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  1. AWG
    Jun 4, 2013
    The last chapter of one of the most epic trilogies in the entire history of videogames and a huge comeback. I have nothing more to say but a huge THANK YOU to Rockstar Games for this game, a truly perfect ending for the Max Payne story arc.
    Also, intriguing scenarios and beards.
  2. Feb 7, 2014
    i really enjoyed this game , the development of max payne's character along with the story is well done ,and the gameplay is fun as ever making the best use of bullet time , as we were used to in the previous games , and in my opinion this is the best max payne game for me
  3. Dec 29, 2013
    REQUIRES: Rockstar Social Club.
    Any game that requires a Gamer to register on an online account is a major FAIL to me, especially if i don't intend to play on-line. Why do Companies want Gamers to register before letting them play? Oh, no there is nothing dubious there, nothing suspicious! No, no! Spam? Advertisement?! Nooooo! Come on! Profile tracking, location, spying?! No no
    no! Absolutely nothing of that sort!
    So, why do you make us register, pray tell...
    I am pretty tired of "Social Club's", "xBox Live's" and so on; and if i wanted to get into registering my profile (on different sites for different games), i would get a console. But i have a PC.
    On another yet happier nope bought the game on Steam, and it does not start, giving a "Steam Error Failed to Contact Key Server". Read through the Forum before you buy the game; however, i would not recommend something that DOES NOT WORK and REQUIRES YOU TO REGISTER ON-LINE to play even a single player (also, read the requirements on the box/Steam).
  4. Feb 28, 2013
    Being a Rockstar game, it feels very much like GTA in terms of combat, which did get slightly repetitive, but was still great fun, the story was very well developed, my only problem with it is that some cutscenes take a little too long and some of them shouldn't have been there and should have given you control. The soundtrack was amazing, and the graphics were great, even if I couldn't max out settings due to my average graphics card. Expand
  5. Jun 17, 2012
    Having played the original games when they came out I was really looking forward to the new game, it's hard to say this new iteration doesn't quite hit all objectives fully.... Single player is exactly how the game should be.. fast corridoor action game with tonnes of diving and bullet-time physics, along with excellent cutscenes that move fluidly between action and story in a way that is seemless. Where the game starts to look a bit shabby is the bolt-on multiplayer game side of things. While singleplayer is suited to the 3rd person view, competive play most certainly is not, for starters the crosshair is off centred so you often can't see the target when behind cover without exposing your arse making the cover system a bit flakey when combined with the iffy locking method it uses. The other big issues are "always on radar" which is very noob for a game with such tiny maps, sure you can earn xp unlocks to help reduce visibility but really this game should not have a radar at all as default, sadly you have to grind out 5000 kills to play hardcore mode that doesn't feature this. My final annoyances are the fairly low map count and that most of them are pretty damn small COD size crap, I was expecting at least something more in line with a single zone from GTA4 size, also they are touting a season DLC pass for £20, which is loathsome and ends up making the game cost £70 to have a complete game which is a ripoff no matter what they add. Overall a fun short term action shooter, with small scale multiplayer that could be really good if they fixed some of the console grade port issues...if the DLC does that then maybe it'll be good... but if its more of the same, don't bother. 8/10 Expand
  6. Nov 25, 2012
    Max Payne 3 have pretty big shoes to fill and the games manages to get it right in some areas while it falls flat in others. The action in the game is pretty damn good. They have changed it from the old formula by adding cover-based shooting to the mix which makes the gameplay a little bit slower than it was in the previous games. The old health-system is thankfully still intact and even though the action is a bit slower than it was earlier it never feels like its entirely based around covers. The old jump and gun action is still there and it works and looks great and i personally have no problems with the addition of the cover-system. One problems that i have is that the slightly left/right behind camera angel feels awkward and you often get the feeling that Max have clear view of the target while you dont. Story-wise the game follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and is pretty great. The old visual-novel style story telling is gone and the story feels less self-aware of its own silliness than in the previous Max Payne games. That doesnt change that the story and narrative by Max is pretty damn good and i wholeheartedly
    enjoyed it. The biggest flaw of Max Payne 3 though is the cutscenes. The problem is not that they look bad, the problem is that they wont stay away. I have no problem with a shooter being linear but in this game the narrative takes total control over every action you make and it feels like you are only allowed to play the shooting parts since the games is worried that you might screw up and make it look bad. In the first hour of the game there were probably more cutscenes or "gameplay" in cutscenes than there was real gameplay. Thankfully it gets a little bit better later in the game but its still always there. In some areas it gets totally absurd when you arent allowed to control the sniper-movement the few second between the shootings. It totally kills the immersion and you are left wondering why cant i do that. Why arent i allowed to do all the cool stuff that happens in the cutscenes? It feels cheap and it really hurts the
    game. The worst part of it is that it makes the game feel like its following a formula. Cutscene-->Shootout in a small area--> Cutscene and so on. I still had a good time with the 10 hourish campaign though and i would still recommend playing this game for all fans of action games or old Payne-fans. I wouldn't recommend paying 40 bucks for it though.
  7. May 2, 2013
    With its mature story and intense shooting, Max Payne makes for one of the best single player experiences from this generation, with up to 10 hours of visual entertainment, accompanied by clever storytelling and one of the best voice acting in gaming history. The multiplayer is also one of Rockstar's finest, offering a nice array of customizable options with pretty standard gamemodes, but the bursts and bullettime work so well that, after a few matches of getting used to, you will enjoy every stylish and simply awesome kill you'll pull off online. Expand
  8. Jun 3, 2012
    The first question everyone asked themselves, is it going to be another console port? Well it runs smooth for me so it has been optimized well but sometimes it sucks up all my memory so then the game crashes... I'm a hardcore Max Payne fan, and I've been waiting for this game a long time. I've completed it on medium, I've tried out the multiplayer so here's my review. The single player is good fun, and it lasted about 7 hours for me. The weapons are nicely done, and the graphics are pretty good. I would had given this a 9 or a 10 if Rockstar didn't shove a huge amount of cutscenes in this game. You cant skip quite a few of them because it just says "Still Loading" when it should be clearly loaded in 5-10 seconds. It just goes, wave, cutscene, wave, cutscene. It's quite annoying since I want to kill stuff and blaze through the levels. As for the cover system its ok, it makes the game more tactical when to shoot and what weapon you'll use. I also hate that when you're being shot at, it makes it unclear where the bullets are if you're not in bullet time. If you're low on health then the enemies sometimes shoot and you have no time to react or anything. You just die. Also bullet time runs out so easily which is annoying, it needs to last longer. Multiplayer is good, it works. You can customize your models which is awesome. The shotgun is overpowered though in deathmatch... Aside from that, the game is pretty good. Its just that the cutscenes are mainly annoying. Expand
  9. Nov 1, 2013
    Max Payne and Max Payne 2 were groundbreaking and innovative games that were released more than a decade or so ago. Everything about them was awesome, like the never seen before bullet time, the cool looking comic-page cutscenes, and the amazing story and gameplay. Skip to 2012 and Rockstar release Max Payne 3, this time more different in many ways to its predecessors. Firstly, while the previous games were set in the cold, dark, snowy nights of L.A., this game is set mostly in the blaring heat of Sao Paulo, Brazil and I didn't really appreciate it because it didn't feel like Max Payne anymore. Secondly, the comic-page cutscenes are gone as well to be replaced with motion scenes and I was a bit bothered as well by this because it was starting to feel less and less like the Max Payne we knew and loved. Another thing about the cutscenes in this game was that there were too much and control was taken away from the gamer a lot, yet the cutscenes were awesome and worth it. I could keep comparing the game to its predecessors but I think you get my point.

    Max Payne has a strong storyline supported by great animations and brilliant voice acting. No character feels or sounds cheesy thanks to the animations and the talent of the cast members. The animations, while although can't compare with Crysis 2 or God of War 3, are still pretty neat and clear. As you travel through the slums of Sao Paulo you begin to see the insane amount of detail put into buildings and the environment around you. The story is different this time around, Max is still haunted by the memories of his murdered wife and and child, but this time he is protecting some rich family. Obviously things don't go well and someone gets kidnapped and its up to Max to wreak hell and get her back. The ending was a bit predictable but overall, the story was very immersing. One of the main things we as an audience love about Max Payne is the amount of ass he kicks. The game has strong violence and strong language as well yet in a game like this you cannot have one without the other. As you face waves of enemies after enemies, you have no choice but to spray the walls and the floor with their blood. There a different guns to choose from yet all of them have the same objective: kill. The use of bullet time is really handy in this game and it is crucial for you to use it in order to survive certain parts of the game. Plus, the game looks hell cool in slo-mo.

    Overall, while this game might be different to its predecessors, it doesn't mean that it is bad. It is a great game yet not a game worthy of then. I urge every gamer to play it.
  10. Dec 16, 2012
    This is one of those games which could be pure awesomeness but developer obviously tried too hard and - FAILED. Graphics is good. Even gameplay is good. But... There are animated sequences all over the game. You can hardly play for 1-2 minutes without be interupted with animated sequence. Game is soo linear that even moving from 1 room to another is animated sequence. AI is terrible. AND WORSE and most annoying thing is that when you die you are always returned on checkpoint BEFORE animated sequence which usually cannot be skipped. So each time you die you are forced to watch same sequence again. Without this things which make this game unplayable game would probably be 9 or 10! Expand
  11. Sep 5, 2012
    This game is pretty satisfactory overall with a few flaws here an there, but if you liked the previous MP games you'll like this as well. To start off, the damn game is about 26 gigs, which is bigger than GW2! Secondly, you will need a pretty damn good computer to run it, I am using a Geforce 670 SLI and it runs perfectly smooth. If you have the space and good enough card, this is a unique shooter in that it allows you of course to slow down the scene and carefully plan shots. This makes for a lot of fun, but to be honest, after about 6-7 hours the game seems to get a bit repetitive. Max Payne 3 will only take you 9-10 hours tops on normal, and maybe a little longer on harder difficulties. I will admit right now there are 5 difficulties and the hardcore and old school are no joke. Overall I still don't understand why this game is so big in file size, the graphics do look nice but not 26 GB nice. This game really is a personal preference, hit or miss for people. Expand
  12. Jan 2, 2013
    I love stories that center around its characters and delve into their psychological state. In this way, I found Max Payne 3 to be deeper than the previous two installments. On the outside, the story doesn't contain a thousand plot twists or go into unpredictable directions, rather its depth stems from its brilliant depiction of Max Payne. The simplest of stories can contain the most intricacies, such as a House episode. Other reviews do a great job at explaining the pros and cons in the gameplay. There is a surprising amount of bugs and glitches for such a linear game. Many will get you killed, and considering the hardcore difficulty, it can be annoying. The difficulty is by no means a bad thing though, I love that a prominent developer finally has the baIIs to make a game that involves skill, and where where your HP gauge doesn't automatically replenish itself. Beating stages was very satisfying and the difficulty extended the duration of the story to a good 20 hours. Expand
  13. Dec 30, 2012
    What can I say aside from rockstar created a master piece.. The cut scenes are awesome, story is kind of cool but I don't exactly like how max (the main character) goes out and continues to drink nearly every night but I guess its for the fun.. Well rockstar, you created a great game, i believe it was worth my $60 thank you
  14. Jan 18, 2013
    Man, I really can't believe some people are rating this game low because you can't skip cutscenes, wow. Max Payne 3 is one of, if not THE best third person shooter of all time (single-player), if you disgaree you're not a gamer, that is a fact.
  15. Oct 1, 2013
    This game made a big fuss before its release. And after it is released I waited about a month to buy it until I checked the success well, then I bought it. I run the game and I started to play. At first I've found nothing interesting. I said maybe it's just the beginning, the game will improve in the next chapter. so I played for another hour. Still nothing, nothing impressing or new, nothing unique. I finally realised that the whole game is big failure. Rockstar earned large profits from this game due to the older versions, but also lost the confidence of many fans. That's my own opinion, and I totally disagree with the critics. I do not know what really impressed them in this toy. Expand
  16. Jun 1, 2012
    Max Payne 1 and 2 were linear - completely linear. Mission one came before mission two and there were not that many routes in each mission. At a tactical level (how to clear a room) there is LOTS of choice - but like all the other MP games - it's linear. Controls are excellent, graphics are not up to much (cartoony - maybe a fraction better than Red Dead Redemption on the PS3 - but the PS3 is a 6 year old system using graphics hardware from the mid 2000's. Butr that's the end of my probelms. The game play very well indeed. The cut scenes are often but most ore not that long - but like I said at the top - this is the same as all the other MP games. This is MP3 NOT GTA Brazil. If it's standard Rockstar game mechanics you are after you might me a little dissapointed. Me? I love it Expand
  17. Jun 7, 2013
    Fun, to a point. Ultimately this is a corridor, utterly linear shooting adventure from start to finish. Max Payne's narrative, some nicely coded locales and settings, and overall gunplay battles is what keeps the game better than mediocare. Having never played a Max Payne before, this game conformed to my expectations. It's a solid FPS with an achingly unoriginal story-line. But what let's it down is the distinct lack of freedom to do anything other than follow a cut-scene to action based continuous script. In the game you truly are either watching some dialogue and pre-sequenced action scenarios, or you literally pointing and shooting. That's it. However, apart from some issues with the cover-system and annoying ability of the goons to find pinpoint your exact location at all times, it was generally a fairly enjoyable experience. I persevered, had a bit of fun, but won't be coming back. Liked Max though, what a hero! Expand
  18. Feb 28, 2013
    It's a awesome Singleplayer experience. The Multiplayer is almost unplayable, because many server problems and a lot of settings, including the firewall.
  19. Dec 8, 2012
    This game is an ATOMIC BOMB! The cinematics are phenomenal, the action breathtaking and the game-play extremely fun. I LOVE IT! I just wish the DLCs would add more to the single player experience. Right now, they're all augmenting the multiplayer experience only.
  20. Mar 30, 2013
    @1440p max settings x4MSAA SLI 680. The game ran at 60fps 95% of the time and virtual memory topped at about 1850MB through out the entire game. The game looks and handles really well. The story and mood of the game was really fun to experience. The game is has extremely repetitive gun play. You basically bullet time, cover, head shot the whole game. But the story, sound and moodiness of the game makes you forget about it. Well worth $20 on a Steam sell. Game play is about 12hrs. Expand
  21. Dec 5, 2012
    awsome game this is the first one i played in the series of max payne and it is awsome a very mature story the bullet time mode is very helping in the the multiplayer i think that max payne 3 multiplayer is not that enjoy but its great i will steal give it a 10/10 because i play in most of the games single player accept call of duty frenchise
  22. Oct 16, 2012
    This is a copy of 'wilddeer' review (see June 15th 2012). He/she said exactly what I feel about this game so I therefore used his/her words -------------------> Shooting gallery, cut scene, shooting gallery, cut scene, nothing, cut scene, shooting gallery, painfully long cut scene. Max, may i open that door? No, cut scene will do. Max, may i enter the room and shoot the bastards? No, cut scene will enter and choose the most stupid cover for you, and you will do the shooting. Max, may i look around through the sniper rifle scope while nothing happens? No, cut scene will look around for you. Expand
  23. Jun 12, 2012
    After finally beating this game, I have many things to say. First, the good things. 1. It's very good visually. It's pretty cool how the bullet actually goes through your character, and out the other side. 2. It's got a GREAT story. I would play through it again just for that. 3. It's true to the game play of the first two Max Payne games. Now for the downsides: 1. It Does WAY too many camera effects. 2. It didn't do any trippy flashbacks like in the first two games. 3. It was sort of predictable, not like the first one. 4. Multiplayer mode has that god awful auto assign for match play. I'm glad I bought it. Expand
  24. Jul 23, 2012
    A game that tries to be a movie accompanied with console-port performance and controls while forcing us character story down our throats with a plunger. Nothing more to be said about this one than STAY AWAY. Watch walkthroughs if you want to know how everything plays out as an old fan instead of flushing your money down the sink.
  25. Jun 14, 2012
    Wow! I bought the DVD copy of this game, and installed in on my Alienware m14x. I couldn't get the game to run smoothly at first, but with super fast response time from the Rockstar tech support, I was able to get the game running perfectly on near max graphic settings. This is one of the best games I've ever played! The graphics are gorgeous, if you have the machine to power it. This is the best way I can describe this game: Imagine all the greatest action shoot-em-up movie sequences ever made, and that is what every level is like non-stop! The characters are great with great voice acting! All the levels are unique in their design, which makes every action sequence fresh and extremely entertaining. I'm literally laughing with joy playing this game, and constantly find myself with my jaw dropped from all the amazing game-play. This game is flawless! If Max Payne 3 doesn't win game of the year, I will be in complete shock! Expand
  26. Dec 10, 2012
    It's hard to continue to do so the old game that they were not offended and fans and new players. Rockstar games has done a great job. Addictive gameplay, a very interesting character Max Payne, nice graphics and great gameplay. The game almost a must for any fan of shooters. It is a pity that it is not entirely perfected, contains some bugs, and some missions / maps looks bad. The game, however, really very good. My Rating - 8.5 / 10 Expand
  27. Feb 4, 2014
    An ok game that might have lived up to its predecessor if not for the overly long unskippable cutscenes, terrible checkpoint save system, and nauseatingly overdone 'TV interference' screen effects. Its not the worst console port, but its still a port. If you load an earlier level, your progress is not saved. The story is decent though, and the various locations looks authentic. The graphics are good (its a huge 31GB download). Some of the set pieces feel like any bland console shooting gallery (on-rails section complete with inaccurate overheating machine gun and unlimited ammo). Flaws aside, Rockstar has made a decent game that still has enough 'Max Payne' in it, but I cant help but think Remedy (who made the first Max Payne games, and the excellent Alan Wake) could have done better. Worth the steam sale price. Expand
  28. Jul 10, 2012
    The worst Max Payne ever made. Graphics, sounds and the storyline are okay. But the gameplay horrible. A lot of cutscene are we really want this? Of coure no. When i play as Max Payne i don't want to take cover, because Max no need cover. And the last stand the worst in this game. A lots of time i can't shoot the man because something hide the enemy or no ammo in my weapon and i die. This game 60-70% cutscene and 30-40% gameplay. Every 1-3 minutes cutscene and this is a fu**ing joke. And a lot of cutscene endings i found myself a bad cover and the enemies shooting at me. Every cutscene endings the game change my weapon to a pistol and it's also horrible. Looks like a console port, you can change a lot of graphics option but the gameplay and these bad things in this game because of console for ex. the cover because of noob console players who need a cover to not die. Expand
  29. Jun 8, 2012
    Okay, a few things to be understood about this game before purchasing: YES it is a linear third-person shooter, YES it has a lot of cut-scenes, and I don't find either of those factors to be a problem. Max Payne 3, like so many other Rockstar games, tries to craft a good story, and I find that it does a better job of doing this than most other story focused third-person or first-person shooters. The voice-acting is good, HEALTH did an excellent job with the soundtrack, and the graphics and settings are very nice. The game knows exactly what it wants to be and pulls it off. I did have the game crash on me a few times and there are issues with the "Last Stand" mechanic, but overall I was very satisfied with the experience. Before getting this, be aware that it plays a lot like a movie interspersed with a third-person shooter, but I find it worked very well. If you don't care for cut-scenes than this is not the game for you, otherwise I would recommend Max Payne 3. Expand
  30. Jul 9, 2013
    Between crashes I played this game. It should be called Crash Payne 3. And crashes aren't the half of it: scenery often doesn't load, in some cases it's so bad you can fall through it! And no, check the date of this review, this isn't what I experienced on or near its launch date. This is a full year after release and it's still broken to hell.

    Action is clunky and repetitive, with
    bullet time frequently interrupted when so much as Max' little toe clips the edge of the over-crowded scenery. It doesn't feel like a gun-kata ballet of death. It feels like white guys dancing at a wedding to gangsta rap.

    South America as the location was a mistake. In MP1 and 2, the city was a character in the story. In MP3, we don't care about the setting or who Max is trying to protect (a bunch of rich people yay!). We don't even care much about Max. In MP1 and 2 it was about his wife and his life. In MP3 he's just a loser. What little redemption is managed comes way too late for anyone to care.

    To obfuscate the weak setting and plot, the game jumps all the hell over, with flashbacks to NYC, some boat, and other places so thinly realized I can't really remember them.
  31. Apr 18, 2014
    Been a big fan of the first 2 Max Payne games so when this went out I was excited... until the mixed reviews came out and decided to wait for a Steam sale. It came and got this for for $5.

    Holy **** It's far from the original and 'far' as downwards kind of 'far'. I don't know what Rockstar was thinking but Max has been turned into an gun-crazy GTA-style idiot. He always goes for the
    crazy idiot gunfight approach. The bad guy is in a police station? Charge into the police station with guns in open armpit holsters in broad daylight through the front **** door! Trying to hide from the bad police guys? Run to the bus station and shoot everyone that follows! Trying to find the gang leader? Charge into their town with guns hanging from your holsters and start shooting everyone! The bad guy is in the airport? Charge through the front door and shoot everyone! Why not just go for a sniper rifle and wait for the bad guy to be less protected? No because that is gay! It feels so Grand Theft Auto bombastic testosterone crazy! Always goes for the stupidest cover! Kick down the door into a room full of bad guys and he goes for what? The metal trash can? The corner wall? The ledge? No! He goes for the **** standing suitcase as cover! Always goes for the flimsiest cover all the time! He tries to sneak in cinematics but always gets the enemies to see him and start attacking! **** STUPID! Also no dark brooding environments! The only thing this game has that is impressive is the dialog Max Payne makes when talking to the himself! All the other characters are stupid and behave like morons! What a shameless game! If you like stupid shooters super devoid of common sense this is for you! Expand
  32. Apr 29, 2013
    Bullet time is just fun, the game is challenging in it's own right and it is fun. The Brazillian themes and level design really deserves the praise. Story keeps you interested long enough, although not being able to skip cutscenes might hinder some replayability but that was not too bothersome. It is a great game and worth your money especially if it is on sale.
  33. Jun 8, 2012
    As a fan of the series I couldn't wait to get my hands on this beast, but I was soon frustrated by a couple of things: The limited control over the main character and unskippable cutscenes for example take away a lot of freedom from the player. The only way to exit a cutscene is to ALT+F4 out of it, because you can only pause and continue. Whilst the gameplay itself didn't lose charm the levels are small and the fights are heavily scripted. The cover system causes problems because it doesn't always work. If you don't mind a heavy consolized game and like playing with controllers instead of keyboards you might want to get it for PC, else wait for a Steam deal. Expand
  34. Jun 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The ONLY reason to download this game is that you love first person shooters. This gives the player more than enough opportunities to shoot all kinds of bad guys. Apart from that, it's probably one of the worst games I've ever tried. The old Max Payne is gone. First, the sign in and download process is long and cumbersome. You can't save the game when you want to, so if you're at the end of a long killing spree and the last guy happens to hit you, then you have to start that scene all over again. What a Payne! The flashing screens that make it seem like the character is always on drugs or something, the boring dialog he continues to spout throughout and the many many times that you are killed seemingly without effort by the enemies makes this a tiring and boring game. No theme other than trying to find/save some rich girl in Sao Paulo Brazil. Really a shame, since I enjoyed the first Max Payne so much and just was willing to give this one a try despite the low user score. Expand
  35. Jun 3, 2012
    So far, this game has been a lot of fun. First, the graphics are pretty, and the game play is surprisingly fluid on my mid-level machine. The story is interesting, well-written, and characters seem to interact well (for a video game). This is a rarity in the gaming world, and I find that a breath of fresh air. Now for the downsides. Every once in a while, I experience crashes and glitches. The cut scenes seem to abruptly start and stop. So I am trying to move Max around, and realize it is a cut scene. Then the cut scene ends without warning, and I realize people are shooting at me. Slight annoyance. Oh, and lastly, the price is very steep; $59.99. Is it worth the price? I would say yes, if and only if you are willing to live with the cut scene stop and go and the DRM, which is slightly less annoying than Diablo III. Expand
  36. Sep 27, 2013
    max payne 3 is one of the best third person shooters i ever played. it has a great campaign and also a good multiplayer. the games graphics are amazing and textures look really good. the games story is really good!! its interesting and deep. the storytelling and writing are amazing and the writing is maybe the best ive seen! the music is also great and setts the mood. the gameplay is really good and guns feel great. the mission that take place in the past are also good. the animatins for max, like how he holds the guns are really good and convincing. the game does have a lot of long cutscenes, which may annoy some people, but personally i really liked them and it gave the game a cinematic feel. bulletime is also really fun and makes this game distinct. bulletime also never gets old and jumpig and shooting in slow-mo is really cool. the games multiplayer is also pretty good. while it doesnt innovate in a lot of ways, its still pretty good. the game has a lot of maps, guns and avatar customization. using slow mo in multiplayer is also really awesome and cool!!!
    overall this is a great game if your looking for a third person shooter!! buy it
  37. Aug 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have just finished Max Payne 3, and to me it has way too many "minor" annoyances, to warrant anything but an average score. In my case I give it a 6. Too many times where you die because of Max Payne moving in some weirdo way, or having the game force you to defeat a person in a certain way that is definitely ridiculous (one fight where the guy is in cover behind a fence or something where you have to shoot the ceiling out from above him to get him out of cover...). Sometimes your left wondering how many goons each of these supposed rich people have at their disposal, too many of the levels just keep on going and goons just keep on coming at you. I like a long game but when the length is ridiculously done like in Max Payne 3, it gets too much.
    I liked the gun play, I liked how much bullet time control I had, I very much liked the graphics, too much whining about his life though inbetween shootouts.
    When I was done with the game I had a rather sour taste in my mouth and kept thinking "how many goons do I have to kill?" in essence it just seems like some of the fights on the different levels go on for way too long. That said some levels are very well designed, like the abandoned hotel, that level was beyond awesome, and would deserve something like 8 or 10/10.
  38. Jan 11, 2014
    Max Payne 3 One of the best TPS games i've ever played. His wife and daughter's gone and became a killer contracter in Brazil, San Paulo. He find himself trapped between the vast culture of American - Brazillian. Unable to understand their language and things turning bad on him. Pros: 1. Good story plot and twist. Intense action. 2. Controls that feels smooth. 3. Great performance (on PC) and doesn't feel like a poor console port. Frame rate is generally better than other titles from the same game developer studio (e.g. GTA IV).

    1. Playthrough is too short, 5 hours for me on medium difficulty.
    2. Sometimes, cover is too unlimited. Ubsurd spawn of enemies near staircase and areas with cover. Tests a lot on stealth and agility.
    3. Extremely huge file size for a single game, probably due to the large amount of cutscenes (Don't get me wrong, the cutscenes looks amazing).
  39. Dec 27, 2013
    These jerks, you need to have a separate RockStart Account to play the game. I already have a steam account that's enough DRM don't you think? I want my money back.... How about a class action suit.... and new shoes
  40. Jun 1, 2012
    Max Payne is always been one of my most favourite franchises and this sequel is the best of the picking, with slick visuals, great shootouts and SLOW MOTION. You will have a lot of fun and with absence of loading screens it brings a breath of fresh air to cinematic games. With about 12 hours single player and a ton of replayability as well as two arcade type modes you won't get bored on your own. If you do then you have multi-player which is amazingly fun and challenging. There is not regenerative health in the single player and it is hard so if you are expecting a call of duty, look elsewhere. Expand
  41. Apr 27, 2013
    It's a Rockstar game, did you expect any less than a 10/10? Graphics are amazing for current gen 10/10 Storytelling is gripping and thrilling 10/10 Gameplay is smooth and addictive 10/10 Hidden items and bonuses are a breeze to find and have a satisfying reward10/10 The multiplayer brings more action and addictiveness and has a ton of replayability 10/10 This is a fantastic gritty, and brutal sequel to the original max payne double of the 2000's

    and the Multiplayer isn't half bad either, it's satisfying enough to keep us playing for longer and longer.

    This is a must play for Max Payne fans and shooter fans everywhere!
  42. gas
    Jul 16, 2012
    This game is pure garbage. Tbh thats all, but i try to explain something.
    This is pretty much an interactive movie, you see 1 min of movie, then you got a 1 min shooting stage, if you pass it you go to the next movie and so on.
    If you die and need to redo a stage you will have to see again and again a short intro movie, and you cant skip it.
    Also, if you have to redo a session, the game
    will switch the weapon you are using with the standard pistol every time.
    Game is all on rails, you have zero freedom, its all heavily scripted, so there is absolutley no replayability, also the game is scripted in a manner that wanna be hollywood movie, so you must play rambo always, you cant choose to sneak or do something different.
    The game is a console port, as usual for Rockstar , not so bad as they did with gta IV, but still its not a good job, beside the graphic which imo is not so important, the problem is about mouse movement, which is for some reason clunky, it feels glued to the screen sometimes, very fast in game, very slow in the menus and super slow in bullet time... its quite bad and even tryin to change settings there is a bad feeling about it, any pc fps is 1000 times better.
    I can add also that the cover system plus the bullet time system adds a layer of gameplay wich is not really needed imo, and its not developed so good, max cant cover in many situations due to irregular surfaces, and / or cant detach so easily from some others.
    At the end i really hope that developers will return to develop games where GAMEPLAY is the core, not those kind of hollywood wannabe interactive movies.
    I give it a score of 2 cause the voice acting, the movie direction and photography are good, but as this is a game, i want a game not a movie.
  43. Sep 18, 2013
    Beats out all the other previous Max Paynes. The games great for the PC. Its beautifully optimised. Graphics are very detail and great. The gameplay is superb.
  44. Jan 31, 2013
    I'm so happy I got this on the steam sale. Max Payne 3 is one of those games that make you clear one area, and after this you move on to the next. If you get killed, you have to start over again. Sometimes the 'areas' turn out to be much larger than one would have thought and after completing a challenging part of a level, you move on, looking around (more about this in a second) only to get shot and restart something that you already did. I know there are people that like this kind of thing: if that's you, you might like the game. But that's not the only shortcoming of the game.

    I normally love games with a good story. Max Payne attempted to be cinematic, but it failed miserably. The way they created his character is just cheesy. You've got an ex-cop, who's a pill-popping alcoholic, who takes a bottle of pain killers and chases them down with a bottle of vodka or whiskey or whatever is his poison. All that Max does is complain about being a failure, monotonously. His wise-cracks are just like he is as a character: miserable and predictable. And, always banging on the same drum, ultimately boring. I know that sometimes protagonists of video games are supposed to be stereotypical, but its hard to find something less enthralling than a whining alcoholic. Other characters aren't much better. There also is a small technical plot hole. If you're bent on finding somebody, and time is of the essence, the game should encourage you to charge, or at least try to get to your goal ASAP. But it doesn't. Oh no. It does everything to discourage you, it even award you for not doing so. You have to find clues and parts of golden weapons as bonus objectives (remember when bonus objectives were a real part of games that made you do a level 5 or 6 times to get everything right?) Here its just the opposite. You have to canvas entire areas looking for something that might be a clue, or a weapon part. Which can be ludicrously hidden at times. Again, this isn't something new, and games such as Black had this.

    The game also has too much cliches. You have the favellas bit (Fear 3, Modern Warfare 2), escaping a burning building (EVERYTHING last year)... What it lacks is innovation. And being fun.
  45. Jun 4, 2012
    Superb game! Very close to a movie masterpiece. Awesome gameplay, dialogs, story and graphics. Of course some may find that there are too many cutscene, but u can always jump them. One of the best game of the last years. The pc version i trieed is very good, only 2 crashes in a lot of our of gameplay. Very, very good Rockstar!
  46. Dec 24, 2012
    Game imitates movie, movie imitates game and now the game imitates - well - game. On an aesthetic level, MP3 is stunning. It looks lush and detailed, smooth and vibrant. The environments are gorgeous and gritty. Character designs are varied and crisp. Levels are a tad linear but break off here and there for items. Cover spots are great and are spread out evenly. The script is excellent with some hilarious narration by long-time MP voice James McCaffrey (as well as motion captioned) among others. It's an engaging story with clever plotlines and creative dialogue. Excellent foley work with terrific sound FX and vocals. The arsenal has a nice variety but not having grenades is a bit of a disappointment. The weapon select is a tad clunky and inconvenient in a pinch. All aesthetics aside, everything works but that's where the golden stickers stop. Technically in terms of controls it's a mess. The cover actions are clumsy as well as glitched. The glitch causes Max to get stuck unless you roll out of it. The cover action also is very sticky and causes Max to cover where you don't always want him to. The character movement is slow and there's some problems with mouse whipping. Max also reverts to the default weapon (pistol) after a cut scene. Saving isn't too bad since there are no manual saves but the checkpoints are fine most of the time. Multi-player is fine for those that play that sort of thing. It's not perfect and can be frustrating at times but for an overall experience it's a total visceral thrill ride. It's bloody, funny, clever and action-packed. Next time just do some more quality control before you release it. Expand
  47. Jul 3, 2012
    I pre-ordered this game off of steam the second I heard about it. The previous Max Payne games were amazing (or at least from what I remember from my childhood). The graphics in this game are beautiful, words can't describe how happy I was to be able to run this beautifully made game on max settings. The story is very intriguing, I grew are rare close bond with main character that was mediocre. The gunplay and action are a solid 10/10 but the difficultly curve skyrockets after the second level. The multiplayer has problems, while enjoy the customization options for the characters, I don't enjoy the fact that all the guns are useless except for a few extremely overpowered weapons that I've had to use so that I don't break my keyboard in rage. It really takes out the point of buying new weapons when you know the starting ones are the most powerful. Other than Campaign and Multiplayer all the other game modes are a joke. With all the hype this game brought I would have expected and over the top action experience, which I Campaign. The other modes of the game are iffy, tread carefully. Expand
  48. Dec 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. MP3 is a great game - really cool shooter with all the best features taken form previous MPs... All? Nope, unfortunately not, the story of MP3 is about one old dude, whose best time-killers to be drunk and to moan all the time about his hard life etc etc etc. All that he do - drink, moan, kill, moan... Pathetic.
    As an old-hard-boiled fan of MP I really hate Rockstar for killing Max's soul, the soul of noir, deep sadness, revenge moving stroy... Remedy was the best in creating MPs story (eternal respect to Sam Lake), I was really unhappy when heard about the deal between Remedy and Rockstar. At first there was crapped movie about MP, then...
    But in the end - MP3 is not that bad, as you may think from my review. Rockstar has balls in game developing business, the game itself is not total crap.
    I don't want to describe everything for too long, so I'll put it in a nutshell: it would be perfect if the game was named "Die Hard", but not "MP3". It's not Max Payne...
  49. Aug 23, 2012
    If your looking to buy Max Payne 3 there is a simple question you must ask yourself. Have you played Max Payne 1 or 2? If you have expect to be disappointed. The plot in this game is dumbed down compared to both of them and while the game may still be "gritty" its completely lost its film noir feel. The chapters which take place in New York after the one explaining Max's departure are out of the blue and don't have the desired effect at all. Would be better if the leaving town back story was covered entirely early on. Or if they had added some more meaning to it somehow. In those places less shooting actually would have been more. I would say that is the key problem to the game. It just doesn't have the same impact and isn't meaningful the way the first two were.
    That being said the game is visually beautiful. The chapters that take place in the sao paulo slums feel both organic and active. Great chapter design. The raid was very well done. I am not a big fan of duck and cover either but it is an effective mechanic and adds some strategy in places. I also like when you hit a hard spot after a few attempts extra painkillers show up when you re-load. The action sequences are quite fun. They could have been a bit more creative making bosses rather than just giving them helmets that bounce the first umpteen bullets. Also the subplot about Max's alcoholism could have been played up more then it was. Like in Max Payne 2 in the dream sequences the controls got all sloppy and it really screwed with you. They could have done the same thing with booze for a chapter or two. All and all this is a good but slightly disappointing game. Being a big fan of the first two titles I felt slightly let down. HOWEVER if you are going into this game having never played the other two you will find this a great game and a very enjoyable play experience. If this game was a new franchise and not a sequel it would be getting rave reviews and have earned them.
  50. Jun 13, 2012
    Mr. Payne has hit rock bottom. No love, no friends. He has been living his life in hiding for nine years popping painkillers and alcohol, but despite all of this he has aged very well. Resurfacing, and climbing to the top, it truly shines in all directions. With beautiful Direct X 11 added and support for Direct X 9, and Direct X 10 it is amazingly stable for the sheer size of megabytes (Aprox. 30 thousand) it requires. Loading screens are hid as cut-scenes which is more of a downfall then an enjoyment. Breathtaking script, dialog and writing all voiced by the only person who can, James McCaffrey. Unlike the first two you must play by the game's rules and sacrifice your freedom, but for the lack of your freedom, you are rewarded with gory action and a mature dark story. Multiplayer is a new addition and while the game play itself for multiplayer is nothing memorable, it's rewarding in its own way. Selling over three million copies in it's first week alone, it has far surpassed income and player rewards and story then anything that has done in the last five years. It is the platinum of games in an era that has been raped and molested by the Crap of Duty console "gamers." Expand
  51. Jun 1, 2012
    Signed up to metacritic just to be able to write a reveiw for this fantastic game, the performance is absolutly perfect, was worried about performance issues since rockstar have a bad history with pc ports etc happy to report that this game runs perfectly!! im so so happy.
    Not only does it run perfectly but the controls are superb, this game has me looking forward to GTA 5 in a big way
    Can easily see myself playing through this game a number of times its just that damn good, multiplayer is fantastic and will keep me playing for years to come, cant stress enough to anyone out there who is in two minds about getting this game dont be!! u wont be disapointed, not only is it a fantastic game but it also sets the standard for future thrid person games. Rockstar im **** loving you right now.... good job !!!!!
  52. Jun 2, 2012
    New game from Rockstar become a new word in genre third-person shooter. New developers added many new elements of gameplay, make excellent graphics and animation. And many many different details. Max Payne... He is really come back.
  53. Jun 1, 2012
    I am rather confused with this title as I thought I bought a game and not a movie? When I get to play the game its good but its truely annoying when you sit watching cutscenes which never end and suddenly transition into the typical Max Payne jump, and you go oh gosh I am supposed to play now.
  54. BMF
    Jun 4, 2012
    I have been waiting for Max Payne 3 for a long time and it didnt disapoint. The story is excellent the graphics and sound are both PC quality and the combat plays out with some of the best ragdoll physics and blood effects I have ever seen. The game can get brutaly hard at some points but I never wanted to give up and im still craving more after beating the storyline.
  55. Jul 30, 2013
    A huge disappointment to me. Has nothing to do with Max Payne 1 or 2, which are both way better third person shooters, with much better atmosphere and gameplay. This game however sometimes felt more like an interactive movie than an actual videogame. If I wanted to watch an action movie, I will watch one on TV. If I want to play videogames, please let me play. This "game" simply does not let you do that. In some situations you watch a three-minute cutscene, are handed over controls for less than two minutes, and then watch another two to three minute cutscene. Also, I found the difficulty level of this game to be totally unbalanced (ridiculously easy in some parts, very frustrating in others). Somehow not what I had expected. A decent game as it stands for itself, but no match whatsoever for the first two Max Payne games. Expand
  56. May 12, 2013
    Max payne 3 is a great game. It's part shooter, part interactive movie.. mostly the latter. And I paid less for it ($12, steam sale) than a real movie ticket would have cost. The graphics are superb. I absolutely don't agree with the negative reviews of this game. I'm a diehard PC games fan, and I was actually almost not going to buy this game because of the negative reviews. But I'm glad I did. Fight scenes are pretty realistic, and weapon handling and mechanics are realistic and good too (you can only carry 2 handguns and 1 big gun). Story is pretty good, but I didn't follow some stuff (i'm retarded like that). The only problem is that the game weighs in at 30 GB which is massive (it obliterated my download quota).

    I don't really care about multiplayer, but the single player rocks! I also didn't mind the trippy visuals, like some people did.

    I think PC game fans are being very ungrateful. Even if this is a console port (I absolutely detest consoles and consoletards), they've done a superb job of it and it is eminently playable on PC.
  57. Jun 4, 2012
    I am a huge fan of the first two in the series and had high expectations for this. What rockstar have done is absolutely fantastic. They captured Max and his personality dead on. The story was interesting, the gameplay flowed amazingly, the cut scenes rolled in and out like a symphony. The soundtrack was on beat and matched the setting perfectly. Graphically looked incredible on my gtx680 and ran with no issue at all. Cannot wait for more PAYNE if it will be of this quality. Well done Rockstar. Well done. Expand
  58. Jun 9, 2012
    This is a re-review. My last review I have it a 0 because it would not work due to Social Club malfunctioning. Great story, narration, cinematic feel, solid gameplay, excellent optimization for PC. 15 hour story. Works well with 360 controller or M/KB. Rockstar Social Club is potentially annoying when it doesn't work. As others have mentioned, the cover system can be a bit annoying but it's not a big deal and it still works well. I crashed maybe 6-7 times. There is a little bit of static in the audio, which annoyed me after a while. The multiplayer is a bit generic but still fun. Overall I must say this game is fantastic, it's just a shame it gave me so many problems. Expand
  59. Aug 16, 2013
    The game was great. I really enjoyed the atmosphere at (gasp) the cut-scenes. I will say I wan't pleased I couldn't skip the first one, since I wanted to setup my graphics settings. But all the rest are skippable by pressing A.

    The cover is not supposed to be a core part of the game, you should be using bullet-time as that is the core mechanic of the Max Payne series.

    The story is
    good, very "Die Hard' and the action is quick and responsive. I did play with a controller so I cannot vet the PC controls but really they were always designed to use a gamepad anyway.

    Overall its a very fun ride and I enjoyed being in the Max Payne universe again.
  60. Oct 1, 2013
    Here is summary of this "exciting" game. Cutscene (unskippable) playing time will be MUCH LONGER than your game play time. Cutscene, press mouse, cutscene showing the result of your shoot, move, cutscene, shoot, cutscene, player positioned in a dangerous position, shoot, custscene........... cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, cutscene, game ends.

    Thank you for watching a
    boring film introduced by R*. Expand
  61. Jun 7, 2012
    I have a tendency to go into gun-ho marathons of epic game playing and usually let myself go wild like a kid on Christmas morning, but MP3 makes me want to hold back solely out of not wanting the game to end. Fantastic graphics coupled with a gripping story and great gameplay makes this game a definite contender for GOTY. It is comforting to see a developer not make a game for people who need to have their hands held for the entire experience, not to mention adult themes. Well done Rockstar. Expand
  62. Jun 3, 2012
    I wanted a new chapter in the Max Payne story, but all I got is a generic grade B TPS. The Good: As everyone agrees, the graphics, physics and whateverics are great. And that's about it. The Bad: Triggers! Triggers everywhere!!! You open that door - three guys SPAWN behind you. Blam, reload. You kill that last guy - congratulations! Cutscene! Reinforcements arrive, take your women, raze your village and fart in your general direction. Ok, cutscene is over - you're in the middle of the room, hidden behind the flimsiest object around. Oh, and you're holding a pistol. Enjoy the epic gunfight. Speaking of cutscenes - there's more than enough of them (unskippable, to boot) to confuse you for the entire game. "Why am I doing that?!", "Errr, shouldn't I be shooting him instead of staring?", "Why am I not moving? Oh, cutscene over, right. Better press something.", "Goodness gracious! Why did I just lock the door behind myself right after I wandered outside in plain view of six mooks?". And if you're still willing to endure all that for the sake of good plot and characters - you don't get either. The plot is largely non-existent and amounts to "Where shall I kill today? Ah, right - in ". The characters around you give you no reason to care about them, they are there just to give you a reason for killing more brazilians. And there's one important aesop - it's ok to heavily drink on the job. No one seems to care, least of all Max himself. You drank two bottles of whiskey? No problem, your aim is steady as always.
    Maybe I'm too hard on the game. But it would've looked SO MUCH BETTER under the name "GTA: Sao Paulo" or, for lack of carjacking, "Brazilian Shooter 3D".
  63. Jul 16, 2012
    I am going to rate this game solely on the campaign because the only reason why this game was purchased by me and made into a game was because of the AMAZING CAMPAIGN. All I can say is it was a HELL OF A RIDE! Not only was the gameplay amazing but the story kept me glued to the monitor. The campaign was CRAZY long and a straight shot through took me all day (10+ hrs on hard). I tried some of the multiplayer and let me tell you it ain't bad either. I cant wait to get back on! EASY 10 Expand
  64. May 30, 2013
    Entertaining shooting game with great combat system story is abit weard it should have been at new york or something Not quite as good as Max payne 1 &2 at the time but still a decent shooting game
  65. Oct 31, 2012
    Max Payne 3 can't decide whether it's a game or movie. It does both elements exceptionally well, but switches between them every 10 to 30 seconds. The first hour is pretty fun, but after that you'll come to loathe every unskippable cutscene or bulletcam sequence.

    You will have to constantly battle the game for control. Half the time you can't tell whether you're in control or in a
    cutscene, because running, jumping and bullet time get disabled for no apparent reason, Max walks along a set path regardless of the direction you're looking, or the camera forces you to look at something.

    To make matters worse, despite the constant theme of urgency, every level contains collectable pieces of "Golden Guns" that you have to explore every corner to find. As accidentally triggered cutscenes have a habit of blocking off visited locations, this quickly becomes tedious.

    In short, this game is exceedingly frustrating. If Rockstar released a DLC that removed all the cutscenes, I'd buy it in a heartbeat; but until then, I regret paying money for this junk.
  66. Jun 17, 2012
    ELGRINGO - you are an idiot. You admit yourself that there are only a couple of issues and that the game is fun - and one of the issues is that you can't skip cutscenes! Little pathetic boy wants to make a difference so he gives a good game a bad score. You made a difference - a difference in what people think of you, moron.
  67. Jun 1, 2012
    played on PC too this .. game .. its running fine on the PC version too ... Else everything is as same as with me at PS3 ... Tried to play in it as R* is bit weak on PC ........ Its fine
  68. Aug 12, 2014
    Great graphics, story, and gameplay. I would normally give this game an 8 out of 10, but giving it a 10 to offset stupid reviews that give it a 0 just because it wasn't a game you assumed it was. A 0 should only be given to a game that is completely unplayable, aka it doesn't run at all and you couldn't play a single minute of the game.

    Game has excellent action and storyline. Has a
    lot of cut scenes and a lot of action. Very enjoyable. Expand
  69. Jul 13, 2012
    35 gigs of harddrive space required. That's all that needs to be said. Purchased through Steam and downloaded on a 25mbps connection took 3 full days to install, because Steam's download service is so slow (I wasn't even using my bandwidth for anything else). For 35 gigs of space this should have been the best game ever - it wasn't.
  70. Dec 26, 2012
    Max Payne 3 is undoubtedly an excellent game, the gameplay is very well maintained, full of details and nuances that make it quite striking (Whatever is the bullet time and animations during firefights make the experience quite unique and very entertaining) . The story, narrated by Max (The voices are very, very good), is very well developed, using a lot of cutscenes with a "comic" filter (A reference to the other Max Payne). That this for many was a major snag as there are many scenes where want to do something on their own but the game does a cutscene, which makes it very casual parties, since it seems more a movie than a game, not even the majority can be skipped. In paragraph audiovisual technology and Rockstar did a great job, works very fluid, uses advanced DirectX 11 effects, and the soundtrack and the sounds of the weapons are manicured. The multiplayer, pretty simple, serves to fill, not addicting and matchmaking is pretty bad, sometimes entertaining, but the campaign is enough (about 15 hours). Definitely a game is recommended for those who want a simple game linear and explosive style of Hollywood movies. Expand
  71. Aug 20, 2012
    An adrenaline fueled behemoth of an action title, but the disturbing plot may be too intense for a few casual gamers, this is third person gunplay at it's most refined.
    The game however is held back by repetitive multiplayer and poor replayability.
  72. Feb 1, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An alternative name for this game would be "Linear Tales of a Frantic Headshooter". I've never played a more linear and stereotype game. Basically you only watch cutscenes and headshot enemies. Even the shooting and gameplay gets old quite fast. I was also extremely sick of the depressed over-emotional superhuman that Max Payne had become. No deep and meaningful thoughts or revenge to follow. Zero atmosphere, zero detective, zero immersion, only 24/7 whining over everything that happens in the game. Plus it's a brand new world, I was hoping that this game would bring up my memories from old Max Payne. Michelle, dark noir, flashbacks, the feels, the nightmares, the junkies, the story, snowing in the night. Nope, none of it. If you changed Max Payne object for some John Smith and changed 0.1% of the game, you would not even recognize it has to do something with Max Payne world.

    Also, I don't think the creators have played this game. After every cutscene Max switches from his whatever currently equipped to a simple beretta. Every time. Whatever you are holding, even it was the HUMAN DESTROYER MACHINE GUN 9001. And it is not even easy to switch back to the gun you held, sometimes you accidentally drop it during the switching. Not to mention many, many, many details and imperfections and annoying mechanics in this game, seriously ffs.

    I must say I wanted to recommend this game. For a long time I really wanted, I tried very hard. The only thing that wanted me to recommend were level design and music. Hell those things gave me genuine shivers. I got many "whoa omg wow much epic" moments because of it. It is the only reason why you should play it and trust me you will be stunned. However everything else perfectly balances out this epicness and I'm afraid in the end you are not going to be that pleased.
  73. May 11, 2014
    Nine years. That’s long it took for Max Payne to get his **** together and return to the stage. Our beloved action hero might have aged, grew some white hair and wrinkles but his moves remained sharp and polished. He is still the killing machine who once extinguished half New-York’s underworld for his loved ones.

    MORE ON:

    This time around we find Max in the
    sunny Brazil instead of the snowy streets of the Big Apple. It’s a nice, but sometimes strange change of scenery. He’s working for the Bronco family as their bodyguard, but as usually things turn upside down pretty quickly around him. The narrative is a masterpiece. We jump in time back and forth as the story unfolds, because hey, guess what even our hero doesn’t know everything. A dark plot is growing around him and he has to act on his instincts to keep himself and the others alive while he slowly findis out his part in the grand scheme. It’s a really well written story with major turns and very effective scenes and if there’s one thing that topples that it’s Max’s script. James McCaffrey brings the best to make us feel that we are playing an interactive story. His lines are funny, witty and sad in the same time, but we don’t have much time to stop and think about it because the next shootout will surely interrupt our thoughts.

    Yes, the gunplay occupies the major part of the game. It’s very cinematic. The master of the bullet time returns and he has some new tricks up in his sleeves. It’s a superb mechanic that works very well in most cases. As for usual, our health doesn’t regenerate so we have to pop up some painkiller bottles every now and then to ease the pain. What is a minor letdown that – and in this matter the game still resonates with its predecessors – there is really only one way how to handle things. Kill them, shoot them, burn them, explode them. You can’t take any silent routes there as enemies will almost instantly see you if you get out of cover. As a matter of fact, the AI is so super aware that enemies will know where you are and how to flank you even if you switch cover and they weren’t looking at the time. This is what makes the game very frustrating sometimes. It’s simply too difficult even on normal settings and there’s really no room for error or you’re dead. Add that to the fact that it will take around 3-4 bullets to take you down and you’ve got a very tough game. The devs probably acknowledged this fact in the late stage of the production as it seems they tried to put some lifelines for the players. For starters there is a more than forgiving checkpoint system. After almost all of the rooms you’ve cleared you get a checkpoint. Also there is this lifeline when you fail a couple of times in the same place and the game gives you a pill, like saying “hey, we know it’s difficult, try with this!”

    The game looks absolutely astonishing. Emphasis was put on every detail, every little object. Most of the characters look real-like mostly Max Payne. Every wrinkle on his face has a story behind it. Every cut scene is in-game which makes the story even more believable. To be honest you’ll see one in every five minutes or so. For some it could be too much, but it develops the story in a unique way.

    Even tough the gameplay can get repetitive towards the end – after all what you only do in the 10-12 hours of the SP campaign is kill an army of enemies – this is one of the best third person shooters in recent years. Max moves and shoots like he did in his thirties and past events has only made him more badass. He’s became hands down one of the greatest action heroes without super powers in gaming from the last decade. Well, he might have a super power after all; I guess his luck really never runs out.

    Time to beat: 12 hours
    Replay Value: 2/5
    In one word: Badass
    On P’n’C scale: Instant Favorite
    Must give points: 83

    MORE ON:
  74. Mar 31, 2014
    Fairly good as a game, greatly disappointing as Max Payne. Stripped out of comic story telling and chronology. Instead we have inhumanely long and boring cutscenes, achievements and collectibles.
    This leads to situations like this: the person you're protecting from tens of enemies says "Come on Max, they'll be more here in a minute!" and you're like "Ok ok, hang on a minute, there might
    be a gun part in between these flower pots".
    Immensely annoying swapping weapons to your hand gun after EVERY FREAKING cutscene.
    The story is of a different kind. It doesn't feel like you're playing Max Payne at all.
    The constant screen flickering, decomposing and jittering is unnecessary and sometimes irritating too.
    Took me 9 hours on 'casual' and I absolutely suck at shooters.
  75. Jun 11, 2012
    If it wasn't for the obstructive cut scenes I would have probably enjoyed the game a lot more. The bullet time mechanics are slightly different and the addition of cover takes some of the the sting out of the flow. Still I really liked the shoot dodging and some of the slow motion set pieces. Difficulty spikes, a mixed multiplayer and a fairly boring story brings things down a bit further. The whole - here's another cut scene of Max getting drunk again - routine just ran about 4 chapters longer than it should have too. I've spent a few hours with multiplayer and while it's ok it's probably not something I'll be playing for long. Expand
  76. Jul 19, 2013
    Great game with a good plot and fun action. You get to play an "a far bald American hero" with a drinking addiction who is capable of taking out an entire army single-handed. Of course the game is not realistic but it's really-really fun to play. Note that they added some interesting mechanics: when you are about to die, if you have a spare "pain killer" you get an attempt to shoot your killer in bullet time. If you do, you get waste the pain killer for "another life" and continue fighting.

    Oh, and it has optimized DX11 graphics, althought my GPU did overheat at first (solved by using MSI afterburner to set fans on max and reducing GPU core frequency, but thats my GPU's problem). Got the game on steam, beat the game on hard in 3-4 days, had a very good time, I recommend you do the same.

    I've read some negative reviews, i would like to respond to a few of them.

    - Long loading times?
    + Buy a new pc and throw your wooden garbage out. I have a core i7 2600k with a single sata HDD and GTX 570 gpu. This is clearly not a new or high-end computer. Load times take no more than 5 seconds.

    - Cut-scenes can't be skipped?
    +Yes they can. There is an indicator telling you which button to press. But the cutscenes are good and an integral part of the game, so why skip them in the first place?

    - Bullet time makes the game too easy?
    + Play it on hard or don't use bullet time.

    - Nearly impossible to aim.
    + Actually too easy. Except when you are using laser sight (for some reason be it bug or feature it gives you extra recoil). Try playing counter-strike.
  77. Oct 3, 2012
    Ahh Max Payne, too long it has been since we had a fresh installment but like Hitman Absolution that is coming out this year it is great to have a new title in the series. Infact Hitman blood Money & Max Payne 2 are games I so enjoyed they have become mainstays in my games library and I go back to them a few times a year to blast through certain sections again.

    Max Payne 3 is a worth
    addition to the series, however despite its amazing graphics and decent story I dont think it managed to surpass Max Payne 2 overall.

    Graphically the game is incredible and the setting is quite good though I enjoyed the Seedy Favelas and the flashbacks to events in the USA most of all. Max Payne was always about gitty urban environments something that seems to have been a little lost in MP3. The Shooter mechanics I found suffered a little in this outting also. A cover mechanic was added which I found added little to the game and I found flind fire mostly worthless as it was innaccurate and did not deter the AI or force them into cover at all thus of no use to open up opportunities to move from cover to cover. The addition of this new mechanic also detracts from what made MP1 and 2 so great which is bullet time. Compounding this Bullet time no longer slowly recharges on its own (unless that was just a result of the difficulty i was playing on) as it did in the previous games but must be replenished by killing enemies.

    As a result this made the gameplay experience feel slower and less like the john woo films the first two games were modelled after. Also slowing the game down even more were the custcenes. is the story good ? yes do the custscenes tell it well ? yes did we need cutscenes so frequently ? no did we need all of the cutscenes ? no like a good film some scenes would be better off left on the cutting room floor and a lot of the internal dialogue could have been conducted while roaming the levels instead of as fixed cutscenes.

    Some of the fights are rediculous with waves and waves of bad guys throwing themselves at you and just trying to overwhelm you with sheer numbers which in a half a dozen sequences they irritatingly will over & over again until you get lucky and manage to get through.

    Overall I enjoyed the single player experience. Multiplayer is interesting but the community is quite small and game hard to find in my experience. The other game modes are fun for a while but it doesnt last and there are really no particular missions from the main game I find myself wanting to go back and play more than once or twice and I put this down to the new way bullet time charges itself and the fact the game is designed around more cover based shooting now.

    Worth a look but I still think Max Payne 2 is the best of the series thus far.
  78. Jun 7, 2012
    It's just another generic shooter with the Max Payne name slapped on it to sell copies. Poor sequel to the excellent MP and MP2. Cutscenes and cover, cutscenes and cover. Blah. Skippable.
  79. Jun 12, 2012
    BOY, was this game fun!!!!
    This is nostalgic game, bringing back good old memories of MAX Payne 1 and 2.
    Beautifully executed, this game kept me hanging on till the end. Play on Hard right away, and you will have some real memorable challenge that could be remembered from first two games.
    Brilliantly engineered mechanics and good graphics are not even what make this game so epic.
    The Story
    is indeed great, and ending is satisfying.
    I have very little time for Video Games, and i dont regret one bit spending those hours to be truly entertained.
    This is GOTY 2012 so far!!! Don't hesitate, to buy this amazing work. There is only one negative aspect: if you die, you cant scip long scenematics, but who cares?
  80. Nov 13, 2012
    Max has been turned into John McClaine from Die Hard. One-liners, over-the-top action scenes, and even his appearance. The grittiness from the first Max Payne games is mostly gone. The graphic novel cutscenes are gone. Bullet time stayed and is just as fun as ever. However it's still an enjoyable experience for what it is, even if it isn't "really" the Max Payne we remember. Also, it seems Rockstar has FINALLY remembered how to make a game run well on the PC. Expand
  81. Nov 27, 2012
    The good: I got it on the Steam sale for $14.99 and the gun play can be fun.

    The bad: the amount of cut scenes is maddening. When people say shoot for a moment, cut scene, repeat they are not kidding - it gets old fast.

    The horrible: they keep doing out of focus and disorienting colors/perspective constantly - this eventually gave me a serious headache. I don't know if I have the
    will power to go on...

    The ridiculous: kidnap one person and thousands must die (it might make sense by the end...I doubt it).
  82. Jun 17, 2012
    Very good shooter, but it does not seem like a Max Payne's game.
    You know, Max Payne wasnt just bullet time: It had a dark atmosphere, a story of personal revenge, the drug fueled nightmare levels, the witty remarks, it even had a good (albeit dark) sense of humor.

    This is just some angry dude shooting his way out of situations, why didnt Rockstar name it "Badass in Brasil" or
    something like that instead?

    Pros: -Great graphics.
    -Good port to pc.
    -Overall fun to play.

    -Does not feel like a Max Payne game.
    -Not enough weapons, or way too similar weapons.
    -Inability to skip cutscenes.
    -Bad implementation of the Shootdodge ability.
    -Relies too much on taking cover.
  83. JEK
    Mar 18, 2013
    I can see there are lots of negative comments. Are you kidding me? Some commented that they don't like the name of football team, the game is serious. Lol. This is a great game. The story is awesome. Pyscho- Thriller action packed game. What more can you ask for. Nice Job Rockstar!
  84. Oct 3, 2013
    Unfortunately as much as I tried liking this game, it is a complete fail on several crucial levels.

    1) Euphoria. Though it isn't as awesome or revolutionary as some of the people online make it sound. As it stands now, Euphoria barely changes anything in the shooter genre and hardly ever looks any different to regular ragdoll physics. Besides, the novelty effects wears out after
    3-4 levels. It simply isn't that special. The amount of time spent improving the tech since the 2008 GTA IV release doesn't show.

    2) Some of the levels have that special touch that makes them a genuine pleasure to navigate and explore, on the other hand, there is plenty of derivatively dull map design as well (perhaps, it makes the majority of this game).

    1) Cutscenes. Constant cutscenes, to the extent of wanting to exit the game. I am at a loss as to what they were trying to achieve with a few hours of engine-rendered storytelling. Games are about doing, controlling your character. If I want passive storytelling, I'll watch a movie, engine-rendered cinematics (mo-capped or not) are no match for live action photography. Crappy shaky camera effects, interlaced wording flashing on screen (supposedly to emphasize the dire emotions communicated thus). Why undermine the medium? That was plain silly. They poured time and resources on destroying what the original Max Payne had been executing flawlessly with some drawn static comic book loading screens.

    2) Writing. The cutscene annoyance's been amplified by the witless, moronic writing. I find it hard to put it into words, but it's simply bad and keeps repeating itself like hell: booze, remorse, need to push forward, "I am probably a fool for doing this, but hell..." Do they keep some emotional idiots at rockstar just for such scripts? Not to mention it sports a thousand film clichés and blatantly rips off some of them (as well as ripping off some games).

    3) Clunky controls. Poorly implemented cover system, that is plain unwieldy to use, not to mention you get shot 9 out of 10 times when using it. The floating camera mechanics is badly done too, you get shot when turning corners and take massive damage without even having the slightest chance of evaluating the situation. This leads to you having to replay those sections of the game, which hampers the sense of story flow and messes with your game progress (kinda like cheating, knowing that there is a dude behind the corner, so you jump out slo-mo).

    The graphics is really nothing special either. Overall this game makes a silly impression. Sorry for all the artistic that went in to it (meaning the man-hours spent modeling and animating this turkey).
  85. Aug 21, 2013
    This is one of the 25 best games I've ever played. The best action I've ever seen in a third person shooter. The story is great, Max Payne is probably the best video game character ever. The score makes everything more badass and epic. And the multiplayer gets you take part of some gang action.
    If you liked the other Max Payne games, or any other Rockstar game, you'll love this!!
  86. Jun 1, 2012
    Pure epicness! Can't believe that Rockstar did such a good jon with the PC version of this! It's incredibly well optimization PLEASE GO BUY IT NOW! Its Too Amazing!
  87. Jun 1, 2012
    I am really loving the game so far, i'm only 1 and a half hours in, and it runs pretty nice on my system, not at max, but nice. The only thing that pretty much ruins a lot of the experience for me right now, are the effects for the use of alcohol and painkillers given in the the cut scenes, even though the cut scenes don't bother me at all, i think they are a valuable asset to the game so far, and i really enjoy the game right now. (I've actually pressed alt+tab to write this message XD ) It's only just these effects that, tire my eyes. could someone please make an on / off option for that ? I would really appreciate that very much ! Expand
  88. Jun 2, 2012
    As a long time Max Payne fan, I admit I was a bit dubious when I originally heard that Rockstar was taking over development of the series. I'm not a Rockstar fan. I've never understood the excitement over their games, as I've always found each of them very mediocre in many ways. Because of this, Max Payne 3 has been a wonderful surprise. All the elements of the previous Max Payne games are here. Bullet Time is very well designed to give you just the edge you need to survive the sometimes impossible situations, but does not make the game overly easy. I even enjoy the direction that they took Max's character in, as it makes his character seem more real. While Max may be the hero that can survive impossible odds, he does not win every time. Instead of being the stereotypical action hero who cannot lose no matter what the odds may be, Max doesn't always win.
    On another note, while I absolutely understand the complaints about the campaigns constant cut scenes and sometimes abrupt transitions back into the game play, I found it a fantastic storytelling technique. In many games, the transition from a cut scene to game play is very abrupt, and the cut scenes usually break immersion for me. With Max Payne 3, this is not the case. You easily transition from the third person prospective into a cut scene with ease. The only bad that I have noticed so far involve mostly technical issues. The PC release has more then a few that should have been fixed by the release of the game. While this isn't exactly a new situation for a Rockstar game, the games technical glitches do make it difficult to enjoy the game at times. Most of the technical issues do not seem to be present on the console versions of the game either. All in all, while this game may not be Remedy's Max Payne, I would still suggest this to anyone who enjoyed the first two games, although it may be worth waiting a few weeks for the PC version, at least, while Rockstar irons out the technical issues.
  89. Jun 21, 2012
    Rockstar Games continue the amazing franchise with their awesome game making skills, and they made this game almost perfect, and it fits right in the series.
    The thing I liked the most about this game was that they didn't **** up even one thing, it still feels like a Max Payne game, it's a third person shooter, bullet time is there, the game is as ground breaking as all the games for
    their time, storyline is great, Max Payne's voice actor is still doing his awesome job, ****ing Captain Baseball Bat Boy is in the game, the game is very fun and best of all; it's challenging.
    The graphics, animation and sound quality is probably the best I've seen so far and everything works just flawless.
    If you are a Max Payne fan, WHAT THE **** ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Get this game!
  90. Aug 26, 2013
    Good game that doesn't reach it's predecessors but still an enjoyable experience. Wish they would cut down on the non-stop cut-scenes. Also max payne going bald and thw hole setting... meh.
  91. Jun 1, 2012
    Okay so I played this on Xbox 360 but waited till the PC release to buy it and I must say, there is a difference. I have recently just migrated to PC gaming as I have no intention of buying a new console and I built a very high mid range so it runs it very well, and Max Payne 3 runs smooth and very pretty. This looks so much better than any game I have played on console, even Max Payne 3 itself. Runs at a higher frame than the 30 fps cap of console too. I must say I am very pleased. Expand
  92. Jun 7, 2012
    The game is complete junk, did anyone test the mouse movement? The mouse acceleration is horrible. The mouse sensitivity becomes super slow during most actions. The enemies models are too small, which makes the game feel wrong and unrewarding. The pacing of the game was a joke too. The only good thing was almost every object in the game was destroyable and a few good lines of dialogue.
  93. Jul 12, 2012
    Pretty and polished, but extremely frustrating. The devs seem to think "challenge" and "frustrate" are synonymous. They are not. Other reviews have already talked about the constant cutscenes, switching to pistol, shooting in the back etc, so I'll leave that and say THIS GAME IS A RAIL SHOOTER. There is absolutely no freedom - even in the manner you clear the waves of attackers - everything is scripted and you must respond as required or die and try again. This is Dragon's Lair with a gun. Expand
  94. Vex
    May 13, 2014
    This game is so monotonous, linear and boring, words can't even begin to express. There are only 3 mechanics in the game: shooting, examining trivia and pushing buttons/pulling levers. The game throws waves upon waves of enemies at you, which not only kills any semblance of realism, but also makes sure you get frustrated for having to replay the same section/hangar/floor for the n-th time after getting killed in the stupidest way possible. It is not possible to approach problems stealthily, use tactics or any kind of planning; instead the game will often do the stupidest thing - Max will open a big door to a room full of enemies (big surprise) and literally throw himself in the midst of them, trying to shoot them up using slo-mo instead of staying where he is and taking them out from there.

    The only saving grace of this game is nice graphics and really good voice acting. It appears as though Rockstar wanted to make a movie instead of a game. It plays like a half-baked shooter from 1998.

    What a waste of time. Avoid.
  95. Jan 15, 2013
    It's a good game, visually awesome, but too short and overrated. It's very linear, you only end up shooting and shooting all the time... could have been much better, overall it felt really short.
  96. Jul 3, 2013
    I take off 2 points for failure to pass chatter. The graphics and attention to detail is awesome, just a great optimization as well as animation and physics as. Payne kicked everyone's ass once again. I wish the next game was in the style of the first game of the series. This is still the strongest game of the series.
  97. Nov 8, 2013
    Rockstar really did his job with this...the game is just like the precedent titles I mean awesome...An wonderful gameplay and story.The graphics are cool and the title comes with a lot of new stuff and improvements and with the first max payne multiplayer.
  98. Jun 3, 2012
    "A masterpiece of underworld carnality, depravity and violence."-The Guardian.
  99. Jun 4, 2012
    A great game, here's what it needed to be more. By most standards this app is awesome, but for me there's a killer dealbreaker: Character develompent. Max and the rest of the characters are weak and one sided, there is no progression, there is nothing to love about them. It reminds me of Breaking Bad, the same static feeling, people passing through life without learning a thing. And the second worst issue is the facial expressions.. they barely exist. Just because everything is done with so much detail, sound, graphics, mechanics .. its just sad to see the feeling, the immersion of the game being the weak point.

    Hope they improve
  100. Sep 29, 2012
    If you want to play GTA4 without cars and without open world - Max Payne 3 is for you. If you want good old Max Payne - don't bother. This is another game. Almost nothing in common. It is something like Kain & Linch, but shorter and with looooonger loadings/cutscenes.
    I can't say it's bad. It's almost OK. It is interesting that the main character is old drunk, and at least a first half of
    story is pretty solid average action movie scenario (don't know about other half). But you'll get something about 1 hour of real gameplay for a singleplayer, I think. And game mechanic is total crap for PC version. Expand
  101. Jan 11, 2014
    Max Payne 3 One of the best TPS games i've ever played. His wife and daughter's gone and became a killer contracter in Brazil, San Paulo. He find himself trapped between the vast culture of American - Brazillian. Unable to understand their language and things turning bad on him. Pros: 1. Good story plot and twist. Intense action. 2. Controls that feels smooth. 3. Great performance (on PC) and doesn't feel like a poor console port. Frame rate is generally better than other titles from the same game developer studio (e.g. GTA IV).

    1. Playthrough is too short, 5 hours for me on medium difficulty.
    2. Sometimes, cover is too unlimited. Ubsurd spawn of enemies near staircase and areas with cover. Tests a lot on stealth and agility.
    3. Extremely huge file size for a single game, probably due to the large amount of cutscenes (Don't get me wrong, the cutscenes looks amazing).

Generally favorable reviews - based on 30 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 28 out of 30
  2. Negative: 0 out of 30
  1. Oct 13, 2012
    Max Payne 3 feels like a PC original, in a very good way. [Aug 2012]
  2. Aug 31, 2012
    Its deviation from the mood instilled by its predecessors might annoy some purist fans, but Max Payne 3's undisputed quality standards in all accounts will make them look the other way and enjoy the game as it is. [July 2012]
  3. 90
    Max Payne is god and it really doesn't matter that he is not the fair one. He is the most interesting action character these days and the game itself is one of the best you can get. [July 2012]