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  • Summary: GANGLAND is a fast pace arcade style action game that combines the RTT, RPG & SIM genres into a whole new breed. All wannabe mobster bosses can look forward to a unique experience that'll blow your brains out! SINGLEPLAYER STORY: There were five brothers Romano, Angelo, Sonny, Chico and Mario. As kids they were inseparable as they grew up on Sicily with their grandparents. As they grew older three of the brothers became more and more unsatisfied with the quiet life in the Mediterranean and one day they killed their own brother Chico in a fight whereafter they fled to the land of opportunity where they began each their own criminal career. That made grandpa very upset? He sent his fourth grandchild to America to track down and kill his malicious brothers and avenge the murder. First thing Mario should do when he arrives is to look up his uncle Vincente... MULTIPLAYER STORY: You take on the role of one of the four Italian brothers, Mario, Angelo, Romano or Sonny. Born into Sicilian mafia, you must work your way up within the family and compete with other mobs and gangsters for supremacy in Paradise City. [Whiptail Interactive] Expand
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  1. The characters aren’t great but are satisfactory and animate rather way. Not much in the way of visuals, but the art style definitely serves the game.
  2. But this isn’t just car bombs and cement shoes; characters can marry into families, sire their own shifty progeny, and watch them assume seats of power. It ain’t pretty, but it’s business.
  3. A good game that probably could have used some refinement in the way combat was handled and could have used a lot more common NPC interaction.
  4. Combat feels more like a slugfest than an intense tactical experience; not once was I able to recover from bad odds through strategic expertise. [May 2004, p.107]
  5. I think the ideas are there, and they are great. Unfortunately, the gameplay brought it down a few notches.
  6. Releasing a game without a save mode is a brave move; releasing a game without a save mode because you forgot is just worrying. For those of you hoping to play Gangland and complete it, my advice is to wait until a save patch becomes available, supposedly in the next month or so.
  7. Never has contract killing, extortion, and prostitution seemed so pointless. [June 2004, p.78]

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