• Publisher: NCSOFT
  • Release Date: Aug 28, 2012
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  1. Aug 28, 2012
    So far so good. I absolutely love the art style and the combat, while very shallow at a first glance, is incredibly deep and demanding. The launch has been incredibly smooth and I have had no problems accessing the 3 day headstart. I am very pleased with the game and I am fully happy with my purchase.
  2. Aug 29, 2012
    realy realy realy beautifull! i havn't had this feeling since vanilla/tbc WoW. and i'm serious! have been waiting on diablo 3 since WOTLK and i got very dissapointed after all those years waiting, and i must say that i havn't felt this feeling that i have in GW 2 in YEARS. this game rocks, it looks nice, combat is cool, environment rocks!, custumization is nice, most important it plays fluid en cool! and heck it has no subscribtion!

    I thought i was going to play diablo3 for 5/10 years, but i havn't seen this fun since the release of it!
    Guild wars took my heart within the beta's and now when it is released it swallowed me even more.

    Can't wait to get home and continue the pvp tournament i started yesterday :D

    i'm on my work right now and i realy miss it to play my character, well if that occurs i really know the game is good!
  3. Aug 29, 2012
    Awesome game. Everything just falls into place. Nothing bad to say about it. I like everything from the PvE content, to the WvWvW, to the sPvP. Even crafting is exciting.
  4. Aug 29, 2012
    Best MMO out there for old hardcore MMO veterans that have families. Doesn't matter if you have all the time in the world or only a few hours a day, Guild Wars 2 is the most enjoyable MMO out there. The PvP is visceral and skill-based, and most of all extremely engaging.
  5. Aug 29, 2012
    After playing for 5 days all I have to say is WOW. You can really tell the developers loved making this game and I personally love playing it. The world is incredible and engrossing, each of the classes are unique and have several playstyles, the pvp especially World vs. World (which gives PvE benefits) is incredibly fun. The game is full of options too if you dont like killing monsters for experience you can hop right onto PvP and level there (it transfers over to PvE) you can craft, you can simply explore, you can do the story quests, you can do achievements. Literally everything in the game rewards players in someway. The community itself is very helpful and the guild system is amazing if you have some friends (or meet new ones). All in all a must-buy. The initial product is amazing and the future is brighter than the sun. Expand
  6. Aug 29, 2012
    I played wow since the beginning. Aion, Rift, Terra, TSW, and SWTOR. I do not recall ever being this excited playing a game in a long time, probably not since wow was released. This game really started to bring back those old gaming excitement I thought may have died quite honestly. This game is about having extreme fun, even for the myself who I would label a Min/Maxer-PvPer. Game art is unreal, the story mode is actually something I like, first for an MMO. The lvling process is great. PvP is fantastic (EX S1,S2,S2,S4 Gladiator btw), finally a game gets CC done right.

    This game does so much right. This is going to be the clone of MMOs going forward, no doubt.
  7. Aug 29, 2012
    Pay2Win is nonexistent. Ridiculous complaint. Everything in the shop is cosmetic or "boosts", and leveling is already really short. Plus the same also accepts in-game gold, just needs to be converted. (3gold will basically buy you anything in the store plus change) Actions appear disjointed until one gets used to them. Not as flashy as TERA, but actually more indepth in terms of not just tab+attack. Incredibly huge world. Perhaps the greatest World PVP system since DAOC. Dungeons similar to WoW, Aion, and TERA. A bit harder. By far the most content of any MMO besides WoW. This is a real competitor, and a great game. Expand
  8. Aug 30, 2012
    The game is good bang for your buck, especially if you don't want to pay over and over again for content that will probably become routine if you crack out on it. No monthly fee is a strong point. Some people will say Diablo 3 is good for that reason, but I never got a chance to connect to the servers before I got my money back. Also, you don't have to worry about your account being banned if someone hacks it, because it's your fault if you get hacked in the world of Blizzard. As far as the game goes, it's familiar MMO in interface and typical fantasy themes, but some unique twists keep it interesting. I never found myself bored or wishing I didn't have to cross the map, because no matter where you are, there are usually world events happening nearby. These are missions or objectives that vary in size and difficulty, and anyone can participate. You don't have to worry about competing for kills or drops, though, as you get your own loot. Most of the time, other people's contribution counts towards yours. Kinda neat, making the community and players friends instead of foes, more often than not. Yes, someone can still draw adds to your fight and get you killed. You'll never stop stupid people or jerks from being on the internet. Blizzard and their junkie whore fan base is proof of this. A lot of concessions were made for the player. You can send mail from anywhere in the world, and download crafting resources to your bank from any where in the world, meaning you can loot an insane amount before you'll need to sell stuff or visit your stash. This game was working 3 days before launch, and has been working very consistently since official launch. No need to defend that. Expand
  9. Aug 30, 2012
    There is much to like in GW2, and much to dislike as well. I had high hopes for great gameplay and a long lasting home in GW2, but I fear that is not to be the case. My review is of the game AS IT IS NOW, not of some 'future' GW2 after it has had months and months of refinement. That sort of refinement should have been done before launching. *Player Market is broken. * WvWvW is broken. * Cross-Server Guesting is Broken. * Dungeon group management is broken. * Many World Bosses are broken. * Game Stability (crashes & lockups) is broken. * Game Balance scaling is broken (Solo challenges are to hard, and Group challenges are to easy). * Overflow Server mechanics are broken. * Crafting scaling and balance is broken. **** Overall, GW2 needed another 6 months to 12 months 'in the oven', so to speak. I do not know why it was rushed out in this condition, but there were indications of known issues at the Beta Weekend Event 2. At that time, they had 100 servers online. That must have led to empty worlds, as they very quickly cut that down to 15ish for the next beta. That led to a host of stability and overflow issues that persist to this day; not fun. GW2 is worth a look, but one needs to play a character to Lvl 30ish or so to get a real feal as to how the game plays, and what to look forward to. Or not, as the case may be. Expand
  10. Aug 30, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is WoW mashed with WAR, SWTOR, FFXIV and Tera in all the right ways. There are innovations, certainly, but it really is just borrowing a cornucopia of great ideas and perfecting them.
  11. Aug 31, 2012
    When I first logged in, and for the first half hour, I thought this game was just like World of Warcraft - I was wrong.

    The more you play, the more you realise that Guild Wars 2 is a significant step forward for the genre. The music and visuals lend to a highly engaging atmosphere, and I never feel as though I am grinding. The entire world has been lovingly crafted with the type of
    detail rarely seen in games of this scale. The "quest system", if you could call it that, allows you to play how you want, where you want. For example, there are often multiple ways to complete a quest, and should you grow bored of one area (unlikely!) then you can easily go elsewhere. the game has a real sense of exploration which you would find in a game like Skyrim, but with the detail of The Witcher 2.

    After disappointing releases over the past 12 months with The Old Republic and Tera, this game is a welcome and fantastic game. I will give the game a ten, based on the fact that after a weeks play it is the best early/mid game MMORPG that I have ever played.
  12. Sep 1, 2012
    This game is a lot of fun. People who get involved in the story and want to quickly move to the next chapters might get frustrated at higher levels, as the game encourages (forces, rather) non-linear play. Other than that, the experience is unmatched by any other MMO. Rewarding PvE and PvP combat, beautiful environments, clean interfaces, and great voice acting and music.
  13. Sep 2, 2012
    This is the first next generation mmorpg un post wow era. Maybe you dont like the game per se, but in an honest view this game is by far a tecnical superior that all morpg games in actual market (yes, including WoW).
    A really MUST buy.
  14. Sep 2, 2012
    This game is amazing. i love wow and all blizzard games but this game is better than wow in almost every way. all the young kids or ignorant adults that are giving this game a 0 because there computer sucks or has no good maintenance are stupid and quickly show that they wont ever rate any game fairly. for one, they gave the game a 0 on day 1 of release. which shows they didnt even bother to check the whole game out before reviewing it. or they can just be wow fanboys. a lot of work had to go in this game from what i see and i cant disrespect the developer by giving them a 0 because the game has a few bugs or small launch issues that will be fixed. when diablo came out it was unplayable for me because i would get kicked every 30 seconds but as frustrated as i was, i didnt come in here and gave them a 0. the problem is now fixed and the game is great. metacritic needs to figure out how to get these dumb 0 score reviewers out of here soon. be fair with this game and all games and dont hate or be mad that your computer sucks and makes the game play like crap. this is the wow killer and i love wow but i admit that this is it. but now is diablo, starcraft and guildwars 2 from now on for me. Expand
  15. Sep 3, 2012
    I hated it before I played it (wasn't pleased by vocal fans touting it's many "new" features, none of which were actually new). Having had a go at release, I liked it at first, felt better than most, graphics were OK but not great (really low poly counts), but with some impressive layouts (PVP) and some really dull ones (PVE).

    After a couple of hours playing I realized it's just ****
    The floaty animations, disconnected feel of the controls, boringly simplistic skills (mesmer may be an exception) and a pointless dodge function. I went from "hey this combat feels ok" to "i want my WoW back" in the time it takes to finish the battleground tutorial. Hated the questing system, auto-grouping is OK but it just makes everything so mindless and repetitive - which is what they hoped to avoid with dynamic events.

    Character progressions is nonexistant in the true MMO fashion - even as far as themeparks go. You activate skills by using the appropriate ones before hand - something which has no point other thant to keep your interest the first couple of levels (which is how long it takes to unlock them ALL). You're insta max level in BGs, which can be useful if you don't like to level (and therefore don't like MMOs), but I don't have to explain what an oxymoron that is, do I? They could've easily done tournament servers ala WoW, where you can create max level characters, if that's your game.

    tl;dr, don't belive the hype.
  16. Sep 3, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game. This is the mmo that I've been waiting for. A wonderfully beautiful pve experience and a skill based meaning full pvp system! If you're an mmo fan, you are doing yourself a dis-service by not playing this game!
  17. Sep 4, 2012
    I am not a big MMO fan. I did play Age of Conan and LOTRO for about a year... but they could not keep my attention. The reason: some quests require a party. I don't play enough to join a guild; I just want to jump in for 30-60 mins and have fun. I have played GW2 for about 10 hours and have not had to join up with anyone. I can essentially play the game solo with group events occuring randomly... no need to "get organized". I really like this approach that caters to my class of gamer. Now, how well this works in high level zones with smaller populations remains to be seen... but for now I'm very pleased with my $60 purchase. Expand
  18. Sep 20, 2012
    Like many others - Ive now played alot more and Ive got abit of diffrent opinions about few things. The big bad thing about the game is the dungeons. They are just bad in so many ways. The settings are underwhelming. The encounters are just boring most of the time, unbalance and now ANet devs have changed alot of things and broken ALOT and created alot of new bugs that make them even worse. FOr example - ppl are not getting rewards cause of a bug that penalies ppl that run the dungeons to quickly. THe thing is - some ppl that are not doing speed runs are still getting low or no rewards.

    SO stay away from the dungeons if you want to enjoy the game abit longer. If your like me - you would probably quit when you see how badly they are designed and implemented.
  19. Sep 8, 2012
    You've heard all the pros, and some cons that are actually constructive... It's an awesome game, It's so much fun, I'd give it a 9, but it's a 10 to off set the spamming trolling fan boiedom that is trying to drag the deserved score down. Get it, play it, and I'll see you out there!!
  20. Sep 9, 2012
    This game is NEXT LEVEL. Absolutely fantastic graphics, gameplay, everything....You can tell the devs really paid attention to detail, it's the little things like auction from your backpack, instant mail, the robust travel system, the list goes on and on and on. This is an MMO milestone!!! If you like MMO's you will love this game!
  21. Sep 11, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 was hyped as a revolutionary breath of fresh air in the MMO genre, so what did we get? Let's take a look.

    Gameplay mechanics: combat was a big disappointment, with fixed weapon skills creating some of the most shallow combat mechanics I've ever seen. My Guardian deals with every enemy in the game in the same way: 4, 2, 3, 1-1-1. It gets dull after 3,000th enemy. Events and
    champion fights turn into a huge zergfest where the much-vaunted inter-player combo system gets lost amidst a hail of skill FX and isn't required anyway. +Power/+Precision/+Critical Damage (PPCD) items are the only thing of any importance, since you take so much damage from enemies (sometimes up to 75% of your max HP in a single hit from some standard enemies) that any pretense of boosting your defence is a joke. As a result, PPCD equipment costs 10x as much as other equipment on the trading system (which is thankfully now up). However, balance issues are to be expected on a new MMO release and so I'll give ArenaNet some leeway on this.

    Crafting is done better than in most MMOs, with little things like speeding up crafting of large numbers of items and the deposit all collectibles being welcome additions to a feature that can be a painful experience in other MMOs. The amount of EXP that can be gleaned from crafting, however, is in my opinion far too high and I reckon I got at least 1/3 of my levels from crafting (Lv.80 max, so 25-ish levels).

    Story: since this game is a true persistent-world MMO, the story takes a back seat, unlike the original Guild Wars where instancing (whatever you thought about it) did allow for an unusually good story-driven experience in PvE. Guild Wars 2 lacks the suspense and intrigue of the original story, since you know who the big bad is right from the start, and plays out largely forgettably and predictably. Discussion and cutscenes have been relegated to little conversations on a background, which is disappointing, lacking the cinematic story-driven experience of Guild Wars. My advice: do not play GW2 for the story.

    World PvE: The Renown Heart system and Dynamic Events were pedalled as the best thing since sliced bread by both ArenaNet's marketing division and various professional reviewers. Obviously these people had not done their research, as Warhammer Online had done this sort of public quest system back in 2008, to quite considerable success. GW2 lifted it, divided it, and gave us Renown Hearts, which are fetch/kill quests under any other name, but they work okay; and dynamic events, which can be fun but often suffer through having either too many players (zerg) or too few (impossible to complete). The Vistas and Skill Point Challenges are a nice touch, but the whole game feels very meta as a result and it ruins immersion somewhat.

    PvP: I have personally found PvP to be a mixed bag in this game. sPvP with teams of randomly assigned players going up against each other is quite fun and requires some degree of tactical skill. Lobbing trebuchets at your guildmates (who happened to be assigned to other team) is great fun. The WvW unfortunately is not so good at the moment as, like the major PvE events, it degenerates into a monstrous zergfest where the server with the most players (usually the French in my case) online always controls everything and everyone else gets diddly-squat. ANet needs to balance this, perhaps by limiting the number of players on each battlefield to an amount equal to that of the smallest actively represented server, but we shall see.

    Graphics: this game is beautiful, boasting the highest graphical fidelity I have ever seen in an MMO, and it is impressive. On the other hand, the game's engine optimisation and netcode are poor at the moment to say the least, but hopefully there will be some patches that address my 3 frames per second in a zerg against a champion boss. With regards to the art style, some people will like the new, more vibrant art style, while others (especially some fans of the original Guild Wars) will lament the move to a world that is more like WoW in both colour and feel, including the cheesiness of the NPCs.

    Music/SFX: The music is almost entirely ripped from the first Guild Wars, so it's a bit of a cop-out frankly. Otherwise sound effects are solid, but unspectacular. There really is not much more to say about it.

    Verdict: ArenaNet took everything that was great about Guild Wars...and threw it into a fire. Instead, they made a WoW clone and stole WAR's public quest/event system as its driver. In fairness, the aspects that have been borrowed are well implemented. But there is nothing innovative about Guild Wars 2. Shallow combat and lack of high-end content mean you will probably drop this game after a couple of months. If ANet can get balance updates and new content in my opinion may improve, but right now this game is a rough diamond at best.
  22. Sep 12, 2012
    After about level 15 you will have every weapon skill learned, and after a few levels the rest of the 4 offensive skills you can use, at which point is when the weapon/skill system starts showing its limiting and suffocating side - play like the game tells you or GTFO. The game is great for the first week, and after that you start noticing that it really has nothing to keep you playing. Structured PvP part of the game is disconnected from the rest, and really feels and plays like a separate game with the same engine - it sports its separate level treadmill, items and crafting. The only redeeming quality this game brings to the table is - no subscription. Expand
  23. Sep 13, 2012
    Seriously the most innovative MMO.

    Any low reviews are people with out-dated computers, WoW fanboys or outright Blizzard employees.

    There is NOTHING bad about this game.
  24. Sep 13, 2012
    I'm very happy with GW2, I have enjoyed every second I have played the game and look forward to being able to spend more time with it. There is so much depth, but it's easy for me to pick up and play and learn new things. If you are on the fence I'd say now is a great time to start playing. :)
  25. Sep 14, 2012
    Guild Wars 2 is awesome, it was more than I could expect. The game is fantastic and I really love all the beautiful details... the quality is way above any other MMO I've played. The personal story is intriguing and you can't stop playing.
  26. Sep 17, 2012
    The game is astonishing, I have played WoW for 6 years and every other MMO I haven't even bothered to try, all of them have been the same. Finally a game breaks the mold. I quit WoW almost a year ago now (DS my final raid after raiding everything since Vanilla). I won't sit and explain what most of the critics have already said, suffice to say, even if you don't like RPG's or MMO's, give the game a go, it has something for everyone. Expand
  27. Sep 20, 2012
    The only problems I have with this title are the dungeons are a annoying, everything is a boss it seems and there are a lot of them. The rewards are, generally speaking useless and when they are good, it's not for your class. But I don't dungeon much. The other is that rewards seems to be on the weak side of things, specifically the loot. WvW - it's a blast, I love it! Overall, outstanding title I intend on playing for years to come. Expand
  28. Sep 21, 2012
    Phenomenal game. It removes a lot of the things I hate about MMOs (monthly fee, gear grinds, pointless time sinks, the holy trinity of classes) and adds a bunch of great things (rewards for exploration, jumping puzzles, dynamic combat, branching story lines, "open" quests). There's a lot of value here for $60.
  29. Sep 25, 2012
    Overall not too bad of a game. The best thing about this game is still the PvP. The pvp became better with the WvWvW system implanted that could affect your PvE. Many times people resort to just clicking everything they can when it is off cd. Not a particular effective way of going about PvP. Theres a certain element of anticipation and knowing your enemy before engaging recklessly. Everyone will start off reckless, myself included, but as you play your character class more, you realize theres more than just spam can save your tail. Perhaps waiting for them to start channeling then stun them would be wiser than just stunning them upon seeing them. dodge roll back as you see them charging toward you. Stealth the moment you enter a fray (people don't even know you are there) and start reviving downed allies. Many more possibilities can be explored. Unfortunately PvE of this game is kind of lack luster. Daily achievements helps you level up your character, but always the smae thing. Dynamics events attracts your attention for the early game, then after a while it all became the same. Defend spot/character/building for x waves of enemies, kill the leader of y group to disband, collect z items and deliver. However theres a few very interesting dynamic events. Early dynamic events has almost no consequence for failing. However some would actually have a town wiped out and events will follow to try and restore the town back to normal. Other really interesting events includes bosses that rarely spawns, like a dragon that will be almost 100x bigger than you. These although fun to try and kill, there will be too many people around, it lags the crap out of you. Story for the characters seems rather generic. Each choices in the character creation affects your story line for like the first 30 levels. After that all the stories are just the same. There are some choices in paths of the story like using brute force, sneak and assassinate, or like gather info. Ultimately it just makes you fight in a different setting and still merge back to main story afterwards. Fighting in PvE is purely spamming. auto set your first skill to auto cast. This just means that is your normal attack. everything else have a cool down you will probably use the moment it is off cd. PvE has auto adjust to level of surrounding if surrounding is weaker than your total level. This way you will still feel like doing something in the beginning areas (esp areas of other races) don't feel like you were simply overpowered. There are some rather intricate mazes/jump quests layed out in just about every map. Can try to find the secluded entrence by your self and everything afterwards is pretty straight forward with the jump quest. Each level up is not too difficult. It feels nearly the same as going from lvl 8 to 9 as lvl 79 to 80, there really isn't your typical grind fest of like 10 days to get 1 level. Aside from the few set backs, I think this is a game that deserves and good look at Expand
  30. Sep 28, 2012
    The amount of stories that are available is amazing. The game has so much replay value. I am definitely getting my $60 out of the game. The game is huge and i feel like i will never finish it. I have had the game for 2-3 weeks and i am level 37 and have no intention on quitting now. (having friends with you is a great way to enjoy the game more.)
  31. Sep 29, 2012
    The most casual mmo ever made, with an aggressive cash shop influence. The events do not care if you are there or not. If you are there you will get xp no matter what. There is a sever lack of character and skill development. After level 40, it's all passives for the next 40 levels. It's a extremely simplistic game by nature which leads to simplistic combat and pvp. After 3 weeks of heavy play and fun, game play became extremely boring. This will be the first mmo (there is no rpg) that I've played that I will not reach level cap. There is no incentive to go on once the "new" wares off. The world is beautiful, although not cohesive, and the spell effects may be the best in the business. That beauty is only skin deep though. Fun for 3 weeks. I doesn't seem like it was made for more than that. Thus it being B2P. I'm giving the game a 3 because the lack of fundamental mmorpg elements that have contributed to me not wanting to play after 3 weeks. Expand
  32. Sep 29, 2012
    This game is genre defining. It really sets the bar for everything coming up next. The quest system is fantastic, unlike any other mmorpg on the market, the classes are filled with possibilities and you never feel trapped into a system or "cookie cutter builds" that degrade the experience. Not to mention the great graphics, incredible soundtrack, colourful characters filled with personality, giant dragons to lay down... I know it may sound childish, but this game is full of win. This was the MMO we've all been waiting for. If you haven't played it yet, just go and get it. Expand
  33. Oct 2, 2012
    The game is brilliant. Contains action,exploring,pvp and group events. The idea of World Events is just great. The leveling is fun and its not boring and monotonic. There are various types of quests.From gathering through killing escorting and ending on defending certain points. The mechanics of the game are great.Combo mechanism really kicks the fun up. The trading system is awesome because you can trade while questing and doin your stuff. You dont have to run to Auction house or something. You just trade as you go and then pick your money or stuff at Trade Post. Pvp is also big part of the game and is ballanced. Additionally building siege weapons and team playing really makes the pvp hot. This game is not just for solo play. Bigger fun is when you co-operate with other ppl,make events together and work in guilds.
    Awesome game
  34. Oct 12, 2012
    I liked GW2 but i was disappointed that I did not LOVE GW2. While not a huge fan of MMO's i thought this would be the game that brought me into this genre. However, i was bored by the time i reached level 60 with my necromancer and i couldn't take how slow my character moved and how the camera had a little sway to it.. I alo hated how immersion breaking the story was. As a necromancer I would have not made the decisions my character was making. I wish there were more voice choices and speech options. Overall well polished game with fun PVP.....but just not for me. Expand
  35. Oct 15, 2012
    This game loses it's luster VERY fast. I had no reason to get to the end game (Which is 80 levels of doing "Grind Free" questing). I got a character to level 58. I started losing interest around level 50. My character has around 30 moves, all on short cool down, but they all generally do the same thing. Apply an effect, knock back, increase attack speed. Boring. Also, the whole gimmick on how there's no grinding is complete bull. The only thing end game is, is grinding to get cooler looking gear. You have to run dungeons THOUSANDS of times to get full dungeon sets, and don't get me even started on the ridiculous difficulty of dungeons. Also, Arenanet advertising heavily on a "role-less" game is a complete lie as well. You HAVE to have a tank, a designated healer, etc. in order to survive in these stupidly difficult dungeons. The story is rather lame, and the quests all start feeling the same. The world is nice looking, but I noticed repeats in designs and looks, the areas aren't varied very well and I got bored very fast of the style pretty fast as well. Also, anyone who thinks this game revolutionized questing is delusional, they just cover up the questing by making it an area where you can quest instead of having to turn it in. W v W is alright, but you can only do well if you have a solid in take of money, since the seige equipment costs lots of currency. This game was fun for about a month, which is all it needs to get a good review from most people (most people stop playing after that long anyways....) while you need to put in a LOT more time than that to get to the "end game". Expand
  36. Oct 16, 2012
    /age : You have played 242 hours played across all characters.

    My first "mmo" was the original Guild Wars, I loved it from the first moment I started playing and I continued to play it for almost 5 years. When I started to loose interest in GW I tried out other mmo's but none could capture my interest long enough to warrant a subscription beyond the second month. Among them: WoW, Lotro,
    Conan, Tabula Rasa, Rift.
    I came to a decision then to ignore subscription based mmo's as I really hated the feeling that I was wasting my money when I was not playing.

    I tried GW2 first during the beta weekends, I was shocked to see how different it felt from the original GW and I must admit it did not convince me at first, it felt more like the other "classic" mmo's and I felt overwhelmed by all the content and lost, unsure what to do or what was happening.
    Still, I put my trust in the dev team that brought me the original GW which I loved so much, closed my eyes and pushed that prepurchase button.
    When the game launched I took 2 weeks off from work to indulge in some good old gaming marathon (much more modest now since the wife and the baby ;-) ).

    It took me about 3-4 days learning to play the game, starting from running around like a headless chicken, rolling from one event to the next. Once I understood the basics of the game and the various reward systems it all fell in place for me, my trust in the dev team paid off. Now I am completely hooked, for the first time in 5 years I am again completely hooked to a game.

    things I like
    - the distinct pve areas, each with it's own setting (forest, snowy, desert,..) it's own story and special events
    - the downleveling makes it possible to enjoy lower level area's as they were meant to be played
    - dynamic events encourages players to fight together, a nice change in pace for someone like me who normally plays solo
    - trading post/auction house, gem system, you never need to buy gems with real money because you can buy it with ingame earned gold, buying and selling is simplicity - ingame goals: maxing out titles, level, crafting skills, daily achievements, monthly achievements, exploring (vista's, points of interests)
    - WvWvW, still a noob here but very thrilling, it's is basically the same as the pve areas, only there are enemy players of 2 other servers fighting in the same map, the maps are almost as big as the pve area's filled with all the same challenges (vista's, poi's, harvesting, quests and events,..) but also towers and keeps controlled by player factions that can be fortified and repaired and of course captured. You enter with your own gear but your level is boosted to max level in order to give you a fighting chance. - crafting and discovering new recipes (you will have to buy ingredients from the trading post if you don't want to grind harvesting jute, copper,...), the chef makes consumables that can be used to give time limited buffs, the tailor (and others) can make bigger bags...
    - personal story: changes by race and choices made ingame, plenty of variety to make each story different things I haven't tried yet
    - dungeons
    - guilds
    - structured PvP
    - high level (70+) areas

    My current main is a level 67 guardian with 62% map completion.
    My ranger is played to become a survivor, currently level 22 and going (slowly)
    My mesmer is played to become max crafter in everything (and so also become a survivor) and sits permanently in Lion's Arch next to the mystic forge
    My engineer was the first character I made and is currently waiting for my attention stuck at level 42.
    My warrior, elementalist, necromancer and thief are still in their starting area's neglected for the moment.

    Seeing how Arenanet supported the original GW, the enhancements that were added over the years, the special holiday events, I expect the same support for GW2 and I see myself enjoying at least the next 5 years playing GW2.
  37. Oct 28, 2012
    The lack of clear character roles such as a clear tank, healer, damagers, crowd controllers and so on unfortunately reduces the teamwork in the game to beating up monsters and dodging their attacks... in group! As opposed to beating up monsters and dodging their attack alone!

    Unfortunately everyone basically just runs their own race, and aside of "combo fields" it typically works
    better that way. Working together alongside strangers is obviously even more devoid of sophisticated teamwork.

    Next problem is the attack numbers, and this is something almost every bad review mentions. There are only 5 attacks per weapon and a few support abilities used more rarely. This in turn means that you'll be using the same tricks again and again and again until you start getting bored.

    The World versus World is very well done though, and some features such as jumping puzzles can be a fun diversion.

    Overall this is not a bad game, but the non-dedicated character classes don't quite work out, and it drags down the entire game.
  38. Nov 26, 2012
    After playing this game since release, ArenaNet are probably one of the most inefficient developers ever to grace the MMO industry. The game is riddled with bugs only to be riddled with more bugs every update. These bugs rarely even get fixed let alone be noticed. Take note that they have a tendency to ignore genuine player complaints and they fail to keep their promises. The fact that their PvP side of the game doesn't even have a global leaderboard is certainly troubling (yeah, e-sport, right). The PvP is a huge let down (the only mode is conquest) and the PvE side is just subpar. Class balance is totally out of whack. The actual classes have bugs from the beta to this day. The developers are slow and incompetent and It's honestly inexcusable. They'll be the ones to actually kill their own game.

    I originally gave this a 10 but it looked so great at release. Now they've shown their true colors when it comes to how horrible of a slow and inefficient development team they are. I'm pretty much fed up with MMO's after this.
  39. Nov 30, 2012
    Played this game for a couple of months and found that its just too buggy. Many dungeons to not work and the new fractals dungeons crash constantly (usually toward the end). The game is full of cheaters and its just a very bad game would not recommend it to anyone. Give it a year or so for them to work out the bugs and stop the blatant cheating.
  40. Dec 5, 2012
    I am a huge MMOrpg player and played Guild Wars, when the beta was announced I went to get in on that, Played the beta and am currently playing the game. There have been a lot of claims, hype, rumors, and promises from this game. My favorite promise they made was it will not be a grind... Sorry but the game is just that one huge grind, Wait let me finish, while the game is based on grinding you level so fast and things happen at a quick pace that most will not notice it. Speaking of leveling, it is so fast and easy that it might make your head spin. On average you can level once per hour with no problem all the way to 80, The problem is you want to stop and look at stuff, because the game is quite amazing to look at. The graphics are extremely tight and amazing, even on medium settings, on the lowest graphic settings thats when you kinda say ehh there ok but its very hard to tell the difference between medium and High.

    They didn't quite live up to everything they said they would but they came very close, One word of caution here there are many bugs, and they are still tweeking the game. Which are causing many of the problems players are complaining about, I bring this up since at this time the game is just about 3 to 4 months old things should level out around 5-6 months since this is the find and remove stage of when a game comes out every Big MMo that comes out has this even WoW did. So if your looking for a great MMO this is it though you may want to wait till the bugs are gone.
  41. Jan 11, 2013
    I cant get into it. I really have tried and like the first Guild wars I've only got a character to around lvl 25 and have completely lost interest. I find it a very unsocial game, still to much of a rush to get to the end game or lvl 80. Which is my first big gripe - it takes to damn long to finish the game or reach maximum level. True it's not about the end game, it's the journey. yet I should not have to spend 100 hours or so to bloody well get there, it's ridiculous! Around 30 or so hours is more than enough time to dedicate to one character and a player should be rewarded more appropriately for their time invested.

    As for being in a guild - it's a sense of belonging to something, yet it aside from that, the game does indeed feel like a single player game with other people jumping in and out of it at times. As an older gamer (37) I play for perhaps different reasons than others. One of my main reason for playing while I'm distanced from more interesting things to do (my girlfriend for one), is the social aspect of a multiplayer game. And for me this game has very little meaningful interaction. People jump in, kill, jump out of your area. For all it was promised to be, guild wars is STILL and end level game. That for me makes it rather disappointing as I'll most likely never get there.

    Another BIG mistake they did was make the level's to high - to big of a spread. 40 levels would have been more than sufficient and make it take longer to achieve them. That way more people could have played together, with there being more characters of a similar level. Instead you have a situation where you are pretty well ALWAYS playing without your fellow guild members and by yourself to level. Hence little reason to be a part of a guild until you reach end game... my opinion. :-)

    It was fresh in many ways and combat is fun. Looks pretty and great with no monthly subscription, yet it's far from enough to get me to give in any more of my time until MAJOR changes take place... which they shall not.
  42. Apr 12, 2013
    Best MMORPG since WoW and most diverse MMORPG since EVE. Guild Wars 2 has A-LOT of good things going for it. I want to save potential Buyers of this game some time and just give you a summary of the good and bad that it has to offer! SO first, the good: - Best looking virtual world in terms of art and creativity. - Consistently fluid animation on nearly everything that moves. - Excellent musical score.
    - Solid amount of options available when creating your character.
    - Fast paced, involving combat. Skill based to a degree.
    - Fun to play solo.
    - Fun and easy to play with a group.
    - Great PvE upto 80.
    - PvP and WvW are a blast. Easily the best PvP combat and options of any MMO.
    - Has a sense of Humor
    - No Trinity system to bog things down.
    - Every class is unique, self sufficient and fun to play.
    - No subscription fee.
    - No pay to win
    - Much better Community than you will find in WoW, SWTOR and Rift.

    The bad:

    - Story aspect is not very interesting.
    - Voice acting can feel stoic and lame. Too much cheese at times.
    - While PvP has plenty to offer as endgame content, PvE has much less in contrast. (Maybe add grindable Gear?)
    - Cultural Armors are inconsistent in their looks and appeal.
    - Tends to make you ignore important things in life. Like eating.

    So there you have my little list of things I like and dislike about Guild Wars 2. If any of the good I mentioned interests you then do yourself a favor and pick up this game! After all, it is only a one time purchase
  43. Jul 21, 2013
    Ok, i will try to be as impartial as i can be. The game itself isn't really SO bad. I can't say it's innovative, anyway. Only somebody who clearly didn't play enough different MMORPGs in his life can say this game is innovative. The PVE is basically a re-adaptation of the "public questing" introduced by Warhammer Online and already more or less adopted by Rift. The game on the first months feeled playable but on the end really empty, you had a various number of things to do to achieve a single thing: lvl80 and achievement points.

    What i really don't like about this game is the incredible overrating about it.

    Seriously guys, did you even play anything else which wasn't complete crap?

    This game is playable, but it's not awesome at all, it's just a mediocre readaptation of things already seen on a lot of different MMOs.

    The thing that really makes me angry instead is the fact that EVERYBODY IGNORES that this is actually Not only a Item Mall freemium game (despite having a high retail price) But it's also pay2win, mostly on the beginning.

    Is it really sufficient to hide the "money selling" behind a couple of steps you need to do... to make it completely invisible? people doesn't feel like the game is pay2win, they doesn't even seem to notice that is actually possible.

    The whole game is full of anti-goldseller mechanics (like not being able to send money throught mail/ no direct trading avaiable) and they state it's because goldsellers spoils the game.

    But, OMG, you are doing it!! you are selling golds, how can you say something like that when the only reason for doing that is not wanting to have competitors?

    I'm seriously embarassed by a lot of things, several sites state this game as "free 2 play" while they state other games like Path of Exile as "item mall" games, SERIOUSLY?

    Are they at least getting money for doing things as ridiculous as this one, i wonder?

    By the way this game isn't either good or bad overall, if you force yourself to believe this is the best MMORPG of the moment you can maybe actually get to believe it, hopefully that's not true.

    So try to open your eyes and notice that there are many other games offering better things at a lower prices than this one.
  44. Jul 30, 2013
    This MMO is the best out of every single one. I logged alot of hours in this game and I just love the secrets puzzles and the BOSS FIGHTS. HAVE YOU SEEN THESE DRAGONS IN ANY OTHER GAMES NO! They are the best boss fights I have encountered. Guild Wars 2 is easily a 10/10
  45. Aug 2, 2013
    This is a great game, I was a little overhyped at first but this a quality MMORPG with a really unique way to play it, it isn't for people who want to farm 24/7, it's more for the people who want to explore and get lost in various of activities in the world, I didn't play it much at launch, but 1 year after the release I can say that this feels like a great game and it has very solid ground to grow on. I'm looking forward to how this game is gonna grow in the future. Expand
  46. Nov 9, 2013
    This game might seem hard and not as fun when you are starting out. But what game doesnt do that. once you get in a guild and start getting really involved with your guild and WvW it becomes the most time consuming addictive game ever.
  47. Nov 27, 2013
    Best mmorpg out there to date. Graphics are stellar the gameplay is smooth and entertaining the old boring questing system is done. There is 0 reasons to pay monthly for a game when something like this is out there.
  48. Dec 24, 2013
    GW2 represents the ultimate dumbing down of MMO games. Mash 4 buttons, never die, nothing to customize. Hand held the entire time. Graphics are good otherwise it has as much depth, complexity, and challenge as a carnival kiddie-ride.
  49. Jan 11, 2014
    a good, typical mmo. with fascinating graphics, a large open world.
    full of grinding farming and gold.

    but not what people were waiting for at the very beginning.
    not "a game for casuals". not "a game without grinding".
  50. Feb 21, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Better than TOR, The Secret World, and TERA, all things considered.
    I've been purchasing every major MMO release this year and have left extremely disappointed each time. I would log in, see "kill X and Y", do the standard number mashing combat that you find in every MMO, and end up unsubscribing. I did try to give these games my all and see if I could break past the tedium, but I could not.
  51. May 8, 2014
    This game is a bad joke, ultra unbalanced, buggy and, behind its fake complexity, is easy as hell (easy to learn easy to master). There are multiple modes, PvP, PvE and WvW. The fighting system, the bugs, the exploits and the unbalance and many many more issues makes this game a waste of time.

    PVP is a shapeless entity, I cant call it another way. It is BROKEN and FORGOTTEN by the dev.
    Is a arcade mode of the game where all players get a gear with the same value. Hot join is HORRIBLE and frustrating (you random join against other players, like in many other games, like Counter-Strike, but here is TERRIBLE. If you want not to hot-join you can create custom servers but that will cost you and is not better). The main tactics is to exploit the huge number of bugs or to random spam spells (conditions) without any tactics and than run around or to cripple the enemy ability to play by stunning them or pushing them around and stuff like that. There are classes that can win easy against other classes so if you have the wrong class YOU ARE DEAD and that was not intended by Arena Net, they wanted to make all the classes equal but they have failed. There is a unbelievable limited number of character builds that you can make, you can make 99999 but only 3-5 that work for each character (you can find the examples on internet, just copy/paste them, you can not invent anything new and if you will make your own build the build will be the same as a build from the internet or it will not work), all the other builds are totally useless. Another huge problem are the skill cool downs, stun durations, etc. Makes the fights really slow, you will have to use skills that you dont have to use at that moment just to do something not to get bored.

    PvE is a boring farming mode for the retards. Make quests, kill mobs, wanking around, etc. Too bad that the loot was nerfed a while back and never recovered so prepare your wallet if you want to build a better gear or to wear a fancy armor (or buy gold from the 3rd party parasite bots that spam you with offers all the time). You can also complete dungeons which where interesting before I have found out so many exploits, you just have to use the known bugs to win easy. Has nothing to do with skill or team work, just know the bug - use the bug - get the prize - start over until you get old. (a totally waste of time, just play solitaire, a time well spend compared to the PvE)

    WvW is another example of how unbalanced this game can be. On this mode 3 servers will fight between each other on 4 dedicated maps. You will have to team up with others and conquer towers, keeps, etc. WvW is the most interesting part of the game but IS BROKEN AS WELL. Is totally unbalanced, all the 3 concurrent servers have a different amount of players so everything is about the number of players. If your servers play against a bigger servers all you have to do is stay in the base or die. There is nothing you can do but just wait a entire week and hope that you will fight against a lower populated server. If you are not lucky than you will have to wait another week.... and so on. But if you fight against a smaller server than, again, is not fun because you have no one to kill. WvW is a big mess as well. Usually players form a group called a "zerg" and follow a commander. The group with more players win so is all about numbers. Is not like on StarCraft where you could win against 4 other players if you played well. Here if you are outnumbered, even though you may have a group with better players, YOU LOSE. At such a huge number of players skills does not matter much. Commanding is also a mess because if you talk to much you get suppressed (you are unable to use the chat). The zerg will start to wonder why the hell you don't say anything because they expect you to say something :D. That is why I have stopped commanding. You can use 3rd party tools like Team Speak but many players don't want to install it so you have to use the official game chat. Some players prefer to roam (go into small groups) which is more fun than just following a huge group of brain dead noobs. But roaming also has issues, all the PvP issues + the unbalance between the gear. In WvW everybody can have a gear with a different value than on PvP. Usually roaming is risky because this game is full of thiefs, they can attack with huge damage while they are invisible and run and regenerate and than attack you again. Thiefs can be invisible the whole battle except 3 seconds every 15 seconds (that depends of the thief's skill, most of them are good :D).

    Overall, the main concept was brilliant but everything went terrible wrong and this game, the way it is right now, is a big mess. There are no fair fights, the skill of a player is not important only the build of your character that you can copy/paste it from the net. Bugs, glitches, exploits etc but the main problem is still the spell spam, the combat system and all the balance issues.
  52. May 1, 2014
    They'd receive a stellar rating except for one glaring problem at the moment, they are supporting the hackers and not the players.

    As we speak, there are hundreds and probably borderline thousands of accounts that have recently been hacked. To be clear, ArenaNet had a security problem towards the end of 2012 which caused thousands upon thousands of compromised accounts, which caused
    hackers to get a hold of players personal info. Fast forward to the past 2 weeks, there has been a mass breach again where the offenders obtained countless e-mails and passwords of players thus compromising a tidal wave of accounts. This has now been confirmed to be on ArenaNet's end though they won't admit it.

    Here is the problem, ArenaNet only allows 1 rollback per account even if the security problem is on their end, you basically lose all your stuff the 2nd time your hacked. So today, thousands of people (so far) have lost their stuff. Now it's up to the individual whether they want to completely start anew and possibly lose their stuff again as ArenaNet can't keep their servers secure. I'm guessing all these people will end up walking away from the game.

    This was a great game, but sadly it's gone completely down the drain and gone in favor of the hackers. My advice, do not pick up this game, at least not until they have fortified their servers somehow.
  53. Aug 15, 2014
    Such a beautiful wonderful game. really funny and interesting concept. but there is something awful about this game (which cause me rage quit) its PvP. Pvp is as stupid as **** its not funny or entertaining. PvP in guild wars 2 is pain the ass. and i just left gw2 behind because this pvp. otherwise what a awesome game. thank you arenanet. i hope i can see guild wars 3 in the future.
  54. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is beautiful, fun and very addicting! It has a wonderful personal story, great PvE and stunning PvP. The WvWvW is extremely fun!

    If you are new to the MMO scene and looking for a way in this is the game! If you are an old MMO gamer looking for the next one to play this game will be perfect for you!

    Also, the game is F2P!
  55. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is really impressive and for a person that plays games lightly...I truly do appreciate the effort in making this a very magical experience-dynamic events and personalizing characters as needed makes this a really great game. I have not been bored with this game and have only seen 5% of the world after a good 20+ hours of gaming.
  56. Aug 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pros:
    Beautiful scenery
    Detailed character models
    Intuitive and addicting crafting system
    Smooth combat once adjusted to integrating dodging/weapon swapping into your combos

    Skill selection is highly limited to certain dedicated slots
    Overflow (hopefully temporary) is highly irritating, especially when trying to coop with friends
    There can be some level gaps when advancing through the story that force you to grind out a level or two
    Clunky inventory/banking system
    High repair and fast travel costs (compared to the rate at which money is earned)

    First off, this isn't a bad game; not by a long shot. When Guild Wars 2 was first announced, I was ecstatic. I was looking forward to even deeper build customization and even deeper PvP. The original Guild Wars did so well what many MMO's failed to do on a massive level; and that was create a balanced and completely skill based PvP community. However, on being introduced to the beta and playing for a few days now on the headstart I realized the build customization and PvP took a small step back.

    Gone are the days of tinkering with 1,000's of different skill combinations, putting any skill in any slot. No matter if it was a boon, a shout, an adrenaline attack, spell, etc. Now you have dedicated skill slots with considerably fewer choices. You are given a weapon with a minimal amount of skills to use, in fact you don't even get to pick the skills for whatever weapon you are using; they are predetermined and unlocked within five minutes of killing a few devourers. This can be problematic to players looking to say, build a straight up tank when many of the skills and abilities you can choose from wouldn't benefit your desired build. Slot skills, or utility skills, are the biggest selection but for many classes, a good majority of them are either no used to do to just being useless or, just aren't powerful enough to say, take the spot of something that would just give a large damage increase.

    Secondly, the PvP has been largely turned into a massive zerg fest; and it has been directly affected by the changes to the skill slotting system I mentioned. Now that you are forced to only take a certain amount of each type of skill it cuts down the amount of possibilities considerably, and also lowers the usefulness of some classes to a degree; if a class cannot, say, choose to grab a bunch of cc or something like that they might be passed up entirely in favor of someone who provides raw damage; instead of 50% damage and 50% soft cc.

    Third and last, and definitely least, the map/ui needs a lot of work. It is hard to tell where one zone ends and another begins. Which can become problematic when trying to clear out a zone or search vistas, points of interest or anything else regarding map exploration. While the absence of traditional quests is a fresh change of pace but it also presents a very big problem. Many world events take way too much time to not be considered a waste of time. especially when you could walk twenty feet in the other direction and complete a heart assist; not too mention you're not even guaranteed to get a gold contribution level or decent loot on completely what can sometimes be a 30-45 min world event. For example in Diessa Plateau, you help some townsfolk fend off a giant who is attacking their town. I spent 30 min helping roughly 20 people kill this sucker; guess what? I got a bronze contribution level even though I'd be willing to bet I did probably 10% of the damage and revived people over 50 times.

    All in all, for an MMO of this size to be running so smoothly (compared to other launches), I am highly impressed. NCSoft has released a game that is subscription fee free, but has the content of other premium MMOs, and then some. What usually breaks a game at launch (massive server load without proper planning) has been alleviated somewhat buy the overflow system. It can be highly annoying but at least it has made the game playable and enjoyable. Hopefully it's only temporary as this game has massive potential with everything that has been implemented. Long story short, NCSoft has crafted a fantastic game that might not succeed in being better than it's predecessor, but, it succeeds in being a rich and engaging MMO with rich combat and a great story.
  57. Aug 28, 2012
    A true gem, and perhaps what the MMO genre needs so badly. GW2 is an awful lot of fun, as it takes a different route from most mmo's. Gone are the endless 'go here, kill , go there, bring back ' but rather, their quests are more like the public events of Warhammer Online. Plus, skills are no longer slowly fed to you via trainers, but unlocked through a talent system. You start with 5 skills, which are subject to change with different weapons - for instance, a sword will grant you 3 moves, and your offhand item the other two. So, there is a large amount of combinations to be had. There is also an overlapping 'main' storyline, which you'll slowly go through as a sort of backbone to the other quests.

    Bottom line, it's just plain old fun in an amazingly well put together game. The only issues I have encountered thus far have been technical - as can be expected so close to launch-, but those are sure to be fixed in future patches/
  58. Aug 28, 2012
    Is it a good game? Well, it's not a bad one... however you should know that the hype has painted an unrealistic picture of how good the game really is. On the surface its a solid, well crafted game with few technical flaws and a good eye for details that shines through in things like the crafting. It's certainly among the better MMO's to have been released in recent years. But... at the end of the day it's really not much more fun than it's fantasy MMO contemporaries. At least where PvE is concerned.

    Sure it mixes things up somewhat, and the dynamic events that temporarily changes the "lay of the land" are interesting. However it is still very much like the questing in all the other MMO's you have played. Same old, different wrapping. Grind X or collect Y, often longer and with less variety than other games due to the open nature of the events. I guess my main gripe is that GW2 is almost to streamlined, most of the time there is little challenge to be had, all while moving at a really fast pace. And that may be one reason why I found it difficult to get attached to several aspects of the game. While the graphical design is good and certainly doesn't bother me, it does however look dated in places if that should be a concern.

    Many will find pleasure in GW2, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them. GW2 simply doesn't bring anything profound to the table. So if like me, you are tired of the same old easy cookie cutter fantasy MMO's, chances are your time in Tyria would be short lived as well.

    It's simple, mindless fun, no more, no less.
  59. Aug 28, 2012
    I'm quite unsure with my feelings on Guildwars 2. First of graphically it's not a terrible game, how ever it feels a bit dated in terms of it. Textures for anything other than armour and weapons is rather "meh" nothing special about them, they all appear somewhat blurry and lacking in detail. Water reflections are beautiful as well as shadows, but the water does lack allot of tessellation. Its just seems to be an animated texture. They need more options for those with higher end systems, I understand this is an MMO and they target a broad market of people and systems, but it's quite disappointing to have system that could do so much more.

    In terms of gameplay, it feels lackluster. Yes it's a completely new system to Guildwars 1, but I feel the new improvements have no place. Even though you can roll to try get away from opponents, it does nothing they still with out fail deal damage to you. So the rolling system is just pointless to have. When It comes to questing its all the things we are familiar to. They do throw in a few quests where you get to control a giant cannon etc etc they still feeling kinda boring.

    The way point and point of interests are just repetitive and will drain hours of time trying to reach all of them in areas. You will find the majority of the game is just doing these anyway, they "Help quests" (The gold heart ones) Are pretty much all the same "Clear an area of X monster and fix X or collect X"

    PVP is a large chunk of the game (as was Guildwars 1) But Guildwars 2 pvp is pretty much the same as Guildwars 2 except Guildwars 2 introduces the concept of World vs World. Which is quite addictive, but the large amount of players on causes a fair amount of lag. If you loved PVP in the first you will love it in the second.

    I personally am not attached to the game as I was with the first. The first Guildwars I could play for 6 hours+ straight easily. Everything I did had a charm to it, which made the game more enjoyable. I fail to have this connection with Guildwars 2, It's NOT a bad game by all means. I'm sure there are plenty who will love it. I just believe it lacks something to it, I can't play for more than 2 hours with being bored or over it, everything I do seems all the same and quite bland.

    How ever this is all JUST my opinion. Which I am sharing to you all.
  60. Apr 5, 2014
    16 months and 3000 ours spent: this is still the best MMORPG on the market and this year, with more competition, it's really going to stand out.


    Putting 10/10 in an effort to slow down haters and people who clearly didn't play it :P
  61. Aug 28, 2012
    I have played mmos since everyquest back in the days. Everything from ragnarok online, ffxi, wow, matrix online lol, guild wars 1, eve, aion, archlord... you name it. I spend my college years deep loving mmos. Now im an adult with a full time job and family and not as much time to play mmos.

    Guild wars 2 allows me to play mmos again and live my life!!!. Finally an mmo suited for me. An
    mmo hardcore enough to suit my needs for challenge and casual enough to allow me to play at my own pace! The dream.

    Guild wars 2 has amazing graphics. Beautiful animations and an epic soundtrack. The client is amazingly stable and smooth. Classes are fun and engaging and waaay different than most mmos. Races are beautiful too.

    The game makes you want to explore all the huge world and if you are a completionist.. hell, you will have a ton to complete here. The game was made to play with others, not to compete and fight with people. there is no silly kill steals or node steals, everyone fights to achieve a common goal and it works!

    So far the game has exceeded all my expectations. The mmo innovates on every angle. Dont believe people who say the game is good... or bad. I say go play it and make your own judgement, you wont regret it. Also no monthly fee is awesome!
  62. Aug 28, 2012
    It's a refreshing take on MMO's. Although not revolutionary, it builds upon most old ideas and gives players a new way to play. For all those zero's out there... the game has barely been released, and you are trashing the game for release bugs and server crashes? This is one the of the smoothest MMO launches I'v ever experienced. Definitely not like D3 where i could play for a solid week due to login errors.

    The art style is also gorgeous, and the vistas are awesome. Playing as an Engineer with a flame thrower kit is awesome, and I enjoy the flexibility of this game. I highly recommend it to people looking for something new. Just don't play it like you would a normal MMO, there are many differences.
  63. Aug 28, 2012
    A very fine crafted sequel of GW1. It surely is a game that can live up to the hype. The game play is amazing and dynamic. Some people complain about having only 10 skills is not enough but that's because they haven't played the game at all. Actively swapping weapons for different skill sets was hard to get used to at first but now it works like chime. PvP and WvWvW are both exciting and worth trying out for better experience. However ArenaNet made the same mistake Blizzard did - not being able to manage the opening day horde. Also the trading post (GW2 version of AH of D3) is not working yet. The graphics also look a little bit outdated - even with the highest settings. There are several more minor bugs, glitches to be fixed. Expand
  64. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is good, world vs world is a lot of fun, structured pvp is also just as fun, questing is not as tedious as in most mmo's and has dynamic events which are fun to take part in, some of which can end up being tonnes of people taking part in. It is not without its flawes, overflow servers which you get put in when your server is full can become a pain as it makes it hard to group with friends. There is however a couple ways to join the same overflow server as your friends, like right clicking their portrait and clicking join them.. This sometimes does not work at this time in which case what u can do is exit the area and enter again until you join the same overflow, this method does NOT taking very long. The "auction house" has been down for 4 days now which is a big pain considering the small bank sizes.
    Although i mentioned the structured pvp is fun, it is rather limited at this time with only 1 type of match (base control) with 2 maps. More variety in this area would be a great improvement. Customization is also sub par as from what ive seen so far all gear obtained while leveling is very similar, basically my character has barely changed aspect since i began, at least i can change the colour on the items when i get bored of the look.

    Getting to some of the points of interest, vista points can be a challenge, and some of the jump puzzles are also a good challenge, nice way to pass some time when u get tired of the pvp or the pve and need a break.

    Ive read some of the negative reviews, and most seem to be angry because they either didnt know how things worked or are not aware of the fact that ALL newly released games have bugs..
    Others simply expected to gain an advantage over other players in pvp by spending more hours and getting better gear like usually happens in other MMO's. They dont seem to enjoy a level playing field.

    All in all a very good MMORPG which has no monthly subscription, equal playing field for everyone in pvp and dynamic questing. The game does have its flaws, however the official release date is today, meaning there is plenty of room for it to improve in the future.
  65. Aug 28, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game, I leveled to 40 in the last few days and it's so fun! Instant lvl 80 PvP is great and the combat feels very smooth. I also did the first dungeon which was quite the challenge, I can't wait to to lvl 80 dungeons. The MMO tasks you do are the same like in other MMO's but the content is presented in a very unique way. Dynamic events are brilliant and really make the world seem alive. The servers were only down for 3 hours so far which is great for a such a big launch. Only downside are some bugs with the trading post but I'll forgive them for that. Expand
  66. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is very innovative and fun, Arena.net has the best support in the market for players. Also it is a game made for fun and not to become addicted. So far the best mmorpg available.
  67. Aug 28, 2012
    Exceeded my expectations in every way. A ton of content with little to no compulsion to grind. PvP and WvW alone will provide months of solid gameplay.
  68. Aug 28, 2012
    I played the Original and This sequel fit the bill PERFECTLY on gameplay fun and bring back all the fuzzy memories of the original!

    PvP is a lot of fun and OMG complex in the best of ways! The lack of level grinding is a HUGE Plus for me Yes cap is 80 but you dont get to lvl 80 through conventional means of killing 20 or so boars its about exploration of the world and exploring your
    character and making fun yet interesting decisions on your way though the story!

    if you havent already i recommend buying this game if your a fan or Guild wars 1 or your fresh eyes on this Product!
  69. Aug 28, 2012
    This has to be the most fun I have had since my first experience with WOW when that was released. Maybe because just about every game that followed WOW for the last decade have basically duplicated those elements with minor variations. GW2 just feels fresh. I don't feel as if I've played this game before. There really are some idiotic comments in these threads, especially about Graphics. Most of the first impressions from professional outlets state that the graphics are superb. For me, the awe I had in Divinity Reach and some of these Vistas was above what I was expecting. Also, the game has soul. It feels MUCH more alive then other games such as SWTOR, AION, Rift, etc. The NPCs seem to be doing more and the world in general just feels as if it has a lot going on. Also, the sound effects of the environment are well above average. The only negative I had was some lag with World versus World and Im not a fan of the Overflow system when grouping with friends, but I realize this is launch and these things will be ironed out. Anyone who thinks that there won't be issues at the release of an MMO are smokin something or this is there first MMO. Expand
  70. Aug 28, 2012
    This game is fantastic, a milestone. Not only the overall level of quality and detail is above almost any other MMO in the market, but it also innovates the genre in many ways. No more single task, static questing, but a living world where events are not waiting for you to click on an NPC to happen: you explore, you see things happening, you join them and your actions have consequences. No more gear grind: both in PvE and PvP, you won't need to farm gear for ages just to be able to join the action. At max level everybody is on the same gear level, the outcomes of the challenge is determined by your skill, finally. No more being pigeon holed within one single class role. Every class can finally be ranged and melee, healing or dpsing. Shift your weapons, manage your countless skills, dodge and parry the incoming attacks. This is finally an engaging combat! No more waiting for a healer or a tank to show up: you want to do that dungeon with 5 warriors or 5 necromancers? You can, it works. No more subscription fees: you by the game and you play it as much as you want, at your pace. Content will be periodically added, and it will be free. You just have to buy the official expansion when they will come out. This game is different in mechanics, is gigantic in scope, is beautiful and intriguing. Do yourself a favour and don't miss it. It's not "marketing" or advertisement. It's how the game is, as a matter of fact. (Final note: I read some of the few "0" rated reviews here and I am appalled by the false information they spread. One thing is expressing opinions, one thing is spreading clear lies. Only 5 skills? False. I cannot play with my friends? False. Give the game a try, you'll see by yourself what's true and what's false.. Expand
  71. Aug 28, 2012
    In my opinion this is the best MMO ever! The soundtrack is amazing, it's very addicting and it has beautiful graphics! My friends, here we have INNOVATION, it's quite rare nowadays. You just have to pay one time, no monthly fees.
  72. Aug 28, 2012
    There is not that much to say about this game.

    It's a masterpiece, a living and breathing piece of wonderful art.

    Thank you, ArenaNet, for creating one of the most beautiful MMORPG's ever.
  73. Aug 28, 2012
    Better than TOR, The Secret World, and TERA, all things considered.
    I've been purchasing every major MMO release this year and have left extremely disappointed each time. I would log in, see "kill X and Y", do the standard number mashing combat that you find in every MMO, and end up unsubscribing. I did try to give these games my all and see if I could break past the tedium, but I could

    People in these reviews are complaining about broken quests and server overflows. Guys, it's launch day. The game literally JUST CAME OUT and it's easily the most anticipated MMO since TOR, so can you maybe just give it a second and roll with the punches? It gets better, I promise.
    As far as questing goes, you are technically presented with the standard "kill X of these" quests, but packaged in such a way that if you don't want to do them, you can just bugger off and it'll disappear from your objectives list. Furthermore, the quests are shared across all players engaged in that particular activity, so you don't have to play alone.

    Grouping is also much better than in previous MMOs. Literally anyone standing next to me during a dynamic event is part of my "group" without any invitations or awkward conversation. All XP gets shared and loot is reserved for each character. Truly a step in the right direction.

    Speaking of XP, doing ANYTHING in Guild Wars 2 is likely to reward you with experience points. Chop down a tree to gather crafting materials? Revive a fallen ally or player? discover a new location? Yup, they all give significant experience points. So do crafting, exploration, dynamic events, and more. What's that? Reviving a fallen player? yes! Guild Wars 2 goes beyond the standard ideas of playing together that MMOs have so tactfully forced down our throats. For the first time, I'm inclined and REWARDED for helping other players back on their feet after they get their butts handed to them, and other players return the favor when I'm downed too!

    Bringing me to another mechanic. When you die in the field, unless you get severely roflstomped, you "fight for your life". Throw things and bandage yourself while you're on the ground, and you even have a chance to bring yourself back to life.

    There are so many other mechanics that I could rattle off, but the ones I mentioned are the main draws for myself.

    basically, if you think you're burned out on MMOs, get GW2. It's not a re-invention of the genre, but rather an evolution.
  74. Aug 28, 2012
    I am genuinely happy that I won't meet the people writing '0' reviews.One good thing about the game is its awesome community, and those people are better left out of it.
    The game is purely awesome, the dynamic events are plenty and varied, you'll seldom get to do the same thing more than once in your standard map run. Crafting and exploring is quite rewarding and the landscape is very
    detailed, even having secret areas.
    The reason this game gets 9 is because it doesn't allow duels between players (not full free open world PvP, I mean invitations and such) but it could be added into the future.
  75. Aug 28, 2012
    Smoothest MMO launch in the history of the genre and one of the most innovative MMOs in the industry, as well as just plainly fun.
    Take everything that you thought you knew about MMORPGs and throw it out the window, this game isn't anything like what you've played in the past. All of the boring, and dull things that run rampant in the MMO genre like a disease are absent in this game.

    Skills, attacks and combat are dynamic and everything matters. For once standing behind a pillar when something attacks you will actually save you, and sometimes the pillar may even crumble under a brutal attack, leaving you exposed to another attack. You can dodge out of the way of attacks, avoiding damage all together. You can actually move while attacking. If you like to explore virtual worlds then are you in for a treat, there are tons of areas to explore and a very large chunk of experience to reward you for exploring regions of the map.
    The sidekick system keeps you from drastically out leveling content, by scaling down your character to at most of 2 levels above the content of the area the character is in. You can actually go play with your friends and/or family without having to waste time or feel generally unrewarded for doing so, because guess what you'll still gain all the relevant rewards as if you were out and about in an area more appropriate to your character's actual level. When armor or weapon loot drops the item level is in a very close range of what you're character's actual level is, sometimes even above, so yes you can kill a level 1 centaur and get a level 80 2 handed axe while helping out someone new to the game.
    Speaking of helping people out, this game removes any form of penalty MMORPG's usually place on playing with other people. Mobs don't get tagged, if you do damage to it, you are rewarded xp and loot. People working on the same quests or events in your area doesn't slow down your progression, it actually speeds it up. Loot is always dropped on a personal basis, no loot roles or fights.
    Speaking of loots and fights, the game has truly epic fights, the scale of which has not been seen in the genre for a long time. The game by design has zero raiding, as set up by EQ and WoW. There is no instance of a dungeon where you need to gather a large number of people in order to then decide who gets what on boss drops. Instead there are these huge outdoor dynamic events that players can trigger and participate in. Then when all is said and done, everyone gets their own loot, with at least once piece (usually get anywhere from 3 to 5) being an upgrade of some sort.

    The pvp in the game is awesome. The game was built nearly from the ground up to support PvP rather than have PvE built first with PvP then added on later, hence why the combat for the game is so amazing. There are two general forms, there is the Structured pvp, and the World vs World pvp.
    Structured pvp are capture the area to accumulate point races.
    Then World vs World is an insanely large map where servers are pitted against one another with keeps, castles, siege weapons, varried terrain, npc mercenaries, basically everything needed to make huge epic battles. To top it all off it's not just one server against another, it's three servers in a free for all, and the fight is always going on. Various landmarks such as towers, farms, lumber camps, keeps and castles are tallied up every hour or so and the servers holding them are awarded points, with a final point count made at the end of a week. Then servers are ranked and then everything starts over again with evenly ranked servers fighting against one another.

    Going back to PvE the personal story and level of customization for characters is amazing and blows away anything done in the past. The personal story you set up puts a lot of emphasis on your choices, make poor choices, or choose things that you don't have your heart set and you'll probably end up with a crummy story. On the other hand if you pick your choices carefully you can end up with a truly awesome story, like a 007 pirate (yes that is a real option, pick carefully!).

    The crafting system is awesome and I've run into a lot of people that have gotten just absorbed into it, people who normally don't like crafting systems. To start off with, crafting supplies don't take room in your inventory for the most part, you pick them up, and you can then send them to a personal stash from anywhere in the world, and then when you go to a crafting table inside a major city or town you then have access to that stash, and you can begin crafting. You can either stick with recipes trainers will give you, or you can try to experiment with various pieces and if you discover something new you are rewarded with lots of skill points in that craft.
  76. Aug 29, 2012
    So many WoW fanboys hating this lol best game ever. The game artstyle, gameplay and music are just amazing. The launch wasn't that bad many mmo games had a much worse launch.
  77. Aug 29, 2012
    The most immersive mmorpg i have ever played, having played wow and many f2p ones to name a few, Combat is amazing, "questing" (dynamic events, personal storyline) is something i look forward to, never rushed. Graphic and art style is beautiful and unique, sound is great although in game music is hard to notice at times. Engine is optimized heavilly, i can run the game at 110fps on mostly high dropping to the lowest 25fps on huge world pvp battles (hundreds of players onscreen) on an average system. The wow-killer is here
    guy gw2 today
  78. Aug 29, 2012
    This game is really good. Just saying that is an understatement. If your board with World of Warcraft, tired of the same old same old, buy this. Honestly, they should have a monthly fee cause the way this plays and how good it is really expands what FREE MMORPGs can do.

    Everything, everything is just that amazing. Read other reviews for specifics. I can't even wrap my mind around it!
  79. Aug 29, 2012
    This is honestly the game that made me remember why I'm a PC gamer and brought all my hope back to PC gaming.I give it a 10 because it deserves it. The things I noticed that were wrong were very little and they had no effect on the actual game-play so I didn't care. When you focus on the small bugs about a game and say the game sucks because of it, you should just give up right there because there is no hope for you in the video game world. Anyway, the devs pretty much thought of everything in this game. No more grinding enemies, no more loading up on quests. It's all about the dynamic events and exploration that make this game so incredible. I keep forgetting that I have a story mission to do because I keep getting caught up in doing events and exploring all the areas. When I play this, I play it for hours on end because there is so much to do and I have to force myself to stop playing. One problem I've had with other MMOs are, what I call, stand-stills, where you run out of quests for your level and you are no where near leveling and you stand there trying to figure out what to do so then are forced to grind enemies. This game doesn't have that at all because of all the events you can do. After reading what the negative users have said about this game makes me sick. This is, in my opinion, an incredibly awesome-made game. Just a few things: 1. MMOs are bound to have a few bugs at first but the ones in this game are so minimal to the actual game-play that I just carry on with the game. 2. This game doesn't have quests so what is broken? All it has is your story mission, tasks, and events and all of them are fine with me and I should know because I played a different character in all the beta events and stress tests and found very little problems and guess what, they didn't bother me. 3. The graphics in this game are awesome. It is hard to make a game look original these days so quit crying because it looks too much like WoW which, also in my opinion, it looks nothing like WoW. Also, one thing that I think is just pure genius when it comes to this game is the W v W (World vs. World). It basically takes after Dark Age of Camelot with the sieges and keep raids. I loved that game 10 years ago and this game brought back so many good memories of it. This game is so much better then WoW that words cannot describe it. So anyway, to sum it up, Guild Wars 2 was definitely worth the wait. I was excited for the release just as much as I was just to play it during a beta event for 3 days or a stress test for 3 hours. I love this game. That's all I can say. Expand
  80. Mar 10, 2013
    after months the game still has some of the initial bugs and the improvements made to the game are not really improvements but stepback´s so anet has to do better if they want to sell games because the game has stagnated and is slowly dying. and check once and for all the lag problems that are the worst of the game.
  81. Aug 29, 2012
    absolutely stunning,full of detail with new possibilities like never before...dynamic events are perfect and they are shifting and changing the world of Tyria. The art style is absolutely gorgeous, I am very excited about the game it is a absolute must not only for an MMO player,but for every gamer out there..10/10 without a doubt
  82. Aug 29, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game, everything from the world, characters, story, gameplay, style, this is truly a piece of art. It was the best 50£ I have ever spent on a game in my life, and I hope that Arenanet will keep up the good work, and will amaze me/us again with new content in the future.
  83. Aug 31, 2012
    Amusing to see that all the 0 and 1 reviews are hit and runs from guys who gave Secret World 10s. Regardless GW2 is fun, challenging, and has no sub fee. It is incredibly detailed with a huge variety of things to do at any given time, and has a shocking depth to it's combat and PvP. There are a couple launch bugs that exclude me from giving it a 10, but since I've already thrown 60hrs into the game and only paid $60, I'd say I've gotten my moneys worth. ADDENUM: So one thing I've noticed in the last few days are all the scrubs quitting. Its working people! All the bads are leaving because the game is too hard for them. What a wonderful community this game is breeding. Expand
  84. Aug 29, 2012
    The problem with metacrtic... well there are many... but one big thing is the inflation/deflation by all the fanboys and haters. Not to mention that the critic reviews are almost always worthless, critics pretty much love any AAA or AA title. Ok this is not a 10/10 game... and it is not a 0/10 game either. If you are thinking about buying this game, the most honest thing I can say is WAIT. Wait till the dust has settled, remember SWTOR, started out with a metacritic score of around 8.5... its now in the 5.6 - 5.8 range. This game is still an mmo, it does a few thing different, but if you've played mmo's, it will still feel like an mmo. Questing does feel a little less grindy and seems to be an improvement from the standard quest chain; its implemented differently in GW2 so it is more fluid, but essentially the same. The world/graphics are well made, however there are limited FOV options and camera pull in and pull back it too limited atm. They say its by design, but in the end limited FOV makes certain dungeons and small area fights more annoying than fun. The lack of a true trinity system makes 1 v 1 skirmishes feel more dependent on skill... however most pvp encounters will not be 1 v 1. The lack of a trinity is an interesting and bold attempt to do something different... I found however, that it creates more of a zerg mentality, whether in pve or pvp. Attacks are well coordinated with a tank or dps initiating, and a healer for support. People don't seem to target assist during multiple mob encouters in GW2. In the end World Events and PvP feels a bit zergy and more chaotic than truly requiring skill and strategy. But this is a new system, so it could be that in a month people will find ways to be strategic without a trinity system. However, I'm not that optimistic, I do like the dodge mechanic, but still feel that battlegrounds or large scale pvp in other mmo that employed the trinity resulted in more tactical thinking and more natural coordination. Also there is no dueling system atm, which is sort of a pity, especially when there is no open world pvp. You have to zone into a pvp area in order to pvp.

    Limited options in some of the keybindings... for instance now the "F" seems to do everything, from interact with objects/players to looting/ to rezzing other players... this gets really annoying at times when you are trying to loot but can't since there is an npc or other items there. Trading post is still not in, but probably will be soon; Also, there is no system for personal trading or C.O.D. in the game, which seems bizarre, particularly for a modern mmo with a large crafting system. The crafting system seems good, although I didn't really get into it; There is an annoying thing about not being able to auto use crafting items stored in your bank. In the end it makes crafting a bit annoying at times. The Game still has psuedo-ques to get into your server, you log in right away but into an overflow server, probably in a few weeks or less this will remedied as server populations and login times stabilize. That said, zoning while in group can sometimes still be problematic and annoying, sometimes you will go to a new area, but members of you party will be in another instance of that area.

    The questing and story telling are a step up from WoW for sure, not as immersive as SWTOR with everything fully voiced, but an improvement from the standard mmo fare, albeit a small one. There are definitely plenty of moments of weak voice acting or just poor writing that snap your immersion. If you are an mmo player used to complete free speech in your game, also be warned. GW2 devs are not shy about using the ban hammer if you choose an inappropriate name or choose to say something offensive to another player. In some ways this does sort of force a respectful environment, but it does treat you like a kid. I don't know, if people want to curse and insult each other in pvp or pve I doesn't bother me. In some ways it adds a little flavor to the community... yes it can get excessive. But it does seem they've drawn the line a bit too close; although I wasn't banned... the internet seems rife with the complaints of several banned players (note banns are usually only for a day or 2). If people are offended with another player, they should just add them to the ignore list. It also seems at the moment that there are security issues with accounts getting hacked/stolen etc. I'm sure that this a high, maybe the highest priority issue for Arenanet atm. But it is a little disconcerting that they really seemed to have missed the boat here on account security. Pick a strong password if you play and make sure it is different from the email password for your email account tied to the game. In this day and age I think a AAA/AA mmo should probably always ship with an authenticator or have authentication software available.
  85. Aug 29, 2012
    Before I start, I never review on Metacritic. I registered just to post this and, as an amateur game reviewer who takes this sort of thing very seriously, I'm not just blindly gushing in fanboy fashion. This game is just plain awesome.

    As a veteran of WoW (since 2005), Rift, TOR, and others... I can say that this is a fantastic MMORPG that really reinvents how we progress. EVERYTHING
    counts as character progression in this game, it's really amazing. You literally do almost anything to gain experience, which allows you to personalize the game to match your play style. ArenaNet made exploring more fun than in any MMO I have played since vanilla WoW in 2005. After playing so many MMOs, the feeling of exploration and wonder wears off and many of the games feel so similar and everything becomes routine... but that is NOT the case here. Exploring has become really interesting and exciting again. There's just so much to do in every zone that it blows my mind. You'll constantly be saying "what's over here/is there anything going on over there?" as you play. It's just so well done. Kudos to ArenaNet. I was tired out from playing MMOs. The same ol' structure that EQ and WoW popularized was getting boring. GW2 shakes things up enough to make even me, someone who was burned out entirely of MMOs, become a fierce addict. This game lives up to the hype that beta players spoke of. I'm hearing no negative comments (that are legit and not juvenile) from players of this game and everyone ingame is having a blast. I'm calling it now, this will be the new king of MMOs. With a free to play business model (after initial purchase of the game) wrapping around such extremely high quality MMO, you'd be crazy not to at least try GW2. This game blows every other MMO out of the water. The hype was real. This is the future of MMOs. Expand
  86. Aug 30, 2012
    It is a zerg fest, fun in the first hour of play but then really boring ... loading everywhere ... queue for open rvr LOL
    This game really suck a lot!!!
  87. Aug 30, 2012
    The game has been a complete disappointment. Graphically I'm not impressed. You would think in 2012 the graphics would be better. In addition I find the movement to feel very unnatural. While the game started fun, it quickly became a chore.

    Worse came when on the second day a plethora of accounts getting hacked. Just a complete disappointment altogether.
  88. Aug 31, 2012
    Really? Really? .... Really? The best MMO since WoW, and this time for SURE people! You can not compare WoW and GW2 but you can compare MMO releases and the fun of it and the feeling it brings at release + bugs etc. and GW2/Arenanet made an awesome job for sure. 9.5! Giving 10 because of 0 rating trolls here.
  89. Aug 31, 2012
    This game got old mechanics, improved them and put them all together into an awesome fantastic world. Quests have been replaced by dynamic event chains, that react to player actions (success/failure will lead to different events). World versus world is a three faction world pvp mode with towers, castles, siege weapons, and lots of strategy... going zergway will lead you to disaster, cooperation is a must. Structured PvP is very competitive and demands ability. The personal story lines are fantastic, served with the perfect dose of fun and drama. Expand
  90. Sep 1, 2012
    Starting with the good, this is a fantastic MMO. The combat is a big improvement on the standard button mash and stand still that a lot of MMOs have established. The world is gorgeous, you actually have lots of motivation to explore instead of grinding the same spot. Leveling is easy, so if you want to hit end-game you can do so. Even then, you don't need to hit end-game to enjoy the PvP and WvW because you are scaled up. Overall, awesome experience for the first few days playing with friends. Also, the launch was great. I logged in the second servers became available at 9 pm PST and enjoyed hours of play. A few things were down, like trading and mail, but compared to some other big launches (Diablo 3) at least I could play immediately.

    The bad - I haven't been able to play for three days. Won't get into details but in short I changed my password because of recent hacks and now I can't log in. Support is being swarmed with users having similar login issues, so as a relatively young company not used to dealing with this much traffic don't expect much help beyond a confirmation for a while. Not saying they are a trash company - I'm saying that if you haven't bought this game yet, do yourself a favour and wait a few weeks. By then support will be working, there won't be in-game problems like mail system and trading being down, and you can fully enjoy the game from day 1 of purchase.
  91. Sep 2, 2012
    This is the pinnacle of visual video game artwork. The questing system is ingenious and eliminates errand running and quest spam/quest grind. Armors look good, characters look good, and are customizeable. Animations are a step ahead as well. Voice acting is excellent, music is excellent. Races are slightly odd, but very distinct, and you can always fall back to Human. Skills are vast and varied, relying mostly on weapons for types of utility. The caveat is that you can only have 5 weapon skills and 5 character skills active at once, and they are mostly the same types of skills. Want to build a pure healer? You can't. Only one heal skill per player, and typically one heal skill per weapon. Each character will be 80% damage and 20% support, leaving huge gaps in teamwork and group play. If there were more utility, or a choice to go all utility or all damage, the game would be 10/10. It is, after all, the best MMO world ever made. Expand
  92. Sep 3, 2012
    Played the betas, and read all the hype. I'm max level now, and it was even BETTER than expected. By FAR the most meaningful dynamic combat system in any MMO, despite not advertising it. Dodging and positioning actually matters in this game, unlike TERA or Mabinogi Legends where it's mostly for show. If you're not dodging in the endgame dungeons, you're gonna die. That's it. Graphics not the best but big MMOs always have toned down graphics to attract more people. GREAT armor design. Not stupidly sexy or ridiculously fantastic, but fashionable and realistic. The only game with similar amount of content is WoW. SWTOR, Aion, TERA, Secret World etc don't even come close. And best of all, NO PAY2WIN. Only pay4skins. There isn't a single item in the shop that makes you better at PvP. Like Guild Wars 1, GW2 has staying power. Games like Aion and Rift quickly dropped to a few thousand concurrent players, GW1 still has several times that amount after 7 years. GW2 will be even better. Expand
  93. Sep 3, 2012
    best mmo in recent years and i dont i have to explain why

    all i can say its im playing mmo's since wow vanilla and gw2 simply crush it with eaze and style..i wont bother to mention other mmos since 90% of them are all wow clones.

    Proudly gw2 isnt and thats what make it the best mmo since wow:LK exp
  94. Sep 5, 2012
    Simply put, if you give the game your time, you will get the fun the game allows. It starts you right into the action, and craving more in between. I've been excited for this game since its announcement; I was a huge GW fan. But to say the least, this game has still beaten my expectations even 72+ hours into game, and i don't see it getting boring anytime soon. Skipping the details, this game deserves a 10. The story is really well thought out, though the dialog can be a bit strange, and the combat system is fresh into the MMO scene, considering GW1 technically wasn't an MMO. That being said, this game feels like an RPG, and still sucks you in like the best of the best MMOs. So do yourself a favor by getting this game. Without a subscription fee, its impossible to pass the temptation. Expand
  95. Sep 5, 2012
    Hi all. I'm writing this review because i feel like there are too many "personal" reviews (you know, the 10 or 0 score ones...) and i'd like to write the most objectively i can. I also know that one should play for some months before talking about a game, but i feel like this review can help those wondering whether to buy the game or not. There have been a lot of hype (not from me) around this game, mainly because of its "revolutionary" features. I honestly admit that there are some innovations, but the question is: are those innovations good? Let's talk about the combat system. You have 5 attack skills based on your equipped weapon/s, 1 healing skill chosen from a pool of 3, 3 so called "utility" skills and an elite one. You just can't customize your weapon skills: this means that every ranger wielding a greatsword will have the same 5 skills. Quite a constrain, in my opinion. The fact that almost no skill uses a resource (i.e. mana) makes the fights usually boring, since you will spam your skills when off from cooldown. The roll lets you evade an attack, but it is rare that a couple of rolls actually make the difference between a won and a lost fight; moreover, rolling is pretty much useless against both weaker enemies (you can take all of their hits) and champion-like foes (evade a couple of attacks, but when out endurance bar you're doomed). The "dynamic events" are just server-open quests, spawning every now and then and always requesting you to collect stuff - kill things. When a lot of fighting is involved it is common to have swarms of players overwhelming enemies just by numbers, not by skill. Even boss fights may become pretty boring, and you may feel useless since your efforts can be like a drop of water in an ocean. It should be mentioned that you will likely be unable to challenge yourself by trying and completing an event with only your 4 or 5 friends because everyone in the area will come and fight. Environments are well made and fascinating, with highly different locations and architectures. The graphics are acceptable although character customization is not so high (i.e. male human faces look pretty much the same). I was expecting a highly addictive and well made pve, but i'm sorry to say that my expectations were a little too high. If you don't play your personal story, the pve gets boring really fast. I'm sure that the devs expected this to happen, in fact they have added the gathering system, the point of interest / vistas "completion run", the daily / monthly achievements, etc. to break from the fight-move on-fight-move on-event-move on scheme. I'm not talking about pvp since i think it is too early on and still there are people not actually knowing what to do to play at a good level. All in all, pve wise (and please note that this is not like gw1, where pvp was predominant), Guild Wars 2 should be given a 7 or 7.5 but i'm lowering my score to 6 - 6.5 because i feel that all the innovations we should have seen in the game were either fake or simply unnecessary. Too much hype for a game that is actually good, but absolutely not a revolutionary one nor a mmorpg champion like WoW is. Expand
  96. Sep 5, 2012
    Disney on steroids or PCP great graphics ,crafting looks well done but some what tedious.Characters are great stories weak least thief was .I found it little better than WOW or most the other fantasy MMOs out there. I have been playing MMos since before Ultima Online .Its good but not up to the hype .
  97. Sep 5, 2012
    Not the revolutionary genre changing game many of GW2's more zealous fans tried to tout pre-release, but a very solid, very good MMO with plenty to do and best of all no subscription fee.
  98. Sep 5, 2012
    This quote from the Manifesto video doomed this game IMO:

    "... in Guild Wars 2, it's your world. It's your story. You affect things around you in a very permanent way." "You are rescuing a village, that will stay rescued." I'll come right out and say it... Naaah. Not a chance, it's the same old, same old, never ending loop of quests. They have not come up with any solution for
    personalizing an entire MMO world to the player. Their main claim to revolutionary game design was a complete fabrication. That alone heavily drops the score for me. Secondly, the event system is very, very repetitive. Just as repetitive as any other MMO to date. They change who you are fighting, what you are fetching, what you are wiping off walls, and where you are, but you are still defending, fetching, and wiping just to move on and do it all over. Lastly, the personal story is level based so you must, MUST grind out on things that have no story, or a very weak on if any, in order to get to the meat of the story in the game. Bad design, personal story must level with the character so they can always progress. That right there made me stop playing because I was not going to WOW grind to get to play and enjoyable single player experience. Oh and don't try grouping with too many people because the overload servers can't keep parties on the same servers. Overall, Guild Wars 2 Is like a bargain bin CD of a bunch of niche MMO's. 50 classic games for $60, but really nothing in it to separate it from the competition and the lack of a goal makes it hard to press on. Expand
  99. Sep 5, 2012
    Looks great, feels great, sounds great, plays great, runs great. PvP is perfectly balanced, PvE is dynamic and interesting, World vs World is always changing and has such an epic scale. The Music is by Jeremy Soule. The achievements system rewards you for every aspect of the game, which is good, because this is the best MMORPG ever created.
  100. Sep 7, 2012
    I have tried most MMOs out there over the years ever since the original Everquest. WoW, EQ2, AoC, Star Wars (both), Rift, Secret World, etc., and I always get bored before too long. For some reason when a new one comes out I think, "This will be the one!" Well it seems I have finally found the right MMO for me in Guild Wars 2. I really think this MMO fixes many of the issues that put-off newcomers to the genre. This is a very accessible, very entertaining game. The manner in which they have made grouping up seem almost effortless and completely organic, should be a future standard IMHO. There are numerous other positives I could mention, and very few negatives. Suffice it to say that if you just haven't been able to find an MMO that you can really get into, this is the right one for you. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 69 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 69
  2. Negative: 0 out of 69
  1. 90
    GW2 has made a powerful impact on the MMO scene, confirming years of expectations. Stunning presentation and revolutionary design guarantee a thoroughly enjoyable experience. However, it’s not flawless, nor complete. The beautiful vistas, the massive PvP element, the rich leveling experience- those can offer hours of gameplay, but the endgame is desperately seeking for enrichment. [November 2012]
  2. Jan 2, 2013
    Guild Wars 2 surpasses the original in every aspect, from its massive and atmospheric world to its addictive and engrossing gameplay.
  3. Nov 28, 2012
    After spending fifty hours with GW2, I have a lot of praise for ArenaNet's work and the way it changes up some of the typical trappings of the MMO. And yet, I find myself thinking less and less about it each day. It's not a declaration against the product, mind you, but simply a fact that this game still is very much an MMO, and your enjoyment will directly relate to how much you enjoy the genre. For many who were hoping for a clean break from MMO design philosophy, Guild Wars 2 will probably come across as a slight disappointment. It pushes the genre slightly forward, however, and could lead to even further development in the future.