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  • Summary: Frontline: Fields of Thunder follows in the footsteps of the original "Blitzkrieg" and incorporates the best aspects of the now classic RTS games. The battle at the Kursk Salient was Germany's last attempt to avoid defeat in World War II. This conflict was marked by a ferocity that had been previously unseen by either side and has been remembered as the largest tank engagement in world history. Highly detailed Battle Map: Lots of data is included in the different chapter maps, including more geographical data and historical dislocation data of the real troops that will change ac­cording to the real historical timeline. Streamlined and intuitive interface. Unit parameters and the battle dynamics based on historically accurate data. Two historically correct campaigns that encompass 20 thrilling missions, most of which will be based on accurate historical episodes. New Units: Three to four new units will be added to the unit pool in an effort to more ac­curately depict the actual, historical events. New Rewards: The game features new awards, medals and promotions to suit the historical period of the game. Multiplayer functionality, including 10 multiplayer missions that can be played both on LAN and over the Nival.Net Internet service. [Paradox Interactive] Expand
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  1. It appeals to hardcore RTS players with its historical accuracy, as well as newcomers with its ease of play and focus on putting you in control of what’s going on.
  2. This is a game with a great deal of replay value, and one that will keep you immersed for hours. An extra edge of realism has been added in the reinforcement system, which forces you to win objectives before you receive reinforcements.
  3. The attention to detail and faithful levels of realism are impressive, the audio and visual components are effective and the challenging gameplay is rewarding for those who can persevere through being thrown in at the deep end and getting defeated time and time again.
  4. 60
    Unfortunately, Frontline: Fields of Thunder offers little in the way of diversity. Not only with it's own linear-nay-similar gameplay, but from the tried and test formula of RTS games of old.
  5. Frontline: Fields of Thunder turns all out tank warfare into a tedious puzzle.
  6. A tired old rehash of Blitkrieg - the last RTS game from developers Nival. [June 2007, p.76]
  7. An ugly WW2 RTS. Full of text-based mission intros and no joy whatsoever. The controls are clunky, the unit models are thoroughly basic and utterly devoid of any graphical niceties. [May 2007, p.68]

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