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  1. Mar 31, 2012
    The haters are idiots, if the indoctrination theory is true then the ending is pure genius and not just rubbish, everyone buy this game! Don't believe the stupid 0 and 1 star ratings people who don't understand the ending are giving it.
  2. Apr 1, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is probably the single greatest game I have ever played. The writing, storyline, and voice acting are what set it apart from every other game I have played in my life, and there have been many...What Avatar was to the movies, Mass Effect 3 is to the video game industry. Bioware/EA have set the bar awfully high. Every time I sit down at my computer now, I am filled with nostalgia and sadness that I have finished playing this truly wonderful game. I don't understand how anyone could give this game a negative review. It was never designed to be exclusively a shooter or an rpg. It's a mix between the two. The graphics are beautiful, the action is exciting, the story is interesting and imaginative. It's a testament to human ingenuity, a real modern work of art. To everyone who wrote a negative review, I challenge you to do better. Expand
  3. Apr 1, 2012
    Es la conclusión de una de las mejores trilogías de los tiempos, con un final polémico que esta dando que hablar con la formulación de varias teorias interesantes.

    Obligatorio probar algún mass effect
  4. Apr 1, 2012
    I normally never review anything online, but after seeing the absolutely asinine amount of negative reviews I felt obligated to speak up. First off, Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game overall. The universe it continues to build on from the first to games is probably the richest in videogame history. The voice acting is mostly excellent. The combat's more refined than in Mass Effect 2. Although it only uses the unreal 3 engine, the graphics are still very nice -- the upshot being that it will run well on a wide range of systems. I've never felt so emotionally invested in a game's universe and plot as I've felt while playing Mass Effect 3. The fact that Bioware actually managed to carry so many things over from the first two games, and follow through with there original ambitions is extremely impressive. Okay. Sure. The ending could certainly be better. But to say it retroactively ruins the rest of the game is ridiculous. I must assume all the disproportionately negative reviews are being written by a very outspoken minority. If this were any other game, the ending would never get this much attention. If anything, it's a testament to the exceedingly high quality and player's investment in the series; any perceived flaw is going to be that much more difficult to deal with.

    Also, I almost forgot, Origin is really dumb. I hate using it, and I felt shameful downloading Mass Effect 3 through it. Once I starting playing the game, however, I quickly forgot about it. And I can't punish the developer for EA's lame, anti-consumer, business decisions. I hopefully will never have to download another origin game again.

    As the game goes, ff you enjoyed either of the first two Mass Effects at all, you should play Mass Effect 3. The developers put an immense amount of hard work into wrapping up their trilogy. Just about every aspect of the game is topnotch, and the series, as a whole, sets a new standard for story telling in the medium. Bioware deserves recognition for their hard work. If you were at all excited for Mass Effect 3 before launch, buy it. Ignore all the immature slander and pay attention to the critics reviews. Most normal people will love Mass Effect 3.
  5. Apr 3, 2012
    best freaking game ever!!! =D it deserves an 11/10 score xD.... although personally i kind of think the 2nd part was a little bit better idk why ppl dont understand the ending... imho it was perfect....
  6. Apr 6, 2012
    Don't pay attention to the low scores. This game is a masterpiece. The reason for the extremely high amount of low scores is because BIOWARE mad the mistake of creating an ending that people didn't expect, and when people get something they didn't expect, they don't like it instinctively. I played through all 3 games start to finish, and if this weren't in the hands of call-of-duty-playing gamers and it was in the form of a film or book series it would be heralded as one of the greatest pieces of fiction ever made. Expand
  7. Apr 9, 2012
    In my opinion Mass Effect 3 wasn't the best in the series(Mass Effect 2), but it is still an outstanding bit of video game entertainment. My score would usually have been 8.5 but the amount of hate that the game is getting for its ending is just absurd. I think the people who are giving it 1-5 are being immature, if they can honestly say that they did not enjoy the 20+ hours leading up to the ending then they are totally blinded by fanboy hate and entitlement and feel that the IP is more theirs than it's Bioware's. Well done Bioware for another stellar role playing experience. Expand
  8. Apr 10, 2012
    Great game. I am amazed at the public backlash for a game this good. I played each game in the series and this was my favorite. It was challenging and action packed while still maintaining a RPG feel. I have played countless hours of the multiplayer. ME 4 please!
  9. Apr 11, 2012
    Since finishing this game, I have felt incredibly depressed. Not necessarily because of the infamous ending but because I was so completely immersed in another world that returning to reality came as a bit of a shock. I've never felt emotional about a computer game before. It's a phenomenal experience.
  10. Apr 13, 2012
    Guys this is the best game of 2012 so far. Your low scores is an indicator of confusion the gaming industry. BioWare have created a masterpiece. If you do not understand, I feel sorry for you
  11. Apr 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm not just giving this a "10" to attempt to combat all the "0"s out there, I honestly think this game is a ten and it is probably the best game I've played in the last 7-8 years.

    I was genuinely astounded... as to how WONDERFUL the ending was. The controversy is ridiculous. It basically boils down to unintelligent individuals who need to have everything explained to them very slowly to be satisfied, and intelligent people who are capable of inferring their own ideas for the future of the galaxy. Shepard did his job, he sacrificed himself not only for the galaxy, but every single life that will ever come into existence in the future. That is amazing. The specifics of what happened after his death are no longer his concern.

    Please DO NOT change the ending Bioware. Don't give in to the lowest common denominator. People were expecting a Michael Bay ending and instead were introduced to Andrei Tarkovsky. It's unfortunate that people don't have a far enough reaching intellectual grasp.
  12. Apr 18, 2012
    First, I want to warn you who didn't play this game, that it is not a good movement to trust the user reviews (and I will include myself in this). This is because this game is so controversial, that have made a lot of people enrage about it. This people, which didn't like the ending of the game, and therefore the ending of the franchise, are so frustrated that will easily give this title a 0/10 just because of its ending, which represents just the last minute of gameplay. In my opinion, this is very unfair, and can lead people to believe this game is actually bad, when it isn't. In fact, this game is probably one of the bests RPG you will have this year. Graphics: 9/10. With better graphics than its predecessors, ME3 meets perfectly what its expected for a science-fiction title of this generation. Sound: 9/10. This game will probably make you care about the music. Some of the songs really fit the critical moments, making them even more epic and memorable. Of course and as expected, Bioware also made a brilliant work dubbing the game. Gameplay: 10/10. If you though ME was a brilliant mixture of RPG and shooter playstyle, then you will simply love ME3, being even more dynamic and intuitive than its predecesors. The cover system will make u enrage sometimes, but you will be having so much fun that you will easily forget about this. As a negative, ME3 has more "autodialog" than previous bioware titles, which makes you get less involved in conversations, but don't worry, you will still be able to make pretty big choices through the game. Oh and good news for naughty players, ME3 allows same-sex romances, yum! Also, there's a quite addictive multiplayer mode. Story: 8/10. ME3 feels more linear than its predecessors, and it is. It also has less secondary missions and the main quest is probably shorter. Story is still immersive and the narrative is great, becoming quite emotional in some moments and portraying very good a stressed Sheppard, which will show the signs of pressure through the game and have a pretty hard time making some important decisions. It is satisfying to see what the characters of the previous games have become and most of them will return and make u feel the strong friendship they have with the protagonist. As a negative, ME3 story, while still good, fails to exceed that of ME2. The final stage could also have been larger and you will get a very unexpected ending that u may not like at all (I did like it, anyway). If you have played the previous games, then for sure you have to play this one and expect to have your own strong opinion about the end of the saga. If, on the contrary, you haven't playing the previous games, then... What are u doing here? Go to your nearest store and buy this three must-have! Expand
  13. Apr 23, 2012
    I honestly don't know what the problem is with all these negative reviews. I've played ME1, ME2 and ME3 back-to-back (on PC) and let me tell you, ME3 is my favourite alongside ME2. The controls are smooth, the dialogue has all the depth I've come to love and all of my choices from previous MEs carried through 100%. I think the visuals and audio are truly epic and what I came to expect from a 2012 game. A big thumbs up from me. These user scores of 1 and 0 etc are obviously false or fabricated. It's unthinkable that someone could give this game such a low score. Expand
  14. Apr 26, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really enjoyed this game. I think they have a good motive to do the game this way. It's a solid gameplay and fits really good with the war context. Sometimes I miss the RPG factor of the first game but it's ok.[spoiler] The end is good and it's based on Isaac Asimov books (if any of the children read more instead just yelling **** around maybe the score of this game was greater) [/spoiler] . Expand
  15. May 27, 2012
    If you liked the two previous game you're likely going to like this game as well. It wraps up a lot of story lines and its a marvel to watch the very fate of races being decided but whatever you feel like doing. The production values are high all across the board, brilliant musical score and typical bioware style writting. The graphics does take a bit getting used to as they differ a lot from the previous games. Yes yes the ending is maybe not the best part of the game but definitely not some that make this game deserve a 4.0 it easily beats what otherwise on market right now. Expand
  16. Apr 30, 2012
    Magnificent game. Real dramatic ending, which shows that the hero will go to the end to save the world. If you review separately Mass effect 3, it's a bit worse than the last part. I played all three parts and I think that the developers have done everything like it should be. Especially cooperative game part is very good.
  17. Apr 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I purchased the game solely based on the reviews I have been reading - very mixed.

    I personally was not a fan at all of ME1 or 2 but I bought 3 anyways. I understand people were probably upset at "fresh start" and unable to continue from game 2. Overall the game was pretty good. Todays games are being rushed by the publishers so its common to expect glitches but I find it pathetic people are complaining about the small things like the gun not matching what they are equipped in the video. Who cares? If you want a REAL glitchy game with no story and no unique things to it - go play Force Unleashed 2.

    This game had it all - story, twists and turns, good ending, good music, etc. Now about the ending - the ending was fine. Yes its controversial but ITS A TRILOGY PEOPLE! Its gotta end some how. And if you pay attention between the lines at the end, its not really "the end." Maybe if some people weren't so focused on clicking positive or negative actions, they would listen to the story. The ending fit well. Deal with it.
  18. May 6, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An awesome game! The strange "flaws" in the ending must mean there is more to this story coming on. It is a shame that the choices you made during the trilogy didnt count in the ending but whatever, i loved the feeling of making choices. After all this was one of the best gaming experiences i have had Expand
  19. May 18, 2012
    people, please dont listen to the trolls and check it for yourself. buy it, pirate it, loan it, whatever, but you must try it and dont let others make your opinion. the game is fantastic. pure 9 but il give it ten, just because of them.
  20. May 15, 2012
    Despite the ending, the game is perfect. Graphics, voice acting, music, combat system........everything. Definitely on my top 10 ever. The only "bad" part besides the dreaded ending, are the lack of dialogues aboard the Normandy.
  21. May 15, 2012
    Overall the best game in the series. The multiplayer is great, the emotion in the story is unrivalled. The only flaw is the rushed and terrible ending. I give it a ten simply because even with that, until the last ten minutes and with all the fun in multiplayer the complete package is worth it.
  22. May 16, 2012
    The universe of Mass Effect is inspired by all the great science fiction films of the past like star trek and adds a phenomenal story and gameplay.
    ME3 is the culmination of the saga most beautiful ever seen on PC.
    Is perfect in every way
  23. Nov 2, 2012
    The most epic game that ever released! The most powerful and beautiful game. Awesome storytelling. Brilliant ending, it is more deeper than it looks...
  24. May 16, 2012
    Absolutely epic, one of the best games I've ever played. Besides the ending that has a lot of people upset, this game is absolutely gorgeous, the choices and story are enthralling, well-written, and emotional. Truly in the tradition of past Mass Effect games while taking the series to a new level. Absolutely love it, definitely one of my top 5 favorite games I've ever played. The multiplayer is fun as well. I would love to talk face to face with someone who doesn't like this game, because I feel like there is a real bandwagon sentiment for people giving it bad reviews. There is the whole indignation of the DLC releases, which has some valid points, but that doesn't make this game a bad game. Just taken objectively on its merits, it is an amazing and epic experience if you like RPG's, and like getting into a story. Any movie/game can be unenjoyable if you are in a mood to make it that way, or don't like getting absorbed in a story. For instance, the original Mass Effect and Bioshock 1 were favorites of mine, but one of my best friends doesn't really get into story lines so he just played for the action and preferred other games. But for someone who likes an engrossing atmosphere and story line, this is the game for you. Expand
  25. May 18, 2012
    The word of the day is "choice." The Mass Effect franchise has always rested on the idea that the player gets to pick Shepard's path, and in this last installment BioWare seems determined to give the player a small array of options for almost everything. Are conversations not your thing? There's an option to make them into cut-scenes. Is reflex-action combat too challenging? There's an option to make it significantly simpler (you only need to bother taking cover in the hardest of fights). Like your helmet? See it in cut-scenes. Hate it? Turn it off. Expand
  26. May 20, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game â
  27. May 22, 2012
    Best game of the year 10/10. The narrative is amazing, voice over incredible, one of the best games to come out of the year, though the game isnt as good as the previous one, it still remains a great part of a series that has revolutionized the RPG genre in recent years.
  28. May 22, 2012
    One of the best games I've ever played. It 's more of an interactive story than a mindless shooter and the compelling story line and strong voice acting really make this a memorable experience. My only beef is that it seemed shorter than MEII with fewer supporting missions leading up to the central mission but other than that this was a real gem.
  29. May 24, 2012
    This is a truly superb computer game. I admit that I am often very critical of story-telling, character arcs, plots, game-play. I don't have much free time and have to spend it wisely. In addition, I'm not particularly intrigued by Sci-Fi. For all of these reason (and especially after reading the reviews here), I thought I'd better not play this game. I did finally purchase it, however, and have to say that this game was in quite a few ways superior to either Mass Effect 1 or 2 (which I also played recently). I think the philosophy of the ending options are sound and faithful to the overall story arch. It is in fact better thought out than countless other Sci-Fi story endings. The characters are superb, their motivations are typically clear, their dialogue is often hilarious. In short, if more pulp Sci-Fi novels were as good as this game, I'd probably read more of them. I have never spent the time to review a game before on this or really any site, but I am reviewing this game based on the fact that so many people wrote such hate for this game. I cannot account for it and thought I'd add my two cents of response. Buy this game and enjoy it. It deserves a much higher rating than it has received. Expand
  30. Aug 12, 2012
    Gave it a 10 to *try* to balance the score out. Is that the correct and honest thing to do? Probably not, but ME3, especially after the ending DLC doesn't deserve a 4.3 user score, imo, a 7 or 8 would probably be more appropriate.

    Just my opinion, no need to go spreading it around... :P
  31. May 28, 2012
    Most fulfilling gaming experience since ages. In my opinion, also the best part of the triology. while the ending ist debatable, the amount of emotion (i even had to shed a tear once or twice) this game could create amongst the community can speak for itself.
  32. Apr 21, 2014
    I played through the Mass Effect trilogy twice in two weeks,and all i can say is:WOW. Amazing player-driven story,interesting explorable universe,countless of adventures. This is the peak of the RPG genre. I don't think I'll ever be able to symphatize with,love,or hate characters like in the universe of Mass Effect. Thank you Bioware. For the 3rd episode,(played with all dlcs,no multiplayer),it's has really something in it.
    I felt something after every big decision,i felt I'm in a hurry,it sucked me in.
    There won't be another game soon,which makes me feel guilty for decimating a whole race,or makes me play the whole trilogy again because of it.
    Proper ending to an amazing story,in an awesome universe.
    (I understand if some people had problems with the game after it came out,but i can't say a bad thing about it)
  33. Jun 28, 2012
    Do not believe the negative trolls that have taken over this review site. This is one of the best sci-fi games ever produced and comes to an excellent conclusion. The new extended cut makes it that much better. If you pass this game up because of the negative idiots, you have no one to blame but yourself. Try the game and come to your own conclusion...
  34. Jul 1, 2012
    The problems that everyone had with the ending have been fixed with the Extended Cut and additional closure and clarification was added making this game the ideal choice for purchase if you haven't already. :)
  35. Jul 11, 2012
    first time i play mass effect 3 i hate the ending but now when bio ware decide to released extended ending DLC i love it again now i will play from part 1 again to write my own story
  36. Jul 21, 2012
    I don't understand all the criticism. To hell with all the mistakes in the game, the STORY IS AMAZING. It deserves to be honored as one of the best Sci-fi stories out there. I definitely recommend every body and soul to play through this Trilogy. You won't regret it. I give the game 7 points because there is several faults, and i give the story a 10, because it is just an epic story that i think everybody has to experience. I'm so sad to see that much criticism from the users, but ey, who cares, what matters is your own feeling :) Enjoy a truly fantastic story. Expand
  37. Aug 28, 2012
    The game is simply great. I liked ME2 slightly better, so ME2 should get 11, but there is no 11, so both ME2 and ME3 get 10 :) Great graphics and effects, an epic story to remember, detailed character personalities... so many sad and wonderfull and amazing moments to experience. This game actually makes me sentimental
  38. Aug 29, 2012
    This game is simply awesome. While the story isn't quite as character focused as ME2, it's still quite good, and the mechanics are wonderful, and the multiplayer option is simply a surprise gift that keeps on giving. Add to that the support for mature relationships, previous game story tie-ins, and a willingness by Bioware to rework the ending to produce a more community pleasing result, and you have a fantastic game. The variety of weapons, powers, races, and classes is simply beyond anything else being done these days. Expand
  39. Jun 2, 2013

    I was not sure about the last part of this series, because it got so much hate spit on, but I got it eventually. I can't find the right words to describe this epic masterpiece the right way... I played with a Leviathan, From Ashes and Extended Ending DLC's, and I had the greatest possible gaming experience with this series a player can imagine. This is now my top 1 game of all
    times, and I doubt anything can ever beat it. Take care Normandy crew, take care Mass Effect universe, take care the game defining the true meaning of a word "sci-fi"! Thank you Bioware for finishing the story this way.


  40. Sep 19, 2012
    Just like almost everyone else who played this game I didn't like the ending or the other disappointments. I cry myself to sleep wishing Shepard was indoctrinated, but this was still one of the best games I have ever played and is by far the most emotional.
  41. Dec 2, 2012
    An amazing game, I can't believe how many people is complaining about the ending. This is my point of view: IT WAS AMAZING! Even if ME3 is much shooter than ME1 (and much less than ME2). It really worth the price. And with the extended cut, is much much better.
  42. Sep 2, 2013
    This game takes what ME2 did and makes it better. Granted, the ending is not the greatest. However, everything else is done exceptionally well. The graphics are improved, as are the RPG elements and the situational tactics. Don't pay attention to the hype around the ending- enjoy this game for what it is
  43. Dec 12, 2012
    this is mass effect the best game ever and mass effect 3 is out its a great game for the frenchise its batter then mass effect 1 but not mass effect 2,a year after the events of mass effect 2 commender sheperd is retired from is gob and after the reapers are invading for earth he is back you get to play a returning character from mass effect 1 and 2 the story is amazing if you have the 2 first game you can import your character from mass effect 2 and then the story is amzing without it the story will be fine but no so great.multoplayer is not so intersting but the gameplay is improved so becuase i dont care about the multiplayer i will give it 10/10 and say its in the second place on the best game for the frenchise the first is mass effect buy it Expand
  44. Feb 6, 2013
    In my mind, Mass Effect 3 is flawless. The combat is rich and solid, the story is the best I've ever encountered, the characters leave such a raw, visceral sense of emotion that I actually teared up on a few occasions. There is no other game that is such a complete package. The endings were well written and fantastically executed. This is how you make games. BioWare have touched the sky here and there is no turing away from such a well written and well made game Expand
  45. Oct 28, 2012
    This stunning game is by far the best of the trilogy. I tried playing the first one like 2 years ago and i couldn't figure out how to do all that stupid rpg crap. I love how this game just lets you run around and kill stuff without all those menus slowing you down. The story was a constant rollercoaster ride that keeps throwing curveballs at you. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole 7 hour campaign. Bioware has released another timeless classic that will be remembered forever. This truly is a company that can do no wrong Expand
  46. Nov 3, 2012
    the game brings excellent emotions.
    may be too complex for most of players.
    developer added extended cut of the endings to help not-so-clever players.
  47. Oct 30, 2013
    Amazing Game, a great ending to a great trilogy, extremely polished, and full of detail, incredible combat and excellent story telling, its a must have for this generation of gaming.
  48. Nov 18, 2012
    Rather than trying to expand on the formula which set Mass Effect as one of those rpg-shooter hybrids which grow more frequent as the years pass by, Bioware decided to dismiss it completely in favour of Michael Bay-grade explosions and the like. Mass Effect 3 starts off almost a year after ME2 where Shepard has done nothing of note except somehow end up on Earth and is being trailed by th
  49. Nov 22, 2012
    a fantastic game. with the new extended cut mass effect 3 ends the trilogy in a great way. its epic, exciting, dramatic, its equally as good as mass effect 2. the only negatives are the journal system sucks now...but the gamepaly, characters, graphics, everything is top notch. the best game of 2012 and one of the best games ever overall
  50. Dec 23, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 shows us an intense ending of an epic story with good graphics and characters. You have to know part one and two. For all others: It`s a mix of a science fiction action role playing game.
  51. Dec 5, 2012
    Absolutely loved this game. Well-written and presented sci-fi story in the form of a video game. Hint: you should play the prequels with all available DLC:s to get most out of ME3 - all on insane difficulty, of course. I really do not get people who complain about the possible endings. I found them satisfying. The only flaw I found in this game was that I could not holster Shepards weapon. Compare that to the mountains of bugs, lack of challenge and interesting content & overall childisness in titles like Skyrim and Fallout 3 & NV, Mass Effect 3 is brilliant game for adults. Hard choises, bad hair days and end of the worlds in galactic scale - just wow! Expand
  52. Dec 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 is an incredibly controversial game, it has seen a lot of hate for all the flaws it has, these include a lack of dialogue options compared to the original two, more action oriented gameplay and a unsatisfying ending, for the most part these criticisms are valid, but even though there are many problems with the game I have no trouble in saying that Mass Effect 3 is a masterpiece.

    The Characters: Mass Effect 3 for all the things it did wrong, it did many things oozing with greatness, first of the greatest thing about the game is the characters, Garrus, Liara, Mordin, Legion, Thane, Anderson and my personal favourite character in the third installment ; EDI. They all have masterful moments, these moments range from being incredibly sad and emotional to moments which put a massive smile on your face.

    The Story: Mass Effect 3 has a damn good story (for the most part), and even though the story is a far worse RPG than 2, and especially Mass Effect 1, this doesn't mean that the story is any worse, people complain about the game compared to the previous two, but fail to realize that Mass Effect 3 is its own game, and is just as good, but in many different areas. The story is about taking down the reapers and gathering alliances to stop them, this will take you on an incredible journey full of beautifully executed moments, some of these moments I'd dare say are some of the greatest moments in media history.

    Gameplay and Presentation: Mass Effect 3 has once again greatly improved the gameplay for the series, the shooting mechanics have been tweaked and are better than ever, which still not masterful by any means, with a few bugs here and there, they controls are still pretty damn good. The Presentation hasn't improved so much from Mass Effect 2, but then again Mass Effect 2's feel and artistic style was near perfect, so there's no complaints here. Unlike Mass Effect 1, where you would land on a planet, which where always the same planet, just re textured , with the same facilities and artistic design, Mass Effect 3's location all feel diverse and wonderfully crafted.

    The Ending: The original ending was a highly disappointing conclusion, the extended cut made things a lot better, and despite the plot holes gave me a sense of closure

    Conclusion: Mass Effect 3 is a wonderful game, with great characters, great stories and great artistic design, and despite its flaws, and Casey Hudson's artistic integrity, Mass Effect 3 is a tremendous game and deserves to be played.
  53. Jan 24, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is an epic and brilliant finale to a great trilogy of games. Let me just note, I am reviewing this game with the Extended Cut ending. The Mass Effect trilogy is the best series of games of all time, mainly because its choices are you choices and we do matters. Some may have found this to be disappointing, but not me.
  54. Nov 28, 2013
    Why the hell is this game so underrated? I enjoyed it so much! It was even better then the ME2! The plot is interesting, the comrades are awesome as usually, the combat system is fascinating, the music is simply perfect. 10/10 for me.
  55. Mar 14, 2013
    A wise man once said "The journey is more important than the destination". Mass Effect 3's ending is far from that what you may have hoped, but the epic and intense overall singleplayer story and the surprisingly well functioning co-operative multiplayer are SO well done that the ending is less than a split-second of importance.
  56. Mar 10, 2013
    I strongly disagree with the negative reviews. Originally ending was a bit confusing, although it didn't strike me as a bad one. And now, after the expansion ("extended cut") it has become perfect, no less. Note that Bioware didn't change the ending, they've just expanded it by adding more explanations in longer cutscenes. This is easily the best game in the series.
  57. Jun 25, 2013
    Mass effect 3 is a pretty damn good game i loved this game so much and i was very attached to it until the ending if you check the indoctrination theory video about the ending you will understand it more in the end it is a great game. worth buying
  58. Mar 13, 2013
    This is one of the best endings that i ever seen! The third part of the trilogy tell us about the all world, not only Shepard's history, and a lot of people can not understand this. But without all DLC the story is not full. I is highly recommending this series to every smart man or woman. Hudson is genius (not every one can understand his mind), and i'm waiting for new part of Mass Effect, but without Shepard( i hope), because his place ONLY in the trilogy/ I love him, Hudson, Bioware and Mass Effect/ Good LUCK! Expand
  59. Sep 8, 2013
    I... Don't... Understand what the big deal is... Yes, the game is not much of an RPG now, but, it was still great, one of the best I have played. Everyone have other feelings about the game though, I respect that. But from my perspective, this game is a must-have.
  60. May 2, 2013
    Great game, loved every minute of it, except for the ending.

    Ending could have been better but I don't know if I'm just annoyed I wont have any more Mass Effect
  61. May 16, 2013
    No way this should be a 4.7 all the cheep need to get a life and stop being butt hurt over the ending. ME3's ending was absolutely brilliant in terms of semantics and the games overall tone, it is depressing that the majority of asswipes cannot see nor do they care to appreciate that. Bioware fans a truly the scum of the earth.
  62. May 18, 2013
    Its easily the Best Game of 2012 i really enjoyed and liked every minute, Yes even the ending was great i nearly cried and this is the only game what could make me cry.Finally not a dissapointment boring always fairy tale happy ending.
  63. May 27, 2013
    No matter how bad the ending was, the game was GREAT. I don't think storytelling this good has ever been in a game like this before. Judge them how they are, but the DLC they release are worth it. They leave you with this feeling of sadness because of how well the told the story. The last lines that Bioware created for Shepard, "Its been a damn good ride" "The best" just makes you think. over 6 years this game is great.

    During this game they give you a feeling of urgency. The Reaper attack makes you want to hurry.
  64. Jul 22, 2013
    I played this game a long time ago but just decided to come back and reflect. I thought the gameplay was good. But the best thing about this game was the atmosphere. It felt crushing at all times. I felt that there was no time and all would be lost, so I had to try something. I could really get into the mood of this game and I thought the ending reflected ME3's atmosphere as a whole perfectly. I think this game has had one of the best storylines in a game yet. The most important thing to me was the music combined with the few glimpses of light and hope spending time with those close to the protagonist. This game shows to me how creating a coherent structure for atmosphere can make for a unique, amazing and touching experience. I understand that this came at a cost of some features, but I still loved it. I also felt the game series had matured to beyond the black and white. I understand that the younger audience might find this annoying. I loved it. Finding an answer to all the questions after all that, would've been the definition of anticlimax. I find myself listening to "Leaving Earth" from time to time and it can take me through my journey at any time. Expand
  65. Jul 2, 2013
    I just don't understand why this magnificent game has received so many negative reviews.Just because people are not satisfied with the ending(which I found very satisfying-Play the game with the EXTENDED CUT DLC-then it would make sense),it doesn't mean that this isn't a good game. In fact this series the one of the GREATEST GAME TRILOGIES ever made.Please don't undervalue this game just because the game didn't end the way you wanted(No Offense). Expand
  66. Jul 25, 2013
    Mass effect 3 is a fitting conclusion to the mass effect saga. It boasts significantly improved gameplay fluidity and mechanics, as well as a more varied campaign. The story is emotional, hard hitting, and diverse. The games visuals have been improved a lot, and the pc version looks quite spectacular despite and aging core engine, and runs smoother than the previous games to boot. In terms of streamlining which I hate the game is in between mass effect 1 and 2, the major disappointment in the game is the planet exploring, which has been stripped down. Imported save games determine a lot, from entire characters no longer existing in the story to conflicts that play out entirely different.Multiplayer is fun, and is not required to get the best ending in the game. In the end, mass effect 3 is special. As good as mass effect 2 in storytelling, and almost as good as mass effect 1 in rpg-like skill/item medications and exp distribution. My favorite in an acclaimed series. Expand
  67. Feb 10, 2014
    a wonderful game and great ending to the trilogy. the story follows you as you try to find support from the other races of the galaxy to try to fight the reapers. the story, as usual is great,however i disliked the lack of loyalty missions that were in mass effect 2, as well as the much smaller team you have at your disposal, limiting your choices of squadmates. the graphics are top notch as well, as well as the game-play, aside from a few minor glitches i found. along with the single player, there is a surprisingly enjoyable co-op multiplayer mode, where you and up to 3 other people fight waves of enemies across various locations in the galaxy. the enemy faction variants are cerberus, geth, collector, and reaper. playing the co-op mode increases galactic readiness percentage, which in short, allows you to use more of your forces in the final push. Expand
  68. Oct 17, 2013
    A good RPG is not without its drawbacks, of course, but it turned out very well. Upset a lot of DLS, which did not at first suspect. If you set the DLS Free Extended cut, then the game (depending on the position of the player) will end well. I was glad to play in the trilogy, and to share money with the developers
  69. Dec 16, 2013
    This review is coming from someone who completed the game with the Extended Cut instaled. The game itself is excelent, the storytelling is great throughout until the end, when it drops in quality, from amazing to acceptable. But what counts its the journey, and it was an amazing one.
  70. Nov 7, 2013
    Without a doubt the best series i've ever come to play! So much replay value! Its insane and I can't describe it enough. THIS IS A MUST BUY AND PLAY EXPERIENCE. Trust me on this!
    I don't understand why people are complaining about the endings. Do not be scared of the low user score. trust me when I tell you. This game is awesome and you wohn't regret playing it

    Just... wow
    (useless pros. I know :v)
    Story and characters are so well done!

    Combat can get a little linear
    No coop :/
    End of the series
  71. Mar 7, 2014
    I will never forgive EA for rushing the development of this game. It pains to think about what could have been.

    However, I still give this game a 10 because in spite of its rushed development, this game is darn near perfection. Several of the most emotionally provocative moments in video game history are all in this game. I've never experienced such a grand storyline on such an epic
    scale. Thank you BioWare for the ride. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it up until the end.

    Thank heavens we at least got the extended cut that tied off so many of the stories and choices that were left totally absent from the original ending.
  72. Nov 12, 2013
    KotorFan3231-This is definitely one of the best games i have ever played, and personally one of my favorites of all time. The story and characters are above average in fact they are the best i have ever seen in any game to date. There is so much emotion in the dialogue, the action is intense, well presented, and cinematic. The choices your character makes are more impact full. There is one instance in the game i won't spoil for anyone but it involves the Geth, and Tali, and one of the choices made me feel so much emotion i almost cried. Fortunately i ran into very little glitches. My personal favorite character from this game other than commander Shepard is The Illusive Man voice by Martin Sheen, he is well voiced, and character is well written. Now the only other problem with the game that i found was there were less companions, but each were interesting so that didn't bother me that much. For the people who say the ending ruined the game it didn't yes the original ending did not solve much it was just inconclusive but did not ruin the whole game. The ending did not interfere with my experience because overall the writing was extremely strong. There is a massive amount of content in this game. It took me 30+ hours. Overall i give this game a 10, and it does not mean that the game is perfect it just means the pros far outweigh the cons. Expand
  73. Feb 21, 2014
    One of the best games I'm played. Definitely top 10 for me. The game play is fluid, intense, and fun, The story is a roller coaster of emotion that makes you care about every decision you make and care about the characters you've come to know and love throughout he trilogy. The original ending was the biggest flaw, but the extended cut and other released DLC made up for that. As with most EA games, the release was rushed and thus the terrible original ending. Expand
  74. Jan 1, 2014
    One of the most emotionally affecting, visually stunning and immersively compelling games I have ever played. A fantastic conclusion to perhaps the finest video game series to date.
  75. Feb 27, 2014
    The emotional journey more than make up for the ending :). L o v e. This game :D. :D. :D
  76. Mar 11, 2014
    I wish I could give it a 9.6. The -0.4 for an ending that stood in juxtaposition to one of the most masterful RPG gaming experiences so far. Similar mechanics to the 2nd, with less in common with the first. But the game is more than a rpg shooter with neat looking effects, it's among the best unique to video game narratives and should be played by anyone who likes science fiction, involved dialogue, philosophy, social commentary. Expand
  77. Mar 15, 2014
    Игра супер, такого шедевра еще ни один производитель не сделал. Реалистичное РПГ общение, с выборами ответа влияющими на сюжет. Перенос сохранений из одной части игры в другую, а от сохранений зависит не только сюжет, но и персонажи кто жив а кто мертв, и многое другое. Еще забыл написать о красивой графике на лучшем игровом движке Unreal Engine.
  78. Apr 5, 2014
    By far my favourite game, and with the best ending ever. Having to go on Youtube to understand it - the whole choice-thing being part of a process of indoctrination that's been going on since Shepard first saw the child in the vent and all that - it took a few minutes to realize that it was in fact not the worst ending ever, but the most sophisticated. All in all, this is probably as close to perfection as you're ver going to get when it comes to video game stories. Expand
  79. Jul 6, 2014
    People complain about this game far too much, since they updated the ending this game has become a full fledged conclusion to the trilogy instead of the retarded third child it once was. the game play from 2 to 3 was much improved and the online multi-player was non-stop fun (provided you will need to have at least 1-2 friends in your life to enjoy it) Best game of the series by far. If you don't believe go drive in a goddamn Mako for a few hours then return.

    Don't believe the Haters!
  80. Jul 15, 2014
    This game was simply amazing. The story, the levels, the combat, all of it was really good. The ending may be a bit weird but with the extended cut I think its becomes okay. The optimization of this game is amazing as well. As must play and a good ending to the Mass Effect trilogy.
  81. Mar 10, 2012
    Honestly, I really don't understand the overwhelming amount of negative fan reviews for this game. I can understand some of the problems people have, such as the ending and such, but that really shouldn't determine the score of the entire game. For me, the game was amazing. The characters were still enjoyable and deep, the missions were epic, the environments were gorgeous, and the multiplayer is repetitive but addicting. The PC version also performs very well, even on my somewhat dated laptop. If you have any investment or interest in the Mass Effect universe, this game is an absolute must-have. Expand
  82. Aug 9, 2012
    I think it's absorlutly unfair, to give Mass Effect 3 a score under seven, simply based on the ending. Mass Effect 3 is like the other games in the series, an amazing game! Everything that leads up to the ending, is superb, every mission is fantastik, the graphics is fantastik, the characters, the environments, just superb. The ending was patched up by the extendet cut DLC, but yes .. its still not as great as i would have liked, but its definitely acceptable now. The multiplayer is also pretty good. I personatlly play Mass Effect for the single-player, but the multiplayer is a nice feature when you have completed the game, and just need some more Mass Effect.
    All in all, Mass effect 3 is a great game, which is absorlutly worth buying.
  83. Apr 27, 2012
    This game was excellent. Amazing art work, fun game play, excellent save points. Good story for the most part, sometimes really excellent depending on choices. Yah the ending was a tad confusing at best, but it's no excuse to rate the game that poorly otherwise. I could have done with less exposition; sometimes I felt like I was watching TV at times rather than playing the game, but otherwise everything you could have wanted in a ME game. And the multiplayer gimmick was annoying but unnecessary - I achieved full War Assets even with only a 50% War Readiness rating. Overall, I would say ME2 was my favorite, but this was a worthy successor. Expand
  84. Oct 31, 2012
    It's six months after release and I finally played and finished the game with the extended DLC endings.

    Guess I'm going to be in the minority who believe it was an excellent gaming experience. The cinematics, story (touching bases or bringing back old primary characters into the story), music and combat fights were epic and top-notch. I had all the DLC content that ended up being
    about 35 hours of game play which I felt gave me good value for my purchase.

    As far as the endings, I thought they were fine. I'm not sure what else you could have done with the story. I'm glad that Bioware didn't go with the cop-out "it was all just a dream" ending - could have been easy for them and they probably wouldn't have received a fraction of the grief. I went and looked at the original endings on YouTube and think that people who gave the game a "zero" or "one" score have some serious problems separating gaming life from real life. It simply wasn't that bad. And even if it had been the worst ending in gaming history (go look at the ending of Far Cry 2 if you want to see that), the rest of the game should have warranted at least a 6-7 score from reviewers. At least those who give honest reviews instead of trying to be spiteful.

    But I do give props to Bioware for listening to the complaints and coming up with some additional ending media. They didn't have to do that, but they did.

    I only have two real complaints - 1) the "duck and cover" command (spacebar) was problematic. Often I would use that command, end up behind a barrier and I couldn't move away from it - or at least without some difficulty. A bad guy would flank me and blast away and there was nothing I could do. And 2) the log-in sequence to the EA/Origin was atrocious. Nearly a 5 minute boot-time for everything to be up and running and synched. Ridiculous...

    In a nutshell, the whole series is a one of the best gaming experiences a gaming enthusiast can play and ME3 was the crown jewel of the 3. Put aside what you've heard from naysayers and if you haven't played the game, give it a shot - and start from the beginning. You won't be disappointed.
  85. May 2, 2012
    Everything in this game is excellent (even multiplayer). But the ending. Yes, the ending. No, I'm not angry about Bioware. Frankly the ending is just too sad for a story with a western cultural background and be more fitting to a chinese movie. It could be even possible, that they liked it there but certainly me not.
  86. Mar 9, 2012
    I really think the vast plethora of negative reviews of this game comes from some deep-seated bias, anger that Bioware did not topple WoW in the MMO dept., or maybe some dissatisfaction that the "finale" of this series didn't blow their minds to the unrealistic degree they expected. So here's a nice passionless review. This game is a clear upgrade to ME2, gameplay-wise, graphics-wise and even immersion-wise. You'll notice that negative reviews don't have specific game design elements they have problems with (just sweeping grievances, like "Dev. time wasted on multiplayer"). This is because every game element that was added or removed was done so with painstaking care. Personally, I believe Bioware's core competency is their ability to immerse the player in a story/universe. This is done exceptionally well in this game-- emotions run high. I was genuinely distraught when the little boy is take out in the beginning which set me on a fiery revenge path on the reapers. That being said, Bioware works their butts off to make a fun single-player gameplay experience and it pays off. While I would never compare actual gameplay steez to a Developer like Blizzard, Valve and Stunlock Studios--companies of which gameplay is most important-- I have to say Bioware has created a uniquely engaging combat system. Of the "open-world" complaints, I do not quite understand. There are clearly more options at any given time in this game then in any of the previous Mass Effects. At any time there are approximately 4-6 planets (each with 1-3 missions) that I can go to; some of these are central to the story line and many are "side-line." Personally, I don't really care about this element of gameplay (I'm in the, GTA-->overrated boat--not that I haven't dumped days into each since GTA2), I plan on playing all of the content so being able to "choose" the order really doesn't seem important to me. Overall, this game is a 9.4 in my book. The long developed "KOTOR" style of RPG is my current favorite in the single-player category. A worthy distraction from real gaming (SC2 break!) for a few weeks :D. Expand
  87. Dec 29, 2012
    Come one people! i don't normally write reviews, but i felt compelled to, because the game was really enjoyable, no idea why so many are complaining about the ending, it wasn't that bad, i enjoyed the game and found myself captivated throughout my playtime, there's no reason to trash the game if the story line didn't meet your expectations, its a phenomenal experience. i had very little performance issues, and i highly recommend this if you enjoyed the other two titles, don't let the user reviewed put you off trying this out, for once the game critics got it right. Expand
  88. Mar 10, 2012
    Look.. it's a fun game. Loved ME1, Loved ME2.. ME3 is pretty good. There is no doubt in my mind that I will replay the whole series over again, and I'm satisfied with what was offered for part 3.

    The problem perhaps is people have spent the last 5 years expecting something "SO GREAT" that no matter what product was released, there is going to be some room for disappointment. In any
    case, you have a very solid, playable game - that improves on the shortcomings of the two previous games. Is it perfect? I played through the games, I read the books, and I even read some of the comics. In my opinion, this ties things up nicely.

    Absolutely not. Find me a game that is.

    Have I had a lot of fun playing it? Yes.

    Was it worth my money? Yes.

    Will I be purchasing DLC? Absolutely.
  89. Jun 29, 2012
    I am re-reviewing this game due to the Extended Cut release. I had originally given this a 4 due to the horrible ending with the Extended Cut I feel Bioware did well in trying to wrap up a difficult story. Bioware can't make everyone happy but I am satisfied with the Extended Cut and look forward to replaying this game over and over now.
  90. Mar 7, 2012
    It is on par with the rest of the series, and I'm finding that it appears to have quite a bit more in common in 1.

    Definitely a good game, and in no way a 0 or a 1. Hell, even at it's worst, this game would at least rate a 7 or 8. It might be a homophobia issue, or perhaps people just want to get after EA... but ME 3 is a solid game if you liked the first two.
  91. Jul 13, 2012
    Its a gread Game and with the EE worthy of financial statements of the Story. I have cried at the Ending, because it was aware thats now over with my Shepard, 4 Years long i have playes she... Thank your Bioware vor the great Serie, ich love it and i hope you make a good Mass Effect 4.
  92. Mar 21, 2012
    It's embarrassing that so many people just looking for something to hate in a game this good are willing to go on websites and give 0 scores just because the games ending isn't the one they specifically would have wanted. The truth is, while the game is somewhat streamlined even when compared to the last one, the combat is just right, the graphics are actually quite jaw-dropping, the story throughout the entire game is thrilling, extremely emotional and more epic than ever before, the voice acting is as great as the previous games, the co-op is surprisingly good and ties in well with the story, the whole game itself is 30 hours long and very replayable and the ending, which is where most of the hate seems to be directed , in my opinion does a great job of closing this incredible sci-fi trilogy. Expand
  93. Nov 15, 2012
    Re-reviewing the game based on the Extended Cut and Leviathan DLC. These two single player additions as well as a couple weapon packs and free multiplayer add-ons have really won me over. I was a skeptic at first, having gone through the game for a third time, I am reminded as to why I love the series so much. I cannot wait for the Omega DLC.

    The multiplayer aspect is really well
    done and extremely addicting, the new achievement system is fantastic. Expand
  94. Mar 12, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 had me laughing, crying and truly entertained for 35 hours. It deserves recognition for pulling all those emotions out of a player, and to do it so consistently. The action and continuing romance of the series blew my mind. The developers listened to its fans when improving these two aspects of the game. My Love Interest (Liara) was so well written, and the time that her and Shepard did have together was meaningful. Playing this trilogy has been an honour and I hope Bioware continues creating titles that span numerous games like they did with Shep because after a span of 3 games, I felt like I really knew those NPCs and I was emotionally invested.

    Bioware also has a special place in my heart for creating same-sex characters and they will always have my respect for making that happen with a high-quality story.

    Day 1 DLC? I don't care. Bioware makes the kind of games that I want to play, and if they create more content, I will gladly pay for that content.
  95. Feb 5, 2014
    A truly great ending to the Mass Effect trilogy. The extended endings help though, since it’s easier to understand what happened. Seen the original endings and they truly were identical, the new ones feel better.
    All in all, all the third game felt like a great finale to the Shepard trilogy. Definitely makes the trilogy end on a high note.
    Now, on to Mass Effect 4.
  96. Mar 7, 2012
    Overall I've been impressed with the game, despite what some ignoramuses say below your choices DO matter; In the first two hours of the campaign there was no less then 20 references or games changes related to the DLC or choices I made in previous games, I was counting. The game handles well(albeit the cover system is a bit 'sticky'). The combat system is very similar to Mass Effect 2; load times are drastically shorter then the others, which was one of my biggest peeves about the previous games is you spent more time in a loading screen then playing half the time. Also the annoying(and pretty much required) mineral/element probe mining has been removed and replaced with something more relevant. The multiplayer is fun and seems to be coded fairly well and gives a decent advantage to the single player. Allowing a co-operative play-through of the campaign would be great for a future update.

    User submitted scores shouldn't even be allowed until one week after release. It's obvious most of the 0's and 1's haven't even played the game and are just complaining to complain. Frankly if you read this, you should be ashamed, even if you didn't like the game it's not '0' or '1' material. 'Super Columbine Massacre' got a 5.8 and you think this game is worse?
  97. Mar 11, 2012
    A great sequel, with enhanced gameplay mechanics as well as bringing back aspects of the original that were missed, and a story that does not disappoint.
  98. Mar 19, 2012
    There is no way my post here will contend with 1,454 negative reviews of the game ... but I thought this was a wonderful experience. I'm just giving my 9/10 to say that I disagree with the legions of whiners out there. Seriously, you're overreacting.
  99. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. While I raged against Bioware for ruining Dragon Age series with Dragon Age 2,and feared they might do the same with Mass Effect I was positively surprised with Mass Effect 3,while not perfect it is pretty good combining elements of Mass Effect 1 and 2 in one game,personally I dont mind the endings,though I would like more explanation and closure,something that they should fix with a DLC.I do understand that most players expected a fairy tale ending "and they all lived happily ever after" but I was positively surprised by the generally grim endings.Fairy tale endings are rather unrealistic,especially in consideration that galaxy is fighting against vastly superior enemy.Still the endings need more closure and explanations,current endings leave a lot of things open to interpretation though it is possible they wanted to make them like that.


    -Smoother and more dynamic combat though I dont like the too fast power cooldown time (enables constant spamming of powers meaning that on lower difficulties you can win most battles relying on powers alone)
    -Decisions from Mass Effect 1 and 2 have a significant impact on the experience of Mass Effect 3
    -Lots of cutscenes that add to immersiveness and cinematic feeling
    -Feels more realistic and darker than 1 and 2
    -Interesting missions and twists (for example EDI becoming available as a squadmate)
    -Beautiful visuals and great performance
    -Haunting music


    -Endings need more closure and explanation
    -EMS has little effect except for getting a third ending which is synthesis (they should make it similar to Mass Effect 2,low EMS means dead squadmates and other allies)
    -Not enough squadmates (Mass Effect 2 spoiled me with the number of squadmates)

    Hopefully they will bring in some great DLCs that will fix loose ends,add more to the story and give closure to endings.Still it is pretty good game and I was positively surprised.Low scores on Mass Effect 3 present here reflect the hate for the endings,prior to endings I am sure most of the haters really liked the game.
  100. Mar 13, 2012
    I don't understand what people are talking about. Granted, it is a bit depressing but the best entry in the series. There is so much to it. And the ending isn't disappointing as people are pointing it out. In fact, it was a very suiting one! Don't listen to people, they are nuts!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.