at a time -- switching between them on the fly -- while the other party members are controlled by the engine?s sophisticated artificial intelligence. For example, when the player controls the Fighter, the Sorcerer and Rogue will continue to engage in combat, cast spells and assist the player in defeating all challengers. In many situations, the characters will be able to divide and conquer difficult objectives ? while the Fighter holds back a horde of Yuan-Ti snakemen with brute force, the Sorcerer supports him with devastating ranged magic while the rogue sneaks above and behind them for a coup de grace. The player participates seamlessly in each critical moment as they are cinematically switched from one perspective to another. This real-time, on-the-fly character switching design allows Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone to challenge players with innovative and compelling encounters. In true D&D fashion, each of the characters excels at a certain type of gameplay. The Fighter thrives in melee combat, the Sorcerer is excellent at ranged and magical combat and the Rogue excels at jumping, sneaking and disarming traps. Players will be continually tasked with choosing the best character for each challenge as well as using each character?s gameplay specialty to maximum effect. [Atari]
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Rating: T
Developer: Stormfront Studios
Genre(s): Action, Beat-'Em-Up, Beat-'Em-Up, 2D
Number of Players:1 Player
Cast Credit
Peter Tsacle Cinematics
Arnold Ayala Character Modeling
R.A. Salvatore Story
Sarah W. Stocker Senior Producer/Art Manager
Andrew Boyd Audio Director/Sound Design
Bill Boyer Lead Cinematic Artist
Paul Melamed Programmer
Jeff Weir Art Direction/Lead Animator
Robb Mills Music Composition/Sound Design
Chris Porter Lead Designer
David Farrell Programmer
Alex Whitney Animator
Jeff Cooperman Animator
Chris Turner Animator
Michelle Meeker Animator
Steve Kojder Lead Programmer
David House Animator
Alyssa Finley Producer
Kenneth Chao Technical Director
Devin St. Clair Art Direction
John Kleber Art Direction
Michael Drake Cinematics
Colin Fix Storyboards/Cinematics
Amrit Bajwa Animator
Richard Gimbel Animator
Terry Bannon Animator
Will Harper Character Modeling
Rie Mukai Character Modeling
Christopher Hegstrom Sound Design
Jerry Darcy Level Designer
Josh Rose Level Designer
Eric Luther Level Designer
David Dienstbier Level Designer
Ralf Knoesel Lead Programmer
Lee Adams Programmer
Dominic Fosco Programmer
Dan Riordan Voice - Rannek
Chris Nissley Voice - Illius
Robin A. Downes Voice - Drizzt
J. Epps Design Director
T.J. Phan Animator
Patrick Stewart Voice - Khelben
John DiMaggio Voice - Thibbledorf, Troll King
B.J. Ward Voice - Cireka
Michael Clarke Duncan Voice - Ygorl
Vanessa Marshall Voice - Zhai
Vanessa Marshall Voice - Zhai
Patrick Stewart Voice - Khelben
Michael Clarke Duncan Voice - Ygorl
B.J. Ward Voice - Cireka
John Dimaggio Voice - Thibbledorf, Troll King
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