Generally favorable reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 35 out of 36
  2. Negative: 0 out of 36
  1. The 360 game's soul shines just as bright now as it did a year ago, and so the PC version, with its improved visuals, lengthened campaign, more multiplayer maps and a game editor at least matches it, and perhaps even exceeds it.
  2. Gears of War is all about breaking apart the status quo, and the port to PC succeeds masterfully in this endeavor just as the Xbox 360 version did. It's a heavy hitter on every level.
  3. It's the same great-looking, fast-paced, fun-to-play game, only with an extended story and higher-resolution visuals. That the experience is better on a PC is only natural, given that mouse-and-keyboard controls are the heart of any honest shooter.
  4. The title adapts to mouse and keyboard controls flawlessly, handles multiplayer better than the original, and it retains the same level of quality that made the game such a smash hit with its initial release on the Xbox 360.
  5. Gears of War on the PC is still the same ground breaking game it was a year ago just now on the PC. The same innovative gameplay and breathtaking events are included along with five new campaign levels exclusive to the PC.
  6. Despite some complaints with the multiplayer mode and Windows Live quibbles, Gears of War is still a damn fine PC port of an excellent action game.
  7. The PC version of Gears of War is everything the 360 version was and more.
  8. The PC version of Gears of War is a welcome reminder of how much better PC gaming can be, and that it can do big, stupid action way better than the consoles that took stupid to the masses.
  9. In the end, Gears of War isn't perfect, but it does what it does so incredibly well that you just can't help but love it.
  10. Gears of War remains a triumph. It is an almost relentless march of unpretentious, cartoon violence that serves as a satisfyingly brainless alternative to the complexity of its contemporaries. Whether played alone or with a friend, it's essential gaming.
  11. 90
    Everything about the game's presentation is top-notch, from the washed-out stylized art design to the feature-film level soundtrack that pounds away from start to finish. And that's really what Gears is all about: it's a slick, polished action film that you happen to play on your PC.
  12. Gears of War for the PC is a great game and one that is especially well built in many areas, it may be a port for some of the gameplay and levels but it does not feel like one at all.
  13. Still, Gears of War is a fantastic action game worthy of your time if you've never played the Xbox 360 version. [Jan 2008, p.72]
  14. If Gears of War had appeared on PC first, we’d sing its praises as a straight-up FPS which displays refreshing game dynamics. But the fact remains it’s old news. Many 369 owners who are also PC gamers will already have it… But if you’ve resisted, it’s worth playing on the platform that can properly do it justice. [Jan 2008, p.43]
  15. The performance is excellent, the crispy-clean 1600x1200 resolution certainly helped and the controls feel a lot more natural on the PC.
  16. Overall Gears of Wars is a cracking game, with the addition of some more levels, the multiplayer maps and the level designer there is a lot of extras for the PC owner, the question is, if you already own the Xbox version is it still worth the purchase.
  17. So, it may play better with a 360 controller, it may quirk out, and the new stuff may be good but not great, but it’s still one of the most solid PC games of the year, with a great single-player game that can even be played cooperatively, and fantastic, team-based multiplayer that’s just a few notches below Team Fortress.
  18. The PC version of Gears of War is absolutely the definitive take on one of the most talked about games of the last few years. [Christmas 2007, p.70]
  19. If you were expecting an Oscar story and dialogues that would show you the meaning of life on earth, you’re in the wrong place. But if you want non-stop action, uglier than death enemies, visceral fights and the possibility, in multiplayer, to execute your adversaries in the most barbaric ways ever known, please, do come in.
  20. 87
    The mouse and keyboard allow for more precise control, and the graphics have been improved as well. With the additional single-player content, King of the Hill multiplayer mode, extra maps, and a map editor, Gears offers an even more impressive feature set than before.
  21. 87
    A great game done better. The graphics are improved, the gameplay remains intact, and some quality content has been added into the mix. If only every port to the PC were like this.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 513 Ratings

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  2. Negative: 29 out of 67
  1. strangerdanger
    Jan 27, 2008
    as has already being said, formulae does not work well for pc. premise is go into small areas, take cover, then shoot, pause for cutscene, goas has already being said, formulae does not work well for pc. premise is go into small areas, take cover, then shoot, pause for cutscene, go into next area then repeat. you'd think come on theres GOT to be something more to the game cos its got a overall 8+, but thats it. thats ALL there is to this game. graphics and environment is well polished and vv nice but gameplay is bland. probably the blandest and most mindnumbing gameplay ive ever encountered. Full Review »
  2. Nov 11, 2011
    It looks like a great game for the first few hours with slick graphics and smooth gameplay, but gets too repetitive and formulaic later.
  3. Jan 30, 2012
    Вот из-за такихВот из-за таких занудных рецензентов, декларирующих, что мол "эта формула не работает на ПС", мы похоже и не дождемся продолжения серии. Игра отличная, собранная - нет ничего лишнего. Проходить одно удовольствие. Full Review »