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  • Summary: The Mass Effect Trilogy bundles together all three games from the Mass Effect Trilogy.
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  1. Nov 7, 2012
    (Reader beware, the adoration this game has created in it's fans has caused many of them to become so distraught by an admittedly poorly executed final ending, that many fans have forgotten the brilliance of the games as a whole. In time, those who recover from their bitterness will admit to the outstanding qualities that his game series possesses.)

    The most brilliant sci-fi trilogy since Starwars: Episodes IV-VI. An incredibly immersive universe, fleshed out in brilliant graphic style and superb story telling. Don't take my word for it, pick up the series and prepare to be engaged for days and days.

    I can honestly say that the series as a whole will forever impact the personal and professional aspects of the gaming world for years. Critic's of video gaming who claim that games are not a true art have never seen a game like this.

    Story 10/10
    The sheer volume of backstory that was developed for this series is absolutely overwhelming. The universe has been completely imagined and discovering the rich history and scientific musing is one of the most enjoyable aspects of this game. The actual story that takes place as you play the game seems as if it was pulled from an award winning novel or film. You will never forget the parallels you discover, the choices you make, and the characters that develop before your eyes.

    Music 10/10
    The OST for this game is absolutely brilliant. Even the ambiance in many of the games areas only add more immersion. The few tracks by The Faunts in the game are perfectly suited for the Neo-Milkyway.

    Gameplay 8/10
    If any criticism could given for this series, it lies in some of the game-play mechanics, although many of the issues players had with the first game's game-play were effectively addressed by the developers in the second and third games. But don't be dissuaded, the story easily makes up for any lacks in initial lacks in gameplay.

    Graphics 10/10
    Pushing the boundaries of style and beauty while remaining playable and many older or less expensive PC systems, this series leaves nothing to be desired in terms of its aesthetic value. As you move through the battlefield the effects and firepower are impressive displays, only serving to enrich your immersion.

    Value 10/10
    Why is this game such a great buy? Other than all of the reasons listed above, it has re-playability. Every choice made can be made again, differently. Every ally lost has a chance to be saved. There are several classes with unique abilities to be mastered.

    Overall this game series may very well be my favorite Action-RPG of all time, but don't take my word for it, pick up the series and prepare to be engaged for days and days.
  2. May 8, 2014
    You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll become enraged with Bioware. The trilogy as a whole could easily be called the "Star Wars" of our generation. The combat system is engaging, and the story is brilliant, filled with colorful characters that will evoke your emotion. However, be warned: the ending for this game is one of the biggest tragedies in gaming history. Don't let that spoil it for you, just be warned that in the last 10 minutes of the game, you should just turn it off and use your imagination. Expand
  3. Nov 15, 2012
    I am writing this review to help readers wade through the mounds of bad reviews and get to the heart of the matter which is: Mass Effect Trilogy is one of the best buys for your money, a great single player and epic multi-player experience. I played the ME1 single player campaign 11 times through, ME2 3x through and ME3 3x through. I have spent roughly 700 hours playing the multi-player which is FREE and they keep adding new content weekly. No other game can boast that. Anyone who reviews this series and gives it a 7 or under is harboring a personal grudge of some sorts. Most bad reviews have stemmed from some hardcore fans who did not like being forced to make tough choices at the end of Mass Effect 3. I must admit, I wanted more or different options myself but it was an epic experience nonetheless. Buy This Game if you are looking for Hundreds of Hours of fun and an unbeatable story experience. Expand
  4. Apr 15, 2014
    Some best traveled RPG elements game, with a best mechanic from Unreal Engine 3. The worst part is, when you choose line between to go with "Don't ask, don't tell" line where you can screw up with men-seeking-men instead of men-seeking-women, while men, was having fun with men-seeking-women, women-seeking-women, or women-seeking-men.... Expand
  5. Dec 9, 2012
    There are plenty of small imperfections in each of these games that are annoying or sub-par. The way the game mechanics change in each game for both better and worse is irritating. The end of the game is BAD. The game favours narrative so strongly it has a negative impact on gameplay. Levels and cities are WAY TOO SMALL. 'Planet' levels are also TINY, more like a scenic railway than planet exploration. RPG potential is squandered. And so on and so forth. These are all caveats. DESPITE them the Mass Effect trilogy is an RPG MASTERPIECE. The music, physical assets, voice acting and NPC development are all SUPERB. The story may get irritating, and its certainly more about the designers enjoying their story than giving the players control, but despite that this trilogy is a MAGNIFICENT achievement. Even though the trilogy could have been better, and especially the second and third game could have been a lot better if the designers had pursued a pure RPG experience rather than inter-active cinema, ME1-2-3, is a great series, and in this format its also great value for money. IF EA would only stop their mad focus on DLC-ing the fack out of everything they make, and rather work on building better RPG systems and making much bigger levels for their games, we could get to the NEXT LEVEL, which would be truly GREAT games. I would give this trilogy 10/10 but i'm docking 2 points because when the games were first published far too much material was witheld for money-gorging with DLC. Focusing on DLC puts too much emphasis on post-publishing when more work is needed at the start of the project, and in building better RPG systems and then MAINTAINING these throughout the trilogy, rather than the stupid incessant changes of the RPG elements for every game. These three games could and should have been a unified experience. Instead they play out with far too many changes in the gear, the characters and the skill sets. Less facking DLC EAware! More project planning and inter-game coherence please! Expand
  6. Dec 4, 2012
    Again only developers' reviews... Who else would write stuff like " caused many of them to become so distraught by an admittedly poorly executed final ending"... Or " Most bad reviews have stemmed from some hardcore fans who did not like being forced to make tough choices at the end of Mass Effect 3"... This is a joke. We've been lied to for years as it came out. We were promised a decent ending where everything fall into place, where every past decision has its meaning. But Bioware just couldn't cope the many variables... So we got the same, but differently hued endings. Bioware then shut down the negative topics on their site. Censorship for the fans. They said they have the right for artistic freedom, but that not include lying... And that's the truth. If you spit in the eye of your fans, then censor them, it has nothing to do with anything art or freedom.
    Read reviews by USERS, not by the makers. Now the fans are off (not just the "hardcore players", idiot), they not even care to write a review, even a negative one. That's the biggest flop of game history, like it or not...