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  • Summary: Sound like standard empire builder fare? Yes and no.
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  1. May 10, 2012
    This game was ahead of its time. It has a lot of bugs, yes, but if you take in mind all the features and the complex system that let you control an entire network of asteroids, its defence, its economy, its fleet and interact with alien races, you will understand that this game has more and is more entertaining than many of the modern games out there. It is really entertaining and although it might seem a bit hard, it has a nice replay value. Expand
  2. May 25, 2013
    When I first loaded up this game it took a long time to learn how everything worked, the very definition of a steep learning curve. Once you finally understand the game, it really pulls you in and keeps you there. The graphics are aged now but not enough to pull you out of the atmosphere of the game. When there is a battle for an asteroid or in fleet vs fleet in deep space, you see each and every ship in a flurry of fighting and lasers. There are neat little graphical touches that really add to the game, such as the smaller ships flying up and out of their hangars and all the info screens in the sci tek blueprint purchasing page all have little animations showing how each item works.

    The music and sounds for this game are the gold standard as far as i'm concerned. The relaxing music is perfect for this type of game and the menu sounds are so good I have often thought they would work well on my cell phone and as a windows theme.

    The diplomacy in this game is very well done, there is a large variety of aliens to trade with and you can have agreements with them for no fighting and/or no spying on each with large fines for those who break the terms. There are also trader characters who you can also deal with to make extra credits on the side and this type of trading, if done well, can snowball into a huge surplus of credits.

    If fighting with ships isn't your thing there are three alternatives you can stock up on missiles and launch an astronomical amount of missiles to overwhelm even the best of missile defenses or you can hire agents to wreak havoc on all aspects of an asteroid mining colony and for the more nefarious asteroid miners out there the final and most brutal method of winning installing asteroid engines onto your empty asteroids and crashing them into enemy asteroids.

    The learning curve for this game, while incredibly steep, rewards you with a game that is very deep, engrossing and satisfying. I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good strategy game.