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  1. Feb 26, 2015
    If you’re willing to give this game a chance, make sure to try the demo first before opening your wallet.
  2. Feb 10, 2015
    There’s an interesting blueprint here, yet the execution lacks the finesse to elevate it beyond the sum of its parts.
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  1. Mar 7, 2016
    Making History: The Great War, is overall a mixed game it has aspects that are enjoyable but also aspects that make you reconsider the 29.99Making History: The Great War, is overall a mixed game it has aspects that are enjoyable but also aspects that make you reconsider the 29.99 steam price, the strategy around the game is well built and realistic to a point but it doesn't give new players much time to learn before the Fritz are bombing your squadron, but it also makes enemy's predictable for veterans as unpredictable as the game is you can guess the moves your enemy may or may not make for instance you know the Germans are going to try and use blitzkrieg and the schlieffen plan to their advantage but you know that attacking through the Nordic straight is a bad idea so you overall know size is everything. another feature is the trade and commerce aspects of the game, war is expensive so knowing how to prepare your troops for war is an important thing i find myself constantly running out of coal or fuel sometimes due to ill planning and wanting to get to the fight quickly and overall paying the price i end up loosing money and resources that are greatly required to win in battle, but those resources fluctuate too much making me feel like its unrealistic on that end in some cases i can go with out producing any forms of transport or doing trade but my +15 supply of oil suddenly drops to down to -6 and i end up panicking trying to find a solution and trading with whatever allies i have to get my oil supply fixed and raised but watching how it will impact my income carefully, in battle the battles can seem overwhelming but it makes up for it by giving me the full advantage of how to approach the battle i could claim the land encircling the squadron or i could just run into it with my biggest most well equipped troops, the game also lives up to the title i could choose how to make my battles and who to pick a fight with countries like Germany and England i tend to leave alone but little places like dervish state are awesome and ready for the pickings but i tend to play on the defense trying to make sure the Germans or the ottomans aren't waiting for me to just let my guard down.
    overall Making History: The Great War is worth the time and effort if your dedicated to it but if your looking for a quick casual strategy your in the wrong place.
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