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  • Summary: Knights of the Temple II is a 3rd Person Action-Adventure with non-linear game play, interactive dialog system, trade mode, side quests, RPG elements, alternative endings and multiplayer. KOTT2 is a game showing the player the ultimate fight of Paul de Raque, grandmaster of the Order of the Temple and hero of the first game, with the forces of Hell. Traveling the lands and kingdoms of Europe of the 13th century, he must reveal the secret of the three ancient artifacts and fight the demon armies attacking our world. As a grandmaster of the Order of the Temple has Paul de Raque fought many battles in the eternal war between good and evil. But now he stands before his greatest challenge. Visions of evil forces invading our world, undead beings ravaging the lands of northern Europe and a dark menace opening a portal closed millennia ago. Fight your way through the forgotten Roman city, deadly dungeons of the Saracen Empire; discover long forgotten islands, ruins and catacombs on a search for a secret hidden on the ground of an ancient Underwater fortress. Test your fighting skills to overcome the hordes of darkness and to discover that the victory must be paid with blood, pain and maybe your own soul. [Cauldron] Collapse
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  1. Has a non-existent plot, camera issues and a whole bunch of assorted problems, but somehow it manages to rise above them. Perhaps it is because of the nice graphics and the non-stop action. [Jan 2006]
  2. Although KOTT is predictable in many ways, it is the challenges, the nice mixtures, the fighting and game interaction that really require you to build up a good level of skill and in some parts it’s quite thought provoking.
  3. It became quickly evident to me that this game was created for consoles and ported over to the computer. This does not mean that the game is unplayable, but when movement and combat is designed for a gamepad, unless it is extremely simple, it does not transfer easily to a mouse and keyboard system.
  4. Rather disappointing. As a follow-up to an already average game, KOTT2 adds a little non-linearity and multiplayer into the equation, but still falls short in most aspects including dated gameplay mechanics, vacant online lobbies, average graphics, a poor aural experience and an annoying control scheme.
  5. Where KOTT2 does shed points and shed lots of them is its lack of distinctiveness and character. There really isn't one fresh idea or genuine surprise here. That's unforgivable.
  6. The respectable combat system isn't enough to gloss over hideous bugs, a dull plot, and rotten controls.
  7. 23
    I could continue. I could tell you more about the dated combat, broken tutorial, utterly vacant multiplayer lobbies and risible voice acting. I could yet I decline. As you should if anyone offers you this title. Even at its bargain basement RRP.

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  1. MaXT.
    Jan 22, 2006
    This Game it's soo great, very good graphics and nice history.