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  1. Dec 4, 2012
    Again only developers' reviews... Who else would write stuff like " caused many of them to become so distraught by an admittedly poorly executed final ending"... Or " Most bad reviews have stemmed from some hardcore fans who did not like being forced to make tough choices at the end of Mass Effect 3"... This is a joke. We've been lied to for years as it came out. We were promised a decent ending where everything fall into place, where every past decision has its meaning. But Bioware just couldn't cope the many variables... So we got the same, but differently hued endings. Bioware then shut down the negative topics on their site. Censorship for the fans. They said they have the right for artistic freedom, but that not include lying... And that's the truth. If you spit in the eye of your fans, then censor them, it has nothing to do with anything art or freedom.
    Read reviews by USERS, not by the makers. Now the fans are off (not just the "hardcore players", idiot), they not even care to write a review, even a negative one. That's the biggest flop of game history, like it or not...

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