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  1. Mar 19, 2012
    The game was fairly good until that damned end, I ignored the crappy cover based combat system and silly scanning part, all because the story that really sucked me in, i made peace between Geth and Quarians, made Turians and Krogans cooperate, and for what? So i can watch some 2001:Space Odyssey wannabe ending. Horibble. Not to mention the whole thing was such an anticlimax, no harbinger final fight, no nothing just multi-color explosions. Expand
  2. Mar 20, 2012
    ME3 is what I expected after the ME-ME2 transition -- simplified and less open. As a PC player, I was annoyed at the control changes -- got over it, but not at the environment constraints (exploring the Citadel anyone). Can't over that one. As for the decision paths, well they are more of a railroad in ME3 than ME2 and more so than ME.

    The big itch for me is the art direction -- the
    facials are very early 2000s. Ash looks awful. As for the split breast look: let it die. You want to release pseudo-pin-up art, do that and do it well. The manga/anime business have done so for over 30 years. My personal favorite look right now is Miranda.

    As for the rest of the art direction: too busy, too distracting and thus too useless. It makes for distracting if not frustrating game play. Therefore, my take on this is "failed". Still, there are moments -- the Citadel holding dock picture wall.

    Storyline, well there is again a sense of railroading. Yet, I expected it. This is the closing chapter, and about the end of the adventure and story. A little heavy-handed, but not disappointing. The treatment of the individuals caught in a thunderstorm over which they have little control was expected and fairly mature. Sorry, in war, few come out unscathed.

    Now did I enjoy the game experience -- yes. Did I get my money's worth -- yes. Could it have been better -- yes. Still, I give it a 7. Good game.
  3. Mar 20, 2012
    For the most part, Mass Effect 3 is a beautiful and functional game through and through (save for a rushed feeling and ultimately disappointing end-game and some awful game import bugs that still need addressing). Even the multiplayer gameplay was better than expected. If not for said disappointing ending, ME3 would be the best title in the franchise so far. With some DLC and acknowledgment from EA/Bioware over a few hiccups, ME3 could easily be elevated to a 10 (a rating it otherwise deserves). Expand
  4. Mar 21, 2012
    I will not deny the fact that the game is a great game and so is the series, but with one major issue. I don't remember any of all the great moments of the series or the 3rd game. Why? All I remember is the last 20 minutes and the ending and how I was left feeling like something was seriously wrong. I wont spoil it, but the choices we all made shaping our characters all boil down to just three possible ending choices. Each choice is literally identical to each other save for the color. I mean literally the only difference is the color. For those who have not played yet you will see exactly what I mean when you get there and see the ending. Save for a few very slight differences. I will not say that the endings are totally bad, but that only works if the theories running around out there end up being true. The plot holes are too many to just be written off as this is the ending deal with it. Things do not make any sense, and we the players are left feeling totally put out by the series we love so much. All the choices, all the customization, all the freedom we had through the entire series are all thrown away in the ending. What we are left with is a hollow shell of what the Mass Effect series really has been. The signs are there that something is wrong with the ending. The tone, the feel, the way it pushes the player into literally a corner and says here make a choice that ultimately doesn't take into account all the choices and hard work you did over the course of three games. I was left searching for clues, much like everyone else, I was talking, searching, and sharing my thoughts on the game and the ending. So I must give props to Bioware and EA, if you wanted us all talking about the ending and the game long after it was over, you did it, but not in a positive way I'm sad to say. Sure the reviews on Metacritic can be flooded with BS bad reviews, but the real reviews I think are easy to spot. I loved the Mass Effect series and I recommend people play the 3rd game, its amazing and really makes the player feel part of the entire situation. It's just lost right at the end and it makes me sad to say that honestly. I rated it a 7 because the ending took so much away from the experience it literally made me upset. All the fun, all the deep enriching choices, all the torment over making hard choices, it all was leading to a final battle that ultimately was a let down, with little to no closure. I wanted to see the forces I worked to bring into the fight actually kicking some butt. I wanted to see the entire race of beings come in and unleash fury on the reapers, but I say none of that, instead I get a great space building to a battle that just sorta fades away. The ending for me was not bad per say but it clearly was wrong in how it feels. Something is missing, something is wrong, something more is coming. This can't be the end, it just feels so terribly wrong. When I look back on the experience I say it was worth it, but I struggle now to remember all the great and tough moments all because the ending clouds it all up. Makes me sad, and I pray that I am right in that there is something more the developers intended that is coming, I pray. Expand
  5. Mar 21, 2012
    I've been playing Mass Effect since the first game came out. Before even playing Mass Effect 3, I went through the trouble of replaying the first and second game just so that I could remind myself of the story in full, as well as ensure that all the choices I wanted to have imported were made properly by the character I was bringing into the game.

    So, did I enjoy Mass Effect 3? Yes. The
    game had decent writing (with an exception that I will elaborate on later in the review) and the tone of urgency was present throughout the entire game. The voice acting was superb, as usual, and there were even some moments that had me laughing hysterically, and other parts that caused me to really feel a sadness as events occurred involving characters I had grown quite fond of.

    Multiplayer was added into the game this time around, and I'm not sure I really agree with that decision. Mass Effect was always a single-player experience, and the multiplayer seems almost as if it was simply a way for EA to make more money, as you would have to purchase new equipment packs from them with a "Customizable Card Game" expansion feel to it-- a bunch of "common" items in the pack, with a chance for some rare ones. Playing with other players is a bit fun, however, but with the matching system giving me matches where I'm fighting along side level 18 characters, and dying horribly, it can get old rather fast. In addition, making this a "requirement" to increase your galactic readiness rating is also very annoying, as you have to invest a massive amount of effort to increase and maintain the rating. Alternatively, you can get the games they released for the iOS platform to assist in this, but without having the android versions available on the day of release, it gives an advantage to those who can afford Apple's products to play the games with their equipment.

    Finally, we come to the ending. This is the exact reason why the game did not get a higher rating from me, other than my issues with the multiplayer and "galaxy at war" systems:

    The ending was an insult. As long as you bothered to invest the time into getting the numbers for the war as high as you can, you will have three options, of which I will not go into the details in order to keep spoilers out of the review, instead referring to them by colors, since those who have played the game will know what I refer to without revealing anything.

    The blue ending, to me, stood against what my character fought for in the three games, so I didn't feel that would work properly. The red ending would have destroyed some of the things that I had worked very long and hard to achieve, starting all the way back in the second game, and also violating the principles that my character had fought long and hard to achieve. This left the green ending for me, which was, essentially, the least of three evils for me.

    After my choice, I had looked up the other two endings, to see what they were like... and I was appalled. Essentially the same footage was used for each one, with just the colors I mentioned being more prominent in each, and which characters you see changing a bit. To me, this was the height of laziness and an insult to myself. When I looked up the other options, I expected to see vastly divergent videos, instead of "choose which color you like best." In addition NONE of the three endings really showed an epilogue of what happened. Ok, you saved the galaxy! Now what? We won't tell you!

    So, was the game worth playing? I'd say yes. The gameplay itself was enjoyable, and with a few exceptions, it was a satisfying experience overall. They did wrap up the storyline of several characters, and answered a few questions that had been lingering, and at one point even gave a very satisfying historical lesson on the Morning War (the first war between the robotic Geth race and their creators, the Quarians), and the results of some of your earliest choices in the first game do come back to have some nice effects. In addition, they also took a subtle approach to addressing some complaints caused by bugs in Mass Effect 2 (your super-fan referencing an import bug preventing him from responding properly to what you did in the first game, for instance).

    Bioware has released a statement saying they would take the fan backlash on the endings seriously, and attempt to address them. If they do this, and create a new ending that allows players that were fans of the game since the beginning to feel as if their choices really mattered in the end, then I believe that Mass Effect 3 has the potential to be the best in the series. If these concerns are not addressed, however, Bioware's historically positive list of games will forever have a dissatisfying footnote next to what should have been the pinnacle of one of their most ambitious properties.
  6. Mar 22, 2012
    While this game is way off the mark from ME1 and ME2 this is still a good game. The story can be a bit forced and it's clear were you are going, but I still enjoyed the journey, and the same can be said for the ending, poor ending but I enjoyed the journey to get to it. This Mass Effect is not more of a Action Shooter with RPG elements but it is competent (if not spectacular) at both.
  7. Mar 24, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mass Effect 3 was a game that had such great potential, and in fact the majority of the game lived up to the expectations that I had for it. There were so many scenes that I was utterly amazed when watching. In the introduction when the reapers finally reach earth, and you stand by, helplessly watching earth decimated by these creatures that you worked so hard to warn the galaxy of. I literally felt devastated. But after playing through the whole game, and the whole series, slowly building up the anticipation of the final moment, possibly the final battle, you are shocked to find out that the ending falls completely flat of anything you had ever anticipated or hoped for. All those choices you made, ones that you had worked so hard for, were gone. Most of them were chalked up to raising your galactic readiness rating. Not only that, but a few of the choices that you made in the first and second games, you were forced into making them over again a second time, as if the choices you made in those games really didn't count. For instance, saving the rachni queen in the first game made little difference, because later you had to make the choice all over again. Another instance can be seen with the geth. In the second one, you are forced to decide to kill or save the geth, which ultimately made no difference (except for the galactic readiness rating), because again you were force to make the same choice a second time. This is not the only area where the decisions fall short. In the final moments of the third game you find that all those decisions combined had little to no effect on the actual ending of the game. There were a total of six endings possible, three for paragon, and three for renegade, but the difference in these endings were so minute, it was as if the choice was already made for you. It is hard to explain what I am feeling after watching the ending, I can only say that it just was not what I expected or had hoped for. It just did not fit with the game, and left me feeling unfulfilled. I find myself thinking back the ending of Lord of the Rings. You spend countless hours watching through the three movies, and when you reach the ending, it left you fulfilled, you felt happy, and at the same time, you felt that all was right with the world. The ending wrapped up all the loose ends. You saw what happened to the characters after the ring was destroyed, and when it was finally over, you knew that middle earth was finally at peace again. In short, the ending was epic; this was the kind of ending that I had hoped for in Mass Effect 3. A good fifteen to twenty to thirty minute ending, where all the characters are seen, and you know how things turn out for them, where the world is saved or destroyed, according to the decisions and actions you had made. Unfortunately this was not even close to what we got. There were a few other graphical problems/glitches that got annoying. Every time you go into the **** you had to be very careful, or the game would glitch out and you would be forced to reload to a previous save. Some of the dialogue was glitch. I remember having a conversation with Admiral Hackett at the end of the game, and he started to say something, but the game glitched and it skipped over that sentence entirely. Another thing that I had a problem with was the character Steve. I do not like how his issue with homosexuality was forced onto you; it was quite frankly rude, unnecessary, and annoying. Every time you talked to him, he had something to say about his boyfriend. It got to the point where I just did not want to talk to him anymore, because I didn't want to hear it. I felt alienated; like Bioware or EA was trying to make a statement, and make you believe that homosexuality is ok. Why? I don't want to be completely negative, because the game was amazing. It filled in a lot of the history of previous wars and whatnot, the customization and weapon selection was amazing (except for not having a heavy weapon). A majority of the cut scenes were phenomenal. The action and rpg/level up for the game exceeded that of the first and second game, and a majority of the conversations that you had with crew members were meaningful and informative. But the ending, along with some other problems, marred my image of the game, and the entire series as a whole. I just hope that Bioware gets it right the second time around. Expand
  8. Mar 25, 2012
    I honestly cannot understand the huge dissatisfaction with the game here. Sure, it's not perfect nor groundbreaking, but nowhere deserving of of a zero or even a 1. However, it may be due to the fact that I am not a hardcore fan of the series so plot holes and other abnormalities are missed by me. I believe there is a lot of passion for the franchise that when it doesn't go in a particular way it is completely dismissed. It is suppose to be the last installment of the series, and it seems many were expecting more. I know I was expecting a better and more grand ending, but I wasn't going to let it completely destroy the other experiences I had. (And, I almost forgot, there was a lot of controversy on the first-day release of DLC. That move by EA caused a lot of anger and probably another reason for the very low scores.)

    The one flaw I felt with this game is that I felt like I wasn't playing anything new. Just a continuation of the last game. The graphics and the game play felt exactly the same. The only difference is the story is continuing. That being said, I still enjoyed the story and what was going on in the Mass Effect universe. That in itself made the game difficult to put down, and it was the only game I played for the week I purchased it.

    To easily summarize: if you've played the first and second game, you will know what to expect with the third installment, with the exception of the boring exploring or scanning on the planets.
  9. Mar 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is a glorious middle bookended by a lame opening and a weak ending plagued by plot holes. People who say there's nothing wrong with the ending must not have been paying attention, because there's continuity errors you can fly Sovereign through. How did EDI go from being *in my party* on Earth onto the Normandy in the middle of the last battle? How did the Normandy get into the Mass Relay network to be ahead of the blast, during the last battle when they had no idea what the Crucible would do? It makes no sense. The ending itself is basically the same no matter what you did in the rest of the game at all, provided the green millitary bar was filled up enough. It turns out there's a God AI that's really doing all this, but didn't think of how to fix it until you showed up and is willing to let you doom all organic life to extinction if you want to. Why would it let you do that when it's been protecting organics for so long with the Reapers (protecting by destroying, yay!)? Makes no sense. It's a real shame because there's great stuff elsewhere in the game. The missions around Rannoch are awesome and some of the best in the franchise. That makes it hard to rate this game. Do you ignore the problems with the ending like the critics mostly did? Do you rate it into the ground like most of the users are doing? I'm trying to balance it off because I had 33 hours of fun along with the bad at the end, so I'm docking 2 points for that and another one for the lame opening with a kid that was thrown in as a ham-fisted attempt to add impact. Expand
  10. Mar 26, 2012
    Mass effect is a great ending to the trilogy , albeit with a sever flaw. The graphic are great , but there is no way to change the setting, and console limitation are forcing some design decision. For one you can't change FoV, you can't change graphic setting much, and you are forced to watch the back of a shepard taking 1/5 of the screen the whole time (Typical console trick to avoid calculating world geometry in a part of the screen). Often I found myself unconsciously using the mouse wheel to zoom out or in to go into FP , and sadly this is not possible. Graphic option include anti aliasing, screen resolution, brightness, and shadow, that's it. Still the graphic are great, only it is a bit sad to be saddled with console limitation. Sound wise , It is relatively good. Music is good. Sound effect sound stock or did not leave me with a strong impression. Dialogs OTOH are good sounding, and the sound of the reaper still leaves me a chill in the back. Plot : I found the story fitting. The ending was OKish. On its own I found it OK, what I was sorely missing was to know what happens to the various folk/species taking part into the battle. I won't spoil it for you for the content of the ending, but I had been hoping for a little bit more, like the diagshow at the end of fallout saying you what happens afterward. It does not happen. Nonetheless the ending were satisfying enough for me, just lacking a tad bit. Big big big bad things : the screen at the end telling you to wait for DLC. They could have sparred that, or made it more discreet, as if the main menu "downloadable content checking" was not enough. That blue screen with DLC at the end was .... Over the top. Multiplayer is OK, consist in you and 4 trying to fight off waves, with XP reward and a store to buy items. but is problematic due to 2 things : they tied part of the game (effective military rating force) to the multiplayer. Now some people are playing it so finding coop player is easy. But what in 2 month ? What in 6 month ? If you find nobody you WILL be stuck at 50% rating, thus making it harder for you to get certain ending. This is definitively a BAD BAD BAD decision. Overall, I enjoyed Mass Effect 3 very much, but I think it has been clearly bracked by financial decision, and attempting to cash in, by having day 0 DLC (a clever marketing and salesman would have made it a week 1 or week 2 DLC) the shop/multiplayer influence on single player and the problem described as above, and the endings, which looks actually as if they had to make them on the quick due to financial reason. All in all, the lasting appeal of this game is IMHO lower than for ME1 and ME2 and the console influence has make it much more evident the lowering of the RPG element in favor of FPS element. I would still recommend it to anybody having played ME1 and 2 , but as a stand alone I cannot recommend it too much. Final verdict : 7. Would be a 8 if not for multiplayer undue influence on single player Military rating, and would be a 9 if only they had added , even a few still picture telling us what happens afterward as in fallout or other game did. This is after all the END of the trilogy. Expand
  11. Mar 27, 2012
    Let me start by saying that Mass Effect 3 is a good game. Story is not as deep as previous titles of the franchise but you have really good moments. Unfortunately the ending is generic, short and fails to deliver any closure. It's a game that you don't feel like playing again once you finish it, because there's just one ending.
    Graphics are ok most of the time. There are some graphical
    glitches (like people looking to the roof while speaking to each other), but they are not game breaking.
    ME3 has the worst quest system of the franchise. The quest journal is annoying and quests are just variations of "retrieve artifact X from the Y system". The Reapers mini game is not cool at all and the scanning system from ME2 was dumbed down.
    Combat is really entertaining. There's some flaws (like using the spacebar to do a lot of different things), but the overall experience is really good.
    Multiplayer is a lot of fun. The only problem being the lack of maps to play.

    Overall Mass Effect 3 is a really good game. Not a masterpiece but something worth playing.
  12. Mar 29, 2012
    I really like this game but it is very far away from perfect. The story is touching and characters are amazing, but the combat is very frustrating sometimes and gets boring and absolutely not realistic. The atmosphere is a bit plastic. I haven`t finished it yet but it`s starting to get boring. In the beginning I was amazed. Again an over hyped game.
  13. Apr 11, 2012
    I think a lot of the user reviews here are unfair. Yes, the game has some surprisingly nasty technical issues. For one mission, Garrus disappeared for about 20-30 minutes. Sadly, he was integral to the mission, so characters kept turning to talk to him, but there was nobody there. Much of the time I couldn't hear what he was supposed to be saying. Also, there are tracking issues during conversations. They tried to make the characters turn to face the current speaker, but this mostly just confuses them when there's more than one speaker. The most hilarious was when Liara's helper bot flew by during a conversation, and Shepard flipped out. He started thrashing about with his eyes rolled back in his head. Reminded me of the Exorcist.

    I'm not convinced the ending was bad, but I don't think it was very explicit about how your choices impacted the ending. Looking around online I found the ending thresholds, so it turns out it does matter what you do. It's just hard to directly see the impacts. The different endings are apparently pretty similar.

    The technical issues are my main gripe. I would say I still liked this better than the first Mass Effect but less than the second. I did not find it as disappointing as Dragon Age 2. I feel like people are comparing Mass Effect 3 to some ideal of what they hoped the game would be instead of comparing the game to its peers. Comparing the game to its peers shows that it some things well. It's a beautiful game graphically, and I enjoyed the cameos from throughout the series and seeing how choices I made came back to affect the third game.
  14. Apr 18, 2012
    I don't think its fair to give Mass Effect 3 a rating purely based on the ending. The first 95% of the game was fantastic, very engaging and fun, I did have issues however with how the player characters voice acting was handled the amount of auto dialogue really took away any feeling that Shepard was actually my character rather than Biowares. Multiplayer is actually surprisingly fun although does have a tenancy to get repetitive. The last 10% of the game about from Priority: Cerberus onwards was a really big let down for me, they didn't do a good job for the finale of the series and this is especially disappointing given how good other sections of the game where. A good game but does not live up to its predecessors. Expand
  15. Apr 20, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am not surprised that a lot of fans are dissatisfied with the last part of Mass Effect trilogy. I may be the ending, also the day 1 DLC which just isn't fair to all us gamers, supporting the game. However, all these details did not really matter for me when I started playing. I was hooked up and wanted to complete all the side quests, talk with every npc available for me. The story sucked me in and pace of action about the whole setting seem to be really good. The biggest flaw is that starting the game without a save game from the 2nd part really removes a lot of the content. I could not use paragon/renegade options when it came to curing the genophage or deciding about quarians and geth. Party members from the previous part did not appear where they should and I felt really disappointed when my Shepard did not even recognize Legion. But there you go ,I should have played with my save. /// When it comes to plot I found it really exciting and it really gives you the felling that you are fighting to save the galaxy. There are, of course, some plot holes. Just like in the beginning, when Shepard is being trialed but I did not really know why because I have not played the DLC for Mass Effect 2. Only later did I discover that most of my choices do not influence the ending. Never mind, the important thing is the matter to me during the gameplay. I do not feel cheated. Overall, the game could have been better, but it still was an excellent experience. After completing it I had the same feeling like I get when finishing a great book. I keep thinking about characters, story and I want more but sadly have to admit that it's ended.
    I will definitely return to Mass Effect universe in the future. Play it once again with the DLC (câ
  16. Apr 25, 2012
    Ahhhh sad... i'm sad. The 1 was great, the 2 good... And that 3 is just average... Not bad, mainly because we love the caracteres. We are attached with them. Some scenes are still great, as a nice space opera.
    But that game is far poorer than the two others. It is very contemplative game... Like a story we read, but not as a good video game should be.
    I don't complaint against the ends. I
    can understand them and I accept the dev's choice.

    It's hard finishing such trilogy like that...
  17. Apr 25, 2012
    An all right game, but not really up to the standards we've come to expect from the Mass Effect franchise. My expectations were sky high after getting sucked into the Mass Effect-universe early 2011. I had put in well over a hundred hours in the two earlier games, but this third one turned out to be a massive anticlimax. The game itself is all right, but I was hoping for a more conclusive finish.
  18. May 8, 2012
    First of all, I would say that Mass Effect 2 isn't just the greatest RPG ever to grace the console but it's arguably the greatest game ever made. It delivered such a compelling, deep, rich, atmospheric experience that continues to live long in the memory. So my expectations where probabaly over ambitious for the third outing. And after playing the game over and over again, devoted hours of life I can understand the disapproval the game has gathered but would definetly say that Mass Effect 3 is by no means a game worthy of a '0.' Picking up from where the ME2 DLC Arrival left off, ME3 see's Shepard relieved of his duties as the consequences of his actions during the DLC, whilst on Earth the Reapers have launched an overwhelming onslaught leading Admiral Anderson to set Shepard the mission of uniting the galaxy's forces. Ofcourse the gameplay unfolds from here and you are able to import your saved data meaning that anyone who didn't make it from ME1&2 won't be in ME3. However, an early discovery is made after saving Liara, where she reveals that there is a potential weapon capable of destroying the Reapers; The Crucible. From here that's what it's all about. Travelling across the galaxy uniting forces whilst making major decisions along the way regarding the future of the Krogan race, the Geth and Quarians, aswell as taking care of personal loose ends including romantic options where you can decide who Shepard finally ends up with. Cerberus are also heavily involved under the guidance of The Illusive Man (TIM) who believes the Reapers should be controlled and not destroyed and throughout you have to deal with their attempts to take the Citadel as well as mounting an attack on their headquarters as a starting point towards the final battle. Your decisions along the way as you will already know are important in determining the ending to the game however even more vital is Effective Military Strength (EMS) which has a huge impact in final outcome of your Shepard's journey, this is mainly gained through online play. Regardless of who you sacrifice or save it all leads down to Citadel where a battered and blooded Shepard faces a final showdown with TIM,ultimately resulting in an old friends death, before all is finally revealed and the fate of the galaxy sealed. Lets just say you are in for rude awakening if you thought every decision you had to make was going to be crucial in determining how Mass Effect 3 ends. As you are transported to the pinnacle of the Citadel, the Catalyst approaches you in the shape of the young boy who dies at the start of the game who explains everything. Unfortunately the explanation isn't anything i could have possibly imagined but nonetheless he reveals that the Reaper cycle is an attempt to prevent organic life from wiping itself out by creating synthetic life leading you to face three options; 'Destroy,' 'Control,' or 'Convert.' All three result in the apparent death of Shepard however if you choose 'Destroy' and have the correct amount of EMS you can gain the 'perfect' ending where it shows a potentially alive Shepard breathing amongst the ruins of the destruction which results in the mass relays being destroyed and the Normandy ending up stranded on another planet... then after the credits have rolled an old man is shown with a young boy, who asks the elderly gent to tell him more stories about 'the Shepard' implying that Shepard's legend lives on. We all know the controversy regarding the ending and initially I felt as though I had been well and truly conned as all the assurances BioWare has given simply weren't on show. But after taking my time going through things again I'm not as bummed as I first was. The gameplay is awesome. It was always going to be the introduction of new weapons is cool and the shooting system worked superbly well in ME2 so only a few minor tweaks were needed in that department so I didn't have any complains there. The Normandy was fine although you don't get enough of it. Graphically it's not exactly a blockbuster movie. There are annoying glitches along the way but they don't prevent you from playing on, they just frustrate you at times. The plot. Well not so much the story as the ending(s). Let's face it BioWare sold us all short big time! Shepard dying doesn't bother me as much as others, sure it would've been great for him to get that happily ever after but it's the fact they have disregarded everything a player has gone through and delivered such a pointless and worthless ending that a trilogy such as Mass Effect doesn't deserve. Multiplayer was unnecessary but I was relatively impressed but not addicted to it as other games, but is a vital component for those of us seeking that 'perfect' ending. Simply, ME3 is a tremendous game with a terrible ending and as a result is one of the biggest disappointments to date. I await the extended epilogue in the hope of some REAL closure. Expand
  19. May 15, 2012
    Most of the people who've played ME3 hate it because it failed to live up to THEIR expectations. Was the game as horrendous as most users say? Not at all. It was rushed, it's buggy, the endings are stupidly presented - not stupid, just done poorly - but the Mass Effect series - ME3 included, showed a great many just what the gamer medium can do, rather than just mindless and endless reiterations of the COD style of brainless gunplay. Imagine an epic movie you can actually play, can actually influence - that's Mass Effect as a series. See, people wanted ME3 badly. Really badly. So badly that they got what they wanted - ME released long before it should have been and now what could have been great has suffered for a lot of impatience, both on behalf of the fans and the creators. Too many fingers in the cookie jar. Not enough quality control - and I suspect - and ego or two in the way in Bioware's offices. The real trouble with a lot of games and movies is that the makers think the average consumer is pretty much a moron, and unfortunately, given the state of what's most popular nowadays, they're not far wrong. That's their business model: fans are stupid. So you get half-done and half-thought through and just too much wrong with it. Was the game "bad"? Nope. It was actually pretty good. Was it Mass Effect?

    That's trickier.

    We were promised many things with ME3, 99.9999999% of which we did not get. They *can* fix it. Unfortunately, by the time they do, no one will care.
  20. May 16, 2012
    Let's ignore the ending here, because I guess anyone reading this review now either already knows about it, or doesnt want to.

    Truth be told, its a good game. Playing it I felt the tech had been improved enough to fix immersion in some areas without completely overhauling a system we had been used to since ME 1.

    That said, the story line was a little lack lustre and I didnt feel it was
    quite as gripping as the franchises earlier installments.

    Dont get me wrong, there are a few moments that are truely and magnificently choreographed and will reduce most gamers to tears, but they are few and far between. Mostly however, I found that once again I felt like all my previous efforts had been ignored and for the 3rd time I had manic rush to collect my companions... again.... make them like me... again... and then actually get on with dealing with what was left of the main campaign. The multiplayer experience, for me has been where the game has demonstrated its real staying power. Taking a couple of key areas from the game (and with some later DLC a few new custom ones too) you and a group of up to 3 friends are pitted against AI opponents in a king of the hill style beat down, with assorted minimissions to keep things interesting. Even after clearing my 100% readiness for the end game of the single player campaign, I've found myself coming back to multiplayer because it is nice, casual friendly, fun.

    Mass Effect 3 is certainly worth a look if you have the money and time available to try it. Players opinions are very divided on the endgame thing.... personally I like where they went with the endgame, I just didnt like how it was presented to the player.. Your opinion will undoubtedly vary..

    I'm not commander shepard, but this has definitely been my favorite multiplayer game on my pc for the past few weeks.
  21. May 22, 2012
    I'm a little late to the party, but I wished to give a unbiased view of the last instalment of one the best series in modern gaming.

    I played through ME1, ME2 and pulled my saves over before beginning ME3

    Mass Effect 3 suffers from some over sights and issues surrounding its storytelling. There are now time based missions which your never informed of how long you've got, but with
    fairness to Bioware while annoying probably more accurately represents the galaxy this time round as the Reapers have returned so worlds are falling on a daily basis so missions disappear as the reapers strike, or world situations change. On the subject of worlds scanning planets has changed to a radar pulse from the ship which attracts Reaper attention, while the side missions of merc bases, crash ships etc from ME1 and ME2 have almost completely disappeared, exploration this time has been severely reduced, un fortunately this was one of the merits of Mass Effect that is was a RPG shooter with exploration, your railroaded into following the story with very little room to manoeuvre in the traditional role of exploration, while i'd like to do this with the current state of the Galaxy you'd be hard pressed to be wasting time exploring. The combat system is improved but the streamlined controls seemed to have made setup of hotbars impossible, this i found frustrating in heavy combat as the hotbar layout isn't how i'd have it setup, a minor point but another change to the series. other than that it plays better than previous games, and your loadout of weapons affects your ability cooldown timers, interesting idea as it makes you think about the weapons you need, upposed to taking everything, you also rely on squad mates taking the weapons you don't (you can take everything but your cooldown as twice as long.)

    Story wise Bioware have yet again told a interesting, compelling, and in some respects a very emotional story. My first playthrough I lost friends along the way, and the Voice acting in my opinion was some of the best in the series, those familiar with the series know of the romance options and the romance I had between Shepard and Ashley was truely believable, from the dilogue to the way it was read by the actor, when you loose friends you felt the loss rather than just seeing it, some made me question my decisions. However this brings up one of the flaws that bothered me probably the most in ME3. the dialogue options in alot of situations seemed a little short and didn't cover the questions properly while other times the options simply wouldn't be what I as shepard would have said, there is a particular area of the game, I won't mention that is quite pivotal in the plot and you can mention it to your Love Interest, but they response with one line in a dismissive response, bearing in mind it's relation to the plot it just feels rushed and not fleshed out as needed, infact it would partially explain the end.. Don't let this put you off though the gameplay is good and the commentary is excellent between you and the crew, it just feels some points weren't fully realised by Bioware, or simply pushed through by EA Games.

    Choice from previous Games DO MATTER. Regardless of what people have posted, many things you have done in previous games effect the current game, did you keep the Genophage data from Maelon in ME2? that changes things, did you Romance Ashley in ME1 but someone in ME2 as well? it changes things, does it totally rewrite the story? No. but with this game closing the story on Mass Effect and Shepard it's hard to follow all paths as the ending simply wouldn't be the ending they wrote in fact you'd need about 40 endings to cover it. and you can't really conclude Mass Effect with that regardless of how we feel, if you had 40 endings.

    The Ending;

    I'm not going to ruin it for you, play it youself make your own decision, but it is the opinion on most that when you finally get to the white light into the sky (vague enough) you should shut the game down, and just agree you won and the Reapers lost. The end gameplay is in serious question from long time fans including myself, with a few theories on what actually happened. Bioware have promised free DLC to explain the ending but that should give you a sign of how poorly put together it is. The last 5 minutes ruins probably one of the best gaming series to have been created.

    I give a 7/10 as the exploration and dialogue options has diminished the Mass Effect universe in this release, while the Story (up til the white light into the sky) and the emotional bond with your team are truly the best of the series, combat is the best of the three as is the graphics.
  22. May 28, 2012
    Feels more like an expansion than a standalone game which is why I'm giving it a 7. However, I very much enjoyed it, just as I enjoyed Mass Effect 2. It reminds me very much of He-man the cartoon I watched as I was growing up because you do get a lot of morality spat in your face which, whilst at the time can come across as patronising and vomit inducing, actually fleshes out the experience. For the most part you are asked to make decisions which generally don't affect how the game will play, but everynow and then you are faced with making a hum-dinger of a choice which is where Mass Effect always excels. Most games require a simple choice of this or that which doesn't affect the outcome all that much, but here you are faced with choices between entire races which feel like big decisions to make and you might be thinking about the choice for a couple of minutes. And if a game can cause you to pause and think about the consequences of what you're doing for more than a nano-second then it has done good! The game itself is really more about living the story than it is being technically proficient, and I don't remember dying at any point - although I probably did. But if I did then it was only once or twice so it wasn't particulalry challenging. It did feel a little dumbed down from ME2. But for me it was a fine ending to the franchise. Not great, but fine. I would still recommend the whole lot to any gamer out there as an excellent example of an immersive experience. Expand
  23. Jun 3, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Ahh, the ending...THE ending...IMHO the "destroy" ending was the best to choose. But after I decided to go with it, I expected some sort of animation-closure fiesta if you know what i mean. Despite all of the negative comments and review regarding the end, I just couldn't believe that is true, so the hope existed. So, let's go with recap - Earth was saved, soldiers were celebrating + ; Normandy crew ended up on some world, we don't know how far from Earth and could they return to the homeworld - ; Were all of our team aboard the Normandy? If not, what happened to them? - ; Mass relays destroyed (ok, we have been warned), but what happens with other races? - ; Guy breathing, people are convinced that's am I + ; Did the people rebuilt the Earth? Or are they somewhere else (next part of ending)? - ; After the credits, there is a kid with his grandfather on unknown world and the grandfather talks about Shepard and what happened while mentioning that was a long time ago. Well, how long has it been? Are the people again unaware of other life forms (actually, I think he mentions something like that), can the people travel throughout the universe (Solar system and beyond, but not far)? - ; Buzz Aldrin's voice (Stargazer) + ; Ending recap conclusion -> +(3), -(4) = - = unacceptable

    But this is game review. The entire game, except the ending, was breathtaking and definitely worth all the playing time invested throughout the series. Mixture of dramatic, bad ass, serious and humorous moment in this game is something all the other games want and hope to achieve. I would give the game 9, maybe 10, but if we account the weak ending, I must decrease my score. I seriously hope the "ending DLC" will bring more info about the aftermath of the game.
  24. Jun 11, 2012
    This game is a very good game, don't get me wrong. I'm not giving this a 7 out of 10 because of the ending, because I actually liked the ending (but that's because I believe in the Indoctrination theory; if you don't know what the Indoctrination theory is, it's a very plausible theory for the ending of the game), and I enjoyed everything else. The reason why is I'm giving this a 7 is because Mass Effect 3 didn't grip me like the others. It didn't suck me into this mass expansive world like Mass Effect 1 did, which I loved. This universe is well put together and I enjoy a good story. Like I've said before, Mass Effect 3 is a extremely well-made game, with enjoyable multiplayer and other elements that make it combine together. It just didn't grip me like the first and second. So I give this a 7 out of 10. Expand
  25. Jun 25, 2012
    So, I share the same gripe that everyone else has with ME3: it only has 3 endings. And by 3 endings I mean 1 ending with 3 different color overlays. Red, green and blue. Now the 1 ending is fine, but I was expecting no less than 6 distinct endings and frankly I was hoping for more like 9 or 12 given all the hype over how our choices would impact the end. But no, all those choices culminate in 1 ending with 3 color overlays...

    That said, ME3 is a great game. Graphics are great, story is great, the soundtrack is excellent. It has in depth character development and ties up all the loose ends. You will meet all the (surviving) characters from the first two episodes and help them out at least one more time. It will make you smile, laugh and cry... or at least look really solemn. The game does NOT deserve a score less than 5 from anyone. It is a shining example of the kind of games the industry should be producing and deserves your vote and purchase. How the user score on this is lower than the likes of Alan Wake or Duke Nukem Forever is beyond me. But yeah, I have to dock it some points for having no visually distinct endings.
  26. Jul 4, 2012
    Ok, there are some plot holes and some strange decision were took about ending cinematics, almost identical no matter the choice you pick at the end. But I really don't get why everyone is arguing about the final: that was an epic, perfect epilogue for this marvelous saga. Almost perfect game.
  27. Jul 13, 2012
    As an honest gamer, I will keep this short and sweet: Mass Effect 3 was an exciting start to the "beginning of the end" for the series. While a lot of problems originated mostly from the ending and a few problems upon launch, the game itself is a remarkable experience. It does what it set out to do: And that was entertain as a cover-based, third-person RPG-shooter. While I disagree with some of the choices made to the story, the game itself was the ending players wanted to Shepards story. And with the multiplayer experience shaping up to be an unforgettable experience (albeit some of the weapons are being fiddled with for no reason) as more and more content is being released free of charge. And to top it off, the Extended Cut is free DLC, allowing everyone to choose which endings they liked best. All in all, I'd say Mass Effect 3 earned it's place in history. Expand
  28. Jul 19, 2012
    After all that build up of epic choices with people dying and the Illusive Man fighting with Shepard and Anderson and then.... no end boss.... empty promises broken.... Was this really what you wanted to do with one of the best franchises of all time? Is this really your ending to Mass Effect Bioware? And with this "extended cut" dlc is just more **** taped onto the ending... With that said... It was an amazing game all the way up to the ending with Casper and his stupid "choices." Oh how the mighty have fallen in this game. I just hope they do something to make it different change the ending maybe? Probably not but i had such high hopes for Bioware to show us the ending of Shepard's story and how he destroyed the Reapers. A big disappointment. The game was good the ending was terrible so i give this game a 7 the music, game play and story was really good all the way up till the tile floated up into the white and you woke up in front of the so called "catalyst." A solid game that could have been a perfect 10 if they just made the ending better. Expand
  29. Aug 29, 2012
    Many things went wrong with this ME, starting with all my decisions in previous ME's that didn't worth nothing in this game. It was all for nothing.
    They simplified way too much to appeal new users and added an unnecessary and crappy Multiplayer.
    I didn't like the idea of seeing some of my team dying without having any choice, this was by far one of the worst thing they did with the
    The Soundtrack is pretty good but not that good compared to ME1 and 2, still is one of the strongest point in this game.
    I took a lot of time to review it because i decided to wait for the Extended Cut and it was well worth it. Although it didn't clarify all my doubts and plot-holes in the game, it changed things a lot and made the endings make more sense. All in all its a great game, a bit disappointing, it could have been way much better than this.
  30. Nov 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a person who's played both ME and ME2, I would have to say that this is a welcome addition to the trilogy. There are certainly flaws, but overall the plot is solid, the story is immersive and Bioware has really upped the maturity level. ME3 feels like a more mature, emotional game than ME and ME2 (not saying it's better). The various cutscenes of Shepard running through her dreams after the boy (although being goddamn annoying and slow) added a certain emotional depth. The dialogue is still brillaint, the romances are fun and seem realistic. I definitely liked the reoccurring characters who appear again from ME and ME2. Overall, solid game, great continuation of the story, great graphics. Expand
  31. Dec 1, 2012
    I love the Mass Effect series, but the third game just didn't have that magic touch like the last two, especially the second one. The movement and combat got a few perks. Some of the new powers/characters/weapons/missions are good, and the story holds up alright, but the extra flare is just not there. The previous games had some great gameplay mechanics, but were sucked out of this game. It's like the game is Mass Effect 2 with some improved graphics, but much lazier organization, atmosphere and character development - it all just feels sloppier. There's no reason an avid Mass Effect should pass this up, as it's not that bad of a game. But it's very watered down. I haven't a damn clue what went through BioWare's heads with the horrible endings. Expand
  32. Dec 31, 2012
    It wasn't bad, and it wasn't superb either. I cannot comment upon the original ending because I played it with the extended ending. Having said that my complaints with the game have to do more with character interactions, scope, and pacing than anything else. First, unlike Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 3 never made me care about the characters all that much. The magnitude of the Reaper War made characters and their own personal problems quite trivial. This point begs the question of scope. The game attempts to achieve an epic feel while maintaining familiar with the main characters. Unfortunately, it fails in this respect. Despite its giant space battles, the game never created an atmosphere that conveyed the gravity of the situation the characters found themselves. Then again, this could equally be my failing as much as it is the game's. For after two previous installments of Shepherd saving the cosmos, I am kind of used to the stakes being very high. Lastly, the pacing just felt off to me. The final battles did not seem to build all that much dramatic tension. Also, we learned too many important facts too quickly at the end for their significance to be comprehended. Having said that, the game is still good. The plot does make sense. The voice acting is really good. The action is engaging. I had fun. Unfortunately, it was not the masterpiece most of us were hoping it would be. Expand
  33. Jan 7, 2013
    My favorite color is red. I like orange too. Choices, choices, choices. Why does life have to be so complicated? Why, Lord? Why? Hristos se rodi, D
  34. Jan 27, 2013
    I am sick and tired of the whiny user reviews about the endings. THEY FIXED IT. and if you are still upset about the endings not being that different from each other, then you have not been paying attention to the other endings to the Mass Effect series. These ending are in the same type as the first 2 games. To give the review a 0 just because of the ending is stupid. Here is why, if the game was so bad to earn a 0, then you would never finish it to see the endings! The rating is base on and OVERALL experience. The game was a very fun play. I enjoyed the experience and hope that they keep going in the Mass Effect universe. Expand
  35. Feb 5, 2013
    Mass Effect 3 will not force you to make tough decisions on a galactic scale. The RPG element from the first one has been taken away, and replaced with longer action packed combat. Having 3 games to tell a story, but leaving the player with an ending less desirable, greatly disappoints. If with those gripes, I give it a 7 because it is still a fun game, and the story leading up to the ending held me with suspense. It is no means as good as the first, or second games in the series, and that does disappoint. But taking a seat back and looking at it for what it is, I enjoyed the game. Expand
  36. Feb 7, 2013
    This game rightfully earns a 7. And while I could just blabber on about the ending, the subpar game mechanics, and most of the horrendous design choices in general, I'll just sum this review up simply. Don't buy this game for a satisfying single player game, but it for co-op with your friends. Co-op is the only reason I own this game, with a whopping 500 hours played on it, it's fantastic. And with free DLC content being added, you can't go wrong. The MP is fantastic in my opinion, and while it doesn't feel "like mass effect" because it's a 3rd person horde mode and not a story driven emotional title, it's fantastically done. Do yourself a favor and skip the campaign. Expand
  37. Jun 25, 2013
    Obviously the parallel development of Star Wars: The Old Republic took a toll on both games.
    ME 3 seems to be hastily assembled to finish the series in the given time frame. The ending strongly reminds me of another game series of the Cyberpunk genre which I also like. But this ending style is imho not fitting to the ME series.
    The last two missions felt right out of place.
    But face it:
    these are the most the negative points of the third part. ME3 is still clearly above average and is never worse than a 7.0. No way Sorry, just because you've expected a happy end doesn't make the whole game bad.

    The "Galaxy at War" mechanics is simply brilliant. It allows all your deeds of the three parts and two additional games, the cooperative multiplayer (included in ME3) and the mobile app "Infiltrator" to be integrated and add to your effort to save the galaxy.
    And don't believe everything you read here. E.g. multiplayer is not necessary at all to get the best endings but you need a pretty good score which is maybe not possible if you killed everything and everyone possible in the first two parts ;-p You'll just feel the consequences of your previous actions.
    And this is clearly a benefit of this game series which also contributes to ME3.

    My advice to all players who gave a score below 5: play the ME series a second time and you'll see the game a little bit differently.
  38. Jul 5, 2013
    I can completely understand where people are coming from when they say they hated this game because of it's ending and whatnot, but what you can't ignore is the fact that until that point, the game was incredible. Seeing the characters from that past two games and even having a couple of them join your crew again brings great feelings of nostalgia and while I admit, the 'space bar to do everything' concept was quite poor, the reason I play Mass Effect was for the intricate storyline and the lovable characters, not the gameplay. The basic cover shooting mechanics and the games ending stopped this from getting a 10, but, in my opinion, it's still one of the greatest gaming series of all time, and I can't wait to see what Bioware gives us with the next instalment. Expand
  39. Oct 10, 2013
    The game was fairly rushed, that's obvious, and very little has been done in the years after to help fix that. The storyline is solid, and after a BIG DLC patch, the ending isn't as eye gougingly terrible as it was, the multiplayer is semi-ok. It can be good for a laugh if you have friends in your own country to play with, otherwise, it runs like ass covered ass with a side of ass, and honestly, it's a big let down to the series as a whole.

    Still, if you played 1 and 2, play 3. If you haven't played 1 and 2, don't bother, save yourself the disappointment.
  40. Feb 12, 2014
    Played: Jan 2014 Pros: + Actually wraps up the Mass Effect story arc + Inventory compromises between simplicity (ME2) and variety (ME1) + Additional Ending content is free Cons: - Character models don’t look updated from ME2 - Some items are highly missable and a bug seems to keep some from appearing in a store if missed I was introduced to the series through Mass Effect 2, which offered some significant streamlining to make gameplay more fun than its predecessor. I eventually played ME1, but based on reviews I’d read I didn’t want to splash out $60 for ME3 so it was some time before the price came down to what I was comfortable paying.
    I’m glad I waited. While the story arc is completed with reasonable effectiveness, it features at least one prominent fallacy that I found somewhat insulting to my intelligence. After some public outcry, Bioware released some (free) additional content to explain the results of your end-game choice-and it’s a good thing it’s free, since it adds about 30sec of content. On the other hand, this series ending compares favorably compared with the non-endings featured in the string of Assassin’s Creed games by developer Ubisoft (up to you to decide if that comparison actually says anything).
    Gameplay mechanics are mostly solid, featuring a more flexible inventory that that presented in ME1, but still simplified enough that it doesn’t feel like a loot game: there are only about 5 options for each weapon type. The player can carry and use any type of weapon desired, however “heavy” weapons (anything not pistol or SMG) severely curtail use of powers. I played this on the default difficulty setting (apparently equivalent to the “Hard” setting on ME2) and only died a few times; even on death the checkpoint system allowed me to return to action and complete the game+90% of sidequests in about 50 hours. Relevant to gameplay is the occurance of “missable” items, which are supposed to appear in a special store if you fail to pick them up. Unfortunately, through some kind of bug or other problem, these items did not appear in store for me (I looked them up online to try to figure out how to complete the remaining quests). The rewards would have been small, but it is annoying to be missing a feature that is supposed to come with the game.
    There were a few things that I found even more disappointing. The character models feature the same faces and hairstyles as in previous games, and don’t appear to be any better rendered than previously. In the same vein, the pre-rendered cutscenes look as though they came straight from 2005 and it is something of a relief when they end and you are allowed to return to your machine's real-time rendering. In short: the graphics don’t seem to have improved at all since ME2, though why this would be the case is a mystery to me.
    ME3 is a decent game to pick up if you like the idea of a shooter/RPG hybrid with a team. It is certainly worth the $15 or so EA games is currently charging, but still suffers from some pitfalls and you shouldn't pay more for it.
  41. Feb 17, 2014
    Good game, letdown of an ending. The ending alone (along with the fact that some of the previous companions aren't companions in this on) is enough to knock it down a couple of points. But combine that with the Day One DLC and you have another shameful display by EA. Come on EA, stop buying good game developers and leaching money off of them and the consumers. That being said, this is still, in no shape or form, a bad game (despite the **** ending). Expand
  42. Feb 23, 2014
    I liked the game, despite all of the hate, I still found the game very enjoyable. I know the decisions weren't as expansive which is a bit of a let down, but in regards to the over all game, I still enjoyed playing it. I still liked the endings, I do wish that they had more variance, but not to the point where I want to set the disc on fire and rage out. The multiplayer isn't the most polished, it needs work. It just feels clunky. I do agree that this game isn't as good as the last, but it is still worth playing. Expand
  43. May 16, 2014
    Forget all the crap you hear about the ending; if you want to see all your favorite characters walking off into the sunset, hand-in-hand, this is not the game for you. On the other hand, if you want to play a game that engages you from start to finish, has you make some truly difficult moral decisions, and makes you care about who lives and who dies, then Mass Effect 3 it is. Honestly, I don't get the hate. The ending is perfectly fitting. The game mechanics are fantastic, very polished, and rarely monotonous. Enjoy it for what it is, a perfectly good way to end the series. Mass Effect 2 will always be the better game, but for me this is not the great big turd some people want it to be. Considering the amount of sub-standard fare that gets spewed out by big game companies these days, the kind of re-heated **** we see regurgitated by Activision every few months, we should be glad this is actually a decent game. Expand
  44. Aug 1, 2014
    The free DLC fixed the worst issues with this game, but the story remains the weakest of the series. The combat has been improved and the DLCs are excellent, especially the citadel and leviathan ones.
  45. Mar 6, 2012
    I don't think too much has improved from previous games compared too how much has gotten worse. My save transfer didn't work and a prothean DLC was available as soon as I started, which to be honest annoyed the hell out of me. I'm around 6 hours in and have found it a bit of a grind in a lot of places, the combat seems unrefined and the story in places is complete drab. This is my honest opinion on the matter. Expand
  46. Jul 5, 2014
    A solid third person shooter with some basic RPG elements. The combat is good, the RPG elements are a little more fleshed out, and the atmosphere of impending doom well sustained. It could have been slightly better than the second instalment, but the lack of meaningful choices, numerous corridor shooting sequences, bland writing and of course the rushed nonsensical ending bring the mark down below Mass Effect 2. Expand
  47. Mar 6, 2012
    As a story, Mass Effect is suffering a common problem, too many characters. Someone dies, unless I legitimately care about them, their death is meaningless to me. Many of Me's characters are fun, but very few are relatable, rendering any of their deaths moot. It would have been much better if they focused more on a smaller cast. The plot is also somewhat dull, filled with explosions where Shepard 'miraculously" survives. Combat is improved, but is still somewhat broken with stupidly set key bindings. Wished they would stuck either with a shooter or a RPG, as the "action-rpg" genre seems to be not good at combat or story. Day one DLC is insulting, and a tend I hope does not continue. Expand
  48. euu
    Mar 7, 2012
    This game is just okay. It's not going to blow your mind , it's not going to revolutionize gaming; it's just a decent third person shooter with RPG elements that concludes a very overrated series. I don't understand how people who were drooling over Mass Effect 2 a while ago are giving this game so many negative scores. It's almost the same game, in fact I think Mass Effect 3 is a little better than its predecessor. More customization options have been added in the game, there is a main story this time, you are not just doing boring tasks for your team members and the amount of time you spend scanning planets has been reduced. Compared to other games released this year, Mass Effect 3 is not bad, but as a story driven action RPG it doesn't hold a candle to games like The Witcher 2 and Deus Ex:Human Revolutions. Expand
  49. Mar 7, 2012
    I'm speechless. Why ? I did something stupid, played the first game imported my character in to the second game,imported to ME3.
    Why the rant? When did the gaming industry decided that a person able to enjoy a adult movie is unable to comprehend Schindler's List?
    It didn't start well , the intro mission is railroaded, Shepard is a lost minion , irritating for every player that shaped
    his character thru countless hours of the two previous games, pondering the outcomes of hers/his decisions. I seriously have no idea why I did what I did in the previous games.
    It's a clone of so many movie/game decisions where the Hero does the ultimate spoiler thing, and everyone is aware that the morally grey , isn't really grey it's just trying to create the illusion by pressing on the tear duct by removing the few things a RPG player cares about-the characters and interactions with them , one by one .

    The game has one of the worst endings in history, all of them and the idea that the player is not worthy to get some closure is strange, feel's like subconsciousness marketing for DLC.
    The characters from the previous game suffer at times cringe worthy writing , and lack of screen time.
    Simply there isn't enough time for anything, and the dialogues took a major hit, feels completely rushed. New players probably will not care, the game doesn't even introduce them in a proper manner, they can run and gun without consequences and even enjoy the game.
    MP is very well done,interesting and addictive , so nothing to criticize except the Origin client.
    Rated DA2 with a 1 rating this game with a 6 to reflect the technical superiority, but only the technical , the disappointment is identical like DAO vs DA2 despite never seeing the ME games as RPG's , and wondering why the "Jack of all trades, master of none" figure somehow became the most defining aspect of Bioware's recent titles.
  50. Mar 7, 2012
    As an addendum to my review, due to writing, the game is riddled with plot holes so enormous, they have become event horizons that suck in the other games in the series.
  51. Mar 7, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is a game science fiction game about Star Wars. You play as Captain John Luke Pircard but everybody calls you shepherd for some reason, and you have to kill the grim repars who want to kill everyone in the galaxy. you travel in your spaceship so you can shoot the reaper with your laser guns. One thing i didnt like is that you have to reload your gun because why would you have to reload a laser gun? Overall this game was fun but I give it 6/10 because there are no lightsabers and the klingons look funny Expand
  52. Mar 7, 2012
    I'm lukewarm for this game. While the gameplay is good and the story is passable as a stand alone game, it is wholly disappointing as the highly anticipated conclusion to the Mass Effect trilogy. The first game was very ambitious and had a lot of promise. It toted that decisions made in the game would affect the fate of the galaxy, and with the second game, it was much hyped that these decisions would carry through multiple games and have meaningful consequences. One of the largest failings in this game is that once again, Bioware failed to deliver on those consequences of decisions. If someone had been killed off, someone who fills the same role just with a different name takes their place and does the exact same thing. Not to mention I am quite disappointed that despite my efforts to save my Mass Effect 2 squadmates that I found interesting and had grown attached to, none of them save the ones that were also in the first Mass Effect can become part of my squad. Several survive their missions and become "war assets" and yet, they cannot fight with me? Why? It feels so cheap and lazy of Bioware to have just pushed them aside in favor of some morose looking guido. The squadmate I romanced was reduced to cameos, Legion, who I had barely gotten to utilize in Mass Effect 2 due to the timing of his recruitment, yet had grown to like and was very excited to use again, "sacrifices" himself, just like Mordin, just like Thane, it gets old just killing off characters instead of rewarding people for having saved them in ME2 as optional squad members.

    On another note, I have no problem with homosexuality, that's your own choice.. but I think Bioware has gone TOO far with pushing it in your face in this installment. It doesn't feel natural to the characters. In Mass Effect, homosexuality was limited to just the Asari and it wasn't true homosexuality in that case anyway. Same in Mass Effect 2 though Aria makes a comment suggesting Shepard find a nice girl, or a nice boy, and Kelly is bi. Suddenly in Mass Effect 3 EVERYONE is now gay. I have a gay squadmate, I have a gay yeoman, I have a gay shuttle pilot, NPC's all over are talking about their same sex spouses, there's a gay female soldier in purgatory.. it's like there's some galaxy wide reaper indoctrination effect that makes everyone homosexual so all organics stop breeding and the reapers win no matter the outcome of the war (only the Krogans seem to be amped about breeding). In Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, I commonly had female NPC's flirt with me, in Mass Effect 3, I have yet to have a woman flirt with my maleshep aside from my romance interest from Mass Effect 2 and the news reporter on my ship. I THOUGHT Trayner was an option, but she says she's a lesbian instead. Meanwhile I have men hitting on me left and right.

    Bioware tries way too hard for this demographic and it feels forced and detracts from the gameplay. Having Kaiden be potentially gay and a few other NPC's would have been enough. Bioware obviously hasn't learned their lesson on this from Dragon Age II. Same gender romance options should be available as OPTIONS, but never thrown in your face everywhere you look,. An entire character's background story should never revolve around their sexual orientation either (as it was with Cortez)
  53. Mar 8, 2012
    This is not bad game, unless you compare it with mass effect I or mass effect 2 which were really awesome games where you were driving the character and the history. All that magic is gone, thus I understand why people give this game low ratings . For a mass effect game this is lame. For the average games this is agood one. Probably people who never played the previous ones of like fps game style would vote this one higher. What is unbelievable is all the (paid?) critic reviews who are giving only top scores and highlighting how good is the game almost without negative aspects. Fortunately here in metacritic most of the users have expressed their opinions so everyone can read that this game is not the perfect product paid reviews are trying to sell. I imagine Bioware is trying to get users to vote and comment in their favour, but that would be a bit more difficult than to heavily advertise in a bunch of gaming publications. I mean, if Bioware is paying you a los of money for publicity, you won"t be talking down their new star product .That wouldn't be a business wise decision. Expand
  54. Mar 8, 2012
    Reasons for a bad score (i would normally give this game an 8.5 but the ending really sucked and the only way for bioware to take notice is to take an extreme score). -movement on the battlefield, not as smooth as mass effect 2 -the find the resource being as boring as scanning planets -side missions have nothing to it -overall story on cerberus -some speech was very childish especially in the beginning (who wrote this script?); some was excellent tough
    -lipsinc off
    -very disappointing ending
    -ce dlc
    -no original missions (except for the one where you hack into the server mainframe)
    It is certainly not as bad as dragon age 2, but I am still disappointed; maybe I expected to much.
  55. Nov 18, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. So, a few months have passed since this game was released, and I have decided to do a straight up and honest review of this game. I have a full 1080p play through on YouTube that backs my review.---------------Mass Effect 3 is a mixed bag of nuts. visually it's stunning and well choreographed. the voice acting is mostly superb. The soundtrack is spot on and will leave your spine tingling, but is also reused when it shouldn't be. There is constant chatter between characters. the combat is fluid and enjoyable. The humor is refreshing at times even when the game is trying to be serious. Every area of the game has been refined compared to 1 and 2, and yet somehow this game has not ruined the fun of replaying the first 2 games, because all three games are unique and special in their own way. --------In spite of what Bioware did right with this game, It is disheartening to think of the corners that were cut in a few spots. Be it a budget issue, or a time crunch factor, there are at least 2 noticeably gaping holes in ME3 that made me rage like only a nerd can. --------------------The first is the unmasking method of Tali, which was done so cheaply and nonchalantly that long time fans of the series instantly felt betrayed, especially Tali'Mancers. no one asked to see every Quarian without a mask, Just Tali. Instead we got a stock photo from the internet, with a couple fingers lopped off and some some half baked photo-shopping. The second Major blunder is the writing in general. Words cannot describe how poorly written and contrived the storyline of Mass Effect 3 was. The First 2 games build up in anticipation for an incredible and epic climax. When you finally get there, you are punched in the stomach, kicked in the groin, It's revealed that all the main characters in Mass Effect are idiots (i.e. - Shepard finding out how to kill a reaper, then never bringing it up again like it was a fluke, this happens twice) and then, after the fecal matter finally stops showering on us and the game is over, we are told by a pop up window to pay more money for DLC even though Shepard just died because the Catalyst is stuck in a logic loop. Again, I have an entire playthrough on YouTube that backs up my opinion.---------------All in all, a masterpiece of a game, but ruined by a storyline and conclusion that will make you wish you never played ME1 or 2 so that you never had to experience such a heartbreaking case of bad writing. Expand
  56. Mar 8, 2012
    Most of the game is amazing _________________________________________________________________________________ -Good combat _____________________________________________________________________ -Great atmosphere _________________________________________________________________ -Amazingly done little details __________________________________________________________ -A lot of very emotional moments _______________________________________________________ -Some of the toughest and most heart wrenching decisions I've had to make _____________________ -Thoroughly addicting and enjoyable (until the end). ______________________________________________________________________________ So-so stuff: _______________________________________________________________________ -Slightly too much autodialogue. Not a huge deal though. ____________________________________ -Effect of many previous choices given mention but not explicitly detailed, left to your imagination (works for some) _________________________________________________________________________ -Dialogue ranges from great to cringe inducing _______________________________________________________________________________ The horrible: ______________________________________________________________________ -Ending is some of the worst writing/storytelling of all time. NOT because it is a "sad" ending. Because it comes out of nowhere and makes no sense. It would take an essay to detail everything that is wrong with it. ________________________________________________________________________________ 90% of the game is awesome. By that measure, I could give it a 9/10. But endings are important. ________________________________________________________________________________ Worth buying and playing. Expand
  57. Mar 9, 2012
    I think I get it now. Freedom of choice in the end of ME3 is almost like elections in Russia. I mean, this guys telling you 'Feel free to build your own game! Your choice is important and all, but in the end we show you how it must be, regardless of your opinion'. Btw, the whole series is just superb, I never had such a nice gaming experience since old good Arcanum back in the days. But see it crash like this... And because I love BioWare so much made it even worse. Expand
  58. Mar 9, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have put nearly a hundred hours into the Mass Effect trilogy. I carefully made my decisions so as to craft a better galaxy in peacetime. I established a romance, and continued to support it until now is can turn into something truly special. (for me, it was Ashley). I formed deep bonds with my crew and have many true and loyal friends throughout the galaxy. I established alliances between all species and brought the complete military might of those species to Earth for an epic, loud, badass rumble with the Reapers. And most of that meant absolutely nothing.

    The "twist" with the Kid?/God?/AI?.....thing was weak, a la the ending of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. I was completely fine with the Reapers remaining a mysterious force of incomprehensible evil, it worked just fine for the plot. (Their origins' would make for a good DLC post-war) After all that effort I was given a choice between 3 variations on "Shepard dies and the galaxy goes through a weird semi-reset through the destruction of the Mass Relays by space magic." Thus rendering the victory at Earth pretty much moot as most of the important people who established the alliances are now stuck in the Sol system, this doesn't bode well for the galactic community. The uplifting of the Krogan by curing of the genophage, salvation of the Quarians and Geth and establishment of peace between them, the ending of Cerberus and many other actions simply wasted as the leadership cannot return to rebuild and organize their own people.

    The worst/hardest part for me was that you couldn't experience the galaxy that you have spent five long years fighting to save. Shepard has been through absolute hell, and he (or she) deserves peace, to finally put war behind him and settle down with Ashley (or whoever your love interest was). And therein lies more wasted opportunity for excellent DLC. Seeing how your relationships progress post war would be fascinating. This saved galaxy still isn't perfect. Aria wants to take Omega back, and how long will the mercenary gangs stay peaceful, this is the perfect time for them to make a power play, especially in the Terminus Systems. The Citadel is going to need strong leadership and Shepard's input would obviously be sought. All the alliances and trust between the races was fast tracked and there are bound to still be underlying issues that will arise with the Reaper threat gone. And Cerberus, they had so many secret facilities there bound to be a few of those nutjobs hanging around.

    Bottom line, at the last second we were robbed of true choice and the chance for infinite adventure in one of the greatest science fiction universes ever created.
  59. Mar 9, 2012
    1. me very confuse with the story. too much plot that we much choose, and too much endings we must get. yeah, i wanna know all endings.
    2. graphic is very standard. bioware said that the pc version will get more graphic options. but where?
    3. i think more paid DLCs will release. oh my... i haven't got much money for these craps.
    4. combat, ok. it's more intense than the sequels.
    5. me very
    hate with readiness rating concept. we must playing multiplayer for get 100% point or lock at 50%. Expand
  60. Mar 9, 2012
    Great, amazing game until the last 5 minutes. People are not exaggerating this one bit. Those last 5 minutes not only hurt the replay value of this particular game, but also the two installments that came before it. Without some serious reparation DLC I cannot recommend this game to a serious Mass Effect fan that has spent time perfecting "their Shepard." Not in its current state.

    On the
    hand, if Mass Effect is something you've only had a passing interest in over the years but never really dove into it then the endings won't effect you so adversely. In that regard I can't recommend it enough. Expand
  61. Mar 10, 2012
    1. of all - > I enjoyed every single game you made from Mass Effect series. 2. - > When i heard you were importing multiplayer into ME3 i thought "what the hell, could be fun, but i hope SP stays as good as it was, maybe even better since it was "final game" of the franchise", but i was wrong. 3. [spoiler] - > when i saw that ending i was like "WAT". i spent 2 days 0-24 hours playin' the game,
    to be sincese i actually enjoyed that, killed some **** followed illusive man over the galaxy, collected defense for citadel, fleeets over the galaxy etc... got it all done. green bar max. and then i get like useless ending that didn't mean **** are you **** kiddin me BIOWARE?
    even if you don't really know it, you let a LOT, like few million people down with that ending. i was unsatisfied 2 days and i felt like **** for 2 days because i didn't get a proper ending. yes, i'm not gonna buy any game that your **** company makes. ever. i watched youtube like 3 times how ME2 ended. it was in a way spectacularl. yes it was good, awesome. but here in this game... REALLY?
    so as i said i wasted 40H of playin or less to get all the war assets and **** and in the end it doesn't mean anything. DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. REALLY? also when you finish it.... you don't feel any satisfaction at all... whole galaxy lost it's way of traveling... really? what? what?
    i'm still dazzled by that ending. totally useless and dumb. i feel like there's been a stop on game development. yes i know how it probably is. EA sets the date = 9.3.2012. game has to go out in sale. you were doing a nice job up to a month before. and then you probably saw = no more time = let's end the game as ****tiest as we can. = dumb end = dumb game. i'm telling you, game without a good ending = bad ending. i'd give a game 6 / 10, if last 5 mins weren't last 5 mins and you let one more mission in there (like say, running around the citadel, chasing illusive man, last fight with him etc..) and then that boy **** you came up with, with normal ending and satisfying animation = i'd give your game 9/10. jsut because ending would be epic = saviiour of the galaxy, also it would be emotional if you gave your life to save the galaxy, but not the way this crap of game ended. it's just hooooooorrrrriiiiiiibleeeeee. horrrible. i'm also not gonna say how much you **** up dialogues, check'd me1 and me3. heaven and earth. me1 - > lost of talking, choices everywhere, could be even better - > me 3 = yes - no, **** s**** **** horrible again. but i can't say everything is bad. i can see combat improved, yes, i'm glad it did, still not enough different enemies, saw more in me1 or me2. could have been better. you see BIOWARE ... you made 3 games where you made like 5 000 000 people who play ME series attach to the character, and expect them to give them emotionally satisfying end where you feel like a hero who saved galaxy. but you gain **** and don't feel **** it's just ****.
    and that animation? joker and 2 characters on some planet... WAT? what's that supposed to be? i'm really dissapointed into this. i REALLY REALLY HOPE that you will make DLC for i'd buy it anyway 10- bucks or so - which would add next things:
    1. - satisfying ending (citadel doesn't explode, reapers die, shepard dies, energy beam goes over mass relays throught galaxy and destroys reapers, but mass relays stay intact) (in this ther'es like whole fleet of turians, krogans, salarians and other battlecruiser ships near earth.. how would they go back? really? )

    2. - another citadel mission where you chase illusive man, and fight him (he's supposed to be stronger then kai leng) and implanted with lots of implants.

    3. more more more more more dialogue options.

    4. add use of that war assets on citadel that you looked up for. 5. add more stuff to find, check, more systems. 6. CHECK 1 aGAIN! i was really disappointed in the end, and i hope if there is ever mass effect 4 or some dlc that you won't be interrupted by EA games's RELEASE DATES. because i know how it is. we would RATHER BUY A GOOD GAME, then a half product that was rushed because your publisher said so. **** PUBLISHERS and give us a good game, it's gonna bring you money.
  62. Feb 4, 2013
    Painfully disappointing, and I can't have been alone in expecting better. 50% of the game is mindless pandering and fan-service (unnecessary). Corners were cut and the game was clearly rushed out the door, worst: lies were told by members of the development team pre-release. Mass Effect 3 is a minefield of immersion-breaking lazy (or poor) coding, audio and graphic glitches, low res textures, no DirectX 11 support, horrible animations and embarassing, fan-fic quality writing. The dialogue wheel is now completely arbitrary and the auto-dialogue is very poor, the journal is an unusable mess (bordering on non-existent) and the game cannot correctly import a character file without it looking FUBAR. In terms of gameplay, the shooter element is better than ever (fluid, fast-paced), and action sequences are great fun (although BioWare's insistence to use the SPACEBAR for everything borders on the ridiculous). Dialogue in general is riddled with clichés (the line "I'll sleep when I'm dead" is actually spoken, without irony) and the less said about the god-awful ending the better. Despite all this, the game is enjoyable at key points and some semblance of what-could-have-been is glimpsed during the Sur'Kesh, Tuchunka and Rannoch missions, however this means the game peaks halfway through before taking a nosedive. Special mention should go to the soundtrack artists (Sam Hulick especially) and the fantastic cut-scene direction, Most surprisingly though, the much dreaded multiplayer (pre-release) turned out to be an excellent addition that for me has extended Mass Effect's life by 9 months (and counting). Expand
  63. Mar 10, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I am horribly disappointed in how the mass effect franchise was mistreated by it's makers.

    First of all I have to say that, although Mass Effect 2 took a little dive in quality and storytelling.
    I started this game with high expectations reasoning that they have learned from their little faults in the second game of the trilogy, like too linear storytelling for example.

    After I started playing I noticed that the digital acting system was mostly worse than in the first Mass Effect game (which was released 5 years ago!!) and that the story very early in the game on the Mission on Mars already started to fall apart. But more about the story later. It also annoyed me, that they changed the dialoge-system to a intense stupyfied level, understandably for pleasing everyone in the audience. And that is exactly the problem of Mass Effect 3.
    Bioware made such an effort in creating the action and choosing the sceneries, that they forgot to create a coherent story. Many holes started to pop up in the game. For example:
    In the Grissom Academy I met Jack (Subject Zero) which I romanced in Mass Effect 2 and even though she immediately started to kiss Shepard with all passion, my Squadmate Liara, which my Shepard romanced in Mass Effect 1 and 2 (dlc) stood on the sideline without commenting anything, apparently alright with a threesome or so... Bioware stated that there would be definity repercussions by not being loyal to your loveinterest from Mass Effect 1, but there weren't any.

    And so it is about the end. I would have easily loved Mass Effect 3 besides it's faults but the end is just a kick in the balls for all folks, who were fans from Day One. That's because all failed Storylineplots fall into, like into a dark, bad writing hole.

    The fact that the Crucible was "something" that could stop the reapers without even understanding the technology and the fact that all last civilisations added some parts to it, doesn't even make sense. How can they add stuff, when they don't even know what they are building?
    And the crucible which ends up to be the exact hologram of the child which died on the attack on earth suddenly comes into the story, like the worst macguffin ever, and states that synthetic life can not live in peace with organics. Wait? Why is it the child from earth. Hm. Let me get this straight.. So the crucible is a synthetic who want's to prevent synthetics from wiping out all organics with the explanation that synthetic life would do so with certainty? I mean... maybe I got it wrong but the crucible's existence seemed to disprove it's own theory. Also by creating the reapers, who basically do so he is solving the problem how exactly? My Shepard reconciled the Geth and Reaper, and I also helped EDI becoming quiet human (to a extent which seems very unrealistic) and attached as I am to Legion (he was my favorite squadmate in ME2) I thought: Well, here we go. Now I am gonna disprove the little cruciblekid in a great paragoncoloured choice forcing the story to a reasonable ending at last. But all the choices I made in the three games were suddenly ignored by Bioware and before I could realise what was happening my Shepard sacrificed himself, so that Bioware could create the illusion of a meaningful ending. And as my Shepard fell into the beam of light (I chose synthesis because I couldn't let Legion, the Geth and EDI down like that) I became very depressed, because Bioware lied to us. All along. My choices didn't affect the 3 possible endings at all. It was just an dialogue thing to sell the product.
    And because all the characters that I came to love in the last three games (especially the first) just disappeared behind the greedyness of Bioware, who lost the charm of a small developer-company with all their passion they would put into one game, because they themselves appreciated the characters and the story and the fans. And it wasn't about choices anymore. It was about money.

    And if Bioware want's me to every buy a game from them again they have some real apologizing and catching up to do. Preferably in form of no charge dlc's for Mass Effect 3 that mend the lacerated ending of the game so there can finally be some closure to what happened to all my favorite characters.

    But the other side of my brain (the left side) says that this won't happen. No at free charge for all I know. Because my favorite game series got raped...
  64. Mar 11, 2012
    I've played this series since game 1, and I've read a lot of the negative reviews. While I was disappointed with this game, and while I did note many (most) of the mentioned issues with the game. Yes, Bioware should've foreseen the fallout of the DLC, and just released it as part of the game. Corporate world; welcome to it. It's not like this is uncommon these days in the industry (or any industry). However, I think lamentations of the writing issues and gameplay have been blown out of proportion. When I finished the game I was quite disappointed since I don't think I've played a game with higher expectations. My main issues were the stub of a story they called the main plot. I did reach 25 hours or so of singleplayer gameplay, but a lot of it was chasing war assets in every cluster of the universe. Also, the half-hearted ending that made me feel like my 100 or so hours of ME gameplay were wasted. Multiplayer is not required for the best ending. I played 25 hours of singleplayer and got the best possible ending, though admittedly collecting war assets was quite tedious. They could've done more with the characters; I only lost Kaidan in ME1, yet, felt like all my efforts saving my team were useless since I saw some characters only a few times. The new party member they add is a complete joke, a dead-end of a character. However this game is not a 0 out of 10. Anyone who rated a 0 is someone who underwent the same feeling of disappointment I did then just lashed back. Story-wise, definitely the worst game of the series. Characters come and go in a blur; relationships consist of just a few conversations. Gameplay-wise, however, ME3 is much better in my opinion. Harder fights, more varied enemies, smarter enemies, more organic-feeling powers. More customization than ME2, thankfully, but also thankfully less than the smothering options in ME1. Environments were very varied, as were the situations. Multiplayer is just coop wave gameplay over and over again, but the combat is good enough that I'm finding myself playing a lot of multiplayer and still not getting bored, as are thousands of others. I don't expect to log that much more time on multiplayer, but it'll last me longer than such a simple system should, and that is because of the excellent combat. I am still a great fan of the series though this one dropped the ball a little. I'm considering another playthrough from the very start. All in all, a feasible buy, but hardly the game of the year. Expand
  65. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The short version: As an action game, Mass Effect 3 is a fantastic success thanks to its improved combat system. As an RPG, it's less phenomenal, due to a pulled-by-teeth story, rampant sentimentalism, and limited options for character development. Even so, this game could have been fantastic all around if it weren't for an ending that undermined much of what the first two games accomplished.

    Combat: 8/10

    While the game could have used a bit more polish on controls, the new combat pacing, wide array of enemies, and the improved cover system are all phenomenal. Two complaints: 1) Spontaneous dialogue is often left incomplete because you run so quickly from Point A to Point B that the next dialogue interrupts the previous one. 2) We still have a global cooldown on abilities that makes combos or even training multiple abilities feel useless.

    Non-combat Systems: 6.5/10

    In an attempt to hybridize the weapon and armor system of the first and second games, ME 3 gave us the flaws of both worlds. While it was great having weapon statistics and upgrade options again, the methods for upgrading were too complex and tangled to be fun.

    The map system of ME2 is, more or less, back as expected. They eliminated the annoying probe/scan system, but didn't implement anything truly interesting in return. Still, it's a step up.

    Role-playing elements: 6/10

    As far as actually leveling up, improving abilities, and using them in combat, this game did a great job. Top marks overall â
  66. Mar 19, 2012
    The game has its problems, most of the time you cant really choose what to say, most of it is automatic, even if you picked otherwise on the start of the game and on the options, there arent enough "renegade/paragon" choices either, completed the whole game and only saw 3 or so. So this game is way more linear than ME2 and ME1, but i guess it is because there arent that many choices to make, all the choices you had were made on the previous games. But there are some good parts, gameplay has been improved ALOT, combat is way more satisfying, i didnt got bored the whole time i was fighting (unlike Mass Effect 2), some of the creatures they added were AWESOME (Brutes per say), and it was very interesting that some choices you made on Mass Effect 2 and 1 that you thought would help you against the reapers actually helped your enemy! Good job on that Bioware! Characters felt alive, i am glad from my three favorite companions two survided! Was sad to see five of my companions to die, one specially, i gotta say that was the saddest moment in the trilogy! Multiplayer is fun, but can get exhausting, but it sure is great! Plot was really good, but the last minute kinda made no sense, specially the scene after the credits, but even so i was satisfied! I gotta say the soundtrack was good, specially two specific musics, but it doesnt compares to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 1, they were much better! The beginning of the game was the worst part in my humble opinion, if you compare to the epic start of Mass Effect 1 (the other Turian spectre is awesome!) , and specifically Mass Effect 2(as epic as any game gets) it will let you down! But overall a great game, Worst than Mass Effect 1, and slightly better/equal comparing to Mass Effect 2. Graphics were really improved, animations as well (taking out Anderson's walking animation.. of course) lighting way better, great anti-aliasing, and great voice acting. Levels were way better designed than the previous games, specially Palaven's moon, that was my favorite mission! So because all of that i give this game a 6! (gave an 8 to Mass Effect 2 and a 10 to Mass Effect 1)

    edit: i actually thought the ending through, and well, it kinda ruins the game, wont do another playthrough, but mainly because of the ending, the first 3 minutes and the auto dialogue, music is great, combat is great and areas are great, but the ending in a RPG game defines the experience, and sadly, in this particular game, it sucked. -1 point for too much auto dialogue and a few bugs, -2 for the ending, -1 for the first 3 minutes.
  67. Mar 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I finished the game twice. First time with standard Bioware settings and it felt empty and lacking. It just wasn't 'it'. But when I loaded my save from Mass Effect 2 game changed a lot. There was more meaning to what I did, some random NPC-s were changed to my old squad mates and game became suddenly very, emotional and entertaining.

    It was very enjoyable experience until ending came... Then I just realised how would it feel to be punched in the... well, you know where by Mike Tyson... three times...

    Three nearly identical endings, every one of them equally terrible. There was no meaning to your choices, no consequences, nothing! And then lack of epilogue hit me in the face. Not even some text like in Dragon Age, just small pop-up "Yay! You have become a legend! Now go and buy our DLC-s!"... Worst ending I ever experienced in my 10 years of gaming... So to sum it up, 9/10 for the game, 1/10 for the ending... Just play the game, it;s great... but just before the end turn it off, you won't be heartbroken as I was...
  68. Mar 11, 2012
    Overall, not a bad game but that being said it's not a good game either. Game play is nearly identical to mass effect 2 which in and of itself is not bad as ME2 had great game play. Level design is more open than in ME2 where at times it felt like a series of narrow hallways. Where the game falls short is in the storyline especially the ending. There are numerous plot holes depending on the choices made in the earlier games. As for the endings, there are 3, but the choices made in game have no effect on which one you get, you simply choose one after the final mission. The end also has virtually no closure for your squad members or any of the other races involved in the war. Voice acting ranges from good to bad. A decent game but not what I've come to expect from the Mass Effect series. Expand
  69. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. As a sci-fi fan and lover of the Mass Effect series and universe I found myself just contemplating what to say about the game.

    I personally like the graphics and it feels much more detailed than the previous games. Animations didn't bother me much. There were however a few annoying bugs. The one that mainly pissed me off was the inability to import my custom face from ME1 and 2. There were also issues with squad members becoming stuck and "blocked".

    Combat is much more intense and although the multiplayer is kind of weak, it is something that I enjoy. I personally don't think it's worthy of being called co-op. Co-op for me is playing through a story campaign (such as Left 4 Dead, Dead Island and Aliens - Colonial Marines)


    The story in Mass Effect 3 is brutal and the Normandy retrofit gives it a dark and foreboding feeling. Since my custom face wouldn't import properly I tried to re-create it, but I ended up with someone looking like a cross between Dominic Purcell (from Prison Break) and Jason Statham. It is clear that the events of Arrival took a heavy emotional toll on Shepherd and the early parts of the game does leave emotional scars. For me, his haunted look shines through when looking at Tali's photo frame in the cabin. It was nice to see Tali's face but the manner of which they showed her face was very disappointing, and to top it off it was a photoshopped "free license" photo from the internet. I had a vague recollection of seeing it before, until someone posted an actual link.

    Looking at the story up until the ending, I think it is actually well-written and very tense. It is too bad that it has been streamlined. The dialogs and voice acting are very good and I like the character interactions. I laughed when Tali got drunk and complained about the "induction tube".. "Tali.. it's a straw!"

    Mass Effect 3 is a beautiful game, and I have very mixed feelings about the ending. I got the "best" ending where Shepherd apparantly survived.

    It's difficult to see how they would make a sequel when every relay gets destroyed.. How they would make an MMO out of this mess is beyond me, unless some clever writer comes up with something clever.

    Liara mentioned something about multiple effects in parallell universes (or something like that.. i don't remember exactly) so perhaps that is a faint clue of what's to come (if anything).

    Perhaps they could discover some abandoned Cerberus project relating to FTL travel without the need of relays, such as an obsolete cruiser with a prototype FTL drive that was inactive during the events that destroyed the relays.

    The "aftermath" storyline could be something relating to this and trying to rebuild and reconnect the galaxy again.

    Speculations.. thoughts.. hopes.

    For now, with the ending that ME3 got, I can't give it more than a 5-6 ish on the scale. It MAY deserve an alteration if Bioware does something about it. I understand why alot of people are unhappy with the game. It's like uncovering a Mona Lisa only to have someone spill a bucket of paint on it.
  70. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well let me start by saying the game feels rushed out in every aspect of the game.

    Now moving on with the story portion, there are so many things that just kick you out of the immersion, like for instance when you see legion in the battle for earth even tho he "died" back in the Quarian home world , then there is the Rachni queen lol she is so angry at the Reapers and tell you shes gonna beat em up or w/e and then you find out she just helps with the Device, etc... To be honest i think the director had to cut corners to put the game out faster, i mean it just feels so cramped, so much story for potentially 1 or 2 more ME games put into 1, I got to say though i enjoyed interaction among the characters and with Shepard.

    Now something about the combat well first off yes its buggy but nothing game breaking although i gotta say even since ME1 the squad commands and its AI are just plain bad yes in ME3 is better than ME1 but almost the same as in ME2, i really never liked controlling where to position the team members the only control i want is tell them what to focus and what power to use and when i tell them to use a Flipping shotgun i want them to go up close and make use of it cuz shotguns ain't snipers and vice verse and also there is so little combat for my liking i mean its supposed to be the huge frigging war and i barely see any of it, also fights with the reapers are a joke to say the least and i won't bother with that. So all in all the combat should have been present a but more considering the scale of the war, squad commands are painful and not needed.

    Some words about the graphics, Well let me start by saying that consoles have ruined PC gaming and i really would appreciate if developers would try and separate PC games and treat it a tad differently from their Console counterpart because i think PC gamers would be grateful because pc games have different requirements to be enjoyable. Anyway the graphics in the game are very good, animations are just ok one that i really hate is the running animation on Sheppard its just plain stupid and i hate it wish they did a better job on it but hell its nothing game breaking....
    About the sound, well can't say anything bad because since the first ME voice acting , sound effects and the music are just amazing, The only thing bad about the sound is in ME games in general is the balance between all those 3 things, i tried tinkering a bit with dialogue/sound effect/music but its always screwed up its either to laud or to low, in the Overlord mission in ME2 my ears bleed and i had to turn on the subs so i wouldn't be deaf for the rest of my life.
    Ok now let me finish by saying its not a bad game at all i really had fun with it but i got to say that I'm really disappointed how could BioWare screw up such a amazing Game, i don't know if EA pushed them so hard to finish this game that they did so much wrong that it made me sad, i really think ME3 should have been just the preparation faze and gathering allies and all that other cool stuff between the races and then on ME4 a full on plain combat 90% and story 10% for an epic end game and not some half ass ending that we got in ME3, i mean I cured the Krogan from the genophage and made them help the Turians, also brought peace between The Geth and Quarians after 3000 years of war between them and all i get is 3-5 min vid vid when they enter earth's orbit telling you who arrived rofl. And don't get me started on the ending god dammit 3 different choices that apparently only change the color of the beam. I really don't know if EA is to blame for this or what but screw you whoever did it for ruining a beautiful game that has an amazing universe, to bad it was in the hands of the wrong people it seems, I really admired you BioWare but not anymore.

    Off topic a bit, The thing i never understood why BioWare made me choose just 2 team members for each mission is beyond me. I'm pretty sure technology allows more than 10 characters onscreen, i kinda loved what they did in the ME2's final mission but still it makes no sense to make me find those ppl and doing so much so i can gain their trust and then when i go to a mission only 2 come with me the rest jerks off in the Normandy rofl. just saying
    So ye i could write the whole day about the game because it really pisses me off seeing such an amazing game being torn to peaces by EA.
  71. Mar 12, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think most of the reviews other people are giving this game are unfair.
    I don't think any game is fitting of a 0, and 10s are extremely difficult to achieve as well.

    I am just as angry about the ending as a lot of people are, but if you think about it, it was an extremely well crafted game up until that point. Tuchanka and Thessia were both amazing moments in the game. (Not to say the rest of the game wasn't good)
    I'm not going to rate 3 based on the entire trilogy, but they did an amazing job of making me feel attached emotionally to the characters.
    It's easy to give a game a poor rating based on the ending, because it's the most fresh memory in your mind. But in all truth, the game deserves so much more than that.
    However, the ending of a trilogy (ESPECIALLY one of my favourite games) should have went out with a bang, not with a whimper.
  72. Mar 12, 2012
    I know many people are upset with the ending of this game, it's no secret. Even I was disappointed in the way everything played out. However, as a fan of the Mass Effect series since Mass Effect 1, I can't be over-critical of just the ending. I also need to give credit to the fact that Mass Effect 3 was a great game for 99% of the content. It had a very full continuation to the story of Shepard and there were seamless improvements to many of the features that I dreaded in ME/ME2. On top of the fantastic story that was presented there was also the Multiplayer function that was added. While it may only appeal to some people, it has been very well received overall. It's very addicting, and it can really be a great time sink for you and your friends. It promotes teamwork and punishes those who do not communicate. I hope to see some DLC in the future for the MP feature at some point, it has a near limitless expansion area. Back to the single player campaign, I can't rate this game lower than a 6 in good conscience just based on the ending, I won't lie, it's very upsetting and with that said 4 points off a perfect 10, which could have easily been achieved without that hole-filled ending, is quite a hit to the score without getting too over emotional. While I hope that Bioware will at least make a statement to appease us, I feel that the damage has already been done, damage which cannot be undone with simple means. A patch/DLC to add an alternate ending is possible, but the question will always remain as to why it was even needed in the first place. Bioware has talented writers and I praise them on creating the Mass Effect universe, but I wonder how they honestly thought this would play out in the end. In closing, Mass Effect 3 was a fantastic game, filled with combat and rich story-telling. It's sure to satisfy you right up until the end, where it drops the ball. Be warned if you decide to continue your Shepard's story as you may be left feeling ill. Expand
  73. Mar 12, 2012
    In the interest of obviously keeping this spoiler free - I'll just say that the game was good up until the last bit. I enjoyed the new'ish combat and being able to upgrade weapons and powers almost entirely as how I saw fit. The graphics were good (on console) and the new team member(s) were, for the most part, well fleshed out. The story was - almost - phenomenal, although I did encounter a few glitches that made some side missions unplayable (which will likely be fixed in a patch, hopefully). Anyway - I gave it a 6/10, which could have easily been a 9/10 had the last portion not left me so unfulfilled. Expand
  74. Mar 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game... It is easiily a solid 8.5/9 for me as it goes, at least up until you hit the last 20 to 30 minutes of the game and it quite literally all falls apart.
    The game itself:- The combat mechanics are a lot more shootery than I am used to but still fun and enjoyable, and they feel like a natural evolution. The dialogue and interactions with NPCs is deep, rewarding, and emotive IMO (I totally fell in love with Kaidan all over again, and the game made me really miss Ashley too). And the locations like the Citadel feel bigger, more live a the massive places they are supposed to be. The graphics are decently done (though not fantastic). And the quests and storyline while on the short side is solidly done.
    And then we hit that ending. An ending so horrific that I couldn't face doing another playthru (importing my other 5 Shepards into the game. An ending filled with plot holes so big you could fly a house through them. I was critical of Dragon Age 2's ending, but at least it was coherent and made sense even if it wasn't great; this ending is just an incoherent nonsensical mess. The ending quite literally ruined the game for me, ruined the trilogy for me. It's that bad.
    It's that bad that it doesn't just ruin the game or the trilogy, but it literally destroys the whole franchise's future. It literally ends all galactic civilization with no clear reason for it. It felt like Bioware was taking out their anger about the game/script being leaked on the fanbase, and giving us a giant F'U with this ending.
    I don't mind at all that Shepard had to die, to be honest I kind of expected that he wouldn't make it out of the trilogy alive. But to destroy all galactic civilization too? And as a consequence the whole franchise? It boggles my mind.
    I can't in good concience give this game any more than what I gave DA2 (a 7 btw), just because of this appalling ending.
  75. Mar 13, 2012
    The game is very good even if most of the dialog choice options are cut off. Missions are exciting and I really loved the game.... until last 10 minutes of the game. What a disastrous ending for an epic game! It's full of plotholes and inconsistencies. I can't believe the end of it!
  76. Mar 14, 2012
    For me is playing ME playing in an interactive movie. This is what i expect and this is what i got. The story is so well written that during the game the main story effected my decisions drastically. Where i normally choose for a peaceful and "good" solution, now i did not hesitate to do evil just for the greater good. ME3 had convinced me that the menace of the reapers was so immense that i decided to eliminate entire species. The convinced threat made me decide to even shoot a friend and old teammate in the back just for the greater good. This convinced me that even in real life there is a devil in everybody if the circumstances are that way. The story is so great that you expect a grand final. You live up to this moment. I even cancelled all my appointments when i started the last and final chapter. This was it. I made some terrible decisions just to get ready for this moment. My expectations of this end was huge. ... Then i started to play the final mission. It started good but after a while the story ended in a way i totally not expected. Suddenly i had a choice of 3 options where non of them where satisfying referring to the epic intro of the first missions. It felt like there was no more budget to end this game properly. When i tell bedtime story's to my children and i want to finish it fast i say in dutch: dan een olifant met een dikke snuit blaast het verhaaltje uit. In english this means "then an elephant comes with a big snout and blows away the story". I had the exact same feeling with this end. It felt like there was no more time to end it properly. The gap between the high expectations before the last mission and the final end was so big for me, that i had the same emotions like most of the people who graded this game here. I was so disappointed. I could not believe that such a good story and overall game(s) ended this way. It took me a few days of setting aside my disappointment to look at the game objectively. This all says 2 things in my opinion. ME 3 is such a good game with a great story, it moves you and makes you think about real life decisions. However, because this game is so good you expect something extraordinary for a final. And in this last part i think ME3 completely failed. This effects the overall opinion of the game so much that most of the loyal fans of ME judge the game so badly. Just because of this bad ( or to psychologically difficult) ending.

    I probably graded ME3 with a 2 or 3 myself the first days, now i think ME3 is a victim of its own quality. If you are good, there is no place for errors. At least not if this magnitude.
  77. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A really good game, Initially I gave it a TEN, because I thought that people were just bashing the game for the same sex scene, now after seeing the endings I can say that It's a GREAT GAME, It would score 10/10 'til the "conduit" scene, It's full of citation from the other games and for someone like me that finished the other titles 10 times each IT'S GREAT! The final scene (and the last battle itself) it's REALLY BAD WRITTEN, -The fact that the citadel moves? WTF? All mass effect 1 and the Sovreign thing is USELESS if the reapers can move the citadel. GUYS COME ON!! WTF????? Did the guy that wrote this thing ever played me1? Does he know the story?
    -WTF? Where does TIM come from? Did the reapers let him in?
    - THE CHOICES? 3 ray of different colours? Man, It could have been the best game ever. I'm really sorry.
    I'm giving it a 6. The Game deserve a 10/10, the ending a 1/10.
  78. Mar 14, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. What should I say about Mass Effect 3? Well, the game itself is fantastic. The art, characters, and everything about the game is great in that aspect. However, if you are a huge fan of the series, this game is going to really let you down. The first thing that really made me mad about this game was the fact that they redid the didn't need to be done. The Normandy from Mass Effect 2 was nearly perfect, maybe if they would have added a few things to it, it would have been better. They took things away including great party members. Granted, I understand the point of this game is around Shepard dealing with the Reaper threat, but come on Bioware, great characters could have played bigger roles in this game. Curing the Genophage was awesome, creating an alliance with the galaxy was awesome, and have another great romance was awesome. But, where Bioware really completely fails to deliver is the ending. No matter what choices you make throughout the game the ending just completely sucks to be quite frank. It is horrible. Your character dies. I mean, sure the Reapers either die or become allies, but come on. If Bioware wants to make this up to fans and keep customers in the future, they should have changed the ending or at least had one where your character lives and you see him live and the Galaxy remains united. That would have been a "happily ever after" ending, and I certainly feel like that would have appeased a lot more people than Bioware's self-sacrificial ending. Expand
  79. Mar 15, 2012
    I have never been so disappointed in a game as I have been in Mass Effect 3. The story, for the most part, is well-constructed and engaging--essentially the kind of stuff you'd expect from BioWare.

    But the ending? It's the epitome of a deus ex machina plot mechanic. It is random, incomplete, invalidates your choices throughout the entire series by throwing three incoherent and
    indeterminate "choices" at you and then nothing.

    Everything you've done, everything you've looked forward to turned completely meaningless. The questions that need to be asked: Was this deliberately done by BioWare with the intention of selling post-launch "proper ending" DLC to us? In which case, it is a sorely underhanded sales tactic. Was this unintentional and the result of rushing to complete a game that they slapped an ending to it and hoped nobody would notice? In which case, shoddy development shows the true state of what BioWare has become.

    Either way, the disappointment remains. The damage is done and for me, someone who used to laud the ground BioWare walked on, I will always be cautious of any and every BioWare game from now on. Clearly underhanded sales tactics is the norm these days.
  80. Mar 15, 2012
    Honestly it's a good game but I'm giving it a 6 because:

    1. Screw EA.
    2. WTF @ the textures? EA is the most "evil" company in gaming today and the things they do is changing gaming for the worse.
  81. Mar 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game overall plays like mass effect 2 basically, which is a good thing.

    I felt less impressed by the story, they were so many blanks... For example, when the reapers take the Citadel to planet earth to protect. It doesn't say what happened to all the people on the Citadel. Sure you go up later, and see lots of dead bodies, but are they the bodies harvested from planet earth? sure the resources of C-SEC with the resources i collected and authorized could of hold out better.

    Also how the hell did Udina become council man, I chose anderson at the end of mass effect 1. He was also council man on mass effect 2, when i imported saves. I imported saves to mass effect 3 but Udina is council man.

    I didn't like how mass effect started as-well house arrest for blowing a balterian relay or something (must be mass effect 2 DLC which in my opinion DLC always seemed like a rip off... Sure the expansion pack (Awakenings) was good for Dragon Age:Origins as it was like a true game, but DLC it seems like $$$ for a simple weapon or something, or another character with one short quest that costs 1/3 of the original game price)

    The fuel and scanning planets things was boring in my opinion, and they butchered by ship, with so called improvements... I had 1500 fuel on mass effect 2, in mass effect 3 it's 1000. I also had awesome particle beam leasers that ripped through the Collectors easily, and great Shielding.

    The ending was worse of all, it didn't even feel like an ending, just a cheap cut off. I choose Synthesis option. Great the reapers leave earth.. I suppose everyone part machine, part biological..

    You see the normandy travelling through the cortex of a mass relay with your crew, another hole in the story... Where the hell are they off to with my crew, whilst they was a big battle on earth and around.

    I romanced Ashley in my play-through. you see joker, edi and ashley walk off Normandy. No conclusions except joker, is part synthesis. I wanted to see wide spread celebrators, like on star wars movies when they blew up the darkstar and defeated the empire. Call me egotistical but i wanted some recognition. I unknown to others sacrificed myself to save the Galaxy. I don't see peoples reactions, especially by crew members past or present. I wanted to see their reactions, See Garrus have that drink on mem others sad and happy then moving on with their lives. Thats my view on things.
  82. Mar 17, 2012
    On the whole, this is a fantastic game with a clear improvement in combat mechanics, conversation structure and graphics. Clint Mansell (Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain) and Sam Hulick (Mass Effect 1 & 2, Red Orchestra 2) provide a powerful and emotive soundtrack; however Jack Wallâ
  83. Mar 17, 2012
    I Can't believe it.... i... i just can't.... I have stood for this game, through the hole launch periode, claiming that the ending would'nt matter to me if the game itself was great... But... but... The ending was seriously bad.. So bad that, It has destroyed the whole franchise for me.

    But the game itself isn't bad, is just the ending..... IT'S HORRIBLE!

    There isnt really anything i can
    say, that everybody allready has put out. I can only say that im a terribly sad Mass Effect fan and it will take time before i get over that piece of sh** ending(s). So 6 score points from me. It would have been 9 or even 10, but yeah.... wtf were you thinking Bioware ;.( Expand
  84. Mar 18, 2012
    I'm going to say from the beginning the story sucks there was basically no writing involved especially with the endings being as bad as they were. However if you are like me and gave up on Bioware writing a good story like I did years ago. Then you will at least enjoy the gameplay of this game. The game is FUN. the story sucks but it's funny and I'm glad that Bioware had some of the funniest dialogue I've heard in a game. But like I said the game is fun story sucks. Expand
  85. Mar 19, 2012
    Well i will start by saying that im amazed that critics scored this game nearly perfect but not many went into detail about ending, never mention it @ all or simply (and boldly) allowed readers to think the game was great from start to finish, then i happened 2 go "outside the bubble" and found smaller, more obscure reviews and the score factored in that the ending was "literary suicide" as one wrote. as quoted by r. ebert "if you had to ask what it symbolized, then it didnt" and i can say that this very much sums up the ending, struck in awe like many, i wasnt even sure if i had beat the game and had to check mt trophy in order to sort out if i did. thats just it, i felt like i did not know what had just happened and had to wait for the credits to scroll to know its over,and so i convince myself that ok maybe i just did not see the right ending and maybe i got the bad ending, "yes that must be it, w/ so many endings i must have screwed up along the way and got the bad ending" come to find out i got the desired and the most "definative" ending.. so then i go back and replay the mission etc and all the other endings are pretty much identical beside a different color or "end sequence" which consisted of a minute or so animation of walking another direction etc. i wont get into conspiracy theories or anything which is out of context but its kind of hard not to fall prey or offer self to some distraction or debate because we not only invested time, we invested emotion.. hours upon hours of carefully making right choices for a desired import etc, and for what? if i kind of got a heads up from critics that "decisions do not play as significant a role in mass 3 as it did in the prior 2" then i wouldve been able to prepare,lol.. but we are hearing words like art, story telling masterpiece also we were told by bioware that this would have multiple endings, a deeper consequence/decision mechanic, an end which would the opposite from lost, well no it may actually take the belt away from lost for the wtf just happened moment but the fact is that i shouldve known that a game which has a formula that works almost seamlessly, based primarily on decisions as well as story driven sequences which make the gamer care, think and DECIDE, it works so good that while i played every mass efect i made every decision carefully to prep my shep for the import into the next game, so if i am playing a game and already thinking of the next one then the system is almost flawless imo.. BUT it is obvious E.A had a bit of influence and brings me back to my point with this "formula", they deserted it and decided for MASS APPEAL rather than mass effect and i noticed this during the demo and how much emphasis was put on how one can play the game how one wishes and that the game can be toggled to suit any style, dont like stories? choose combat.. hate decisions? well you can toggle that too.. but wait, isnt that the part of mass effect which makes it like few others? and isnt that what i have spent many hours doing to have a desired and effective playthrough as well as end? was it just me or did it feel silly to scan planets this time around? as to say "hey dont want to waste time scanning for elements, well we fixed that too" huh? call me a loser, call me what you want BUT i enjoyed taking my time scanning for minerals and elements and launching probes with a feeling of purpose, because that was one of the many things which made me love this game, felt like what i did mattered and fulfilling. i can understand E.A 's stance from a business perspective, their knowledge and tactics of knowing that the fanbase of mass effect are going to buy this game regardless so lets find some fresh blood, but did the solid core and fan base have to feel jipped, let down, disappointed, confused and as well as angry in exchange for new profits/gains? well the core, the fans well we are mass effect. it breaths because we let it, we let it because it was great ,brought quality and emotion and stood apart from many other games and the exp was one like few others. but as much respect a game/developer may get through time can be undone in ten minutes.. i can not say that mass effect 3 was a bad game, but after putting in hours of decisions, careful choices to have it not effect anything in regards to the end , other than the war assets and "co-op"readiness , well i feel like it was more of a "okay hurry up and get this over with and go play co-op after" the fact remains that mass effect 3 is still a solid game, but an ending which was promised to be the finale we dream about also being admittedly rushed well how does anything rushed ever result to anything other than sub par to par? a game is about the exp, mass effect is about a unique and gripping exp BUT the end ruined both.. its obvious a lot has changed in the gaming industry in the past 5 years, mass effect supports this in every respect, reapers went from FEAR INDUCING to PAWNS Expand
  86. Mar 20, 2012
    Even more dumbed down and railroaded than ME2, complete with stripped content.

    Sorry, Shepard, but the real ending is in another citadel.

    Oh, and buy moar DLC!
  87. Mar 20, 2012
    To be honest 98% of the game is very good and personally i would place ME3 somewhere between first and second installment of the series. However the last 2% is simply terrible . I don't say ending is bad (I could accept it!) - it simply doesn't fit to the ME universe. It really made me think that i wasted more than 100 hours with trilogy for nothing.
  88. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I just finished it 5 minutes ago and wish I could give it a better review because it was a Mass Effect game but I cannot. The biggest reason is the story; it has big holes, really poor pacing, poor content and threads strangling themselves or mutating into monsters. The child in the beginning of the game is a strange choice, someone at Bioware seem to think that a random child which we have absolutely no emotional connection to will trigger an automatic, emotional reaction... especially when he annoys you because he completely brakes up the pacing during the attack on earth. Then the child haunts your dreams in the game and return as the face for the lord of the reapers at the end of the game. They also try to force feed us a childrens' horror story that synthetic life always take over at the end... what? What happened with coexistence? And it just goes on and on... A lot of amateur writers out there could have developed a better and much more coherent story.
    Another thing that annoyed me is that they pulled a Fallout 3 on us, did no one at Bioware read the news some years ago? Shephard is killed at the end so they travel back in time after the game is finished, just before you launch the final attack on the Reapers so that they can sell us DLC... These are major reasons why I gave the game a poor score and I hope that Bioware finally listen on their community for once. I will be careful before spend any money on another Bioware, fastfood game because all I see in this game is that they want to harvest our wallets.
    Other reasons that I pulled down the score is the uneven graphics... I have a decent 3D card (GTX 560) so the game looks beautiful in my personal opinion and this is why I absolutely do not understand why they had to add low quality movie sequences? They should have kept everything in-game so that quality stayed on a constant, higher level and it is also a lot more friendly to editing so... no idea why they did it.
    I also do not understand why they fed us a half-assed multiplayer mode? They could have used that time to polish the game instead. I do not mind multiplayer though, it fits the Mass Effect universe but it would have made a lot more sense as a separate product where it could have received a lot more attention.
    I really leave this game behind me with mixed feelings but the part that probably bugs me the most is that I do not feel that end was good. Mass Effect 3 deserved a better ending and the previous games centered a lot around the interaction with the teammates. It would have felt a lot better if Shephard lived so that you had a last chance to interact with the teammates and have a proper conclusion surrounding them. Especially those that you interacted the most with like Joker, Garrus and Tali in my case...
  89. Mar 21, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The game is good, don't get me wrong. Compared to its predecessors ME3 has an improved and enjoyable interface, the shooting fells good, the story is amazing and the dramatic moments in the game are touching. Everything is well done, except the endings. I will try not to spoil too much, but let's say that every ending is basic the same thing, just in different colors. It's like Bioware didn't give a damn about the ending, not a damn about how much you work to gather an army to get better chances of survival! No matter what you do, the endings are the same!
    *SPOILER* : In every ending, the Mass Relays are destroyed and your Shepard dies(except for one ending which you can get after you play the game again with an ME3 import, also known as the plus mode for the game, or so it is called by the people I know). Some people think that Shepard should have lived, I would have been happy to but I was already prepared to suffer the pain caused by his death, so that wasn't a problem for me and it shouldn't be a problem for anyone else. Shepard is sacrificing himself for the sake of the galaxy, that isn't something wrong to do. The problem is this:

    Every ending is refusing to answer the questions everyone is having:

    1. What happened to my companions?
    2. What happened to the galaxy?
    3. What happened with the armies stuck on Earth?
    4. Did the destruction of the Mass Relays killed everyone on the planets near them like it did with the batarians?
    6. How did that old man in the end knew what I did in the citadel?

    And many more questions. So after what I said here, I have to ask you:
    Why would Bioware do something like this to the game and series everyone loves? Why did Bioware worked so much on the story if the current endings apparently do not need one? Is it because they want to launch a Mass Effect 4? Is it because they want to launch a DLC to clarify everything? Is it because they don't care anymore? No matter the answer, the game in its current state does not deserve to be bought because it is going to be a huge disappointment to everyone who looked for the end of the story and answers. If you just want a good 3rd. person shooter then it will satisfy your expectations.

    I really hope Bioware fixes the endings.
  90. Mar 22, 2012
    Very nice game overall, but, as others have said, the ending is incomplete, and there are too many missing pieces that have been thought for DLC (see Javik). Enjoyable, from the beginning to the transport laser, but not even close to what it could have been, and what it should have been.
    So sad that EA ruins everything they put their hands on...
  91. Mar 23, 2012
    With better combat (fighting Cerberus), some animation & overall graphic improvements over the 1st two games and writing that seemed to salvage the plot from ME2s' I honestly thought this was going to be an end worthy of my love for the franchise. Sadly it seems more like the dev team ran flat out of good ideas or time about 3/4 of the way through. While the artwork, effects and general aesthetics were better than the first two games, it looked as if the same textures were used from console versions of Mass Effect 3. The multi-player should not have even made it in to the game & the day one DLC (which I did purchase) felt like a ten dollar soak. Add to this the gruelling last couple of hours playing up to a non-sense ending and I felt as if I would have been better off waiting to play till I could buy "the real ending" Expand
  92. Mar 23, 2012
    Let's start by saying that Mass Effect is an amazing franchise! A game that TRULY let you feel that you are a part of it. that you decide who and what you will be. And here it is, the so-called the "end" of it... I've finished every game in the series more then 5 times , making sure that every decision stands to my needs and was hoping that normally, the third part of this amazing game will give me peace as a TRUE dedicated ME played, a closure no matter what will happen - And now, That i've finished the game, i feel nausea. i stared at the screen for 5 minutes, while the credits were rolling, and i kept asking myself "But why? why to end like that?" Well, just look at all this hatred for the third game... It is not just a coincidence that so many people hate it. And don't even look at the critics, i personally could smell the BS even before i bought the game. Beside the ending, the game offers a lot. The fighting in game are really fun, dodging attacks by jumping from side to side, forward and backwards, adjusting your weapon by adding 2 attachments to it that will have a certain effect. improving the weapon itself in a certain terminal in the ship. Character improvements that reminds me of ME 1. Cut scenes and plot development are REALLY good during the game. Lots of emotions that touched me. really. I find the side missions pretty fun, they are not that complicated - "Search this planet, look at this planet. check this planet", But still, i this that BioWare could do better. The weapons and the gear in game had lots of improvements! You have a lot of armors to chose so you can make adjustments just to fill your needs, and so do weapons. And all this REALLY fun, i am not going to "Kill" a game because its last 10 minutes BUT, you prepare ~30 hours, making the right adjustments, the right gear, decisions that you feel whole with them, and then, nothing. That is right, nothing. You need to understand that i am not some FanBoy that hate right away because a little thing in-game did not satisfy me, i try to be mature and make a sence out of things, but this is not case in the ending of Mass Effect 3. From one side, though, i can understand WHY to make this ending, But from other side, i feel nausea. Betrayed. Even though i understand and try to accept. Expand
  93. Mar 23, 2012
    Good combat and fresh characters are sadly ruined by the lack of meaning for long term fans. Major decisions from the first two games are made so meaningless they are expressed with single dialogues and some (rachni and Councillor) are completely ignored and explained with an unsatisfactory explanation. Possibly a good standalone game but fans of the Mass Effect series can only be left feeling disappointed and wanting more. Expand
  94. Mar 25, 2012
    Looking back, I enjoyed playing Mass Effect 2 the most; to me the story, gameplay and atmosphere rocked big time, giving me a cineastic experience and a feeling of immersion only few games have given me so far. Although ME2 was mostly linear, the sheer variety of satisfying setpieces and well-done scripts/dialogues made "collecting" character for character (your team/allies) and the over-arcing story much fun. I went to every location and even scanned most of the planets for resources, although it was quite tedious. After a few hours in Mass Effect 3 and some satisfying hours in the multiplayer mode (never played 'Gears') I began to realize there was "something missing". And then I started to feel like "please let me just get through this and don't annoy me too much". Kudos to Bioware for creating a great SF-lore/galaxy with many great characters, but in ME3, the whole recipe felt sooo "been there, done that". I went to earth (in order to finish the game) as soon as I could. There were some great moments and some sparks flying on the way to the ending, too, but most of them had to do with already well established characters. "On the way to the ending" kind of expresses it, too. It should feel like "the end is closing in, but I don't want it to end!". All in all, I enjoyed this game but can only repeat there's "something missing". It could have been so much more... Oh, and all the military stuff with Hackett, war map, soldier talk etc.? Boooooooring -.- Of course it's also difficult so begin a story with an invasion which seems to erase a whole planet's population within hours, just to then start flying through a whole galaxy for weeks(?) in order to be able to "fight back"... Expand
  95. Mar 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First of all I like this games single player and love the multiplayer and glad they added it. Making Shepard die is bs and day one dlc just makes me rage. If there was a good ending and no dlc this game is a 10 but EA's greed has made it to a 6. Expand
  96. Mar 27, 2012
    I feel like the biggest problem with this game was the blatant disregard for the consumer when they put together the story for this final piece. While I didn't think it was the worst ending to a Sci-Fi trilogy (Hello Matrix), I do think there were a few things that they could have done differently. The biggest problems I had with this game though were alot of the things they missed. The lack of side missions, the lack of places to explore, and the fact that Bioware thinks we are all idiots with the issue with the DLC really puts a stain on this otherwise great gaming trilogy. I am glad that they are going back to address the issue of the ending but, with everything else that accompanied this game, the series really took a step back from ME 2, which I still think is one of the best sequels of all time. Bioware really lost touch with their consumers with this game and I do believe that is the EA influence doing the devil's work. The issue with the DLC will forever taint this game, no matter what they do with the ending. Still the ending of this series can be salvaged and the fans can be appeased somewhat with an ending they might like. However, in it's current form and even if the ending somehow changes everyone's mind about this game, this is still the worst game in the Mass Effect series and it's truly disappointing for me to write that. The utter disrespect shown to us players by Bioware with the DLC is the worst thing about this game and that will never go away no matter what they do with the ending. Still, if you've gone this far with the series, I would advise you to give it a chance just to see what you think. Just know that this definitely doesn't live up to the first two games in the slightest. Expand
  97. Mar 30, 2012
    Mass Effect 3 is one of the best, if not the best, game play experiences in the history of gaming. There isn't a single game that comes close to the quality of storytelling and presentation out there. The problem is that the last 15 minutes of the game throws out the window over 100 hours of game play leading to that point. The ending is a mess. It is horrible, it makes no sense, it is full of plot holes, it introduces what is effectively and deus ex machina, it resolves nothing of your choices and it provides you with no closure. It is a hideous ending to one of the best sci-fi epics of all time.

    The game itself is amazing, emotional, touching, scary, funny, sometimes all at once. The ending is a bitter, bitter disappointment. Is it worth playing through once? Yes. Is it the ending Mass Effect deserved? Definitely not.
  98. Mar 30, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I enjoyed the main game for what it is. They addressed many major criticisms encountered over the last years. Combat is significantly more entertaining and challenging. The pace is higher, there is less chore. Great characters and side stories, even though side missions could have been a bit more varying in nature. Graphically it's a bit outdated and more adequate for consoles - wouldn't have minded a higher texture resolution. On audio side it is much better as well, I wasn't a particular fan of meowing cars in the citadel of ME2, it is pleasing and well done.
    However what the game made up in consistency over the years has been almost entirely undone in the final moments of the game. I am usually not the guy who demands absolutely perfect canon lore but Bioware left me stumbled here. It is as if they mixed up the game they made the ending for and once you are kicked back to the Shepard on the Normandy you are left asking yourself whether you should ever bother to play this game again in the same manner you did with ME2. If you liked the main game and are capable of enduring approx. 15-20 minutes of pure non-sequitur in the hope that Bioware themselves realize what they have done then you should do so, otherwise it's worth playing one time at least for the sake of it.
  99. Mar 30, 2012
    The gameplay on this was fantastic, and very similar to Mass Effect 2. However, none of the sidequests or final mission choices have any affect on the endings. Remember in ME2 if you didn't get that upgrade for the ship, it'd kill your engineers? Or how if you didn't send the right guys on the suicide mission, they would die? Yeah, none of that happens. It doesn't matter who you pick or what you do, the game ends the same 3 ways. Total Deus Ex: Human Revolution style copout. Gameplay was fun, ending was crap. Expand
  100. Mar 31, 2012
    Game plays well. Some RPG elements came back, gameplay is smoother now. Multiplayer is kind of fun. Graphics are alright. Soundtrack could've been better. Voice acting is alright. Seems like everything's fine, right? Well, my biggest problem with this game is that Bioware promised all questions to be answered. Unfortunately, this game fails dramatically at explaining anything. Instead, in the end you'll have twice as many questions which do not seem to be answered in the near future. A very disappointing end to the trilogy. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 23 Critics

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  1. Apr 11, 2012
    BioWare captures the scale of the conflict well, but always focuses on the people involved in it. It's pretty amazing just how badly EA disregarded the heart of the game – the characters and the world – when they began their marking blitzkrieg, but don't worry, it's oh so definitely there – Day 1 DLC, controversial endings, and questionable use of resources be damned. This is a fine, lovingly crafted game with a clear vision despite the realities of corporations and damning business practices.
  2. Apr 5, 2012
    A game that's more shooter than role-playing, and a conclusion that's more spectacular than dramatic. [Apr 2012, p.47]
  3. Mar 31, 2012
    Finishing a trilogy is always difficult. Tying off dozens of story threads which had been woven by players into many different tapestries is a daunting task. Mass Effect 3 is the first game that succeeded at this colossal undertaking.