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  • Summary: Hegemony Rome brings the past alive like no other real time strategy game, as you manage your armies and manipulate your enemies in a beautifully drawn simulation of 1st century BC warfare. Bring all of Gaul under the rule of the Senate and People of Rome. Or, in the sandbox game, unite the Gallic tribes and end the threat of Roman rule forever. Both legions and warbands will be yours to command in Spring 2012. Expand
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  1. May 15, 2014
    It throws out pretty much everything you thought you knew about Real-Time Strategy and then proceeds to - successfully - reinvent the genre altogether.
  2. 70
    Hegemony Rome's quick, neat and easy approach to grand strategy puts impressive control in the player's hands.
  3. Jun 22, 2014
    Almost everything here is mediocre, and that's really a shame given the promise of Wars of Ancient Greece.
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  1. Jun 4, 2014
    OMG! THIS is finished?! I purchased this game on early access, after I tryed Hegemony Gold. I liked the first part so I voted for new one.

    Now, yesterday I tryed to check - how is it going (didn't played all this months, waiting for polished build). It was VERY bad.
    - No formations
    - freezes
    - low informative game interface - in first part I saw all need about army and general in 1 screen. Now I need to go through pushing additional buttons just to check - what bonuses this general and army have.
    - NO STRATEGY in battles! Just mess of two crowds. You take as many man as you can and just dend them to fight another army. Who's army bigger - he wins.
    No flang atack, no AI , nothing!
    - armies don't even try to take position I've ordered. They just try to run in mess ASAP.
    - pathfinding of the armies is.... F! There is no any pathfinding! Army can pass the corner of the forest/mountain/anything in column, streched on half of the screen (even if there was enough space to walk through organized). And they fall into the enemy's hands one after one - all column in it's turn.
    - AI is absolutley stupid! Did I say it already? I will repeat it again - AI is very stupid!
    - there are so low space on the map, so armies often can't walk or stay near each other. It looks just like tunnels, not open space map.
    - You can't take one of your amies out of the battle - they don't listen to any orders until the end of fight, even if enemy is overnumbered by your units 4-5 times!
    Example - my cavalry prepares to take atack of enemy's swordsmans. Right behind this enemy swordsmans there are 2 another army units, wich belongs to me and they are same swordsmans too. So enemy army atacks my cavalry face to face. Right after this contact in 5 secons enemy was atacked with my 2 swordsman armies. Now I need to take cavalry out of battle and I gave them order to retreat. No way! My units stay in battle until they defeated, and enemy has no any bother about my another 2 armies atacking them from behind. Enemy started to take damage only after cavlary was dead.
    And this is only EXAMPLE - same thing all the way it goes.

    - Don't even think to try meking some order in your battlefield. No spearmans on front, cavlary on flangs and archers on the cover - just choose all units on the screen in one crowd and click on enemy's crowd. BINGO! This is all the strategy!

    Now...why I am saying it? Becouse I saw all that stuf and was disapointed, but I thought - "OK, this is early access. First game was cool, so I just have to wait for a while - it will be fixed."
    And now I hear that this is finished game!

    I give a 3 only in memory of the first "Hegemony".
    grfafic - 0 (freezes on good PC config-n)
    sound - nothing special
    gameplay - 0