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    Left 4 Dead 2 is – despite the same formula – a big step forward. People who have played the first game, will feel a little cheated, as there aren’t many changes. Following the umpteenth adrenaline rush with your friends however, you will have forgotten all about that. The many extra’s in this second installment justify it being a stand-alone version. Hours of gameplay await that you cannot find in every co-op shooter. Simple but deep, it’s not a given in every game.
  2. 90
    When it was first announced, I thought Left 4 Dead 2 was nothing more than a glorified expansion. After having spent hours with it -- and many more to come -- I appreciate the sequel's major and subtle differences.
  3. Left 4 Dead 2 is simply a must-have for all survival horror enthusiasts. The new game modes and the usual mix of adrenaline and co-op gameplay is the living(dead) proof that a sequel doesn’t always have to change its original nature to be enjoyable, very enjoyable!
  4. Left 4 Dead 2 manages to recapture the strong points of the first game while improving on them too. If the real zombie apocalypse is going to be as fun as this one, you have nothing to worry about.
  5. Better than the first game in every aspect, not only technically but also in its core gameplay.
  6. Valve has done it once again. Left 4 Dead 2 takes everything that was amazing about the first installment and puts it on steroids.
  7. Despite the new changes and how much they add to and improve the overall gameplay, it still feels like the same fun zombie killing game at its core.
  8. This is Valve trying to better L4D1 in every way, succeeding but never really breaking away from what did work first time, taking creative risks and really pushing the series forward. In any case play it, love it, it’s one of the best multiplayer games I’ve ever played.
  9. New modes and special infected have transformed the original into an especially gratifying experience. [Issue#28, p.48]
  10. Left 4 Dead 2 is a great sequel. Bigger and more variation in the gameplay – it is how it should be.
  11. Left 4 Dead 2, like the first one, is a fun and replayable co-op experience that can be tons of fun with a group of friends. Unfortunately somewhere during the drive to add more and more weapons, enemies, maps and game modes, that magic Valve iterate-polish-polish cycle got cut short and the end result, while still good, is not quite as magical as the first one.
  12. On the one hand, this could have been a less expensive DLC for Left 4 Dead, just like it was done for Team Fortress 2. On the other hand, we don’t really care, once we’ve chocked someone to death as a Smoker or hit someone with our fist as a Charger. That’s only possible in Left 4 Dead 2.
  13. The new weapons, Infected and graphical update is the shot in the arm players were looking for to expand the PvP experience.
  14. Five new campaigns, two multiplayer modes and many new features are big deal for everyone who loved the first Left 4 Dead. It's still the best cooperative experience you can find out there, so be a good boy and get yourself into some good ol' zombie creaming. On the other hand, whoever didn't get involved with the first one won't have any reason to get this sequel.
  15. 85
    The PC version mirrors all of the good stuff and can be confidently defined as a title that is going to be hours of fun to PC gamers the world over.
  16. Looking back at Left 4 Dead 2’s offerings, it’s hard to call it “just a $50 expansion pack.” All worries and boycotts were in vain; you can’t go back to the original Left 4 Dead after playing this one.
  17. It may have been a close call, but to us L4D2 really did manage to become more, then just a "full-price-addon". It's a definite must-have for fans and the best co-op experience money can buy.
  18. What makes L4D2 a great game is what made the original so popular: exhilarating co-operative action with three buddies… and zombies.
  19. Anyone telling you that this game isn't different or changed from the first game is flat out lying to you. L4D2 isn't going to change your mind if you thought it was just okay or didn't care for it. On the other hand if you and a handful of friends enjoyed joining up to defeat the land of the dead and surviving the thought of being a smorgasbord for the flesh eaters, then you will have nothing short of a blast with L4D2.
  20. Left 4 Dead 2 is again one of the most intense, visceral and violent co-op shooters of this holiday season, but to be honest we were expecting some more additions. The game improves in every area its former game, but this is not enough to justify just 12 months of gap between the first and second iterations.
  21. There is simply far more content by volume in this package than in the original. The core of Left 4 Dead may have lost some of its newness in the last 12 months, but the wealth of additions in this sequel ought to keep you blasting zombies and munching on brains for a good long while.
  22. L4D2 is a splendid cooperative mayhem with an excellent performance ratio. We only expected it to be more innovative compared to the previous chapter. [Issue#186]
  23. Dripping with style and generously packed with content, Left 4 Dead 2 refines every aspect of its predecessor. [Jan 2010, p.82]
  24. It is a much more refined game than Left 4 Dead and an improvement in every way.
  25. Left 4 Dead 2 may have lost some of that new zombie smell, but its cooperative play is still among the best.
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  1. Aug 24, 2010
    All I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! TheAll I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! The gameplay is awesome in multiplayer, had tones of fun, the new infected are fun to kill and are fun to play as! Very very verry good game :D Full Review »
  2. DickS
    Dec 18, 2009
    This expansion is horribly overpriced and obviously rushed. I got sick of seeing the same zombie model over and over again, I barely noticed This expansion is horribly overpriced and obviously rushed. I got sick of seeing the same zombie model over and over again, I barely noticed the uncommon common, the level design is atrocious, and the AI is pants on head retarded. I had my full team of AI players stand next to me and watch a hunter rip me from 80 health to dead. You can no longer enjoy the environments on anything above easy because the game spawns the mini hordes like the Director is having a seizure on his spawn button. While small, the posters don't show your player names on them like the old one. All of the new items are stuff that you can get in the first one with a simple script set. YES the first one has incindiary ammo, lazer sights, ect. The extra guns are just different designs with no difference. All melee weapons do the same thing and could have easily been a dlc into the first one. The worse part of all is that its near impossible to navigate on half the levels. I got stuck on every other friggin stage because the level design sucks. I didn't go into this game expecting to hate it, but after playing it I cant stand it. It doesnt even have the same feel as the first game. It's too goofy and not dark like the first one. Full Review »
  3. Professor
    Mar 16, 2010
    Yeah, ok, the game is not perfect and its just too reminiscent of the first game - but it's NOT bad, in fact - it's absolutely Yeah, ok, the game is not perfect and its just too reminiscent of the first game - but it's NOT bad, in fact - it's absolutely GREAT. L4D2 (as L4D did) combines simplicity, teamwork, and of course - the sheer pleasure of killing hundreds of rabid people. To answer some things people have complained about: Why isn't there a radar? Why can't they just highlight my teammates? Well, first of all - the game (as I see it) was made to be realistic. Do normal people carry a radar (or for that matter have access to one?) and also - it's not hard to discern your teammates from zombies, they do highlight them when you mouse over them as friendly AND as I have mentioned before - the game is supposed to be realistic, giving a radar or always highlighting your teammates just makes the game less ... well - real.. and would definitely dumb the game down if such was done. Then theres, "omg friendly fire is soooo bad." Well, let's be real. if you get shot in normal mode it isn't so bad - but as the difficulty is raised, it only makes sense that you and your teammates would be better players and AVOID shooting each other, with the addition that greater damage = better deterrent for shooting each other. This also promotes better teamwork which is crucial as you go up in difficulty level. If you're complaining that friendly fire sucks - get better teammates or shoot better maybe? The realism in this game may be too much for most people - the water slowing you down makes sense (have you ever trudged through water and mud before? It's not a fast paced activity) - though I completely agree to when the water is just up to the ankles, it shouldn't be a tough walk (If Valve wanted to be more realistic, they'd have people slip, but people would cry and whine about that being lame as usual). To reflect upon the weapon damage though, I totally agree that the guns do less damage than melee - and it's unrealistic that melee should be that great in comparison to a gun (not everyone has superhuman strength after all) - and I agree that that needs to be adjusted. Other negatives are that even if you do play on expert - the original game is too short and that I suppose the pvp makes up for it... though I'd rather see more story too. All in all, L4D2 is a great game - there are different difficulty settings for a reason. Need a stress reliever? Play on easy and go berserk. Want to play with others without screaming about friendly fire? Play on normal. Got a good team of friends and want a challenge? Then advanced and expert is for you. The difficulty scale actually makes sense in this game - so heed it well. If you're crying about how other people suck - well then you're probably unlucky with team match-up (i've had a couple of those before, don't feel like it's a reason to hate on the game). I mean, yes it's not that different from the first - but it's solid, it's good, it's definitely a keeper. I'm not a fanboy/girl whatever you want to call it of this game, but I feel like people aren't taking this game for what it is (like Quentin Tarentino films). It's NOT COD, it's NOT Borderlands - it's a totally different game from those - so give it a try before turning it away based on what other people have said because it's worth a shot (zing!). Full Review »