Heaven & Hell (2003) PC


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 12 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 12
  2. Negative: 7 out of 12
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  1. It's a fun loving mellow game that everyone can get hooked on, and I can honestly say that it is one of the most enjoyable games I've played in a while.
  2. While it might not be the true land of milk and strategic honey, Heaven & Hell is a reasonable enough entry in a fairly small pantheon.
  3. The simple and scaled down options seem to be made for newer players into this kind of market, but the confusing nature of the game if you don't play the campaign first can quickly get frustrating.
  4. 60
    Could have been an interesting game, but the simplistic game mode means only the most casual of strategy gamer could possibly find anything to like for more than a mission or two.
  5. Cheat Code Central
    While it may sound like there's plenty of replay value here with the ability to play through it as two entirely different characters it's really just the same strategy game with the concept totally reversed.
  6. While some unique gimmicks and solid gameplay have made other god games fun to play, these elements are curiously absent from Heaven & Hell, leaving it a short, and otherwise dull, experience.
  7. 43
    One of those games that tried to step in the follow in the footsteps of innovative god games like "Black & White" or the classic "Populous," but is woefully cursed with poorly executed gameplay.
  8. 40
    There are some good ideas in Heaven & Hell, but they rarely end up making for a fun game. Completing a mission feels more like work. Add a number of interface issues and plain old bugs, and you've got a pretty solid disappointment.
  9. A bland experience with nothing innovative to free your mind from concentrating on the annoying aspects of the gameplay.
  10. PC Gamer
    Even the combat is boring, since it's entirely automated and gives you no control whatsoever over your troops. [Dec 2003, p.132]
  11. Computer Games Magazine
    It's a cynical and soulless exercise that deliberately eschews any aspect of modern game design that might make it accessible - like complexity, stylish art direction, and mechanical variety. [Feb 2004, p.78]
  12. Computer Gaming World
    Witless, repetitive, and utterly devoid of interesting strategy elements. [Dec 2003, p.142]

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