• Publisher: Kalypso
  • Release Date: Aug 14, 2012
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Overwhelming dislike- based on 110 Ratings

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  1. Positive: 9 out of 110
  2. Negative: 98 out of 110

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  1. Aug 13, 2012
    I was so insulted by this game that I opened a tech support ticket with Metacritic to fix the release date so I could submit a review.

    It started with the account sign-up. This is not uncommon, but I have no clue why they required me to sign up for an account for a mostly single player game. I tolerate other games with this requirement, but I never like it. Especially when the game
    is part of an established always-on network, like Steam. For me, the game has a lot of bugs and glitches. I ran into recoverable freezes at several points, including adjusting the volume. Several camera keys just didn't work at some points and basic polish was lacking. For example, Esc opens the menu but no key closes it. Basic feedback on actions is nonexistent. I tried repairing ships several times but nothing ever happened. Each time, the unit confirmation sound played and nothing ever happened - I still don't know why.

    While on the subject of the unit confirmation noises, these have to be the worst part of the game. The confirmation and acknowledgement sounds seem to be pieced together from various sound bytes to sound like military chatter. It sounds terrible because each sound byte is said in a different yet still monotonous tone. The chatter is also constant in a battle. Cries of "Shield stress levels are very high!" abound, even when shields all seems pretty relaxed.

    The game play is very slow paced. I spent 60-70 turns just hitting the End Turn key before I even got to some basic story. I realize that 4X games tend to be on the slow side but there is usually lots to see and do while you wait for things to pick up. LoP has very little in the way of management and information screens to browse and tweak.

    This was touted as Sins of a Solar Empire but with a single player campaign and story. The intro was a black background with voice-over and text. I really would have liked to see THAT game. The game just kind of dumps you into a situation with little background and starts into the first few missions. After almost an hour of game play, I saw some proper story sequences. The dramatic tension of the entire story went down the toilet for me when they demanded I build a shopping mall before establishing any sort of defenses or governance for my beleaguered colony. Aliens may be attacking but there is this awesome sale at the outlet!

    Maybe things speed up later on, maybe the story gets better, maybe I am being harsh because I was very much anticipating a good 4X game with ship customization. I know that with other 4X games like Sins and Homeworld, I was into them from the start. I didn't feel like I had wasted my money. So buy this one at your own risk.
  2. Aug 13, 2012
    Some legends are less than their sins. The game could be good, but it just has so many issues with it that it kills any enjoyment out of the game. Basic elements of good software design are devoid in this disaster of a game. Buttons don't work. Unmovable UI elements that do nothing but block useful buttons. Loading screens are missing. For example, when I first started the campaign all I saw was a black screen. I thought the game had locked up, in reality, it was just loading but there was nothing to indicate that, that was going on. The same can be said for resuming a campaign. If you click load and select your file, it won't tell you its loading, you just sit there and wait. The campaign/tutorial is terrible. I can build things that I can't do anything with. Some areas of the tutorial leave you left wondering what to do. Ships get stuck in orbit during combat. You can't move ships when you have unmovable objects like repair bays selected. Acknowledgements seem to be hit or miss, leaving you wondering if you clicked the right button. Overall, I'd avoid this game because its not worth $40. This is a bargain bin game at best. Don't waste your money. Expand
  3. Aug 13, 2012
    Absolute junk. Stay away! Worst launch since SOTSII. Response from the developers was the golden slap in the face. They claim that the horrendous bugs were a surprise to them. No refunds issued and even after a couple patches, the game is still broken. I tried out combat in a skirmish game. It was a 30-minute bore fest watching two ships sit in place and shoot each other to death, which took an incredibly long time. Resolving combat (exiting combat mode) is broken. I was told to "self-destruct" my remaining ship in order to finally exit combat mode. What a joke. Graphics are far from stunning. Fonts are too small. The GUI is atrocious. The game is slow and boring. The camera interface clunky. The map continuously scrolls randomly and the only way to fix it is to reload the game. Load/save processes are slow if they even work at all. CTDs are running rampant. Be careful on the Kalypso forums. The moderators are banning people for voicing their own opinions. Expand
  4. Aug 13, 2012
    STAY THE **** AWAY!

    A waste of money and time. Game is very buggy, has missing features, unpolished, campaign is a joke with no instructions, publishers outright lied on forums, crashes every 2 turns.

    It is amazing that they decided to sell this game for $40. Game is a scam!
  5. Aug 13, 2012
    I've been disappointed before by game purchases that didn't meet my expectations, but this is the first game that left me feeling so scammed that I requested a refund. I couldn't even load a previously saved campaign, which is an unbelievable oversight for release day. Today's patch seems to fix that issue, but that issue is just one of many, and even if the game was 100% bug-free, it still feels like a $10 game, not a $40 game. The only positive note is that Kalypso seems to be actively working to fix the reported issues, but I resent them using their paying customer base as their QA staff. Expand
  6. Aug 13, 2012
    Majority of the features advertised not in the released game. Those that are are buggy and crashes you to desktop. There are multiple slots for AI skirmish but you can only add 1. what??? Multiplayer crashes after few min. Save games corrupt. Campaign crashes after a few min. The advanced graphics is "choose your resolution". The Interface is clunky and hard to use. If anyone is familiar with the 4x space genre then you will know that legend of pegasus has just killed any faith gamers have in it, especially with blind preorders. This game cost 39.99 for preorder and is in a pre-alpha stage on release. Sword of the stars II did the same thing and cost about the same. Do yourself all a favor and get the indie-esque Endless space for 19.99, or a AAA title game Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion instead. Even the Galactici Civilizations 2 bundle for 5 dollars is way better. Developers and publishers, stop releasing pre-alphas and charging us over 40 bucks for the privilege. There is so much work that needs to be done to get this even PLAYABLE, and beyond that to be ENJOYABLE, weekend patches for the next 12-24 weeks I fear will still not fix this. Do not just take my opinion, one of the largest threads at this games official forums is entitled "Refund Request" here: http://forum.kalypsomedia.com/showthread.php?tid=15831 . Instead of refunds they will be giving a "compensation" which is anyone's guess, but most likely a small DLC for a broken game. What a shame I really love the 4x space genre but these releases are destroying gamers faith in it :( Expand
  7. Aug 13, 2012
    This game was released in an unplayable state. It has crash-to-desktop bugs so bad that I can't even complete the tutorial. Speaking of the tutorial - it is sparse and leaves out critical information - like how to build ships!

    I can't comment on the rest of the game, because they require "unlocking" early missions to proceed to later missions. Since they game crashes to desktop during
    Humans Mission 1 (tutorial) I can't play any of the other races.

    Save your money and buy something else. Endless Space, Sins of a Solar Empire, Galactic Civization 2, Star Ruler - anything but Legends of Pegasus.
  8. Aug 13, 2012
    I preordered this "game"!None of the advertised features were working or complete on release, forum full of lies from developers and publishers that have no respect for their customers, no response to refund letters from kalypso/steam.
    You can play campaign with broken UI and hidden beyond the side of the screen mission objectives or you can start skirmish mode with one
    broken AI.Multiplayer doesn't work from release till now.Game crashes every 10-30 minutes.They fixed save/load system with the third patch, so you now you can load your game(on release the game just crashes).AI is awfull, UI is awfull, tutorial is awfull, some buttons does nothing and have no description, 30 minutes scout fights, Tech tree is a joke full of 1% armor/damage/shield upgradesNo graphic options on release except changing the resolution, with third patch they added fullscreen'windowed, Vsync and Antialiasing options.Terramorphing isn't working.Sometimes units disobey commands.Early game is end turn bashing game.And more of that.Music is good though. Collapse
  9. Aug 13, 2012
    An alpha release at best, more missing features then features. Crashes, broken multiplayer. It's abysmal and the company behind it should be ashamed.
  10. Aug 13, 2012
    This game, as much as it can be called so is barely an alpha quality product, let alone a beta and nowhere near a retail ready release. In 86 minutes of play I had 18 crashes. I stopped counting show stopping bugs after ten, but they are not limited to the complete in ability to save or load games. Mission objectives hanging off the screen so they cant be read. That is just a very few of the issues. On top of everything, hundreds of people are requesting refunds and Kalypso is completely ignoring them, despite members of the company posting on the thread during the weekend not a single person was responded to asking for the very reasonable request of a refund. The product is broken and as such refund requests should be honored. It is time developers stop releasing unfinished products for consumers to beta test and bug fix at their own cost. Expand
  11. Aug 14, 2012
    Do not buy game! It is unplayable and that may be the only good thing about it! Crashes, pathing, campaign, and from what i heard can even make your computer make new internal noises...i kid you not! This is the worst game i have ever had on my computer. It will be a long long time before this game is playable and when i did get it to work for a couple minutes it was boring as hell and i found myself looking forward to the upcoming crash as i couldnt get out of it without cntrl/alt/dele. Should come with a skull and crossbones on the cover you have been warned! Is it posible to give a negative number rating like -10? Expand
  12. Aug 19, 2012
    complete trash shovel ware, unplayable. crashes every 5-7 minutes. kalypso refusing to refund people after blatantly lying to consumers. DO NOT BUY. here is a thread with all the ignored refund requests http://www.forum.kalypsomedia.com/showthread.php?tid=15831
  13. Aug 13, 2012
    A catastrophic disservice! Kalypso has ripped off the 4x community and handicapped everyone who brought it over Steam (TOS: non-refundable) Customers who have brought this product have been swindled. This sort of thing is unlawful. Steam has one mother of a class action lawsuit compiling against them one day. Effectively Legends of Pegasus is in an alpha state, its massively broken, bug ridden, and the features its meant to have are a lie (in its current alpha state dated: 14th aug 12) There is incredibly limited ai, combat pathfinding, technical issues up the wazoo (no vsync on launch or any other graphics options) Is this game redeemable? Take a look at Kerberos's product Sword of the Stars II, and thats a good indicator of what it takes to get a game like this on its feet, damn near impossible! Expand
  14. Aug 13, 2012
    Very disappointing game......I'd rather stay a sinner than become a faulty legend. How can they release a game in this state ??? they don't know that they are going to kill all the future sales !! after so negative reception even if they fix the issues they won't be able to recover for releasing an unfinishes game.
  15. Aug 13, 2012
    Unplayable, unfinished, untested game. Expect patches for things like "fun" and "balance" sometime next year. As it stands, Legends of Pegasus is a terrible crashfest. It lacks basic functionality--save and load are broken. There is no "40 hour single-player campaign": events aren't fully scripted and the campaign was released in an unfinished state. There isn't "an amazing, dynamic tech tree": like the single-player campaign, it seems like they haven't finished programming tech yet. Multiplayer is simply broken and doesn't work. Skirmish mode (player vs AI) is pointless because there is no AI. The enemy just sits there and waits to die. Hardware and software incompatibility is so bad that Kalypso has actually told people to uninstall their firewalls in order to play. The "stunning 3d graphics" do not appear with most mainstream video cards. Note that the guy who rated this 7 did not review this game. He previewed what he game could be if the devs fulfill all of their promises after 6+ months of patches. It's true that this game might be better in a year but it is unfair to give a review score based on fortune telling. Expand
  16. Aug 13, 2012
    Hi there... I was stupid enough to preorder this embarrassing sorry effort of a game and now I struggle to get my money back. This game is a beta, you have to pay for! Some even say it is only an Alpha, even after the two patches. On the pro side there are some pretty good ideas. It is quite complex and there is a lot to do. The graphics aren't that good, but that is not the main issue. I could live with the graphics.

    The game is unplayable because of:

    - CTDs all the time
    - controls are lousy at least (sometimes your ships won't obey your commands or get stuck or you can't click on them)
    - you can't cancel combat and you are stuck in the middle of it
    - ships get stuck in warp
    - not enough info/tooltips
    - no end turn report ("Construction ready" - um where? what is ready?)
    - no animated movement of your ships in the stratetic view (ships just "beam" to their destination)
    - camera movement is terrible!
    - etc. etc. etc.

    Do yourself a favour and burn your money instead...that would be more fun, than playing this game..seriously! Have a look in the forums or at amazon.de...devastating reviews! :(

    I would say the game MIGHT be playable in 8-10 month from now, right now it looks like a scam from the publisher and nothing to do with the amazing preview videos we all saw...
  17. Aug 13, 2012
    Not playable as of now. Its sad that they lied to steal money. Now they're refusing to refund. Lawsuit waiting to happen. I would avoid like a plague for now, and maybe check back in a few months. Assuming you're willing to give money to a deceitful company. Go play Endless Space for a 4x game.
  18. Aug 14, 2012
    Total scam, game wasn't finished, support is non existent. Game is totally bugged to hell and unplayable. Blatant robbery and the company won't give refunds. DO NOT BUY A KALYPSO GAME AGAIN
  19. Aug 14, 2012
    This game has huge potential but is currently incomplete, buggy, and unplayable. I actually pre-ordered it with high hopes for it, and I continue to have high hopes that Kalypso will update the game to fix these issues, at which point I'd be happy to update my review. But the fact that they released a game that is barely ready for an early beta reflects extremely poorly on the developers and publishers. They can redeem themselves by fixing the issues, but at this place I cannot recommend this to anyone. Expand
  20. Aug 14, 2012
    This game is broken, and should not have been released until the beta testing is completed, sometime perhaps 6 months from now. Don't waste your money. Seriously, Don't.
  21. Aug 20, 2012
    Dated graphics, dated UI, just plain dated. Couldn't get more than 15 minutes into the game, just not anything that stacks up against a game I would expect in this era.
  22. Aug 14, 2012
    This isn't a buggy release. It's not really even a release. It's like a mid-development mock-up of a game. Not only does it crash constantly, but it is truly rife with glitches big and small. Further, it is wildly incomplete: a lot of text is clearly "placeholder" text. (Research tech: "Production2", if I recall rightly.) It's a sketchy draft of a game. I am appalled that they would release this.

    On top of everything else: they claimed to have been SURPRISED. HOW WERE YOU SURPRISED?
  23. Aug 14, 2012
    Simply put, the game was obviously not ready for release. This game is somewhere in the mid beta test area in terms of playability and quality. It has good potential and perhaps, after a lot of patching, it will be a good game. If you like 4x games in general, you will probably like this game - eventually. If you haven't got it yet, don't. Wait a few months for it to be patched. Don't think too much on the current reviews. Some people are going to downrate it because they feel like they didn't get their money's worth and are angry. That's the risk of buying a game that had such little *real* information made available about it before release. However, you SHOULD be able to expect a game to be in a reasonably playable state when it's made available for sale. This game is not in such a state. Also be suspicious of anyone who gives it a high positive review within the first month or two because they are going to be lying to you. A game that crashes frequently and randomly (every 10-15 minutes at times), has broken/shoddy AI, and a half complete interface is NOT an excellent game in such a state. That's just a cold, hard, fact.

    So like I said, give it time and come back later. For now, it is not a smart purchase. If they keep up with the patching, it will eventually be worth your time and money.
  24. Aug 14, 2012
    This game had an exceptional amount of potential, and persues an old, but enjoyable genre of space exploration and empire building games which sadly has fallen by the wayside in recent years. After the debacle of SotS2's launch, I did not think a company would be willing to launch a 4X game in a pre-alpha state to paying customers for at least a few years. Make no mistake, Legends of Pegasus is beautiful, but awful. It is ridden with a number of elementary bugs, such as the Y key not being bound to the letter 'Y' in text boxes. The skirmish AI does not function, literally, as in it does not attempt to expand, or build ships. You cannot set more than one AI in a game. The campaign is dodgily built and relies on lazy scripted enemy spawns to give the nonexistant AI something to do.

    Enemy ships for example, appear next to your ships via strategic moves, and make no attempt to maneuver in tactical combat, merely approach, all-stop and fire their guns until they die. They universally attack the closest vessel or target regardless of threat or durability, and do not attempt to pursue fleeing ships that are critically damaged if they can simply switch targets to a closer enemy. Whole tech trees don't function at all. Expanded habitats hold zero people.

    Mining ships have placeholder names...

    The list goes on. Novacore claims they can fix the game in a few days of patches, but anyone who understands programming knows that code this rotten will take months to repair, if it can be repaired at all. This game has potential, but I stress that prospective buyers wait at least 6 months before checking the state of the game, because I do not believe Novacore (As this is their first game) has the capital or the clout to survive a launch this terrible.
  25. Aug 14, 2012
    I knew that most games have a few bugs at release, this was expected. However, not only did the game have a rocky launch, it was severely plague with game stopping issues, a poorly developed interface and a variety of issues too numerous to list in this review. I think the game has potential but the developers are going to have to work hard on restoring the community's faith in the game. I would give it a couple of months before investing in the game. Make sure to check in frequently to ensure the game has been fixed. Expand
  26. Aug 14, 2012
    Stay away from this game it was released with so many bugs and many features missing. Worst pre order I have ever come across. I think they have insulted us as gamers making us pay top money for false advertisement.
  27. Aug 14, 2012
    Well its Swords of the stars 2 all over again. This game is in alpha stages and Its damn awe full. It has a few basic good ideas, but the execution is horrible. Stay away and remember to look twice at both paradox and kalypso titles.
  28. Aug 14, 2012
    There is a glimmer of a solid game, 3 months from now but it looks like the devs believed they could fix their gaggle of gamestopping bugs with a day 0 patch, the release of this game is basically down right theft on the publishers behalf, if released as an MMO the launch would have been reviewed as awful but for a essentially single player game to be released like this is a whole new category of bad that the English language lacks an appropriate word for. Expand
  29. Aug 14, 2012
    Lulled , perhaps, by the outstanding quality of "Endless Space" while it was still in alpha release, I bought LOP (via Steam) a few days after release. Big mistake. From a quality point of view, the game is buggy, slow, and inconsistent in behavior. From a game design point of view, LOP is underwhelming and tedious. Fixing the bugs won't fix the game design; avoid this turkey. ..fritz..
  30. Aug 14, 2012
    game is totally crap and u know it so i give it 0 this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ6GlvJM3Ao explains pretty much everything, so please avoid any money wasting on such miserable product or u gonna regret it for sure
  31. Aug 14, 2012
    Conceptually, this is a good game, combining the slow, methodical, pacing that a turn based strategy allows with the action of real-time battles. A mechanic that has created many popular games in recent years. The ship design feature allows for many configurations and customization. The tech trees for research seem diverse and many, allowing for many technological progression options. Planetary interaction is simple and straightforward; and economics aren't bogged down with too many minute details to track.

    That said, at the moment the game seems to be an "unofficial" alpha release, that was simply labeled as a completed game. Considering that one of their first patches included the ability to load saved games, it seems painfully clear that almost no play-testing, if indeed any, had been conducted. It crashes constantly at intervals that can almost be predicted to the second. It lacks even the basic user interface options found in all modern games(such as the ability to navigate the map using the arrow keys). The multiplayer barely works at all(good luck trying to play a skirmish with more than one AI opponent). This is disappointing from the publisher that was behind Tropico 3. It looks like they've let their QA slip considerably.

    Check back with this game some time late next year, and they might even have it out of "beta" by then!

    Personally, I have learned my lesson and will never pre-order another Kalypso or NovaCore game ever again. I suggest that any fortunate enough not to have bought this game yet continue to hold off for many months, and check related forums thoroughly to make sure a playable version has been released.
  32. Aug 14, 2012
    "to the minority of users who post nothing useful in the forums and think that whining like a 5 year old in a playground will solve anything (avoid the forums like the plague or you will get accused of being a corporate bot or a troll) I believe they will fix the problems and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with this" Youve got to be kidding. So pretty much in your opinion people dont have the right to be angry after exchanging their cash with a steaming pile of crap. Im sorry but that is such a load of **** Im sick of games being released half assed. It seems to be happening more and more these days and people like yourself defend this **** Or maybe you work for Kalypso seeing you just gave it a 10. Really a 10 out of 10, and your positive comment is "I believe they will fix the problems and I am looking forward to seeing where they go with this". If thats a 10 what do you give a 1 or 2? Yeah you might say I havent contributed anything to reviewing it ,but pretty much the 18 or so people who scored it three or below pretty much sums it up with the comments. Expand
  33. Aug 14, 2012
    First off this is the first review of any bad games I ever feel like writing about. I didn't even say anything for the horrid release of SOTSII only because I like SOTS I. But my patience have really worn thin over the course of waiting for SOTSII being playable. This is the second 4x game that I bought that is really non-playable. First off this game is pre-alpha, it is nowhere near complete. The UI buttons, some research tree names are all filled with placeholder names. Second, after I finish downloading and installing the game, there is a black screen, only after 30 minutes did I figure you need to alt tab out then alt tab back in in order to see anything. After playing for about 1 hr, I had 2 CTD's, 8 freezes in which I had to reboot my computer and 4 microsoft errors. Lastly, there is no to load a save, so in order to play further you would have to start all over.

    P.S. Do not by this game at this time.. You have been warned. Steam and Kalypso do not give refunds. If anyone is feeling vindictive, they would put in a lawsuit for fraud and misrepresentation.
  34. Aug 14, 2012
    It's simple enough, I created an account on metacritic just to warn other people not to buy this game. I want my money back! So be warned and use your money on better games like Sins or Endless space
  35. omi
    Aug 16, 2012
    This game thought me why I shouldn't jump to pre-order just for a couple of bucks to save. This is how a perfect fraud works. I hope not many people fell for this and I also hope some brave souls sue this company for what they did. I am also disapointed with steam to distribute this pre-alpha game without any checking and not giving any refunds.
    one reason I pre-order was also the name of
    Kalypso since I had several good titles before this from them, now that name is stained irrecoverable to me. Expand
  36. Aug 16, 2012
    FRAUD. Game feels like an early alpha. Placeholder text everywhere, UI is clunky, text is cut off, multiple CTD bugs, multiple save/load issues. Definitely not ready for release but was shoved out the door to take advantage of preorders and folks who ordered through retailers that don't give refunds no matter what *cough*STEAM*cough*.

    The publisher then has the nerve to say they were
    SURPRISED by the "rough launch" on their official forums. ANYONE who plays this for more than 5 minutes would be able to see this so I don't believe their story about being surprised. Hell, on the "New Game" screen, there is a blatant spelling error ("Please select a fraction" instead of faction) which just tells you that they did a pretty poor job of QA and testing on this game.

    Instead of doing right by their customers and offering refunds, they say they're going to offer some unstated "compensation" and they say they're going to be working on getting the game to a playable state. I estimate 6-9 months before this is really playable and it's a shame because it could have been a really good game.

    Kalypso has lost me as a customer going forward and I'm never ordering a game again unless I see some actual gameplay videos (which had been withheld on this title -- I wonder why?).
  37. Aug 15, 2012
    I feel really stupid for buying this game without reading the reviews. Within minutes of booting this POS on steam I had a sinking feel that I just got myself a clunker. It took me about 5 minutes just to launch the campaign because of the **** UI -- stuff that a QA team of one dude should be able to catch.

    The tutorial writing was clearly written by somebody who either speaks English
    as a second language or was never proof read. Take this gem for example:

    "The currently for research available technologies are shown in the middle of the screen."

    There are many more such examples.

    Now, part of me feels bad for panning this game as it was clearly made by a very small development team, probably newbie game developers, and maybe even students. For that, its an impressive work, especially considering its potential (I was impressed by the demo video, game description, and the screenshots). But the thing that pisses me off is that I paid $40 bucks for this. I mean, it was a "featured" item on the Steam store tonight. I mistakenly trusted Steam to feature *GOOD* (or at least functional) games on the featured list. My mistake and one that I won't make again. My only hope is that I'll be able to dissuade others from making the same mistake by writing a review (one of my few) and that Steam will give me a refund. I've never asked for one, but I think I will now and spend that $40 bucks on a different game.
  38. Aug 14, 2012
    "Forget your Sins".... prophetic words indeed. For this game has too many sins to count. Aside from being an obvious "early beta" or "late Alpha" stage we were required to pay actual money to have this experience. I could have lived with a disclaimer pointing out that the game was a "work in progress" and purchased it for a reduced price.... but I was sold a product that is flawed .. and nowhere near working.
    Crashes, lockups, gui errors, camera control, "plot" stoppers.. this one has it all. Never in some 20+ years of gaming have I ever been a part of something that is so broken.
    My recommendation? DO NOT BUY.. and I would suggest never to purchased through Steam / Kalypso as well they have 0 interest in refunding money for a broken product.
    Be warned kids.. this game and the companies that peddled it are not worth your hard earned money.
  39. Aug 14, 2012
    Legends of Pegasus is not finished and not playable. Most of the features are just not working and the game keeps crashing all the time. I have been playing games for almost 20 years and this just might be the worst game that I have ever bought.
  40. Aug 16, 2012
    This game doesn't even deserve rating or be mentioned anywhere, its student project went wrong ... 45 EUR? Someone call shrink, I wouldn't play it even if they paid me.
  41. Oct 6, 2012
    Novacore studios has gone out of buisness. Serves them right. There will not be any new updates. Try to get a refund now if you have not gotten one already. DO NOT BUY if you are looking at Legends of Pegasus.
  42. Aug 17, 2012
    Another buggy incomplete mess of a 4X game. My fave genre, and this is appalling, what is it about the space game genre that makes publishers think they can release games like this and SOTS2?

    Abymsal - AVOID!
  43. Aug 18, 2012
    This game has bugs bugs bugs and more bugs that lead to lockups and endless crashes. But for a moment say the game is stable and look outside of the bugs. The graphics are okay but everything is just mashed together poorly. The GUI is a wreck, half the UI is cut off in places and in other places it doesn't tell you what something does. A pet rock is smarter than the AI, multiplayer is completely broken, and there is poor performance on top of the line gaming machines that doesn't make sense at all. On top of that it's like they took everything from every major 4X space game, pushed it into this one but did it extremely poorly. It has great potential however at this point the game needs a massive overhaul before it can even get there and I don't think it can recover as its far far worse than SotS2 was on launch. DO NOT BUY! Expand
  44. Aug 17, 2012
    This is a near direct copy of the game Ascendancy from the 1990s, which is a good thing. However The game has been released in a near Alpha state of development. Everything about it lacks polish, such as difficulty spikes, to game breaking bugs such as this list...

    Often crashes after every real time fight as it tries to auto save.
    Swaps Z/Y keys when naming save games.
    Can brake your
    game if you colonize the 2nd planet too soon in the first mission.
    Voice acting sounds like William Shattner played by multiple people, both male and female of all ages.
    ASWD keys will stop functioning early into any game. (aswd moves the screen).
    In a real time battle the right mouse will fling your screen to one end of the solar system instead of changing the screen angle.
    And many more!

    There have been some patches and I really could love this game, but they had better get on fixing this broken game.. Don't Buy it! I know I regret it..
  45. Aug 26, 2012
    I was stunned in disbelief and amazement someone would dare to release and sell a product like this. I never experienced something like this before. It's unstable, incomplete and fails to live up to it's promises given in the advertisement. It's not even worthy of the term "Game" in the current state and I'm doubting if it ever will. They still have to fix a lot, so many things actually they might as well start from scratch. This title has been pulled from lots of retailer stores after the word came out of it's abysmal quality. Amazon even considers to cancel any future cooperation with this game's publisher. Unbelievably, it's still on sale for full price on Steam though. Hence a warning; don't even think about it. Do yourself a favor and pick up another nice 4x title like "Sins of a solar empire" or "Endless space". Stay away from this atrocity. Expand
  46. Aug 31, 2012
    Legends of Pegasus - "The Legends of Fail". Endless Bugs, critical errors, missing or broken features, game feeling like an extreme early Pre-Alpha Version far away from good and evil. It's an deception at any user who throws out the window their money (including me), for more scrap than a game. There is only one conclusion: Don't buy or return the game to the dealer.
  47. Aug 20, 2012
    This game is absolute garbage. I made an account here just to say so. It's obvious that someone had a dream of making a 4x space game, then gave up about half-way and released a random pile of code in a game shaped container. Save yourself the trouble, stay away.

    Most of the UI buttons do nothing, no tool tips, constant crashes to desktop, unintuitive everything... not fun.
  48. Aug 22, 2012
    This game has or should I say had promise. On paper it
  49. Aug 21, 2012
    -Crashs to desktop all the time
    -most of features promised on the box & on website (even on amazon) are missing, like terraforming or NPC-races in the universe
    -no A.I. ingame (it builds 1 building - that's everything it currently does)
    -many features promised in teaser or preview videos in the internet (all official ones) are teasing things, which are NOT in the game
    consists of crashs, out of syncs, not loadings savegames & it is not possible to finish a MP-Game at the moment, it is going to crash within the first rounds
    -no tooltips which explain, what something actually does
    -no explanation of how the game mechanics work, why do i need culture? How much culture do i need and what/how many do i need to build of sth. to maintain a specific state?
    -many buildings are doing nothing at the moment
    -awkward UI, which is one of the badest i have ever seen
    -there may be 2000 techs in the tech tree, but 99% of them a superfluous like gain 1% damage or sth. similar
    -within combats not moving ships are attacking not moving ships, that's boring like hell
    -the game is bloody unfinished & was never ever tested or played before
    -save-game system of the early 80s, loading savegames is not always working
    -campaign may be 40h long, due to the plot stoppers & bugs - like the techtree you are wasting most of your time with boring stuff and clicking "end turn" or wait for the real time fight to end, because not moving ships fire on other non-moving ships for several minutes & nothing is happening ....

    There were already several patches, which improved the game a little bit, but it is still FAR away from playable or fun.
  50. Feb 7, 2013
    DO NOT BUY THIS!!! This game is unfinished, and unplayable! A travesty to the genre!
  51. Sep 22, 2012
    The reputation of both the developer and publisher kalypso are at stake with this disastrous release. Hope they patch the game soon to salvage what is left.
  52. Oct 29, 2012
    A brilliant idea, a twist on the 4x theme. I've played as many of these as I can find - from action based 4x like the "X" series from Egosoft to Gal Civ 1&2, The Space Empires series, Masters of Orion 1 2 AND 3, Distant Worlds, SotS 2 and 2, SoaSE ...and this is the WORST OF THE LOT. Crashes every single time on 3 different PC's, the UI is all over the place (you can't even see half the buttones you need to press) AI is patheticm control is none existant. Worse on release than Sword of the Stars 2 - worse than MOO3 (which with mods is a pretty decent game) AVOID - TERRIBLE GAME! Expand
  53. Oct 3, 2012
    The 4x genre is one of my favorites, and this one felt like a chore after a half an hour or so. I had to force myself through about ten hours of game play, numerous crashes, missing basic functionality, glitchy cameras,and more bugs then a roach motel in the projects. To me the cost of a game that makes me want to come back to it over anything else in my library of games is priceless. 60, 80, 100. Its irreverent If Im going to get hundreds of hours of gameplay and enjoyment out of it.So needless to say I would I not pay 50 dollar for this title, I would not pay 25, or even 10...hell I played this game for free and I felt ripped off. Expand
  54. Nov 15, 2012
    This is to put simply, a failed game. Everything everyone has said about this game, in a negative sense, is true. Buggy, broke, boring, and frustrating to play. If you can't deliver a good quality product, get out of the game. Sorry guy's but I un-installed this game only after 3 days of trying to play it.
  55. Mar 14, 2013
    I'm unsure what happened with LoP. While in development, the game seemed to have decent support. Then, suddenly, Summer of 2012, It was released in a less-than-playable state with non-existent support. Complaints from people who had paid for the game in good faith were everywhere. Players were discussing how to approach getting their money refunded. In October of 2012 the developers filed for Bankruptcy. I haven't seen a really decent explanation of why LoP was released before it was ready although many claim that's how Kalypso does business. Others say publishers are pushing developers into premature release of their games. Some sites were still taking orders for LoP at the time that Novacore announced its insolvency which is, IMHO, inexcusable. The only reason why some people were spared is bc players posted warnings not to buy the game. More than a few people reported that they were denied refunds due to game time logged even though they were not able to actually play the game. This calls into question the ethics of charging players for games not yet published. Aren't beta players really assisting developers in identifying problems needing to be solved? Shouldn't there be some kind of reward offered to the people who play pre-release games? How fair is it to charge people who participate in beta testing the full price for the game when they are the ones assuming the risk that the game might flop? Expand
  56. Aug 13, 2012
    I preordered this "game"!None of the advertised features were working or complete on release, forum full of lies from developers and publishers that have no respect for their customers, no response to refund letters from kalypso/steam.
    You can play campaign with broken UI and hidden beyond the side of the screen mission objectives or you can start skirmish mode with one
    broken AI.Multiplayer doesn't work from release till now.Game crashes every 10-30 minutes.They fixed save/load system with the third patch, so you now you can load your game(on release the game just crashes).AI is awfull, UI is awfull, tutorial is awfull, some buttons does nothing and have no description, 30 minutes scout fights, Tech tree is a joke full of 1% armor/damage/shield upgradesNo graphic options on release except changing the resolution, with third patch they added fullscreen'windowed, Vsync and Antialiasing options.Terramorphing isn't working.Sometimes units disobey commands.Early game is end turn bashing game.And more of that.Music is good though. Collapse

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 11
  2. Negative: 8 out of 11
  1. 48
    Sadly, technical problems make this game nearly unplayable- it’s like Legends of Pegasus launched half-finished. Somewhere, deep inside, there’s a great game, with an interesting space-opera story, presented like a graphic-novel … but in the end, the worst alien menace in Legends of Pegasus is not the race of X’or or Arthrox but the bugs. And not like the bugs in Starship Troopers… [January 2013]
  2. 30
    Legends of Pegasus game is perfect example of how to turn ambitious projects into something you do want to forget as fast as possible. [Oct 2012]
  3. Oct 11, 2012
    An impenetrable mess with almost nothing to recommend it. Cast this one into the void. [Oct 2012, p.73]