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  1. May 21, 2012
    What was the one thing that made Mass Effect unique. It wasn't explosions, or multiplayer. It was the dialogue wheel. It is so streamlined in ME3 that the story more or less goes on regardless of what decisions you make. Your decisions over the past 2 installments meant nothing. The earth mission was very underwhelming as you don't see any of the assets you have been working for in action. The last 10 minutes ruined the entire series. The starchild needs to be removed entirely or the extended cut will not satisfy the fans. Why is he the antagonist when harbinger has been interacting with shepard all throughout ME2? Just makes no sense...Ending needs to be completely redone, ruined everything.... Expand
  2. May 21, 2012
    I was very excited for this game, and i bought it besides that i had problem with the dlc practice of the company. the game itself is fun to play and there are some very emotional moments and some excelent music in it... i am not a big hater of the ending but i do have some problems of reasoning with it.
  3. May 20, 2012
    I am soooo mad! Why did the writers write such a dumb ending? Us fans are so mad! They should make a mass effect 3: part ii so they can write a better ending! I am so sad why would they do such a thing! I wanna cry! Mommy!!!
  4. May 20, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game â
  5. May 20, 2012
    It's an OK game on its own, but easily the worst of all three games. The models look terrible and the animations are clumsy (why do they keep rolling their eyes all the way up?). It just feels cheap compared to ME1 and ME2.

    And yes, the ending. The ending is something else. And by something else I mean horrible.
  6. May 20, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 can best be summed up in one sentence; a slap in the face to fans. Major decisions made in previous Mass Effect games barely matter, as the story either glazes over or outright replaces player-made choices. Neutral choices seem to be absent from most dialog, removing a lot of the Role-playing from the Role-playing game. Renegade choices, which were mostly a Machiavellian "ends justify the means", "I did what I had to do" mindset in previous games, now come off as just plain, absurdly evil decisions with no real justification. The pacing is bottom-tier as well. The opening level, which is supposed to be an amazing, exciting scene is reduced to a railed tutorial level. Scenes, which try to depict Shepard as suffering from the stresses of saving the galaxy, come off as hilariously bad, as if written by someone who had never heard of the proper definition of PTSD. Strangely enough, there are some beautifully-written, tear-inducing missions and scenes, scattered about the rest of the game, making the overall experience feel very jarring. As many, many other people have stated. the ending is just god-awful. It feels incredibly rushed and (without spoiling much) adds a Deus Ex Machina from nowhere, watering down any possible chance at a well-written, open ended ending and ending up with an "A", "B" or "C" cookie-cutter end. It's incredibly sad to think that most Creative Writing 101 students could come up with a better ending than what Bioware and Hudson pulled. The most ironic part seems to be that, of all things, the multiplayer is the most enjoyable part of a supposed RPG game, as the multiplayer is surprisingly well-made and has a high replay value. Being an idealistic man, I honestly hope that Bioware didn't mean to make the game as bad as it was. I hope that the ending was so poorly-written, so incredibly bad because EA demanded the game meet a very exacting deadline, causing parts that required great care and thought to be sloppily churned out. But with Bioware and others scoffing at fans' disapproval, labeling it as just "whiners" or "a vocal minority" and Bioware planning to release "Ending DLC" not to retcon the atrocity of an ending, but to "clarify" it makes me lose any hope of seeing this injustice made against the fans, the story, the RPG genre, the medium, and the art of story writing as a whole from ever being rectified. Expand
  7. May 20, 2012
    This game was a huge disappointment. The combat was boring, the story was terrible, and the ending essentially ruined the previous two games for me. Mass effect 2 was dumbed down from ME1, but it was still a pretty good game. This one takes it ten steps further. "Action mode" says it all. The graphics are worse as well, many of the landscapes look blocky, the water looks awful...the list goes on. I don't know what happened, if some of the better writers left between games, but the story in this one is cringe-worthy at every turn with few exceptions. I'd have rather this game had not even came out, which is saying a lot since I'd been looking forward to this conclusion of commander Shepard's story for the past 5 years or so. Don't buy this game. Expand
  8. May 19, 2012
    why would we be bothered to play whole 3 games at all while we could chose 3 identically same choice at the end . just color of lights are changing..seriously ??
  9. May 19, 2012
    I don't care about Day 1 DLC issues or how bad Origin is. The point is this game is fun. The multiplayer brings hours of replayability and the singleplayer finishes the awesome trilogy that is Mass Effect. I don't care about the ending controversy either. I have faith in BioWare fixing it with the Extended Cut update.
  10. May 19, 2012
    The game is awesome until the ending, where... you know. The ending **** sucks. I also didn't like the fact that I couldn't explore homeworlds. And side missions are initiated by eavesdropping. Yeah, that sucked.
  11. May 19, 2012
    -------STORY 9.0------- This is one of the few games in which talking about the quality of the game's story instead of the trilogy doesn't make sense. If anyone plays this game without having played the previous 2 games... they're doing it wrong! The story plot is amazingly well written and really makes you care for your followers, it has what most games don't: It sucks you into the world of Mass Effect turning it into a Star Wars of the Gaming Industry. Definitely not a game for children, not that it has too much violence or strong language, but because it's really emotional, the difficult choices you made until this game will hunt you down and will be reflected on the game's direction. What made the fans so mad was the fact that these choices don't affect the end of the game. Being a renegade or a paragon player the ending is always the same, not that the game developers don't have the right to control the ending but at least the decisions should be reflect in a more intense way. Instead of being a whole, the plot of ME3 is divided in individual smaller plots that don't connect with each other, being the final one only related to Shepard and the fate of the universe. -------SOUND: 10.0------- More than in the previous games, the soundtrack binds you to the game in such a strong way that makes this game one of the best games I've ever played. With time I've come to notice the importance of music and sound effects in movies but even more in games. It's subtle, but it's the final and most important connection between the game and the gamer. The soundtrack doesn't need to be good while listening to it separately, it wasn't made with that intention, it was made to emphasize the emotions or even create them for a more realist and/or dramatic way. A true piece or art. -------GAMEPLAY: 8.0------- I wouldn't say it's just another shooter, cause it isn't, since you have that interaction with your teammates, special abilities (aka biotic powers), etc... it's just that it could be better, I really don't know what to write. The cover system is better but still with some problems, the existence of the heavy melee attack and over-the-cover melee gives a cool and rapid-pace feeling to the game as well as brutal, but it alone doesn't change much, I think the best new addition to the gameplay was the roll / evade move, that really lets you go all-out in a stylish way against your enemies. In non-combat situations the game gets too rpg for my taste, not that I don't mind making little errands but, specially in this game where the fate of earth is in your hands, chilling out in a bar may not be the best idea. In conclusion, you can play the game for fun as well as for interest in the story plot. -------GRAPHICS: 7.5------- Good, solid, could be better in humans, much better... It's OK for me but it's not what makes the game pop out. Don't get me wrong, though. I think it's a little better than in the previous games as it should be. -------ART-WORK: 9.5------- This is a special note that I don't think I'll be using in future reviews, but I bought the Art work book of ME3, and it is amazing. It really shows the readers the Universe and it's every detail, it shows what the players don't see while running through the lands of Tuchanka (for example...) it's really revealing. It's those things that make the game big. I really can't understand it fully but it's really impressive. Thanks for that Bioware. -------CONCLUSION------- For anyone who hasn't played it yet... please, for your own good... buy the Mass Effect games. It's a generation, it's a MUST-HAVE Expand
  12. May 19, 2012
    this game was like a bad movie, you follow, step by step, the cheap storyline. theres even an option to disable choosing dialogues which tells you how important your decisions are in this game apart from the action, which is fun it's achingly dull.
  13. May 19, 2012
    I've read all the reviews here and I must say, I'm agreeing with the guys in the middle. Mass Effect 1 was a strong opener. Yea the movements of the NPC's became old rather quick, the dialog was good, not amazing but good. Some conversations were very well done, such as the one with Sovereign. A very expansive world was offered to the people as well. You would drop on planets and moons, ride around in your little mako tank, and even get to jump off a cliff once in a while. Not to mention all the stunning ruins they implemented. The combat system was lack-luster, however. The new system in Mass Effect 2 was (in my opinion) that games single redeeming quality. Now Mass Effect 2 was honestly the weakest installment of the series. The expansive universe you were able to explore in its predecessor was completely cut out. You also lose the ability to really customize... anything. Your weapons are all cookie cutter, and ammunition is now an ability instead of a mod to your weapon. Though the designers had succeeded in expanding the dialog, they were unable to capture the sense of camaraderie you had in the ME1. I will, however, note that his game included peril at the end. If you hadn't interacted with your companions throughout the game, they die during the final mission. Now onto our current topic, Mass Effect 3. ME3 was most certainly the cleanest of the games in graphics no argument there. Yet somehow Bio Ware managed to ruin the entire story for its players. None of the major (and I stress major, minor decisions influence the game only slightly) decisions you made in the past two installments really matter unfortunately. Udina still ends up being the councilor, Cerberus is still a thorn in your side, and saving the council in the first game has 0 impact whatsoever. Its sad honestly. This release was truly disappointing. The new battle system in ME2 was shifted to play more like the Gears of War franchise. It was a clumsy adaptation. Secondly, the downgrading of the grenades for the solider. The old grenades would glide on the air in the direction you tossed them. Perfectly futuristic. The new grenades work the same as... well... short range Halo grenades. You will also notice some rather frustratingly lazy decisions throughout the game. In my mind, the most noticeable one is when your on Thesea.

    The mission where you are sent to the Asari home world to retrieve a prothean artifact is what I'm mentioning here. You might recognize that little green V.I. when you are working that mission. To my surprise, they didn't go out of their way to make something prothean in nature. Instead, they used the same model as the combat drone and Liara's little helper drone. Its truly sad to see a fantastic game degenerate into something so... mediocre. Though Lets not forget the Pro's of ME3. We do have a multiplayer mode now, allowing the game to have real value to a larger audience. Not to cut my little Pro section short but, I believe it may have had a negative effect on the game as a whole unfortunately. Next, we can customize our guns again. Though ammunition is still class specific in story mode, and temporary in multiplayer, the guns we use are not from a cookie cutter. I miss my plunonium rounds... Next we get our old crew back, mostly. I wasn't largely into the new crew other than Thane and Jack, the only interesting members of the new crew in my opinion. Next, we have a larger citadel. Though not as wondrous as that beautiful place we had all the way back in ME1, its not the joke you were handed in ME2. Finally, we get to play with a real prothean, and learn about their past if nothing else. (It is DLC). Overall, this game deserves a solid 6/10. You improved from the filler that was ME2, but failed to meet the Majesty of ME1. I've played the entire series, and I must say, for the first time with the newer games I've played, ME3 fails to live up to the very first game in the series.
  14. May 18, 2012
    people, please dont listen to the trolls and check it for yourself. buy it, pirate it, loan it, whatever, but you must try it and dont let others make your opinion. the game is fantastic. pure 9 but il give it ten, just because of them.
  15. May 18, 2012
    This is the score the game actually deserves. Now before you down-vote me, you will find if you average around the fifty + critic scores the game received it would be around the 89-93 area. Take off the moronic user score feature metacritic, it is used as a tool by a bunch of forum trolls and butthurt fanboys who really have no clue how to review a game. Of course this review will be down-voted by them, and I'll probably be called a "suck up" to the gaming media, but let's look at the facts first. High expectations almost always lead to disappointment, and those who have insanely high expectations will always be disappointed. This is why when you look at a game objectively, or rather as it is, instead of what you wanted it to be, you would find that it truly is a good game. Whether you disagreed with the ending or had problems because you "Felt" that the choices you made in the previous installments weren't reflected enough, it really doesn't matter. It's no reason to give this game a score below 7, and the fact that this game is rated a 3.9 is really quite pathetic. To even think that this game is only worth a "3.9" you would have to be some grumpy old man living in some old folks home or some kid who stays in his room all day, has no friends and doesn't know how to enjoy quality entertainment. The decisions you made in the previous games do reflect in this one, and yes they matter. Characters that die in ME2 wont be around, characters you saved in ME1 do make an appearance and yes your choices DID have reflect in ME3. Name a game that carries the choices you made from game to game on the same level mass effect has? You cant, there is only stand alone games with choices like the witcher 2, but what game from sequel to sequel to sequel does what the ME series has?. The fact people cry because they feel that their choices never meant anything is LAUGHABLE seeing as how they have nothing to compare it to. Give mass effect some credit, it has done a pretty damned good job. The ending to the series is fine, and honestly it really doesn't matter what bioware did people would have cried and crapped their pants. Everybody has a different idea of how it should have "ended" Bioware cant possibly meet everybody's expectations. The gameplay was much improved from the previous two, they added in some more RPG elements, still not as robust as ME1 but pretty close with the talent choices, weapon mods and tons of armor and loot to find. Mass effect 3 is a good game that sold well and that the majority of people enjoyed playing, don't listen to the vocal minority of idiots on here who probably pirated the game or never even played it at all and are just jumping on the hate bandwagon to hate the game like it's some "fad" to do so or makes them "cool and different" Stfu, sit down and enjoy the game. End of story. and....advice to metacritic......implement a system where people need to enter the serial code of the game they bought in order to actually review it. See how many of these idiots are still around after wont find many. Expand
  16. May 18, 2012
    This game was, well, whatever. I didn't play 1 or 2, so I didn't care if the ending was "bad". It was more like watching a movie than playing a game, but some of the guns were OK. I thought this game would be great, but the more I played the less I cared. I did like the female voices, and never understood the war map. Never cared either.
  17. May 18, 2012
    The word of the day is "choice." The Mass Effect franchise has always rested on the idea that the player gets to pick Shepard's path, and in this last installment BioWare seems determined to give the player a small array of options for almost everything. Are conversations not your thing? There's an option to make them into cut-scenes. Is reflex-action combat too challenging? There's an option to make it significantly simpler (you only need to bother taking cover in the hardest of fights). Like your helmet? See it in cut-scenes. Hate it? Turn it off. Expand
  18. May 17, 2012
    Absolutely awesome game. Right up until the last 5 minutes, when it completely drops the ball and ends up smacking of a juvenille 4th rate sci fi novel. This is the weakest of the trilogy. They say the theatre of the mind is the most powerful theatre of of them all.. but that doesn't excuse the vague, lacklustre ending that BioWare saw fit to hack on to this otherwise brilliant original IP
  19. May 17, 2012
    Game unrealistic expectations. But it could be the best RPG zaposlednie years.
    Of the levels of the arena did, the illusion of choice and stupid ending.
  20. May 16, 2012
    I'll keep it simple. ME was perfect, ME2 was not as good but held itself quite well. What is this 3? How do you take a brutal amount of good things and trash most of them is beyond my understanding. The ending, bioware.... did you really thought about paid DLC for the ending before the "rage"? That stupid kid is a joke. But not only, ME3 is full of lame characters and dialogs, it feels as a new crap series, not ME. Expand
  21. May 16, 2012
    Improved customization mechanics. Builds on choices from previous two games through (most of) the epic story. Great replay value and adds enjoyable multi-player.
    Vast tracts of great cutscenes and dialog (although not for many trivial side quests) make for a dramatic and touching conclusion to the ME series.
    Last couple of minutes (scheduled to to be expanded with DLC) and a retarded
    quest log mar otherwise superb game. Expand
  22. May 16, 2012
    Absolutely epic, one of the best games I've ever played. Besides the ending that has a lot of people upset, this game is absolutely gorgeous, the choices and story are enthralling, well-written, and emotional. Truly in the tradition of past Mass Effect games while taking the series to a new level. Absolutely love it, definitely one of my top 5 favorite games I've ever played. The multiplayer is fun as well. I would love to talk face to face with someone who doesn't like this game, because I feel like there is a real bandwagon sentiment for people giving it bad reviews. There is the whole indignation of the DLC releases, which has some valid points, but that doesn't make this game a bad game. Just taken objectively on its merits, it is an amazing and epic experience if you like RPG's, and like getting into a story. Any movie/game can be unenjoyable if you are in a mood to make it that way, or don't like getting absorbed in a story. For instance, the original Mass Effect and Bioshock 1 were favorites of mine, but one of my best friends doesn't really get into story lines so he just played for the action and preferred other games. But for someone who likes an engrossing atmosphere and story line, this is the game for you. Expand
  23. May 16, 2012
    When they looked at all the possible endings of ME2 they said something like "Too many variables! Too many variables!" so they created a points system to reduce the number of endings to ONLY ONE which is why user score is mostly red.
    BUT you will not realize you are being tricked until the last 3 minutes of the game so apart from these last moments the game is absolutely awesome.
  24. May 16, 2012
    Let's ignore the ending here, because I guess anyone reading this review now either already knows about it, or doesnt want to.

    Truth be told, its a good game. Playing it I felt the tech had been improved enough to fix immersion in some areas without completely overhauling a system we had been used to since ME 1.

    That said, the story line was a little lack lustre and I didnt feel it was
    quite as gripping as the franchises earlier installments.

    Dont get me wrong, there are a few moments that are truely and magnificently choreographed and will reduce most gamers to tears, but they are few and far between. Mostly however, I found that once again I felt like all my previous efforts had been ignored and for the 3rd time I had manic rush to collect my companions... again.... make them like me... again... and then actually get on with dealing with what was left of the main campaign. The multiplayer experience, for me has been where the game has demonstrated its real staying power. Taking a couple of key areas from the game (and with some later DLC a few new custom ones too) you and a group of up to 3 friends are pitted against AI opponents in a king of the hill style beat down, with assorted minimissions to keep things interesting. Even after clearing my 100% readiness for the end game of the single player campaign, I've found myself coming back to multiplayer because it is nice, casual friendly, fun.

    Mass Effect 3 is certainly worth a look if you have the money and time available to try it. Players opinions are very divided on the endgame thing.... personally I like where they went with the endgame, I just didnt like how it was presented to the player.. Your opinion will undoubtedly vary..

    I'm not commander shepard, but this has definitely been my favorite multiplayer game on my pc for the past few weeks.
  25. May 16, 2012
    This is what happens when EA gets involved. Doesn't feel anything like the previous two games, crap story, dull cut-scenes with limited interactivity, very recursive game play. Also decisions from previous two games don't mean anything whatsoever. Avoid at all costs for any true ME Fan.
  26. May 16, 2012
    One of the most emotionally engaging games of all time especially if you've played the sequels, a ton of fun to be had and an amazing sci-fi setting. The end left my feelings all tied up though
  27. May 16, 2012
    The universe of Mass Effect is inspired by all the great science fiction films of the past like star trek and adds a phenomenal story and gameplay.
    ME3 is the culmination of the saga most beautiful ever seen on PC.
    Is perfect in every way
  28. May 16, 2012
    So apparently my review was removed, because me saying 'this game is awful, bought reviewers are bought', and 'to not waste your time' doesn't apparently sit well with the bankroll system of metacritic. Funny that, I thought a review system was meant to be used for reviewing. I'll say it again: This game is awful, play ME1 and then just stop. The series goes all downhill from there.
  29. May 15, 2012
    Overall the best game in the series. The multiplayer is great, the emotion in the story is unrivalled. The only flaw is the rushed and terrible ending. I give it a ten simply because even with that, until the last ten minutes and with all the fun in multiplayer the complete package is worth it.
  30. May 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I find this game hard to score. As a game, until the last 10 minutes, it's very good (perhaps an 8 or 9), but the last 10 minutes basically trash the whole Mass Effect experience (ME 1, 2 and 3 to that point) so completely that the end is clearly a 0, both as an end to ME 3 and as an end to the series.

    Deus Ex Machina, lack of logic and things that exactly contradict specific quotes from the devs. 2 is about as high as I can go, as the end is so atrociously bad in any way I can analyze it.
  31. May 15, 2012
    Most of the people who've played ME3 hate it because it failed to live up to THEIR expectations. Was the game as horrendous as most users say? Not at all. It was rushed, it's buggy, the endings are stupidly presented - not stupid, just done poorly - but the Mass Effect series - ME3 included, showed a great many just what the gamer medium can do, rather than just mindless and endless reiterations of the COD style of brainless gunplay. Imagine an epic movie you can actually play, can actually influence - that's Mass Effect as a series. See, people wanted ME3 badly. Really badly. So badly that they got what they wanted - ME released long before it should have been and now what could have been great has suffered for a lot of impatience, both on behalf of the fans and the creators. Too many fingers in the cookie jar. Not enough quality control - and I suspect - and ego or two in the way in Bioware's offices. The real trouble with a lot of games and movies is that the makers think the average consumer is pretty much a moron, and unfortunately, given the state of what's most popular nowadays, they're not far wrong. That's their business model: fans are stupid. So you get half-done and half-thought through and just too much wrong with it. Was the game "bad"? Nope. It was actually pretty good. Was it Mass Effect?

    That's trickier.

    We were promised many things with ME3, 99.9999999% of which we did not get. They *can* fix it. Unfortunately, by the time they do, no one will care.
  32. May 15, 2012
    Great series...horrible ending and let down for a triple A product. Worse game play than Mass Effect 2 and even worse than 1. I have truly lost faith in all bioware products.
  33. May 15, 2012
    faults, not a good game. The writing, poor and drab, the quality is bad. Now we have an awful game. What will we do? Never buy an EA game again. Sorry and goodbye
  34. May 15, 2012
    I would tell you the letdown this game is to me. But that would be wasting my precious time and typing. To me, ME3 is the best one of the series. This game could have been an extasis to any good gamer. But no, this is pure garbage. I only hope Bioware fix this with another ME or a good FREE DLC.
  35. May 15, 2012
    Despite the ending, the game is perfect. Graphics, voice acting, music, combat system........everything. Definitely on my top 10 ever. The only "bad" part besides the dreaded ending, are the lack of dialogues aboard the Normandy.
  36. ryn
    May 15, 2012
    There are many areas where ME3 has improved upon it's predecessors. Unfortunately, the price for all of these improvements was too high. Let me start by saying that the ME universe has never felt so small. The Citadel is the only hub "world"Â
  37. May 15, 2012
    What a pathetic excuse for a game in comparison to its predecessors and the game we were promised.
    The gameplay is still as bad as the previous two, but the character, writing, choices and atmosphere from the previous two have been stripped as much as possible to appeal to the Call of Duty audience.
    What a shame.
  38. May 15, 2012
    Stop paying money to critics to up your review score
    EA and bioware ruining the gaming industry. There wont be a fix for the ending either. Never buy their crap games EVER
  39. May 14, 2012
    Most of the game was pretty good, certainly an improvement on the risable second game. The ending ruined it all. At best it was imcomplete, at worst a complete runiation of everything you had done in the game. A true shame such a great series ends on such a damp squib..
  40. May 14, 2012
    I'm going to be very blunt about this situation. The only reason this game is receiving low user scores is because your average joe simply isn't smart enough to understand the point of the story. SPOILER AHEAD:

    The Reapers are a sentient lifeform created long ago to wipe out & harvest every race in "cycles". At the end of each cycle, The Reapers come and destroy all natural life, except
    what is needed to re-populate each species. They were created in the hope that eventually the cycles would condition the various races of the galaxy to work together and be able to safely evolve / co-exist without supervision. At the end of Mass Effect 3, Shepard has proved that the races can co-exist independently without interference. The Reapers will never return. Expand
  41. May 9, 2012
    For me the game was mostly a disappointment. My decisions mattered, but not necessarily in the way I thought they would. They affect how the game plays and not the ending. Which I am generally okay with this. The ending was actually really good, I wish they had personalized it about your crew and the people you had met. However, that isn't necessary just would have been nice.

    bothered me was that the series has gone from an RPG based on FPS elements to an FPS with a little bit of RPG elements thrown in. If this game hadn't been mass effect 3 I wouldn't have even thought of buying it. Expand
  42. May 9, 2012
    don't buy this if you are a fan of the series. I waited off buying it, and finally gave in. I felt cheated that is all i can say. After Dragons age 2 and this I will not buy another Bioware game again.
  43. May 9, 2012
    Game of my Life!!! I just finished it. NO SPOILERS, don't worry :) I invested around 50+ hours in the game, done every side-quest, had nearly all the dialogs = I tried to extract as much as possible from the game. I was playing an imported character from ME2, which was imported from ME1. People, listen!!! There is no problem with the story or the ending!! It is consistent, it is even logical, and it has a huge moral and emotional impact (as does the story).
    My decisions from ME1 and ME2 were reflected in ME3. I wouldn't say that they completely changed the flow of the game, but they Had An Effect. A Mass Effect:))
    The game is brilliant!! It is better and bigger in every sense than ME1 or ME2.
    The story is larger, the game is more focused on essence, better graphics, good acting / voice acting, LOTS OF CHOICES and ways to play, and even the combat system and the multiplayer is enjoyable.
    About the ending (WITHOUT SPOILERS): you need to have a LOT of War Assets, and a correct Galactic Readiness level. Thats it. ...for the latter you need a legal copy of the game to be able to play online multiplayer, to increase the Galactic Readiness level from 50% to 100%.
    BUT: I could finish the game with a logical, and effectively POSITIVE ENDING with only 53% Galactic Readiness. ...but for that I needed to collect almost all War Assets throughout the game. if you find less, then increase you Galactic Readiness, and then the end of the game won't be a guaranteed defeat, then you may have a POSITIVE ENDING!!!
    ...but you need to invest energy into it.
    This game has TONS to offer. The story is wonderful in my opinion. There are great thoughts scattered all around the plot. ...without spoilers it would be hard to mention any, so I need to stay silent about that now, but, hell it was a FANTASTIC GAME, and I am soooo sorry, that it was over yesterday night. was long, very long (especially doing every possible side-quest, talking to everyone, etc.), but I could play it for even longer.
    So, considering this, the sheer size of the game, all the content, all the value (which is also Artistic value = Art), I would say that it was absolutely easy for me to forget about the small glitches here-and-there. See: the game was stable like a rock. BUT: here-and-there there were small animation glitches, and even minimal (far from game-breaking) quest-glitches, one or two at most from the latter.
    At the beginning the game is like a tutorial. A bit linear. For newcomers. OK. ...but then, be patient, and it will expand!! 3rd, 4th, 5th mission, and you'll see!! Just give it time. ...if you put this investment into this game, it will reward you with even more!! ...if you like science fiction, RPG and FPS, and all that.
    For me this was one of the best games of my life.
    ...but to be able to get that all, I'd strongly suggest you to play ME1 and ME2 __WITH ALL DLCs__!!!
    The game is constantly referring to ME1 and ME2 with all the DLCs (until "The Arrival" for ME2).
    But they are also great, so I'd suggest you to play it all BEFORE starting ME3.
    THEN all your investment will be rewarded. Money, time and energy - I promise.
    For me it did it.
    I wish if only BioWare (or any other company) would take the time and energy and ambition to make such GRAND GAMES in the future!!!
    Mass Effect 3 is SIMPLY EPIC.
    Nothing more to say.
    Shepard out.
    P.S.: About myself shortly: I am 34 years old, playing computer games for the last 30 years, even now, as a university teacher (I teach informatics and AI at my University).
  44. May 8, 2012
    First of all, I would say that Mass Effect 2 isn't just the greatest RPG ever to grace the console but it's arguably the greatest game ever made. It delivered such a compelling, deep, rich, atmospheric experience that continues to live long in the memory. So my expectations where probabaly over ambitious for the third outing. And after playing the game over and over again, devoted hours of life I can understand the disapproval the game has gathered but would definetly say that Mass Effect 3 is by no means a game worthy of a '0.' Picking up from where the ME2 DLC Arrival left off, ME3 see's Shepard relieved of his duties as the consequences of his actions during the DLC, whilst on Earth the Reapers have launched an overwhelming onslaught leading Admiral Anderson to set Shepard the mission of uniting the galaxy's forces. Ofcourse the gameplay unfolds from here and you are able to import your saved data meaning that anyone who didn't make it from ME1&2 won't be in ME3. However, an early discovery is made after saving Liara, where she reveals that there is a potential weapon capable of destroying the Reapers; The Crucible. From here that's what it's all about. Travelling across the galaxy uniting forces whilst making major decisions along the way regarding the future of the Krogan race, the Geth and Quarians, aswell as taking care of personal loose ends including romantic options where you can decide who Shepard finally ends up with. Cerberus are also heavily involved under the guidance of The Illusive Man (TIM) who believes the Reapers should be controlled and not destroyed and throughout you have to deal with their attempts to take the Citadel as well as mounting an attack on their headquarters as a starting point towards the final battle. Your decisions along the way as you will already know are important in determining the ending to the game however even more vital is Effective Military Strength (EMS) which has a huge impact in final outcome of your Shepard's journey, this is mainly gained through online play. Regardless of who you sacrifice or save it all leads down to Citadel where a battered and blooded Shepard faces a final showdown with TIM,ultimately resulting in an old friends death, before all is finally revealed and the fate of the galaxy sealed. Lets just say you are in for rude awakening if you thought every decision you had to make was going to be crucial in determining how Mass Effect 3 ends. As you are transported to the pinnacle of the Citadel, the Catalyst approaches you in the shape of the young boy who dies at the start of the game who explains everything. Unfortunately the explanation isn't anything i could have possibly imagined but nonetheless he reveals that the Reaper cycle is an attempt to prevent organic life from wiping itself out by creating synthetic life leading you to face three options; 'Destroy,' 'Control,' or 'Convert.' All three result in the apparent death of Shepard however if you choose 'Destroy' and have the correct amount of EMS you can gain the 'perfect' ending where it shows a potentially alive Shepard breathing amongst the ruins of the destruction which results in the mass relays being destroyed and the Normandy ending up stranded on another planet... then after the credits have rolled an old man is shown with a young boy, who asks the elderly gent to tell him more stories about 'the Shepard' implying that Shepard's legend lives on. We all know the controversy regarding the ending and initially I felt as though I had been well and truly conned as all the assurances BioWare has given simply weren't on show. But after taking my time going through things again I'm not as bummed as I first was. The gameplay is awesome. It was always going to be the introduction of new weapons is cool and the shooting system worked superbly well in ME2 so only a few minor tweaks were needed in that department so I didn't have any complains there. The Normandy was fine although you don't get enough of it. Graphically it's not exactly a blockbuster movie. There are annoying glitches along the way but they don't prevent you from playing on, they just frustrate you at times. The plot. Well not so much the story as the ending(s). Let's face it BioWare sold us all short big time! Shepard dying doesn't bother me as much as others, sure it would've been great for him to get that happily ever after but it's the fact they have disregarded everything a player has gone through and delivered such a pointless and worthless ending that a trilogy such as Mass Effect doesn't deserve. Multiplayer was unnecessary but I was relatively impressed but not addicted to it as other games, but is a vital component for those of us seeking that 'perfect' ending. Simply, ME3 is a tremendous game with a terrible ending and as a result is one of the biggest disappointments to date. I await the extended epilogue in the hope of some REAL closure. Expand
  45. May 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having loved Mass Effect from the first instalment so many years ago, the denouement to this story feels as though I've just watched someone give the performance of a lifetime on stage and at their second curtain call, fall over into the orchestra pit and impale themselves on the entire woodwind section. The story in ME3 is book-ended by bad writing and shot through with wonderful, funny, heartwarming and heartbreaking moments, but it seems that Bioware got the ratio of good bits to bad bits the wrong way 'round. Part of this is the scope of what they have tried to do. For one: keeping the gameplay balanced in a computer RPG when your choices should in theory remove certain elements from the game (e.g. the Rachni queen) is difficult. Secondly: RPGs are meant to have a MASSIVE scope for player choice, and providing all of that for a computer game on less than 10 DVDs--in an era where everyone expects full audio for every line of dialogue--is going to be close to impossible. Let's not forget the game already had oodles of content for characters who could have died as far back as ME1: Ashley/Kaidan, Wrex, Everyone from ME2, and so it goes... Now that's a lot of data right there. Consider that the Kasumi and Zaeed DLCs for ME2 were over a gig a piece then probably a third of the data in the game itself was stuff some play throughs would never see.

    Could Bioware have done better? Hell yes! Were they fighting uphill against technology in terms of what they were promising to deliver? Yes again.

    This is one of the biggest problems with ME3's writing and it is that at present you cannot deliver a truly varied and unique experience in a Role-Playing game on a PC. You have two choices in that regard. You can make a story-driven game that will sacrifice openness and variability to a degree (like Mass Effect) Or you can create a gigantic sandbox which the player can explore but not really touch (like Skyrim). Trying to deliver something that retains game balance, has fully voiced dialogue and actually registers all your past actions in a meaningful way is impossible without some form of procedural generation. They definitely could have done the writing better of course, which by means of segue brings me to...

    The ending, which just REEKS of the 11th hour rush. The Citadel and Crucible are just two pieces of a giant MacGuffin designed to give organics a way to end the cycle of harvesting. Something started by some inscrutable AI who lives in the citadel? REALLY Bioware? There's a reason MacGuffin is seen as a pejorative term nowadays. Much of the game is like that apart from those wonderful shining moments, good and bad... Mordin's death, Femshep's date with Garrus, watching Joker and EDI talk, Legion's goodbye, Miranda confronting her father... Shades of brilliance from ME2, but it's almost as though the writers had something better to do and handed it off to the work experience kid. Hat's off to him for trying, but he's gonna need more training.
  46. May 7, 2012
    Every person should have been taught at one point that you don't make promises you can't keep. But the moneygrubbing at it's finest gives you an imcomplete story and experience
  47. May 7, 2012
    Decent game play, carrying forward the tradition of ME 2. Adding options for powers, weapons, a good step in the direction of RPGs. However, only one hub location hurts, as does the feeling of a small universe. It's understandable in terms of the story, and I don't miss endless exploration, but having more places to stop and look around would be nice. The characterization is excellent, except for things like pandering to IGN in the form of Jessica Chobot being included in the game. Characters do react well, and appropriately to their established personalities. Shepard even shows signs of the strain of forming alliances between groups that don't want to work together. The downside is that some Renegade choices are more "puppy-kicking evil" than ruthless pragmatism. However, choices ultimately don't matter. Everything boils down to a single number. The ending is horrible, not coherent with the story of the trilogy to this point, and actually invalidates previous game plots entirely. It puts the player into an emotionally numb free fall after some very powerful scenes. The final splash-screen message that ends with "Purchase future DLC!" is exceptionally insulting. Rumor has it that Casey Hudson and Mac Walters wrote the endings in isolation, and that the rest of the writing team was not allowed to review and critique it. If this is true, they should be ashamed and apologize for failing to understand basic storytelling. I'm giving it a 6. The game play was good without being frenetic or relying on enemies dancing around like crickets on a hot steel plate for difficulty. The story, up until a certain point at the end, was exceptionally good. But the ending (singular, there's just one that's been palette swapped) is depressing and inconclusive; the story stops but it doesn't *end*. Expand
  48. May 7, 2012
    Brilliantly designed and implemented game with superb depth and design. I wish all these people who were butthurt about the ending hadn't given it bad reviews as it was 40 of the best gameplay hours I've had. Even the multiplayer was superb.
  49. May 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What started as a great series ended in such dissapointment . . . Mass effect was an incredible game, great story, interesting characters, cool upgrades and a nice ending that nicely set up Mass effect 2. ME2 changed the gameplay at little bit and user interface. But I was cool with it, some of the changes made sense streamlined game play and invetory. Characters all had a nice back story. The ending was worth all the extra work to get the achievments. And then there''s ME3 . . . every thing about the story seemed "rushed" like the folks @ bioware were saying "come on, hurry up, lets wrap this up so we can move on to some other game". I understand that it was made clear that this would be the last ME, but why did it seem like such a slap in the face. I havent mentioned any of the changes and improvement made to the game because it doesn't matter at the end. All the work you do seems to have no effect/reward at the end of the game. Once I got to the "final decision" I wasn't sure exactly what my options were. The choices seemed like bad, really bad, and dear god no! It took roughly a week to complete, but once it was all over I haven't played it since. Expand
  50. May 6, 2012
    If you have Mass Effect 1 or 2 you have better games than this one. Average game not worth the money. Since Origin took over DRM spyware all over your P.C so it is up to you if you want this. No customer support at all. The multiplayer has massive issues with people not getting the stuff they paid for and no means of getting any resolution from customer service you just get your account banned saves them needing a customer service department and with a banned account you have no access to the game you paid for. IMO very similar game to 1+2 and not worth more than $5. Hyped beyond belief in Expert reviews. A very linear game save your cash I wish I did. Expand
  51. May 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An awesome game! The strange "flaws" in the ending must mean there is more to this story coming on. It is a shame that the choices you made during the trilogy didnt count in the ending but whatever, i loved the feeling of making choices. After all this was one of the best gaming experiences i have had Expand
  52. May 5, 2012
    It's a good game, not a great ending for the series. I enjoyed the journey, the cinematic experience and the characters though. The RPG mechanics are too simple for my taste.
  53. May 4, 2012
    It's BAIT and SWITCH at its lowest, a fun game at its highest. Unfortunately the more invested you are into the story and the universe, the worse off you are for it. If its your first Mass Effect game, you don't read the codex, you don't really care about anything other than how it plays and if its fun, your in for a treat. If you got all the merchandise, books, dlc, and get thoroughly into a game for its world, you may find the ending very off-putting. Its not as bad as MetalGear switching out the main character a quarter of the way, but its 3 quarters of rad-ness followed by an 8th of ferocity, and an 8th of WTF?!!!!!! The gameplay is the same as ME2 but polished, duck-cover shooter but weapons are now far more powerful to the point that you don't require combinations within your team to pass levels (again, power you probably don't have if you haven't xferred experience over from previous games, so more fun if you haven't played before). Spawning mobs comes from dark walled patches like every other game. Side games like hacking consoles, and scouring each planet for resources are gone. Choices don't even offer alternate combat paths like cookie-cutter FPS's do in their single player mode. As a full priced expansion, this would be an 8 in my mind, but as a solid sequel, this game falls far from expanding on its engine and system other than technical mechanics that i'm sure developers and critics are hailing it for. If i were rating a movie where i got to shoot stuff every now and choose which rad decisions the hero made, then the medium itself would warrant a 10. But as a video game this is a 3. Let's save polished remakes for programming school shall we? Expand
  54. May 4, 2012
    Spectacularly good game, with many heart-wrenching and laugh-out-loud moments and solid action. Too bad the ending didn't hold up. You missed the 10 by a hairs breadth, ME3.
  55. May 3, 2012
    The game graffics just the same as the ME2 with a little update. The game easier and faster than the ME or ME2. And not to mention the awful story... just a question for BioWare: Why the f**k did you fired Drew Karpyshyn out (ME and ME2's writer) and changed him to, no name writers such as Mac Walters and Neil Pollner? I can give this game 1 point because, I'm a huge Mass Effect fan and I used to love these games. Either way, if you wanna destroy this game history, play with it, and !no complain! because a lot of people warned you.
    PS.: Do me a favour EA/BioWare/Legendary Pictures/WB: Do NOT make a movie from this game 'cause I do NOT want a piece o cr*p from it. This game and the story already bad enough (and not because someone die at the end or not if you "lucky"...)
  56. May 3, 2012
    End of a great trilogy.
    Truly leaves a sad feeling when you know there is not going to be ME4.
    Just loved this game.
    Multiplayer is amazingly addicting!

    Gave it 9 because the ending wasnt what i hoped for. If it would have been i think i would have been dissapointed anyway because i dont want this game to have ending at all.
  57. May 3, 2012
    I'll make this short as there is probably little I will say that has not already been stated. But the end line of Mass Effect 3 is the question of whether a game can be ruined by the ending. It should be noted first off that this game is an even further step away from Mass Effect 1, while the level up system is more complex then it was in 2 the game is still essentially a combat sim with dialogue for plot. And here in lies the issue, Shepard no longer has fully articulated options based on what you choose, instead you have a pretty much zinger line in between the standard dialogue. While this did occur in 2 on occasion this is the entirety of the game's dialogue in 3. Combat gameplay is vastly improved, with the insanity A.I being highly sophisticated (though mildly spamming with grenades). As such the game itself will give you some challenge if you want it, and while the pacing is kind of jumpy you do get a sense of motivation once you approach the mid point of the game. However the last 5 minutes of the game will ruin the whole thing, I don' t just mean the ending but the game essentially at the last second takes the rules of the series and ignores them. If I had bought this game as a standalone combat game then I would be greatly pleased, but I bought this to finish off the ME trilogy. And I can honestly think of no way that they could have ruined this ending more. It is not the ending you the player made, it doesn't even feel like the ending the design team made. It is just such a change from the tone of the series that you can tell that something is wrong the moment you hit the ending. Expand
  58. May 2, 2012
    i would have given it a 10 if i could bind my key for sprinting, taking cover, exiting cover, rolling, entering dialogue, interacting with objects, climbing up ledges, jumping off of ledges/ ladders and whatever the hell else the spacebar did in this game to separate keys. we have 128 keys, allow us to use them to avoid this ridiculously clumsy control scheme. I would have given it a 9 if their were any graphical options besides the resolution and anti-aliasing.

    i would have given it an 8 if day one dlc was not inside of the files and COMPLETELY necessary to the story.

    I would have given it a 7 if online multiplayer was optional to having a good story in the single player ( after finishing ALL of the fetch quests in the entire game i still had only 3200 "war assets" and thus was damned into receiving...

    the WORST ending of any trilogy i've ever seen/read/played. (this now drops the score TWO MORE points because it is a carnal sin in my book to destroy a story with a bad ending.) It's so illogical, anti-lore oriented, and obviously rushed. We are now at a score of 5. Since Bioware is responding to the outcry about how disappointed people were by the game by releasing free dlc to add clarity to the ending, this review will absolutely be subject to change.
  59. May 2, 2012
    Everything in this game is excellent (even multiplayer). But the ending. Yes, the ending. No, I'm not angry about Bioware. Frankly the ending is just too sad for a story with a western cultural background and be more fitting to a chinese movie. It could be even possible, that they liked it there but certainly me not.
  60. May 2, 2012
    So there are enough bad reviews of this game already which all (pretty much all of them) boil down to the ending.

    What most reviews don't mention is that before the ending everything is so good, maybe even epic. Would you really want to miss 95% of a game because of an ending you might not like it?

    Giving it a score of 10 would be going overboard, but I actually missed ME3 after I
    finished playing it. And despite being on "quit" an old engine, the graphics look good, the animations look good and the characters (bar for textures) look good. Expand
  61. May 1, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a great game, but the unsuitable ending ruined it. And yes, games is an art-form, but Bioware promised 16 Different endings. 16! Not 3 (1 to be exact) with different colors. 7 out of 10.
  62. Apr 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased the game solely based on the reviews I have been reading - very mixed.

    I personally was not a fan at all of ME1 or 2 but I bought 3 anyways. I understand people were probably upset at "fresh start" and unable to continue from game 2. Overall the game was pretty good. Todays games are being rushed by the publishers so its common to expect glitches but I find it pathetic people are complaining about the small things like the gun not matching what they are equipped in the video. Who cares? If you want a REAL glitchy game with no story and no unique things to it - go play Force Unleashed 2.

    This game had it all - story, twists and turns, good ending, good music, etc. Now about the ending - the ending was fine. Yes its controversial but ITS A TRILOGY PEOPLE! Its gotta end some how. And if you pay attention between the lines at the end, its not really "the end." Maybe if some people weren't so focused on clicking positive or negative actions, they would listen to the story. The ending fit well. Deal with it.
  63. Apr 30, 2012
    This game completely ignores the cannon of the last few games. One of the most serious grievances is the ending, which ignores stated cannon so as not to render shephard a worse war criminal then any before.

    To those who did not buy the Arrival DLC for the second game, you are left staring and wondering "What did shephard do?" Even then, shephard being reinstated as a spectre is something
    that would have applied to the situation.

    From the Day 1 DLC that has conversations that run the entire game to non sequitors and poor writing throughout the plot. The required aspect of multiplayer is frustrating for those who were sold on the idea of "Not having to play that aspect of the game."

    Furthermore: the multiplayer is bland and uninteresting, relying on a single game mode in small arena maps with laggy and buggy gameplay. combined with the touch and go of searching for a lobby resulting in failing to find a game three out of ten times, makes it more a display in frustration then fun.

    The quality of the game resembles that of a call of duty clone more then a game relying on single-player experiences, making it feel unrelated to the first two.
  64. Apr 30, 2012
    Magnificent game. Real dramatic ending, which shows that the hero will go to the end to save the world. If you review separately Mass effect 3, it's a bit worse than the last part. I played all three parts and I think that the developers have done everything like it should be. Especially cooperative game part is very good.
  65. SaH
    Apr 30, 2012
    The Mass Effect 3 is the ending of the WHOLE saga, don't listen to other ppl and if You like ME1 and ME2 - then You should play ME3.
    Game is much like ME2, with better graphic, some more interesting quests and companions. I was very enjoying the game, with some minor bugs, but the general feeling very, very good.
  66. Apr 30, 2012
    I have but one issue with this game - the writing. I mean really, how hard can it be? ME2 was no freaking masterpiece, but the story was compelling enough to make action meaningful, and occasional stupidities were just something to laugh about and forget. In short, it was fun. I think in general RPG fans (including me) have relatively low standards when it comes to writing, and it's ok. It should be just solid enough so that it doesn't spoil the game.

    Somehow (miraculously) ME3 fails to deliver. Writing-wise it's a non-stop *facepalm*. How hard is it to come up with a response that wouldn't sound dumb or out of place? After first 30min I started to suspect that somewhere between the end of ME2 and the beginning of ME3 commander Sheppard got a lobotomy. Or maybe he is a husk? Or secretly mind-controlled by Cerberus and they *make him* say all these things? That would be a cool plot. I'd play that game. Apparently, ME3 is a different one, and it stinks. Bioware, what the hell!?
  67. Apr 29, 2012
    To start off I have -1 point due to the lack of narrative coherence at the end (a few changes would be welcome to help erase the lack of closure and finality with descent reasoning). OK now I have been holding back for quite a while to write an informed review about Mass Effect 3 in its entirety. I have finished every mission, every side quest and all of the romance options (including male Shepard and Cortez) apart from one as I did not want to play all three games again for Kaidan. Now I was extremely saddened by the ending but not a disappointed sadness, a sadness that stems from watching my character grow from the beginning till the end, the music accompanied by all of his actions and his selflessness truly struck a soft-spot in my blood soaked, bullet ridden game favoring heart. I did not for one moment desire the ending to be different, the ending provided a truly satisfying if not a little sad close to a game that has spanned several years and three games. The combat worked, there are fewer team-usable characters than the previous games but this is not a hindrance, many of the previous qualms in the galaxy can be resolved or deepened by your characters actions, many forms of galactic closure can be achieved via the right actions all of which I found perfect (Geth, Quarians, Krogen, etc). Many people are dissatisfied by the endings but I suspect they have not dedicated themselves to the game and played enough to warrant suitable endings. Now the multi-player does affect the single player campaign and ending to a degree. The multi-player adds to the Galactic Readiness Rating which affect single player Readiness that affect the campaign. It is not necessary to play but means that playing it mean less single player items need to be fulfilled to get certain endings. Again I found it very enjoyable to play the multi-player in between campaign missions. The unlocks are very appropriate, not to unbalanced, and has room for many combat styles and strategies. I have certainly had closure, it is a shame others have slammed it to the point of worthlessness. As Bioware are adding a extended ending I am curious as to what it is and hope it does not add purely to satisfy a few closed minded individuals. As with the previous two games I highly recommend playing the First Second and this game. Expand
  68. Apr 29, 2012
    Well, one more franchise destroyed by EA. Where they put their hands, they destroy. Dumb animations, low res textures made for consoles, weapons sounds all messed up... Ill never buy another game that have EA in it...
  69. Apr 28, 2012
    Highs :
    Game-play - Quick, fluent. Action packed. Squad mates were good and the AI was clever through out the entire game. Story - Through out most of the game you made choices some of them were brilliant and mattered, some brought you to the point of tears, some may of made you question your own morals.
    Multiplayer - Fantastic multiplayer, although seems a bit more sluggish somehwat,
    maybe its just me, but overall it was good.

    Characters : Dead, personality wise, completely dead. You get a completely new character and he is basically a idiot who works out a lot and somehow he is actually and N7 Candidate, I have already forgotten his name, SERIOUSLY. Oh, and the small amount of characters is also quite disappointing considering in the other two there were so many. Story/Ending : Sucker punch in the face or a kick in the private area. Your pick
  70. Apr 27, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am so sad I had to do this, I never thought I would have to. Mass Effect WAS an epic series. However I cannot condone what they have done with this game. If you don't buy this game new you will have to pay more to access the tacked on multiplayer. Yea, you heard me. There was Disk Locked Content that you had to pay $10 to unlock, which most people were going to given that the character was a Prothean. They promised you would not need to do multiplayer to get all the endings, however the best ending (a five second scene of Shepard taking a breath) is not possible to obtain without doing the multiplayer currently. Excluding 2 or 3 the side quests are atrocious. The gameplay is improved and the characters are great, Garrus being the stand out, but all this is forgotten as you try to figure out what happened in the last 10 minutes and realized it wasn't written by the same people who did the rest of the game. It's a disaster I won't even bother to go into detail as I'm sure every other review hits on it. This is the single worst ending in the history of gaming. It's like Bioware doesn't want anyone to buy from them again. Giving me a terrible ending and adding the text "Buy more dlc" isn't going to make me happy. Expand
  71. Apr 27, 2012
    I would have expected an enhanced ME2, and a bit more freedom of movement. Bad graphics "upgrade", really looks poor, bad animations, poorer gameplay than ME2 imho. A poor display for a "grand finale".
  72. Apr 27, 2012
    This game was excellent. Amazing art work, fun game play, excellent save points. Good story for the most part, sometimes really excellent depending on choices. Yah the ending was a tad confusing at best, but it's no excuse to rate the game that poorly otherwise. I could have done with less exposition; sometimes I felt like I was watching TV at times rather than playing the game, but otherwise everything you could have wanted in a ME game. And the multiplayer gimmick was annoying but unnecessary - I achieved full War Assets even with only a 50% War Readiness rating. Overall, I would say ME2 was my favorite, but this was a worthy successor. Expand
  73. Apr 26, 2012
    Does the video game industry have anything left good to offer us? Mass Effect 3 shows nothing that could appeal to the fans of the ME trilogy. If I can give the game one thing, it's that it gives a good story, at least I thought it did from the beginning. Though it seems the game had a lot of potential, it built up and came off with VERY disappointing results. All the endings to the collection of trash known as the finale leave you mouth agape and croaking "Are you kidding me?" If I were anywhere near this company, I'd tell them to save their money, because this game should have flopped. Expand
  74. Apr 26, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is an average game.

    Is it fun, yeah, in the same way that most other games where the story doesn't matter is fun. That is where ME3 fails. The story. Guess what every choice you made in mass effect #1 #2 and #3 don't matter. You get the same ending as everyone else. With no closure.

    Let it be perfectly clear, your choices mean absolutely nothing. If someone died in a
    previous game, someone who is basically that person only a stunt double shows up and says basically the same thing and does the same thing.

    Does having geth as allies matter over krogen? No it doesnt. You dont ever fight beside your allies, the they only show up in a single cutscene. How many endings are there? Just 1 regardless of what people tell you, all 3 endings are 99% the same, as regardless of the choices you make, the exact same things happen. The game plays just like all other bioware games, where they are a series of short stories tied to a larger story, but the short stories have no effect on any other the other stories in the book, or the larger story of the book.

    Do i recommend the game. For a budget purchase, yeah, you will get some fun out of it. If you can put aside the weak story and terrible ending. The game lacks that something that shows up when a developer really cares about their product. Take the witcher 2 for example. The witcher 2 is a better game in every area when compared to ME3. Bioware should be ashamed, their game comes off soulless when compared to TW2.
  75. Apr 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed this game. I think they have a good motive to do the game this way. It's a solid gameplay and fits really good with the war context. Sometimes I miss the RPG factor of the first game but it's ok.[spoiler] The end is good and it's based on Isaac Asimov books (if any of the children read more instead just yelling **** around maybe the score of this game was greater) [/spoiler] . Expand
  76. Apr 26, 2012
    The game was very interesting, and had a lot of unique ideas. It was a bit dumped down in comparison with the first one but overall it was an epic experience. There is always a misunderstanding between streamlined and simplistic! Pro: Intergalactic science fiction rpg with worlds to explore, characters to meet, intrigue, sex and frantic action. Yeaaay ... Con: Rushed ending, DLC from day one, ripping off people ... The ending was rushed for the release and it left a bitter after taste. In a way you built suspense for 3 episodes to end up with a bit of undersigned ending. Unfortunately we have seen things like that before ... still the overall experience was really nice. Somehow I feel that people wanted more. To be honest Mass Effect, one of the best games ever ,is behind in terms of dialogue and plot from a good film or book. As games in general still are. Regarding changing the ending to suit the needs and ideas of the players I believe is completely unacceptable, the designers of Mass Effect decided on three endings ( unpolished endings) that were interesting but unfinished. I completely agree if they want to polish it but not to change it. Sometimes you like the ending sometimes you don't like them. But artistic democracy or design by committee, is usually dull and sterilized. If I like something is to go the other way around... to complete let them actually design the ending properly as they originally imagined ... let the accountants screaming about the target audience and demographic and do the right thing ! I have the impression that EA as usual is behind rushed endings and despicable DLC ... I give the game 8 instead of 10 because of the DLC and the rushed ending. By the way in the age of intergalactic travel I am quite sure guns will not need ammo. I know that legions of players play all those U.S army games and they troll around about the combat system but things don't always have to be the same with these boring shooters. Nevertheless after Dragon Age 2 I stopped pre-ordering EA games ... it is a gamble. Expand
  77. Apr 25, 2012
    An all right game, but not really up to the standards we've come to expect from the Mass Effect franchise. My expectations were sky high after getting sucked into the Mass Effect-universe early 2011. I had put in well over a hundred hours in the two earlier games, but this third one turned out to be a massive anticlimax. The game itself is all right, but I was hoping for a more conclusive finish.
  78. Apr 25, 2012
    Ahhhh sad... i'm sad. The 1 was great, the 2 good... And that 3 is just average... Not bad, mainly because we love the caracteres. We are attached with them. Some scenes are still great, as a nice space opera.
    But that game is far poorer than the two others. It is very contemplative game... Like a story we read, but not as a good video game should be.
    I don't complaint against the ends. I
    can understand them and I accept the dev's choice.

    It's hard finishing such trilogy like that...
  79. Apr 24, 2012
    Well we were promised many things by devs of that game. And because od ME1+2 we believed. The big majority of the game is a damn good ride but still you have the feeling that development needed like one more year. Game is rushed and many corners are cut off not polish into the gold. (Maybe they were intentions for future DLCs). But the most major problem is,that the fate of universe is decided in the last 10 minutes which completely negate all our choices so far. (Why import our choices, why all the hype about importance of our deeds,why ......) Now we are stuck with "artistic integrity" which is completely without logic with so many plot holes that even planets could fall through. Simply the end feels like completely from different world/space/time/hell...I enjoy re-playing of ME1+2 but now I don´t have will nor taste to try ME3 once more. And that´s really sad. Another issue and false ad is about multiplayer which is effectively necessary for "the best" ending. Singleplayer itself cannot provide you that ending there is not enough in-game point for it. (BW is looking into the matter, maybe future DLC which will allow it...) Disappointment is simply too strong. Expand
  80. Apr 23, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is the third installment of an incredible sci-fi role-playing adventure game, where players can make choices that impact the storyline throughout the entire series (there are reportedly over 1000 possible story "paths"). ME3 does not disappoint for 99% of the game -- the graphics, sound, voice acting, game play, and sheer scope are all absolutely stunning.

    The problem is
    that, in the end, it's all for nothing. I will not spoil it for you, except to say that the choices and reputation a player spends more than a hundred hours developing over three games have no real impact on the ending. The final choices are not only nonsensical (actually contradicting several points already established in the game) but you only get the option of up to three basically identical endings regardless of your efforts.

    The effect is much like watching the old show "Dallas" where, in the end, you find out that the entire show was just one long dream sequence. ME3 is a fun experience, but in the end it is just not a very fulfilling one.
  81. Apr 23, 2012
    Was definitely a let-down but I dont think it deserves the 1-2 that a lot of people are giving it. I do think it lacked a lot of what was promised though and what made the previous games so solid.
  82. Apr 23, 2012
    First game was great. Second was even better. So you can assume that third will be the best in the series and again Game of The Year ???. Not in this case. To begin with do you remember how many side quests there were in first game and each of them were interesting in their own way. Second game was little bit different, it tried to be action game with RPG elements so quests weren't that awesome as in first game but still were good. Well in third game there are two types of quests: N7 "missions" and Citadel "missions". First one nothing as N7 missions in previous games. All maps that feature in this "missions" are from multiplayer and tasks are "find and bring something back" or "kill everything". For quests were you need to find something and bring it back you would want a journal so you would know were to go. The "Journal" in ME3 has only description of quest, nothing about were we can find item or were bring it. New Citadel also sucks. It just sucks. Now I would like to skip part about interaction with NPCs and Normandy cause it will take a lots of time. The major problem with game is endings. Remember when developers said that non of the endings will be the same ??? Remember when they said that multiplayer won't be connected to single player ??? Remember when this bastards said that all choices we made in previous games will huge influence on ending ??? Either I play it wrong either developers are really bad liars. To get different endings we need war assets. To get them we need to play multiplayer a lot and a little bit of single player. Then we need to choose between 3 different lights. Light which we choose will be color of explosion. There is some difference like Reapers will destroy Earth or Shepard can survive but you got the point. So what EA did looks like Call of Duty when it was just a baby. With each game it gets worser and worser until they will find another company... Awful quests, ugly locations, f****d up ending, day one DLC and unnecessary interactions make this game worst game of this year. Yes, worser than Amy... Expand
  83. Apr 23, 2012
    I never was a Huge fan, but I played the two first and had fun. However ME3 is BARELY a ME game! 1) First is Disregards for announced gameplay: a)Promised closure : -No closure depending on what you did in 3 games. No difference. -Cheap loophole, stuff made before is IRRELEVANT - PERIOD -Old crew is not to be part of new crew so, if they died or not have NO impact beyond some score (20pts on 5000 total, yeah it's that cheap, Miranda is now some points ... )
    -Xenophage or not, end stat, no more
    -Saved council in first one or not ... who cares? Same with Anderson In Council, nope whatever you chose in any games i'ts Udina. Yep, in a way they tell us to shut up and swallow!

    2) Poor quality ending that disregard the working of it's own story mecanics.
    -Deux-Ex writing mecancis ... writer did an asspull in the end. CHEAP ONE TOO!
    -Reaper having circular logics, really they seems to be there because of a simple logic loophole ... but it's even worse than that in term of writng skill!
    -Illogical and inconsistent ... so much stuf going wrong here!

    3) Unacceptable answer from BOTH company. They ignored that we spent OUR money on stuf we THEY promised in their product but did not.

    4) Low quality pre-ordor edition that is NOT worth it!
    -Bad weapon mecanics. Special weapons are all broken. Who need a shotgun with medium damage and pinpoint precision! It got no range too ... jeez. All basic weapons are beter than the 'special' sones.
    -They cna't even be there for the show! You can only see them in single player!

    5) Day one DLC! Enough said

    6) Trough the whole ME3 experience, you feel like a cash cow. and up to the end game. Deep rooted impression that the publisher or makers are pushing too hard on their client wallet.
    -Day one DLC
    -Cheap end game pop up (yeah, they do a 3 line epilogue saying "Game over, shepard is hero and wait for more in DLC).
    -Pre-Order Art book is in fact a DEMO of the "real one". They also advertise it along the way (Do you really think that afther 80$ spend on DIGITAL i'm going to break another leg and buy a 80$ book from these guys?)
    -Their PR keep to the players not as customers but as "emotional fans". Oh, I'm getting emotionnal alright and I'm sure NOT a fan. I'm a human being and i'm spending my FXXXXXXX money on falsely advertised prodcuts! -These guys have NO respect for their clients. I wonder what we are in fact, I cows are at least well cared for so they can be milked for years. Yeah, it's THAT bad ... 7) EA and Bioware Refused to appologise that is/feels sincere. If you read between the lines it says : Shut up whiny kids. Hey i'm over 30 with two kids and i'm not that rich. If I spend 80$ on a product that is badly advertised I'm expecting at least a little respect from those who sold **** to me and called it gold!

    8) The interconnection inbetween game journalism and publisher is not to be dismissed. We all know it, we don't beleive the big review guys anymore. Especially thioses who gave a 10/10. And chowbot, com'on! A journalist should not be part of the story she's reviewing! Imagine if Lucas tell you phantom menace is great, will you beleive him?

    9) One of these mistake in itself would not be too bad. Actually there is a ton of games that have similar or bigger issues. However, it's when you put it ALL together that you get a pile of **** soooo smelly and soo disgusting that you don't want to go trough the ME3 experience. Play 1st and 2nd but don't ever play the THURD one!

    Do they think we are morons? Do they care calling 90% of their client idiots? WE, the hard working players, we don't seem to matter for these guys, In fact, we are less important than the lowest of corporate scumbag at EA.

    Why should I care anyway, i'm not here to help these company, i'm here to tell you guys:


    And if you love ME, Please please , don't finish the game in ANY way. Get your character killed and call-it a day. Avoid the rage. Marauder-shield forever. He tried to warn us :(
  84. Apr 23, 2012
    I honestly don't know what the problem is with all these negative reviews. I've played ME1, ME2 and ME3 back-to-back (on PC) and let me tell you, ME3 is my favourite alongside ME2. The controls are smooth, the dialogue has all the depth I've come to love and all of my choices from previous MEs carried through 100%. I think the visuals and audio are truly epic and what I came to expect from a 2012 game. A big thumbs up from me. These user scores of 1 and 0 etc are obviously false or fabricated. It's unthinkable that someone could give this game such a low score. Expand
  85. Apr 23, 2012
    As a game, Mass Effect 3 was both a disappointment and a decent game.

    Straight off the bat, none of the decisions made in the previous titles matter any more. Someone died? They dont show up. They lived? You get 10 minutes of facetime. Or they die. Bioware realised that the amount of binary decisions given to the player made such a complex game that they could not create it, and cut most
    of them out. The main decisions of the previous games matter little. You get a line of dialogue, it dosent matter what you chose, the outcome will always be the same. 1/10
    Graphically the game is worse. Lots of low-resolution textures because of the move to consoles. Thats ok, we can live with that, as its most likely that they will have post-release texture packs, etc. Noticeable, load times are much better; the game runs smoother, polished, and mostly bug free. Overall, it shelved up as a acceptable package, but nothing innovative here. Animations were a bit jarred as well, but its not game breaking - yet. 8/10
    Mass Effect 3 has the same content as Mass effect 2. Its good, kept me going for a good 20 hours with a bunch of side stuff. Day 1 DLC is a crime; paying 80 dollars isnt enough to give you all the content they made, they want you to give them 20 more. THAT is terrible. Either way, it doesnt dissapoint in that sense. Voice actors and environments are good; no reuse of areas, exotic worlds and planets - its all good in this sense. 8/10
    The story started off solid. The lack of previous characters was unsettling, and downright annoying. You spend hours upon hours scouring the galaxy for them, and you barely see them again, or they die. The writers wrest them away from you, killing them off for superficial drama. Its hard to watch. It also felt dumbed down, as if they were trying to simplify it to the point were all the political dealings are gone, and you just shoot things. 3/10
    Most dissapointing ending EVER CREATED. I spent weeks under a rock so I could play it spoiler free (I already had the game, but went away for a while), and it just hurt when I played it. !!! SPOILERS !!!; The ending is terrible; I always play paragon, I actually cant do anything else, its just the way I play. I thought I did everything right, did the hero's job, but EVERYONE DIED FOR ME IN THE END. Damn, it was the most heart breaking thing, purely because in a game you should have SOME power to choose your ending in an RPG, not have the developer just decide that for you. I went out of my way to get paragon points, but found those options greyed out at every turn, even at the maximum. You dont get any control over the direction and end of the story. I didnt use any walkthrough but you shouldnt have to read Biowares mind to get a decent ending. Its not worth playing again. 0/10
    Bioware has promised to make a extension to the end of the game, but youll probably have to pay for it. Because its corporates focus has ruined their games (see Dragon Age 2), its just a waste of money. VERDICT
    Skip this entry, just watch the endings on youtube for "closure". But, if you didnt play any of the previous games/ dont care for the story/rpg elements, its not bad, an average entry into the series.
  86. Apr 21, 2012
    I could give this game an 8.0. I actually liked it more than Mass Effect 2. Combat is better, RPG elements are better, quest structures are more interesting and above all you constantly feel that you are taking part in something gigantic, something epic. That is until the ending sequence. Artistically it's not bad. The options are interesting and dramatic. But after fighting so hard, making so many difficult choices and sacrificing so much over the course of the 3 games, you kind of feel all that was in vain. There is no feeling of fulfillment. Quite the contrary, when the credits roll you are left with an overpowering sense of failure. And that is not an impression a game should leave. In my view this piece of bad judgement costs the game 2 points. So final score for Mass Effect 3: 6.0. Expand
  87. Apr 21, 2012
    If the first and second episodes were not, I would have given a 6, may be a 7 for this game. Unfortunately, they exist. This episode has no scenario, no charisma, and the RPG side is dead. I'm very surprised by the scores that ME3 received. This game doesn't deserve 8 or 9 points compared to it predecessors.
  88. Apr 21, 2012
    BioWare, then, have managed to pull everything together for a terrific finale to their ambitious trilogy. While the individual parts of Mass Effect 3 arenâ
  89. Apr 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This is a fair game. I loved ME1, was not disappointed by ME2 and, generally, considered myself quite a fan of the series. The gameplay basically stays the same as in ME2, with the main exception being planet scanning, which was drastically improved. Still, the main cons go like this: - Some central plot point choices are illogical and, actually, hard to believe.
    - Animations are average - the cutscenes have huge pauses in the dialogues which is quite strange for a game so heavily reliant on these
    - Quest journal is technically inadequate. Although the side quests are not central to the game you have no idea what state of the quest are you in.
    - Some storylines are uninvolving and feel like these were only implemented to formally check off some loose ends.
    - Multiplayer necessary for the "better" endings. (I wonder if my memory fails me - I was sure I read somewhere, that it won't...)

    Still, the gameplay is quite adequate (if not new). The setting quite often drives you forward and the involving pieces of the scenario are scattered here and there. And the best part (for me) of the series - the characters are, for the most part, still very good. Unfortunately, the whole experience is kinda let down by the ending. After reading a lot of opinions and hearing Bioware's promises on "improving the experience" in a free DLC I must say, that although the steps promised is the only acceptable course of action these are still not enough to bind me back to the series. Someone compared the current state of affairs with pulling off a plaster - this describes my feelings quite well.
  90. Apr 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am not surprised that a lot of fans are dissatisfied with the last part of Mass Effect trilogy. I may be the ending, also the day 1 DLC which just isn't fair to all us gamers, supporting the game. However, all these details did not really matter for me when I started playing. I was hooked up and wanted to complete all the side quests, talk with every npc available for me. The story sucked me in and pace of action about the whole setting seem to be really good. The biggest flaw is that starting the game without a save game from the 2nd part really removes a lot of the content. I could not use paragon/renegade options when it came to curing the genophage or deciding about quarians and geth. Party members from the previous part did not appear where they should and I felt really disappointed when my Shepard did not even recognize Legion. But there you go ,I should have played with my save. /// When it comes to plot I found it really exciting and it really gives you the felling that you are fighting to save the galaxy. There are, of course, some plot holes. Just like in the beginning, when Shepard is being trialed but I did not really know why because I have not played the DLC for Mass Effect 2. Only later did I discover that most of my choices do not influence the ending. Never mind, the important thing is the matter to me during the gameplay. I do not feel cheated. Overall, the game could have been better, but it still was an excellent experience. After completing it I had the same feeling like I get when finishing a great book. I keep thinking about characters, story and I want more but sadly have to admit that it's ended.
    I will definitely return to Mass Effect universe in the future. Play it once again with the DLC (câ
  91. Apr 19, 2012
    Thanks Bioware for a fantastic epic. This game is slightly impaired by lofty expectations and warm fuzzy feelings provided by the first two games. As the trilogy moved on it had become more and more streamlined from a gameplay perspective. RPG elements have been whittled down to a small skill tree that quickly maxes out in nearly every area. Is this a problem? Not really, unless you want to play the same games over again. I feel like Mass Effect 2 was the culmination for the series in terms of gameplay, space travel, rpg elements, and fleshed out mechanics that drove the experience like bypassing doors and farming planet minerals mini games. The latter of which might not seem like a big deal but when it's absent it's very noticeable. What mass effect 3 has going for it is a breakneck pace of reaper fighting badassery. It all happens so fast you won't even notice clipping through a 25-30 hour game. Deep relationships are found, love lost, and many companions bear great sacrifice. It's some f the finest story telling in the medium. The ending needs a little work, but the core game is breathless from start to final assault. Want more, the combat is finely fine tuned and it's Sci-Fi gears of war approach is very fitting. As a person who doesn't regularly play shooters and enjoys RPGs more, ME3 delivers a tremendous variety in play style over its predecessors. Not the least of which is thrilling drop in multiplayer that actually effects the man game! Co-op multiple player makes a four man group of strangers band together to fight common enemies. It's a kick seeing all the species and character types in action with all their respective tactics.

    It's a great game, a cap off to the series,they only real negative is that like most trilogies the second title remains the best In the bunch.
  92. Apr 19, 2012
    If I were you I would buy Mass Effect 1 and 2 and play those first BUT I DO suggest you buy Mass Effect 3 and play it to at least see why it's so bad. The voice acting is great! The characters are good! The graphics are decent. The customization is good. Dialogue options, paragon and renegade are fantastic. BUT Bioware got lazy with the reapers. The plot is a COP-OUT. The ending betrays everything about the mass effect series.
    The writing is filled with holes.
    The game has been largely falsely advertised, you do not get anything that Bioware have promised in the past.
    This game resolves NOTHING.
    This game either ends with "a wizard did it" or "it was all a dream" depending on how you interpret it...
    This game takes everything ME1 and ME2 built up and says "that doesn't really matter now".
    You do not need to have played the other games to play this one, you don't. None of your choices, none of your decisions will account for ANYTHING.
    This game can be stand-alone but I suggest getting the far superior Mass Effect 2.
    There is a reason why ME2 is the people's favourite, it is coherent and the ending pays off.

    You get fewer squad mates in this game because apparently Bioware feel that you couldn't connect with the squad of Mass Effect 2 too well but everyone will tell you how much they love the squad you have in Mass Effect 2.

    Essentially this game was delivered to us with several promises that it fails to keep and not only that but it will personally insult you. Removal of everything wrong with this game will take several writers peer-reviewing each other's work to pull it off, no surprise then that many of the bad ideas in this game were NOT peer-reviewed in writing AT ALL.

    There are so many good ideas that they could have taken from ME1, ME2 and the novels. Remember the dark energy problem? That's gone now. Remember the reasons why Reapers harvest life? Gone too. Remember why you need to destroy the Reapers? Oh you know what? Just get it, I don't care how you get it just play it through and compare how it works compared with everything that came before.

    There will be times in this game that you fall in love with the story only to have your heart broken again and again every time the plot goes somewhere silly.

    I still have yet to even mention the ending really, I'll leave that as a surprise, I don't want to post spoilers...
  93. Apr 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't feel like writing a lot about this game. But I must say that all of the negative reviews aren't really deserved. Mass Effect 3 offers what Mass Effect 2 did, plus more. AI of opponents is really improved. And we'll face variety of enemies, each using different strategy. Story-wise, the game looks good to me. And people hating on the ending... Well... I think it's just that nowadays, we are used to happy endings. And that's why most of people are so butthurt. Because they didn't receive what they were expecting, and hoping for. The ending has got me really surprised. I heard a lot of negative opinions about it, so I thought it's because it's a cliche of some sort. Like you know, Shepard using the crucible (If that's how it's spelled, played the game with polish subtitles so I am not sure.) to defeat the reapers and then celebrating it on a party with all of his/her friends. But they have offered us something completly different. Something unexpectable. There was no game-series that made me feel so emotional in the end. Sure, I'll admit that I was hoping that all of my choices through the series will have a more important effect at the end... So that is disappointing. And so are the plot holes. Like, why was Joker running away from there. How was Liara already on the normandy when moments earlier she's been with me there, before I teleported... But other than that, I am not really complaining. I felt happy, that I've sacraficed my life to be able to control the reapers, and make them stop the cycle. I felt happy for saving the universe. And at the same time I've been sad, before Shepard died. I've been sad that through the game I've lost Mordin, Tali, and Anderson. I've been sad that mass relays have been destroyed, and nothing will ever be the same in the universe. I've been sad that Liara (Which has been my love interest.) was left without me. Yet at the same time I've been happy seeing her still alive. Well, I sure would like few plot holes explained. But overall, I must say I did enjoy the ending. It was.. something no one could have prepared themselves for. And to be honest about one thing... I did enjoy all of the cutscenes more than I enjoyed killing enemies... Even if improved, it just got slightly repetitive since first Mass Effect. And well, even if my choices through ME1 and ME2 didn't have affect on the ending, they did have affect on things before the ending, and that was nice. As for the graphics, nothing has really changed here. Let's do a quick summary... Pros: -Offers what ME2 did, plus more. -Really surprising ending, even if it isn't what the majority of players hoped for. -Improved overall gameplay. Cons: -Graphics are nice, but they are pretty much the same as in ME2. No improvement here. -Few plotholes regardless the ending. Expand
  94. Apr 19, 2012
    ** This is my own opinion on the game, It should be noted that these reviews aren't exactly completely trustworthy because of this.
    Mass Effect 3 isn't a perfect game, the whole first day DLC fiasco and disappointing endings are some of the major let downs of the game. Despite this Mass Effect 3 succeeds in delivering good game-play blending in RPG elements (leveling up, picking specific
    bonuses to powers/characters) with a shooter creating something that is a decent hybrid. The ems system is somewhat effective and actions that were previously taken can impact your general story as certain scenes and missions are only available if certain choices were previously taken. Exploration with the Normandy SR2 is available in a simple system. The story itself is decent. The main things pulling it down is that fact that our decisions don't have a direct impact to the ending (this was promised). With the plot holes and lack of explanations in the ending it just feels better to play the game up to the ending and then stop. If the endings do get fixed though, this is a game that should be tried in my opinion (of course after the other two games of the trilogy ). Expand
  95. gas
    Apr 19, 2012
    Im very happy to see that Metacritic decided to delete my long and detailed negative review i wrote time ago about this game without even a message or something about it.
    Its the first time it happens to me and i am really curious to know the reason about it, besdie the suspect its just EA paying Metacritic to remove bad reviews (sorry EA you cant buy the entire internet).
    Thats btw should
    be enough to boycott Metacritic too, but i prefer to write to let ppl know about this kind of abuse.
    My score for the game was 4, i update now with a zero cause this.
  96. Apr 19, 2012
    A great journey....until you hit the ending. I thought the game was great in almost every way. There was just two issues I found with game. 1. The Journal. Its a literally is just a big list that never updates itself so you can find yourself questioning where you got to on the side missions.

    2. The major issue with the game was the ending. The story was well constructed and I
    was impressed with all the chapters up to but not including the ending. The space casper/deus ex mechanic was an odd choice and while it wasnt the 16 endings Bioware promised I would of accepted it had it not been for the gaping plot holes that riddled the ending, which in turn just made the ending look and feel sloppy. For someone who is really impressed with the universe/franchise they created it really killed my desire to play it again which is in stark contrast to the amount of times I replayed ME1 and ME 2.

    I wish Bioware all the best for the future but Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 has taught me to be more cautious about accepting what Bioware promises in the future.
  97. Apr 19, 2012
    To have spent so much time in the first 2 games, only to discover that everything you did and stood for would'nt change a tiny bit in the closure of Commander Shepards story is just...
  98. Apr 19, 2012
    I give it an 8 instead of 10 just because of the crappy ending, the game is great in every aspect but when you play all 3 parts you get dissapointed in the ending. Definitly worth the money.
  99. Apr 18, 2012
    I agree with what pretty much everyone else here has said. It's all the more worse because it craps on what I had considered a near masterpiece (ME1). I'm done with Bioware.
  100. Mar 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. I enjoyed the main game for what it is. They addressed many major criticisms encountered over the last years. Combat is significantly more entertaining and challenging. The pace is higher, there is less chore. Great characters and side stories, even though side missions could have been a bit more varying in nature. Graphically it's a bit outdated and more adequate for consoles - wouldn't have minded a higher texture resolution. On audio side it is much better as well, I wasn't a particular fan of meowing cars in the citadel of ME2, it is pleasing and well done.
    However what the game made up in consistency over the years has been almost entirely undone in the final moments of the game. I am usually not the guy who demands absolutely perfect canon lore but Bioware left me stumbled here. It is as if they mixed up the game they made the ending for and once you are kicked back to the Shepard on the Normandy you are left asking yourself whether you should ever bother to play this game again in the same manner you did with ME2. If you liked the main game and are capable of enduring approx. 15-20 minutes of pure non-sequitur in the hope that Bioware themselves realize what they have done then you should do so, otherwise it's worth playing one time at least for the sake of it.

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.