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  1. Sep 25, 2010
    It is the best game in the world! In it there is all - Replaying, fascination, she class, interesting. I say thank big to developers! In Russia game costs 600 roubles - the real price for such game! First a part of game much more interesting - she interesting and characters is more attractive than the second part better...
    All I shall advise to get this game, you will not regret cent, you
    will be keen in this game for a long time and if you have friends - that tell and let they will buy it, they will not regret! Expand
  2. a12
    Oct 29, 2010
    this game is absoloute......pathetic! theres nothing good about it.its the most depressing game of all then somebody open the guiness book of records to the most depressing games of all time
  3. Oct 31, 2010
    I was terribly disappointed when I realised that the hype was just a hype. This game qualifies as a mediocre, run-of-the-mill first person shooter, with the exception of the infected.

    The missions are quite challenging whilst playing online against well experience players, which unfortunately is the rare exception to the average player of this game. It is not unusual to find yourself
    yelling at your own team, for being generally terrible at the game.

    The maps are so few that you grow tired in less than a few hours. This goes for the characters as well. The survivors are all the same, they have no unique niche to them - except for models and voice acting.
    The infected work well together, but that is unfortunately all they do. One becomes terribly bored of them after just a few matches. Not to mention the linearity of them, but at least that makes them very intuitive.

    There is nothing upgradeable; no incentive of playing well.

    The single player is not worth mentioning since it's basically a multi-player map with bots instead of players.

    In conclusion.
    As long as this game cost what it does, roughly 19 euros, I for one would not make the mistake of buying it. If you for some inexplicable reason still is thinking about buying it, get your friends on the train, it is the only way of having any fun in this game.
  4. Jan 15, 2011
    ( This is a really 'cheap' game ) A boring & mindless shoot-em-up. The screenshots and trailers are very deceiving compared to the actual gameplay... I was very disappointed! Overall, Left 4 Dead 2 STINKS! It really lacks the "intellect" that a game should have, and I think it can actually cause people to become "brain-dead". The gameplay gets very old (without interesting objectives), mostly killing a bunch of sick people over and over and over and over!.. seriously, how fun can that remain??? NO real purpose to this game other than constantly whacking and shooting thousands of half-dead sick people ALL THE TIME!!! The talking and taunts can get repetitive and annoying... The only few things that are good are some of the graphics, effects, environments and frame rate. The overall speed of gameplay is a little bit too fast IMO ( sick dieing people usually can not move that fast!! I mean come on Valve, make it a little more REALISTIC! ). -CONCLUSION: Games like Left 4 Dead 2 should simply be Left Alone 2 Die! It's just another one of those pointless, brainless, waste-of-time shoot-em-ups. I can NOT believe this game received such high reviews... it just proves how many whacked-out-players are really out there playing mindless games like this. If you must try this game, play a friend's before you waste your precious money. !CAUTION: If you require "Real-world Objectives" and if you want to keep your brain cells alive then STAY AWAY from games like Left 4 Dead 2!! Expand
  5. May 14, 2011
    After more than 300 hours in game, i must say, it was waste of time. This game has become garbage. Community is full of arrogant no-life emo kids. People are leaving over and over. Maps are buggy and every new update is worse than one before. It's really time for Valve to create new game engine, otherwise there will be no reason to buy expensive and old looking games.
  6. Jul 6, 2011
    All I can say, is that this game is a **** awesome sequel to Left 4 Dead, ticked all my boxes, nothing negative comes to mind. Awesome! The gameplay is awesome in multiplayer, had tones of fun, the new infected are fun to kill and are fun to play as! Very very verry good game :D
  7. Jul 7, 2011
    If it weren't for the 90% of players I've played with that were complete *******, I would've given this game a 8 or 9. Unfortunettely I can't enjoy a game where almost everyone game I've joined, there will be some elitist **** that'll complain about everything, rip through the map while leaving the rest of the team behind, and won't help their teammates for ****.
  8. Dec 26, 2011
    Valve is amazing, and Steam has forever changed how I look at PC gaming. Unfortunately though, not everything Valve touches is gold. For example, this game. L4D1 was a lot of fun, and I would have rated it maybe an 8, since it was a great casual pick-up-and-play game, but not good for long periods. This game, however, is fun for maybe 15 minutes at a time. I enjoy challenges, but I loathe when games can only make it more difficult by being annoying (every Nintendo game ever, I'm looking at you). This game is an absolute joke in single player; don't even try it. I know it wasn't designed for single player, but even multiplayer is bad. The original (L4D1) special zombies were bloat, witch, smoker, hunter, tank, 3/5 of which will incapacitate you in 1 hit, and 1/5 of which will incapacitate you just about as quick. So you need a good team. In L4D2, there are MORE special infected such as charger, jockey, and spitter, 2 of which will incapacitate you in 1 hit as well. Now given that witches and tanks aren't ever spawned in the random waves the "producer" throws at you, that gives you 4/6 of the special zombies coming at you will incapacitate you in one hit (meaning while you may be alive, you can't shoot or otherwise help your teammates), so playing this game, there will be MULTIPLE times each level where you will be the only one still moving around while your 3 teammates are unable to help. While this may sound like chaotic fun (and possibly is if you're drunk), it gets really annoying REALLY fast. Add that on top of the fact that the "producer" in this game throws waves at you like a twitching 5-year-old who can't keep his hands off the keyboard, and friends you're playing with will decide "I'm done" after 2 or 3 attempts. Not fun. This game is seriously a mild update from L4D1, but it's one that I wish could be undone. Oh wait, it can, I'll just go play L4D instead. Or Killing Floor. I seriously regret buying this game. Expand
  9. Oct 27, 2011
    The addition of new weapons and a few of the maps is the only positive thing I can possibly say about this game. After Valve rushed this game without properly supporting the first Left 4 Dead, I told myself I would not purchase Left 4 Dead 2. I finally gave in and as the demo had suggested, this game sucked and continues to suck. No matter what hardware I've played on, the game will randomly lag for 1 to 2 seconds (online and offline). The characters (survivors) are not very well developed, leaving your with boring dialogue, annoying voices with no way to relate to the characters. The old special infected look and sound really stupid. In general, I'm against DLC's, but I would much rather have paid 49.99 for an original L4D DLC that added all the new maps, weapons, and cool game types like Mutation, Scavenger etc... Gabe I am disappoint. Expand
  10. Nov 2, 2011
    everyone hypes it... but why? graphics are bad, animations are bad, music is annoying... the ai is retarded. you cant aim with your weapon, exept for the sniper rifle. (the problem of the source engine) the talking of the characters and the gameplay makes it look like a comedy but not like a good and scary zombiegame. the best thing is the intro video, after that it plays like poop. got it for 6â Expand
  11. Apr 9, 2013
    This game is so fun, but it's ruined with all the glitches, the stupid bots, the griefers, the hackers and many more. Versus is the only amusing gamemode, yet is barely playable. Hunters will pass through enemies while pouncing, Smokers take forever to get hold of a survivor, giving them enough time to pass a corner to avoid getting caught, Boomers can easily miss their target, Jockeys can barely hit anything because of how atrocious the hitboxes are, the spit from Spitters takes a while before it actually does a few damage to the survivors (about 10 hits for 5 damage) and the Chargers have to be 100% accurate to hit someone. Now on to the bots. The survivor bots will take a long time before reaching you if you are caught by an infected. They can't throw grenades. They can't save you if you are in certain places. They will teleport from one side of the map to the other. Now, the infected bots. They take forever to attack, even in front of the survivors. They get stuck easily, and unlike survivor bots, they can't teleport away if stuck. Basically, a team of experienced players can lose against a team of children. So in the end, this game is incredibly broken, but it can be enjoyed if you have a few friends. Other than that, play a different game. Expand
  12. Jan 5, 2012
    It's the same Left 4 Dead! Why deceive people? Why create a CLONE? The creation of games - the art! The art does not make money! If, nevertheless, the game discuss, in the first place there begins to annoy (for some reason, can only me) music (Soundtrack: HL2 - best, L4D2 - fail).
  13. Mar 6, 2012
    This is the most disappointing purchase I have ever made. Firstly, this game is produced in 2009, but the graphic is like before 2005. And with such bad graphic, it runs with 40% less average fps than dead space one in the same setting on my computer. Secondly, the movement is very slippery, and shooting is very uncomfortable either. I always feel that I am playing a skiing simulation game, not a shooting game at all! Although it is a little bit fun to play with 3 other players on line, the overall presentation is too poor to match the score of 89/100. Originally, I want to give it 2 or 3 out of 10, but when I see the score is 89, I was shocked, so I decided to warn people to make the purchase carefully by give it 1 out of 10. Expand
  14. Jun 1, 2012
    You shoot zombies with other people. That's literally the entire game, and it's only multiplayer too. Would have been much more impressive with some interesting guns or mechanics, taking the semi-realism path for developing this game was a huge mistake. Even though the gameplay is garbage, the aesthetics are pretty good and I don't think I'll be forgetting the voice acting any time soon.
  15. Jun 2, 2012
    L4D is one of rare games where I really cried for money spend. Even if game is bad I never complain because people did a lot of effort to make a game. L4D is just too bad game. If you want 4 player MP COOP go for Payday: The Heist. Skip L4D is BIG CIRCLE!!!!
  16. Jul 25, 2012
    I'm disappointed in this game. I thought it would be ... better. The lack of driving story coupled with the mindless zombie shooting almost makes me want my money back. One redeming feature - multiplayer, which the game focuses on. Even with this, it's still not that great a game unless you just want to run around shooting zombies in the face because you're mad. Can't wait for Resident Evil 6... I'll never get another Left 4 Dead game. Expand
  17. Jan 24, 2013
    Terrible, identical to Left for Dead with some new weapons and characters. I got so board i couldn't even make it through the entire storyline, which is about 5 hours. There is really nothing good I can say about this game, do not buy this.
  18. Jul 26, 2013
    Good thing I didn't buy this game and tried on a friend's machine first. The game is just pointless. You walk in some corridors, zombies spawn everywhere, you put them down. I kept hitting my own teammates. Some zombies are so fast you can't avoid them. In some places so many zombies spawn that no matter how fast or accurate you shoot, you can't shoot them all. At some place I just didn't understand where to go next, and frankly i didn't feel the need to continue.
    Value, your Half Life 1 and Counter Strike was great, Half Life 2 was bad, and this one is bad, too. A rail shooter, stupid and pointless.
    If you are thinking of buying this game, please don't judge it by it's video trailer, borrow it from someone first and see if you like it! It's not a coincidence they don't offer a demo.
  19. Nov 23, 2012
    i liked the game cuz its almost excactly the same as the first 1. THe thing that i am very disapointed is that they change the charecters because Zoey is my favorite. And i basically sank when i cant see my favorite charcter when i started playing.... :'(
  20. Mar 16, 2014
    The most repetitive game of all time. Every level feels the same, every time you play the same things happen, just with different people and weapons. There's no story to it so the campaign just drags on endlessly with no motivation at all.

    I seriously don't get why all my friend's want to play this all the time. *sigh*
  21. Apr 6, 2014
    a very fun multiplayer game. But that's it. its a multiplayer game.

    That means that you will enjoy it with friends, until everybody finds a new or better game, so little to no-re-playability.
  22. Jun 5, 2013
    Worst than first game, silly melee weapons (frying pan, you kidding me?) and lammer items like defibrillators, worst cast, and full of bugs and missed or broken stuff, mainly the animations and hitboxes.
  23. Jul 12, 2013
    In all fairness, the game is almost 4 years old at the time of this review and things like the graphics are somewhat forgivable, however even the for the period, they are a little light. The AI is tremendously stupid and the UI is nonexistent. I was really hoping for something more than a simple and random shooter, spraying away at zombie body parts. At first the spray and pray is entertain however quickly looses its luster. The other players can get extremely annoying, especially if they leave their mic open. The direction and mission focus of the game is completely mind boggling at first and you literally have no idea in the world as to where to go or the point of your actions. The storyline pretty much starts and stops with the introduction/advertisement cinematic. Expand
  24. Dec 28, 2013
    I got this for free with the Steam christmas giveaway, but I didn't enjoy it at all for several reasons:

    * Low violence version. They make a game about zombie slaughtering and then self-censor it for certain countries. Why? Not that violence is the only thing that matters in a game, but it's weird as hell when the things you shoot just disappear.
    * Weapons can't be zoomed. Shooting
    just doesn't feel right and surprisingly that's one of the most important aspects of a first person shooter.
    * No character advancement. You run through the levels and there are the same weapons everywhere. Killing Floor, where you can get better equipment the more zombies you kill, does it much better. You also can't customize your character's look.
    * Zombies are too fast. Even for fast zombies, these zombies are a little too fast.

    Get Killing Floor instead, it's much better.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 55 Critics

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  1. 100
    L4D2 delivers multiple improvements over its predecessor, and I get to keep all my fingers and toes.
  2. 90
    It remains one of the most distinctive co-operative titles out there, and allows for some of the most nerve-searing team-based multiplayer gaming on the market.
  3. Whereas once we treated Left 4 Dead as a stopgap between Half-Lifes, this is no longer a weird little side project with modest expectations, and Valve is confident enough to play around with it, safe in the knowledge that you can trust your players. Left 4 Dead proved it. And whereas that game had a personality, this one is overflowing with it.