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  1. Dec 17, 2010
    This game obviously has the taint of a product acquired by and developed under EA. It seems undercut, uninspired and super linear and super short. Mass Effect 1 was really a great game and this was deprived of all the things that made ME1 fantastic: * Great story * Unlimited Ammo * Large selection of stuff to buy * Really cool ATV * Tons of side quests that kept the game interesting The only things that really give merit to ME2 is:
    * Customizable equipment
    * Weapon Proficiency

    If you want to swim in ME1 nostalgia go ahead and buy this game, it seems to have the aesthetic theme. But you will be upset with the result. This game is almost as boring as Dragon Age: Origins, at least I get to move around and shoot things. Adds some interest...
  2. May 26, 2011
    Hmm, how should I begin? ME1 was a blast. The story, inventory, choices, teams, exploration...and now in ME2, all the stuffs that made ME1 terrific has been disposed. And all those big gaming magazines praising this sequel with 9/10, 94/100 like scores. >.> I wonder if Bioware actually bribed them to give high scores to ME2... That's why I never read their criticisms. You gotta search for the actual gamer to have a good introspection. And majority of the PEOPLE here would probably agree with me, as I agree with their comments. ME2 is far away from being an RPG game. And I give it 4/10, all for the sake of ME1. And the mixed comments about gameplay, graphics, characters and such are pretty much similar elsewhere. Mine too: the game is short, the story is not well developed, inventory is poor, choices of Shepard does not necessarily have effects within the game, but expected to have effects in ME3? You see how Bioware gets away with this? Thus what I will add to those nagtive and mixed comments is also gonna be my criticism of Bioware's hardline capitalistic policy in robbing people's money and stirring a "mass" anticipation for the third ME game. Now, they promise that if we buy those DLC games additionally, we'll have an idea about ME3 - DLC PRODUCTION HAS BECOME THE VILEST TACTIC IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY. Keep the game short and dully, and release some DLCs and stir up more anticipation. Surely, gamers will "buy" it! With additional cash flowing in Bioware accounts.....

    Should I say don't buy ME2? I don't think I can, cos now you already played ME1, you liked it, and now you want to see the end of it. You're surely gonna buy ME2, no matter how linear and mediocre it is. Because it is a bridge to the final game that is expected to have very high climaxes. And Bioware will have the cream of the business while experimenting RPG and FPS with ME2. ME2 is thus a rather experimental game and I hope that Bioware takes these negative criticisms into account, since they're mostly given by seasoned, experienced gamers!
  3. May 21, 2011
    I do not want the rpg genre to follow the mass effect direction: oversimplifying every rpg aspect: starting from character creation, through the party management, exploration, combat and storyline part of the game. On top of that the game is ridiculous short, overuses same planet/building over and over again and has no replayability value at all. I also found the loading time between zones to long. It is a scheme to milk as much dollars from the players as possible with shiny, superficial games full of meaningless pseudo - minigames Collapse
  4. Feb 13, 2012
    First things first it's no RPG, the quests are boring as hell, they're always the same, shoot some idiots with no brains and at last there's a boss. I've really tried to play it since I spent 5 euros on it some months ago, but everytime I've plaid for 20 minutes, I just quit, it's so boring. Worst 5 euros ever spent.
  5. Feb 8, 2011
    I liked the story and combat but that's about it. The RPG element isn't there, the characters are pretty limited in abilities/weapons, the programing isn't all that good either. I get stuck in the air and in cut scenes characters would be spinning, and there was a fair deal of crashes to desktop. I cant say that this is a good game but it isn't completely worthless. Play it once through and be done with it, I don't see what big hype was with this game, it's average at best. Expand
  6. May 6, 2011
    This game really has to get two scores. If you play on normal difficulty, like I did my first play through, then it's great. Great story, game play, action, character depth, pretty much does everything right and it earns a solid 8. Play it the second play through on Insanity difficulty and suddenly its a game riddled with bugs and as such id score it a 1. Buggy games drive me crazy and I think far far less of an otherwise good game for having them. What causes this discrepancy? On the top level of difficulty the enemies hit hard, really hard. This means you have to act fast and use cover, always, every time. Two problems pop up, first when you turn quickly your character will have a tendency to become detached from the game world and float in the air or suddenly get stuck on top of objects. This doesn't happen all the time, but enough to be called repeatable and definitive. Second problem is cover. While on normal the few times you ducked and hid it probably worked fine. Now, you are ducking and hiding everywhere, fast and frequently. This causes the many surfaces to reveal their true nature where your character will not hide completely and you'll get shot through an object, or your character won't lean out the correct direction and you'll be left open to get shot. There are many many glitched cover surfaces that cause a variety of issues with game play. Besides that there are also a few other bugs present like quests that you can't complete that don't end up affecting anything and also a game killing bug where your game will have a critical crash and close if you change your ability hot keys in combat (there is a quick hotkey UI with bad programming). These very prevalent bugs cause the game heavy problems because they get you killed when you should otherwise be alive. So, all told id give the game a 4. Great story, so so game play that is very dependent on the difficulty setting as to how decent it is and released, yet never fixed, with a repeatable bug that will cause a fatal error. Expand
  7. Sep 2, 2012
    Mass Effect 2 is a sequel that has been stripped of everything that made the first game enjoyable for me. Reduced to a simple, linear cover based third person shooter with token rpg elements and mini games. The story is the only thing that holds this game up, but it is still a tattered, sorry flag.
  8. Dec 22, 2011
    Mass Effect 2 isn't like its predecessor; they took out what many RPG-fans love so much: inventory management and exploration in the hopes of finding something really cool or some place that will teach you just a bit more about the universe you're playing in. Mass Effect 1 wasn't perfect but it had a lot going for it, it was fresh yet familiar. The story isn't as grand either and you can pretty much have sex with everyone in your party, save a few. There's even a counsellor on board whose only roll seems to be to have sex with the captain and judging from the subtext, anyone who needs a quick pick-me-up. I don't mind romance or sexuality in games but it lacks the spirit and memorability the romances had in Mass Effect 1 where you were forced to make a choice between love and duty. Now it just comes across as cheap entertainment. I also absolutely despise the huge amount of DLC they released for this game. I don't mind -paying- extra to get an add-on for the game but I'm not going to replay an entire game just so I can see some 30 minute mission that wasn't there before. I usually end up buying the complete packages a year or two later so I can have the full, almost bug-free experience that you can't have if you pay the game right after it's been released. Regardless, even that didn't stop me from trying Mass Effect 2. What made me stop trying was the fact that if you do not have a save game from Mass Effect 1, it randomly makes historical decisions for you: blew up the Ascension? Might just be back in Mass Effect 2 and it will haunt you till the end of the game. Or maybe you saved the big bug queen in that glass container. Won't matter, the game might just decide you killed her anyway. I actually went through my third game of Mass Effect 1 just to reconstruct my save-game. (Which I gladly did) unfortunately, I got bored two-third through Mass Effect 2 and just gave up. Was looking forward to romancing Tali (My favourite character) but she ran out of things to say, we grew apart and I gave up being a space captain and went back to doing other things. I'm assuming Tali is still out there in space somewhere with another starship captain that doesn't like long talks and beach walks and I wish her all the best. The whole savegame deal is also the reason why I won't play Dragon Age 2, Mass Effect 3 or any other title that relies on save-game history any more. Unless they add some way of reconstruction your save-game by making the choices in a text-form, it's just a waste of time and to me, a huge distraction from the story if I am constantly bombarded with choices I did not make yet have them rubbed in every other conversation. Expand
  9. Apr 24, 2011
    * A Good Sci-Fi story, in a rich Universe (with good characters)
    * A crapy "on rails" third-person shooter
    * Even crapier time-based minigames, with no possibility to regulate their difficulty
    * Terrible level design, which breaks the suspension of disbelief...
  10. Jun 4, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. It's been a while since I've played newer video games (as in, the last time was in highschool when I owned a N64), and this series seemed well-regarded. I tried to get into it, browsing through the books, comics, trying to get a sense of the whole expanded universe they tried to create. It's sad to be disappointed. Sure, I'll play the third one, just to see how they will tie it up, but I my hopes are not up.

    The first Mass Effect was tedious, but had some charm; this game is really the same, though the source of both the tedium and it's charm is different.

    Really, the only thing I liked was the opening sequence and some of the writing, which was miles ahead of the really uninteresting story. The opening held some promise (the space you could see out of the top of the ship, the emergence of the secret group from the first game.), but quickly squandered it.
    I liked talking to Joker, but I hated going on with the story. Every possible dramatic moment (characters dying, etc.) is so obviously avoidable, it was tremendously boring. It was also kind of weird! how cold the relationship between Shepherd and characters from the previous game were, as in, they act cold around each other. Considering that many of the players of this game spent at least a bunch of hours with these characters in the last game, you'd think the developer would consider this. I also despised the way the worlds were divided into mission and non-mission areas: it's true, it was lame how almost every other bass in the first game was one of three designs, but taking dividing combat and "talking" areas is a really horrible idea that makes everything really boring. It takes out the element of surprise that a fight could break out any minute and makes it a much more uniform experience.

    Also, I know BioWare already acknowledged this, but I don't know how anybody during the conception of the game could think that the planet mining parts was permissible gameplay. Ugh.

    Sure somethings were better in this round: the fighting did feel a lot better, and the actual fighting levels I liked. Again, the actual writing was a bit better, though it was still in b-movie land. The worst part is, considering how singularly boring this plot is, there is no way I can trust any professional reviewer who has claimed that BioWare is the king of "epic storytelling" or something. You obviously have not read enough books, or movies, or music or anything to say such a thing. Unless you mean in video gaming, which means that video games still is a child primarily raised by meat-heads. Well, there goes my first video game review. Alas.
  11. Mar 19, 2012
    Mass Effect was never a clever game but in this sequel it takes a turn for the dumber. RPG mechanics are stripped out but not properly replaced with good TPS mechanics, there was no sense of urgency (which is unforgivable in such a linear game) and the main story was underdeveloped (to be specific it felt like the writers wanted it to be like a movie heist such as Ocean's Eleven but there was never any pay-off after assembling the team and nobody had a coherent plan). . As I mentioned before the shooting mechanics aren't particularly good; comparing this game to Gears of War would be an insult to the folks at Gearbox. There are little things like being forced to slap the spacebar all the time and bigger things like the lack of interesting enemies that force you to change your play style. The only redeeming aspects of the game were the little call backs to your saves in the original game and the side characters and squad mates who provided all the game's interest. Unfortunately the small joys provided by the characters aren't enough to offset the fact that most of the time you will be playing an uninspired shooter. Two stars. Expand
  12. Oct 4, 2013
    it is a terrible PC port, typical average console game...
    dont buy it if you want to play an FPS on your computer. clunky, dumbed down controls, MASSIVE (hence the name i suppose) amounts of cutscenes, boring combat, weak role play, no physics engine, dull graphics, no options to gameplay, stupid achievements, dumbed down game play, the list of goes on and on

    no idea why this game had
    such good reviews that made me buy it, to my dismay Expand
  13. Nov 2, 2010
    I was extremely disappointed by this. The story is very linear and boring, there are almost no sidequests at all. I find the gameplay very repetitive, every battle was the same, and even on high difficulties they were trivially easy. The end of the game left me a bit shocked, it seemed to do nothing for the plot of the series, you know about as much about the story at the end of the game as at the start. Expand
  14. Mar 12, 2011
    The gameplay was a serious disappointment from the first Mass Effect. I am an RPG player and loved the first one so much that I snapped up the second without thinking to find that I had an FPS. While I enjoy a good FPS every once in awhile, I don't look for one titled as an "RPG". They got rid of the dynamic tutorial which reflected key remapping, dropped the small battle map, which I loved, brutalized the story (Did they actually play the first game?), and made the characters into cardboard cutouts. Spike VGA gave this game the award og "BEST RPG of 2010" according to the Mass Effect 3 news release. Clearly they were incredibly high on something. Expand
  15. Jun 29, 2012
    3 points for graphic and storyline. The game is a nice action adventure, but not a RPG. Wolfenstein from 2008 is more a RPG than Mass Effect. With 3 team members your avatar wipe out all life in the galaxy in 2 long weekends, than you have get the maximum player level and when you have all the upgrades, perks, abilitys and items the games ends abruptly, you can drop your lovely leveled avatar in the trash and start a new game. For me the game is only a stand alone graphic patch for Star Wars KOTOR. Extreme potential wasted! Expand
  16. Jun 3, 2013
    As a person who's played Mass Effect 2 both on the PS3 and PC, I have all rights to say that with me being a dedicated fan to the franchise, this never stood up to be the proper sequel to Mass Effect 1 everyone wanted to be. Sure it's good compared to Mass Effect 3, but let's forget that disaster for a moment and get down to what Mass Effect 2 had, and what it shouldn't have had.

    of all, the PC Port is pretty bad. I mean I am glad that aiming with the mouse works as it should, but binding Sprint/Interact/Cover all to the same button? What happened to the special treatment Mass Effect 1 got for PC? None of that is there, and the game really suffers greatly from having sprint and cover on the same button as you find yourself locking into cover while trying to retreat from the enemies, leaving you completely exposed to their gunfire while you go through the animations of getting out of cover again. Mass Effect 1 had you just pressing against cover without the need of button presses, and allowed you to crouch in cover too. What happened to all of that?

    Now the removal of overheat and grenades are for balance, I can understand that and honestly I wasn't bothered by it as much as I could've been, however, the in-world explanation is just so damn stupid I can't imagine how BioWare managed to laugh up the fact that it would be a good idea to choose that over the overheat system.

    A lot of missions are repetitive, which is something all three entries suffer greatly from. While Mass Effect 2 at least varies its' environments, half of the loyalty missions and sidequests consist of nothing but mindless shooting with 2 minute long cutscenes at the start and end trying to justify why it made sense to enter a gunfight, and sadly here Mass Effect 2 doesn't fare any better than any other third person shooter. If you were dumb enough to play as Soldier, you're gonna get the bore of your life as this game is all about biotics and tech, so there are some classes which are absolutely boring to play as compared to others. My personal favorite was Vanguard, which I think was amazing to play as and I had a good time playing through the game.

    Dialogue wise, it was outstanding, the story is well told and executed surprisingly well looking at the state of gaming back then. The interrupts were a great addition and you can't criticize Mass Effect 2 for its lack of dialogue. This game executes its characters really well and does an excellent job immersing you in the story and making your personal morale affect what choices you make in the game. Top notch!

    Last but not least, the save game system, which was meh at best. You'd get some letters from people or extra dialogue, however you don't miss a lot not having a Mass Effect 1 save game ready.

    Overall though, this game is really flawed in comparison to Mass Effect 1. A 4 is the brutally honest rating I'd give this game, because as far as it fares against its predecessor, it's cons largely obscure its pros, merely for the fact that Mass Effect 1 offered almost all of that too.
  17. Jan 10, 2013
    Mass Effect 2 has the worst continuation of story in any sci-fi. It destroyed the lore of Mass Effect 1, made main antagonists into brain dead morons, and it actually serves no point, because we didn't learn anything really important in it, for example, how to stop the reapers or how to unite a galaxy against this threat and so on and fourth. The beginning just happened and later on no further themes of this "revival" weren't addressed nor the whole process explained. Shepard died and got resurrected, just to serve the plot, it adds no meaning nor change to main characters character, Shepard seems to be just a static brick. Overall, the storyline was not good, at all.
    Other problems contains game mechanics and oversimplification of RPG elements and lore breaking transition from unique concept of weapon mechanics to general ammo clips. Exploration is also dumped down to boring planet search minigame. Customization was improved on some parts, but overall it was also majorly oversimplified and generalized. They really tried to push this game to general audience, which they shouldn't have been doing in the first place.
    ME2 marks the beginning of the complete wreckage for the whole franchise, ME3 being the second mark on that path. This game shows how lack of attention to the detail and story can destroy the potential of interesting and engaging lore.
  18. Dec 24, 2012
    What I expected: More from what I got in the first game. What I got: A dumbed down, consolized game with bad game mechanics and a terrible UI. Good things first. The presentation (graphics, animations, voice over) works great, pretty much like in the first game, and the story is nice. Unfortunately, that's where the good things end. The decision that guns now require ammo is something I can accept and would even prefer. But why does my boss spend billions on a star ship with an advanced armory, yet doesn't have enough cash to buy me some ammo? That way, I have to rely on the ammo I find from dead enemies, which don't always drop the ammo I need. Great, but that's one of the minor flaws of this game: Before I started playing, I had to fix several bugs with the mouse speed and colorization of the game. Many players are complaining about this on forums, but Bioware never bothered to patch these things themselves. Then, I can hardly enjoy anything in this game, because the user interface is so *** **** bad. You can't double click in menus, always need to "click item", then "click ok button". It's not even possible to confirm with ENTER, you have to click the button. Every time. Same goes for the star map. On top of that, there are no shortcut keys to get to the important menus, you have to hit ESC and then click the menu you want to bring up. You can navigate there with the arrow keys, but for some reason unknown to anyone in this galaxy, the controls are reversed. Left goes right, down goes up. Doing simple things takes forever, because the interface is just such a damn mess. Also, every time you pick something up, a message about the item will pop up and fill about half of your screen. They got most of this right in the first game, then changed it to this to "improve" the game for gaming consoles and didn't bother to change it for the PC version - but not only is it bad for PC players, it's also an insult to console gamers. They must really think you're stupid when they dumb down a game like that. Then again, maybe many console gamers are. Expand
  19. Mar 16, 2014
    they wont add gamepad support because they dont care about consumers. This would have been a good game to i think but mouse and keyboard do not work with my 3d hdtv and couch
  20. May 21, 2011
    I do not want the rpg genre to follow the mass effect direction: oversimplifying every rpg aspect: starting from character creation, through the party management, exploration, combat and storyline part of the game. On top of that the game is ridiculous short, overuses same planet/building over and over again and has no replayability value at all. I also found the loading time between zones to long. It is a scheme to milk as much dollars from the players as possible with shiny, superficial games full of meaningless pseudo - minigames Collapse

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  1. Mass Effect 2 resumes with pride the path opened by the first game. This sequel is a lesson of how things should be made.
  2. Mass Effect 2 delivers a story that's deeper than what many novelists are capable of, and its action is better than what most Hollywood directors are creating nowadays. It's an addictive, engrossing experience that many gamers will replay over and over while they hold their breath waiting for the third game.
  3. A brilliant mix of shooter and role-playing, filled with great characters, excellent design, lots of action and clever dialogue. It's a shame though that Bioware did not improve the inventory and skill system of the first game, but actually reduced it even more. I really wished there were more customization options, more ways to develop and gear up my characters. But all these are merely small points of criticism, since there is so much to feel and experience in this game. Mass Effect 2 is a thrilling, emotional ride and ultimately every bit as good as its predecessor.