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  1. Apr 19, 2014
    Just like another review said, do NOT trust any review that rates this game as 8+. They're all given by fanboys trying to raise the score so Gazillion can lure more unsuspecting victims to their sinking ship.

    The fact that this company is also responsible for Super Hero Squad Online (which is basically "baby's first action RPG") should clue you in to its lack of experience making more
    complex games. e.g.: horrible optimization, characters that are rushed full of game-breaking bugs because of deadlines, lack of helpful itemization, and a need to constantly destroy the way you mitigate damage for no reason other than wanting players to die over and over.

    And the worst part is their boldfaced lies. Always claiming that they "listen to the community," and are "willing to accept criticism, as long as it's constructive." It seems that "constructive" to them means "as long as it doesn't hurt our precious feelings." Any criticism, no matter how respectful, is met with unfair bans or all comments being hidden from the public (not deleted, just that no one can see victims' forum posts). And they keep talking about "buffing, not nerfing," but every buff ends up being worthless, and every nerf is disastrous.

    I pray for the day that Marvel opens their eyes and wrests the license away from these worthless wannabes, and gives it to a REAL game developer.
  2. Apr 10, 2014
    A buggy, sleazy, greedy, cynical, cash grab. That's the best way to define it. Sure, you can TRY for free, but don't expect anything beyond that unless you plan to drop at least $10-15 for a single hero you wish to play, another $5-15 for a costume and another $20 for enough storage room unless you wanna drop everything on the ground. This game has absolutely nothing besides the Marvel brand going on for it. It probably wouldn't even see the light of the day without it. So take it for what you will. Expand
  3. Apr 6, 2014
    This is essentially a poor man's DC Universe online. Marvel tried to respond with DCUO's success and failed big time. it pales in comparison and without is comparison, is decent at best. MMORPGS have customization, which is key and is what makes them successful, Marvel Heroes takes that away, it takes away the ability to make one's own character, it's like of controller compatibility and generic controls isn't bad, but it's just the same as almost every other game. What bright spots this game has is almost immediately forgotten with its many short comings. Expand
  4. Apr 3, 2014
    the more positive reviews paint a better picture of what the game is like unlike the ones who gave it a negative review, the game is constantly updating and adding new features all the time and with the holidays fast approaching many more special events and characters will be added, the roster of available characters for purchase as well as the free character you can chose when you create an account is vast (much more vast than it was last year in June).

    now some of the negative reviews at least shed some light to those of us who do not appreciate foul language being used in online games and gaming communities so this shows the games moderates are doing a fantastic job of removing/silencing these foul people who do not know how to read the rules which they accepted when they created their account.

    i can say without a doubt in my mind this is one of the best most addictive free to play RPG's out there to which i have already racked up well over 1200 hours of game play, ignore the negative reviews and give it a go, unless you are immature and like to constantly swear, call people names or purposely try to ruin peoples games then upon failing to read and obey the rules you should not create an account.

    if marvel heroes was re-reviewed now it's meta score would be a lot higher only metacritic does not take a score down once it's been submitted even if by mistake.
  5. Apr 2, 2014
    Superior ARPG now, yes it was released too soon, but has changed drastically since release, if they fix some annoying (not game breaking) bugs it would be a 10.
    9 good starter heroes now, check it out! Doctor Strange is the latest hero as of this review, and new Team Up heroes come out this week, great time to retry, or explore it for the first time.
    More game modes and large world now
    and more in the works.
    Next 3 heroes coming this year: Invisible Woman, Psylocke, and Mr. Fantastic.
  6. Mar 21, 2014
    Terrible customer support and unreasonable enforcement of ToS. Be prepared to have your account held hostage for petty uses of slang and street language (Such as saying "wut up **** to your friend will be considered hate speech). Social environment is not for the 18+ year old range. The moderators will invade private and guild/supergroup chat logs to find ToS offenses at their discretion.

    Do not spend your money here if you fall under the vast majority of people that slip up, once in a while, and use inappropriate language; the hammer will fall down on you like you are a 5 year old in catholic school.
  7. Mar 19, 2014
    First of all I only gave a 1 due to it having a Marvel Heroes name, my love of everything comics and the potential this game could have had. This game on the other hand is the worst representation given its team of DEVs, Support and anyone else working with them. I started playing this game in full optimism and was originally fooled into thinking this might go somewhere or at least hoped. The game could have had some potential, but due to the ridiculously horrible team they have, this game is a complete failure! Have you ever heard of the saying "Never bite the hand that feeds you"? Well live streamers Worldwide (successful or unsuccessful) once the game was release pleaded for Gazillion's attentions and were ignored or just pushed away. Now that they are failing in a most humiliating way, (awesome! = +1 point for streamers everywhere that tried to help!) they now want to reach out to help small-time streamers with giveaways for a dying game. Notice that not even one really successful streamer considers this worth streaming = bad for business = it causes the loss of followers just by streaming it. Gazillion may eventually get one to stream if they fork out enough cash, but they will not stick with this horrible game once they see the lack of viewers/followers it causes and due to their treatment of many of us that have been streaming even before live streaming was really popular. They will never have us to help in free-promotion granted just by streaming = part of their fail among the very many other reasons. For every single post here a live streamer has the chance of thousands more. A live streamer could be a total dick and have quite a few thousand followers come in here just to sway this way into an impossible negative, but then they would be no better than Gazillion and how they are towards those that tried to help. Just think if this game had done things right from the beginning. This game is nothing more than that new Gamestop game you bought and then hated, but sadly you can't return it back for full credit feeling = one of the most horrible feeling experiences and grief. Besides all the above horrible things the game also lacks replay ability. They added prestige with reward, but they still lack any real end-game = what a waste of time. Compared to any ARPG I have ever played they are the slowest to level while gearing appropriately with a sense of any rewarding experience at all. You expect your favorite hero to be as awesome as the comics to find they are ridiculously weaker then expected and find yourself playing a super hero that is not so super either, but forced to play due to the unstoppable unbalance of the characters. Mind you don't play PvP as a melee you are at a ridiculous disadvantage. If you think Hulk is an unstoppable force...guess again he is one of the super Heroes that lack the most defense = squishier than you would ever think = Thing has more defense than him, but a little less damage. Even if with what they have now was its release for tomorrow, this game would still be lacking too much to not be considered a beta. End result is that I am not an advocate against this failing game, but if asked I will just suggest = go play any ARPG but this one.

    5 reasons not to play:

    1. Lack of real support Real = support that is actually there to help out the players
    2. Uncompleted game
    3. Horrible treatment of those who want to help them, until they started to fail epically = too late!
    4. The forum daily users are in control of how you are rated in more ways than one = which can be easily targeted by anyone who chooses they don't like you = TROLL HAVEN. Even though I still currently have a perfect record with not even one disagree or report, I chose to stay away from the streamer hating forum goers.
    5. Bugs happen and they do not back their product to fix any of them, even if it results in a permanent issue(s).
    6. Don't get hacked or impersonated = support will be fooled and you will have no chance to appeal your case even with proof and do not have friends play from your IP or they will get banned as well (Happened to a fellow live streamer).

    I refuse to play this game any longer and am just going to be found anticipating the next Marvel-related game... If I want to play a ARPG = any game is better than this one!
  8. Mar 19, 2014
    This game is not only lacking in things all games need like the ability to trade, an auction house, right-click to add to storage without needing 1 empty space to do so, loot stacking in inventory for same items, potions that actually scale to your level that make sense, multiple crafting instead of one at a time (spend hours making only a few things), independent character inventories to allow greater storage, auto-response queuing to fill in empty slots for quitters/early leavers for special team missions and many other reasons left unsaid = game not even half complete, but the most important is that their support team is the worst in the business = they do not back their products and lash out without remorse against victims of not only their bugs, but being hacked or impersonated. Even if you have proof from over 100 people when and where you were at the time they claimed you did something wrong on your account = they will not care and ban you and anyone one that has ever played on your IP address (This happened to a friend of mine and a friend of many live streamers not limited to just twitch). They do not care about the consumer/player and only care what you can do for them. DO NOT BE FOOLED into thinking they actually care about live streamers. Many live streamers like myself really wanted to be apart of Marvel Heroes when it first came out and Gazillion turned their backs on us and ignored us and now they want to mask that with trying to help streamers now? Only due to their game and community are failing...too late = they lost the most successful streamers' attentions. To stream this game is to lose viewers now; any career streamers knows this. I will never suggest this game to anyone, but I won't have to worry about it due to this games failed release. Just a matter of time, but more and more know better everyday and more and more daily are quitting; which is leaving less and less opportunity for everyone. Don't get me wrong the game had great potential, but due to a horrible group of DEV/Support/Forum/Plan teams and their selfish and we know best and you no nothing mentality = FAIL! Do not play this game besides being outdated upon release already its nothing more than a pit of spikes that can only have one conclusion. Hopefully this game will be gone shortly to pave the way for a REAL Marvel Heroes Game MMO....but this will not come soon enough!

    I wish "Stan Lee" could end this mockery of a Marvel game, but the super powers that be will end this by draining their available money into bankruptcy......what an awesome day that will be for all of us true comic enthusiasts.
  9. Mar 18, 2014
    Not only one of the worst games I have ever played. Say someone hacked your account and acted like they were you from watching a stream you use. Then got on your account and acted like they were you. Then you get a 7 day suspension for something you were not even home to even do. This person did their job very well and fooled Marvel heroes support. Marvel heroes then bans your forum account forever even though they allow you to return to play. Note you had no prior offense of any kind just reporting bugs every now-and-then. You try to appeal and they spit in your face and do not allow an appeal no matter what. The forums absorb your accounts username and with it banned you no longer have a full account that is promised to you as a user and consumer. I will never suggest this game to anyone and have no worries about it being a success its going downhill and fast. Also if anyone of your friends play their account from your IP they will get the same ban....fair huh? yup its not. DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME = horrible support! Expand
  10. Mar 5, 2014
    That game is dying, according to Steam Statistics. Do not ever try to play it, everything you'll see is a boring monotonous gameplay and Developers aimed only for your cash.
  11. Mar 4, 2014
    Good Hero selection with more being added. The game is fun to play, As long as you pick a decent hero, some heroes SUCK (especially most melee ones) and are not balanced but others are fun, some are overpowered (like Iron man and Storm). The game itself needs to be a bit more difficulty (story mode and terminals specifically are to easy including cosmic). 1 Big downside is the lack of bank space when starting (not paying for any) is extremely limited considering the amount of things you will want to save up for later especially when talking about having multiple characters. Expand
  12. Mar 3, 2014
    This game was pretty bad when released, but has had lots and lots of improvements. So be wary of old reviews. This is now a fairly solid, if basic in areas, ARPG, but it does live off its Marvel license, as without it I don't think anyone would be playing (unless it was a DC license of course :)). Can get grindy, you can 'complete' the story at only be at lvl 30 of 60, and those next 30 can get dull, esp as they're exponential. Crafting is similarly grindy, collect loot, donate loot, rinse and repeat.

    But if there's a character you like, then the chances are you'll enjoy it.
  13. Mar 2, 2014
    If you like Marvel, hack'n'slash and MMO, you'll like it !

    Do not give credit to old reviews, the developers are very involved, the game has really, really changed since its release. And by old, I mean : almost all 2013 posts.

    Do not listen either to those saying that things are expensive to buy in the shop, the game is absolutely "free to play" and is not "pay to win". You can
    unlock all characters by playing the game, leveling one character gives you enough of the in-game currency needed to unlock another random hero or you can play a bit more during endgame and have enough to unlock the specific hero you want. You might want to buy extra storage space to keep cool stuff that you find, but i won't cost you much, and you will still have a perfectly fine MMO with 30 heroes (and probably 2 more in March) to play for less than 10$. Expand
  14. Feb 21, 2014
    I am having a blast with this game, its free I chose the Colossus player and he simply destroys everything its so much fin seeing him fly into action and destroy everything on the screen. I have been playing this a lot on Steam, Lots of drops, lots of fun, if you like Diablo Torchlight top down, and Marvel then you need to play this game. I played back when it first went online in 2013 and it was ok, the players you choose from did stink. But now they opened it up and there is like 10 you get to choose from. Of course I had to create a new account but I am enjoying it a lot. If you did play it its worth trying it out again. It is much better and they are constantly updating it and tweaking it. Loads of fun!!! You got nothing to lose its FREE!!!! I took one point off because of lack of customization. I like RPG's where you add a piece of armor and you can visually see your character change. In this game adding better levels of loot/armor only changes your stats. Expand
  15. Feb 19, 2014
    This game is trash. Elderly people and others who have never played a video game may find it somewhat amusing. It's not fun, and it's a transparent cash grab. Case in point: cosmetic items cost an average of $15-20, and heroes cost $5-15. Gazillion are out of their gourd and have NO sense of how to price things.

    The game is also not fun. Just 1-click spamming, which is actually not
    typical of the ARPG genre, no matter how much people want to say it is. The amateur devs are immature, on top of not knowing how to actually code a game. There is to this day enormous lagging on boss fights. No matter if you have a monster system - the game is coded so badly that you are guaranteed to run 5FPS or worse.

    Does anyone remember the Asgard "event?" The one where they hyped it up for weeks and weeks where you had to grind and mindlessly donate items to Reed Richards? And when they finally opened it up, it was literally 5 minutes of content? Lol. [Side note - the content was bugged, as Sif stood on top of the waypoint to get out of Asgard]

    For some inexplicable reasons, this game has dozens of fanboys (see, e.g., the "10" ratings here). But actual gamers know to stay away from this heaping pile.
  16. Feb 15, 2014
    Overall the game is massively fun at first ,at least, and will please most comic book readers who want to see their best characters come to life in a fun RPG game.

    One of the few games where the developers are constantly upgrading the game, they add a new character every 2 weeks or so which is great. They stick in close connection with the community, constantly asking for ideas and
    taking ideas with credit given of course. They release betas openly because they want ideas and suggestions to make the game better which is a great model for every other game company out there.

    The game has its bonuses, for example I got free gold because of my computer company and the game company sharing some kind of agreement which was great. The game has many different heroes that bring unique styles to the table, and is best played with friends preferably on voice chat or else it can get a little stale after an hour or so. The boss fights are fun and the way you play the game using your mouse to aim is fun compared to other RPG such as SWTOR or WoW where its intense and requires constant attention.

    As a comic book reader my self I loved the game as it brought my favourite stories to life. I have to admit though that after a while it got stale. You got to lvl 30 and then you just ended up killing the same bosses over and over again. They also give you the option to prestige, go from 1 all the way up to 60 again just for the sake of vanity. After 30 it slows down, becomes more tiring and boring. The game could still be kept alive by friends and the only thing that kept me going was the hope that lvl 60 would be more fun compared to the leveling process.

    Instead of focusing on new characters, Gaz should really be focusing on expanding levels, items and bosses. No matter how many new characters they add you will eventually getting bored of killing the same baddies. There is so much potential to pull from, the Marvel universe is vast yet they are using something like 5% of it in terms of villains and bad guys. The thing that keeps you going, aside from the desire to hit 60, are the cool unique character powers that each character her.

    Just to prove the slope of the game, here is a accurate time played of the game for me:

    1st Week (Honeymoon Stage) - 30+ Hours of game time. Thats almost 4 hours a day. Yeah I was having lots of fun killing different villains and leveling my Iron Man/Hawkeye side to side comparing the 2.

    2nd Week (After-Honeymoon) About 14 hours of game time, as you can see it was cut in half. Villains were getting boring killing over and over again, the game was getting grindy. And I was playing in hopes of reaching 60 to renew the feel for the game. A large amount of the 14 hours was also doing other things while leaving the game open.

    3rd Week (Dying out) About 7 hours. 1 hour a day, I was having trouble finding interest in the game, at this point I was lvl 56-58 or so, very close to the 60 but just couldn't play for more than 1 hour to reach it in time.

    4th week (Dings 60) Under 7 hours. I finally dinged 60, and played the few cosmic missions that came with it. My goal was to get nice gear, but I realized that when you hit 60 the hope in the game becoming funner at the max lvl is suddenly gone because you have nothing to look forward to now. The game suddenly died off and was a game I sometimes played with family/friends who also loved Marvel.

    As you can see the game quickly dies out. Gaz has tricked themselves into thinking that a new character every so and so will keep your interest. Not to mention the many bugs that come along with it, for example my com can't download the game because it says that my software is too "new" for the game.

    Overall a fun game at first that will keep your interest for 2 weeks at most. Eventually will get boring and die off unless your the type of person who likes to put on music and play 5 hours a day mindlessly killing the same boring villains.

    If there is one thing we can take away is that other companys should maintain tight relationship with fan-base like gaz does, but alas they forgot simple video game courtesy like creating new content for players.

    All in all, I reccomend this game to anyone as it is fun at first, a great time killer maybe while waiting for a new game to come out. Highly reccomended to comic fans as its great to see your faveourite characters come to life before your eyes in a fun hack/slash diablo style game. It is quiet buggy, and will eventually get stale really quikcly. If your looking for a game to gradually progress in over the course of several months to a year then this is not the game for you.
  17. Feb 13, 2014
    This game was marred by a weak launch, and its score reflects that. It has come back magnificently since then, and is now an excellent action RPG in the Diablo mold. If you liked Diablo and you like Marvel super heroes, you will probably love this game. There are tons of heroes to choose from, and they can be bought with in-game dropped resources (or money, if you are impatient). I highly recommend this game. Expand
  18. Feb 12, 2014
    This game is a sheetload of fock - seriously, all the devs care about is to know how much money they can suck off you. Their 2nd priority is to release costumes and character packs to attend to their 1st priority. Fixing bugs and glaring issues is their least priority. So before you buy anything in this game, you already know in what kind of mountain of rhino poo you are setting your feet into.
  19. Feb 8, 2014
    This game is tremendously fun. I recommend this to everyone. Has the perfect mix of an action RPG with a MMO. The game had a rocky start but since then the game has been growing and the numbers of players increasing quickly. Includes your favourite heroes and villians from the comics and if not? It oughta be comin' in the next few years. The dev team are extremly dedicated to the game and the forums are delightful to go on with very little trolls and haters. The game has fantastic movie tie-ins including the recent Thor the Dark World movie. When you start off, the game provides you with a wide variety of heroes to choose from to add to your roster to start your adventure. The meta-score for this game is tremendously outdated and should be updated. Expand
  20. Feb 7, 2014
    I'm having an absolute blast playing this game right now. I've heard the horror stories of its launch but I can honestly say the game is extremely polished, looks great, and is a lot of fun to play for a free title. The game really captures the essence of Marvel Comics as well, which is great for any fan of the comics or movies. The micro transactions are extremely tempting but can also be very pricey in my opinion. If you are fan of action role playing games and the Marvel Universe, you have to give this game a shot. Ignore all the negative reviews from launch, this game has come a long way in just a few months and the developers are showing they are dedicated to improving the game going forward. Expand
  21. Jan 30, 2014
    This game had a terrible start, with several bugs, a messy interface, lack of content, pricey heroes and costumes which were near impossible to get in game and drove a lot of fans of both Marvel and Diablo 2 franchises away.
    Like 5 months after the launch of Marvel Heroes I received an email and curiously checked it out and I saw that Gambit has been released and a lot of content had been
    added. Since I love Gambit I decided, what the heck, might as well give it another try to check things out.
    I have to say that the game improved A LOT since the release, a lot of content, heroes and UI features, guilds, extra end game content such as more terminals, X Defense which is kinda like tower defense and an open city mode in which you face huge packs of enemies and bosses, they also added a PvP mode with a design similar to a MOBA but it's currently in open beta and more important, they continued the main story line adding extra campaigns for players, the game felt more alive and less stale. Checking the forums I could notice Gazillion was communicating with it's player base in attempts of mending and patching the game. I believe that when the players try to meddle too much with the development of a game it ends up being more harmful to the game than beneficial, but Gazillion pretty much communicate every decision they do with the player base in lengthy and detailed patch notes and forum posts without giving in to absurd player demands. With that in mind let me give my feedback regarding the game's aspects.

    Graphics: The Graphics are pretty nice, they're not on the same level of let's say, Diablo 3, but they're not bad and the heroes and enemies feel nice to see, the combat animation and effects also feels nice to see, specially the signature moves and ultimate moves. In general it's pretty decent

    Sound: The music is for most of the time pretty bland and you probably barely noticed it, it doesn't give you any impact, I like the. Some voice overs are good and others don't seem to fit the characters very well.

    Game play: The game offer dozens of heroes to pick from and each one gives you different ways to play, for example, sometimes you can play as a ranged attacker, a melee or a tank or a mix between ranged and melee game plays thanks to the power trees(similar to the old World of Warcraft talent system), lots of artifacts and legendary weapons to choose from also contribute to help you build your play style. Gazillion is always tuning the heroes and changing their game play when needed offering you a better point of view in a hero you avoided because you didn't get invested too much on it. There is also a lot of modes to help you farm gear and level your hero, and leveling and fighting is very fun to do in this game and actually addictive. The Campaign is really fun and story and lore you get from the game are pretty entertaining and interesting, the heroes interact with each others sometimes by saying some funny lines. You can also synergy passive abilities you get from your high level heroes with another heroes to give you some boost in game, and it varies from a lot of things such as an improved rare item drop chance to more healing from when you defeat an enemy.

    Re-playability: With a current roster of 22 heroes and more heroes on the way the game offer several types of different game plays for when you feel you want to start fresh. There is also a lot of content to do during and when you reach max level such as finishing your legendary weapon quest or farming gear or heroes through the different modes the game offer you. An extra feature this game has is the possiblity of prestiging an Hero. With this you can reboot your hero from lvl 60 to lvl 1 and level up all over again but each time you prestige your game name will have a different color so the other players can see how you dedicated yourself over an hero. An improvement Gazillion made was removing the old method to acquire a new hero and adding to the game a currency called Eternity Splinter's, with it you can buy several heroes and items and they drop often. The game offer you a lot to keep you entertained playing it.

    Final verdict: As a review from the game in it's actual state I can firmly say the game won't disappoint fans of ARPGs and the Marvel Universe. The Cash Shop model might scare some players away but lot of the content in there can be acquire with currency in game. I believe it's score can stand solid between a 75 and an 82.
  22. Jan 25, 2014
    The game on itself is not bad as long as you can tolerate the never-ending cycle of buffs and nerfs, it's not hard to see good heroes just becoming bad because when it comes to balancing the game, they do a poor job. Also the game is full of bugs and performance issues that sometimes take months to fix. Not to mention the several of maintenance/downtime because patches are released not fully tested and buggy, it feels to me like they rush content so that they can put more costumes in the store to make money while neglecting coding/gameplay content.

    The fortune cards from the cash shop are straight-forward cash grab, especially the ''exclusive costumes'', which can cost you as much as around $100, but it's only cosmetic so I guess it could be worse.

    As for community, if you post any critical comment on their forum, you are going in for a hard time because the majority of people being critical of the game have been banned and censored, so you are left mainly with fanboys and white knights whose sole purpose is to jump on any form of criticism, throw insults and vile comments at you, which is tolerated by the CMs (if not supported) because that's how they want to keep the forum void of critics. The CMs are communicative but also extremely defensive/sensitive and as soon as they read something they don't like, even though it doesn't breach the ToS, they will delete it and will make sure to censor you in the future.

    Overall the game is worth trying but if there's something in the direction of the game you don't like and post feedback in their forum, you are more likely to be bashed, censored or banned.
  23. Jan 24, 2014
    This game is improving over time. I have been playing it off an on since it was released and I find myself enjoying it more every patch. I just recently spent about $20 dollars to buy a couple of heroes to add to the three that I have gotten in game and am pretty happy with them so far. Looking forward to the content adn tweaks they are regularly adding.
  24. Jan 20, 2014
    This game has improved 100% since its launch. Constant new content, new heroes. I'd give it another try if you gave up on it when it first came out. It has no pay to win features and can be played without spending a penny.
  25. Jan 20, 2014
    Don't trust a single review of this game that is giving any rates above 8. If you doubt me, just create an account at marvel heroes' forums and check out all the names giving this game a high rate. It's the same fanboybase that is left of that game doing what they are told to by the devs - being told to head to metacritic and give this game a high rate. Just check out gazillions over the internet and see the blatant lies they spew all around to try to get this game out of life support. Expand
  26. Jan 18, 2014
    Between Diablo III and Path of Exile, Marvel Heroes surprisingly takes the cake as my favorite ARPG right now. The amount of support and improvement that the developers are crafting for this game is mind blowing. Continuously improving everything that was wrong with the game on launch makes this title very promising. Tons of variety with different heroes, game modes, and ways to play with friends, makes this game top notch. As a free title, I'd highly recommend checking it out. I've spent way more money on this game than I ever thought I would, and I'm very proud to do so! Expand
  27. Jan 18, 2014
    its amazing its FPS is good There are so many skills SO MANY PEOPLE TO HAVE FRIENDS WITH its a AMAZING GAME if you are a fan of super hero's like me i like iron man the most.
  28. Jan 16, 2014
    This game had a bad start, but this is the best hack & slash action mmo you can find, at the moment. They are evolving every day and it gets better and better. There should be new reviews all over the gaming sites. This game deserves a try, even more than Path of Exile.
  29. Jan 15, 2014
    First off I want to mention that I played this game and beta and played for a good 120 hrs after it released. At launch this game was pretty rough i won't lie. The system for obtaining new heroes left a lot to be desired if you didn't want to P2W. I came back to this game in late November and have not been able to put it down since and this considering I own both next gen systems this is really saying something. Since I stopped playing in August they have added, Emma Frost, Squirrel Girl, Luke Cage, Human Torch, Loki, and Ghost Rider as playable Heroes with Nightcrawler dropping at the end of this month. The biggest difference with the game now is that they have a system in place where you can earn any hero you want for free with in game loot called eternity splinters. No longer do you have to hope and pray for a hero token to drop as loot and then be disappointed by getting someone you didn't want in the first place. It is possible to play as every hero in the game without every spending a single penny. With the big 2.0 update they also added an entire new chapter to the story which takes place in Asgard and features the addition of legendary items you can buy with loot called odin marks. These legendary items provide amazing buffs for whatever hero you put them on and the artifact actually levels its stats as you your character does. They also now have several very cool end game modes such as green and red terminal daily missions which are basically boss levels from the story, a very addicting survival mode called X-Defense, and a PVP arena called Fire and Ice. Since returning to the game I have logged another 150 hrs into it and have not regretted a second of it. The only items you really have to pay for with money are costumes (which are completely aesthetic) and additional storage space called STASH tabs. There is still a chance for extra costumes to drop as loot in the game but it is very very rare, last I heard it was a half of 1% chance. You can also obtain a handful of costumes from opening fortune cards but overall costumes seem to be the way that Gazillion make their money and keep the lights on. I spent $40 on the game only because I felt the devs deserved it for doing a complete 180 with this game and correcting just about everything that was wrong in the first place. As I stated before you absolutely don't have to spend any money on this game to enjoy it, and it is in no way pay 2 win. The development team is also very active on the official forums on their website and really do listen to the community as a number of costumes requested by the players have made it into the game. Lastly there is a slew of amazing content on the way this year as they plan to add at least 12 new playable characters (including villians), an all new raid mode, and an X-men inspired Danger Room. If you haven't played this game yet or left the game after its rough launch do yourself a favor and download it again being a F2P game you have absolutely nothing to lose. If your a fan of Marvel you will fall in love with this title. Expand
  30. Jan 12, 2014
    Yet another mouse spamming game with too much effects, no trading and no challenge. They even added a PvP feature but that's also retarded. Also hero unlocks take weeks or you have to pay ridiculous amount of money. Stay away.
  31. Jan 10, 2014
    A very sleazy, greedy, cynical cash grab based around the exploitation of popular fandoms of the various Marvel comics characters. Combat is shallow. Level design is uninspired and boring. The mmo aspects are more a hindrance than a benefit. Loot doesn't change appearance so each piece is simply a set of numbers, and part of the fun of loot hunting is lost. The cash shop is greedy, and cynical. Gazillion is sleazy and underhanded in their manipulation of their fanbase. Gazillion even went so far as to request "honest reviews" from the fanbase to up their score. Which is why a game that previously had a 58 rating suddenly had an influx of perfect ten scores.

    The game's campaign can be completed in a single day. All that is left is grinding.
  32. Jan 9, 2014
    o be honest its great game, launch wasn't smooth. But now its on pair with PoE and D3, in some terms even better. It expands standart ARPG into MMO which is great. Definitely worth to try.
  33. Jan 7, 2014
    Marvel Heroes is a ton of fun. I didn't start playing until December, and from what I understand the game has undergone some drastic changes for the better since it launched six months prior. The F2P aspect isn't intrusive, you can totally play for free and earn new characters and gear without ever spending any money. The microtransactions portion of the game is restricted to costumes and convenience such as extra bank space. Frequent updates and good communication from the developers at Gazillion are a welcome change from previous MMO's I have played, and they have the Marvel contract for the next ten years so the game isn't going anywhere anytime soon! Give it a shot, a competent Diablo clone with MMO elements to it. Expand
  34. Dec 30, 2013
    Overview: Gazillion has drastically improved this game since launch. It's got a dearth of content and events (finally), they actually lowered the prices on some characters (for real money) and allowing you to earn them without paying (using eternity splinters). They've added some new characters like Squirrel Girl Ghost Rider, Gambit and some others, with more on the

    Pros: The combat is really good and you'll never be at a loss for loot. You can actually get characters without emptying your wallet. Way more content than at launch.
    Cons :The story is still super boring. I wish there was a little more depth to the crafting (that's more of a personal preference though).

    It's way better than it was at launch. It's fun but make sure you get some friends to play with (or make some friends in game) as it can get lonely playing it solo.
  35. Dec 27, 2013
    Game is a total money grab. Leveling up gets so frustrating that you are almost forced to buy xp potions. Considering how many heroes there are this is just insane. To level one hero to level 60 in a decent amount of time (15 hours) you would need at least 100% bonus xp all the time. Which amounts to 15 potions per leveling. Transferred into that means 15$ to level a hero. Or double the time needed to level him.
    Next on the list are retcon devices. They are there to reset your skill points. Problem is the game has constant changes and updates to skills and heroes so you will need to spend money on those too. So again Item drops are ok until you hit lvl 60. By that time you will maybe obtain all the unique items(if you are lucky enough) for one hero, and guess what, once you have them there are no better items to be found.
    Which brings us to legendary items. Those can be obtained through gathering enough odinmarks, and odinmarks are rewards for finishing legendary missions. Problem with those is they really aren't that impressive, you can only wear one at the time and they take too much time to acquire. Not worth the time.
    Items that drop during leveling can be upgraded to higher level but again the amount of credits you need to gather to upgrade just one of them is insane. And credits take again an absurd amount of time. Imagine you have 5 unique items that are not lvl 60. Now if you want to upgrade them all to lvl 60 items you will need to farm for credits for at least 10 hours to be able to upgrade ONE. That is 50 hours just there. And the credit cam is only 3 million...go figure.

    All those boosts and retcons can of course be obtained for free but in such a small amount it's not even enough to level one hero.

    What i must say is that playnig from the beginning game is very fun but once you realize what endgame is you just loose interest, especially if you are one hero kind of guy. I have spent more than 100€ in the last 6 months since the release and i only have 1 lvl 60 hero. Lots of my friends lost interest too.

    Mr. David Brevik (former Blizzard north/diablo 2) was promising all kinds of stuff which sadly were not delivered. Kinda reminds me of Jay Wilson (also former Blizzard north/diablo 2).
    At gazillion entertainment they are really trying to make this game better and they are very involved into the forums community but things that most hinder this game still persist.

    If you are not a real marvel fan, or casual player/kid you should really try and play this game for free and not invest anything. If you are hardcore i suggest you try Path of Exile, Torchlight 2, The incredible adventures of van helsing or even Diablo 3. Those are far better choices for you. I surly hope Gazillion makes the drastic changes and try to market more costumes instead of making a game frustrating and marketing exp potions.

    IMHO those are my 2 cents
  36. Dec 26, 2013
    This is Diablo 2 LoD with super heroes
    You start with 1 free hero, so choose carefully but you can pickup eternity splinters ingame to unlock other heroes.

    I never played its rocky launch, but started in dec 2013 and this is the same fun i had with D2 LoD. Heroes are fleshed out with great skills, synergies with other heroes and loot. lotsa loot. Deep skill trees that can be re-spec if
    you make a mistake you are not stuck with gimped characters. Cookie cutter builds dont exist, all heroes have variety in their builds and Gazillion review each hero regularly.

    i give 9/10 only because you are locked into the starter hero, but careful choice and this is a non issue.

    If you loved Diablo2, and think D3 missed the mark, then Marvel Heroes will quench your thirst.
  37. Dec 19, 2013
    6 months after release, this game is a different game! I been playing this game non stop for 5 months, i have spent endless hours doing legendary missions, talk to friendly people, and cry of joy when unique gear drop. i can see myself playing this game for years!
  38. Dec 18, 2013
    I don't know what an arpg is. I came in here expecting WoW. So, i'm going to base my review on what WoW has because this obviously is a mmorpg. Wow, people sometimes. It's an arpg. It's supposed to be like this.!
  39. Dec 18, 2013
    Oh dear. Where to start. Lets start with the gameplay. There is none. God is this some uninspired gameplay. Just trash mobs everywhere, absolute bottom of the barrel trash quests with empty, placeholder level design intersperesed with trash cartoon segues. A perfect storm of shyte hoping to capitalize on fanboi'ism. I felt like I was playing a flash browser game. Marvel Heroes utterly fails to pull you into it's world. The super powers are all also completely bogus because there's no real choices. You get a bunch of xp points and you just plug them into the few abilities you have that are unlocked. This is the most shallow money grab I've ever seen.

    In a nutshell the game has zero soul. A game full of art assets needs to display a little creativity for me to get interested. There is none on offer here. Maybe there is but I absolutely will not slog through this turd of a game to find out. If you are a fan of bland, one dimensional superhero cartoons you might be braindead enough to enjoy this. Have at it! It's all yours.
  40. Dec 17, 2013
    I am one of those players who tried Marvel Heroes at launch and wrote it off pretty quickly as a poor Diablo clone coupled to a money-grabbing 'freemium' scheme.

    However, I was seeing a little more buzz about it recently, nearly six months after its launch. I was resistant to even looking at what had changed, but got a code for $25 of in-game currency through a PC hardware promotion. I
    figured I would give it a shot since I would be able to play with more than the terrible 'starter' heroes.

    Imagine my surprise to find that the game has gotten tremendous polish, and even those starter heroes were fun to run around with. The game as it exists now provides much more fun than I had even with Diablo III. THIS is the game that should have launched, but I think it needed the scrutiny of a few thousand active users to get to this point.

    Loot is plentiful and, surprisingly, fun. Ever want to give Iron Man a grappling hook, or have Hulk summon demons to help him smash things up? You can do that. How about an item that lets Spider-Man shoot fireballs, or one that makes enemies flee in fear at the destruction wrought by the Punisher? It's in there. This is on top of the usual white/green/blue/purple/yellow/orange loot that Diablo and Torchlight players have come to know and love.

    There is a system is in place to allow players to earn new heroes (rather than pay real money for them) and I was skeptical about how well that would work. But the required items (Eternity Splinters) drop very regularly as long as you are fighting enemies, and the game goes out of its way to point them out to you when they drop. Granted, you have to put in a bit of time to earn enough (around 30-40 hours for the cheaper heroes) but it's better than the horrible random token system they had in place at launch.

    Gameplay has also been adjusted, and you actually feel like a super hero when playing. There are moments where I wish I was recording the game when playing as Iron Man, firing missiles, repulsor blasts and his trademark Unibeam at waves of oncoming Hydra soldiers or Hand ninjas. The terminal missions which pit you against hordes of upgraded goons, named unique enemies, and bosses is an absolute blast.

    So if you, like me, wrote this game off as a poor attempt to cash in on the Marvel license, give it another shot. At launch, I would have given the game a 4 at best. As it stands today, it's a solid 8, teetering on a 9. It was an absolute joy to see how it had matured.
  41. Dec 16, 2013
    2-d mouse clicking game. Who writes these reviews? Srsly. it's an arpg, if you don't like arpg, don't play an arpg. Through the eyes of a arpg lover, i liked mua. The game has alot of heroes, seems like the real deal compared to like lego universe. You get heroes at a pretty fast rate, the game is pretty solid with the loot. Iconic marvel names and stuff.
  42. Dec 16, 2013
    If anything more game companies can learn from this one. Interaction is important. It does pay off. The game is far beyond what it was in June. Other companies would charge you 5 expansions for what they did in 6 months.
  43. Dec 16, 2013
    If I compare the patch notes of this game to any other game. It would be like comparing a bible and a short poem. The interaction of dev/player. The changes the game makes to player feedback. The overall tone of the player mattering. Is something that I find missing in most games, not this one. The game is incredibly fun and free.
  44. Dec 16, 2013
    Should've fake released like other games in open beta. it would be atleast an 8 right now. Well guess people are just stupid, can't wait for a game to develop.
  45. Dec 16, 2013
    Heard about the game on poe's chat. I was kinda pissed I died of de-sync, I assume this dude was too. I downloaded the game, even tho it had like 58 critic review. It was worth free. Tried it, got a free thor they were giving away. Just watched that thor 2 movie, was pretty cool. Sounded like thor, had skills like thor. I had a blast for 12 hours. I'll keep playing the game, it's got free expansions. So never out of the loop. Expand
  46. Dec 16, 2013
    This game has gotten to be alot of fun. There's like 27 classes, all of them play different. All of them viable. I'm playing this new patch right now on test center, ghost rider is like the best arpg class ever. This guy just, has the best vfx. Fire, chains, bikes, skulls.
  47. Dec 16, 2013
    I escaped the de-sync and terrible animations that was poe. I came into a game, that most people told me wasn't good. I said, F it, i'll give it a shot.

    Booted the game up, no lag, cool animations that i don't have to pay for and no de-sync.
  48. Dec 16, 2013
    I just picked this game up, didn't realize it was a arpg. Thought it was like that dcuo where you play as a goofy character. Nope, Dl'd the game, although really big. 11.6Gb Turns out captain america is a free hero, so, that was pretty good. Played my favorite character, started throwing his shield around, he started talking, felt right. Good on them for a free experience. It's a 10.
  49. Dec 16, 2013
    6 months of polish, big christmas patch coming up. Prices are reasonable to other FTP games. It's fun playing heroes you watched on the T.V. Worth a shot for free, totally free game.
  50. Dec 13, 2013
    An Action Role-Playing Game in the Dungeon Crawler Mode with some MMO Touches.

    One of the heads at Gazillion is Richard Brevik, and original Designer on Diablo and Diablo 2.

    The "MMO" twists to this game are interesting additions to the ARPG genre. While it's a dungeon grinder at heart, the story mode of the game and certain other playmodes are open instances. You aren't by
    yourself, you may be running down the street as Punisher and come across a random Spiderman fighting 50 NPCS. It's a fun touch. Important Story mode areas are individual instanced, or you can have an active option to auto group with others who entered the same instance within 5-10 seconds or so. Gone are Lobbies and Menus where you select which game you want to enter. MMO style "hubs" are safe havens with other players constantly running by and through. There is also guild/clan control as Super Hero Groups.

    The game does a lot of things right that the highly anticipated Diablo 3 missed the mark on. Skill trees are "respec" friendly, with a free one for each pass through storymode, and with the potions for it available as random drops. A familiar tree formatting of skills that can be leveled up to 20 each restore a lot of character power balance to how you make your character, not how lucky you are on gear drops.

    The game hurt itself press wise by releasing early, it was not a finished product at release. The bugs they have ironed out and continue to work on make it an almost completely different game from launch, and updates come constantly with new characters monthly and a lot of coming content being teased.

    There are still some issues with the game, and it can use some more polish. What really pushes this game to a 10 is the community support and involvement of the developers. Refunds for price changes and sales, constant discussion with the community about costumes and characters. Constant Sales and Freebies.

    Gaz is really raising the bar on customer service and developer transparency, and to do so with a Major license in the F2P format is shocking.

    Gone is the "can't get the character you want without buying it" model from release. About every 5-8 minutes of play, an "eternity splinter" drops. All characters in the game can be purchased with eternity splinters and range from 200-600 splinters in price. After your first normal playthrough of the game you also receive a total of 200 splinters as quest rewards. You should be able to buy any hero you want from the roster by the time your starter selected hero reaches level 40. Random Hero's are also purchasable for 175 splinters. If you random a hero you already have you get a token that upgrades the power of their "ultimate" power, and an additional copy of their costume, which is good for a recipe that lets you craft a random costume from any available in the game (not the limited time available ones though)

    The model is better than a lot of F2P games, with all characters unlockable just by playing. If you pick a starter hero, and level them to 40, you should have enough to buy any hero you want, and have enough to buy another specific hero by the time that character is max level. Going the random hero route you will end up with a wide and varied roster quickly.

    A lot of the older reviews complaints have been addressed and fixed already, and more improvements are coming quickly. Highly recommend you check the game out.

    Today Only has a special code that unlocks Thor for your account for free! Offer ends at 12:01am PST 12/14/13. After registering for the game through their website, go to the profile page, Redeem Code, and enter ODINSON
  51. Dec 12, 2013
    I picked this game up, just looking through the free steam titles. I played warframe, poe, tf2. Think marvel heroes is like a free MUA. I like that it's not dependent to how much money I feed that game, like warframe is. I played poe, just the combat and random de-sync is stopping me.

    Overall, I enjoy MH. Played it for 12 hours in one sitting to beat the story. Did a few legendary
    quests. Overall endgame is what you expect out of a arpg, it doesn't have anything left out and hasn't added anything new to arpg end game. The genre lacks in that department in general. It's a fun slaughter for loot and I enjoy it. Expand
  52. Dec 12, 2013
    I just want to say. It's a good game. It's a free game. I don't understand the hate, although If I got banned for doing something illegal, i'd just walk away not ruin the credibility of the game by spatting none sense on a review site.

    Look, the game gives you every opportunity to give you a great free experience. Be it, giving you 250G free, or splinters for finishing story. Some
    people are just crazy, and shameful that review sites encourage trolling. Expand
  53. Dec 12, 2013
    If you look at the recent negative reviews, people complaining they're getting silenced for an opinion. Is the same as a meth head, who gets arrested for public nudity. I assure you these people were not being polite or using rational thinking. If you give feedback the game changes.

    Game let people level faster, gave you free g's. Lowered some prices. Gave a free random hero if you beat
    the story. Free expansion. Don't listen to bull It's a free game, download it and decide for yourself. Expand
  54. Dec 12, 2013
    Play a free game and find out. Honestly, when I boot this game up on steam and see that score. I just shake my head. There should be a rule to mmo's who update very often. No it doesn't deserve this score and the game does everything it can to make it "super free" for you. Including giving you 250G free for reaching level 15, and you get to buy a crafting tab FOR FREE.
  55. Dec 12, 2013
    This game deserves a 58 meta score as much as the new Hobbit deserves a 39 score. Reviews are sin, and it makes people's ego explode.

    Be smart, for yourself. If a game is offering it's services for free. Take it and judge it for yourself.
  56. Dec 12, 2013
    All the 10's are bull all the 0's are bull Giving it a 10, becuase the 0's make no sense what so ever, and people are giving 10's to counter balance the raging flame on people have with this game not being a WoW clone.

    This is a arpg, loot fest, statistical upgrade. It does what it's supposed to and it's got like all the marvel characters in it, that I can unlock for free!. What game
    is letting me do that atm? I'd get lucky to get charged $15 to unlock a portion of story mode in other games Expand
  57. Dec 12, 2013
    It's a good free game, that you don't have to pay expansions for. So like I beat the story to Asgard. If I come back in a month, they add more acts, something like D3 would charge you for. So, That's what i'm doing. It's a good time sink, it's great to play if you has no monies.
  58. Dec 12, 2013
    Some of these reviews are bull I felt obligated to give it a 10 to counter balance nonsense. the only thing this game did wrong was not release in Open Beta, because it would've released atm and would've atleast gotten a 7.5. It's a 75 game, but i'm giving it a 10 because I almost missed out on it listening to this garbage website.
  59. Dec 12, 2013
    Man, these reviews are old. The game really did a 180, someone gave it a 3 because he got banned? a 0 because it doesn't play like WoW? lol, dear lord. This is why it's a 10.

    Right so, optimization and game size. Biggest concerns, biggest challenge for game.

    Now, it's fun as hell. It's an addicting game, you'll play at 8pm and suddenly it's 3 am. I love the voice acting, because it's
    the actual people from the games/shows. The lines these characters say are brilliant. "aren't you cold", to a almost naked emma frost. "Hey, watch where you're going" to a blind dare devil.

    I like the game, and it should entertain you for a long time FOR FREE
  60. Dec 12, 2013
    I chose to play this game, even though all the reviews told me not too. I'm pretty happy. The game isn't pay to win, I don't have to pay anything. I also play PoE with my friends, and cosmetically the pricing is on par. Costume is like $10, a animation in PoE is $10.

    One thing in arpgs is the stash space. Now, for $5 I get like 40 something stash stash slots, and by default I walk
    around with 48 inventory slots. Every item takes up 1 slot, and crafting mats stack, mostly everything stacks.

    Now in PoE and other FTP games, the walking around inventory space is much much smaller than this game. Items take up like 8 boxes in PoE, I can't enjoy the game if I keep teleporting back, something that I don't need to do as often in this game.

    The price for space is way cheaper and I don't have to bundle game currency and be left "extra left over". i can spend the $5 and get the exact amount.

    I like this game because It has a very big roster. Each hero plays like the counterpart and sounds like it, looks like it.

    Overall, the optimization needs to be tuned. The game size is pretty big. I enjoy playing it and you should give it a try.
  61. Dec 11, 2013
    Excellent Game if you like Diablo style games.
    Marvel Heroes is the Marvel MMO that you have been waiting for! Play as Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and many more as they team up to try and stop Doctor Doom from devastating the world with the power of the Cosmic Cube.
  62. Dec 7, 2013
    I was so eager to play an ARPG as some of the iconic characters I read about while growing up. Marvel heroes aimed to deliver that. In anticipation I bought not only one founder pack, but two! I'm all for supporting game developers especially when they have such grand ideas as this one.

    Then came the release. The level cap was 60 yet they only had content in game up to level 30, and
    some rehashed maps. Still excited nonetheless I bought every hero they had, each one felt a little different than the other. I looked like everyone else so I bought a ton of costumes as well (Gear doesn't change your looks at all). I bought every hero as they were released, yet I started noticing something. For every bug in game they said they fixed, it was either not done at all, or they broke more things in the game in the process. Never have I approached a patch day with as much trepidation as I have Marvel Heroes.

    I started taking my concerns to their official forums, which is always a bad idea for someone with actual criticism of a game. My girlfriend who I talked into playing also did the same. Because we logged in on the same IP address they completely banned her from the forums, and gave my account a warning flag. We both sent emails to their appeals department and never ever received a response. At this point it made her stop playing altogether. I persisted yet one day I started noticing that no one was responding to any of my posts, even the white knighters who defend everything marvel. I signed out and sure enough, my posts were no longer showing up.

    I messaged a moderator about the issue and he accused me of doing things I have never done, such as violating the EULA, and actually accused me of making fun of someone's sexuality (Something I would never do, it's abhorrent when people do that online. If you feel that way say it to someone in person, I bet it's the last time you do). Knowing I was now on the Marvel Heroes 'Black Hole', I once again emailed their appeals department and received only silence.

    As I also played it on steam, I was on the steam forums for the game giving away some of the extra marvel heroes cards I had earned and people needed when someone asked if it's worth playing and seperately, worth paying for.

    My response was: Fun to play for free, don't spend a penny on it though. My girlfriend had her forum account banned because we use the same computer, my forum account got warning for the same incident at the exact same time. I did what they said and sent an email to their appeals department and they didn't even deign to respond. I bought not only one, but two founders packs, and every character in the game as well as stash tabs. All said and done I've spent over $400 on this game, that's not to mention the characters I bought for my girlfriend. I don't regret spending the money, I just regret it was on a game with such a bleak looking future judging from their customer service skills.

    Half the roster is not even worth playing until they receive an 'update'. The game is six months old. On release they only had content up to level 30, while they have added more since then, most of the original characters remain bland and boring, or bugged. Characters I bought that they released post-launch are now starter characters new players can get for free, with zero thought to those who actually purchased them.

    Recently I discovered my posts were no longer being shown on the forum because I am critical of their development process and lack of testing pre-patching the game. Not obscene or anything violating their terms, so no ban. They just put me in their forum 'Black Hole'. Gazillion is a farce and a cash grab, save yourself the cash and try something else, IMHO.

    Came back the next day and low and behold, banned on there as well. By a 'Marvel Heroes Developer'
    citing 'Toxic Behavior, Banned from official forums'

    Since when is criticism of a game considered toxic behavior? I am well educated and far from belligerent, I type well enough as to be understood. I just have the ability to call a spade a spade.

    FYI, still not banned from the official forums, so using that as a reason to ban me on a different forum is questionable at best. Sorry for the long review, just want to let others be aware of the nightmare my girlfriend and I have gone through while trying to get them to fix more than they break. Not going to happen though so I cut my losses and moved on. Happy gaming all!

    TLDR: Fun for the free aspect, read about characters before you buy them with the free currencies. Don't drop a dime on it though. Don't expect your favorite hero to be a priority for fixes/tweaks unless they have a blockbuster coming out soon.
  63. Nov 25, 2013
    the game is great and getting better all the time you can play it totally free or spend if you wish people who gave it a bad review i urge to check into it again cause it has only gotten better since release and those who love it i hope you continue to love it
  64. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: Average. 7.

    Sound: Some good voice acting some terrible, Average. 7.

    Gameplay: The gameplay is a grind fest to the MAX!!!! The whole world is just littered with enemies. Think of a map in Diablo 3 but every step you take there's 50 enemies on the screen. Playing through the story feels exhausting and like a chore. Although some of this games features are good.
    First off, while you're questing it feels like an MMO which is a good thing because you see other players (something maybe Diablo 3 should consider) around the world. The talent tree is simple, easy, and you feel a difference in character progression. Characters each are unique, and while it can be fun, it quickly gets repetitive. 7.

    Story: Decent, I played through the game quickly and didn't find the story too interesting. 6.

    Replay Value: Free to play game, there's plenty to do, I can recommend giving this game a go, you shouldn't be disappointed if you're a Marvel fan. If you're a fan of playing game similar to Diablo I can still recommend it but you may quickly find the game to be boring. 7.5.

    Overall Score: 6.9 out of 10.
  65. Nov 14, 2013
    I have been a long time supporter of this game since the Beta. I went with the Ultimate Pack to start with which cost me 160 euros in good faith that this game will become great. So far i've spent probably 600 euros on this game, and never really got my money's worth back, because the game has been a rollercoaster since release. I have had some fun times but majority of them have not been fun. Still, i've kept playing a lot, because i considered myself to be a "True Believer". Unfortunately, i am starting to feel that i have wasted my time by blindly putting my faith on the Developers.

    Now, recently i got banned from the forums due to expressing my feelings about current hero tweaks that ruined my favorite class pretty much completely. I am not here to post angry feedback, but i am here to post the feedback that i have been wanting to post for a long time. I just wanted to see if things change in Patch 2.0 as promised, but they did not.

    Marvel Heroes 2.0 was supposed to change everything and to be the pinnacle where the game starts to look great. We were promised great things, like fun interactive community events, new content and new hero along with a lot of tweaks and Revamps. Gazillion even went few miles further, and released a surprise first playable VIllain, Loki The god of Mischief. Everyone Rejoiced and loved the character, until today, when gazillion announced their upcoming changes that took everyone by surprise.

    However, do not let the patch 2.0 fool you. What it actually means is just a stump of an expansion, that will continue to reveal itself through the next few months through weekly patches. It does not deserve the title 2.0. In fact, this game should still be in beta.

    The game is far from being ready to be called Patch 2.0.

    Here are a few examples why i think the game is unfinished:

    A great carrot to chase was introduced in this patch, these are called legendary items which everyone wants. However, by introducing this, the name of the game changed completely from being boring in to farming for these magnificient pieces of gear.

    At the same time, they created a problem, by not finishing this content, which is now considered to be the most important content in the game. The legendary quests can not be done with friends without gimping one's character progression, and they have yet to provide any kind of comments about increasing the incentive to Play this game as a group, which is the main reason dragging my score down.

    This game is essentially a single player game that is advertised as MMO and ARPG. It totally fullfills the shoes to be an full-pledged ARPG, but unfortunately all the MMO elements are very lacking.

    Secondly, the Dev team is in constant rush of releasing new content, without actually testing it on test server. Some of the content gets tested well, but a lot of the hero changes are slammed in the game totally untested, causing massive uproars amongst the player community. So far they have ruined a few classes by doing this (Namely Black Widow and Loki) and have not even bothered to comment on the matter ever since. All they've done, has been requests for "top 5 improvements" which have yet to date seen any interaction from the Devs. All the players playing those heroes have been holding their breath ever since while hoping for a chance.

    When Gazillion thinks something is out of place, they Nerf it hard without asking anyone's feedback, or running it through test center. This unfortunately seems to be a constant trend amongst the Devs who are extremely nice and excel in communication on forums. In a way it pains me to write such an critical review, but it needs to be done. I have spent my time on the forums, attaining very respectable status, and have helped a lot of the players on constant basis, but still, this game fails to impress me. Very often cool features get announced, but when they see the light of the day, they are "Meh" at most. They are very unfinished. Usually you would imagine the developers to actually want to finish their newly created content, but that does not seem to be the case with marvel heroes.

    This game is still extremely unfinished, even though it is at 2.0. I have spent 1000 hours playing it so far, and even though i have easily gained my money's worth, i have not really enjoyed the trip. I really want to play this game, but am sometimes overwhelmed by Gazillion's attitude to fix things by taking 1 step forwards and 2 backwards. I am a huge Marvel Fanatic, so this is pretty much the main reason why i keep going back.

    These are the main negatives in the game for me, and i am hoping they will improve in near future, before Gazillion loses it's face completely.

    The good things:
    A lot of your favorite heroes .
    Devs are very nice, and take feedback in well, but very selectively.
    Beautiful graphics
    Cool Physics
    A lot of gear to collect, but the drop rates are not too good, do not be fooled by the amound of garbage you seem.

  66. Nov 13, 2013
    This game is is very meh dumb fun. I was Punisher, walk into a room, fire your gun randomly, everyone dies. The story, I could not care less for, but its funny moments and cinematic that pull it through, just play as a Long-Ranged and its fun, Melee is EXTREMELY boring.
  67. Nov 12, 2013
    This game is the best ARPG I've played. While it initially had a rough launch, they constantly update, reiterate, and add in more story, characters, levels, bonuses and loot. The game is incredibly fun, fast, exciting, and addicting. While I wish people would go back and rereview games (all multiplayer games once they come out over a period of time), that sadly isn't the culture in which the "gaming journalism" is in. Regardless, it's free, they changed the starter heroes to an amazing roster, you can play completely free and only pay for costumes if you want (or they drop as well so you don't really need to pay). and see you in game! Expand
  68. Nov 8, 2013
    Dear Valsh I know that it is tough for you to ask for your rights as a customer but for me it is not . What exactly did they changed properly since launch ? The defense system ? Yeah sure beginning of September they switched to percentage based damage reduction then in the subsequent patches they nullified this change by gradually upping the HP and Damage of the mobs ... And actually even today in 2.0 they doubled the HP of the mobs and like this effectively completely erasing the added 2 extra artifact slots and the ring slot since their bonus to the damage output is negligible at best ,,,,,

    Not to mention the EPIC and I MEAN epic ASGARD content .....WHICH TAKES 2 WEE(EEEE)EEEEKS to UNLOCK let alone finish DONATE TO REED RICHARDS ..............

    How it is sane to lock out content for a player depending on the progress of another player ?
    Or this was just another flop which was forced by the fact that the clueless Disney pushed to "release"
    Asgard coinciding with the USA premiere of Thor The Dark World .

    They advertise patch 2.0 as "Play ASGARD NOW or something like this on their site how is this NOW when the bloody Asgard wont be available for two bloody weeks .

    I guess that gullible players will continue to be sucked in by paid loudspeakers like you and paid fake reviews from totally obscure sites .

    Patch 2.0 Hero REGRESS instead of PROGRESS in spite of the 2 added artifact slots and the new ITEM RING .

    Advertised content actually unavailable at patch launch most likely due to the fact that it is not actually finished just as the game was at launch but the deadline and scam-line had got to be met yet one more time .

    This is the worst game patching history I have yet seen to date and come to think of it I completely regret shelling out that 110$ or so on this game while in hindsight I should have bought that RAM upgrade before that RAM factory burned and prices skyrocketed Hey extra 8 GIGS is extra 8 GIGS .

    What is funny is looking at them and how they will try to spin that fiasco surely some popcorn is on the way
  69. Nov 5, 2013
    The game has changed a lot since its released and all thanks to Gazillions.

    The game is constantly improving with each patch and game reviewers should look at it again. With new heroes to become available every month, the upcoming Asgard patch is something to look out for since it adds additional depth and story to what is currently a much improved game.

    Diablo 3's up and coming
    changes are all patterned to what Marvel Heroes has already on its table.

    The developers and community makes the game more enticing for the hard-core gamers and new comers alike. PVP is ready for its re-launch with the upcoming patch.
  70. Nov 4, 2013
    The game has come a long way since the days of early Beta and Release. The development team updates the game every week. They also listen to player feedback and base a lot of the change off of that feedback. Virtually everything in the game can be obtained just by playing the game. They do have a cash shop where you can purchase flavor items (costumes for heroes and stuff) but all the items in the cash shop are cosmetic or convenience based, and not needed to play any aspect of the game.

    It may not be your cup of tea if you are looking to customize your hero, or if you are looking for other typical MMO features. Or if you like to take selfies of yourself wearing sunglasses in your car. But it is 100% free to play. So why not give it a try. You have nothing to lose.
  71. Nov 4, 2013
    Game has steadily improved since a badly received launch. A lot of the 1's and 0's over the last week all come from the same guy who was banned from the game and has a vendetta. "StoneOrc" "GreenArrow" same name formatting, new user.

    It's by no means perfect but the developers are vocal and constantly iterating on stuff based on player feedback.

    The game is patched monthly with
    content, features and balance tuning, you can acquire any of the heroes(classes) through just playing the game. Games that are cash grabs do NOT do this, they abandon the product at launch and fall silent.

    Do yourself a favour and play the game and judge for yourself.
  72. Nov 2, 2013
    I advise any player who is serious about playing hack & slash action RPGs to not spend any money on Marvel Heroes and look for another game to spend their time, money and energy on. The reason for my warning is that no serious player would be able to stand what's going on in this game right now. I am going to elaborate below as to why is that.

    I've been playing the game since early 2013
    while it was still in the beta and I have followed closely the progression of the patches. While certain aspects of the game have greatly improved over time, others became gradually worse.

    The last couple of patches were full of nonsensical and detrimental design decisions made by the developers. When players confronted them in a civil manner and pointed out the flaws and the detrimental changes, the main developer who goes by the nickname of DoomSaw (Jeff Donais, an ex Blizzard employee) resorted to all manner of lies and deception. When he was proven to be wrong time and time again by multiple players (again in a civil manner) and it became abundantly clear he is a liar, he started resorting to silencing players by revoking their forum access, and in certain cases he resorted to outright banning players from both the forums and the game itself.

    Most of the banner players are premium users people who chose to support the game by spending real money on it by purchasing hero packs, forum avatars and so on. The reward for their dedication to Marvel Heroes (dedication they showed by both spending money and dedicating time and energy to write constructive criticism) is that they are now unable to use the things they payed for they can't play the characters from the hero packs they purchased, and they can't post on the forums with the forum avatars they purchased.

    This is not something which should be tolerated by any responsible player or consumer. Such behavior from lead developer should not be supported by players in any way, shape or form.

    The actions of DoomSaw throughout the last couple of months will run this game into the ground if they haven't already. I advise any and all serious players who have a bit of self respect to abandon ship right now.
    You've been warned.
  73. Nov 1, 2013
    This game is entertaining as heck for a free to play game. I've been playing since launch and i love it. The devs in the game update the game every couple weeks to keep you hooked. This game has evolved since launch and needs to be re-reviewed from metacritic to do it justice. Keep it up team Gaz!
  74. Oct 25, 2013
    The game is okay for a free to play, i guess i just need more memory so that i wouldn`t have any problems. Wish it had more things to do and more loot drop for the character your playing with not all the characters you have but fun game to play.
  75. Oct 21, 2013
    The game offers you a wide variety of Marvel Heroes, mostly enough to please any fan, but you can only pick one as a starter, and you have to get the others though in-game currency wich is slow, really slow, or through money. In the beggining, heroes could drop from any mob, and that was ok (that was the main way besides paying to get a new hero), now, the drops were long ago removed and you're stucked with this system, that I don't really like, (at least on its own, I'd like it with old hero token drops). So now it feels boring and uninteresting,

    The graphics are ok, though messy sometimes when everybody is spamming hard every power they have.

    Heroes will always have the same aspect no matter what do you equip on them, besides from a few cosmetic upgrades and different costumes, wich doesn't really makes much sense, since costumes have a lot of buffs you want to keep. Well, you can always use the money-sink crafter for swapping those buffs and what-not, but whatever.

    Leveling up is a real pain, next step above slow, and since content gets repetitive too soon, it feels boring and boring as you keep playing.

    Drops rates are bad and strange, from patch to patch, you'll notice that determinate item drop more, or don't drop at all. Gearing your character the way you want is hard and time consuming, should it be different? well, I don't know, but I've seen many people claiming differences between Diablo 3 and MH, but this makes them pretty much the same. If you want to gear your Hero with decent items, you'll be stuck spending a ton of time farming/trading in both games.

    All in all, the feeling of the game is that it gets really boring, really fast.
  76. Oct 19, 2013
    Back in June I rated this game poorly due to its pre-mature release lacking many features. Now October version 1.4, the game is so much better. In its current state it is far superior to Path of Exile and Diablo 3. The game has steadily increased its player numbers, but its ashame about the poor launch. If the game had been released in its current state I'd bet there would be half a million players. And in one week we'll be getting a brand new PvP gamemode. Can't wait! Expand
  77. Oct 14, 2013
    On its own, its an above average-to-good gaming experience, especially if you appreciate the Marvel lore. One has to wonder if Gazillion has a balancing nightmare on their hands, with so many heroes (and future heroes, due to the monetization system) that each have their own playing characteristics and iterations of re-balancing, along with mob re-balancing, that Gazillion is faced with a perpetual "wack-a-mole" situation. With that in mind, I understand that making and balancing games is hard, especially one built on the premise of playing a large number of Marvel heroes. As a fan, we'll just have to be understanding and roll with the punches until a happy medium can be found. The trade off is that we get to experience an ARPG with a variety of playing styles, more so than any other ARPG that the market provides.

    In a way it reminds me of the old City of Heroes: for all its perceived flaws and balancing issues, it was an incredibly fun game to play for the variety of experiences it offered. The challenge for Gazillion is to keep adding more player experiences beyond the obvious "try a new hero" method. The starting story mode with its production value was pleasing, and I hope more of this kind of thing is added in the future.

    If offers a lot for free.
  78. Oct 13, 2013
    The arrogance of the dev team knows no bounds. i have never been treated so poorly as a customer. Their "this is how it is and you love it we are awesome" attitude is pure hubris.

    This game will not last long. It only has like a few hundred regular players left. Hardly enough to keep the lights on.
  79. Oct 13, 2013
    MH had a lot of potential, but completely failed to deliver. It's kinda fun for a single play through, but there just isn't enough content or fun to be had to justify investing much time or money into it. Were it not for the extortionist monetization policy, I would probably have rated MH higher, but at its heart, MH is a shallow cash grab, backed by underwhelming gameplay. How this thing weighs in at 15gb is beyond me, save your bandwidth. Expand
  80. Oct 13, 2013
    The developers treat the players horribly. You will get banned from the game by simply asking questions like why is the loot so bad or why they keep censoring their forums. They will do this no matter how much money you have spent and you have no recourse at all.

    The debut kind of bombed so they had to shift from a many player F2P model to a few dedicated hardcore player model. this
    means they have to milk the small player base for every cent they are worth, including exp and item find boosts. So the game is pretty bad without them. What started out as a fun game has turned into a nickle and dime fest at every turn.

    Every patch it still a nightmare with little testing and days of downtime. And, as I said, if you even question this, you risk a ban and will lose every cent you put into the game.
  81. Oct 9, 2013
    An interesting story, decent graphics and TONS of unlockables both for free (or for small fees for the impatient) make this a very fun game. It does have somewhat lackluster chat functions, though it gets the job done. Lacking the ability to inspect other players or link items via chat make talking about builds and gearing in-game rather difficult. There are several other small details that seem rather lacking, but their continuing work on the game, catchy gameplay, and host of unlockables make this a game to come back to over and over! Expand
  82. Oct 8, 2013
    This game is one big letdown. It was founded by good people, who do excellent work interacting with the community. That said, the game simply is not fun at all. It is an item hunt game with the worst items and item drop rate of any arpg I've every played. If it didnt have the Marvel title and license, it would already be gone.

    On top of that, patches come out fast and furious, but
    without being tested...leading to stupid amounts of bugs, numerous small patches meant as fixes that really dont ever fix anything, and tons of download time. Half or more of the characters are completely broken and unplayable at any given time....soon as they fix 1 hero, they break 2 more. If you dont mind lots of bugs, boring gameplay, broken characters, and the worst loot system ever....then by all means play this game. Expand
  83. Oct 7, 2013
    the story's good but so far it's short the difficulty modes that come after the normal one are more challenging though. but, if you hate to grind, then this game ain't the game you seek :P. with the recent updates now everyone can get a hero (if they farm for it ofc without the need to pay real money. may be more entertaining on harder difficulties and with a couple of friends. i repeat, there is a lot of grinding and ,in my opinion, gets dull pretty fast. Expand
  84. Oct 6, 2013
    This is easily one of the greatest action rpgs on the market today. There are around 30 heroes you play that level and progress individually, and each have their own unique powers and play style. You get more heroes and costumes either by earning eternity splinters in game or they can be purchased.
    The game has new updates all the time, I've never seen an mmo with this many active and
    beneficial updates. They improve the characters, add new areas, new items to find, and they listen to feedback.
    Gazillion has said they are planning long term for this game, and are invested to make years of updates.
  85. Oct 6, 2013
    It's only fun when your playing friends, on your own it's boring as hell and makes you want to cry. However this Marvel game is decent. Oh and it's not that Diablo like.
  86. Oct 2, 2013
    At release, this game felt unfinished and quickly lost its fun aspect. It was at best, a 6 out of 10.

    However, the devs have been really putting a TON of work into the game in the form of content, new gameplay, and refined mechanics, the result of which is now a much more fun and enjoyable game. I went from playing maybe 2-3 hours a week, to playing 2-3 hours a day. As of the date im
    writing this, Marvel Heroes is the most fun ARPG on the market, with even more new and exciting things to come! The devs should take pride in how they turned this game around for the better. Well done. Expand
  87. Sep 29, 2013
    Good concept with very bad execution. There are new bugs introduced with every patch and old bugs that are still lingering. The loot as well as the loot drop rate are very poor and even the newest "Unique" items can be tossed aside for "Epic" or "Cosmic" items. The grind from level 40 60 can be slow, dull, and frustrating. Add to that the nerfs(or "fixes" according to developers) that occur with almost every patch and it becomes very hard to sit back and enjoy the game. Expand
  88. Sep 29, 2013
    This game is not the game that launched a few months ago, it is vastly improved in almost every way. Constant patching and tweaks to nearly every aspect of the game; a handful of new heroes released, price reductions across the board, new ways to unlock heroes, new items/item slots, reworks on several heroes with more on the way etc.

    The game is grindy, but this style of game has
    always leaned in that direction you either like it (or can deal with it) or you don't. Want the best gear or a new hero for "free"? Well, be prepared to put some time in because its gonna take a while.

    There does tend to be hiccups with patches, unfortunately. Things get ironed out fairly quickly, but it happens frequently enough to make me lower my score.
  89. Sep 17, 2013
    yet again metacritic reviews are its downfall, the game has gone from strength to strength and now has multiple play throughs, extra missions and new characters, the game is constantly updating and gets better with every new patch, so far i have played over 500 hours and still have not found it boring, with the ability to collect shards which can then be used to unlock new characters, cosmic items, specials etc.

    you don't have to be a marvel fan to love this game and the fact its 100% free too boot rates it 10/10, the only costs involved are if you don't want to work to unlock additional characters otherwise its a great F2P.
  90. Sep 17, 2013
    At that start of the release, Marvel Heroes was a solid 5, because once you finished the story mode at level 26. You were finished with the game and repeating it with different heroes made thing repetitive. But after checking the game periodically with new patch releases, the game is more interesting to play with different modes and incentive to try other heroes.

    What I like the most is
    their interactive forums. Their head developers takes inputs and incorporates it to the game. Already there's 3 stages of level difficulty and rewarding items to grind for. Soon a synergy heroes will reward player for level a hero to level 25 and 50, and even allowing maxed players to restart their hero to level 1 if they want to be in the same level with new friends.

    On the side-note, because there's no auction house or credit (their game gold) trading involved, therefore there is no gold farmers shouting to sell game gold for real money. I have also heard no cases of accounts being hacked because hackers have little incentive to hack accounts.

    I'm posting this grade based on 1.2 patch and giving it a 9, meaning it's not perfect or finished but has high potential. Marvel heroes should get a recognition for improvement their game at a rapid pace, If the critics are willing to do another review at the beginning of next year in 2014, I'm sure Marvel Heroes will be seen in a different light.
  91. Sep 15, 2013
    I absolutely love this game it is fun to play and very addictive so please fellow gamers ignore the critics and give Marvel Heroes a chance. The developers are constantly adding to and improving this game I took a break for a while and have just started playing it again and I am impressed with the new content. Marvel Heroes is the only game I consider to be almost free to play without feeling like I'm only getting the basic game package. The new difficulty settings make the game less repetitive when playing over again as you will face new enemies and have to use new tactics. Defence has significantly been improved as well which makes investing in it a really good option. New exciting gear has been added I play as fantastic fours Thing and I found a unique item today that adds a 7% chance of releasing a shock-wave and added 2 to my speed stat. Set items would be a great addition to the game and I would love to see them added to the game. Please give Marvel Heroes a chance you won't regret it and it will cost you nothing. Expand
  92. Sep 14, 2013
    Don't let the talkative devs fool you into thinking that this game might be different, because it isn't.

    Find the best items at level 20, never find them again, that's fun according to the top designer.

    Make leveling a grind, and sell magic find potions (people that buy these are silly, they will not increase rolls on stats and Unique Cosmic chances are that low they will not affect
    them in a meaningful manner) Selling magic find potions are probably necessary, but also a form of gambling that will not pay off. If it does, it's a fluke, but hey you might buy more potions yeh?

    The game is free, but has little to no end content for level 60's, so if you get that far you might as well quit.

    X-Def coming out? Increased loot chance you say? No, the numbers of mobs are too small and timed which means that your killing rate per minute is going to be jack and all, which decreases your rate of actually finding something. I mean it might be fun, but it's exactly the same as playing whack a mole for tickets. We all know how often people are seen playing that game at the arcade...

    Terminals? Short runs, xp and loot increase is negligible but I guess the devs probably find that fun too.

    Bugs every patch? You bet ya. Break more things? You bet ya. Patch it in a week or two? You bet ya. Break more things? You bet ya. Slip in nerfs? You bet ya.

    Good luck. If you like the game cool, if you get a Unique at level 10 and never see it drop again? That's fun apparently.

    Lack of meaningful content, bad grind, poor itemisation and your hero will always look the same as the other one, no matter what you do means that this game is a 4.
  93. Sep 7, 2013
    I want to update my previous review score of a six up to nine with the new 1.2 patch now being live. From launch to now the game has improved dramatically. Heroes feel much more fun an heroic. Defense has been overhauled. There are now multiple difficulties of the story along with the end game mission terminals. They have added some interesting loot options, most recently unique items for each hero and a new type of item slot. There is now a far more reliable way to earn heroes/upgrades to your ultimate ability. I'm sure there are even more upgrades I love that i am forgetting, but this at least scratches the surface. Expand
  94. Sep 7, 2013
    Dull, repetitive gameplay, an intrusive pricing policy and not enough free content make Marvel Heroes one of the top disappointments of the year. A short story and little customization tools hinder even more deeply the player's enjoyment.
  95. Sep 4, 2013
    don't let the critic reviews done last June fool you. what started out as a poorly-optimized Diablo-wannabe is now an Action RPG legend in matter of 3 months, thanks to the 1.11 patch. while it is F2P, those who will be hooked to the game will be forced to pay extra for additional storage space, characters (unless one plays endlessly to collect Eternity Splinters), and costumes.

    my only
    concern is that the game is too utopian with gamers usually getting what they want from the programmers, constantly patching up the game for stronger characters. there's no distinction on who's more skilled in playing or build-making, just a bunch of players with cookie-cutter builds per character that kill enemies solely for the sake of rare items. Expand
  96. Sep 2, 2013
    This is all my opinion but to me the best way to describe Marvel Heroes (MH) is exceedingly average. MH is bland, very bland. It brings nothing new to the table, goes through patches that require complete character respec and then has the nerve to overprice everything. You either end up spending the cost of just buying a game to unlock only a few characters or spend forever grinding "Eternity Splinters (ES)". Seriously, 1 splinter drops about every 8 min average. Most heroes cost 400-600 splinters. 8 x 400 3,200 min 60 53.3 HOURS, 80 hours for the 600. When you figure most SP story driven games only last 20-30 hrs then you get the sense of how tedious this game is. Now you can gear up to grind ES but you need to be fairly high level to use the gear. So expect to grind a character you might not be interested in just for the chance to grind ES. The starting characters are pretty weaksauce too. Don't expect favorites to appear free. Daredevil (which I only know because of a terrible movie), Storm (probably the best known starter), Hawkeye (who looks FABULOUS! No, really, he wears all purple), Scarlet Witch (who I never heard of) and Thing (probably the 2nd most recognizable character). If you want to play as say Spider Man, Iron Man, or Wolverine then expect to either pay out the nose or edge of your seat grinding.

    Basically MH is nothing new. You'll see the same levels over and over again as well as the same enemies. The story needs way more voice acting as most of it is text boxes. It does have some cool cut scenes but they're kinda rare and don't help with the over abundance of text screens. Everything is way too much of a grind or way too expensive to justify the cost. For Marvel fans only, everyone else stick with Path of Exile.
  97. Aug 28, 2013
    This game has benefited from the best post launch developer support I have ever seen. Release review are not indicative of where the game is at now. It has been made into an excellent product. If you are a fan of marvel and aarpg's you will love this game. And it's free so you have nothing to lose!
  98. Aug 22, 2013
    The actual gameplay is fun until you get to the end game grind, then you get to fight with not having enough storage space and having to hope you get something rare to drop. Even if you ignore everything but the heroes, it still comes out to be a very expensive game.
  99. Aug 20, 2013
    This game had a very rocky start but has come a very long way since it's launch. Large monthly updates to hero balance, content, and bug fixing has turned this game into a ton of fun to play IMO. It does have it's flaws with some heroes still needing balance passes and bugs needing squashed but, with every patch, these issues get fewer and fewer. If you like the Marvel universe, action role playing games, or mmo's I would recommend you give the game a try since it is free to play. I will also say some people complain that it has lag issues. My game had issues until I adjusted some graphics options as described in the next paragraph.

    I want to add to my review by saying that after reading some of the bad reviews that say this game has performance issues I would suggest going into your graphics options in the game if you are having issues and turning the max defeated enemies slider all the way to the left so you see no dead bodies. A lot of people don't seem to realize that the ragdoll effects of the dead enemy bodies and respawning props causes a ton of lag if you don't turn it down. I don't have a super high end system(i5 2320, NVIDIA 660ti GPU, 8 GB RAM) and I have zero issues with lag. My lag ended when I turned the max defeated enemies slider all the way down.
  100. Aug 15, 2013
    Is it perfect? No. Is it fun? Yes. Do you like Marvel? You'll like this game. Did you enjoy Diablo 2 and felt disappointed by Diablo 3? You won't be disappointed by this game because it's reminiscent of D2 and probably is what D3 should have been (since Brevik is on this game). There's tons of potential in this game. They release patches weekly to improve the game. They listen to the community. I've personally had 3 Developers/Support Staff respond to my bug reports and issues. You know what makes all of this REALLY worth it, though? IT'S FREE. Expand
  101. Jun 4, 2013
    This game is a ton of fun. It a terribly rocky launch but things are smooth now. It still has bugs though but that's common with launches. They should be ironed out soon. Every character is a blast to play and after beating the main missions the end game content will keep you coming back for more. I'm not much of PVPer so you'll have to check another review for that. Right now the game is a 7 out 10 with potential to be a 9 or 10 once everything is more balanced and the bugs are gone. Collapse

Mixed or average reviews - based on 38 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 38
  2. Negative: 9 out of 38
  1. Jul 28, 2013
    There's the hollow shell of a game. [Issue#137, p.116]
  2. Jul 25, 2013
    Under-delivers on the promise of the licence. A middling action-RPG that you’d have to be a Marvel fan to love.
  3. Jul 16, 2013
    At the end of the day, though, these few good points don’t make up for the flaws with what should be the most important elements of a game like this - the combat and the loot grind - and an overall lack of polish. Being free to play, you don’t lose out on anything but 15 odd gigabytes of your data cap if you want to give Marvel Heroes a go, but with that said, it’s hard to recommend this game over the other free to play lootfests that are around.