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  1. Positive: 16 out of 26
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  1. Spooky ghost hunts, intense battles, and rewarding captures all make Ghostbusters one fine gameplay experience.
  2. Final words? Ghostbusters the video game definitely recreates the franchise perfectly and everything from the story to music and characters makes you feel like you are part of this supernatural world.
  3. There are some flaws, including the lack of a local co-op mode, however there is just so much that was done right that you can't help but have a blast. It may not be everything you ever wanted out of a Ghostbusters game, but it's as close as you're going to get to perfection at this point.
  4. Pelit (Finland)
    One of the better uses of movie license. [Dec 2009]
  5. What can I say - Ghostbusters: The Video Game succeeds in being a proper Ghostbusters game with a good storyline and gameplay that fits the setting and gets a thumbs up for that. On the other hand, it is embarrassingly linear with almost zero replayability and the PC version omits multiplayer modes found on the consoles. At least it is priced accordingly, offering reasonable value.
  6. Ghostbusters old and new, rejoice. Your time has come.
  7. An outstanding and thoughtfully assembled title.
  8. Fans are going to love it, but for everyone else this is just a good shooter with a different setting. But come on - who isn't a fan of the Ghostbusters?
  9. Ghostbusters: The Video Game largely accomplishes what it set out to do by telling a humorous tale and bringing fans back into the fold on the franchise's 25th anniversary.
  10. If you know the movies you'll feel right at home. Egon Spengler still talks like a scientist, Ray Stantz still has his love handles and Peter Venkman can't walk past a woman without trying to flirt. The game is also full of insider jokes regarding the movies. But it's to short and the PC version lacks the co-op mode.
  11. PC Format
    Worth a bash, but lacks the multiplayer support to hold your attention throughout. [Oct 2009, p.90]
  12. 77
    Still – there is a lot to be said for the ability to sling on a proton pack and stand shoulder to shoulder with the four members of the Ghostbusters, to catch a ghost in your beam and drag it down towards a trap.
  13. 76
    I felt that the game's ending was a bit flat and the romantic interest was forced, but Ghostbusters was fun -- too bad you don't get the multiplayer action the home consoles do.
  14. For Fans of the Ghostbusters movies is Ghostbusters - The Video Game a must have. It is definitely one of the better movie adaptions. Even so the humor is like the movies and shows off in some very good cutscenes you can not deny the fact that it would have been a better movie, than a video game.
  15. PC Gamer UK
    Remarkably entertaining, if limited and repetitious, thanks to the comedy spark of the original movie cast and writers. [Aug 2009, p.76]
  16. Ripped straight from the movie, you warm up your Proton Pack and do battle with some of the film icons, plus a few new ones. A heap of ectoplasmatic fun for anyone who still smiles at the siren sound and the iconic “who you gonna call” theme song.
  17. Despite the control system and the lack of an online coop, Ghostbusters - The Videogame, on the PC, is a good tie-in.
  18. Ghostbusters celebrates its anniversary and brings delightful fun to your living room – if you are a fan.
  19. Despite some drawbacks, this satisfying adventure is just what you'd want from a Ghostbusters game: it's funny and it's fun.
  20. PC Zone UK
    In a disappointing move, we don't get to play any of the Ghostbusters. [Oct 2009, p.64]
  21. LEVEL (Czech Republic)
    Finally a movie-game developers do not need to be ashamed of – action and adventure parts are well balanced so missing multiplayer is the only pain this game suffers. [Dec 2009]
  22. Terminal Reality did well to capture the atmosphere of both Ghostbusters movies, but failed to include captivating gameplay. On the other hand, it’s way better than the Riddick game sequel from the same publisher.
  23. I just wish that there weren't so many frustrating problems to go along with these enjoyable parts … and it would have been nice to include the multiplayer version of the game in the PC release.
  24. It's the game any fan could want, but the obstacles involved can turn even the most faithful fan against it.
  25. Total PC Gaming
    A competent, entertaining single-player experience true to the franchise but marred by the shoddy port to PC. [Issue#26, p.48]
  26. PC PowerPlay
    Another victim of the curse of the port, but the golden Ghostbusting heart still shines through. [Christmas 2009, p.58]
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  1. Dec 15, 2016
    Ghostbusters the Video Game
    Decent but dated.
    It’s so rare to find a licensed game actually worth playing through... and thankfully this is
    Ghostbusters the Video Game
    Decent but dated.
    It’s so rare to find a licensed game actually worth playing through... and thankfully this is one of them.
    In Ghostbusters the video game you play as a nameless and voiceless recruit…
    Perfect opportunity to have a customizable character... but no... You’re just some generic dude that joins the ghostbusters squad.
    Your journey starts checking out a hotel and ends up in a chase to shut down this giant ghost portal by taking care of different points across Manhattan.
    This game is about 7 and a half hours long, and is varied and well-designed preventing repetitiveness to kick in…
    You’ll visit spooky libraries, different dimensions, and a graveyard just to name a few...
    But this game is from 2009 and it definitely shows with its grainy texture…
    It’s very hard on the eyes after being so used to the graphics and textures of modern day games 7 years later…
    The actual gameplay here is engaging enough to force your eyes to just deal with it…
    You have a proton pack and a scanner..
    As you progress through the story you’ll gain new abilities and modes for the proton pack which tie into level progression itself, like being able to make a slime tether to pull items, and you of course have attacks and ways to capture the ghosts you run into…
    To capture a ghost you have to weaken it, shoot out your capture stream and try to wiggle it into your ghost trap…
    There are also possessed creatures that you can just straight up kill and not have to capture.. which I found to be way more fun to deal with…
    The ghost capturing sections of the game for me were by far the worst…
    they take way too long to complete and bring the game to a crawl… they are spaced out more the deeper you get into the game, but are still an eye roll when they pop up…
    And with the scanner you can scan a ghost or enemy to learn its weakness so you know which mode to use... but it also rewards you with cash, as do the collectibles in the game, giving true incentive to capture stats and seek items out to upgrade your proton pack modes…
    And at the end of each spooky location is a pretty awesome boss battle.. all of which feel unique from each other, and the game does a great job of hyping them up with their story as your progress through the levels
    there wasn’t one I didn’t have fun trying to defeat or capture…
    most if not all being fan favorites as I’ve never really seen a ghostbusters movie.
    There is a game save bug here though so be cautious…
    I Turned my ps3 off right before the final 2 bosses and when I woke up in the morning the game wasn’t reading my save.. Thankfully it did after I reinstalled... but be warry of this glitch going in…
    And this games multiplayer is lost in time, it’s no longer works.
    Other than dated grainy textures, this is a really solid game worth checking out if you’re a ghostbusters fan.
    I give ghostbusters the video game
    a 7/10
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  2. Jan 22, 2013
    The gameplay is great- wrangling ghosts and shooting particle beams is fun, but it gets old after some time. That, and the fact that the sameThe gameplay is great- wrangling ghosts and shooting particle beams is fun, but it gets old after some time. That, and the fact that the same music from the movie is rehashed on every level (it's fun the first three times or so, but then you get tired of it) are the only downsides. The voice acting is good, the humor is pretty solid, and it's definitely an all-around ghostbusters experience. Full Review »
  3. TobyD.
    Jun 19, 2009
    You'll notice that the word 'fun' is used a lot in reviews of this game, and for good reason: they nailed that part. From the You'll notice that the word 'fun' is used a lot in reviews of this game, and for good reason: they nailed that part. From the hilarious writing (the cut scene with the TV toward the end killed me), to the voices, to all the details and destruction you unleash upon it all...WOW. Definitely worth the wait. The bad points are so overshadowed by the good ones, they're almost not worth mentioning. But I will. ;) The ending felt rather hasty...or rough. Or rushed? Not sure. Something felt off, at the very least. Venkman's "love interest", Ilyssa Selwyn was utterly superfluous and her voice actress (Alyssa Milano, I believe) was uninspiring and felt out place. At least some sections of the game (sewers of the Lost Island, and large swaths of the Central Park Graveyard) were verging on being mind-numbingly uneventful. Again, thankfully, these things are relatively minor in the face of all that went right in a product from an industry where these things almost universally go south. Oh, and one additional thing I feel the need to bring up... These people who are marking the game down for not including the multiplayer of the console? Get over it. They didn't have the funds to get multiplayer going on the PC (so I read in an interview). Given the circumstances, they should be PRAISED for doing the right thing and bringing the price down instead of shafting us. Full Review »