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  1. Mar 16, 2011
    Homefront brought a great fresh look to the FPS genre that is being run into the ground by COD with yearly game releases with the same bland story and generic setting. Homefront took the time to make an incredibly immersive, powerful story that, while being much too short, brought emotions out that no game has before. The entire time playing the game, I felt like I really was the character, while dashing between cover when facing that first sentry, while assisting your team in the raids, while fighting every last KOR soldier, I felt immersed in the game. The graphics and AI are a little dated, with other minor issues, but overall the singleplayer was very well done. The multiplayer added a few fresh things to the genre as well. The "killstreak" system of high priority targets in Commander mode was a nice twist, and generally gameplay was crisp and rewarding. Overall, despite a few flaws in the design and engine, the stylistic environment of the game, great story, and fresh gameplay make Homefront worth checking out if you appreciate good story and atmosphere over "prestige." Expand
  2. Mar 15, 2011
    So much better than the PC ports we usually get. The single-player is short but very memorable. The multiplayer is extremely fun. Battle Commander and battle-points are really unique and give some rejuvenation to an old FPS formula. I will definitely be playing this for a while, and this game will be up there with Battlefield 3 and Red Orchestra 2 as the best FPS PC releases for this year.
  3. Mar 15, 2011
    I must applaud to THQ for creating a game that's risky yet touches emotions. Never thought anyone would recreate the classic gameplay of Half-Life and give it a new twist. Despite the graphics not being competitive with Battlefield and COD, it was the least of my concerns since the campaign was so unique and inspiring with multiplayer features topping recent FPS games.
  4. Mar 15, 2011
    Wow! This game is brilliant! I love the graphics eventhough they are not the best I have seen, they are definitly atmospheric and also the story is very exciting. The characters are very well chosen and they make this game feel "real" and dramatic. It's like a movie you cannout stop to watch. It reminds me a bit of the TV series Jericho.

    For me one of the best singleplayergames since
    Half-Life. Or even better, due to the characters. Expand
  5. Mar 15, 2011
    Great, bold storyline. Eventhough the campign is short, I think it's just the right duration since multiplayer compensate the lifespan of the game. Hope THQ makes a sequel for it. Keep it coming!
  6. Mar 15, 2011
    I'm not sure what a lot of these people are complaining about. Not going to do a huge review, but this game is great. I feel like the reason this game has gotten pushed aside by reviewers is because the FPS genre is now just dominated by Call of Duty. Everything gets compared to it as a standard, nothing can be it's own separate entity nowadays.

    HOMEFRONT is a great MP game. I have yet to
    try the SP, but if you're looking for a good MP, this is a good place to look. Expand
  7. Mar 16, 2011
    This game is in my opinion the best game so far this year and generally extremely fun. I enjoy the new setting and the presentation is simply mind blowing. The story is extremely well made and intense, but can be a little bit predictable some times. Im pretty sure this game will be on my top 3 for 2011.
  8. Mar 16, 2011
    Homefront is a game that pretty much lived up to the limited marketing hype it got. When the developers were talking about creating an experience where you feel that war is horrible they do just that. The musical score adds to that and gets you in the mood. For example, in situations in the campaign that demand you to be on top of your gain, the music follows suit. Multiplayer takes aspects from the CoD series and BF series and melds them together to get a fast-placed unlaggy experience in which the field changes dynamically. The game itself is not a AAA game, but an AA game. Hopefully DLC for it comes to expand the campaign. Expand
  9. Mar 16, 2011
    I buy games for the story, and boy did this game claim to have a story. As a huge fan of Apocalypse Now, I had high hopes for this new title from Kaos (whose Modern Combat mod I enjoyed for months when I was taking my first steps into the still-new world of FPS). I read and watched everything I could find on this game in the days before it's release with great anticipation, assuming that a game built on such a strong story foundation was destined for greatness. However, my assumptions quickly proved to be false.

    Really, really quickly, to be honest. It only took me a just shy of four hours to beat the single player on regular. Apocalypse Now: Redux clocks in at 3:14:59. It actually took longer to download it than it did to complete. Needless to say I was very disappointed. The characters are shallow and a lot of the heart wrenching drama we were supposed to see ended up just being shock value. Outside of a few other gameplay annoyances, though, I did find the game to be pretty fun, with enjoyable missions and some very cool sets. I'm just hoping they don't expect me to actually pay for DLCs with more single player content, they've already ripped me off enough.

    A lot of reviews praise the multiplayer as this game's savior. This is what's wrong with the FPS genre in general, but I won't go into it here. The online experience is good, dedicated servers are a definite plus. There are a few nice innovations, but overall it feels like a scaled-down Battlefield game (which makes sense, considering the developer), and looks like any of the recent CODs. Though it quickly gets old if you've played much of either. Honestly the only thing that saved it for me was the Steam version came with Metro 2033.

    Final thought:
    Save yourself 50 bucks and just borrow the game from a friend (you'll only need it for a day).
  10. Mar 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So i found out about this game a couple weeks ago. and i got around to try it and even tho the single player campaign is a bit short. it is very good and the multiplayer is a great mixture of call of duty battlefield but in it's very own way. Thanks for a kick ass game Kaos studios :D Expand
  11. Mar 19, 2011
    People are bashing this game way too hard, i was sceptic from the moment i watched screenshots and videos but still decided to buy it on Steam just before launch.

    I thought i would be regretting it but boy was i wrong, sure the Single player was short with a weird sudden ending but what makes this game is Multiplayer.

    Online the game has its own identity and it feels like its own game,
    it is NOT like Call of Duty and people need to wake up and stop comparing games to Call of Duty as that series has only gone downhill.

    The lack of killstreaks is just a positive thing, i do not miss it and i praise the new system they have, choosing two items per class that you buy with Battle Points makes things much more interesting, you can choose what to use depending on your situation and really promotes teamplay.

    I had no idea that the Battle Commander would be optional but after experiencing both sides i think its a really good idea, playing a game with BC really puts pressure on people doing well (as I've reached a 3 star threat so far i know how it feels).

    All in all, it's a breath of fresh air on a genre with way too many cloned games (CoD, BF etc) and brings its own formula, proving it can challenge the other popular online fps games.

    Being able to play the game from the launch is a big plus, no problem with lag or fps like Black Ops had and even still have, Unreal 3 engine not only makes it look good but provides a solid online platform.

  12. SPG
    Mar 20, 2011
    Only tried the single player for 1 level, then decided to give the multiplayer ago. OMG how much fun is this game online, reminds me a little of RTCW fairly fast and frantic could do with a few more game types but i am sure that will come. Its another port (like most titles) but considering its only been out 2 days in europe its running really really well, a few memory leaks here and there but i am sure it will get fixed.

    I think the critics have been overally harsh, maybe THQ doesn't have the cash to sweeten them up as much as EA & Activision for there so called triple A titles.

    The new battle commander and vehicle system is a nice twist as well. It was £22 this weekend on D2D ok graphically its ok, nothing ground breaking but it fits the game. Sounds are fun. This is how a PC port should be done. A great little underestimated title.
  13. Mar 20, 2011
    I was drawn in by the many trailers and the buzz around the game, thinking the single player would be a huge success; maybe a 20 hour campaign with a good storyline, but I was wrong about the single player campaign. It took only 3 and a half hours to complete, the story was very linear, and the AI was flawed. But what they did do well with the SP, was to make the player feel something and not just be killing the enemies because you were told to, but because you were fighting for your land, and defending American citizens. There was one scene where a young child's parents are shot to death in front of him, and another where you have to hide in a mass grave, it's scenes like that that can make the campaign feel worth-while. On to the multi-player. I gave the game an 8/10 because of the multi-player, it could 've gotten a 9/10 if the campaign were better. The multi-player is REALLY addicting and plenty fast-paced. The huge maps and vehicles and upgrades all come together perfectly. It isn't an easy game to master, but its impossible to be really bad at. The multi-player is very solid and i really cant think of anything negative to say about it. It is definitely better than call of duty multiplayer and possibly better than bc2. Overall, its a game worth buying if just for the multi-player, but could have been much better if the campaign were longer and less linear. Expand
  14. Mar 23, 2011
    Talking about Singleplayer only.
    Homefront is a total disappointment. At the beginning, the Singleplayer is very exciting, the main plot is so thrilling, but after the first hour of playing, the story have to go because of the action. The scenes in the game are very intense, it's the first game i can call an anti-war game, but as I just said, the action in the mid-lategame ruins the plot.
    The graphics are quite nice, but not for a game in 2011. The A.I. is just silly, just like targets in a shooting range. The scripted events like in the Call of Duty series are too sloppy. After five hours, the game ends ... very disappointing. I think, they just cut the whole story. Result: 5.3 points Expand
  15. Mar 26, 2011
    If you started FPS on the Call Of Duty Series this game is not for you. The problem on why it's getting bad reviews is becuase Call of Duty of Duty players simply can't play this game becuase they are not skilled enough to play on bigger maps and not use lag to move around. Homefront has no lag you shoot the guy and he's DEAD! Where as call of duty it takes you a whole clip to kill someone. COD players can't play on anything bigger then a sardine can for a map Homefronts maps are a perfect size not to big and nto to small! I have been playing FPS since the days of Novalogics Delta Force and watched the FPS games dwindle down to small map games and bunny hopping losers playing on small maps. If you are a COD players who likes to run around like a fool and use lag to win this game is not for you. This game is for the skilled FPS who knows their awereness on the battlefield and knows how to shoot and survive. Thank you Homefront for finally making a great game. I for one am dead tired of the crap COD series and it's community and the sardine size maps! Don't get this game if you can't stay alive without lag. Do get this game if you want great size maps, no lag and a TON OF FUN! People need to learn that the COD series is dead and the reason you buy it is because of the marketing, adds, and the name brand! Think outside the box, just because you didn't see Homefront on TV or you didn't see alot of adds doesn't mean it's bad. COD has all of you sucked in with their makreting skills and puts out a worse and worse product every time cuz they already have you! Expand
  16. Mar 26, 2011
    When I was in college I bought my 1st computer to play Delta Force 2. This was in 1999. Since 1999 I have evolved as a online gammer play the Delta Force Series / COD series / etc.. you get my point. This game is ABSOLUTLY AWSOME if you are a true old'skool gamer!!! I have been waiting for a game like this for over 6 years. This game takes skill, actually all the skills that were needed for OLD-SKool games like DeltaFocre. I assume that non-skilled gammers that compare a game to Blackops etc will not like this game cause they are n00bs and do not have the gamming skills that old-skool gamers have. They need lag and tin can maps to try to win. This game is OLD-SKOOL BABY!!!! IF you have no skill don't bother getting it. Granted it is a bit buggy it is 100% better that Blackops and battlefield bad company 2. The people that give this game a bad review are children that base there gamming experience on the call of duty franchise. This game will go far.. Expand
  17. Mar 28, 2011
    Homefront's Multiplayer is by far the best and most fun out right now. The amount of weapons and combinations that are possible are limitless. I prefer servers of 20 players or less, the maps feel better with less players. Im runing this game at 1680x1050 very high-motion blur-vsync with an AMD X3 720 8GB of ram and an Nvidia gts460. I dont plan to go back to COD.
  18. Apr 17, 2011
    This game is awesome. Snipers spreading like a disease and RUINING all other FPS's are the source of the bad reviews in my opinion. Not since BF2 have I been addicted to a game like this. Each kit can be as effective as a squad, countering campers and allowing the player to ground pound with impunity. In this game it all comes down to who is working harder and your KDR does not take the hit it did in BF2 for doing so. It rewards in battle heroics with points used to buy assets (GENIUS!) in a more team oriented fashion than CoD and let's not even get started with hacks and hit detection. This game beats the other titles HANDS DOWN! I've seen little hacker and even then, they were not the god's the hacks allow in other games. Singleplayer sucks but if you are buying a FPS for single, you're either 9 or incredibly stupid.
    Remember, BF2 was the greatest of all time and they had NO single. Just bots that did nothing to prepare you for what was coming. BC2, MoH, CoD do not hold a candle to this game.
  19. May 14, 2011
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  20. Jul 17, 2011
    Given this Game a 10 because of all the Children who rated it 0, but its def worth a straight 8.5.
    This game runs fine on both my AMD athlon II quad core with 8800gtx and my sons AMD dual core with just a 9600 gt .. i built both rigs and they both have 4 gig of ram apiece, i think a lot of idiots think they can buy a cheep Dell and expect to run games like this straight out the box
    The single player is fun and very atmosperic the multiplayer is awsome and up there with the best someone else has said this is prob the best use yet of the unreal 3 engine and i agree.. this is to unreal 3 what tac ops was to unreal tournament back in the days ..
    I and my son will be playing it some time to come .. thanks for listening :).
  21. Jul 20, 2011
    wow this game sounds bad I bought somany junk games lately Iam not risking it thanks for the warning
    I allmost bought it . Ive got to watch my impulse shopping. The duke game was a ripoff Brinks kind of **** Why dont they look at Call of Duty and make them like that. I love Free for all is it in Homefront ?. But iam not risking it The games are to expensive to waste on a game that feels
    like a demo.Thanks once again for the heads up on Homefront.If it had a demo and I liked it I might of bought it . I still might when its 10 bucks. Expand
  22. Mar 3, 2012
    One of the good game related with WAR with good tailored story. Do not go with critics over here, they are mostly Americans who don't want to see America losing in any war it's typical with them. Give this game a good try and you will really enjoy it. It's better than what Activision Call of duty offers now years.
  23. Dec 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Single player campaign of this game is fairly average. But I really enjoyed multiplayer. It completely consumed me for 3 days since i bought it and now I play it when I only can. The amount of people hating on the game is driven by being too closed in call of duty games by me. Expand
  24. Sep 8, 2012
    GREAT game, had a lot of fun with it and the multiplayer rocks. The campaign is not very long, but the showdown and many events are of epic scale. Fighting on american soil against a korean invasion is simply a great setting.
  25. Aug 9, 2014
    A great game, the story isn't that good but the PvP is awsome. It has a completely new reward-system for things like calling in tanks or helicopers. Not like in many other games with kills in a row, you get points for everything you do for the team, such as conquering a point or killing enemies. And also a very good price, but sadly this game is pretty much dead.
  26. Mar 17, 2011
    This game is fantastic. I've been playing it on Onlive and it is running flawlessly. I got to play it right at midnight. Multiplayer is a blast. This game takes the best of Call of Duty and Battlefield and tweaks it enough to differentiate itself from them, but at the same time is familiar enough for fans of those series to immediately enjoy. Battlepoints are an amazing feature of the game and are way better than the kill streaks in Call of Duty. They are much more fair for all players and are balanced very well. In fact, just about everything about the multiplayer game is balanced.That's quite a feat. Vehicle control is very well done and can be customized to your liking. None of the vehicles are overpowered, but they still contribute to the battlefield and should be feared. The guns are all unique and can be customized with a ton of different scopes, etc. A lot of the multiplayer has your typical fanfare like experience, challenges, etc. The maps are fantastic. There is a ton of "stuff" to hide in and take cover with. One thing that I think this game doesn't get enough credit for is the sound. This game sounds like war! Everything from the muffling when a grenade goes off near by to the distant sounds of gunfire are done very well.

    The atmosphere in this game is top notch. I've only gotten about 30 minutes into the singleplayer, but so far that is very engaging and I can see myself being driven through it because of the backstory even though I usually enjoy multiplayer more.
  27. Mar 15, 2011
    So I DL'd it on steam, 9GB and it took around 2 hours. Within minutes I was playing. I played about 5 MP matches first, then the entire first SP level.

    In MP I went 34-16 in those matches and ranked up to lvl. 6.
    SP was engaging and fun.
    MP was a blast. Played 4 on 4 for a bit then 16 on 16. Only tried assault kit. But used perks like BMP, HUMVEE and my favorite, Hellfire missiles. Once
    you save up 1100 Battle points you get 2 shots with the Hellfire. I only missed twice and say I'm about 8/10 with it.

    There is a comma rose for spotting and stuff, there are squads but I couldn't see how to spawn on the squad. Maps are a mix of big and small, most cool thing about them is tons of cover, in and outside of buildings and tons of ladders to climb and get elevated positions.

    Graphics look great, I'm running all on medium at 1440x900 10:9 aspect.

    Set up my controls exactly like BC2. Prone and crouch sprint and knife are all the same.

    I was typically in the top 2-5 on the server. I saw many clans already turning up their servers. But most were like KAOS #101 etc.

    What else? There's no destruction, but considering how softly and thoughtfully you want to move around in this game, that is cool. Most of my kills came from finding a good cover spot with my back protected and just killing idiots who ran runnin' and gunnin' like they were playing COD.

    I really liked the fact that in TDM and BattleGround you never had to worry about a guy spawning behind you, it kept the maps separated by troop concentration for safe spawning.

    I never got spawn camped, and almost always knew what and who killed me and why.

    First 3 hours impression.... I want to play more, but gotta get to work soon.

    I found nothing too odd or glitchey. At one point in MP my controls went screwy, like my crosshairs kept wanting to point in the air on their own, so I restarted the game and it was fine. At another point in one map i couldn't jump up a little one foot step like it was a map error or something.

    Overall I'd find it hard to comparing it to BC2, BF2 or COD. It's kinda it's own thing, a little bit of all of them. Collecting those points and spending them on cool **** is easy, just watch the little meter on the right and when you get 1100 press 4 for Hellfire, or if you want to spend 250 you get 3 AT rockets. They suck vs. infantry though, or I don't know how to shoot them. Of course all that is cutomizable, I unlocked other things like flack jackets and UAV drones that I didn't even load out with yet. I'd say at 4am there was about 600 to 1000 people playing online. I am ranked 1256th on the leader board.

    Anyway ramble complete. If U get the game, you'll likely enjoy it. At least the first 3 hours. Who knows where it goes from here.
  28. Jun 11, 2011
    I actually really love this game. I am not really into single player campaigns but I thoroughly enjoyed homefronts, although I would say it seems to just end. Multiplayer on other hand is awesome, like a less hardcore arma 2, fast paced, shoot someone they die fast, and vehicles for those that like that sort of thing, I just stick to my drones :)

    All in all I would say if you like
    military shooters but do not like how easy games like cod and bc2 are then get homefront, if you think cod is the best thing ever then you will probs not like how fast you can die in this game. Expand
  29. Mar 18, 2011
    This game is a mix, a mix between the drones of Frontlines fuel of War, the vehicular warfare of Battlefield and the intense infantry fights of Call of duty, this game does this with great success, its not fully perfect, it campaign is short, and multiplayer may take some getting used too. But overall this game is well worth your money, time and effort. A larger multiplayer communtiy, good optimization, gameplay and sheer fun make this game well worth your time, do not be thrown off by poor reviews and such, as this game does a fantastic job of making you feel like you are your character, your killing humans not just bots, and it really brings in the intensity of fighting in a resistance for you freedom. Expand
  30. Mar 25, 2011
    I got completely fed up with Black Ops and Bad Company and needed a change of pace. I really like this game, I'm kind of surprised that it got such low scores. I should point out that I bought it for the multiplayer, I don't really care how long or good the campaign is. I only play objective mode and I like how they spiced up the multiplayer with little purchases and marking priority targets. Also the hit detection seems much better to me than in Black Ops for some reason.
    I do have one complaint. The game is quite the hardware hog compared to how it looks. I have a i7 2600k running at 4.4GHz, 16GB ram and an ATI HD6950. It's not enough to run the game at 1920x1200 with antialiasing smoothly. To me anything below 50 FPS in unacceptable and I don't like playing without AA (yeck!) so I kept textures at maximum and turned shadows and special effects down a bit and that helped enough.
  31. Mar 15, 2011
    Great game, very moody atmospheric single player, and I'm loving the multiplayer. The multiplayer is fast paced, and the developers have clearly payed a lot of attention to making this game feel like a PC game, and not just another console knock off. One rather unique thing that this game does very well is how it makes the battlefield feel extremely chaotic, flaming vehicle debris and explosions everywhere :) Expand
  32. Mar 15, 2011
    Its single player tells a story in this 'what if' scenario in a very cinematic way, but that has something to do with it being written by John Milius. But the story and the actual single player gameplay are completely different. Although the story is very good, the actual action sequences seemed to try too hard to mimic what was already accomplished in the Call of Duty Franchise.

    multi player is definitely the pull factor to buy it. The multiple gamplay innovations featured in the game as well as many of the best innovations featured in both the Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. I wouldn't necessarily name this a "Clone" of those two franchises, but it definitely gets some inspiration from the two. Expand
  33. M13
    Mar 17, 2011
    Multiplayer is unique and fun. Single player is great but too short. All in all a solid game. And I'm sure that some of the flaws people are talking about will be patched soon enough.
  34. Mar 17, 2011
    With several titles within FPS military genre HomeFront sets itself apart from the rest. It does some things on the multiplayer side other games have done but in its own way and delivers a different experience in comparison to Call of Duty or Battlefield despite sharing similarities.

    Having vehicles that spawn whenever you have enough battle points to do so thus preventing the typical "x
    amount of vehicles" per map which most MP games have which ends up with one team dominating a match by controlling all of the vehicles, with Homefront this isn't the case.

    You pick your default class and as you "rank up" you will be able to configure classes as you see fit with perks for your play style and for your vehicles too... weapon unlocks, weapon camo and special gadgets like RC Drones and Flak Jacket makes the game appeal to your " battle taste".

    The Single player campaign has a interesting story and plays more like an interactive "book", it is heavily scripted with moments of intense combat in the mix albeit very short it sets the "lore" for the game scenery very well.

    In my book its a fun game, I'm loving the PC version.
  35. Mar 17, 2011
    I REALLY dont understand why so much fuss about this game... The game certainly has its flaws, but bottom line: I had a blast playing it and I will likely continue to do so for a long time... that to me is well worth the $60 I paid for it. The multiplayer is as good if not better than any of its competitors, and the story was (short but) brilliant.
  36. Mar 17, 2011
    This game has a new point of view that takes on realistic politic genre, the ideal of working through a linear story line, and the classic novella in gaming. These ideals are no longer popular among many gamers who are used to "sandbox" elements that allow to make "interactive" and potentially unique decisions in games that they are playing. In comparison to other FPS games, I would more closely compare this game to Half Life 2 than Modern Warefare series games. There is a distinct storyline that is potently available to players who take the time to collect and read the newpapers laying around in the single player. If you only want to play Multiplayer, then it is a best case marriagse between the Modern Warfare genres and Battlefield 2. The decisions to build your character make sense, they are balanced, and they are FUN. My only warning to anyone who is considering buying this game is that this game is mean to be enjoyed like a good meal- you dont wolf it down. Peers of mine have blown through the single player only to realize that they missed critical ambiance that lies in the smaller details. To tell you what that would be in this thread would be akin to a spoiler, so I will avoid describing it and just say- take your time, there is no hurry. In regards to getting to "know " your character, this is a new concept in gaming that has only become relevant in recent years, but being that I dont like to "play house" and "dress my paper dolls" in the game, it has been a very pleasing experience so far. I'm half way through the game and I cant wait to see what happens next. The cities I have fought in are realistically detailed, and being from one locale in the game, I was shocked and excited when I realized that I understood the EXACT location I was in. This game is a buy and only recieves a 9 because the linear model could be a smidge wider to allow for exploration and fun. Expand
  37. Mar 24, 2011
    9.o This game is too good for an 8, but slightly missing the mark for a 9. 1st.)This is a solid FPS, and was worth buying. 2.)My friends and I did not have any technical problems downloading or playing this game on our gaming PC's. 3.)the single player mode is driven by an interesting and captivating story, but was unfortunately in my opinion too short, which seems to be the trend in FPS. The graphics are good (nothing new or earth shattering), but good. I did notice differences in graphics when I used different computers. So, if you want it to look good, you'll need an updated graphic card, and a good Flat screen HD monitor/TV. You'll also want to customize your settings. That's what I did anyway, and finally the MP mode is addictive and different. Sometimes you feel rewarded and sometimes frustrated. It will depend on how adaptable you are to different playing styles. You will still find some campers here and there, but at least you have a good shot at squashing them. The game is mostly balanced. It feels good to be able to knife a sniper, who just shot up your team mates, and not see hackers jumping 2-3 stories high in one jump onto a place that no one else can climb up to like in COD. I'm enjoying the MP. So, I really can't complain. Expand
  38. Mar 30, 2011
    Homefront is a great game. It is a bit on the short side, but the engrossment of the story is top notch. Having a firefight in a TigerDirect store while it's burning down is quite exhilarating. I disliked multiplayer for Call of Duty: MW2 but actually enjoy the combat system in Homefront's multiplayer.
  39. Mar 31, 2011
    I am not sure what's up with all the bad reviews, but I really like it. It almost seems as if the reviewers don't see anything beyond CoD at times... Anyhow, the campaign could be longer, but we hear that a lot lately (e.g. CoD). Unlike CoD - Black Ops, Homefront is fun to play and the story line is engaging. It's almost feels like a successor for Frontlines: Fuel of War which is one of my favorite shooters. I just love the gadgets (e.g. RC helicopter) and it keeps the game play fresh while allowing different strategies to get through a mission. Can we please have a Frontlines 2 now? Expand
  40. Apr 5, 2011
    This game has been in the media quite a bit, firstly THQ's stock plummeted because of it, then there was how insanely short the sp campaign was and again when it sold 1 million units.
    First lets deal with the campaign, its **** there really is no argument here. Its buggy, incredibly short, full of plot holes and has some pretty bad AI. But I was never buying it for the campaign, I always
    thought of it as a mp game with some sp tacked which it was. So now, the Multiplayer!
    This is where the game claims everything back. The graphics are fantastic, which meant nothing to the campaign but makes the mp alot more enjoyable. The game had a pretty trouble free release, when compared with Crytek and Crysis 2, Homefronts release was very good for a new non AAA IP. The multiplayer is very fun, it is very much a cross between COD and Battlefield drawing inspiration from both but really making it its own game. The maps vary in size, some feel very COD like and others are more Battlefield size, the bigger ones allow you to purchase vehicles whereas the smaller ones don't. There aren't many game modes just Team Deathmatch and one akin to Domination in COD. But Domination retains the fun with an advance retreat system whereby the starting 3 control points are in the middle of the map. The team who reaches the intial score limit first advances and the others retreat you then play another round in the losing teams area with 3 new control points, then if the same team wins its over, if the other team wins you then advance back to the centre, its a very nice system and keeps the games fun. The game skeep going if its a close battle and end quickly if its an annihilation.
    It also means that maps stay interesting, I have been playing for many hours and around my 20th hour still advanced to an area I had never seen before. The weapons handle nicely, the upgarde system is very good, similar to cod but your money isn't permanent and you have to buy uavs/armor/rpgs/airstrikes with money earnt on a game by game basis. There are many other unique homefront features to this game all add a little bit more to it then either COD or Battlefield.
    Overall this game is a great mp game and I am enjoying it alot, its a reliable game that seems to have good connectivity. The icing on the cake would be dlc that adds some more maps and maybe more game modes! But for now its still loads of fun.
  41. Apr 21, 2011
    Having played through the bunch of FPS lately hitting the market I have to say this one stood out above many of the titles, ok so the single player campaign is short... who seriously buys fps for single player? once you get into the multiplayer this game really stands out above the majority of COD type games flooding the market. If you played Frontline fuels of war, you'll find a lot of common ground here since its by tthe same devs, such as remote drones and being able to go fully prone. Graphically its reasonable with Dx11 support, although texturing shows signs of console grade sadly... not enough to spoilt the excellent gameplay though. I'd take this over COD Blackops anytime... the only game it doesnt stand upto in my view is Battlefield Bas company 2 and maybe Crysis 2. Expand
  42. Apr 26, 2011
    El modo historia es bastante decepcionante, pienso que no lograron cumplir las espectativas que vendian en sus trailers, graficas no acordes para la actualidad, pero lo que le falta al modo historia lo compensa muy bien el modo multijugador. La jugabilidad es muy buena, mapas excelentes, y actualmente con la herramienta para crear servidores dedicados pienso que es un punto muy importante para la comunidad de jugadores. Estoy seguro que el juego puede convertirse es un FPS adictivo. Expand
  43. May 20, 2011
    Homefront is better than Black Ops and Bad Company. It brings a whole new meaning to war games. The most important thing is that it's not kill over 100 people and escape, no, it's more like living with the things you've done.The storyline is short but the experience of both singleplayer and multiplayer is very good. The storyline I give an 8 but the experience all together deserves an awesome 10! In all, I'd give Homefront an awesome and solid 9! Expand
  44. Dec 28, 2011
    Homefront easily earns a 9. It was simply put out into and advertised to the market wrong. It was advertised for its single-player aspect. But its true value is in multi-player. It combines the common aspects of the two more popular FPS franchises Battlefield and Call of Duty into one, all while adding its own twist. Its multi-player is very non-repetitive due to the points system. For every action a player takes to further there team in wining a match they are awarded points. Those points are spent on perks and vehicles for that match only. It also promotes playing as a team because assist-kills and objective captures have the highest rewards. But sadly it was introduced in the height of the Call of Duty craze where a games campaign over-shadows multi-player. All these factors combined makes Homefront a 9.0 worthy game, its time will come somewhere in the future. Expand
  45. Apr 30, 2013
    I purchased this game at release for £39.99 and completed it within two days. The multiplayer was very unstable at this point so I left it a month or so and went back after they sorted their servers. I have been going back on a constant basis ever since...

    I have read the reviews regarding the storyline and I don't see what the problem is? It's interesting and different even if it is
    over the top. The game tells a convincing story... The struggle of survivors; the pockets of resistance taking one step forward, 2 steps back; the harrowing scenes of murder that take place on streets for all to see! This is a game not scared to show the side of war that's depressing and because of this, you feel like you have to stand up and be counted. The pacing is sometimes an issue but the majority of the story was exceptional and spans over several different locations so the feeling of “being here, done that” never crosses your mind. It constantly moves forward and that was a plus point for me.

    Here is a quick summary of the gameplay, weapons and sounds They do their job very well. Gameplay is linear but that's the type of game Kaos has created and the story line that was being told needed constricting gameplay otherwise pacing would have been even more of an issue. Weapons were nice with lots of variety and attachments. The usual suspects are all here pistols, sub machine guns, rifles and snipers etc. Other weaponry at your disposal comes in the form of the Goliath which is a very nice touch and gives the resistance the upper hand in some key scenes. You fully control an attack helicopter through one main chapter which was an excellent diversion and the UAV at the end felt great but was considerably under used. Sound effects were convincing, music was delightful and voice acting was implemented at the right times to add weight and conviction to most scenes.

    Multiplayer is the most shocking of the package! IT IS AMAZING! Map wise there is just enough to get by with sections of the map opening up when objectives have been taken or destroyed. The maps are big with no real choke points so spammers can't operate The load outs are also in-depth with 2 special purchase slots available for each load out (UAV, Hell fire missile, flak jacket etc.) which can be purchased with battle points (the in game currency that you earn whilst playing, killing and completing various objectives.). The main thing that sticks out to me is that nothing feels over powered. The guns all have various handling and shooting techniques that have to be learnt in order to get the best out of them. The vehicles aren't easy to use and therefore require ample playtime in order to familiarise yourself with the handling, shooting, counter measures and amour effectiveness. Therefore, this game isn't something you can really just pick up and play. The game requires you to come back for more punishment before you get use to its many features. I am still in the process of learning how to effectively use the attack heli and I have spent a lot of time in game... but that is mainly down to whether purchasing a heli in the matches I play was worth the points when I know I am a more accomplished tank operator and could make more of a difference to my team. It's these differing play styles between players that make Homefront so appealing! Where one player who isn’t so good at infantry racks up his/her points by supporting their comrades by helping capture objective points which accumulate to help purchase an attach heli, their infantry ability which was somewhat poor is all but forgotten has the player roams the sky and rains down missile fire on the enemy. This is why Homefront matters; this is why it’s appealing… The person sitting at the top of the scoreboard is probably the worse infantry soldier in the game, but their ability to fly a helicopter to destroy enemy armour and allow infantry to move up is the key to success…

    The main problem is the PC community for Homefront is dying and apart from two DLC map packs released a while ago, no support to the game exists. This is a shame because the community was once big but people over played the current selection of maps and wanted a different challenge. Hopefully there is another year left but it is looking doubtful! FINGERS CROSSED!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this game since release and hope for Homefront 2 which I hear is being developed by Crytek. That should be interesting as I did enjoy the Crysis 2 multiplayer for a while. The game itself misses out on a full score because of a few minor issues and the lack of support the community has had to endure. The minor issues are mainly single player related short campaign, some under developed characters and I would have liked more vehicle sections etc. So I am giving it a 9/10 for that and as I am still playing and enjoying it now, it will get no less from me. This is one game I can safely say” I have got my monies worth from!”
  46. Mar 17, 2011
    I think the single player is really holding this game back, it could have amazing if they developed it more and didn't simply copy paste missions from other fps. The multiplayer is very well made and should not be missed by battlefield and cod fans. The multiplayer is the reason for purchasing the game, do not get if you are only interested in the single player aspect.
  47. Apr 2, 2011
    I came to this game expecting another Call of Duty clone. It looked interesting but nothing that I haven't seen before. Then when I actually get the game the atmosphere blows me away. It shows a life outside of the norm, how people need to rely on each other to survive or die. It fully depicts the horror of the Korean occupation, something that almost brought a tear to my eye. I have played Metro 2033 and other atmospheric games and this definitely fits in with them. Unfortunately, the game play is mediocre. It has a CoD feel to it but it just brings up a feeling that there is something missing. It is obviously a console game, with the only difference being promised but not kept dedicated servers, the fact that when you start running it takes you 3/4 of a second to properly gain speed, all of those little things. The multiplayer is good but but not great. I love the little BP (Battle Ponts) killstreak things but the weapons are very limited. There are a total of 11 weapons and this made me feel a little cheated. Other that that a good game with flaws but if you own an Xbox or PS3 get it on that. Expand
  48. Mar 26, 2011
    This might not be the best game ever or surpass any expectations, but surely, it is not that bad, it got average score of 68 (as current), it totally deserves more, comparing to 2010's Medal of Honor which got 75, This game is a whole lot better. The story present cruelty of war, many aspects that have not been depicted in many, or even most of the game in this field, also with backstories establishing pretty secure universe of the game. While some are unmoved by it, I am carried away, I shocked at the one of the scene suddenly feel and said exactly the same thing as my fellow AI did, This is unprecedented to me while playing game or even while watching movies, I am impressed., for MP it is like some sort of experimental , just like a mod we see everyday, but unlike mod, it is finished and polished as it is actually funded, though after sometime I felt like it is just one of the kind of variation of gameplay, I'm going back to BF's classical anyway. This is good game though not good enough for 60USD, better wait for price drop. Expand
  49. Mar 19, 2011
    The singleplayer is short but has memorable moments, I think it was great. By the end it got a little uninteresting, but enough to keep me finishing it. Then I went on to the multiplayer, which I had heard was better; I wasn't pleased for awhile, it was fun but not what I was expecting. I tweaked around with my settings a bit, and got 30+fps boost from turning off Ambient Occlusion! This game is truly awesome when its running well, I hope people who aren't running it good aren't giving it a bad review because of just that. Expand
  50. Mar 24, 2011
    A great game marred by performance and optimization issues since release. Hold off until a couple of patches iron things out is my advice unless you're willing to do a lot of .ini editing and searching around online for various solutions/tweaks. As others have said the multiplayer is a very nice mix of battlefield and call of duty, and really brings some great new concepts to the table. Personally I love just flying around in the UAV over a match and marking targets for my team =). If you're up to the challenge, go for it and pick the game up now. Once you get it running, it really is a great title that deserves a higher score than those it has been given so far. Expand
  51. Apr 25, 2011
    So this is more of a single player first impression, but i'm a few hours in, and i'm really enjoying it. When i first heard the premise i found it kind of ridiculous, but after seeing the lead in news beats, and picking up the collectible newspapers, it sounds more and more plausible. its easy for me to suspend my disbelief and buy into this story. The graphics aren't tier 1 for 2011, but i think that was expected. But it looks good. The style is gritty and run down, but not too brown as many "realistic" shooters seem to be getting. It doesnt have as much eye candy but it looks good, and I'll get my sugar fix with Crysis 2 next week. The combat is solid, but it might be a little easy. I started the game 1 setting down from the highest, but i think I'm going to max it. the only time i died was when i went somewhere i wasn't supposed to to look for a newspaper and a tank we were supposed to be sneaking past killed me. So far the only vehicle i used was the Goliath. Its a 6 wheeled vehicle with guns and missiles that you control by locking on to enemies with binocs (like air strikes in other games). you aim at an enemy, wait for lock, and fire. And the Goliath goes nuts on em. its really visceral and a lot of fun to watch. He feels like a big brother that's kicking your bullies ass. I thought the use of real brands for stores and stuff would bother me (like it usually does) but not so much. Somehow the fact that they wanted these brands here to add a sense of reality, and not just for more ad dollars makes it feel different. The characters are ok, a little cookie cutter maybe, but i don't really know them yet. So, so far I'm really enjoying it. I have heard that the campaign is very short. This is disappointing considering how hard they pushed the story aspect of this game. But that seems to be par for the course these days. I enjoy MP, but I really go for a nice deep immersive single-player shooter experience. Hopefully, now that they have a great game, and hopefully some serious income, now they'll have the resources to pour into a tier 1 shooter with a campaign of some length. I bought this day one because I wanted to support the fact that they were pushing a different angle on shooters. and they were pushing the story. Hopefully they'll hear my dollars asking for more of that when it comes time for Homefront 2. But until then, I'm really enjoying this one...while it lasts. Oh and lastly. Way to go THQ for FINALLY allowing Steam to give us a midnight release! So many publishers wont even let us preload the game at midnight, never mind letting us play it. THQ let us preload, and i was able to install the game at midnite! love it, wish more publishers would do it. Thanks!â Expand
  52. Mar 17, 2011
    Awesome game, I like it alot, its fresh and new. Single player is a bit short and could have been longer, however the multiplayer makes up for it. If you are not a multiplayer user then you might be a bit disappointed in the length of singleplayer so a 50$ price tag isn't a good deal by any means. Wait for the games price to drop then pick it up. But if you will use both game modes then the asking price is reasonable. Expand
  53. Mar 17, 2011
    I wasn't intending to buy this game until I read a preview about it where the writer said it had the suburban look of MW2 and the feel of Half Life 2. It does feel a bit like HL2 but not as much as I was hoping for. MW2 obvious. I'm a bit over 3 hours into the story line and an hour into MP. The single player is fun! It looks great and the best modded Unreal 3 Engine I've seen so far. The physics in the game are very nice and entertaining. Explosions look great and if timed well will send bodies flying a good distance. The level design is done well. Subtle hints here and there to guide you and to catch your attention. The atmosphere is pretty creepy and embodies what an occupation may be like. You can see LOTS of time was put into the environments. Good attention to detail which most games out at the moment don't seem to be doing. The weapons sound punchy and satisfying. The same with ambient sounds. Nice looking blood splatter and animation. No dismemberment though... Why can't more games have this? It made Soldier of Fortune and COD World at War much more entertaining right?! The dialogue has given me a laugh here and there so far, but over all OK. On the other hand though 95% of all First Person Shooter game dialogue is garbage. When will decent writers start on video games? MP is a nice cross between Battle Field and COD World At War (ever notice how much more open the maps in World At War were?) And maybe a nod to counter-strike when purchasing a flak jacket after a re-spawn? The re-spawning is much better than COD, where as it makes sense and not just a blind spot. Not as much running and gunning compared to cod. Group re-spawn like BF a nice thing. Nothing groundbreaking but they have a decent mix of features from other popular MP games. it would be nice to see some more game modes though. The Game for me so far (3 1/4 hours in) is pretty sweet! It's not genre changing but delivers on everything it should just fine and is quite entertaining. I don't understand most of the negative things i read about it. What games are those guys playing that make them feel the need to condescend to most other games? Over all, the game for me is a solid B when most shooters I've played lately are a C+ at best. Thank God it's not like there PR red balloon stunt. LOL
    If the game keeps going like this, it's worth the $50 and you get to help support new games on PC at $50 and not starting at $60.
  54. Mar 18, 2011
    Single player is okay just to kill time. I like single player games and this didn't do it for me. Way to linear and way to scripted. If you don't follow the scripted path they AI will not open doors etc. for you. They friendly AI and enemy AI can be right next to each other and they don't fire at each other in other words all AI focus on you. Also "enemies" appear out of thin air. I'm giving single player a 5 out of 10.

    Multiplayer - At first I wasn't happy with it. I kept on playing , learning the maps, and game itself, not comparing it to COD or BF games. The game is actually a good multiplayer game. I find myself playing it more than COD:BLOPS / MOH / BFBC2. The few issue that I find that rub me the wrong way is some of the game physics. For example a sniper has a "rock" in his way, they can see over the rock but are able to snipe you through the rock. Since it uses a modified UT3 you can tweak it so you don't have all the brush and it gives an unfair advantage for those who don't remove the brush. You could be hiding in a cluster of brushes and still get picked off from across the map. AA3 has the same issue. Overall MP is a good game.
  55. Mar 19, 2011
    I must preface this review by saying that I am not much of a single player gamer, I much prefer to face and best a foe with a brain, rather than pwning a bunch of ones and zeros. Having only played the multiplayer, I can tell you that that alone is enough to warrant Homefront receiving a 8/10 rating. Sure there is a discernible lack of polish, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Itâ
  56. Mar 22, 2011
    This game is nothing revolutionary but it's damn fun. In contrary to alot of people, I enjoyed the single player. The setting is exceptional and even though the story never really picks up during the game, it's still an original idea that could have been really great.Short campaign, but better then i expected since everyone was bashing it. The multiplayer is fun like hell and addictive. I love the fact that you die really easily, I think it adds a realistic touch to the game. Expand
  57. Mar 23, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was looking forwards to this game for a couple reasons just as so many of you, first was the singleplayer since that was one of the things they kept promoting with. Before the release they said that they looked at games such as Half-Life this is notable in the game and I like that.

    Sadly but true there are a lot cinematic movies in each single mission there are even so many of them that they get bored and after a while it got so bored that I preferred to hit my space bar button and just jumped around.I also could not get any feelings for the characters (NPC's) since their responses aren't even looking natural neither feeling that way and they have so many emotions it's just hard to get a emotional attached to them while that was one of the stronger points of Half-Life.

    My second problem with the singleplayer was that it was buggy and predictable since every time one of your buddy's tells you to do something they tell it as a reason for example: Normally they always go first trough the doorway running faster then you but then this one time they will not go before you're trough one of my buddy's even told me to go trough the door, guess what? A Korean surprise party was waiting for me.
    As for the bugs let me put it like this: Walls are supposed to block you from going somewhere not air, there are a lot blocking spots where you would expect to be able to walk trough.

    My third and final problem was it's length it took me for about 4 - 5 hours to play and finish the game this where (after seeing all the trailers) I expected at least 8 hours of gameplay, the only mission which was fun to repeat was a mission in a certain helicopter.

    So far the singleplayer, the multiplayer on the other hand is good and far from bad also on the PC.

    These are the points you collect see it as "Money" however this money will disappear on the end of the round so you only have a limited time to use them, you can earn battlepoints by killing people however when you spawn-kill somebody you won't earn any points at all same counts for when you bought a vehicle and get to many kills, you will only receive about 10% of what you otherwise would have.
    The more kills you make without dying the more points you will get to so getting a "Killstreak" will definitely reward you.

    At the begin of each round you can choose your class with your "Personal killstreaks" this can be for example a Personal UAV scan, a Rocket launcher or a drone.
    Once you died you get the ability (when you have enough points) to choose one of the 5 vehicles (10 different in total, but 5 for each side) first you have a Humvee, second a Light Armored Vehicle, third is a Heavy tank, fourth a Scout helicopter and last a heavy armed helicopter.
    The between these rewards are good since players on the ground will be able to get a rocket launcher whenever they need (when set) also the game gives you from the start the ability to use a Proximity launcher which is useful against air targets (to use this for other classes you need to be a higher level).

    Perks: Unlike Call of Duty where you can select 3 perks with a limited combination, this game did it different you get an amount of "Points" which you can use starting with 4 points but each 25 level's you go up you get 1 extra for example:
    Steady aim costs you 2 points leaving you (at level 10) with the ability to either: go for two 1-point perks or one more 2-point perk.
    Level's of the perks go from level 1 till 3 but none of them are "Overpowered", not even the "Commando-look-alike" one.

    There aren't so many maps however each of them has their own unique design, you have as well close quarter urban environments as well as long distance maps.

    Last thing to talk about will be the weapons and their realistic feelings:
    The weapons actually do damage in this game, and you will only need 3 - 4 bullets to kill somebody and the weapons are pretty balanced I have not (yet) met a weapon which is in my eye's either in-effective or overpowered. the only bad thing this game does have are the snipers, sometimes you just can't walk trough the city without being sniper by some guy hiding in the bushes 300 meters away but the game also has the solution for that: You get less battlepoints and the kill-cam gives your position away. Bad thing I found was that there is only 1 shotgun in the game and that is the one coming with the resist edition (or DLC code), you do have an under-barrel shotgun but that one isn't as effective as the one you get with the code. Weapons have attachments and camouflage unlocked by kills and killstreaks.


    + points:
    The multiplayer is balanced.
    Good feeling weapons.
    No over-powered rewards.
    Team-based objectives and a smooth gameplay.

    - points:
    Short and buggy singleplayer.
    No replay value in the singleplayer.
    A couple hackers in the multiplayer but not to many of them.
  58. May 31, 2011
    Interesting game this, although flawed from a single player perspective due to the short campaign (7 levels) which took around 4 hours to complete at a push. The game is interesting because it does have a very healthy selection of weapons and ALL of them feel dangerous. Even playing this on normal is kind of like playing call of duty on hardcore, which I found quite refreshing. Multiplayer is fast and varied and overall enjoyable, although the playerbase has much to be desired sadly. Overall if you find this CHEAP, get it if your a fan of FPS. Feels like a weird mix of COD and terminator salvation (due to building textures, city layouts etc) Collapse
  59. Nov 25, 2011
    Its a good game i found it nice, the missions are good. Graphics looks a bit weird but okey, and the Maps are well designed. Well homefront feels a bit solid and a bit short but mixing, 2029 and Call of duty and Halo together, was a good example. The multiplayer is good because it got Vehicles, It got a nice spawn view. The game doesn't haves many bugs and on my computer it does not lagg, you just need a strong computer in order to run the game. I will move back to Multiplayer that is what makes this game a Top. The Unlocks,The Spawns,The Vehicles,The Game style,Spawn View, The Game modes are just great, i would recommend the game,
    Especially for Multiplayer gamers!
  60. Oct 20, 2011
    I agree to some extent with the negative reviews; e.g., game too short, linear plot, etc. However, there seemed to be a lot of action (also alot of cut scenes). I found that the weapons and AI were much better than Bad Company 2, and the battles were entertaining. If you can get this game on sale, I would recommend it highly.
  61. Jul 26, 2011
    Great game with a great story line. The characters and story were very in-depth and I could also see this being a film. It gets the player very involved with the war and what is happening down to a personal level. Even though this is a console game it is ported very well onto the PC and its graphics are very appealing even when ran in a lower spec. Multiplayer isnt great but its playable if youre bored or want a laugh with some friends. A good buy but probably not worth £20 at the moment. If youre looking for an in depth story and great SP and its about £15? you cant go wrong Expand
  62. Dec 5, 2011
    This game did not merit to receive such a low grade of 70. It's a fun game, and the graphics are oh so pretty if you have the rig to max out settings. This game has an interesting story, with a very disturbing "what if?" scenario. Its not a perfect game, but its not a waste of money. However, i'm also under the belief that no shooter is worth 60 dollars, even "mainstream" games such as Battlefield or Modern Warfare. But if you can get at this game at a good price, you will have as much with this game as any other shooter. Except it might be better as it deviates from the standard shooter game formula. Expand
  63. Dec 2, 2012
    This game is really addictive and challenges. But it's surprisingly short game and leave me in cliffhanger at the end. Nothing else to say more about this game. Addictive game is good enough for me.
  64. Mar 17, 2011
    Bought off steam. Good game but the campaign was over in 4 hours, and since for a shooter that is competing in the same narrative as CoD and MoH, even if they don't want that comparison, it's painfully short.

    I note that I'm not normally a FPS player, but overall the story was great, very crisp, but again, too short. Hopefully the campaign will be extended via cheap DLC since right now
    it seems that we're missing half a game. Haven't tried multiplayer yet, but I will later.

    Pros: Great story, if you pre-ordered on Steam you get another game to play when you're done with this one.
    Cons: Too short, price is high for a 4 hour game.
  65. Apr 17, 2011
    Let me start by saying that this game is not as terrible as some reviews are making it out to be, it has a lot wrong with it but it is definitely worth the 4 to 5 hours of SP game time alone. IMO it is a better SP game than Black OPS was by a margin.
    Sadly it is let down by some stupid mistakes, the main one being invisible walls - I mean if you do not want me to walk there at least add a
    fence or something, a small tin can is not going to justify me not being able to cross it. It is riddled with this. There was one or two places where I witnessed some dodgy AI but this is thankfully kept to a minimum and at times the voice acting is very forced where the story makers want to know that person is this type of person in as quick a space as possible. The story is told well, not by the game play itself but cleverly depicted through the scenery and newspaper articles you collect throughout the campaign. There are some seriously disturbing moments and scenes which really give the player a real sense of oppression and sadness (well at least I felt it) - sadly there is very little humor added in except for a certain section where some uncomfortable comments are made to me about a pet of sorts....but that was really the only moment throughout - perhaps due to the context of the story it is not required though. All be told at the end I felt a real sense of satisfaction and I will be giving it one more play through on the hardest setting to try and collect all of the newspaper clips.

    Onto the multiplayer - the game play is brilliantly smooth and satisfying, the streaks are interesting and not overpowered IMO although I typically only use the personal UAV and Flack Jacket. Note that you need to purchase these by using battle points which you earn by kills, headshots = more points - you effectively choose you loadout which includes the perks. The maps are massive and well designed providing a nice balance for all classes, the downside is it does promote a lot of camping - attempt to run and gun ala COD and you will die a quick death, it is less tactical than a battlefield game however I suspect that this is due to the very limited game types - effectively Team Death Match and Ground Control (which is like Domination (COD)/ Sector Control (MOH) / Conquest (BFBC2)), and that is it - nothing more. I am very disappointed that they did not copy and improve game modes from other titles namely the ever favorite RUSH from BFBC2 and the simply awesome Combat Mission from MOH - this would really have rounded this game off and added to the re-playability. Sadly after a couple of hours of playing it gets boring pretty quickly (at least for me).

    All in all - get it for the SP, it is worth it and try out the MP but I suspect (and based on the number of active players) that it wil merely be a distraction from other online titles.
  66. Mar 15, 2011
    The concept behind the game is really good and the execution was nearly perfect. The feel that your fighting for the freedom of America is there. The only problem i had with the game was that the single player campaign was ridiculously short. I finished the campaign on normal in 2 hours to put it in perspective. I haven't gotten around to playing multi-player yet so my review is kind of skewed. There better be a squeal to the campaign or a lot of DLC. Though the graphics aren't the best you can find today, the story behind it all really puts this game above most other FPS. Expand
  67. Mar 15, 2011
    Got it off steam, no complaints there.

    Graphics/Performance: Let me begin by saying that I feel that the graphical scaling on this game is a bit off. I don't have the best computer, but I can run Crysis Warhead on medium/high settings at my native resolution of 1900 x 1080 with 30 - 40 fps, but in Homefront anything but 800 x 600 and bare minimum settings was horribly choppy and
    unplayable. With the worst settings I got 60 fps most of the time, but had a few large drops. TLDR: Worse graphics than Crysis with worse performance.

    Single player: Story started out boring but was strangely reminiscent of Half Life 2. Playing through on normal only took four hours. I'm sure it will take longer on harder difficulties, but it's still a very short single player. When the game ended I was like, "whoo let's do this!! Oh, that was the last mission? Okay..." Just when things were really picking up emotionally and gameplay wise the game just ends. They obviously did this so they can make a sequel, but I felt that single player could have benefited from another segment or two. The story was decent but nothing amazing. Newspaper articles laying on the ground and radio transmissions between missions were a nice touch, though. It was nice to not be in the middle east or Eurasia. They made the story believable.
    TLDR: Decent story, reminiscent of Half-Life 2, but too short.

    Gameplay: Almost the exact same as Modern Warfare; everything from the feel of weapons, HUD, melee animations, and cross-hairs. The only difference is vehicles are a lot more prevalent than in COD which I feel is a plus.
    TLDR: Modern Warfare with vehicles.

    Multiplayer: I haven't touched it and don't really plan to. I'm not terribly into COD style shooters' multiplayers, although player controlled vehicles could mix things up.

    Overall: If you like Call of Duty you should like this game. If you don't like Call of Duty very much, wait until it's on sale. If it was long I would have given it a better score.
  68. Mar 18, 2011
    Generaly, a very good game. I was really wanting this game to replace BF, my usual FPS choice. But it wont, maybe when HF2 comes, but not this time. Instead it will be a filler till BF3, and a good one at that. I loaded up on the second day of release, got a BIG patch DL, so not to many bugs when I played MP. Every now and then I get the "stuck drone" bug when on sharp edges. Thats it. However, cheaters are pretty rampent, hopefully VAC will catch them soon. SP, short and heavily scripted. Kaos promised a good mix of RPG in it, nope. A lot of "follow the leader". Still the story is good and enlightening. Very well told. MP - Not my cup of tea. Very CoDish. Its challenging, and therefore Im still entertained, when not frustrated by the ease of my death. 1-2 bullet hits and your gone. Plus the maps are a campers paradise. But they are very detailed and elaborate. They also make good use of all levels of elevation. Plenty of things to climb. Too bad there isnt any bullet drop. The "unique" features that Kaos talked about, Battlepoints and Battle Commander, very well planned and implemented, making the game interesting and more fun. Also the in game chat box is obscure, so chat flammers are barely noticed. Squads formation is available, but its an aferthought. There is no squad spawning, everyone just spawns randomly around the map.

    Graphics - Just a little better then PS2 lvl. I was hoping for better w/ PC copy since it was codeveloped instead of a full console port. Nope. Still very dated. Too bad, b/c this game has a lot going for it. Its not bad, it just doesent make the bar, thats all.

    Sound - This pertains mostly to PC users. Sound is as basic as it gets. Like a lot of new titles, your soundboard is barely utilized. Also, no multi channel speakers used, just basic stereo. No EAX, 3D sound positioning or anything, same with headphones. VOiP - doesent work.
  69. Mar 20, 2011
    A classic FPS game with multiplayer elements ripped from other games like COD MW and FOW. Singleplayer is nice enough though short. I really miss a cover system or lean.
    This game is all about multiplayer which i find quite good and fun. Big maps with lot's of action that includes drones, choppers and vehicles. All in all a good game from Kaos studios. Well done chaps!
  70. Mar 23, 2011
    Honefront, it has an excellent idea and something fresh from the other FPS titles out there. It was anticipated and people wanted it. This offered so much and really has some great ideas, but it was executed poorly in some areas. Let us discuss the Single Player first: It has a great story idea and something that not many games have: The reality of what war REALLY looks like. Its brutal, dark, and heartbreaking and it just states facts. Some titles like the recent 'Call of Duty' shows war like if it was a action packed movie where the good guy always wins. While the story was good and the idea was excellent, it was excited poorly. This game is very VERY scripted. You cant do anything unless the game tells lets you, so it limits the player very much on what they want to do. The game is basically fool proof, which is boring. They do show the brutality of war in this game, but the game shoves it in your face. They show it like "LOOK AT THIS, LOOK HOW BAD WAR IS, LOOK AT THOSE CIVILIANS DYING" which you do want to feel bad, but you cant cause you really cant take it seriously. There are parts where the game makes you gasp, but very few scenes do that. The guns are limited. The game does not give you a whole not of choices which disappoints me, I like variety and so do many other players. The Recoil in the guns is limited, which takes off the realism in the game. The Single Player promised alot, but didnt excite it properly. The NPCs are almost useless, but The story is also very VERY VERY short, expect it to finish it in about 4-6 hours, depends on what difficulty. Now the Multiplayer is where the game shows itself fully. The multiplayer is alot of fun and has a combination of Battlefield games and CoD4. It has something for everyone who enjoys killing players or vehicles. The implementation of BP (Battle Points) was a unite idea, rewarding players who capture points, killing high value targets, destroying tanks, and just killing players. With those Battle Points, you can purchase tanks, helicopters, drones, or other perks that can benefit the player on the battlefield. Parks are in this game, but the perks you get are worth Points. Every player starts with 4 points and are offered a number of perks that are worth different number of points. For example, The Quick reload only costs one point, and the "From the Hip" perk costs 3 points, after that you cannot select anymore perks for that loadout. Progressively, you will get more points for each loadout the player has later in levels. The Gametypes are "Ground Control" which is like Bad Company 2's Rush and Conquest combined together. Theres also Team Deathmatch and in TDM and GC there is another gametype that is allowed in same games: Battle Commander. BC is basically a lone wolf type of gameplay. Should you go out and go on a killing spree, you are awarded BC. You gain perks the more you kill, but then sends a signal to the opposing team that you are a threat and must be eliminated. The more players you kill, the more are notified and the higher your rank becomes. If a player kills the BC, then he is awarded BP, depending how many stars the BC had. The only complaint I have for the multiplayer, is the recoil on guns and snipers, which is not a problem, but again sniper rifles DO NOT have recoil so they can recover much faster. The multiplayer is alot of fun and is definately worth it.

    In Summary: The SP story is good, but was executed poorly. The Multiplayer is alot of fun and will keep you playing for hours. This is a definite buy for the Multiplayer and a bit for the SP.
  71. Apr 17, 2011
    this had no beta test or demo i brought it the story is so bad i think mass effect 1 had a better story multiplayer seems rushed i now people will likes this i did a little bit there a better shooters out there
  72. Dec 4, 2011
    In the start I would like to say, that this is a really average FPS, but it's not bad. The campaign is short but good, but the multiplayer is the most fun, especially when you have friends. The graphics are average too, but passable, not worth the full price, but I recommend you to buy it for a cheap price. I have heard about the Online Pass, which is on consoles, I played the game on OnLive and there isn't an Online Pass, buy it there. Expand
  73. May 12, 2013
    The good thing about the game: Homefront has a really good story and you can feel and see that they have done a great job out of it. However, it is not as long, but rather a short and good campagin than a bad and long campagin. The graphics are comfortable in terms of the game is from 2011.

    The bad:
    Mulitplayer sucks! There is no on and they have almost done nothing at all
    out of it. I do not care for the game almost never mulitplayer. They could nevertheless need to put some more work into it. There are not enough different things to play. The courses are either long and complex or small and impossible to navigate in.

    If you buy a game for a good campaign, I recommend definitely Homefront! It's cheap and worth the money!
    If you buy a game for mulitplayer I would advise you to consider your purchase once or see it in some of your friends if they own it.

    chri529r out.
  74. Sep 11, 2014
    I think the dislike of this game is a matter of perspective. Those who paid a full 60 dollars for this game didn't really get what they paid for, let's be honest. However, after picking it up new at a little shop out of town for only 6 dollars, I can tell you it was worth every penny.

    The single player campaign may be short, but it has a fun storyline and is one of the cooler concepts
    or a guerilla war where you're basically the badass who's the first step in igniting a full on assault against the Korean invaders. The Guerilla difficulty is incredibly difficult, and challenges me to this day. I've played the campaign around ten times because it's a ton of fun for me, especially feeling like the weapons are super powerful.

    The multi-player is fairly good, but it is limited to only two modes with very little information on how to use the various battle points you acquire, and it also lags a lot even with a good connection. But when it works, it's great fun, with some large maps to boot.
  75. Mar 31, 2011
    The story and plot is brilliant and very realistic, graphics good but nothing exceptional! The thing that destroyed the game was the short single player campaign! How can all the great companies pack in a great single campaign and a very long one!was so hyped for this game but was let down!
  76. Nov 24, 2011
    This game has so much potential, it was a COD Killer the hype building up was massive and i was deterred by the Graphics the campaign looked long like a movie, but then the game came out boom washed down the water you've got possibly one of the shortest campaigns in FPS it just ends abruptly and multiplayer is balanced it's great, big maps but the thing that lacked was variety that was the downside, Homefront 2 here we come. Expand
  77. Mar 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Honestly, I wanted to like Homefront, I truly did. When I saw that this was a game about what would happen to America, if we were occupied, it caught my imagination immediately. Unfortunately, the game itself failed to live up to its expected expectation. First, the character dialogue is pretty crappy, and the characters themselves are not really believable. You have Rianna, who for some reason is caring a gun and is in the resistance in a major war, but yet complains every other minute about what were "doing." (Killing Americans, fighting soldiers, etc) Well, then there is Connor, the complete opposite of Rihanna. He's the type of guy who is all about the bloodshed of the enemy, he's a true patriot in the sense that he's a complete psycho and truly unbelievable. His viewpoint is that no matter the cost or sacrifice, the end justifies the means. Next, we have the tech. guy, who is unmemorable, as he barely talks the entire game and Connor treats him like his personal punching bag. All three characters are way too polar-opposite in their own personalities, that makes the Spartans in Halo: Fall of Reach, seem more "realistic."

    Next, I absolutely hated the fact that the U.S. army was maimed, killed, and for all intents and purpose, raped by the N.K. army. U.S. helicopters blown out of the sky, soldiers blown to hell, and the sense that the U.S. army was ran by some inexperienced general made for a lower opinion of this game. To me, it seemed like the only way the the U.S. army won back San Fransico was by Jacob's hand alone. Jacob, a helicopter pilot by nature, somehow manages to always be put on the spot to act like James Bond. Taking on many soldiers by himself, destroying key targets, and being that silent figure of "mystery." I truly wanted to like this game, and I bought it way in advance because the game was so hyped, and the story just seemed so intriguing. I beat the game in four and a half hours flat, and I truly feel like it was not worth the money nor time. I didn't learn anything new about America's struggle against the N.K. empire. Before you cry "what??," it was simply do to the fact that I already knew America was fighting N.K., I knew that Americans were divided, and I knew that the N.K. army was brutal to the civilian population. What I wanted to learn more about was what the world was thinking, what else was happening outside of just the four man mismatched squad of saviors. In the end, when Homefront 2 comes out, I will wait until after its release for the reviews on it before making a call as to rather or not to buy it. I don't think this game was half-***ed, but I do think that the creators totally f*cked it up.
  78. Mar 16, 2011
    I'll keep this short since many others have voiced similar thoughts about this game. So far it has been a real let down for me. A buddy of mine says the gameplay feels quote "it feels like some clunky, free-to-play, and pay-to-perform Korean FPS." - Irony (?) I won't compare it to BC2 or COD because I didn't want to be unfair. At this point all I can say is I'm glad I didn't pick up an additional copy for my son(s) to play...I always get extra copies as I am a gaming dad, but not going to waste my money on this one. Final thoughts are...I really hope they can polish/tweak things a little better or they won't be seeing any more cashflow from this particular gaming consumer. Please, Homefront these reviews and fix things. Better still...maybe play some BC2 and COD games and get a feel for what works in them and maybe repeat it...yeah you might not want to copy them but they did something RIGHT that us gamers keep going back to. Expand
  79. Mar 17, 2011
    The single player has an interesting story, but terrible execution. It isn't bad that it is so short. The graphics are not great, and the single player is full of frustrating invisible walls and "Ramirez! Shoot those guys!" moments.

    The multiplayer is okay, but not enough to pull me away from Bad Company 2. Weapons are very powerful, with 2-3 shots enough to kill with a rifle. The sniper
    rifle is a semi-automatic lazer beam, so you'll get sniped ALL THE TIME. Battle points are an interesting idea, but I wish there was more incentive to play as a team. Right now it encourages Rambo-style play, and though there is a squad feature, it seems to be of absolutely no use in the game. The Battle commander is actually very well done, where killstreaks mean more people are gunning for you to get extra points and experience. Mediocre at full price, but the multiplayer is interesting enough if you can pick it up on sale Expand
  80. Mar 20, 2011
    This Game was fun (awsome graphics, lots of action...), but WAY too short. It took me only ONE (!) sunday afternoon to get through the SP mode, which was very disappoiting. (I buy those games mainly for the SP.) Even the 2010 Medal of Honor had a longer play time.
  81. Mar 23, 2011
    Singleplayer campaign is weak. Both friendly and enemy AI is far from intelligent. The game progression is very awkward and triggering transitions to the next stage is often frustrating because you're waiting on your friendly NPC's to catch up. Multiplayer is fun and feels like a mix of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Call of Duty (Modern Warfare/BlackOps), and in that same sense, it doesn't bring anything new to the table. Vehicles are limited and not as exhilarating to use as Battlefield ones, however, the heli's aren't bad. I guess its worth a try considering its only 50 bucks, but I kinda feel jipped considering the singleplayer was so darn short and freakin repetitive Expand
  82. Apr 4, 2011
    Homefront is an enjoyable objective led shooter but it's difficult to justify giving the game a higher rating than a 6.

    The story itself is fairly intense but you can't help but feeling like a very small cog in a very small machine. The objectives often seem trivial and often rely on very simple and repetetive tasks but what marks Homefront up is the realism and perhaps shock value of
    something which, one day, could be a very real prospect. Sadly, the campaign is only three hours long and it's very difficult to justify paying such a high outlay if you don't intend to play the Multiplayer which is iffy at best.

    The mechanics are very last generation. The maps are far too linear and there is only one way to go about any objective which further reinforces the shallow nature of the campaign. There is no bullet penetration of any sort and you'll regularly find yourself frustrated whilst enemies hide behind cardboard boxes and thin wooden fences. There is no destructible environments and even exploding barrels will do nothing to the surrounding features.

    What frustrated me most was the fact that I was made to follow everyone everywhere and you'll find yourself waiting, and being pushed out of the way, frequently whilst your team climb ladders, move through doorways, drop into tunnels etc.

    There are the usual typical nods to things you'd expect from an FPS these days. You'll find yourself calling in airstrikes from time to time and there is a stealth mission which is too easy. The gem of these perks is a mission flying a helicopter but the choppers on board weapons are too powerful to provide much of a challenge.

    Really, if they ironed out some of the more finicky bits, made the game harder and more importantly, made it three times longer. It would be worth buying. As it stands this is rental at best.
  83. Apr 19, 2011
    I wouldn't go over a 6 for this game as it is irrefutably one of the best storylines that the gaming universe has seen, muddled up in too many cliche scenes and very Call-of-Duty Style Gameplay. I find it as one of those games you can only barely play. Only Just captured my intelligence through many previews and lead-ups to the game. Multiplayer on the other hand does deserve a little ,if any, praise for its constructive potential and the use of in-game credits to buy power-ups, vehicles, ammo, etc.

    It is a fun game for the first few hours, then becomes boring quickly, Hardly worth anything over $30.

  84. Jun 29, 2011
    Homefront is a decent game. I'm mostly a PC gamer when it comes to shooters, and I'm not all that hardcore. This review is only about the single player campaign because I really care little for modern FPS multiplayer games.
    Homefront feels like another COD clone, because nowadays everything is a "COD clone", as if COD was the first ever FPS. However the singleplayer campaign is much more
    exciting and appealing than any crappy iteration of the aforementioned franchise. There are some awkward lines of dialogue, especially when the line is spoken out of cue. For instance, at one point the leader tells the girl to kill a guy, and she heads over to the person to be killed and halfway there she yells that she "didn't sign up for this **** This is followed by the leader telling her to grow a pair and the almost immediate execution of the guy. Mind you, this was in the middle of a "stealth" segment. Because apparently deranged American killers with trigger happy fingers don't see or hear you (or your squad) in broad daylight as you prance around their base and scream at each other. Then there's the matter that the leader himself is a weird obstinate guy that is not very likeable. Your squad also has a Korean tech geek that no one really likes. And then there's the chick, who has amazing hips. There was also a previous leader, but he was black and was therefore shot and hanged early on in the game. Oh, and there's this super awesome cannon on wheels thing that you can use to blow **** up by pointing at your target with a monocle.
    The gameplay itself is lots of fun, though. Guns feel amazing, and some of the scopes are super epic. There's not that much variety of weaponry in the game, mostly the same 6 or so guns with different attachments. I didn't find a way to decide what attachments I wanted and I feel that this was absolutely lame. Sure, you're a freedom fighter and have to use what you can grab, but what would stop me from taking a scope from X gun and putting it on X other one? Regardless, it's not that hard to find a nice suitable setup. Now, something that is really awkward is equipment usage. To swap between your two guns, you press 1. To throw a grenade you press G. Then I can't remember how the **** to throw C4, nor how to use a grenade launcher attachment, because it just wasn't intuitive.
    Enough about combat, what about pacing and missions? Missions are paced well. There are times when a tank will appear after obliterating a house next to you and you run away screaming like a little girl (I know I did) and then there's times when you're "sneaking" around. There's also lots of chest high walls, but there's no way to stick to them, which I like. Then there's also a segment where you fly a chopper and have to get your team to highjack some trucks. This part is very easy, slightly very unrealistic, but very fun nonetheless. It is worthy to note that this segment, which is, by the way, over way too soon, is the reason why these freedom fighters wanted you: you're a pilot. And you're really only useful those 5-10 minutes.
    Actually, that's an understatement, because as in many other shooters, your squad is a bunch of brain-dead morons. Upon occasion I would get shot from behind, only to turn around and see "nice hips" chick standing there staring at the guy.
    There's also an issue with the AI always wanting to kill YOU. For instance, an RPG dude on a tower: you haven't messed with him and for all intents and purposes he is blissfully ignorant of your existence; until you pop your head out of a window (a window on his blind side) and aim at him, then he figures out your location, intent, name, date of birth, sexual inclinations, how hot your sister is, etc., and lands a rocket straight down your throat. I guess some Koreans just have a bit of a David Copperfield thing going on.
    As far as rewards go, there are very little. Remember, you're struggling to fight some crazy asian people, seeing another day is your reward. Also, forget about saving Americans, because you pretty much doomed every single civilian you met.
    There is one really big problem I have with this game, and it's the fact that the ending was rushed and uninspired. Almost as if the devs thought: "hmmmm, I don't feel like writing more story, let's just have the leader kill-errrmm sacrifice himself and end it there."
    In conclusion, Homefront is a solid gameplay experience that will keep you on your toes. And, even though I find it to be better than COD, it just isn't too high a praise, it's just an alright game. In fact, I don't think I'll ever touch it again. So, if you'd like something tastier than COD, and happen to see Homefront on a Steam sale, by all means go ahead and grab it.
  85. May 24, 2011
    I thought the single player campaign of the game was good. The storyline was 'Red Dawn' with North Koreans instead of Russians/Cubans. The background story explaining what happened was actually interesting and made sense. The graphics were fine, nothing fancy, and I didn't have the technical problems some people on here were talking about. I was upset with how the single player campaign suddenly ended, very short game, and left me with that sneaking suspicion that because it ended so suddenly with so much left that there will be DLC we will have to buy to continue the storyline to its conclusion. The Multiplayer was OK. The Battlepoints aren't anything new and it didn't have the teamwork feel like Battlefield:BC2 and just didn't seem as much fun either. I would recomend waiting until the game goes on sale as it is worth the playthrough. Expand
  86. May 28, 2011
    The first time I played through this game, I enjoyed it. However, the second time I found myself getting somewhat bored. This is a game that seems like a connected series of awesome moments, so when I am not in the awesome moments I feel bored. It is an interesting premise for a story, and a lot of the gameplay mechanics are truly entertaining, but I feel like I'm going to forget about it pretty soon. Graphically, this game gave my computer a slight amount of trouble at times with lag. My video card has held up well over the years (8800 GTX) and I was able to play this game on the highest settings with little problem. I will play a sequel if it is made! Expand
  87. Jun 25, 2011
    i dont know why ppl give this game a bad score i finished it in 3 hours ok but the gameplay was very entertaining + the battles where on a much better scale then COD more action and harder gameplay COD is much easier this is a real teamplay based war game much more realism then other war games if u like rough gameplay buy this game it wil entertain u till the end.

    my conclusion : shorts
    gameplay but much fun / without tactics u wil not survive+ i got COD4 and the gameplay was much to easy - my opinion. HF - less missions but way more harder gameplay - so more realism
    4 the ones wo make wanna give it a try have fun and good luck :D
  88. Jul 12, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was really excited about this game when I first heard of it. The story is completely different than that of Call of Duty or Medal of Honor and it was believable (though improbable). I immediately got sucked into the story and connected with the characters and what they were trying to do. I ran through the suburb blasting badguys and trying to escape through the wall. The most awe inspiring part of the game was when we discovered the mass grave, and then had to hide in it. It was shocking. When we finally made it to San Francisco we helped our military take back the Golden Gate bridge and I watched my friend make the ultimate sacrifice so that we could succeed. And then... the game ended. The credits rolled and I was left with a look on my face that I've only had once before; at the ending of Borderlands. I don't play multiplayer fps games, so this game had to stand on singleplayer alone. This game was sprinting for a 10 but tripped and fell flat on its face at a 6. Expand
  89. Aug 31, 2012
    Enjoyable and atmospheric; felt like slipping on a comfortable pair of slippers. Story is entertaining and has excellent set-pieces, very memorable and engaging throughout, reminds of both Crysis 2 and Half Life 2, campaign is ridiculously short though, I finished in 3 hours - I've played longer DLC than this. Not a bad buy if you can find it cheap.
  90. Dec 10, 2012
    This game is playable, and in a vacuum would be fine, its is really just another modern shooter that tries to set itself apart with shock value. If you have played all of the other shooters and still want more it is fine and would still be enjoyable, but any medal of honor, battlefield or Call of duty would be better.
  91. Oct 25, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Singelplayer: The back story for this game was nothing less than fantastic, but the end result was quit bad. The by far worst misson is when you are sneaking around on the farm where the american resistans is holding fort. Four people sneaking around only meters behind the enemies while talking just gets lame. So clearly the single player was not where Kaos had their focus.

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer for Homefront is quite good and it got a lot off potencial. Battlepoints is a great idea and give less experienced players a chance off getting the "heavy stuff". There is a few technical issus in the game, like the hit detection not always working. it might also be a little bit to easy to experienced FPS players. So all in all, a game with a lot off potencial that is worth checking out if you are tiered off Call of Duty.
  92. Feb 17, 2012
    The first half of the game will surely disappoint you with boring and simple missions, you will merely shoot few enemies and move forward. It is that bad, because shooting is worst part of this game, you move your rifle as slow as turret, even making a sensitivity higher won't help out. Apart of that drawback a game has it's rebellion atmosphere, you will actually feel as rebellion who fights enemy army, which occupies your country. So the story is proper, but that is not enough to be a good game, especially a shooter with bad shooting gameplay. Though there is a good variety of weapons, no knife, but rpg and sniper rifle, which you will use depending on mission's objective. Also the heavy fire will do your rebelion mate's constructed light tank Goliath and you will have a remote control to target enemy to eliminate them. It could be more fun, if you would get a full driving control of it, but anyway it's ok. Later on you will even fly a helicopter, easy to control it and of course fun to destroy enemy humvees and tanks. That's all presents only in a few last chapters, where you will get a plenty of fights, otherwise it would be a plain game. Graphics and sounds are the pros of this game, which highs up a rating of it a bit. I hope developers of Homefront will learn from they mistakes and bring a better game next time. I'll give it 6 of 10 only because of the last chapters. Expand
  93. Mar 9, 2012
    Although it is COD Like game, And the story is shorter, Other part of the still unsatisfactory, For example, scene effects is commendable, But the multiplayer mode is really like a COD of mixed BF
  94. Mar 15, 2012
    This game is hard one to judge. The was nothing wrong with gameplay and even the graphics were ok, but single player was awfully short! The premise was interesting but the game didn't quite make it, actually not even near.
  95. Nov 22, 2012
    Homefront tries to be, basically a futuristic Call of Duty mixed with Battlefield and does an OK job but not great. The single player is extremely short and on normal difficulty I was able to complete it within 3 hours by just going straight through and ignoring bonuses such as achievements and collecting notes. Whilst the campaign was fun I found it was extremely similar to other modern military shooters such as a COD, MOH and BF. The campaign is very limited as you must follow one direction with no choices, it is extremely scripted and the invisible walls can be a pain. Multiplayer on the other hand is a complete change from the single player. The multiplayer is very fun and the Battle points system is great as it allows you to focus on helping team mates and completing objectives in order to gain enough points to spend them on your chosen rewards without the need to promote camping unlike killstreaks. Whilst the guns seemed balanced, the vehicles did sometimes get on my nerves. Overall the game is OK and the multiplayer had much potential however the PC version is close to dead with only around 4 full servers at a time. 6/10 Expand
  96. Apr 6, 2011
    the multiplayer is about all this title is good for. once you reach the convoy hijack in this game forget it. all enthusiasm goes out the window. the chopper controls are a chore and once you get into position the action to hijack cant be done. dont waist your money.the half a game you get is not worth the price they ask for it. this game left me fealing ripped off and not wanting to buy a thq game ever again. Expand
  97. Mar 15, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. At first, I was really excited about this game. It appeared to have an amazing plotline, and interesting multiplayer. The idea of "war isn't fun or pretty" was what really hooked me on it. I downloaded it from Steam and at once had an issue: no sound. I eventually found a fix that required editing a game .ini file. Games should not be released with these types of bugs... Anyways, after fixing the sound, I started the campaign. It looked interesting at first. At the beginning, a kid watches his parents die by firing squad right in front of his eyes. I thought the game was going to be filled with these gut-wrenching, emotional moments... I was wrong. The game is almost an exact clone of Call Of Duty. The game is constant action with things exploding all around you and countless numbers of enemies coming at you from all directions. The so-called "emotional" aspect is either totally screwed up at times, or non-existent at others. The only reason I give this game a 5 is because of the multiplayer. I'd give it a six if the multiplayer wasn't EXACTLY like CoD. A note to developers out there: STOP MAKING CALL OF DUTY GAMES AND CALL OF DUTY CLONES. After you make the exact same game SEVEN times it's not fun anymore, I promise. Expand
  98. Mar 15, 2011
    I've been excited about this game for quite a while, I found the premise to be interesting and the game play looked like a decent cross between the Call of Duty franchise and the Battlefield franchise. Unfortunately what I got was a mediocre game at absolute best.

    The single player puts you in the roles of an American citizen during the Korean occupation of America. The opening scene was
    actually fairly well done. However, everything after that was nothing more than random gun battles with no real storyline. You meet characters and they die before you even get a chance to start to bond with them. There was no emotional attachment to the story whatsoever. Everything they did has been done before in books, films, and even video games but Homefront lacks all sense of pacing and storytelling making these elements pointless. If there is a silver lining to the storyline it's that it's painfully short. I completed it in just over three and a half hours. There's honestly not much else I can say about this because it was so short.

    The multiplayer is rough around the edges to put it lightly. Again they borrowed a lot of unnecessary things from other games even though there was no compelling reason to do so. I had hoped that this was a good cross between the face paced action of Call of Duty and the slower, vehicular team based combat of Battlefield. Well it is to an extent. This game leans more heavily towards the Call of Duty style of FPS games. It even has a similar oblivious spawning system and poor map design which will get you spawn killed time after time.

    Most of the maps are quite open which is actually a problem. Most people will opt to use the sniper class killing people on the other side of the map as they spawn. I'm not sure whether or not this was ever play tested, and I'm leaning towards no, but some of the mechanics make absolutely no sense. For instance the AQ-11 Buzzard is a drone which fires two rockets before having to reload. Inexplicably if you directly hit a person with both of these they will not die. Further their blast radius is somewhere in the range of 10cm. However, a person will usually die in one hit from a sniper rifle making the AQ-11 Buzzard seem like a terrible thing to buy. Similarly the Humvee can take a direct hit from an RPG without being destroyed. In fact if a Humvee takes a hit from an RPG the driver will likely switch to the gunner position and kill you before you even have a chance to fire a second rocket. So apparently bullets are better than explosives in this game.

    Balancing in multiplayer seems to be non-existent as alluded before. However, what's even worse than the atrocious balancing are the bugs. I've come onto the battlefield with a helicopter only to be permanently marked out of bounds and destroyed. I've even accidentally clipped the out of bounds area and returned only to find that I was still somehow out of bounds when clearly I was not. Server disconnects are also quite frequently, and of course whatever XP you've earned is lost when this happens. One more point of contention is the sheer size of the hit boxes for objects in the world. I know hit boxes can't be exact, but there are plenty of instances where it's amazing just how large the hit boxes are relative to the actual object, generally with trees, rocks, and vehicles. Prepare for an invisible hit box to take the bullet rather than your opponent many times.

    Their much touted Ground Control game type is a cross between the Rush, Domination/Conquest/Sector Control, and push-pull. I was hoping this would lead to large, epic battles. Unfortunately it's incredibly limited. Whereas in Bad Company 2 you have multiple stages within each Rush map, in Homefront you have two stages. Coupled with the bugs and balancing issues this makes the game type fairly uninteresting. The only other real game type is team deathmatch, which is just what you'd expect. There are a total of six maps, so prepare to get bored quickly.

    In summary I think this game could have been much better. I won't say this game is horrible since it's at least playable, but I won't say it's good either. It's wholly mediocre. If you're only interesting in the single player then I suggest renting it. If you're more interested in the multiplayer then I'd advise you wait until there's been a good deal of post launch support, or until it's in the bargain bin. Whichever comes first. Kaos Studios should have spent more time working on the game than promoting it.
  99. Mar 16, 2011
    Simply put: Cool story, plays like every other FPS on the market, single-player not very long, multiplayer is take-it-or-leave-it, extremely demanding (graphically) especially if you're used to playing on 1080p, quad-core, with fairly high settings. Not worth $50.
  100. May 31, 2011
    Interesting game this, although flawed from a single player perspective due to the short campaign (7 levels) which took around 4 hours to complete at a push. The game is interesting because it does have a very healthy selection of weapons and ALL of them feel dangerous. Even playing this on normal is kind of like playing call of duty on hardcore, which I found quite refreshing. Multiplayer is fast and varied and overall enjoyable, although the playerbase has much to be desired sadly. Overall if you find this CHEAP, get it if your a fan of FPS. Feels like a weird mix of COD and terminator salvation (due to building textures, city layouts etc) Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 36 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 13 out of 36
  2. Negative: 3 out of 36
  1. Mar 12, 2012
    I have a hard time recommending the PC version of Homefront. It's a decent game with a unique take on world events, and its fresh and fun new ideas for two-mode, bot-less, online only multiplayer kept me coming back long after I'd waved adieu to the single-player portion, but the performance and playability on this platform is far eclipsed by the stability found on consoles.
  2. 70
    Very short but intense firefight shows not a very cheerful vision of the near future for North America. Game story is excellent but playability loses because of over-scripting. [Issue#203]
  3. May 18, 2011
    It's dreadfully average and far too quickly finished, providing nothing more than the most basic type of fun on the first run-through and little incentive to revisit. Not because it's broken; just because it's boring.