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Generally favorable reviews- based on 93 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 93
  2. Negative: 15 out of 93

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  1. Mar 19, 2013
    Indie for a reason- this game would have never existed but for a brave, minute dev team and its kickstarter funds. In a world where the mundane and profane overlap, KY0 brings out the poetry and unique advantage video game mechanics have to tell a story. Indeed as fellow users have commented reminiscent of Another World, this game is much more, can't wait for the next episodes (bought season pass right away). An effort well worth supporting, as its definitely a unique blend of art, adventure and poetry. Expand
  2. Jan 23, 2013
    For those who fell in love with Dear Esther and Another World, this is one of those masterpieces that come up only once in decade. A must have. Stunning visual style and the sense of mystery drives you the whole time. Amazing. Simply outstanding!
  3. May 11, 2013
    Kentucky Route Zero is a weird and wonderful point-and-click adventure game that will leave you thinking long after you've stopped playing. Its unique and iconic art direction, coupled with a narrative that is intriguing and fresh, make it a game unlike any other.

    Like To the Moon, and like Thirty Flights of Loving, it places significant emphasis on plot and storytelling, and the result
    is a first act that leaves the player reflecting on all the events that just happened and what they mean. There isn't much in the way of actual gameplay, although the point-and-click elements play a large role in fleshing out the character of Conrad; the story is told mainly from his point of view.

    Kentucky Route Zero is not for everyone; that much is certain. Its strange narrative, point-and-click mechanics and lack of any sort of traditional gameplay makes it appear intimidating at first glance. Yet the game is so well-made, with such detail in its presentation and sound design, that it proves impossible not to be swept up in its magical tale. If you have any interest at all in games as a narrative medium, you owe it to yourself to play Kentucky Route Zero.
  4. May 29, 2013
    I am not much of one for retro art... but that's not what this lofi adventure game offers. It is abstract only to give your imagination room to breathe, to fill in the visual details to match the lovely ambient sound, to wonder what might lay between the points on the darkened map... it has the feel of a trusted friend motioning you over and with hushed breath saying "Want to see something really special..." Expand
  5. Mar 6, 2013
    First act was rather short but extremely fascinating. The overall atmosphere of the game and the creepiness you feel every time is making the game worth a shot.
  6. Feb 4, 2013
    The first act is rather short, but it definitely grabbed my attention. The eerie atmosphere blends well with the art style and odd dialogue. I enjoyed the mode of transportation they implemented as well.
  7. Feb 9, 2013
    Short, good and not pretentious. This adventure is made of very good writing and some interesting literary mechanics. Also a great comeback for the "movement on a map" style which was very popular in early RPGs and simulated a certain kind of freedom with limited means.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 28 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 24 out of 28
  2. Negative: 0 out of 28
  1. May 13, 2013
    Kentucky Route Zero is basically a simple adventure game, but it's so achingly well put-together that it really becomes an experience like no other. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes! [May 2013]
  2. May 7, 2013
    Inspired by traditional point’n’click games, Kentucky Route Zero steers clear of puzzles, picking up objects and using everything on everything else. Instead it offers a distinct mood comparable to Alan Wake. [CD-Action 05/2013, p.75]
  3. May 6, 2013
    If you’re not into art house video games, steer clear of Kentucky Route Zero. And even if you’re always first in line to try some weird experience, wait until they release the remaining acts. Right now, it’s hard to say what this is: a breakthrough or a hyped-up bubble.