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  1. Jul 21, 2012
    Just finished the Game with the Extended Cut, then compared it on Youtube with the original ending. I can see why many people didn't like the ending, there really are a few too many things left open in the original ending. The Extended Cut is therefore a nice addition to give players more closure. However, I have to say, that this is one of the most beautiful games I've ever played and definitely does not deserve the criticism it got about it's ending. I personally loved all the endings, even though I only chose the bad ending to see what it was like, normally I wouldn't choose it. This game is an amazing and perfect conclusion to the Mass Effect Trilogy and true fans will love it like I did. Mass Effect 1 had the most epic ending, Mass Effect 2 was the most epic game overall and Mass Effect 3 was the most beautiful of them all. Also, since it mainly used music from the first and second game and didn't show that many more additional good soundtracks (apart from the beginning and the end of the game) I give this game a 9 out of 10. Well done Bioware and thank you! Expand
  2. Jun 5, 2012
    Very dissapointing ending but.... This game is just pure awesomeness. Way better than me2, and as good as me1. Me3 would be perfect if not the ending...
  3. Jun 4, 2012
    People really need to stop bashing this game. Though the ending is rather bad, the rest of the game is fantastic. The story telling, the gameplay, the writing, its all fantastic. My only complaint to the game, besides the ending, is the lack of content in the multiplayer. Otherwise, this game is a must buy.
  4. Jun 10, 2012
    I have not been a fan of Bioware since the Dragon Age 2 disaster or the ME series. Especially ME 2 with it's nerve wrecking harvesting, story unlikeliness and blank environments had me building up high levels of denial against it.

    But i just had to see the ending in ME 3, and i'm glad i did.
    I regard ME 3 as the best part of the series, it's good enough to compensate for all the flaws and
    drags in the previous 2 parts.
    Few Games today have such high quality and enjoable amount of content. To some minor extent i can even understand the weak last minute DLC ripping.

    Believable Story that makes you play along, interesting Dialogs, strong Atmosphere, Gameplay is fun (played as Vanguard), nice and smooth visuals. Good difficulty on normal (being careless get's you killed).

    It does need a few tweaks to get it in shape, check the ME wiki on how to. 6x speed for scenes and walking really can make a difference.
    It's not an RPG and shouldn't be marketed as one.
    Weapons are interesting, but most of the them are pretty much alike. Personally i found myself always coming back to the particle rifle.
    Nothing overly new, just a perfect wrapping up of the universe they created. Some low textures now and then, but nothing really disturbing.

    A few more customization options for armor would have been nice, currently I'd regard them as mainly cosmetic.
    Character relation's were a bit of focus this time.
    It had to end, and i would have preferred a stronger and more personal ending, but honestly i'm ok with it. Large scale problems do call for uncompromising solutions.
  5. Jun 12, 2012
    IT WASN'T THAT BAD. The majority of the game is excellent, with certain character deaths really adding to the overall experience of the series (two in particular). The combat is exciting and fluid, the dialogue well written and well voice acted, and some of the choices are deep, and philosophically challenging. Yes, the ending wasn't what we expected, and I'm as annoyed as everyone else, but we can't let 10 minutes ruin a trilogy which we have passed countless well-spent hours playing! Expand
  6. Oct 3, 2012
    I loved both Mass Effect games that came before this one. I kept saves all the way from 1 through 2. After finishing Mass Effect 3 I understand why people are upset. I thought "Bioware won't let me down" I wanted to see this trilogy through to the end. I got to the end and it didn't matter, because there are no differences between the endings.
  7. Jun 21, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 was the worst game in the series. While Multiplayer was a nice addition, i think that the singleplayer suffered a lot. Most time there are only two choices (the middle option is missing, except in some parts), the journal system got worse from me2 to 3 (how can that happen?), no vehicle exploration or little mini games and to much Auto-Dialog (Story- and RPG-Mode). Now lets go to the multiplayer. The matchmaking is the worst I have ever seen and the anti-cheating system is overly sensitive (Everyone can report someone and he gets banned even he didnt do anything. Happend to me 2 times already. Had to report these mistakes and got to play multiplayer again). The good Aspects of the Game are that the dialog with your squadmates are unique and funny. You could have though BioWare looked directly into the souls of the fans. Some Missions were so unique and awesome (Tuchanka for example) that it could have redeemed BioWare for all those bad aspects. But the one thing that is the worst piece of yeah i think you know what i mean are these super intelligence-insulting endings. With that ending and the bad aspect of the game bioware not only ruined its reputation but lost a lot of (good) fans. I'd rate this game minus (over)9000 but because of some awesome moments i rate it with good will a 2 out of 10. BioWare please take these critism to heart and change while you still can! I still have faith in you. Expand
  8. Jun 22, 2012
    Mass effect as a trilogy is by far one of the better action RPGs out there. Mass effect 3 is an excellent addition to it, though its ending may leave you feeling unsatisfied. You play as Commander Shepard, on a quest to save the galaxy from the Reapers, who are these ancient synthetic aliens hell bent on wiping out all organic life. It's a shooter RPG, and while the gameplay is quite nice especially compared to earlier mass effect editions, the heart and soul of this game is not in its gameplay but in its story and characterization. You'll care about your squad members in a way you wouldn't in other games. You'll actually want to know what happens to them. This is bioware's strength: creating games with characters you actually like and want to know more about. For most of the game and especially the Tuchanka mission, the game is an absolute blast. It is more challenging than Mass effect 1 and 2 in a good way, and they've removed the distracting mini games. There has been much written about Mass effect 3's ending and for good reason, if you are like the majority you will wonder what the hell happened. Its ending is not its strength, but don't let that dissuade you. It's mostly a really great game. To get the most out of it, I highly recommend playing mass effect 1 and 2 first, as your choices will carry over into 3 and make it that much more meaningful. Expand
  9. Jul 8, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished playing ME3 with all the available DLC's including the extended far I played through the "Refusing to choice", Synthesis" and "Destruction" options. The first two while bitter sweet, were rather good. Where as the destruction option, just left me feeling frustrated. Due to where it shows Shepard suddenly taking a breath as though having been out cold. But then the credits begin rolling.

    It just made it seem like more of a teaser to see Shepard's suddenly breath in and then nothing else. I can understand Bioware wanting to leave it up to the gamers imagination...but that teaser, is like torture.

    I just wanted to mention that. But again the other two ending options I played through, those were rather good and while I don't know what the original shorter endings were like, I did appreciate the extended cut version. I just would have liked to have more certainty of Shepard's fate after that breath.

    Heck I really would have enjoyed seeing an option where Shepard rejoins his friends upon the Normandy. But what can be told, aside from just appreciating the fact that at least his friends survived and the she/he got to breath again.

    At any rate, the game overall was amazing...and perhaps I feel that way because I waited until the extended cut DLC became available.
  10. Jul 8, 2012
    After looking at all the red scores this game has received I have been compelled to speak out. I don't think most users have given this game a fair go. It has received this negative criticism for many reasons. Some of the criticism is fair, but most of it is drivel written by petulant children that didn't get their cookie.

    Firstly there had been unrealistic expectations placed upon
    it. It is the third of an epic trilogy. Not only did it have three times the attention that an original release would have done, but it also carried with it two games worth of changeable back-story that needed working into the plot. That is a serious amount of baggage for any development team to work with. Pleasing everyone was never going to happen if the game was ever going to be released. I am amazed however how smoothly the game plays out having played through it now with three different save game imports. Bioware have done a superlative job in simply getting a coherent story out of two games worth (70 hours worth) of loose threads, and should be commended for their efforts.

    Secondly plot has developed in line with the popular hero trend. If you want your hero
  11. Jul 9, 2012
    Played the whole series. Loved it. I played through Mass Effect 3 one time, using the extended cut, so I did not get traumatized, it seems. Combat is fun, writing is top-notch. My only complaints: too short, too linear, not enough replay value (also, that Asian villain was REALLY cheesy. REALLY). I forgive it all because I like the Mass Effect universe, and I like Liara too much. I wish it was designed in a way that I could keep playing. Expand
  12. Aug 13, 2013
    Time will only tell how great this game actually is. I don't understand the bias of some people here, you can't just low-grade spam reviews for a game just cause you don't like the ending. There is at least 4-5 factors when you judge something, so even if the ending is the worst possible, it can't seriously lower the grade for more than 1-2 points. And ME 3 is great in every possible aspect, let's get that clear for start. It is improved compared to ME 2 in a lot of ways, gameplay, graphics, you name it. There is lot more diversity between classes, when you play a class it actually feels like your playing that certain class, unlike ME1, where every class was just a different mix of same abilities. As for the ending issue, it has been updated and made downloadable for free. I can understand that you are not very sympathetic towards greediness of EA company, or that the ending made your efforts while progressing trough this really fun game kind of useless, but you wouldn't even get there if it wasn't well worth it. Expand
  13. Jul 23, 2012
    i enjoy the game especially if you upload save game from ME2... maybe the original ending doesn't give much closure, the free extended cut DLC in other hand give much more satisfying ending... ill give an 7/10 but with the extended cut DLC ill give 9/10...
  14. Jul 28, 2012
    The Mass Effect trilogy is just amazing and Mass Effect 3 is one of my favorite games ever. It shines in every single aspect but one: the ending. Sadly, this outstanding game was slightly ruined by an inconsistent ending. Anyways, the whole experience is really great, and everyone should give it a try.
  15. Aug 6, 2012
    There are a few honest reviews on here who are not trolling bioware for the ending of ME3. Heres my honest opinion. Mass effect 2 was a terrific game, it had great progression, great squad missions and an amazing long ending all leading to a pretty great boss fight. One of the best games Ive ever played. Mass effect 3 brought some terrific editions to the series, the best of which is the mutiplayer. That aspect alone gives the game much more credibility but if you just into single player than your still in for a great game but not as great as ME2 but a long shot. The intro is epic, the art is amazing, the music is great, and its optimized so well it runs at an incredibly smooth framerate at 5760 x 1080 resolution which says a lot. The immersion was great during the midgame, missions are very fun and well thought out, the voice acting is great and beleivable, the characters make you care about the universe and saving it so all they needed to do was wrap up this great series with an equally great ending which isnt easy but weve come to expect it. Without spoiling the ending, it had one great moment that I loved and the rest of it fell very short. Nothing at all connected to the player from their choices and it feels very lazy and very non unique to me and left a sort of dissapointment in the end. Despite that though, it was a great experience and the multiplayer ahs kept me coming back fro more for almost 50 hours now. On top of that Bioware has been giving FREE updates with maps, characters, and weapons and they released a better ending for FREE. All this equates to a fair 8.5 or so but ill round up to a 9. Expand
  16. Aug 17, 2012
    I really liked this game and the whole series. The game play was similar if not the same as mass effect 2.
    The only thing that upset me was massive plot holes in the ending and the lack of user input to customize the ending. I liked the story line and dialogue, it was all great. I don't know why people are giving it a 0 .. or anything lower than 5.. If the ending was more powerful with a
    lot more effort, this would be an easy 9 or 10. Expand
  17. Aug 18, 2012
    I really enjoy this game and have started and done multiple playthroughs. The one big minus is the ending. It's not a bad ending, but it's simply not as good as the rest of the game, so that does make it feel like an anti-climax. But apart from those final five minutes, I always had a hard time turning off the monitor to go to work, because I was constantly pumped, wanting to see what was next. Yes, it does feel that good while playing. Just those last minutes leave you with a feeling of "That's it?!"

    Mind you, the free Extended Cut DLC did make the ending slightly better, and I can't wait to see what the upcoming Leviathan DLC brings. I don't expect it to be as good as the Shadowbroker DLC from ME2, that would be expecting too much, but I certainly expect it to come close to the Kasumi DLC in quality.
  18. Oct 2, 2012
    I have enjoyed the ME franchise as it progressed and liked each one a bit more than its predecessor. The game, if you play it to its fullest, is as long and complex as its predecessors and the story is well written. I know that there were a lot of people who felt let down by the ending but I found it to be not only appropriate but tense and meaningful. I have yet to play the revised ending and have picked up the DLCs but not played those yet either. The multiplayer is an interesting addition and quite fun as an addition to the game. I guess, given the visceral negative reviews, that the mere presence of EA has given rise to instant dismissal of what I think is a well done game. Expand
  19. Oct 2, 2012
    If you enjoyed ME 1 and 2 you will enjoy this game. The game looks great and the fighting is fun. I agree that the initial ending was not good but the revamped ending was very good. Also the game was much more action oriented than RPG and the dialogue did not change the story at all. In fact you can play the game without making any choices in the conversation if you pick to play the game as an action game. All in all a great game. Expand
  20. Oct 11, 2012
    Some of you may be new to the mass effect series and want to purchase the game, however the amazingly low score in the user section can be a very big turn off. However do not listen to the user reviews on this site!! or any other site on the internet!! This game ooozes brilliance. Let me shine some light on how the gamer community works, they love to **** about anything, and everything. If a game doesn't innovate, it sucks, if it does innovate, it sucks as well, they can never be pleased, which is why this game has been so badly reviewed, they didn't like the ending. Just because you didn't like the ending does not warrant down grading the ENTIRE game. Mass Effect 3 is a brilliant game, the soundtrack is incredible, the combat is fun and fast paced and (contrary to gamer belief) the story was excellent and I really connected with the characters in the story. I implore you to enter this game with an open mind, not clouded by the hate of the gamer "community" and see this game for what it is, it may have drifted from its RPG roots but I think for the better with my play style, I've thrown hours into ME3 and enjoyed every second of it. The leaving Earth scene is both awesome and saddening at the first time and sets the tone of desperation for the story to come, the Reapers are a terrifying and brilliant foe and the gameplay represents a challenge in many areas of the game. I didn't even think the ending was bad at all, when I finished it I put my controller down in contentment without realising it would be so badly bashed by whiners everywhere. ME3 is well worth a play through for anyone who would rather enjoy a game than complain about it. Bioware really put their heart into this game and it deserves the recognition from the community it never received Expand
  21. Feb 27, 2014
    It's not perfect, but Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic game. It improved on ME2 in several ways and took some steps back in others, but at its core, I feel like it's a slightly different kind of game. 2 had a very personal and intimate feel, assembling an elite team for a deadly mission. 3 is much more grand and sweeping in its scale and scope, and therefore has a less focused story.

    gameplay has seen a steady sense of improvement throughout the series (remember how awkward the first one was to actually play?) and the RPG elements make a more pronounced appearance in the third game, though it is still largely a shooter with some skill progression. The shooting mechanics are more fluid and the weapons and abilities more diverse. The sound design and voice acting are both fantastic (mostly), as is the art design.

    As for the writing, I feel like the writers manage the the more intimate and moment-to-moment writing more effectively than the large, overarching plot. the way the Normandy's crew interact with each other and move around on board makes the ship feel much more alive than ever before. There were plenty of nice touches, from meeting old friends to little in-jokes and fan service. Unfortunately it seems like the team wrote themselves into a corner with all of the branching decisions in past games, and not all of them paid off in meaningful ways.

    And finally, there's the ending. I didn't like it. I thought it was a cop-out and honestly it made next to no sense and was very thematically different from the rest of the story. It was unsatisfying and some of the fan-made theories that cropped up afterwards were much better. However, I respect the creative team's position and think that DEMANDING a new ending is childish and a sign of "gamer entitlement." The extended cut made the ending as good as it could have been without fundamentally changing it and in the end, it really is about the journey and not the destination. I had a blast playing though this game as well as the whole series. ten minutes of unsatisfying drivel at the end is a bummer, but this is still one of my favourite series of all time, and I wont let that ruin the hundreds of hours that I've poured into it.

    All in all, this is a Mass Effect game and I can look past awkward design choices and some poor writing to just enjoy the ride and hope for more in the future.
  22. Nov 3, 2012
    Fantastic game - combat and presentation are simply at the best and this game sets a new standard to 3rd person shooter games, for sure! The story itself, while I agree that the ending is confusing somewhat, is still awesome and I don't think it's bad and frankly with the new free "ending" DLC, things feel a lot more clear. Even if you won't like the ending - it's not something that affects the rest of the game IMO and thus you shouldn't miss this game just because of a small section of it! Expand
  23. Nov 4, 2012
    Opening cinematics will set the tone, for what will be an amazing adventure. The story was great, the game play was great. My only complaint was that it was too short, but I suppose the old adage "always leaving them asking for more" probably applies in this instance.
  24. Nov 13, 2012
    One of my favorite game trilogies of this generation, Mass Effect 3 is a fun action RPG game although it's definitely more action then RPG now, The story is fantastic, the characters are some of the best in any game series and the combat, classes and gameplay in general are very enjoyable, the ending was definitely a low point for the series, but since playing the free extended cut DLC for it I am happy with where mass effect 3 has ended for Shepard's trilogy and I look forward to seeing where they go with Mass effect 4. As I said, Mass effect is probably my favorite series from this generation and I would recommend it to anyone who likes a good story with deep and interesting characters whilst also having good length and good gameplay. Expand
  25. Jul 3, 2013
    Best Game series out there, great story and better and better gameplay for each game that tops in Mass Effect 3

    Abilities on different carracters that can be used in combination with each others, gameplay that makes you want to play just to play. A awesome story with characters you build a great personal relationship to, great laughs and great sorrows, that makes you go 35-45hours
    straight skipping work/school and forgetting to eat and sleep.

    Sadly people cant seem to review the game as a whole and focus on the ending that could be better, but even with the endings there is very little to put a finger on as a whole.
    Still it not even that bad a ending, just not how people want it to end making them butthurt, that they dont get a sugar sweet ending.

    I read trough afew critics in the "red" and alot of the stuff i just cant reconize from my playtroughs.
    Some state the exact opposite(Lies? but why?) of how the game works, some state the character acting and story is bad, even though i think both tops even the top end movies we have on the market today.

    This game made me play the ME1 and ME2 several times over to get the different coices and i have 5-7 playtroughs of the ME3 game itself, and besides that the surprisingly good Multiplayer i used a good 1000hours om itself.

    This game has been worth every penny!
  26. Jan 19, 2013
    Spoilers on the ending:

    Look, moral choices are good, but having a 'Good' and 'Bad' scale to regulate them, is horrible.

    Thus, the paragon/renegade polarization is a terrible mechanic. HOWEVER, the ending to this series is its redeemer. Having absolutely everything burn is a way to hold up the small moral choices of the series as ultimately pointless. The binary morality of the
    series is therefore undermined.

    I imagine the one brain cell of EA got up on the wrong side of the bed and thought to reinvent Mass Effect at the end, and I for one commend it for its efforts.
  27. Mar 7, 2013
    True. The ending storyline didn't live up the the incredible standards we have become used to with the Mass Effect series. I was upset with the ending the first time I finished the game. But i've completed the game 3 more times(with the slightly improved new ending they made for free DL) and I now realize that the ending is a small 1% of a game that is otherwise a very enjoyable work of art. 9/10. Loses 1 point for ending storyline. Expand
  28. Jan 5, 2014
    I did not played this before extended cut expansion DLC so i don't know old ending. The game is a fair Mass effect game its content may not be as rich as ME2 but it is fun to play as a continuation.
  29. May 24, 2013
    I must say, this game starts very poorly (even worse than ME2) and it probably has the worst ending of any of the hundreds of games that I have played. It also doesn't provide much direction at the beginning, so if you play without using a wiki (like I did) you can miss out on a lot of content that I would have liked to play. That said, I have no other complaints about this game. While you don't get as many squad members, you can still develop meaningful relationships with them throughout the game. The world is fantastic. I'm probably going to be crucified for this, but I think the Mass Effect story/universe is superior to both Star Wars and Star Trek. Its not perfect, but it is still a shining example of what sci-fi should be, and is definitely worth a play, just don't have your hopes too high for the ending. Expand
  30. May 29, 2013
    I loved this game. The combat is smooth and flows very well. The story is enthralling and pulls you to the edge of your seat, and contrary to what most people say the end is good. It could have been better but I still liked it. Now i never played the game till after the extended cut ending was released so I don't know what it was like before, but the extended ending game me a sense of closure that I need for this series. Ignore the low user rating and play this series from start to finish and enjoy the amazing story that BioWare made for us. Expand
  31. Jun 20, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 is a good, good, good game. Yes, the part of the ending with the child makes no sense (not to spoil-y I hope). But other than that, Mass Effect 3 is a great accomplishment in gaming. With ME 3, Bioware found a good balance between action and RPG elements. For RPG fans, there is a long list of skill trees to mess around with and weapon modification to match your gameplay style. They removed the class limitation on weapons and simply let you choose which of the pistols and rifles you want to use. All of the powers have been balanced so that all classes are equally viable on the hardest difficulties. All in all gameplay has been greatly improved from ME 2. The story is still great. You have less squad members than ME2 but they are more fleshed out. If you haven't played the first two games a lot of the story might be lost on you but for people have played both ME1 and ME2 in order, ME 3 finishes up the Story arcs of each character(s) in a beautiful and cathartic way. You have a lot of influence and involvement with how the stories end which increase the player's investment in the game. I plead with you, dear reader, ignore the bad user reviews and give this game a chance. Expand
  32. Jun 24, 2013
    Great game. Ending was meh. It definitely improved with the free dlc, but the ending still wasn't great. Other than that though, a simply legendary game worthy of your money. Seriously go buy it. Be sure to play the whole series in order though
  33. Jul 5, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 (2012)

    Mass Effect 3 ist ein Science Fiction/Action Rollenspiel. Es ist die Fortsetzung und der Abschluss der Mass Effect Trilogie. Wie bereits sein Vorgänger, basiert das Spiel auf der Unreal-Engine 3 und wurde ebenfalls von BioWare (Baldur's Gate, Dragon Age) entwickelt. Der Publisher ist Electroic Arts.

    Das Spiel wird wieder aus der dritten Person gesteuert, sodass
    man einen guten Überblick über das Schlachtfeld hat und die Gestaltung der Spielfigur direkt erkennen kann. Die Spieldauer beträgt ca. 40 Stunden.

    Nachdem im ersten Teil ein abtrünniger Spectre (sowas wie Geheimpolizei mit unbeschränkten Befugnissen) namens Saren aufgehalten wurde, eine Reaper-Invasion zu initiieren (Reaper Maschinenvolk mit der Absicht alles Leben auszulöschen) und im zweiten Teil die Bedrohung der Kollektoren (von Reapern indoktrinierte Spezies) neutralisiert wurde, konnte es das Maschinenvolk nun doch schaffen in die Sonnensysteme der Völker der galaktischen Allianz einzudringen.

    Als Commander Shepard sieht man nun erneut der Gefahr ins Auge, einer gewaltigen Übermacht gegenüber zu stehen, die alles einsetzten, um das Leben in der Galaxie auszulöschen.
    Zusammen mit altbekannten Charakteren aus Mass Effect 1, sind die Völker der Allianz zu vereinen um den Reapern eine finale Endschlacht zu bieten. Dabei trifft man des Öfteren auch auf alte Bekannte aus dem zweiten Teil der Trilogie, die einem Aufträge anbieten und Unterstützung im Kampf gegen die Reaper zusichern.

    Durch die Möglichkeit Spielstände aus den vorher gespielten Teilen der Trilogie zu importieren, kann der Verlauf der Story sich ändern, da z.B. einige alte Crew-Mitglieder nicht überlebt haben oder Entscheidungen anders getroffen wurden als die Standardeinstellungen eines neuen Spielstandes es darstellen würden.

    Das Spielgeschehen kann maßgeblich beeinflusst werden durch eine Vielzahl verschiedener Entscheidungsmöglichkeiten, die den Spieler stellenweise mit z.B. ethnischen und moralischen Fragen konfrontiert. Durch ein "Gesinnungssystem" kann man so zu einem rücksichtslosen Tyrannen oder aber zu einem hilfsbereiten Helden werden.
    Zusätzlich bietet das Spiel die Möglichkeit sowohl als männlicher als auch weiblicher Charakter das Geschehen zu erleben. Dies verändert ebenfalls das Verhalten der Crew-Mitglieder.
    Der Wiederspielwert des Spiels ist also enorm.

    Durch weitere DLC's (Downloadable Content) erweitert sich die Story. Jedoch sind einige dieser Erweiterungen mit Kosten verbunden, bieten aber dementsprechend auch mehr Inhalt.

    Alles in allem übertrifft dieses Spiel trotz Neuerungen im Kampfsystem nicht die Vorgänger, zieht jedoch auf Augenhöhe. Für Mass Effect Veteranen ein Muss. Science Fiction Liebhaber und Rollenspiel Fans werden auch voll auf ihre Kosten kommen.
  34. Jul 11, 2013
    This game, well, is the conclusion of an incredible journey. All the Bioware team made a great work, overall.

    The game features great graphics and a captivating storytelling (even if the best one is in the second chapter IMHO). It is so fast paced that it can be exhausting at high difficulties. The finals, this time, are FINALS and even if they may leave you with disappointment (or
    tears, like my case) are original and EPIC.

    Multiplayer is OK, but I would definitely exchange it for more "single player".

    So, why nine? Actually, I would have liked to give a 8.5, but 9 is for the excellent references and the emotions I felt while playing. Anyway the game is a bit buggy now and then and some things seem to have been completed in a hurry. Anyway this won't ruin the experience at all.

    Want the best experience? Buy all the trilogy and "grow up" your Shepard. For me has been the best non-real experience of my life till now.

    Keelah se'lai!
  35. Jul 12, 2013
    After hearing a lot about how Mass Effect 3 fell short of Mass Effect 2, I came in expecting something totally different than it delivered and in the best way. Mass Effect 3 picks up a bit after the events of Mass Effect 2 concluded. Shepard has somehow got himself free from Cerberus and grounded on Earth by the Alliance. Mass Effect 3 shows how dark the series can get allowing for the series to end very strongly.

    Gameplay: The game has updated its style, mainly when on a mission. The cover system has dramatically improved and both armor variation and the number of weapons has dramatically increased. The AI does get caught up quite a bit and this can lead to wasting a lot of medigel, but you can at least run over and help them up without the use of it. Most of the other mechanics of the game are the same, but missions now impact how ready your forces are to fight the reapers, which I thought was an excellent addition similar to that of Fable 3's, but much much better. There is also the improved scanning system where you just scan from the galaxy map, but in some systems this will alert the reapers.

    Graphics: Mass Effect 3 has gotten a bit of a face lift allows for more detail in almost everything and it looks brilliant. While the graphics are not the best, I don't think I've seen such a beautiful Sci-fi RPG to date.

    Story: The campaign takes Shepard to the far reaches of the galaxy, but sadly not all of it. I went on quite a few side missions and I never felt that I went as far as I could have. However, this is made up with some of the incredibly painful decisions you are forced to make. Most of those decisions are toward the end, but they will make you second guess yourself and even regret them. Then comes the infamous ending, which I thought was probably one of the most dramatic and depressing endings to a trilogy I have experienced. No spoilers, but if you were expecting a happily ever after, you will be disappointed and or surprised.

    I'm not quite sure why this game has received such bad reviews, I have played the entire trilogy through and I feel that each game brought something new and exciting to the table and Mass Effect 3 was no exception. You will not find an experience equal to that of this trilogy and if you are on the fence as to whether or not to buy it, go buy it and enjoy the many hours of brilliance it will give you.
  36. Aug 9, 2013
    4.8 as a user score just because the ending was disappointing. I can't believe people are saying the last 10 minutes ruined the entire game for them. I wonder what the user score would be if this game had a good ending. I'm glad Bioware released the Extended Cut; if they didn't my score would be a bit lower. This was a stellar sequel and all the ones and twos out of 10 are just immature. As a long time gamer I'm used to disappointing endings; its a common weakness in video game storytelling. Nevertheless an amazing title on Bioware's part, it still gave us a stellar story and characters. So they incorporated more action and gameplay elements? Get over it. Video games aren't supposed to be interactive movies. Expand
  37. Sep 5, 2013
    To be my opinion...Mass Effect 3 isn't worse than 1 or 2. All games of Mass Effect's Trilogy are on the same level. I must say I didn't feel dissapointed playing this game, I was having fun since the first action to the last one. I can't understand why there are so many negative opinions.
    The main plot is nothing special but it's still good. Don't forget there are secondary
    missions which are just the cherry on the cake.
    "Terrible writing" I don't agree. For sure the best one is in Mass Effect 1 but we can't ignore this game because of it.
    Graphics Really Why we must care about it so hard... Anyway it doesn't look so bad and I am sure it's gonna be better in the next one. I am just worried about the fact "Shepard Era" is over. That's the only 1 thing which can hurts..
    Give this game a chance and don't forget it's part of trilogy even if you don't like it so much.
  38. Sep 9, 2013
    As we all know the anger is there over the ending, and when I first played through it I was as vocal in my displeasure as anyone else. But after adding the extended cut, (which if nothing else tries to help things) and playing it through with readjusted expectations as part of the trilogy, I have come to love 90% of it. Visually it is superb, the overall story keeps you engaged and the characters you know and love don't disappoint.

    My only gropes are: (The ending, but as I have already said I can live with it with a little help from my post story imagination)
    The lack of tactical choices; I wanted Shepard to control the Normandy in fleet battles and make big decisions on how to roll out the battle. And fire that awesome cannon!! :D
    The multiplayer element, which although is very good in its own right, should not impact at all on the single player.

    But don't get this game wrong, it IS Mass Effect and IS a very, very high quality game.
  39. Sep 18, 2013
    I'm not go to sit here and tell you Mass Effect 3 is perfect. I won't sit back in my chair and explain how it "Doesn't follow a storyline." Spoiler yes it does, as with Mass Effect 2, discussion you made all the way back in Mass Effect come into play. This is whole heartedly Mass Effect. Now dos the Arrival DLC give some crap intro to the next game? Yes. Does it matter that they wanted to explain it at all and release several online and magazine based articles detailing the events for those who didn't want to play? Also yes. They wanted to take the intense Third Person shooting that we saw in Mass Effect 2 and the more heavily driven RPG that we saw in Mass Effect, they then added meaningful weapon customization, upgraded cover, armor, and shield elements, and spiked the difficult. After playing ME3 on hardcore ME2 insanity was a picnic.

    But then we come to the elephant in the room. What about the endings? Are all those who felt betrayed be an ending 5 years old. I didn't have one problem with how they did the ending. They we trying to be artful and mysterious much like Kubrick in the movies. In fact movies have several examples of why you don't need to see every little detail. Do I like the new endings, yes. Well now for the outrange that was a relatively good (maybe great) horde mode multiplayer. I got 4500 force because I made go choices in the other 2 games. I still went through the multiplayer because it was fun, do you need to micro purchase. Well do you need to make them in any other multiplayer. It's not just EA every major multiplayer has come out with something like this so you can not and may not fault them.

    And now I come to the part where I get to be an mean. I don't know when you preordered your copies... but my collector editions were reserved for 9 months. I was one of the first if not the first to Pre-order the collector's edition from GameStop. It was $100 to get it day one and I was happy to pay every bit of it. It made my year along with Skyrim it was my top play game.
  40. Nov 26, 2013
    It's been a year since this game was released, and still people cannot get over the ending. If I ask someone if they've ever played Mass Effect, the answer is usually a no, because they're uncultured swine, or because "The ending of 3 sucked, so I never started." I am truly disappointed with BioWare's fans. This studio gave us one of the greatest sci-fi stories (and universes) of all time. It was lauded by critics and consumers alike. People developed actually feelings toward these characters. All of this is overshadowed by an ending that disappointed. Mass Effect 3 is a good game. There, I said it! Come at me Internet! Yes, it is a little more action/shooter oriented than the previous two, but hey, it's the third installment of a trilogy. This game was aimed at hard core fans (don't you dare disagree!) and those who were breaking in to the franchise, so it's obvious that they would want to up the ante, to appeal to those action game junkies (Thanks, Activision.). But why, WHY all the hate? Please everyone, don't penalize the experience just because of a conclusion that you didn't enjoy. People would've been distraught not matter what they did. I feel like most of these negative reviews are people just getting wrapped up in the internet fervor, not actual, unbiased reviews. I personally loved the ending up through the final choice, though I feel the results should have been expanded, but guess what? They did! BioWare appeased the masses with a free-of-charge expansion that provides better clarity. Anyways, what I'm trying to say is, if, by chance, someone reads this, I hope I can inform some lucky person with an interest in RPG's to not worry and to have fun, to see through all the bitterness. I can sleep better at night knowing I introduced someone to a new, exciting world. Thanks BioWare, and Reader, ENJOY! Expand
  41. Mar 9, 2014
    Well what to say? Besides the bad ending and only 3 different choices who are quite the same Bioware created in my opinion the best part of the series. Its clear that they have failed how the three parts come together in the end but nearly everything from 1&2 was improved. The combat and skill system kicked ass. 10/10 (but only cause i leave out the ending, this is only for the gameplay and athmosphere) Expand
  42. Jan 2, 2014
    Mass Effect 3 gets a bad rap, I'm here to say that it is the best of all the Mass Effect games. ME3 combines the best elements of the first two installments: it takes the vastly improved game play of Mass Effect 2 and makes it even more fluid, more stream lined and more exciting. I appreciated the slightly expanded level-up system and weapons choices, even if still lacking from the ME1 days. I didn't care for the graphics upgrade between 1 and 2, but I appreciated the overhaul in this one.

    Story-wise, ME3 succeeded where its predecessor failed. The fact that BioWare decided not to encore 15 hours of utterly unengaging "team building" was a great start. The plot feels less like a grocery list, and more like an actual moving timeline, where Shepard really is interacting with the galaxy at large and taking actions that effect it. The old crew is mostly back, and the Normandy is an alliance ship again. All is right with the world. I didn't struggle to find a reason to care. This game rediscovers the clarity of purpose that the series began with.

    I hear grumblings about how the Mass Effect storyline simply became too linear, and that complaint might be valid. I never said the game was perfect. I still prefer linearity to whatever the hell ME2 was supposed to be. It might not be very RPG-like with the little things it does, but it is still very much an RPG in the bigger picture. You made a lot of choices in 1 and 2 that are going to directly affect 3 and you're going to make more choices in 3. It's easy to forget how many branching story lines there are a play in this series and the kind of effort BioWare put into making sure the player feels fully invested in whichever one they might find themselves in, and as always, the script and voice acting is top notch.

    Are the last 15 minutes of the game unworthy of the Mass Effect series? Yes, it's all true. It's sad to see that the ending completely lacked the thought and care that the rest of the story got throughout the saga, but the ending has it where it counts; the final mission is difficult and thrilling, even if the bits following it fail to win hearts.
  43. May 20, 2014
    Cons: EA published, less RPG feel compared to the first one. The ending was originally so ambiguous that they had to DLC patch it. No matter what decisions you made during the course of the 3 games there’s only 3 actual endings which are kinda similar to one another. Pros: Great characters, great story, nice decision system, fun gameplay, immersive atmosphere, great sci-fi universe, politically charged & nice classes to choose from. Great & addictive multiplayer. Expand
  44. Jun 26, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. 5.1 User Score....Seriously?

    As a conclusion of the trilogy is a good ending and it is in the same level of the previous chapters. This is the end of a EPIC sci-fi history drama about friendship, love, tolerance, perseverance, fight, sacrifice and life and talk about what makes human, with a lot of philosophical background. Is the game perfect? For me, yes. Because is the only game that made me to be close to jump in tears in several moments. Its full of inspiring moments.

    In the third part i feel like they focused more in the narrative aspect, with a great screenplay, and althought there arent fights like previous chpaters, i didnt miss it. In the technic aspect is true that uses the same motor and textures but...why to change what it works?

    Dont let the bioware haters confuse you, its a great game. How someone objective can even put a 0 or 1 to this game?? Its ridiculous. I dont know if they are angry about the end or what. Or maybe the didnt play it at all. Anyway they should go to the doctor...

    About the ending is true that is a bit weird end, and maybe not what most wanted or expected, but at least is an original and unpredictable end. Not so bad as people say.
    This chapter is a solid 9 for me. The complete trilogy is a perfect 10, and the best experience ever played in a PC (and i played a lot of games along the videogame history)
  45. Jul 5, 2014
    mass effect 3 is just amazing the gameplay is just a blast one of my favorite stories but the characters aren't the best and the ending wasn't as good as anybody hoped overall amazing game with few flaws
  46. Mar 11, 2012
    Great journey, great story, amazing storytelling and satisfying narration. Too bad the disastrous, illogical, inconclusive, retarded and shameful ending(s) brought down not only the whole game but also your whole adventure through all three games. In the final minutes of the amazing story of Shepard, the critically acclaimed choices made through all games are forgotten in favor of an arbitrary choice between three generic and uninspiring endings. Expand
  47. Mar 17, 2012
    Game is very enjoyable overall. The production quality is absolutely epic. Pros: Gorgeous graphics, great sound and voice acting, fun missions and well written for the most part. Cons: Some really annoying bugs like Shepard getting stuck in the **** talking to Joker and cover fire bugs getting stuck while trying to run a gauntlet take away from the fun a little. I was very disappointed with the ending - the whole game felt just awesome and the production quality of the ending was superb but the ending itself was such an enormous anti-climax. Maybe there'll be some reason to the choices made that are evident later in Mass Effect 4. Another amazing title overall from the Bioware stable. Expand
  48. Mar 15, 2012
    Fantastic finale to a series I have enjoyed from beginning to end. A gripping story as usual and a satisfying ending to the trilogy. Some minor flaws that don't take away from a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience.

    Excellent gunfights with a decent cover system. Interesting characters (new and returning) with unique and fascinating backgrounds and fates. Some choices you make
    actually do seem to have significant consequences on the final outcome. Well-paced action with lots of side missions to keep you busy between completing primary objectives. Completing every aspect of the game can take upwards of 20 hours for full completion. Satisfying ending options that bring the Mass Effect trilogy to an epic conclusion.

    Some negatives include the fact that there is no significant improvement in visuals. Pretty environments and models more graphics options and higher-resolution textures in some areas would have been nice (eg. armor and player bodies in general). Some minor graphical glitches and missing textures but nothing too serious. Some side missions descriptions are a little unclear as to what your objective is and how to accomplish it. Also, some way to keep track of an inventory of items you've collected for side missions would have been nice.

    Overall, I was very happy with this game and how it brought the Mass Effect trilogy to a close. The story is just as good as it was in the first two games, the graphics are pretty good, and there aren't any game-breaking flaws. It really gives you the sense that the fate of every sentent being in the galaxy is resting on your decisions. I recommend this game especially to someone who has played the previous installments.
  49. Mar 16, 2012
    Too much EA not enough Bioware.

    The previous game (ME1&2) decisions have very little quantifiable effect, seems like rather than implementing all of the carry over they just fake it by having some scripted vocal moments acknowledged the decision, but to add no over all game effect. The combat and character building further builds on ME2 and is slightly improved. The weapons selection felt
    about right, and the class system feels about the same as ME2, maybe more refined and defined. The story starts strong and seems to hold up until you realize that you spend more of the game dealing with Cerberus and building the army than actually fighting the reapers. The army build felt generic and ineffectual on the very short battle for against the reapers. The fight for earth was also extremely short and disappointing. I was also let down by the ending but I won't spoil it.

    Overall, it doesn't seem like they made the game they set out to. The decision and force/team building mechanics felt partially implemented, or implemented to give the illusion of choice/consequence. The game is suppose to be about the battle for earth, but there really is no battle, there is a war, but the player doesn't get to enjoy much of it. The ultimate resolution also felt very generic, a little to "chosen one" for my taste. It is a decent game for $60 and the DLC does add to the experience but overall it was a slight letdown having played ME2 for the first time a few days before ME3 launched and immediately transitioning to ME3.
  50. May 24, 2012
    I will begin with this: Mass Effect 3 had so much potential. All throughout the game, there are moments of beauty and brilliance, such as the "Leaving Earth" sequence. I heard how this game was terrible; a huge let down; a major blow to video games as a narrative medium. And for 96% of the game I thought to myself "What are these people talking about?" I really liked it; I felt like I was steam-rolling towards the proper conclusion of my Shep.

    Then the ending happened. It was like watching the U.S. theatrical cut of Blade Runner. Roy gives the "Tears in rain" speech, releases the dove, and dies; and right when you are reaching cerebral climax, Deckard's clumsy voice-over enters your ear-holes to completely ruin your moment like a drunken man-child. ME3's ending by and large completely ignores all the choices you made throughout the previous games. On top of that, all the endings are the EXACT SAME. Sure, there are some very minor differences, but there is no meaningful variation among endings. There is no closure, no denouement.

    I could go on, but I will instead end with this: Were it not for the terribly handled ending this game would be a 10 in my book.
  51. Jul 13, 2012
    Bought it cheap but still did not touch the game until the Extended Cut appeared so my review is only of that version - I don't even know what was added to be honest.

    It takes a while to get going but I was rewarded with an occasionally epic midgame and a reasonable ending to the whole saga. The combat scenes are far, far too easy though so I recommend pumping it above normal
    difficulty. It's also about the quietest game I've ever played so I had to drive my volume settings to about double what I normally use.

    Also I got the distinct impression that most of my travels were completely pointless since you fairly quickly reach the "Minimum" Force level to complete the game - I doubt greater values matter.

    The galactic readiness map is of course entirely meaningless in the Single Player game but that's not something I recall being made aware of. Just ignore it.
  52. Mar 8, 2012
    Just finished it, and it took me according to the game 19:10 which is roughly the same amount of time it took in the previous 2 games. While the game is great, and I really like the new combat system, it tends to get repetitive towards the end. Enemies are pretty limited in variety and missions all seem to have similar objectives. Its still worth playing although I would avoid paying full price off Origin (in Australia) as it's a lot cheaper to just get it in store.

    I was mildly disappointed in the lack of squad mates, for most of the game i was limited to 5, and while this will vary with some players it did seems a bit of a small selection to choose from. I won't say anything about the story apart from that I enjoyed it, but not as much as the first installment, but it is still at the typical Bioware standard. While I haven't bought the DLC I really do not see it as being a major problem it really just like any other paid DLC in the mass effect series, while it adds new information and interesting things about the mass effect universe. It is in no way required to enjoy the story and you will not notice its missing presence.

    Overall a decent ending to a great series, well worth your time and money, but by no means perfect.
  53. Apr 19, 2012
    Thanks Bioware for a fantastic epic. This game is slightly impaired by lofty expectations and warm fuzzy feelings provided by the first two games. As the trilogy moved on it had become more and more streamlined from a gameplay perspective. RPG elements have been whittled down to a small skill tree that quickly maxes out in nearly every area. Is this a problem? Not really, unless you want to play the same games over again. I feel like Mass Effect 2 was the culmination for the series in terms of gameplay, space travel, rpg elements, and fleshed out mechanics that drove the experience like bypassing doors and farming planet minerals mini games. The latter of which might not seem like a big deal but when it's absent it's very noticeable. What mass effect 3 has going for it is a breakneck pace of reaper fighting badassery. It all happens so fast you won't even notice clipping through a 25-30 hour game. Deep relationships are found, love lost, and many companions bear great sacrifice. It's some f the finest story telling in the medium. The ending needs a little work, but the core game is breathless from start to final assault. Want more, the combat is finely fine tuned and it's Sci-Fi gears of war approach is very fitting. As a person who doesn't regularly play shooters and enjoys RPGs more, ME3 delivers a tremendous variety in play style over its predecessors. Not the least of which is thrilling drop in multiplayer that actually effects the man game! Co-op multiple player makes a four man group of strangers band together to fight common enemies. It's a kick seeing all the species and character types in action with all their respective tactics.

    It's a great game, a cap off to the series,they only real negative is that like most trilogies the second title remains the best In the bunch.
  54. Mar 22, 2012
    Overall this was an amazing and emotional game. It is a lot different from 1 and 2, the graphics are beautiful and the game play and combat are more fun, however it seems really dumbed down compared to the other games, more like a gears of war style adventure game. Had there been more rpg elements, better quests, and a better ending i would give it a 10/10, the ending did ruin the entire series for me though... Expand
  55. Jul 4, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a well made experience to say the least. The overall combat action is very fast and fluid though there are quite a few animation glitches here and there but aren't serious enough to ruin things. The six basic classes are played differently, so the combat itself had replay values. The enemy AI are improved a bit but still feels weak most time. The pause function really ruined this game imo which made this single player game rather easy. The story is epic in scope compare to the previous two entries but some new plots are not well explained. I wont put spoilers here, but the game indeed will confuse you if you ever played the first two mass effect games. the newly released extended cut added more explanations, though I do not feel it helped much.The playable characters are significantly reduced compare to mass effect 2 which leads to a shorter story line. the playable contents in single player part are noticeably less than those in mass effect 2. you should be able to finish most single player contents in 30~35 hours. However, the game did add a quite fun multilayer portion to compensate the shorter single player game. there are lots of unlockables in multilayer, so it should keep you busy for one or two months. despite the flaws, I still would say mass effect 3 is a very solid game combining fun combat, epic storyline and interactive cinema. It's still a memorable adventure and a must play for people who loved storytelling in video games. Expand
  56. Mar 8, 2012
    I've only been playing for five hours and I'm hooked. SP is fantastic -- the plot, dialogue, visual effects, leveling, fighting -- and MP looks promising too. All the meaningless 0 scores this game suffers on Metacritic -- just ignore them. I played around 200 hours between ME and ME2, I've played KOTOR, I've played DAO and DA2, I'm a lover of the FPS of Crysis and the legendary RPG series, Diablo 2. This game easily trumps them all. Especially if you're a lover of the lore because you've played through the earlier games in the series. Don't cheat yourself. Buy the first one and play it through, then the second, then the third. They're all excellent and I can't think of a more compelling universe ever made -- Star Wars only gets props because it was first (and Middle Earth too, of course). And ME3 will still be around 100 hours of gameplay afterward when you've properly prepared yourself for it, to enjoy it for all it's worth. Expand
  57. Aug 1, 2012
    Very good game, but not as good as ME2. First off, it is even more simplified so it is not even a RPG anymore. Second, the searching for resources is dull. The graphics is merely average. There are much less NPCs to interact with and take on missions. The ending is dissapointing, even after the Directors Cut DLC. Where Me3 shines is general gameplay - the fights are very emotional, fast paced and offer a lot of ways to dispatch enemies. It feels like a movie - you interact with many things but you rarely have influence on anything. I`d rather call it an extended First Person Shooter. Nevertheless the multiplayer is very addicting with new stuff coming every few months. Overall the game is satisfying with some of the above average features. Solid title. Expand
  58. Mar 11, 2012
    This is more Mass Effect in every way. If you enjoyed the first two games, I can see no reason why you would not enjoy this game. It has the same epic story, solid characterization, and awesome ambiance that made Mass Effect great. Sure it has its weak areas but this game is without question worth a lot more than the 3.5 user rating that it currently has here.
  59. Mar 7, 2012
    This is to all those people who have major concerns regarding Mass Effect 3, especially after Dragon Age 2 since that abomination basically killed the whole series for me. So yes, I was also worried about auto-dialogue and lack of quality textures/animations. When you begin ME3 it's hard not to cringe when Anderson is running in Vancouver.

    +-But at the same time the storytelling feels
    more fluid and immersive. I have to admit that I'm only in the Citadel at this point but no "mission completed" screens so far. Yes, there are less dialogue options but it doesn't really take away from the experience during the opening act. Conversation wheel isn't the most important thing when things are exploding and you are trying to take down enemies but if it continues like this inside hubs...well then it will be really annoying.

    ++I also have to say that ME3 is by no means a cakewalk. I'm playing on insanity at the moment and so far the fights have been more challenging than in ME2. The AI has clearly improved.

    ++You also have weapon customization so that's an improvement from ME2.

    -I do dislike how you perform so many actions with only one button (spacebar). Sometimes I'm accidently rolling around like an idiot eventhough I just want to perform a simple action.

    In a nutshell : Gameplay is better and visuals are not great by todays standards (I miss the film grain effect).

    At this point it's a solid 7.5-8 and definitely worth a buy. :)
  60. Mar 13, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 seems to have a lot of haters. I see no reason to give it a low score for the early DLC and I'm not even going to waste my time explaining why, as for the ending I understand why people are mad about it and it may take off some points, but you can't pretend you didn't enjoy the game over the grudge of not getting the ending you dreamed of. I do however, agree that this was not the best game in the series for the story. It is however a great game overall from the amount of fun I've had playing through it. The action was intense, the story wasn't the greatest but I still enjoyed it, and of course they always fixed the problems with the last game, so overall Mass Effect 3 is a solid shooter RPG and still an essential game to the series. They may have made choice making less noticeable of importance, and of course focused more on the combat rather than the love of the story, which I believe was a big mistake. However, I still enjoyed the game very much and feel that I've gotten a good game for my money. They could have improved on the story, choice making, and of course not done a half ass job on the ending. Though I have to say if anything, this game deserves to be in the green. It's not as amazing as Mass Effect 2, but it's not a failure either. Expand
  61. Mar 11, 2012
    The game is an absolute masterpiece through through the beginning to the climax. However, in the end it becomes apparent that the writers had a vision for a sort of Greek tragedy for the series, complete with a deus ex machina and endings that vary from "really dark" to "kinda dark." There is no happy ending, no real catharsis for Shepard. However, it is not the darkness that bothers me as much as the execution of the resolution. It feels so convoluted and illogical considering the themes and narratives that have taken place through the 3 games. In fact, it would make more sense to me if the so called "resolution" turned out to all be a dream. The game itself is very good. The level design was much improved over previous installments, and storytelling wise they generally did an excellent job creating a story that could account for all the possible Shepards. Not everyone from previous games are available as squadmates, but I felt they generally all got enough screen time to do good by the fans. Overall, it was a very engrossing and enjoyable experience, up until the last 5 minutes or so. Because of that, I have to bump it down from a 10/10 to an 8/10. Expand
  62. Apr 19, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I really don't feel like writing a lot about this game. But I must say that all of the negative reviews aren't really deserved. Mass Effect 3 offers what Mass Effect 2 did, plus more. AI of opponents is really improved. And we'll face variety of enemies, each using different strategy. Story-wise, the game looks good to me. And people hating on the ending... Well... I think it's just that nowadays, we are used to happy endings. And that's why most of people are so butthurt. Because they didn't receive what they were expecting, and hoping for. The ending has got me really surprised. I heard a lot of negative opinions about it, so I thought it's because it's a cliche of some sort. Like you know, Shepard using the crucible (If that's how it's spelled, played the game with polish subtitles so I am not sure.) to defeat the reapers and then celebrating it on a party with all of his/her friends. But they have offered us something completly different. Something unexpectable. There was no game-series that made me feel so emotional in the end. Sure, I'll admit that I was hoping that all of my choices through the series will have a more important effect at the end... So that is disappointing. And so are the plot holes. Like, why was Joker running away from there. How was Liara already on the normandy when moments earlier she's been with me there, before I teleported... But other than that, I am not really complaining. I felt happy, that I've sacraficed my life to be able to control the reapers, and make them stop the cycle. I felt happy for saving the universe. And at the same time I've been sad, before Shepard died. I've been sad that through the game I've lost Mordin, Tali, and Anderson. I've been sad that mass relays have been destroyed, and nothing will ever be the same in the universe. I've been sad that Liara (Which has been my love interest.) was left without me. Yet at the same time I've been happy seeing her still alive. Well, I sure would like few plot holes explained. But overall, I must say I did enjoy the ending. It was.. something no one could have prepared themselves for. And to be honest about one thing... I did enjoy all of the cutscenes more than I enjoyed killing enemies... Even if improved, it just got slightly repetitive since first Mass Effect. And well, even if my choices through ME1 and ME2 didn't have affect on the ending, they did have affect on things before the ending, and that was nice. As for the graphics, nothing has really changed here. Let's do a quick summary... Pros: -Offers what ME2 did, plus more. -Really surprising ending, even if it isn't what the majority of players hoped for. -Improved overall gameplay. Cons: -Graphics are nice, but they are pretty much the same as in ME2. No improvement here. -Few plotholes regardless the ending. Expand
  63. Mar 14, 2012
    The start of the game does a poor job at setting the atmosphere, this doesn't hold and the mid to later parts of the game are fantastic. But the end simply didn't work for a story with so much personal investment in the trilogy. I can say for sure that no game has ever elicited a stronger emotional response from me but ultimately it's left me feeling rather negative. Could have been utterly amazing but blew it at the last hurdle. Expand
  64. Mar 18, 2012
    ME3 was a genuinely enjoyable experience as far as games go. I prize control freedom above most other attributes of a game, and Bioware has nearly perfected the combat controls with this final edition of the series. I rarely felt as if my character was getting hung up on walls or doing things that I wasn't commanding it to do. ME3 is going to define the RPG/Shooter hybrid genera going forward. In terms of gameplay, there is nothing to dislike about ME3. The game is at least as big as ME2 and the stunning graphics and audio really pull you into the universe. There is absolutely no reason that this game doesn't deserve a solid 10/10... if you were to consider only the game-side of ME3. The only reason why I'm giving the game an 8/10 is because I, like many others, didn't really appreciate the story's flustered conclusion. I don't expect RPG's to read like an Orson Scott Card novel, but the end of Mass Effect was truly one of the most disappointing endings of any book series that I've read or any game series that I've played in recent years. The ending felt rushed, poorly imagined, and anticlimactic.. It didn't give me the feeling of accomplishment that a 5-year long trilogy probably should have given. The ending also pens (in neon ink, underlined, and in bold) the penultimate closure to the series. It's difficult to imagine Bioware trying to create a new story arc around ME3's ending, which tells me that they want to ditch the franchise entirely, which frankly would make zero sense from a business point of view. Anyway... all of this shouldn't scare you away from the game. ME3 is absolutely worth playing, and I highly recommend it. Expand
  65. Apr 5, 2012
    Tell you what. It's not better than ME2, which remains as the best in the franchise. But It's an absurd to say it's a bad game. It's a good game with a couple of bad choices. But it has the franchise's DNA, we cannot deny it. I understand that many purists will be offended with the overhaul but we should not be too picky. Criticize, yes; crucify, no. ME3 does not deserve, by all means, an average 3.8. It's not a 10, definitely, but it deserves a solid 8.0 in my opinion. Expand
  66. Mar 10, 2012
    Just in a few words: this game was killed by crappy ending.. I like everything in this game, from the beginnig and up to the end. Awesome cut scenes, good writing, interesting plot-everything we loved in previous games of this series. Also, graphics and combat system were improved. It's very dynamic and spectacular. Everything was alright.. until the ending. It kills not only this game. It kills every game of the series at all. It kills every decision i've done from the first part. I didn't expected to see happy end, it would be too naive, but i didn't expected to see THIS! (Despite the fact that i had the best ending). Every ending is awful, i saw it on youtube. I was a biggest fan of BioWare.. Until now. Go to hell, Mass Effect 3, you made me cry.. Expand
  67. Mar 19, 2012
    Community drama and imagined personal slights aside, it's a really good game that suffers from a general lack of production rigor. If you've played any recent Bioware game, you should have some feel for what I mean. Gameplay is excellent except for the buggy/grind filled ME1 style side quests and journal problems, though not as bad as ME1. The dialog and cinematics are some of the best in the series. The dialog can be hackneyed in places, and there are some cinematic bugs, but it's 90% gravy. The last 10 minutes of the game have some really bad presentation issues, and they tread roughshod over sensitive ground. Watch the ending(s) on YouTube before you play if you're a fan of the series. Expand
  68. Mar 23, 2012
    I just finished Mass Effect 3 tonight. I have no idea what all the drama is about. I thought the endings were fine. What i did have a massive problem with thought was the lack of character subplots for your crew. Sort of made the typical experience just a bit more shallow. I also cannot and will not forgive Bioware for including FAFFING NINJA'S in Mass Effect. I like Ninjas just as much as everyone else. But not in mass effect. Oh and theres too many sexual innuendos in the opening parts of the game, that dont really fit into the story, to make it totally clear bioware are pandering to gay people. There is so much gayness until the middle of the game. Still. they did manage to improve on the graphics, sound and surprisingly gameplay. The closing experience also left a positive note, so an 8. Ps. I'm not fan of bioware (quite dislike them at the moment actually) or mass effect, just wanted to see the close the trilogy, so my expectations could have been lower than many people here. Lucky me then?? Expand
  69. Jul 7, 2014
    I think this one is best out of the 3 games. The game play is refined and engaging, the combat is very good, I really like the multiplayer and played countless hours with it, the story is very nice, I see tons of cameos and my decisions reflecting back from the first game and they don't feel forced at all. The buildup, the tension, the writing, the voice acting, the graphics are all brilliant. I deducted 2 points because: 1st obviously cash-grab DLCs that feel like cutout content (day 1 removed character, important story DLCs like Leviathan), 2nd the ending is a disgrace even with the extended cut. It was okay I mean, but the whole buildup for the final confrontation felt utterly pointless and I felt I was cheated in a way. I like how the company reflected on it (extended cut, free DLCs), but still there was no official apology.

    My conclusion: this is a really great game and extremely worth it, but be prepared for some letdown in the end...
  70. Mar 20, 2012
    Let me clarify at this point that I have always been a big sci-fi fan in all forms it comes (I love star trek, Arthur Clarke and Isaac Asimov novels etc) so I became in love with the ME universe since the 10 first gameplay minutes of the first one. I bought the game 3 days after its European release so I was full of user critic terror about it's quality. Now that I have complete it I could say that it really was a descent and fun game to play. Yes, there were bugs. Yes, there are plot holes. Yes, the all multiplayer thing is a mess. Yes, it has lost almost all the RPG elements ME1 used to have. But it was Mass Effect all right. The story and cutscenes are amazing, the gameplay and graphics are great (if you don't like many explosions and surround sound effects in your game you should ask for Steel Magnolias: The game).The hardcore-RPG fans may wait in tremor for their beloved upcoming point-and-click action of Diablo 3 but they have no right to call it â Expand
  71. Mar 7, 2012
    For longtime fans of the series the story doesn't disappoint, regardless of how 'dumbed down' the combat and user-interface has become since Mass Effect 1, for those invested in how there Commander Shepard's story ends, they will not be disappointed!
  72. Jan 28, 2013
    Could be perfect, but is only great. Positives: Main plot is just epic, great and awesome Gameplay is finally refined, making this a fun shooter Emotionally impacting story AMAZING soundtrack As always great voice-acting (especially Mark Meer, Brendan Keener (sp?), Keith David) Javik! Quite good multiplayer, even if lacking Negatives: Scrapping of old characters (most of the characters from ME2 are only featured in cameos
    Side-quests aren't as good as they were in ME2 (still better than ME1)
    DAT ENDING, really WTF.
    Some plot points were left hanging (dark energy, proto-reaper from collector base, actually whole collector base decision is nonexistant)
    Handling of MAJOR decisions leaves much to be desired (Rachni queen, already mentioned collector base, rewriting/destroying geth etc)
    Aside from the main ENDING cutscenes, the last mission (priority: earth) which was advertised to DEATH is the worst, most boring missions in whole trilogy. I highly recommend the game, even in its flaws it's an amazing conclusion to epic trilogy.

    TBH, if the last mission (Priority:Earth) wasn't so lack-luster, noone would mind the retarded endings. Here's hoping for Priority:Earth DLC
  73. May 29, 2012
    Best game in the whole Mass Effect franchise. I don't give a single **** about the "horrible" ending; the game was perfectly entertaining and impressive in almost every aspect. The only thing I can complain about is how it was not similar to the leveling system of the first game, and I'm not fond at all of having to find clips (There Mass Effect 1 was better and more fun).
  74. Apr 14, 2012
    It's hard to know where to begin with this game. First, prerequisites: ideally you'll play ME1 and ME2 first. The default FOV (field of view) is terribly narrow but you can alter the config files to fix it (google "qscribble fov"). And the game is not designed for stereoscopic 3D vision but fans have hacked it, so it can look great in 3D. I played the game this way on a 10-foot projector screen which makes the whole experience pretty sweet. NOW, it's true what everyone says, the ending is all screwed up (google "5 reasons the fans are right" for spoilers). Luckily, since you know it's screwed up, at least you can prepare for the disappointment in advance. But right up until the ending, ME3 is great. It's fun, production values are high, it contains some momentous choices. Best of all, it respects all the major choices and consequences from ME1 and ME2. Wrex (whom you could have killed) plays a solid role, there is a mission for the Rachni (who you could have wiped out), and there are cameos or better for most of your old crew (any of whom might have died in ME2), and the dialogue sometimes mentions things you did in earlier games. You can find faults if you look, like Cerberus suddenly becoming extremely powerful, the decrease in dialogue options compared to ME1 and ME2, etc., but it wasn't a big problem to me. Bottom line: while I hope the low user scores prompt Bioware to alter the ending, ME3 doesn't deserve a low score. The game is still worth buying if you enjoyed ME2. It's less RPG-like and more shooter-like, but whether that's good or bad depends on who you are. And you might want to wait for the improved ending DLC. I would give this game 10/10 if not for the dumb ending, low FOV, the failure to import my ME2 face, and the obnoxious "Origin" software (you are not allowed to install ME3 from disk until after you install Origin, sign up for an online account and download updates; and they say that if you buy DLC, you can't start single-player without an internet connection!) Expand
  75. May 22, 2012
    Just finished the game and can't understand this strong complaints about the ending/game. Well, it lost a lot of its RPG roots which is surely sad, but I was very well entertained. The story is really great (at least for me), the presentation is wonderful too, and the shooter part does its work. The ending is definitely not the best I ever saw, but by far not as bad as I expected after all that comments. It's OK - not more and not less. Expand
  76. Mar 7, 2012
    Game is good. Ofcourse it has bad grapics and animations because Bioware didn't give a single **** about it but it's interesting. I don'r remember the last time i was so interested in the game. Plot is **** but good enough to justify it. Characters are neat even if they have so much drama. I liked the game but i don't think it was the best one. ME2 is still the best in the series.
  77. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. In preparation for this release I played through Mass Effect 1 and 2. As with the first time I played the games I was impressed by their storytelling, gameplay, and general polish. The choices I made felt like they affected the game world in a variety of ways and my interactions with various characters changed the tone of the story, even if the inevitable confrontation with Saren and the Collectors was preordained. Opening up Mass Effect 3, the first thing that struck me was that the weight of all of my previous decisions was built into the game. Every character I saved in Mass Effect 2 remembers me and the trials we went through, those that I didn't save were conspicuously absent. The sympathy I showed the Rachni in ME1 was put to the test early, and my 90+ hours of trying to fix the genophage finally met fruition. At times the choices in this game can be paralyzing- Bioware has done a good job of making the options true "tough choices"- set against the backdrop of trying to rally the various races and military forces in the universe together to fight the reapers, Shephard must occasionally decide between those things which help the war effort and those things which are the "good" thing to do. You'll learn this early on when asked to send biotic children to the front lines or not- Do you take this powerful weapon that risks the lives of a group of gangly teenagers, or do you keep them safely away from the front lines? Do you make your military stronger, or do you preserve your humanity?

    The ending requires special mention because I think that it is unfairly maligned. It is not a "happy ending". Shephard does not fly off into the sunset, a woman (or man) on his arm, smiling confidently as his enemies erupt in flame behind him. This is the end of the story, and "success" is measured in terms of humanity's survival not Shephard's. The emotional impact of ending the story is artfully done, and in many ways the cries that have come up from the community are the result of actually being impacted by a game's ending (which is not something the gaming community is used to).

    As for the plot holes that people talk about, I urge players to play through the entire series if they are legitimately aggrieved. Sovereign's dialog explains much of the Reaper's motivations, as does the Collector dialog in ME2. It makes perfect sense so long as you assume that the Reapers aren't lying about their motivations or intent.
  78. Mar 17, 2012
    Mass effect is an amazing series, and ME3 does well to live up to it's stirling reputation. While the plot has a few holes in it, anyone thinking that the first 2 did not, is sadly blinded by fanboyism. The game retains the move towards 3rd person shooter that the series made in 2, this feels more fluid and clean. The inclusion of MP added some life to the game, but beyond affecting my Galactic Readiness, I cant see myself playing this for long.
    While a great many people are upset with the ending, I found it to be quite satisfactory. You'd swear that the ending was "it's all a dream and everything you been through is for nothing". But the game ends with a conclusion to the current story, and leaves the future very much in the air. All in all, a great game, of the spirit of Star Control 2. Just dont expect perfection. The minor holes in Plot, and bugs in the game keep my scone below the 9, it would otherwise deserve.
  79. Mar 24, 2012
    Played several times ME1 and ME2, to get a varied experience and it worked in those games, even if I knew how the game played out, ME3 not so much, Game play is very familiar and improved with the combat rolls and powerful imported characters(you get EXP bonuses for imported characters, a nice reward), conversations seem less trite and can be very humorous or candid, but the characters themselves seemed boring even my old friends seemed boring this time. The pacing is good, but the Citidel "Go Fetch" sidequests are really silly, but you want to do them for money and EXP of course but they aren't fun, and for some reason you can miss the conversation completely as there is no cursor it appears in your Journal after you ran by that person, quirky, Story progress under the Reaper darkness gathering forces for the end, Normandy is completely overhauled in Alliance spartan them, gone is the bright clean Cerberus Normandy, although its the same ship. Sound is incredible, Gameplay very good, Story Above Average, Graphics on PC nice but need more settings, Input controls, you know the PC has more than 5 buttons right? apparently BIOWARE forgot, no vehicles to drive around, was hoping to get a MAKO, not that hovercraft tho, DAY 1 DLC for an important story crewmember, not cool at all, RPG elements like building your powers, weapons and armor are very good and I like how the loadout affects your power charging times, but still can't equip other members or your squad how you like, they still specialize in two weapons. Some great new Characters, Loved James, big musclehead Marine, great battlebuddy. ENDING>>>>>>>>>>>>OMG>>>>>>>what your hearing is true, the ending is truly Bazaar, its hard to explain, doesn't matter what choices you make or have made, its Bazaar. Leaves you feeling empty at the end. I love ME series but gotta score it how it made me feel at the end, 90% of the game is pretty good, although Cerberus totally whacking out was hard to swallow too. buy it if your a Sheperd Fan but you too will be singing the Sheperd blues in the end. Expand
  80. May 7, 2012
    Every person should have been taught at one point that you don't make promises you can't keep. But the moneygrubbing at it's finest gives you an imcomplete story and experience
  81. Apr 6, 2012
    I think Mass Effect 3 is a good game overall. It could use more filler content and more creativity/variety with the ending, but the game is decent. All these people complaining about the ending and rating the game extremely low still played through the entire game to see the ending. If a game is bad enough for me to rate below a 5 I'm definitely not going to be finishing it. I like the addition of multiplayer as well. It could use some different game modes, more maps and general variety, but it's fun as is for a while at least. Expand
  82. Mar 14, 2012
    I get where people are coming from with the hate, but it's not about the ending, it's about the journey. And as a game ME3 is a really one thing apart. The missions are varied, the characters are (once again) solid. There are really memorable missions, and some moments that would evoke some man-tears. Bioware manages to create some epic scenes, which surpasses everything you've seen in ME2. (The battle for the Citadel was still the best moment in the entire series in my opinion.)

    If you loved ME1, and liked ME2, you surely will enjoy at least ME3.
    The ending is probably entirely different from what you might expect; it lacks closure. Yes, there are some plotholes in the final hour of the game. But it's still a solid gold game. The characters I've grown fond of my not have said their goodbyes to me in a way i would like, and in the end, all your choices don't really matter to anyone, except for when ME4 comes out.
  83. Mar 11, 2012
    All in all a decent game, nothing special. Good voice acting, decent graphics/sound, memorable charcarters (good and bad) and a somewhat thought through story. I dont get the why people are so angry about the endings? Yeah they arent happy, with kittens on the top, but so what? I would rate this game at 6, but since Lance Henriksen is thrown into the mix.... I cant help it: 8 points to Mr. Bishop.
  84. Jul 23, 2012
    A great finish to a great story. This is indeed a series worth playing through from top-to-bottom. It's pathetic, truly pathetic, that this game has gotten such a low user score here at Metacritc. Seeing Mass Effect 3 in the "4" point range is enough to make anybody who has played and enjoyed the game as thoroughly as most people have avoid places like Metacritic for information altogether. Games get "4'"s because they were rushed, crappy, or broken, and ME3 is none of these. It is a solid conclusion to a remarkable and already classic series of games. A definite videogame highlight of 2011. If you've never played the series at all, start with part 1 and move your way on through. This is good sci-fi in a big-budget, impeccably-crafted RPG game. Expand
  85. Dec 23, 2012
    I bought this game since I've played through both ME1 and ME2. After reading a lot of bad reviews, I didn't play it until recently. I have to say, after finishing it I don't understand why it has gotten so many bad user reviews. Sure, it could have been a lot better in many ways, but the game is fun to play and offers many hours of entertainment. I'm also positively surprised as to how fun the multiplayer is. If you haven't bought the game already, it's well worth the money. Don't rush through the game, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it as well; It's not all about how good/bad the ending is (the way it is done was actually a bit disappointing). Don't forget to try out multiplayer. Expand
  86. Apr 1, 2012
    The good: great galactic apocalyptic story (albeit a bit weird at the end), excellent third-person shooter action with varied enemies and situations, lush environments, excellent voice-acting, multi-player is surprisingly addictive and frenetic.

    Slightly annoying: wearing a type of armour that boosts your shields has a visor, meaning that in some of the "emotional" cut-scenes you can't
    see Shephard's face! Also, I hate not having a button specific to "cover". The amount of times I got stuck to a wall or something and I didn't want to! Also, when you're speeding around in the Normandy and get spotted by the Reapers, it's not much fun trying to evade them as their ships are somehow faster. Finally my one criticism of the multi-player option is that the environments could have been more varied, plus it would have been nice to have to fight a combination of enemies, such as Cerberus and Reapers etc ..

    The bad: The game is possibly a little too easy, so it could have been slightly more challenging, especially at the end. The ending is, as you all know by now, a little bit "WTF", and I agree that its ambiguity is ultimately a bit frustrating.
  87. Mar 14, 2012
    Great game. Yeah it is not perfect sometimes the dialogues feel dull, there is absolutely no innovation and the last 15 minutes of the game really sucks including the endgame cut scene. But overall this a great game. The story besides the ending is wonderful. Action part of the game is good and the multiplayer is decent. If you are expecting an action third person shooter with a great story and few rpg elements or if you like Mass Effect 2 this is a game for you. Expand
  88. Nov 22, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 if a good sci-fi RPG, the online mode is fun, good graphics, great musical score, very good story, ME3 still plays well, with some of the best voice acting and performances in a game, while the ending has been updated and expanded making it barely durable, if you own Mass Effect 1&2 you may want to play ME3 for closure, but be prepared for the possibility be put off the franchise
  89. Mar 18, 2012
    Okay, I get it. You didn't like the ending. You didn't have that many choices. I understand. People fail to realize that this game is about the art of story telling that has player input, not that this is a story that the player has control of, making it dance like a marionette. This game is a beautiful work of art with fast-paced and innovative gameplay. The three-game story arc immerses you in a world that is so detailed and lifelike that you can't help get lost in it, and to me, that's what's important. Meaningful characters, intricate gameplay, and RPG-style player input all add together to create probably my favorite game of all time. And remember, folks: the ending of the game isn't the entire game. Expand
  90. Apr 18, 2012
    Let's be clear. The game was really fun. At least for me. I loved the comabt, and for thee first time it didn't bore me (like it often did in ME 1 and ME 2). And the story wasn't too bad either, and trying to unite everyone was interesting and Cerberus was also an intriguing part of the story. -1 for even less dialogue choices ( they already started with this in ME 2). Often it didn't feel like an interactive RPG. But I can forgive that, it didn't bother me that much, as there were some great interactions with the characters in this game. And -1 for the ending. It's just stupid that you HAVE to do one of these 2 (or 3?) things, none of which leaves me satisfied. It's not TERRIBLE as many people say, but it's still NOT GOOD. I understand the cycle and everything, but you could have thought of something better Bioware... 8/10 for an overall great and fun game, which could have been ended on a higher note than this. Expand
  91. Mar 26, 2012
    I don't understand the negative user reviews for ME III. I think the professional critics are correct to rate it highly. I'm an experienced gamer for RPGs and MMORPGs, and I consider ME III to rate among the highest in emotional impact. The weaknesses I would cite are minor. I would certainly recommend playing the first two episodes in the series because that facilitates understanding the story and developing an emotional attachment to certain NPCs. Episode III has a complex plot in which individual missions can have enough emotional impact that I need to rest between them. It's not primarily a shooter, more an extended drama in which you control the plot dynamics to a respectable degree. I strongly recommend this to grownup gamers who are attracted to space opera. I will agree that the ending was the weakest part of the series. Part of my disappointment relates to the passivity... if I wanted to watch TV I would do that; gaming is better than TV because it makes you active in shaping the dramatic experience. I gather EA is working on improving the ending and I hope they'll find ways to make it snappier! Expand
  92. Mar 26, 2013
    I think people are judging this game too harshly. Yes the ending is bad but does that ruin the game? No. I admit I was pretty shocked by the ending but I soon just accepted it and got over it. Really this game isn't as bad as everyone says. There are some design choices I don't particularly agree with, there are some balancing issues and the writing is a lot of the time rather cheesy and over the top, but aside from that it's a fairly solid game that provided me with a fair bit of entertainment. Expand
  93. Mar 12, 2012
    ...Every day, with every post i see on BSN, I'm starting to be more and more certain: bioware planned everything. They are geniuses, and the knew how fans are going to react. They hid the clues, they knew we are going to unravel the thing, piece everything together. I pity people who are going to finish the game in the future, because they'll not experience the evolution that is happening on the forums, and in everones mind. I recommend every single person who finished the game to join Bioware Social Network in 'Story and Camaign discussion'.
    I'm raising my rating from 1 to 6 now, and when everything people think is confirmed, I'm going to give the game 10 out of 10. BW, you are amazing.
  94. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What I liked: Weapons and Armor choices were good, but no real details on the weapon upgrades before buying and limited to 2 mods didn't make any sense.
    Graphics and Combat improved but overuse of spacebar still a problem, got killed too often for standing when I wanted to crouch
    Squad members have better powers but combat AI is still limited, they can often stand right next to you as you get shot in the back and not do a thing to help - attack/guard commands would be helpful at a bare minimum
    What I really didn't like: (Spoiler Alert)
    Couple of glaring oversights and poor storyline choices: Romanced Tali in ME2 and 3, she was hesitant but ultimately accepted Legion, yet as a respected Quarian Admiral, when faced with the freeing of the Geth, resorts to complete cowardice and suicide? Even with decently high Paragon score, unable to convince anyone otherwise. OK, Geth Alliance, Quarian mass extinction - BUT, later before the final battle, Tali joins me in the Captains Cabin for a last interlude?, or was she a GHOST? but she's dead I'm telling myself... In the end, I chose to detroy Reapers, and with it go all the Mass Relays AND Synthetic life such as the Geth whom I had previously allied. Final movie shows Mass Relays exploding, and sending the Normandy crashing - presumably from all the Tech being destroyed - My argument is this, with All the Synthetic life destroyed, with the Normandy effectively destroyed, WTF is Edi doing walking off the Normandy - what is she if not Synthetic life? With her main systems on the Normandy trashed, she should be non-functional.
    Limited Romance Choices, really wanted to go for the reporter...

    P.S. ME1 was great if a little tiring with all the walking... ME2 was near perfection...
  95. Mar 9, 2012
    Before playing Mass Effect 3 , i went through the first two installments once more with a completley new character in order to have the "Mass Effect" expirience fresh in my mind and for better or worse i could judge ME 3 better comparing it to the previous games so here are my 2 cents : This game confuses the hell out of me in terms of quality , there where plenty of moments where my jaw dropped as the story progressed , and there others that felt out of place , forced upon me (but the bad ones weren't that many in my opinion).While the quality of the story is good , it feels like i've taken more of a backseat in this 3rd game because it is more streamlined (a thing that i do not understand , this was the chance for BW to go all out on decision making since its the last game , and didn't have to worry about the hellish writing that would have entailed into making a 4th installment) .I could go on for some time about the pro's and cons but to make it short : The story is fantastic , the score that accompanies it is marvellous , there are a few plotholes that will annoy fans of the series , don't think will bother those who just want to play this last one. The gameplay mechanics are decent , but ME was never supposed to be about the shooting part , they've put in some more rpg elements (not that much really) but its still better then ME2 in that area. The graphics are good , definetly not ugly taking into consideration its based on a 7 year old engine. The score as i said previously , is fantastic the voice acting is what you would expect from the previous games ( Great) but seems less of it . To be fair , i knew that Bioware had a tough job in front of them in wrapping up this trilogy , they set the bar high with the quality of the previous games and an ever harder job pleasing the fans (myself included) regarding the end of the trilogy . While the game indeed wraps up this fantastic series , and answers many questions it also raised new ones , leaving me longing for more , as such i believe this game should have a place in your collection because it definetly deserves it , but at the same time it does leave you "hanging" Expand
  96. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I love this game! Mass Effect 3!
    I enjoyed ME2 a lot. I haven't played ME1. Its too outdated graphics looking old game. ME3 has a good solid story and RPG ish elements. I like the combat system a lot with the power abilities. Many classes.
    I love Garrus
  97. Mar 9, 2012
    The bad: 1) Relationships were pretty rubbish 2) Jack and Miranda barely had any lines 3) You can't have a Krogan on your squad 4) Some graphics glitches Other than that, I think it was the best game in the series by far. I can see where everyone is coming from when they criticize the ending, but that is because they're basing their reviews on some ludicrously high imaginary standard. As it is bioware has put out an excellent game that is still far superior to most other games on the market right now. Other people seem to be upset because their shepherd decisions ultimately don't impact the ending - to which I can only respond - *obviously*. You're in a life or death conflict on a galactic scale. I don't see why your petty conversations should impact the fate of the *galaxy*. I enjoyed this game a lot, and the multiplayer is loads of fun. Storyline was great, had a good buildup, and handled suspense very well. My only criticism, in addition to the list above would be that I felt there could have been more. It was a phenomenal game, but knowing bioware I think they could have done better. For that reason and the reasons above I give this game an 8/10. Expand
  98. Mar 10, 2012
    I haven't had such an emotional experience from a sci-fi game before, and believe me, I've played quite a few of them. Mass Effect 3 is where everything in ME1 and ME2 falls into place. While not completely perfect, its still one of the best games I've played. Heres a comprehensive breakdown of what I think about the game:

    Its engine is pretty much the same as Mass Effect 2's,
    with a small overall tweak to make everything prettier when it needs to, and bleaker when the situation calls for it. Weapons firing, explosions all have that oomph and everything looks very polished from beginning to the end. It may not have reached the standards that the latest and greatest have, but it still looks very nice. I've noticed a few texture loading issues, but it doesn't detract from the overall experience too much. Lip synch is an occasional issue as well, slightly amplified by the game's focus on dialogue, but really, it doesn't really damage the game all that much.

    I wonder why everyone hates the last 5 minutes. Personally, I thought it was such a powerful and emotional experience. I get that your 'training' didn't matter, but it IS a partial RPG game, not a pure shooter. Anyway, the whole thing was epic, powerful, and got me quite emotionally invested. Unexpected twists in unexpected places that involve unexpected people constantly kept me from being bored, and many situations and repercussions from the first two games kept the nostalgia going. There are some plot points that didn't satisfy me, but these are minor details. The ending was quite unexpected from a game like this, and personally it was quite satisfying. It does however hurt replay value, since it is quite drawn out.

    Bioware seems to have taken the shooter portion of ME3 all the way. Headshots, accuracy, cover.. all the bells and whistles of the modern shooter seems to have found its way into the game. Improved AI made fighting a more interesting experience then before. There are some questionable decisions like rocket troopers and snipers that take your shield down nearly immediately, making it life difficult players who want to charge in and melee everything. The new player skill-centric combat also makes the previously useful allies less effective. Often, the only reason I take a character over another in a mission is because I believed they would have some interesting reaction to the mission (e.g. original cast in a familiar place), or, if there is no such connections, a single ability I would like to use against specific enemies, like Overload against shields. Its still fun, but its less ... Mass Effect, for lack of a better phrase. The improved AI also made some biotic skills really powerful, and some really useless. For example, in my playthrough, Shockwave has become so difficult to hit anything that I stopped leveling it, while Overload, being instant and potentially kills anything with one hit, became really powerful. I really hate the new husks by the way, they're annoying and doesn't give any sense of satisfaction.

    Great music, great sound effects. The orchestral score, with the techy feel, adds to the impact of the whole game. No game quite moved me the way the end of the first sequence did, especially with the emotionally charged music playing. One can find that portion of the game in the free demo, just a quick fyi. Sound effects pack punch, gun fire, lasers, huge ass cannons, grenades, all explode and shoot with the oomph that one expects from a Bioware game. Voices are done very well, with the all star cast performing admirably. There is this odd need where I had to crank my speakers way up, but that might just be my setup.

    I've never really played Horde mode before, so I don't really know what most reviewers are talking about. Anyway, ME3 Multiplayer has you teaming up with three other guys to fight waves after waves of enemies. Your performance is determined as a team, how well you did, with things like not dying as bonuses, headshotting alot, using a certain weapon, etc. Its limited to a single mode, with a bunch of maps. Each wave can consist of different objectives, including kill everything, defend a point, kill specific targets, activate a bunch of nodes. Its not as exciting as a PVP multiplayer, but it entertains for awhile. It has a side goal of increasing Galactic Readiness percentage, which may or may not impact the ending you get. I'm not really sure if its possible to get the best ending without multiplayer, but looking at my own playthrough its a tall order.

    Its not the best game ever made, but it certainly doesn't deserve the 1s and 2s that meta users are giving it. I liked how they took ME1 and 2 decisions into considerations, and it boggles my mind how much data it needed to take into consideration, since I'm a game programmer. In short, its a great last entry to a great trilogy. =)
  99. Mar 10, 2012
    Im surprised by the user review of this game. Even though i believe the critic review is normally to high, or "bought out", this game is by no means a 10, but is also by no means a 0-5. It isnt perfect, but its a fun game, the story falls short of the first 2, but the game play is right up there. I think the people giving the low scores are focusing their entire reviews around the few bad things about the game. I had a very enjoyable 30 hours my first time through and i plan to do it again right away! Would recommend this game to all action/rpg fans, and even more so to previous ME fans! Expand
  100. Apr 5, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After finishing the game, I do have to say that the ending was good and bad. It really struck home in the emotional aspect but the fact that there's no way to save Shepard and that fact that all three endings are identical besides some colors and graphics overlays, makes me disappointed. It also seems like NOTHING I did throughout the game really had any effect on the ending. All that time spent gathering resources and military strength didn't really do anything except unlock ending options. I still loved the entire game but it definitely could have been better. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 23 out of 23
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 23
  3. Negative: 0 out of 23
  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.