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  1. Mar 10, 2012
    The free patched/1st DLC version of this game (1 month after release) is a superb online FPS. The graphics and theme itself are a sight to behold. Audio is excellent, and the numerous voice options and personalities are a real treat. I love the humour that runs throughout this entire production, from the quirky gadgets to the outfits and funny lines spoken by the characters. The match making/joining process has been upgraded and now works flawlessly. There are plenty of matches that can be joined quickly and easily. The online community is large, and will only get larger. Gotham Impostors is a refreshingly original new intellectual property (IP). This is a AAA online multiplayer FPS that runs very smoothly, is fun to play, and makes you laugh. It is a very addictive game, and at just $15 USD, it's a real bargain. Expand
  2. Feb 7, 2012
    This game is Awesome! I cant believe there are 1000 levels! I will try my hardest to achieve that level because I don't think this game will get old. This was a brilliant idea for a game; I just hope it will be supported throughout the year. This game deserves attention because it is a fantastic game 10/10
  3. Apr 28, 2012
    This game is a blast and so much fun to boot. You'll be in items, unlocks and customisation heaven before you know it. A FPS for people who don't like FPS.
  4. Feb 8, 2012
    I played this game during few hours. I wasn't on beta. I finded it so FUN! after few minutes, the game is yours. The fun is in your hands. So much of fun for $15...(sry for my english, not my native language...)
  5. Feb 8, 2012
    I love it. It's a mix between team fortress and a smarter call of duty. the amount of diversity through customization is awesome^^. 7 different body types or so. roller blades, gliding wings, grappling hooks and other crazy stuff fit in perfectly with the gameplay.
  6. Feb 10, 2012
    Ottimo gioco se ci si vuole divertire in modo veloce. Non ho notato nessun bug particolare, il gioco sembra andare liscio non scatta mai neanche quando ci si ritrova corpo a corpo. Unica pecca per il momento è il sistema di matchmaking che ci mette molto a trovare una partita. Le classi sono tutte molto divertenti e ti fanno cambiare lo stile di gioco. Si possono creare anche classi personalizzate e sbizzarrirsi come si vuole. Grafica eccellente molto pulita e brillante si fa solo un po di fatica nel vedere gli avversari a lungo raggio. Expand
  7. Mar 9, 2012
    I am giving this game a 10 all these eggheads complaining about spending money. If your good at a game why would you need to pay for unlockables. You bunch of crying babies. Lets give everything away free, "right?" and not let anyone make money! fools, anyone that had anything bad to say about the game "I am glad you not playing" your missing out on the fun!! FUNNY BUNNY!
  8. Mar 22, 2012
    This game is awesome don't listen to these reviews by people who played it before it was patched it is a very good game with tons of content and customizable features it was probably the best fifteen bucks I've spent in a while.
  9. Mar 30, 2012
    Tavu il roxx koi le jeu c trop lol ya pa a dire koi moi je kiff tro sa rasse le jeu lol vivement le 2 koi parceke deja le 1 il rosk loilol je kiff batemane
  10. Mar 30, 2012
    I created an account just so I could review this game! Honestly, I do not know where the harsh reviews are coming from. It just goes to show that a huge game like COD can get better reviews from critics then games that are actually good. It's quite absurd: can you say payed reviewers? First, this is the most fun I have ever had in a FPS. I own all the CODS, Halos, etc, and none of them are as fun as this! My friends and I have played this hours on end without boredom. The matchmaking wasn't the best at first, but it got much better over time, and it is pretty much flawless now. The gameplay is very fast paced and exciting. Far less sitting in corners like in COD. Overall, this game sets itself apart with it's gadgets, as they completely change the feel of the game. Dive bombing on people or flying around on roller skates offers a new, and far more interesting, play style to the game than COD or other popular FPS. I would highly recommend this game, as it is extremely entertaining and very inexpensive. Who would have thought I would have more fun on a $15 game more than all others.... Expand
  11. Mar 31, 2012
    very good game , very chip , a lot of maps and weapons to have a lot of fun with your friends . Game-play is good and what i like the most is the weird environment , it make the game so special .
  12. Apr 8, 2012
    Why should you buy this game?
    1. Customization of not only costume but also, guns. How can you customize your gun? 1. Color 2. Mod for type of things you put on gun. Aka, Penetration bullets, scopes, odor sensing, so on. 2. Making your own class in the game, ranging from ninjas to bazooka wielding heavy guys.
    3. Pure ownage with your friends or against your friends. You are randomly
    matched up, so there's no hate amongst your friends if you go against them.
    4. You like batman? You want to take on villians? No gadgets? No problems. Play this game, instead of batarangs you get guns.
    5. Like owning with your friends? Friend match ups about 97% win rate for me and my friend.

    Why you shouldn't get this game?
    1. You don't like FPS? Don't get it. Don't even think about it. Cause you'll just rage.
    2. Like shooting games that are super realistic? Not for you. 3. Don't like learning curves? Don't get it.
  13. Jul 22, 2012
    Sehr Spaßiger Multiplayer Ego - Shooter :)
  14. Nov 7, 2012
    Seriously? I love this game, it just feels good playing it, it even helped me out of a depression (sad or good huh?) with it's hillarious style, weapons, gadgets just everything is great, so many unlocks to keep ya going, a very fair "Item Shop" around a (in my opinion) tripple A title is just GRAND EPIC! Imo just download it and give it a try on Steam, you got nothing to lose, it's free to play guys! Expand
  15. Mar 13, 2012
    The game was broken for a month, true. Since release the game works awesome, maybe a few balance issue's but beside that its great. 15$ is just cheap for the content you get. So far the 6 maps and 3 modes are enough for me to waste +100 hours (probably more) in this game, pretty sure they will add more maps soon. It does take a lot of elements from other games but the gameplay with the gadgets and support items make it an unique 6vs6 MP experience. I expected this game to feel cheap and to be crappy, I was totally wrong. So far i've already wasted 40 hours and i'm still enjoying every minute. Too bad for PC users it only works with matchmaking and you can't have a private lobby. Expand
  16. Feb 10, 2012
    This game is an absolute blast to play, mainly because of the humor and polish put into it. The matchmaking is a major downside, because it's so freaking slow, but when you get into the actual game it's just fun. A sleeper, really.

    This game gets a six or seven due to the current matchmaking bug, but I'd give it a nine if that were fixed.
  17. Feb 8, 2012
    Super fun! played during the beta, as well as have it on steam now. totally worth the 15 bucks its worth. Short and to the point BUY! game play is refreshing. If CoD is getting a bit old for ya have a refreshing breath of air in this game. tons of customizing and there is nothing better then getting a a guy getting caught in your bear trap jumping around right before you take him down :) any who see you in the fight! Expand
  18. Mar 10, 2012
    An excellent game! The latest *free* DLC pack seems to solve all the slow matchmaking issues that other reviewers seem to have had. I never have to wait more than 60 seconds for a game to start. The semi-class based gameplay works well. You can occasionally be surprised by what someone is carrying but the weapons are distinct enough in appearance and function that you can ascertain what to expect from opponent is capable of very quickly especially compared to a similar system in Brink. The gadgets used to modify your movement play brilliantly, giving you a lot of different options on how you want to approach combat. Weapons and gadgets unlock at a fair pace for this type of game during regular gameplay. Cosmetic items unlock more slowly. This doesn't really bother me too much as it gives you something to work toward. If you are the impatient type, you can pay $10 to unlock them all. People seem to be complaining about this, yet I regularly see people paying upward of $7.50 for a single hat in TF2. All in all, this is a well designed game that is more than deserving of you time. With continued support from the developers, this game just might replace TF2 as my multiplayer shooter of choice. Expand
  19. Apr 10, 2012
    I absolutely love this game! It is just hilarious, and i really don't know why people are hating on this game. Well sure, it was an absolute mess on release, honestly, it took you hours to get onto a matchmaking, and then people kept on dropping out because of connection problems, but now it is completely fixed. But it is a shame that not many people are playing on it, for example, I end up finding my self playing against people multiple times when a leave a lobby, Honestly, i think, if this game had more attention, it could be a POSSIBLE TF2 killer. The only thing that bothered me is Games for Windows Live, and we all know that Games for Windows Live is a pain in the arse. Honestly, it is well worth the price so pick it up today on Steam or any other DDP (Digital Distribution Platform). Expand
  20. Apr 24, 2012
    Gotham City Impostors was around for quite some time and i hesitated buying it until now. First thing i heard was that the matchmaking is broken and that was one of the most important reasons for me to not buy this game.
    Anyways the matchmaking has been fixed so i decided to take a look. And I must say that Gotham City Impostors got me. The Style and the weapons are pretty much unique and
    due to the gadgets which for most parts boost your mobility, this game is one of the most wicked and most funny shooter experience i had in years. Even though it is often compared to Call of Duty i would really prefer Gotham City Impostors because of the simple fact that it does not take this whole shooter-thing too serious. CoD always has this attitude, that it is resembling modern days military fps, on the contrary GCI is all about having some wicked fun. I do recommend this game if you are in search of an arcade-style action-fps. And with many many many unlocks, which are quite balanced. That means u can play versus players who have a level advantage of 100 but you will still be able to kill them.
    So far GCI really made a good impression on my side and is recommended to all fans of fun-based action-fps.
  21. Jul 5, 2012
    The great thing about this game is that it allows you to play it the way you want. If you feel like being a rocket flailing tank, you can. Very few games seem to understand that people want to have fun, and Gotham City Impostors is a fine example of that. The graphics are nothing special, but they fit the gameplay well. The maps seem perfectly sized for the type of action, and they all have areas where every weapon is practical.

    The only problem I found was the poor matchmaking. On the PC version, the only gamemode that you can (almost) ever find a match in is Team Deathmatch, and quite often, there's only about one match running. Some of the weapons seem slightly unbalanced, but anything has potential with a bit of practice. Essentially, it is a $15 game, and it delivers to that standard and beyond.
  22. Jul 15, 2012
    I could not be happier with my purchase. The servers can be a slight problem but I am hooked up directly to my modem in NAT1 and have next to zero issues finding games, though there is a low player count that the recent steam sales have helped by bundling the entire batman series for cheap.

    The graphics on max with forced 8xMSAA run very well on my 560ti and hold a constant 60fps. It
    isn't Crysis but it is a decetn looking game and oh so much better looking than the blurry and jaggy console versions. Just turn the in game FSAA off. This game has a lot of creativity for an FPS. Think Timesplitters and Team Fortress and some old fashioned COD type dm from older days mixed in with some wild gadgets and weaponry. There is actually a gun that fires a parrot and there are many gadgets like rollerskates and gliders to use. Too many different styles of play to list. You run into some wild variations. I prefer using my own PS3 pad and using the Huntsman rifle with its semi-auto tap fire. The LMG might be a little OP and I have noticed that on the PC end, even though I game with my PS3 pad and xpadder/motioninjoy, the snipers are MUCH better LOL.

    Anyway, I cannot recommend this game enough. I got for what is basically 5 dollars and I cannot put it down despite all kinds of great single player games to play. Something very addicting to it. If you have some change lying around pick it up. Leveling is easy just find a good combo and go with it. A decent amount of maps though I do wish there were more.

    6v6 is about the right amount for a game like this. Buy it!
  23. Sep 1, 2012
    This game is a great game now that it is free and totally worth the download, it is quirky and fun i highly recommend it. DONT LISTEN TO THE OTHERS THIS GAME IS AWESOME. Do yourself a favour and get it!
  24. Oct 1, 2014
    This game is awesome. Fresh and funny. Many say that it is a CoD copy, but is that bad? I guess not. Graphic style is great, funny weapons and gadgets work perfectly. Awesome audio effects and voiceovers.

    It's only problem are not servers - it is hosted by players, and if they do not set up connection speed properly, game will be lagged. About performance issues: any PC not older than
    2-3 years old will be fine. It is F2P now, but DLC's are not required at all. It is not Pay 2 win. Also leveling system is not like Call of Duty or Battlefield - right from the start you can use powerful loadouts (not like you are getting better gun later, because you cannot operate it or what? Great way of keeping people with game).

    Biggest problem, though, are new players (!). Accusations of hacking are normal on PC, as gap between new and experienced players can really be huge. Unbalanced teams happen only in first match, then it works pretty well.
    Next thing: matchmaking: right now it never takes more than 30 seconds to join a match (unless you live in Antarctica).

    Many reviews here are pretty old, so try this game, especially when you are somewhat experienced in online competitive shooters.
  25. Feb 7, 2012
    i played the game for some hours now. the game is great. it's fast paced, nice looking and it is greatly mixing the character modifcation of team fortress 2, the level up system of brink with the weapon modification system of call of duty. the only downside is the matchmaking system. i waited twice the time searching for a game to start than actual playing it. i wish they would immigrate the system of team fortress 2 (that i can search my own games and join them whenever i want.) Expand
  26. Oct 2, 2012
    Great game (before all the DLC screwed it up). There were a few builds that were super-imbalanced and all the noobs used. There were also a few guns that were way too strong compared to others. Still, enjoyed the shooting mechanics and the gadgets made for fun (besides skates and glider) and took some skill. Too few levels and modes but they did a good job releasing stuff for free. I like Monolith and I put 160 hours the first month because it was soo fun. I was also the highest lvl PC character when I quit. Expand
  27. Sep 10, 2012
    after years of being sick of the same old FPS gamemodes, Gotham City Imposters has made it fun again by giving them a slight twist.

    Level of customisability is amazing, levels are well designed and room for skill is pretty high for a game that doesn't take itself too seriously.

    Best thing about it, the shooting mechanics are solid, the game assets very professional and it's now free
    to play on steam!

    Downsides, slighty console oriented (but works brilliantly with mouse and keyboard), gametypes you're probably already familar with and could do with some more maps.. but i have high hopes for this now it is free to play. seriously most fun I've had in a long time.. what have you got to lose?
  28. Feb 11, 2012
    Great Game. Fun. Wild. Unique.

    If you like multiplayer FPS, you should love this. Yes there are matchmaking issues that effect some (and all). For me, while having to wait sometimes (thus the all), it really isn't hard to get into a game, and I'm level 30 right now. Is it CoD quick? No. But there aren't 10 million copies sold. They are going to tweak the matchmaking soon, some
    say early March, others say much sooner than that and should make things better and remove the main complaint by impatient (and/or) unlucky users. Either way I'll be having fun even with the current matchmaking. I've seen far worse. Lag? Very little. Probably one, maybe two matches out of the dozens of games I've played (level 30). Which seems to be pretty normal amount with any multiplayer game.

    They will be updating the game. We'll get a free map in March. The 'pay' stuff (costumes) can be unlocked by playing. Now that the bad stuff is out of the way, let me tell you why should buy this game!

    Do you like the customization of CoD?
    Do you like the unique flair and ambiance, not to mention craziness of Team Fortress 2?
    But just want something unique as well?

    Well this is your game. Just about as many weapons and customization options as CoD. Iron sights. Silencers. Extended Mags. Through walls. And more.

    Crazy Gadgets...bear traps. exploding jack in the box's. inflatable shoes. pipe bombs. ghetto superhero cape to fly around and pounce on people. (remember people these are 'impostors' so they all look certifiably ghetto) And more. My favorite so far is the default grappling hook. You can fly (well grapple) around the map fast and can grapple on pretty much everything, including the ground. There's actually two different sets of gadgets. So you can have the grappling hook and the jack in the box at the same time. You can choose your size. Big = slower = more hp's = bigger targer. Tiny = faster = less hp's = smaller target. There's 5 sizes. Default is the middle one.

    You even have a psych profile that at level 30 you can choose to give you a +/- benefit. Like bonus when doing team situations and penalizes solo actions....or a different one that is vice versa. There's many MANY different psych profiles. Gotta be at about 20, maybe more.

    So yes, when it comes to customization, there are tons. There are 1000 levels, and I just wouldn't be surprised if they added more stuff later, since it appears I'm getting access to lots of stuff and I'm only at level 30. So what do you unlock once you are at say level ~100 and on? I have no clue. But there's probably going to be something.

    Now for actual gameplay. You have team deathmatch. You have fumigation (like control points). You have propaganda (think one netural bomb which is a battery that juices your propaganda machine). There's another mode too, but forget and haven't tried it.

    People fly around, grapple around, rollerskate around, normal run around. Some people use the 'see through walls' thing to show enemies through walls for the team. Throw bear traps down around a control point. There's lots of crazy stuff. Fast paced. (especially when you know what you are doing and the opposing team does as well)

    It's fast and furious. It's unique. It's similar. It's fun. Seeing a fat tub-o flying around and trying to pounce on you is pretty funny and even comes with the cartoon 'something is falling' wailing type sound as he pounces on you.

    It plays great. Mouse might be a little sensitive, and right now there is no controller support. Hopefully they change this, as it should be mouse + keyboard, mouse + 360 controller, 360 controller alone capable. But for now it's just mouse + keyboard. (and since it's on the ps3 and 360, there really isn't an excuse)

    The maps are pretty good, definitely has the Aura of a gotham city batman and joker type locale. Now if they could only add a payload type mode, this game would be insane. As it is now it's great. I'm very tough on scores, so this gets an 8. Which is a great game, and a blast to play. (lesser critics might give a 10). I can understand that, but this is really an 8 game. I can understand lower due to matchmaking (maybe a 6), but that should be fixed, and if everyone is complaining and I'm experiencing the same thing...then it's just impatience. But some are probably having more problems than me. Again. I haven't had to wait very much, with the occasional couple of minutes...oh no. As it stands now I'm going to overlook it in the score since I feel it's being hammered much ado about very little, and they are working on it.

    But for overall fun (which isn't the score you give when rating) it's a 10. Buy this game. It's fun and unique with some familiar aspects that we've come to enjoy on other shooters.

    Good luck.
  29. Feb 9, 2012
    Pretty fun Multiplayer, the visuals are very pleasing to the eye too, couple of little niggles here and there and the trailers did oversell it a little. It does have the feel of Call of Duty, but with a whackier atmoshphere and characters.
  30. Feb 8, 2012
    This game is almost awesome, unfortunately it's getting suffocated by "Games for Windows Live" and matchmaking instead of using servers. When it works, it's a lot of fun. if you enjoy Team Fortress 2, you'll likely enjoy this.
  31. Feb 9, 2012
    Small matchmaking issues and long load times are minor issues when compared to the amount of fun that can be had with this game. It's a blast to play, customization is great (And you can still get great gear without buying the $100's worth of DLC) , and I can't wait to jump back in and play soon.
  32. Mar 9, 2012
    This game is something like funny CoD with good ideas and the best humour. I love it, but after first free DLC i have still low fps problem. If the game gets fixed then I will edit my score to 9, because this is really big problem for me. Matchmaking is now good without boring waiting and new stuffs are cool. Very good game for this price.
  33. Apr 5, 2012
    I find it to be a very fun game. Not perfect in any way. It takes what most people just play the game for. The online multiplayer and gives it out for $15. For the price this game is great.
  34. Aug 23, 2012
    Looking for a game that will keep you going even if it's just the same thing over and over again. Gotham City Impostors is that game. A hilarious game with a great sense of humour and utter ridiculousness. I was playing it the other day, and say someone running around with a purple katana on roller skates. Tell me that's not hilarious. With SO much stuff to unlock, it will keep you going. The weapons are mostly all homemade and just reek of originality, plus, although it is a $15 dollar purchase, the only money that they would want you to spend would be purely cosmetic stuff (i.e. costumes). And even those you can get buy just playing it a lot. I love this game, with its hilarity, and just utter foolishness and calamity. 8 out of 10. Expand
  35. Dec 11, 2012
    I play this game alot, and it is fun. it is kind of silly i guess, but serious at the same time. but both because you can choose either regular weapons, or ridiculous crazy weapons. but it you play this, watch out for people with swords on rollerblades they will piss you off!
  36. May 15, 2014
    Sense they updated and they actually listened to the issues players were having.
    I now recommend this game to anyone who likes Batman / The Joker but enjoys a good first person shooter with unique weapons and style of playing.
  37. May 17, 2013
    I LOVE THIS GAME! Yes, I know it is flawed. Yes, I know the batman liense is mainly used to make money. Yes, I know that the lobby's can take a while to load. But, the game play cis amazing. It is fast paced, and full of customization options. One of the coolest features in this game is the calling card function, which allows you to leave a card when you kill someone, which also displays this game's great sense of humor, which is about as good as borderland's twos. The graphics are decent, but could be improved. but to any one who thinks this game sucks, I have but one thing to say: I'm batman. Expand
  38. May 21, 2014
    The people who moan about how bad this game is are the ones who lose when they play. This is one of the handful of "free" games that I actually enjoy. While there really is no story, this game will provide hours and hours of senseless violence to keep you amused.
  39. Apr 2, 2012
    Fun. Worth buying. But the batmans vs jokers gimmick will become old and boring very quickly, then you will realize there is nothing special about this game to stand off from other FPS games, and you will probably wanna go back playing CoD or whatever the hell you are playing. I still like to come back to this game from time to time, but only for a match or two, its not a game that could keep me intrested for hours. Expand
  40. Feb 13, 2012
    Let's get one thing straight. This game is not bad, but it's certainly not the best FPS out there. To say that it should be rated against games like BF3 or COD is a complete farce and I'm not even sure it would be fair to rate it against something like TF2. What I would call it though is a decent way to waste a couple of hours releasing your inner vigilante rage. While the graphics are nothing to scream about, having known the game was running on Directx 9.0, it's to be expected. The characters have some fun customization potential and leveling up isn't too daunting making the pace of unlocks generally good. While weapons selection and load-out slots are rather limited, the pre-determined "classes" give you a good base-line to figure out what works for you when building custom characters and playing styles. As for game modes, this game was more or less meant for Multiplayer (like TF2) so if you were hoping for an engaging single player, you'll be disappointed. The game modes are generally straight forward with versions of capture the flag, point control and team death match. Maps, (only 5...I think) are a bit like nascar, so if you need diversity you won't find that but if you're just looking for a straight forward FPS the game play can be quite enjoyable.

    The one major downside I've found is the Xbox360esk method of finding playable games. The reason I play PC games is for dedicated servers (...and graphics) and not having to wait to find more players which at times can be frustrating, as well as the inability to mute annoying players on their mics in the player lobbies.

    Overall though Gotham City Impostors is generally a pretty easy game to pick up, after about a half hour I'd say its fair you can get a good sense of the controls and how play works. If you're smart enough not to get wrangled by all the "buy-now" DLC then for $15 it's certainly not the worst purchase I've made.

    Beyond that, I'd say if you can hold off the impulse to purchase (unlike myself), I'd say wait until the price drops to $4.99 on steam and then pick it up, at that point I'd say it'll probably be priced appropriately (for more critical players) and there might be more FREE content...maybe.
  41. Feb 26, 2012
    Gotham City Impostors may have flaws and is "broken", but is a great, fun game. The flaws I have tended to notice are: Matchmaking - The problem is it takes quite sometime to find a game with the required amount of players (I believe 8) and sometimes, while "balancing" teams, you get placed on an outnumbered team or an outnumbering team (Ex. 5 v. 3). Another flaw is the connection to a lobby - My friend and I notice that most people within a game have terrible ping, but a few do not and it lags to the point of frustration, because you keep getting killed and you're completely oblivious to anything happening due to the lag. These two flaws are terrible, but it has been rumored matchmaking will be fixed, sometime in March. The connectivity issue is something I have not heard fixing about, but who knows, they may fix it sometime in the near future. All-in-all the game has some major issues that will be hopefully fixed sometime soon, but other than that the game is fun and I enjoy it for the cartoony graphics and great gameplay. Expand
  42. Jul 16, 2012
    ignore the older reviews based on bad matchmaking etc. all of these problems have been solved from the patch. The gameplay is actually very fun, and I have enjoyed it immensely, but the novelty may wear off fairly quickly.
  43. Nov 5, 2012
    This is the future of gaming. You pay to win, a vast majority of the guns require minimum aiming and it's free to play which means that no one who plays the game actually cares about it.
  44. Apr 2, 2012
    the game is a fun little way to pass time, nothing too intense and fun mainly in short bursts. it would score much higher (like an 8 or 9) if it werent for a few gaping problems in the game. 1. auto match-making that rarely works, and no option to choose your own server, 4 out of 5 times you will not get into a game, and will have to retry, and that really is a time waster 2. very unbalanced, i admire the create a class system and the wacky over-the-top-ness of this game's weapons, but there are serious imbalances. 90% of players go for big body (max health), body armor (more health), rocket launcher, and glider cape loadout, and that seems to be the winning combo, you will just hoarde points much faster with that combination of things, and it really makes any other choice of class a masochistic decision.

    rocket launcher takes off more health, has a wider area of impact than, has as much ammunition as, and reloads faster than the shotgun, which is astounding, the weapons are very unbalanced. there is a sniper rifle that can insta-kill even if you hit the person in the foot. the glider cape move where you pounce down and instantly kill an enemy is over powered too, some serious balance needed. there should be a cap on 1 rocket per team, and the impact of the rocket should kill teammates too as well as the person firing the rocket. a limit on rocket ammo needs to be put on at least, and reload time should make a person at least consider not firing rockets so willy nilly. people should recieve added damage if shot while gliding towards a target, since its very difficult to hit them gliding anyway, and makes it damn near impossible to avoid being air stomped. 3. the countdown to matches is all messed up, it counts down from 20, then when it gets to zero, always goes back to 10 and counts down again.. why? if the game was better balanced and didnt have the silly automatch only setup, then i would recommend this game to anyone at full retail price, as it stands it just about justifies my â
  45. Mar 30, 2012
    Long story short this is more or less aiming to be the love-child of Batman Arkham City and TF2 - Batman for the characters, and TF2 for everything else....hmmm.....I guess I'll rephrase that sentence - its a TF2 which dreams of the stars. BUT! as I very clearly outlined in my TF2 review I more or less compared it to the closest form of multiplayer perfection we could possibly ever see and this was not the mere remarking of a Luddite! I launched the game to eagerly give the villains of Gotham the sweet taste of lead filled JUSTICE! And I waited patiently for that virtue. I waited. And waited. And waited. About 15 minutes later and smashing my head against the keyboard to kill time I was thrown into the game to give the villains of Gotham the taste of my sweet lead-fuelled JUSTICE! The experience I got was wholly different to that of the magical goofyness of TF2, and the variety in weapons and experience and modding and general fun that TF2 threw out there. There was a laborious levelling system within the slowest unlocking system imaginable to create my pink covered avenger of the night and an askew team balance to say the least. But I didn't rate it at 0 or lower (...?) because its functional and smooth operating like the smooth operator. The controls and moving plays out very well and fluid-y. The gadgets used to modify your movement play brilliantly, giving you a lot of different options on how you want to approach combat very nicely, and to its credit the weapons and gadgets do unlock at a fair pace, I will say however that there is a REASON TF2 uses a random drop system, it doesn't alienate new players who find they're grossly outmatched by their betters - it adds an element of balance to the game as a whole. And I did have fun with the game but I will add there's a massive big * by that whole sentence, just because I didn't have as much fun as I did with TF2 - its a decent game but not world-breaking, and certainly not worth £15 ($24) off steam. Save your money and get TF2 (which I will add is free! :3 ) Expand
  46. Feb 7, 2012
    The short version is: "Ask yourself if you like Call of Duty" if so, then you will like this game. The game feels a LOT more like a mod for Call of Duty than anything like team fortress. Youtube "Gotham City Impostors Beta - Gameplay 1 - Fumigation on Crime Alley" for a more accurate feel for the gameplay, the promotional vids make it look more crazy than it is. I really wanted to like it and even playing the challenges I can see huge potential, but in multiplayer it just feels like call of duty with a few movement mods. I think the main problem is the machine guns & gunsights, they just dont seem to -fit- with the fun goofy atmosphere and make the game feel serious. ****Some Minor issues relating to it being a console port. Matchmaking & game menus are not good enough for a PC game, but once you have set your keys and get into a game, it's fine. Team balance is a little odd too (one team can outnumber the other 3 to 1 and you can't swap teams to balance it). [Note: It's still very early, maybe things will change] Expand
  47. Mar 30, 2012
    Interesting COD clone that tries to bring a few new things to the tired FPS genre. It's a very tongue in cheek, violent, comic style shooter with a lot of depth and replay value. It's a shame the game runs so horribly on PC. Even with a decent rig you're going to get frequent and frustrating FPS drops. Underneath all the compatibility issues is a really fun and enjoyable game. However, until a patch is released to fix all the performance problems, this game is more annoying than anything else. Expand
  48. Feb 11, 2012
    Ok. I set up a metacritic account just to share my impressions about this game on Steam, because I read all kinds of reviews, but none of them mentions the flaws that I ran into. So here we go. I don't think at this point I would recommend someone getting this game on Steam. I am going to start off with the negative, because I wish someone would have told me the negative, and then the positive. First of all the PC matchmaking is BAD! It takes about 10 to 15 minutes to find a match. I found one match within 2 minutes, but then it was back to waiting 10 to 15 minutes between matches. Also it is a Window live Game. So if you don't have a Windows Live Account you will have to sign up... Like I did... Which took some time. My biggest complaint of the game is that there is NO gamepad support. This is a huge let down for me as I don't enjoy keyboard mouse, as much as gamepad. I have also read that they don't plan to support gamepad controls? Thats right... I don't know why, but get used to keyboard... On a positive note, the game itself is good. I enjoyed the matches that I was able to join. I can't say that I was any good...because I am not good with a keyboard mouse combo, but it was still fun. The controls felt very smooth, and the leveling system seems to be very compelling. It was very easy to pick up and play, and enjoy. In short... If they fixed the matchmaking, and added gamepad support, i would give this game a 8.5 compared to a 5. Expand
  49. Apr 17, 2012
    I wanted to like this game. I really did; the zany concept, the colourful characters, it felt like the old days of FPS's where a sense of humour was more important than how space your powered marine armour was. It looked as though it was going to be as much fun as Left 4 Dead, with frantic mayhem being the rule of the day.
    The game is presented well enough, with cute animations for
    introducing the various elements, and transitions between the screens that makes the game feel like there was some care put into it. However, it's when you actually try to play the game that things start to become unhinged.

    Firstly, there's only a few maps to play on. Yes, this is a budget title, but they're the same kind of maps you could play in any shooter, they're not nearly as colourful as the promos and opening intro lead you to believe. They're boring old buildings that don't even feel like they're part of Gotham... I was expecting traps or environmental effects to take advantage of. Secondly, matches take FOREVER to start. During average hours I'd EXPECT to be able to play with other people, it still takes 5-20 minutes to find enough people to play with, and even then, the teams are almost never even. Not even AI bots to at least PARTIALLY assist in a match when you're shorthanded. Thirdly, the game isn't even very well optimized. I have to launch the game directly from its .exe, or I'll get 10-20 fps despite having an i5-2500K CPU and a reasonably powerful mid-range graphic card with ram to spare. The in-game micro-economy is nothing to write home about.... it is what it is, and if I enjoyed playing the game more... I wouldn't have minded the hours I would have needed to invest just so I could have my character tricked out to appear and sound exactly how I wanted it.

    The game sorely needs drop-in game joining to resolve uneven team sizes, a faster, better matchmaking protocol, and better hardware/software optimization... when it comes to frantic, fast-paced VS mayhem, you'll get more enjoyment out of TF2 or L4D than you will this game. It was squeezed out before it was finished baking, and frankly, if the game isn't good at launch, then patches aren't going to make it any better. Even at $15, this game feels more like I was only begrudgingly playing it because I bought it than because I felt it was genuinely fun.
  50. Sep 1, 2012
    Simply put not a very good game. My favorite part was the intro. After that, being constantly losing connections to servers, being "kicked" by the host before the game has even started, and random game crashes are big annoying problems that need to be fixed. It takes too long to get to a game for me to have to restart the whole process over again. Once you are over all that you have a mediocre shooter that tries to be different. Expand
  51. Feb 21, 2012
    You have to undrestand my frustration. I've bought the game, started it... got through registration, finally launched the proper game... I've waited 10 minutes in freaking matchmaking lobby... And then... Match starts.. LAGS!!! This game is terribly optimized... Pc port sucks major ass. How can i review Gotham City Impostors, if my game lags like hell ? It's totally unplayable, framerate drops BELOW 20fps. That's a total DISGRACE. There's no actual explanation for such bad performance, this game seems to lag without any reason. Yes, devs promised patching this and other issues. IN MARCH. Suck my %^(#. Really. Two points, because this game seems like a great fun... I will change this grade to higher IF IT'LL ACTUALLY WORK. Expand
  52. Sep 4, 2012
    Terrible graphics, way over the top childishness, cheesey characters, rubbish weapons, awful mechanics for shooting and movement, overcomplicated and treats the player like a noob. There's so much rubbish in this game and not enough simplicity for gun on gun action. There's no point in create a class in a free shooter. I am a fan of CoD games and I think this game sucks so hard. Not as bad as MW3 online but in terms of quality it's a whole lot worse. And not many games have a worse online than MW3. Expand
  53. Feb 11, 2012
    This game is pathetic. You have to wait in matchmaking system for at least 30 minutes before you can play and when you get into the map the team are unbalanced. It's almost impossible to hit the opponent due to the awful hit reg. The player with least skill gets on top. Do yourself a favor, do not buy this game!
  54. Sep 2, 2012
    The game itself is completely unremarkable (intro video is the only thing worth taking a look at). What IS definitely interesting about the game is that it's perhaps the most shameless pay-up-for-sh***y-DLCs project ever! AFAIR on the day of release GCI already had DLCs worth twice the game's cost.

    Last week GCI went "free-to-play" on Steam, with the whole marketing team hoping that
    some more gamers will pay for almost 40 tiny and poorly done DLCs. Nice final attempt to squeeze a little more dough out of an unremarkable FPS, poorly disguised as an act of generosity. Expand
  55. Sep 20, 2012
    Graphics are pretty alright/smooth. That's the only thing I'm giving this game a one for. This f2p was.. quite a slap to the face, to be honest. Gotham City Impostors? How does this game have anything to do with Batman if Batman's full 3d rendered character isn't even shown once, or for that matter, playable, as like a special character? At least that would add some flair to the game. It is very mediocre beyond belief, and CONFUSING. Weapons, matchmaking, etc. To one, he/she may think right off the bat that this game is a fighting style sort of game, with actual third person fist-fighting similar to LA Noire. But no, it's another free typical fps shooter. Cmon steam. First off, matchmaking, horrendous. Takes at least a 10 minute wait on good internet speed, and this game does not have a beginners server, no. They immediately throw you in with higher ranking players and you have no damn clue how to play properly. Sprinting in this game? JOKE. It's exactly like walking almost! Even I could run faster in other shooters. And weapons, unbelievable. Starter rifle, is a con. Very weak, but somehow other players manage to make it overpowered. Everything is WEAK in this game, and deaths are more likely. Overall, you gotta pay the price in money to get the good weapons you want to wreck havoc. In my honest opinion, lame. Expand
  56. Jun 11, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Absolutely Worthless, The game it's just not interesting, its an rpg game where you shoot persons and you have a level, all games you play online you'll receive some amount of xp that will upper your level, and coins that you use to buy guns and buy clothes for your character, Online you'll play randomly, you could be play against a 1000 level guy and you're just level 1, the 1000 level guy has SUPER good guns that will kill you much more easily then you will kill him with super bad guns. All the type of online types for playing, all of them are just super normal, normal rpg game, nothing new, Just one of many bad rpg games... Horrible, hated it, nothing good in the game, not one single thing. Expand
  57. Feb 12, 2012
    The game looks fine, but it's not possible to play it in multiplayer (which is a big problem for pure multiplayer game!). Matchmaking is not working, you can spent 15minutes for waiting to other players (i hope, this will be fixed in March). After this waiting, if you join to the game, your FPS will be very low even on average PC on low graphic settings (so, they don't care of PC version and made very lazy console port for PC). But point of this game is very simillar like free to play model (you can buy double XP, more player models, etc..). But you have to buy this game to joint to lazy free to play game.. If Monolith fixed this issues, i will updated this score, but now ... sry Expand
  58. Feb 9, 2012
    The game sucks, I am giving it a 0 since that is what the experience will be like after the new factor of this game wears off. It is a shameless attempt to cash in on the recent success of Batman games, and the $200+ worth of day one DLC is proof of the fact that the developers were more concerned with making a quick buck than they were with actually making a good game. The Graphics are extremely poor for todays standards, and the gameplay leaves much to be desired. The fact that the matchmaking is somewhat broken only adds to how terrible and genuinely boring the game is to play. I would avoid this unless you enjoy bad games. There isn't any single player content, so once the online community dies out, you won't even be able to play the thing. Expand
  59. Feb 12, 2012
    Don't buy, the game is broken. Its not even possible to get into a game, you will wait 10-15 min to find people, then either it REMOVES YOU from the lobby and joins you into a new one where you are alone, and a 60s countdown starts to join a match, after that ofcourse you return to a new lobby or you will just sit an hours, staring at the empty lobby. after few hours, if youre lucky, you might have a full party but then you will get connection failure and have to repeat the process. overall, if youre lucky, you might play one game a day if chose to spend 6 hours in the lobby. this is broken crap, dont buy even if it looks funâ Expand
  60. Feb 8, 2012
    pathetic game,sniping is no nerfed it is a joke
    and scope zoom animation is a joke also,is it that hard to copy mw2,mw3 scope animation?!
    and the scope crosshair also sucks,just use two crosed black lines kids

    developers really are a littel ....
  61. Sep 4, 2012
    I created an account here just to say this. This game is slow. Probably a console port. The matchmaking sucks. I had to wait for ever for a match, just to get disconnected. Its also good to note that their website is terrible to use, which is bad cause you have to go there to verify your account. This is a bad game. Even for free2play. I had hoped it would be good.. and it looks ok, graphically. Everything else is a load of turd though. Expand

Mixed or average reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 3 out of 14
  2. Negative: 2 out of 14
  1. May 10, 2012
    A lot of Modern Warfare, a bit of Bioshock 2 and a pinch of Team Fortress 2. It's a pity that Impostors does not share Battlefield Heroes' business model – free download and microtransactions. [June 2012, p.65]
  2. Apr 28, 2012
    Gotham City Imposters is nothing more than a simple first person shooter, that mainly has an interesting levelsystem and a large number of weapons, gear and special items to unlock. The absurd style that mocks the Batman-universe is entertaining, but doesn't make the average gameplay more interesting.
  3. Apr 12, 2012
    We found matches to be a little hectic, with very little teamwork going on. [May 2012, p.75]