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  1. Aug 2, 2011
    Simple and brilliant. The result of game + art. Game mechanics is great and it's mood quite unique. Puzzles are quite easy but since mistakes often means death and restart, that's a good thing, to avoid them into become annoying. Checkpoints are well and often placed. It somehow reminded me of "Out Of This World" wich is a game I loved. Game sound is also amazing, focused on details and ambience with no music, making it's dark mood even more creepy. The weakest point is the game lenght... quite short... they could've made the game a little bigger, with harder puzzles near the end, but for 10 bucks it's more than worth it. Expand
  2. Sep 10, 2011
    This is a really fun and beautifully designed game yet it has some serious flaws. First off, it's way too short, even for a budget title. After beating the game, Steam had my playtime logged at 69 minutes. That means this game actually costs more to play per minute than your typical bloated. big-budget title. My biggest complaint about professional and amateur reviewers is that they pay so little attention to cost. The professionals get the games for free, so I guess they have an excuse. But it is an important consideration. This is a good game but only for a much lower cost. I would price it at $5.00. Another factor relating to cost is that it has virtually no replay value. But that is typical for puzzle games.

    The other serious flaw is that many of the puzzles are entirely unsatisfying. You might think you are solving puzzles at first but at some point you realize you are just taking shots in the dark. Some of the puzzles are not possible to solve until after you've died at least once. My favorite part of playing a puzzle game is trying really hard not to die the first time. This doesn't happen often, but I just feel deflated as soon as I realize there was no way I could have solved it the first time no matter how carefully I thought it out beforehand. You can tell how good a puzzle is by how high you throw you hands up in the air once you finally solve it or are told the solution and say, "Ah, jeeze! How did I not see that to begin with? It's so obvious now!" Many of these puzzle will just leave you shrugging with indifference making this game more of a metaphor for life (and perhaps the afterlife) than I would care for. But it is still a fun game. It just doesn't live up to the absurd amount of hype buzzing around it. I would give it a much higher rating if the price were much lower.
  3. Sep 29, 2011
    I really don't understand why everyone is calling this game a masterpiece.
    The graphics are unique and they work. The puzzle solving is pretty clever but it's nothing special. The sounds work for the game but there really aren't any. There's no music throughout, only ambient sounds here and there. The game is fun and surely worth playing but even at the low price of 10â
  4. Oct 7, 2011
    Limbo is the gaming equivalent of 'designer' bottled water -- the bottle is gorgeous, but you can get higher quality tap-water for a fraction of the price. Limbo has absolutey excellent art-direction, and the entire experience is eerily beautiful. Sadly, the game's selling points end there. The story is almost entirely non-existent, and manages to wrap itself up after only 3 hours of game play. If it were a Newgrounds title, all my 5 would belong to this. However, compared against other titles in the under $10 range, it leaves a lot to be desired. Expand
  5. Aug 8, 2011
    Honestly, the game have a very brilliant graphics, nice physics and is very scary.
    After an hour of playing, the game become very hard and is really frustrating to do next puzzles. In most cases you have to die to know how the puzzle can be solved.
  6. Mar 10, 2012
    Everything was good from the beginning to the spider. Than the game became bland and boring. The puzzles are uninspiring and the game drags on and on. People say the game is too short, I say the game is too long. I don't understand the praise this game recieves.
  7. Nov 10, 2011
    A simple puzzle-platformer with a good atmosphere. The start of the game was noticeably better than the rest, and the entire second half was just repetitive.

    It's alright, I guesss.
  8. Dec 15, 2011
    This game is the most heavily overrated of the century. On most puzzles you are pretty much FORCED TO DIE to figure out how to solve it. The only reason why this game takes 3 hours to beat instead of 1 hour is because the "puzzles" are 'haha you died, retry!" in your face, and it is insulting. Honestly making the puzzles 'hard' took little creativity whatsoever. The developing thinks they are being 'smart' but really there is no way we are supposed to know how to solve most of the puzzles without dying. You cannot even change the controls(result of lazy programming). The spider part was literally the only part I enjoyed, and the atmosphere and sounds were spooky, that was a plus. The cool lightning effect could vary at least once in a while. Seriously, it was not worth the $2.50 it was on sale for. This is not a troll post, or a hate post, I am being serious. I seriously had to quit in the middle of the game because it was so stupid and annoying. Expand
  9. Nov 1, 2011
    a wonderful and delightful newgrounds flash game, worthy of note for it's dark, lonely setting and beautiful monochrome art style. While gameplay is over all a simple platformer (you'll never do any actions more intuitive than pushing/pulling objects and levers) and the game is SHORT, with a playtime of two hours and thirty minutes, this is still an impressive showing from the FREE FLASH GAME genre. Expand
  10. Aug 7, 2011
    Turning the limitations of a small Indy game into a strength, Limbo is short but fun, has a memorable art style and is a must play downloadable game. The visuals of Limbo are simple and effectively create an eerie atmosphere better than most AAA video games. The game play is simple but adequately fun, the game physics are great and there are some memorable little game moments found in Limbo. Less can be more which is a lesson that the rest of the industry should learn. Recommended. Expand
  11. Aug 5, 2011
    I appreciated this game a lot, it has an amazing mood and it doesn't try to drown you in it with music (or hide the lack thereof with music). The little things were what impressed me most, small details in the world you could (and sometimes must) pick up. Parts of the 'story' you could piece together by just being attentive. The one problem with the game is length and re-playability. I could imagine if you were to play through it a second time you could be more appreciative of the surroundings and what is going on (I didn't realize a certain detail of the game until I started a second time). The problem is, with today's audience it seems everyone just wants to win, they don't bother with the details and if they get stuck it's straight to youtube for the walkthrough, A great game that I fear may go less appreciated than it deserves. Expand
  12. Jul 19, 2012
    This game is highly overrated in my opinion. The art style is memorable certainly, but the game is a precision platform puzzler. The very nature of the art style (black and white, blurry effects) means the art style itself inhibits gameplay by putting things in the foreground in your way, and it not being entirely clear is something is going to kill you or not. THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING. A good puzzle platformer should be able to be completed without many deaths if you can actually sit back and think what you're going to do: eg. braid. With limbo, so many of the puzzles simply cannot be attempted first life because they usually result in instant death just finding out what the obstacle is. For example. I see 2 spike traps attached to ropes above me. I have no idea when they will trigger and swing at me. I have no idea the length of rope on the spike trap, so it is pretty much impossible to estimate it's range or If I can outrun it arcing behind me. my only option is to just run in blind and see what happens. Admittedly, the game does allow you to respawn after death fairly close to where you died. Unfortunately the art style also shoots the game in the foot again because the game is simply not that interesting to look at. Yes I agree that vague black shapes that look like giant spiders would be "scarier" than an actual rendered giant spider, but when you start re-using the giant spider for the 15th time, it kinda loses the effect somewhat.
    The game is very short, it took me about 80-90 minutes to complete it, and there is little- no replay value. What's the point in replaying a puzzle platformer if you know where to go and what the puzzles are?

    There is virtually no music at all in the game, just ambient sound effects. In my mind this is just pure laziness. Yes, no music gives an eerie atmosphere, but music can do so much more, and can create any kind of atmosphere you want to create, eg cave story.
    I suspect most people are rating this game highly simply because it's something different and unique, which is fine, god knows we don't need more Call of duty's and Battlefields, but please actually take into account other things apart from how unique the game is, especially as the majority of inde titles created have a unique aspect to it.
  13. Sep 5, 2011
    The people giving this game 8+ are giving it for the novelty of the game, not for its actual value. Here's my take on the good and the bad: Everyone will like: good eerie visuals and sound make an excellent atmosphere, some of the puzzles are creative. Some will like: Gruesome and gory deaths, horrific enemies, a few gross puzzle solutions What makes this game suck: Very short, not worth $10, should be $5 at the most. I finished it in 3-4 hours. Over half of the puzzles require you to die at least once to see how to solve them (robs you of ever feeling like you are smart and adaptive when you have to die to say "oh yeah, thats not going to work!). Half the puzzles arent even puzzles, they are just idiotic reflex / timing/jumping challenges.

    Summary: Nice idea, failure in execution making this game.
  14. Nov 25, 2011
    Yes, this game has eerie and beautiful visuals, but the trial-and-error gameplay is simply too frustrating to warrant a higher rating. You'll have lots of deaths followed by "How the hell was I supposed to know that would kill me?" A clear "games are art" game, it priced too high, is too simple, and too frustrating for the average gamer.
  15. Nov 27, 2011
    Wonderful game. A great example of how a video games can truly become a art. The puzzles are great and not too frustrating, and always keeping it original. The sound matches well the atmosphere. It's simply a beautiful game for people that can appreciate a game not just for the high paced action element.
  16. Oct 10, 2012
    It's difficult to quantify my frustration with this "game." Honestly, Microsoft did a wonder on their Xbox controllers because if they were any cheaper, I'd have been buying a new controller. I rage-quit several times during my play-through.

    I don't consider myself stupid, so I have to assume this game is intended for people "less bound by the parameters of perfection" (to borrow a
    line--in jest of course). Or perhaps it's a cultural thing. I prefer to feel like I'm winning a game and/or accomplishing small feats versus simply dragging my lifeless corpse through to the bitter end.

    How is mandatory and repetitive death supposed to equate puzzle solving? Quick answer: it doesn't. It is simply trial-and-error memorization of sequences. That's not how puzzles are solved. Puzzles require taking a step back and looking at the pieces available to you. Usually all the pieces you need to solve a section of a puzzle are immediately available or at least recognizable. Most of the time you aren't even aware of the scope of a sequence until you've died at about 3 or more points in the same sequence.

    Enough about the "puzzles". Let's talk story. There is none. I found out more about the story reading the synopsis here on Metacritic than I did playing the actual game. Does that tell you how poor the narrative is? I imagine in order to reach the widest audience and avoid localization work, fees, etc. the developers simply opted not to have anything other than UI for text/dialogue.

    This shows a gross level of disregard for one of the key attractors for games in general but also incompetence to understand the fundamentals of building what one would claim is a game. Sure, it's been done before, but usually there is an overwhelmingly stunning performance of another aspect of the game that either negates or marginalizes the lack of story. Fighting and racing games come to mind, but both offer clear goals and rewards for player accomplishments.

    Both also offer clear control schemes which also was sadly lacking. Bringing us to controls, they are retarded--in the purest sense of the word. You would expect to be able to sprint in a game so reliant on timing for its "action" sequences. But no, an ambulatory, happy-go-lucky trot (strange considering the overarching tone) is the default pace and fastest you'll move beyond falling. You're only other means of interaction with the world is to scale ledges, drag boxes, swing on ropes, and throw switches; hardly an exhaustive list, especially for a "puzzle" game.

    Even this game's detractors concede that the graphics are good or at least artistically significant. Original, I'll grant it, but also annoying. Much of the shock and puzzlement rely upon the complete lack of color to differentiate assets, scenery, and traps. Some are blatantly obvious, such as giant sawblades, while others are indistinguishable from scenery until you venture into them, like bear-traps in ankle-high grass. I'd hardly call that artistic. Fiendish is far more appropriate.

    For redeeming qualities, you have unlimited lives, and abundant checkpoints that prevent you from chucking your machine out the nearest window. But another downer to the unlimited lives is the nagging "in-your-face" pause between respawns to rub your face in the developer induced failures you're suffering.

    TLDR: this blasphemy of a game is not worth the bandwidth cost of downloading it. Watch it on YouTube and be grateful there are so many other games to play that don't require anger management or suicide prevention hotlines.
  17. Jul 19, 2012
    Limbo beings as a simple puzzle game but evolves into a metaphor for things we can only imagine. The art style of the game is uncomplicated and lends itself toward the overall metaphor. Many have complained about Limbo being overly short while others have described it as an arduous journey that is well worth the effort. I would say that I played through at an above average pace and finished the game in about five hours. Many of the puzzles were tricky and the feeling of success was a great reward when I figured them out. As far as the story goes, well will have to form your own opinion about that after you play through. Lets just say its an open book.

    Great games leave a simple taste of I want more in your mouth and this game gave me that. Sadly there isn't much more I can milk from it so 9/10. It looses one point for lack of real replay ability. I accomplished 90% of the achievements on my first play through.
  18. Aug 3, 2011
    Let me preface this by saying the gameplay of Limbo was good. The game took full advantage of the 2D platformer genre. The downside to this game however is the lack of a coherent story. Making a story vague to the point where players have to keep guessing as to what it's about doesn't exactly make it good. With Limbo it was almost as if the developers hired Jonathan Blow and told him to write a story behind Kazimir Malevich's "Black Square". Expand
  19. Aug 19, 2011
    If a game could be considered art then this is it! 10/10 for style and presentation and I loved playing it. I'm giving it 6/10 for three reasons. Firstly and perhaps predictably, it's too short. Secondly, and perhaps this is why it's too short. If you're, let's say, more of a mature gamer like I am and have been around since the dawn of gaming, then the puzzle aspect of this game is just too simple. I have to stress however that this does not take away the enjoyment of basically controlling an excellently animated, very intriguing character, in a feature length cartoon. The third reason for the controversial rating is the re-playability, for me is NIL. A bit like watching a Christmas movie, maybe I'll play it (watch it) again in a few years but that's it. Expand
  20. Sep 30, 2011
    I was firstly enthralled by the gruesome solutions to the puzzles at the start of the game, but then quickly grew bored of repeatedly dying and having to complete timing challenges over and over; after which I was greatly snubbed by how poor the ending was.

    I paid £7 for this game. It wasn't worth the money.
  21. Oct 5, 2011
    Tip top! Fantastic visuals, dark humor and fun puzzles. Wonderful. It's not often that a game comes along that just makes your day happier and more enjoyable. Limbo does that in spades.
  22. Nov 9, 2011
    Limbo is the better indie game of the year, i love this game so much because if increlible puzzles and all the things thar envolved this game. and when we reached the end, going back to the beginning is amazing, defnitly i love this game!!
  23. Nov 9, 2011
    Ill give this game 3 points for the nice and refreshing graphics...but that was all the good that was there to say about it... Lets start : 1. This game costs 10 euros on steam, which is a pure disaster for a game that will enjoy you about 2 hours until you´re finished, if you want something dark, play the binding of isaac 2. the puzzles are lame at best. some are pretty easy, and for some you just have to die to see how they´re being solved. that´s all of the magic...i can´t understand all the fuzz about the game, the graphics are nice,sure, but this game is not worth a metascore of 89 nor a userscore of 8.0, it´s worth to be categorized as a longer tech demo for a ridiculous prize Expand
  24. Dec 6, 2011
    I was completely absorbed this Limbo makes an atmosphere are dark, weird, sad and breathing. It's an excellent point that I can intuitively understand to run, jump, escape, pull, push before something do, in spite of I reached there and played for the first time. But it's only games the early stage. There is no difference between the free flash game like a puzzle action and this game of after the middle stages.
    I think the best way is this game get finished all too soon after hardly run, hardly escape, hardly find to the way that we have to go. I feel it doesn't match this atmosphere that I must stop to solve the gimmick.
    I forgot a main goal on the way.
    But... I hope no Limbo 2 is made.
  25. Dec 10, 2011
    For the first 20 minutes or so of the game, I was very impressed with the atmosphere. I can certainly congratulate the people in the art department for creating that dark and eerie world. The gameplay however, was a bit disappointing. Although some of the puzzles were very clever, most required me to die first just to figure out what I was being asked to do. Sadly towards the end the gameplay becomes too repetitive, and for me this game has zero lasting appeal. I never want to play this game again after finishing the first run.
    The artwork in this game is truly amazing, but overall the gameplay is bland and there's not much to rave.
  26. Dec 26, 2011
    This game is amazing, it manages a great level of difficulty, slowly increasing throughout the game, that many puzzle games don't find. Puzzles were still of a decent difficulty at the start and gradually developed into taking 5-10 minutes to figure out each puzzle. While the odd few of the puzzles simply required jumping or running at the right time, most of them are well thought out and logical - unlike many other games where you feel that you never would have thought of the solution and ended up trying everything in trial and error. The atmosphere in the game is powerful, very creepy and I found myself genuinely freaked out at some of the things the boy encounters. Checkpoints in the game are well-placed so that you didn't have to repeat vasts amount of gameplay to get back to your origial point. The sound adds to the atmosphere, though a drawback is that you couldn't edit the volume in the options. While in hindsight I think that the story of his sister is a little underplayed, as even towards the end we don't really know what happened, while playing it didn't really occur as an issue and I found it fun watching the silent story of his journey unfolding. The game is relatively short (3.2 hours to finish or so), it is also very cheap. Expand
  27. Dec 8, 2012
    Limbo is rather well done graphically and the atmosphere is very strange/dark. We can't say that the game breathes joy but it is its style so you must have a certain amount of black humor to enjoy it.
    The game doesn't offer any in-game music but the effects are good and rich enough so that it doesn't bother.
    Regarding game-play, it gets a little boring after a while so it has nothing of
    a big hit. But if you grab it at a discounted price, that's okay.
    Replay value however is the biggest flaw and once finished, there is not much to do except trying to finish it again as fast as possible and using as few lives as possible.
  28. Jan 5, 2014
    The only reason I'm rating this a 'zero' instead of a 'three' is because the overall score is far too high. I purchased this game for its unique art style and because I wanted a good puzzle game that made me think. However, I am not a fan of dying every five-to-thirty seconds in order to figure out the next puzzle. It turns what, in my view, should be an interesting puzzle game into a 1990s NES platformer. Seriously, the last time I died this often was when I played Ninja Turtles 1. This game is far from what I'd call an "indie masterpiece". It's cheap, it's gimmicky, it's a waste of money. Expand
  29. Nov 24, 2011
    this game is awesome... in the same spirit as braid, world of goo, etc... buy it.. you will not be disappointed! easy to pick up, simple controls, devilish puzzles, short and sweet, just the way i like my games
  30. Jan 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. According to steam, I have clocked a total playtime of 20.5 hours. I believe I have spent 3 hours on the first try, another hour to get achievements, and the remaining 16 hours on getting the No point in dying achievement, which requires you to complete the game with 5 deaths or less. Having attained that achievement, and subsequently not touching the game since then, this is what I have to say: The game is interesting during the initial run. Mario-like gameplay and unique puzzles, together with the presence of the gothic greyscale theme of 2D sied scrolling, make this game quite an ejoyable and unique experience. However, that's basically it. There are, in fact, quite a number of shortcomings to this game. The first and most obvious one is, of course, it's short game play. 3 hours for 10 USD is real short, especially for a game in 2D. Furthermore, this game has absolutely no replayability. Unless you want to pass each and every level with perfect precision so that you can attain the achievement No Point in Dying, there really is no point in replaying the game. If that is not enough, this game's background music is relatively mundane, in a way that I have to load a few albums of my own if I don't want to fall asleep and end up pressing the wrong button and dying. Oh and one more problem. This game's controls is slightly problematic for the keyboard. You can adjust your movement speed with the xbox joystick, but that is not possible with the keyboard. This is a real problem in areas such as the part where you have to jump over a gap with the cocoon limbo. Expand
  31. Mar 6, 2012
    If you can pick it up for $2-3 bucks you owe it to yourself to play it. I doubt it will every crack anyone's Top 10 list, but it's memorable and touching. Keyboard controls (all five keys) work great.
  32. Nov 27, 2011
    Artistically great and full of nice, original puzzles. It's logical in that you can analyze a level and figure out what to do. And it's very creepy, with a nice dark sense of humour. One of the best games I have played.
  33. Mar 16, 2012
    LIMBO's design is an example of gaming as an art form. Short and sweet, doesn't overstay its welcome. Puzzles are challenging and fun, not illogical and frustrating (I'm looking at you, Braid). Worth every penny of the $5 I paid for it during the Steam Holiday Sale.
  34. Dec 1, 2011
    I've a problem with this game.Visuals are great, art design as well. Moody graphics, sounds, eerie atmoshere - it all works very well. In the other hand, Limbo is short... and most of all - not even challenging. You'll need about 3-5h to beat it from start to the end, depending on you how easily you get frustrated. Limbo constantly pushes your poor character to.. die. In your first playthrough there no chance to predict what obstacle awaits you. Most of the times, you die... and with the new knowledge start from the nearest checkpoint. I guess it's not the way the platformer game should work... And believe me, most of the tasks are rather easy to perform, when you know how. In conclusion, Limbo is a perfectly designed game... but it's better to watch than to play. I've enjoyed the gameplay, but overall im disapointed. Nevertheless, game deserves at least 6 points. I had a good time... but i guess only once, there's no need to play it again. Expand
  35. Jan 1, 2012
    You know what annoys me about "hard" games like this, is that they believe they're tipping their hat to the nightmarish difficulty plat-formers of yesteryear. But what they fail to realize, is that back then, the difficulty levels were only hard to stop people from finishing a full price game in a short amount of time. Nowadays, when I pay $10 for a game and find myself dying instantly every time I reach the end of the screen, I don't feel gooey nostalgia, but only bubbling rage. Limbo is a game with such a mechanic, albeit a fantastic sense of design and atmosphere, but nevertheless let down by its complete lack of story, cheap sudden deaths and boring and repetitive physics puzzles. I swear that see-saw puzzles make their way into every single game with a basic physics engine and they have NEVER BEEN FUN.

    It's unfair to rate a game down based solely off its difficulty and simplicity and all things considered, Limbo isn't that bad. But it sure ain't as amazing as people make it out to be.
  36. Aug 20, 2011
    Interesting platform-puzzled gameplay. It was fun while it lasted (super short). I did have a problem with the "storytelling portion." The game gave no background of what was going on except for the game details in the Steam store. There was no cutscene/integrated method of telling a very simple story.
  37. Sep 22, 2011
    Atmospheric, clever and challenging.The controls are tight and it makes a nice use of physics .It requires quick reactions, and you will die a lot, and the game is based on learning from your mistakes.A forgiving checkpoint prevents the game from getting frustrating A great game overall.
  38. Nov 27, 2011
    This game is pretty good but its far from being a master piece. As it is its a decent 2d platformer with some interesting puzzles. There are some major flaws with this game in my opinion first of all there is just not much to it. If you read the description your searching for your sister but in the game their is no story whatsoever not even a single message so you have to pretty much read the store page description to understand whats going on. It was also somewhat confusing when i first started playing on the PC because there was no tutorial what so ever and the sad part is there are only 5 buttons 4 of which are arrow keys used in the game so a tutorial would have taken 3 secs. I enjoyed the first 10 or so level of the games because it felt like a interesting world with dark forest, monster spiders, and fellow children. However about halfway through the game all other forms of life disappear and you are left with somewhat boring mechanical puzzles which serve no other purpose then to make you spend more time in the game. The end of the game just reaffirmed my belief that i had just wasted 2 hours of my life it was very subtle and I did not receive the boss battle/ hard puzzle I was hoping for. The end cut scene was also very weak and had no emotional impact on me whatsoever the previous hour of mechanical puzzle solving left me completely numb and i just wanted the game to be over. Overall this game would have been great if it could have kept the feel it had for the first 10 or so levels but as it stands half the game is amazing and the other half is varies in quality from mediocre to mind numbingly meticulous.

    I'm glad i got it for $2.50 i would surely have been extremely disappointed to waste $10 on this game.
  39. Jan 25, 2012
    This game is nearly priceless, its like a puzzle-platformer, horror, killing simulator mix that results in something extremely special and entertaining. Not only do the black and white colors combine to make an excellent creepy atmosphere but the ways you die and the events that happen in the game create tension. The puzzles are pure quality, they are so good they nearly seem comparable to puzzles in Valve games, and there is a lot of variety in each situation. My only complains with this game, the story is really not clear and some of the puzzles are quite difficult giving you many deaths. Limbo is an amazing game which becomes challenging but not frustrating, this is one of my games of the year and a must-buy title on any platform. Expand
  40. Dec 20, 2011
    Very few games out there that will get my girfriend to constantly peek over her book to check out my progress - this is one of them. Dark and macabre, yet brilliantly simple. Ok, I admit - some of the puzzles will have you pulling your hair out, but most of the time you can suss out what your poor little lost boy character has to do to navigate his way out of some kind of sick, twisted evil place. If you don't mind dying endless amounts of times, nor having any narrative or explanation as to why you are there, or indeed any help or pointers, this is a little gem of a game you should consider checking out. Expand
  41. Feb 28, 2012
    Loved this game. It stuck with me so strongly, rainy days make me want to play it again. I also wish it had been longer, but that's my only complaint.
  42. Jan 13, 2012
    Beautiful. I did not expect much from LIMBO at first, what in my head was "Meh, another lazy indie puzzle game." But after I have played the game, I really like the black and white, very artistic. I played this game with my girlfriend besides me and guess what? We both enjoy it! Solving the puzzle together and sometimes screaming together. Good game and worth your time.
  43. Jan 30, 2012
    I suppose it's worth the sale price of 5 bucks, but not much more than that. It's very average. A lot of the game is simply dieing and then correcting the mistake you made that led you to die. I don't find it very entertaining. Compared to Braid, this game sucks.
  44. Jan 21, 2012
    As many before me have pointed out, looks and atmosphere-wise this is quite a different experience to what else is out there. I'm not sure I particularly like it - relentlessly claustrophobic and grim. Some of the puzzles are ingenious and others pretty straightforward - reminded me of Braid a little.It became very frustrating to me in the latter stages as the loss of my hair will attest! Deaths galore because of my inability to time the moves to perfection - I just ended up getting more and more irritated and eventually just watched the ending on a walkthrough video. It seems I did not miss a great deal. Perhaps I just didn't have enough time to make the necessary corrections to timing - I was not after some Super Mario type challenges but instead something more cerebral and less punitive. Unique design and mood but just too irritating for me to derive any pleasure from playing it. Expand
  45. Feb 24, 2012
    This game is a polished diamond. It's nothing for hardcore nerds who play nothing but Battlefield 3 and don't like to use their brains. Limbo is a piece of game-art and should be treated like this. The optics athe sound designs are mindblowing. Its easy to fall in love with that game very quick. Everyone should have played this clever straight up jump and run thriller at least once. The only reason i didn't gice the game a full 10/10 is because i reached the end after 4 hours. I didnt want it to end cause i liked what i seen. Expand
  46. bts
    Feb 25, 2012
    I just got to be a member to critic this game :) What a bore. Not a test of intelligence but your keyboard skills. The game is all about timing your jumps and holds. That's it. Yes there are puzzles, but they are not that difficult, but only a matter of sequencing your key presses. If you don't you repeat it again. This is like a pinball with no colors and endless life. I think I got fed up with doing the same things over and over and timing my key presses. Is this supposed to be fun? Challenging your intelligence? Or just an easy way to keep you busy and think as if you have accomplished something at the end? This type of gaming should end sometime because this is more like self torture rather than entertainment. Expand
  47. Mar 8, 2012
    Limbo is a beautiful, ambiance-driven side scroller everyone should play. The cost on Steam is 9.99, a better value than a trip to the movies, and offers a few hours of unique, artsy entertainment.

    It isn't very difficult, but it sometimes makes you laugh and maybe think a bit. As others have said, sometimes you have to die to figure out how to solve a puzzle. With harder puzzles this
    would be a 9. Expand
  48. Jul 9, 2013
    A fairly overrated game with a fantastic art style. It is a game with only one real flaw, and that is the insanely short length. I beat it in 45 minutes. As the negative reviews all say, it should have been 5 bucks. The puzzles are extremely easy, and if you pay attention, you will never die. I beat the game (on both areas) dying a total of 3 times. Once when I screwed up the platforming, once on the final puzzle and once in the pitch black puzzle section where you have to rely on sound to avoid the traps.
    The people saying you need to die on multiple puzzles to find a solution are completely wrong.

    Its like Dark Souls, you can predict every single trap before hand if you pay attention and know how to spot tells. Even the traps that give you 3 seconds to react are obvious before hand. It disgusts me that modern gamers still cant spot tells in games. Reminds me of Dark Souls how 90% of attacks from bosses could be figured out in 3 seconds simply by the design of the boss and the arena.

    On the aethetic again, it sports a dark monochrome colour scheme, with no music except for atmospheric sounds. It also has a great physics engine and minor dust effect to give every falling block force. It is a very very good looking art style and is extremely immersive.

    The narrative is minimalist. All you know is a girl (I believe it said it was your sister or something?) has gone to Limbo, and you follow her. Nothing else is said at all. If you want a complex narrative, you wont find one here.

    Overall, I would have prefered it to be far far longer, and more difficult puzzles. I also would prefer that everyone look at the tells of enemies. Regardless, it has a great art style and atmosphere.
  49. Jun 5, 2012
    This game kind of makes me feel like I'm playing an old NES game but with better graphics and less fun 8-bit music. Its very simple mechanics make it quite an interesting game. You start off with no idea of what's happening, no back story, no one popping up telling you "USE TEH ARROW KEYZ TO MOVE." It just throws you in the game, basically telling you, "you figure it out. You're smart, right?" Each time you fail a puzzle at first, you learn from your mistake how to go at it in a different approach. It's a fun little game that's a good game for reminiscing about simpler game times. Expand
  50. Dec 30, 2012
    LIMBO is a nice game! Short, but nice, where you have to use logic.
    It has a good dark atmosphere, and it is also quite disturbing... Now, the gameplay is absolutely NOT innovative, but how it's actually done, it is.
  51. Apr 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Gorgeous sound and visuals. I'm not sure that you have to die to solve some of the puzzles. Maybe. A few times I "just new" that the pressure plate effects would be reversed for example, but stuck to how it had played so far, and zap! Very short, but about the length of watching two DVDs and about the same price. A few more hints at a story would be great, but I admit as a FPS player usually, the style, mystery and foreboding grabbed me completely. Expand
  52. Apr 30, 2012
    Limbo is a relatively short but very worthwhile voyage. The game took me a little over 3 hours on first play-through but for more casual gamers should last a little longer, then of course you can go for all of the achievements. From the beginning you are thrown into a very dark depressing place with no real understanding of why you are there (not sure if this gets clearer really). The graphical style is beautifully creepy and the sound is second to none. Play with headphones turned up loud to get every rain sodden footstep and every sickening thud of the bear trap severing you in two. The puzzles are quite challenging requiring both skill and thought, with a great sense of achievement upon completion. Very highly recommended Expand
  53. May 20, 2012
    A short but pleasant experience. When I played it I couldn't help myself but think it could have been much more, but it stands good enough where it sits. There are many things that could be fixed though - a lot of puzzles require you to die first to see how it's solved, others are simply frustrating.
  54. Jun 5, 2012
    Limbo is a wonderful game, with innovative scenery and an unique ambiance.
    The main dark point is the game is the lifetime is so short... You may clean the game in 2/3 hours; nevertheless 2/3 hours of fun and reflexion!
  55. May 30, 2012
    The best indie game I've ever played. It may be short lived and the puzzles are kept rather simple, but the fact that a side scroller is able to carry heavier atmosphere and emotion than most other games just through it's visuals and sound design, is still amazing to me.
  56. Jun 4, 2012
    Infuriating and annoying, that's the only way to describe this game. Some people clearly like that, but as the game progresses and the laggy controls start to have an impact on the game it becomes unbearable. There is a nice idea in here but the implementation on PC is just no good, maybe the console version was better and this is just a bad port.
  57. Avi
    Jun 10, 2012
    A beautiful, artistic, game with a creepy but captivating atmosphere - definitely worth buying. I created an account on Metacritic just so I could review this game! The graphics are all in black in white, done in the style of an old, flickering film. The difficulty level of the puzzles are just about perfect - just hard enough that they provide a rewarding challenge, but not so difficult that you start tearing your hair out. I only had to look up hints online about twice, and even then I had usually gotten the gist of the solution but just needed to be a bit more persistent. The creativeness of the puzzle mechanics is superb and makes for some very interesting interactions. One of my favorite things about the game is it's attention to subtle details in the physics of objects and little graphical flourishes that really make the experience rich and mesmerizing. Expand
  58. Feb 4, 2013
    Limbo is a very good game, however its major drawback is the length of the game. Its worth the purchase price, but if your looking for a game that will have hours and hours of replay value; you may want to look somewhere else.
  59. Nov 23, 2012
    Meh. Yes it was atmospheric.
    That got old after the 1st or second puzzle.

    This played like an overgrown flash game. The puzzles were sometimes interesting, but more often than not they were trial and error tedium. (Try once, die on something you really couldn't have foreseen, try again)

    Possibly worth the $2.50 but I was sick of it even during the couple hours it took to complete.
  60. Jun 8, 2013
    Excellent art and music (the game is a work of art), the puzzles are very interesting in the beginning and quite (but not very) interesting in the second half of the game. I actually though that the game will go more in the direction of violence and philosophy/psychology (e.g. seeing another character walk into a pool and die, just to bounce over his dead body that's the strongest moment in the game imo), but unfortunately it takes a purely mechanical setting later: boxes, saws, magnets I've seen all this stuff in many games. If you take out the art and focus only at the second half of the game, you will see a good but not an outstanding puzzle, much like the ones you can find on Kongregate for free. The first part however is simply a work of a genius. That's why after finishing this game i have a somewhat mixed impression. Also, the ending was unexpected and i didn't get its meaning (or the meaning was too banal? i mean, walking thru so many hurdles to just get a girl? duh, that's too teenager-oriented). I also agree with some reviewers that most puzzles make you die a few times before you can at all figure out what's going on. That's not too bad, but I still had a sense that the author just enjoys hurting the player Anyway, with all these minor flaws (which aren't actually flaws) the game is just excellent. It surely deserves its popularity and it's definitely a step forward in the genre. Expand
  61. Feb 12, 2013
    There's so much to praise the beauty of a game like LIMBO. It's a nice hybrid of adventure games and platform games. All the sections of the game are filled with puzzles, which you can solve by dying and trying, again and again. The visuals look nice, which are monochromatic black and white and some shades of grey. Sound effects are OK, musics are moody. The story is about a little boy, who's looking for his sister in limbo, which is the edge of hell. The ending reminded me the TV show
    L O S T, a spectacular show with an open end, the producers of it had given the liberty of commenting and fictioning the ending to fans and viewers. LIMBO also tries to do it.
  62. Dec 28, 2012
    The best way to describe this game is mediocre at best. The art and backgrounds are very well done but that's about the only things the game has going for it. For starters, it lacks a story line or any kind of basic information that might give the game coherence or meaning. When you begin, you're more or less thrown to the wolves (literally) to figure out what the heck you're supposed to be doing. As the game progresses, you move your character across a black and white 2D platform setting and try to solve seemingly simple yet frustrating puzzles. There is no health or life bar in this game. You make a mistake, you die immediately and start over at the beginning of the level (and die you will, over and over and over again trying to work through one unexpected hazard after the next). Bottom line: The artwork is good, the gameplay is simple, the storyline is non-existant, and the general gameplay can get frustrating. Don't buy this game at the regular price of $10 because it's not worth more than $5. Expand
  63. Jan 5, 2013
    Limbo is a darker game, with interesting puzzles, and moments that make you feel tense. The atmosphere and tone that the devs set fits very nicely with this sort of platformer game, and the overall package is a nice addition to any casual gamers library. The game is not that long, and can be completed from start to finish in a few hours. With the length of the game in mind, the $10 price tag is steep. Wait for it to go on sale because it has very little replayability. Expand
  64. Feb 3, 2013
    Great visuals and very beautiful. However in my opinion it feels like a trial and error game, though some puzzles you could think before hand, many of the other times you just die in order to know what to do next. I found myself rather bored at this game. I am surprised at the highscore this game gets.
  65. Apr 11, 2013
    This game is good. It is worthy of the time spent playing it. It is pretty intuitive and can really bring you into its dark imagining. However, this game is not worthy of 10 bucks. This is a $2.50 indie game and the fact that the price was raised because of its popularity is shameful of Playdead. Instead of charging you what the game is worth they seen an opportunity to squeeze more money out of a product regardless of real worth, and it effectively halted all popular progress the game was making. Fail decision on Playdead's part. That being said, the game itself not considering price could be an 8 or 9 for its genre, but considering bang for your buck, only gets a 6 from me. Expand
  66. Nov 26, 2013
    Limbo is truly unique, creative, cathartic, scary, fun, immerse, atmospheric and short.

    As a self professed adventure and puzzle game addict, I must say that Limbo provided me with top quality puzzles those that didn't require a walk through but did require pause for thought. Some even required a cup of tea!

    The atmosphere was seamless and the dream never failed. The setting was
    suitably spooky and the traps did yield a few frights.

    Sadly, it was all over too quickly. Limbo: Brilliant but short.
  67. Aug 6, 2011
    Here to remind us that GAMEplay matters more than story for a GAME to work, is limbo. 3 controls make it simple, but the puzzles intrigue you and the darkness and silence captivate you into a world that needs no narration or text. Its beautiful, just difficult enough to enjoy but not enough to frustrate you, as they give you hints on how you're supposed to proceed. There was next to no puzzles in which you "had" to die in order to know what to do. I could go on and on but this game is as near to being perfect as you can get, so it deserves a 10/10. Expand
  68. Jul 6, 2012
    I played it non stop start to finish and enjoyed every single minute. Amazing game in every way. The atmosphere, the level design, I hope to play more from this studio soon.
  69. Aug 6, 2011
    Amazing! absolutely amazing, one of the best platformers of 2010 finally finds its way to the PC: Gorgeous black and white graphics, a strong sense of desolation and well thought puzzles make this one an eternal classic.
  70. Aug 8, 2011
    This game managed to have me grossly frustrated yet enthralled, which is a very unique feeling. The controls are very smooth and the setting feels unique. Sadly it seems shallow and leaves too much for the imagination; a quality not always wanted in a game. Halfway through I just started looking forward till the end thinking "Surely something epically grand will happen soon!", but either I don't get it or.. well. It's grossly overrated, though, I'll say. It's a good game and all, but how can people be that blown away by it? I'd definitely recommend it to anyone "play this game, dude, it's awesome!", but not much more than that. Expand
  71. Jan 6, 2013
    Nice game with an attractive art style but way too short. The puzzles are fun but some of them rely too much on trial and error.
    Still a good buy if you wait for a special on Steam.
  72. Sep 21, 2011
    I possibly can't tell the atmosphere of this game with words, yet I have to write something about it. It is a short game and this is the only flaw. However, its puzzles are highly original. Visuals and main character is so dark, and the deaths are so cruel, you start wondering if it may be the darkest game you have ever played.
  73. Aug 4, 2011
    Fantastic, fantastic game! It's sorta like a "Braid" game, but LIMBO tells a story without ever saying anything. The gameplay is condensed into four directional buttons (up being jump at every appropriate moment) and one action button. It's amazing what it's able to accomplish with so few: and that is one very atmospheric puzzler. In all honesty, aside from the game play and puzzles, LIMBO is all atmosphere. From the moment the game starts we are already playing, given no obvious cues and expected to learn as we go. If you read the sales page, you probably already know you're looking for your sister in limbo. And honestly, that's all the information you'll be getting on that front. There are a lot of blanks, and as the player you're left to assume what it all means and how it relates into a story. If you pick up on the visual ques, I believe there is one dramatic story being told here. At any rate, I was going to give this game a 9/10 because it seems to be having some issues with my rumblepad (got it sorta fixed, but it's not a perfect solution), but honestly I'm sure the issues will be fixed down the line otherwise the keyboard controls are quite doable. 10/10, another great example of how video games can be executed as an art form! Expand
  74. Oct 10, 2012
    I thoroughly disliked this game. I only play it when my internet is out or something. It's very boring and could honestly be played on an iPhone or something. The quality is not very good and they went overboard with the art style. Disappointing, but at least it was only five bucks.
  75. Dec 29, 2011
    A very unique & enthralling side-scrolling adventure that focuses on solving physics-based puzzles to bypass hazards, and subsequently progress to the next area as you explore a dark & disturbing world. There is very little in the way of a storyline here (the game description merely says that you are a young boy searching for your lost sister) and it seems that it was purposely left vague to add to the intrigue and mystery. The meaning of the word "Limbo" as we know it, is described as that of a place for lost souls, caught somewhere between heaven & hell. The overall atmosphere created is very well done and gives you a great sense of isolation & creepiness as you venture forth. In that regard, the ambient sound effects are all spot on and help set the mood. There's not much in the way of music, which actually seems to work out well because it might otherwise risk drowning out the sounds of the world that help create the atmosphere. Graphics-wise, LIMBO has a very unique & interesting style (some would say bordering on art) with its monochrome presentation and very dark foreground with somewhat lighter backgrounds for contrast. Despite this, many of the death animations can be quite enjoyably gruesome and there is a good amount of visual detail in the world. For example, you can even see the blades of grass move as you run through them. Some people will likely try to compare this game to Braid, as they both have a side-scrolling platformer component but are puzzle-solving games at their core. I would say, however, that I found Braid to be more difficult with its puzzles based on the manipulation of time, whereas LIMBO's puzzles involve more straightforward physics and are somewhat easier (although no less enjoyable). Still, you can expect some trial and error and many deaths experimenting and discovering how things work because you are never told or shown what to do or explicity explained anything. Like Braid, LIMBO is also somewhat of a short game and there really isn't much in the way of replayability aside from maybe doing a speed run (or low death count run). The Steam achievements add to the longevity a little bit, as do the ten secret eggs hidden throughout the world (which once collected let you access a hidden bonus area with a difficult challenge), but don't expect to get more than 10 hours tops out of this game. In spite of that I would highly recommend LIMBO if you like games that involve though-provoking puzzles, simply because the experience is that fantastic while it lasts. The only negative things I can really say are that there is no volume control (although the level seems to be good), the options are sparse, the controls can't be customized (very simple game though), and gamepad support is limited to only the Xbox360 controller. It would also be nice if the additional options stored in the "settings.txt" file (you can turn on WASD controls there) were added to the menu interface as well. These are all minor issues to be sure though, and don't really impact the enjoyment of the experience itself. Expand
  76. Apr 25, 2013
    Simplicity is a concept in gaming that people frown upon and criticize. Limbo ignores that notion and brings something unique and interesting to Indie games. Limbo’s black and white setting will not only exclude any sense of complexity, but will also give the player a rather eerie and dark experience. The gameplay includes straightforward puzzles, yet won’t put your brain to sleep and still presents a fun challenge. The gameplay is rather static and lacks variation, but features something new and exciting before it gets repetitive. The soundtrack may not blow your mind because Limbo prioritizes on ambient sounds rather than its soundtrack. In addition, a sophisticated soundtrack would contradict Limbo’s principle of simplicity and instead disrupt the ambience that enhances the gameplay so much. Gamers of the Indie genre should be nuts for this game, and rightly so. Those who enjoy puzzles and are interested in a very entertaining game shouldn’t hesitate to pick this up. Expand
  77. Dec 1, 2011
    A wonderful puzzle adventure that lacks a proper story to back it up. The grainy, monochromatic video presents an eerie ambience in that quiet, but deadly place they call Limbo--somewhere between life and the afterlife. The puzzles are well thought out and not overly difficult, but the price of failure is death and that price will be paid often. Short and sweet, Limbo is certainly worth a look.
  78. Dec 26, 2011
    Beautiful and fun game. However, it is not worth more than $5. Definitely worth the $2.50 that you pay on Steam when it's on sale. Definitely unique and dark, but loved the game all around.
  79. Oct 20, 2011
    One of the best 2D platformer i've played since many years . It's simple , it's creative , it's gorgeous , it's masterpiece.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  80. Aug 26, 2011
    A delightful little platformer, which is now easily accessible to PC users via Steam. LIMBO does a great job of combining challenging 2D platform gameplay with a unique artistic style that sets a very eerie. The result of this blend makes for a game experience that can be frustrating, but one which lets you dive into the strange world that has been created. Game mechanics are smooth, but can be unresponsive at times (i.e. sliding down ramps, jumping to a platform that is just within reach, if timed correctly). These issues do not hinder gameplay, though, so are very minor. The lack of "music" leaves the player to experience the sounds of LIMBO, which, in some cases, are the only clues you have on how to solve certain puzzles. Overall, LIMBO is a great value for $9.99. Those who complain about the "replayability" or length of the game are just crazies who don't understand that you WILL NOT get a 20-40 hour game at this price level from an indie developer. Do yourself a favor and BUY THIS GAME. You will be glad you did. Expand
  81. Aug 7, 2011
    A very unique game that at $9.99 is worthy of its high praise. It offers a very dark and moody style with nuanced audio that compliments the nature of its puzzles. The game does not seek to thrill you with graphic intensive visuals, instead it focuses on emphasizing the experience by making the puzzles completely immersive. The puzzle where your center of gravity is being turned 360 degrees over and over is a perfect example of this. The story of the game provides a backdrop to the puzzles but it really is not what the game is about and I think those that criticized the game for lack of a more complete story didn't get what the game was going for. This game is really a dark fairy tale told in a very creative way. Overall the game is of course a side scrolling platform and while it is extremely well done and successfully revives the genre I cannot give it higher than an 8 for the fact that it is not perfectly original and it is a little short. It is however a very well spent $10. Here's to hoping we will get a full length sequel to compliment this exceptionally well made game. Expand
  82. Aug 18, 2011
    Artistically gorgeous from the beginning from the beginning to the end.
    It's a really nice and deep experience and I liked the storyline. or at least what i managed to understand by my concept.
    Its a bit short but it doesn't really matter, this game is absolute gold and definitely one of the most amazing indie games i played in 2011.
  83. Oct 6, 2011
    Quite simply the most astonishing 2D platform game ever made. Perfect atmosphere, controls, atmospheric sounds, surreal game world & all in glorious Black & White/Grey & White but it suits the game mood perfectly. A glorious game which puts gameplay first & drops the player into a beautiful but violent world in search of his sister. For the price on PC its a must buy even if you will only get 3-4 hours out of it on the intitial playthru striving to complete the game with less than 5 deaths to unlock the bonus level will take a lot longer! Expand
  84. Aug 3, 2011
    A full 10. There isn't even a question about this. This game felt like I was playing a work of famous literature. There are challenging puzzles that really give you a sense of accomplishment once you complete them. For this alone, I caution anyone against looking up walkthroughs online. I looked up the solution to one of the first puzzles, and then was disappointed in myself for doing so. I strongly urge you to do your best to solve the puzzles on your own. The animations are wonderful and fluid, the monochromatic aesthetics are appropriately haunting and beautiful. This game is an absolute work of art, and will go down in history as one of the finest games ever made. One last note: To anyone griping about the story, let me remind you that this is an intentionally minimalist game. One would think you'd get that impression just by looking at the lack of color in the world. It is almost without form. It is void. It is, quite dramatically, Limbo. Consider the very nature of what the word means when you reach the ending, Expand
  85. Jul 22, 2012
    Really beautiful indie game, even gruesome. Great use of physics in the puzzles. The only thing that bothered me a little bit was that a couple of the puzzles, in my opinion, were not fair to the player (i.e. it was not clear how the environment worked). A very, very good value if you can find it on sale, but not worth full price; there's just not enough content to justify $9.99.
  86. Oct 4, 2011
    Yes, the game is damn short (you can make it in about 3 hours), but it's not the length or replayability that makes this game fascinating.

    It's the atmosphere and art that count. With every "puzzle"-ish game, once you know the solution, you won't forget it anymore. But while you're still on it, it will bind you to the screen, make you want to go on, escape, find the boy's sister.

    The way
    they ended the Demo alone was making me want to continue right away. The game captured me in about half an hour of playtime.

    The puzzles themselves are varied, and you won't feel like you've done this or that before. You'll have to run for your life more or less constantly, it will keep you on your toes.

    At ~3 hours of playtime, you can say that it's about $3 an hour.
    Is the game worth that?

    Yes it is.
    Play it at night, sit down, relax, and let the game get to you.
    Don't resist the chills. This game is worth your while.
  87. Aug 7, 2011
    Very strange game, but worth trying if you have access to a demo. It's very simple with only left/right movement and one jump/climb button. I think the atmosphere is really what makes it stand out from anything else. I've heard it's pretty short, but I felt it was well worth the $10 after playing the steam demo. I look forward to seeing what's in store for this odd, lost little kid in limbo.
  88. Dec 3, 2011
    Very simple and beautifully atmospheric platformer. It's definitely reminiscent of Out Of This World (Another World), though more fluid and less irritating. The visuals and the sound are done extremely well, while the puzzle solving varies from fun and novel to a bit irritating at times.
  89. Dec 11, 2011
    A very beautiful game, dark and poetic, simple et fun. It remembers me Trine, with puzzles using physics and the 2D style. There are not many levels but they are stressing and various. It's a very little game, but very nice.
  90. Jan 31, 2012
    The artwork is quite nice and some of the puzzles were a bit challenging, but the game is pretty short. Definitely not worth $10 for only a few hours of gameplay. Also, the game can cause arachnophobia.
  91. Dec 5, 2011
    Maybe it's because I'm a big brother, but I absolutely loved this game. The dark and fantastic art style fits perfectly with the simple story of a brother on a quest to find his sister, no matter what stands in his way.

    As other reviews have stated, the game isn't terribly long; it took me a little over 3 hours to play through. At first the price seemed steep for so little content; after
    playing through it I have completely changed my mind. The simple story, brilliant graphics and unique gameplay all came together to create something that transcends video games to become art.

    Although I would categorize this as a puzzle game, it doesn't match up to traditional puzzle gameplay. Progress in this game is based around trial and error and the frequent deaths that result. Although this sounds terrible, the frequent save points for the most part prevent it from being bothersome. In fact, the experimental style adds more depth to the game as it so closely matches the approach a small boy on an adventure would take.
  92. Jan 11, 2012
    Very good quest look like "Another World". But I like "Limbo" more - it puzzles hard but genuine logic, interesting and intriguing atmosphere, simple controls
  93. Aug 12, 2011
    I hope Edward Gorey's spirit is looking down (or up) and smiling at LIMBO because it reminds me of something he would concoct to run annoying children through. Tons of nihilistic style and enjoyably difficult, this 2D platformer demonstrates how much dark fun you can have with simple yet well thought out game play. Expect to die... a LOT. Exploration can be cruel and frustrating, the death's are disturbing, yet the game's rewarding. If I have one complaint it's that I wish LIMBO was much longer, but this bleak dystopia is well worth the tiny price. Expand
  94. Aug 9, 2011
    The only thing i have against the game is the length... finished it in a little under 3 hours. it should have been much longer (for the asking price) or extend it via updates/DLC like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope.
  95. Jan 23, 2013
    The best 2d game i have had the pleasure of playing! The scenery, the colors, the sounds, the ambiance, the immersion. I loved it in this game. Plus the violent deaths were pretty funny and appealing in a odd way. I would give this game a 10, but a few of the puzzles were overly difficult in my opinion. Though I am sure many would love that type of challenge. I also wish the game was longer though and i hope for a sequel; or even a game similar to LIMBO. So far i have not been able to get my hands on on something quit like this. That's how unique and fun this game really was! Expand
  96. Mar 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think the thing that stands out the most in the game and will be the most memorable is the atmosphere of the game. the fact that it's only black and white and mainly has ambiance as music make for a rather dark experience, especially since you're playing as a little boy. The death scenes are intense, really adding to the dark atmosphere.
    This is all fine and good. However, at the end, I kinda got the feeling that whole atmosphere got destroyed under the many trial and error moments that you will be confronted with. It's a shame, because a lot could have been done with the ending, but the fact that you just see your self dying so much during the last few levels kind of ruin the experience.
    Now, dying is a part of the game's atmosphere, so at the beginning of the game, if you don't watch out or haven't played it thorough already once, they kinda make you die, but in a way, that you know what to do afterwards. The fact that the game was so fluid that way made the experience perfect. I just got the feeling that just got kind of dumped towards the end.
    Another thing is that it could have used a little more music. Now I know it's part of the games atmosphere that it doesn't have any at parts, which is alright, but it just feels kind of....empty during puzzle sequences (which them selves are really good ad at times require some logical thinking.
    And know I keep repeating the word "atmosphere" a lot, but really, that's just what the game is based on.

    Don't get me wrong. It's a fantastic experience and if you loved the game during the first few chapters, you will forgive the mistakes during the end.
  97. Aug 30, 2011
    I wish so much they didn't try to attempt any narrative. The game's fun and challenging. I do agree with others that in many late-game instances, you DO have to die to figure out how you're supposed to solve the puzzle, but this is excusable. The film noir aesthetic is beautiful and immersive. - But after finishing the game, I felt cheated more than ever before. The game keeps hinting at a narrative -- that the game's making some type of commentary on... something. It seems to really be trying at some points, but at the end, nothing really makes sense. Nothing is explained, and there's not enough of a coherent story to make interesting theories on like in Braid. After finishing, I ended up scouring Internet forums looking for someone to enlighten me. Instead, I found some of the most frustrating nonsensical drivel I've yet read. It was confirmed to me that while LIMBO's creators made some attempt at a narrative, there was nothing substantive.

    Seriously, I'm not OCD, but the game's lack of a story rips a huge hole in an otherwise brilliant indie game. But.... with most games pretending even harder to have a story and failing equally hard at six times the price, I can't give LIMBO a bad rating. In the end, it's a great, enjoyable, rewarding puzzle game great for night-time play.
  98. Jun 1, 2012
    Play the demo first! This game is literally so dry and boring that a five minute demo will simulate the entire experience. There are two mechanics to this game (jumping and moving objects) and they are so repetitive that the game almost plays itself. Sure, the use of a physics engine adds a little something to the game, but it's almost entirely aesthetic. I will say that the artistic style is unique and the choice of having only ambient sound is interesting, but with no story to speak of the game simply isn't entertaining for more than twenty or thirty minutes. Expand
  99. Aug 23, 2012
    The visual style and animation is amazing, but the game itself got very repetitive towards the end. Overall I liked it, but the last (secret level) I just played to have the achievement :)

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

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  2. Mixed: 0 out of 22
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  1. Jan 10, 2012
    Limbo is a beautiful, intense experience.
  2. Sep 19, 2011
    A brilliant indie platformer. Braid can finally retire. [October 2011, p.100]
  3. Sep 15, 2011
    Minimum effort, maximum tension!