• Publisher: Aspyr
  • Release Date: Mar 16, 2009
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 124 Ratings

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  1. Mar 5, 2012
    Somehow, 1C Company has managed to make a strategy wargame more painful than the act of war itself.
    Seriously, as interesting as this game looks with it's multitude of different units, vehicles and weapons, it is an exersize in frustration and mediocrity.
    Single player sways between pitched battles where you're expected to position an entire army in the 15 seconds it takes for the enemy
    forces to reach you, to laughable stealth missions in which stealth is literally not an option (don't forget insta-failing missions for conditions that you're never actually made aware of).
    I honestly don't know what the developers were thinking when they made this game, other than "let's try to take a tried and tested formula and make it as unfun as we can". Maybe it was a team building exersize or something.
    Worst part is that I'm being generous, there's like 20% of a reasonable game hidden in here. It's just a shame that you have to wade through the 80% of effluent that is the rest of this embarrassment to get to it.
  2. Sep 1, 2010
    One of the best and most raalistic WW2 strategies I have played and a worthy continuation of Soldiers and Faces of War games. After such a nonesence as the Company of Heroes (anyone finds it strange, that you break a forward armor by a frontal shot??). Finaly a game, where tanks do not have hitpoints, but hit zones. When you hit a tank, you either kill it, disable it, or nothing happens. No more stupid hitpoints. Regarding infantry, you can equip them as you wish, you can use captured equipment and very often you have to pick up ammo from fallen friends and enemies. In a summary, this game is a must for all WW2 fans. Expand
  3. Apr 7, 2011
    First off: I was looking for an experience more realistic than CoH and I have definitely found it with MoW. Problem is: I want to like MoW a lot more than I actually like it. It's so close to being a good game that it physically pains me that it almost gets there and yet just falls short. It's the small details that have let me down... 1) Micromanagement: Why are my soldiers so incompetent? With the scales of the battles in this game you would figure they'd allow for your units to handle certain functions, like moving to new cover after their current cover had been destroyed , by themselves, when your attention was elsewhere! Units refuse to pick up ammo on their own! Constantly forcing you to lose ground while trying to discover who's run out... and then micromanaging each unit into searching for it! I'm not against micromanaging units... but when is enough, ENOUGH!? Scrolling back across the map from reloading your soldier's ammo supply on the far side, only to discover all of your units dead because they refused to find new cover after an enemy tank had destroyed the wall they were standing behind, is beyond micromanagement... it's TEDIUM! This level of minutiae belongs in a Turn Based Strategy game, NOT an RTS. There just is not enough time to handle all of the details AND keep the battles immersive. Most of the loss of life in this game comes from this and it dampens the games flow. (Plus, if you're going to make me loot enemy bodies for equipment, why can't I don their uniforms during stealth missions?) 2) AI issues: The AI in this game is totally schizophrenic! Not only are your own soldiers helpless babies, but the enemy soldiers threat detection occillates between deaf/dumb/blind and omniscient overlord! In one particular stealth mission I had an enemy soldier run ACROSS the entire map, straight to the back of a cluster of thick bushes, to discover the body I'd just hidden, and sound the alarm... while not 20 minutes earlier, same mission, one of my soldiers accidentally let a grenade fly, killed 2 enemies, UNNOTICED by the 3 guards not 20 feet away!!! WHA!?! It makes no sense... Not to mention units that have ammo, no damage to them, glitching into uselessness! It's frustrating trying to hold off enemy tanks with artillery only to have the unit in question stop targeting... Damage? No... Proper number of soldiers manning equipment? Yep... Ammo? Check... Line of sight? Yes... Hmmm... WTF! It was JUST %$#*#$ WORKING! I can practically hear the hardcore strategy enthusiasts: "You just don't understand strategy games", "You're obviously not skilled enough", "Leave it to the big dawgs"... and all of that BS. Truth is: I AM a Strategy Enthusiast! The positives here just DO NOT make up for all of the faults. I can see what 1C was aiming for here... but, IMO they missed (I genuinely hope they'll be able to polish the experience off in future iterations... I look forward to it...). And, although, I have ample patience for strategy titles, I just do not have enough patience for poor execution... . Expand
  4. Sep 21, 2011
    A very good game in every way that takes WW2 RTS to a really realism level that some people crave. But, what really lets this game down is the ammunition and supply system. I can understand tanks and other vehicles, but trying to pass out bullets to each individual soldier while there is a battle to fight really takes away from this game by this micro managing system. I simply found to easier to kill my troops and call in more then resupply them with ammunition that by default carry so few when they first appear on the field. Expand
  5. Nov 22, 2010
    Men of war is worth the current price on steam.Men of war is a Brilliant idea for strategy,But the only reason this game scored a 9 instead of 10,is because of the incredibly stupid AI,First off,lets say you order your men to move to the other side of the building,while they're standing on the same wall,they will go around the building consumed by fire to get to the other side instead of just going the way not under fire,another instance of the AI is how really annoying fighting is,This game is either Way to easy,or way to hard,Normal is not a medium,it's just some easy mode where like 4 more of your troops die,and Hard is painstaking when it comes to missions against tanks.But hey,it's a great strategy,has a long play length,replay value,and pretty good online. Expand
  6. Apr 27, 2011
    The best strategy game WWII !!!
    The best on line strategy game WWII !!!
    Excellent follow-on to Soldiers: Heroes of WWII and Face of war.This is one of the few games that get involved as much as you love the most!
  7. Sep 11, 2011
    The 3rd game in MoW series, after Soldiers of Honor and Faces Of War. It's an improved version of Faces Of War, with some more options to use, a bit better graphic engine and better multiplayer. For me just perfect tactical RTS, which I play from time to time even now. Recommended!
  8. Mar 10, 2012
    Men of War is Soldiers is an real-time strategy game where the focus lies on micro-managing small numbers of troops and vehicles with highly realistic game-play. The campaign can be played in co-operative- and single-player mode. This game is a successor to Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2 and it plays largely the same way but it adds a much more fluent interface, the ability for squads to be formed (and equipment to be shared amongst squad members), maps that can expand or contract depending on the mission objective at hand and the ability to call in reinforcements.
    The story writing is still abysmal and so is the voice acting. It fires scripts and takes away control of the camera on the most awkward of moments and on top of that, Men of War suffers from extreme performance issues on certain computers where FPS drops come and go as quick as the bullets fired for no obvious reason. They also did some tweaks to the engine where bodies and equipment simply despawn, often leaving you short of weapons to loot. And if the items haven't despawned yet, it's very hard to find them because the maximum viewing range of items on the ground has been drastically reduced! Still, Men of War is better than Soldiers: Heroes of World 2; it's more exciting, it looks better, it plays better and the new squad system is a brilliant addition. If you enjoyed Soldiers:Heroes of World War 2 you will be marvelled by Men of War.
  9. Jul 31, 2011
    Possibly my favourite RTS. It's got some nice realism, which requires you to use some decent level of strategy. It's pretty difficult though. Only play it if you consider yourself quite good at RTSs, not if you're a casual gamer. However, if you do master it, you'll find it very rewarding. Fully destructible environments, as well as no health bars for vehicles, just damage areas (you can knock out a tank's tracks, but that doesn't mean the hull or the turret will be scratched). Micromanagement is fine once you get used to it. The missions are nice and varied, ranging from stealth infiltration style to full out war.
    Flaws? Well, I suppose the AI isn't brilliant, but it tends to not be a problem. The path-finding isn't the best either (all too often have I had my nice defenses ruined by a tank that decided that that was the quickest route). Stealth isn't that great, since whether or not you get discovered seems more or less random, rather than to do with how you play, and it tends to be more effective to shoot everyone than to infiltrate. The voice acting? Well, I suppose some might see it as a flaw, but it's fun to listen to.
  10. Aug 19, 2011
    In games like Modern Warfare 2, the other players spoil the game for you while the CPU plays perfectly fairly. In this game, however, I found that it was the other way around. If anyone's played the campaign, even on easy mode, you'll know what I mean. It's not that the AI is unfairly skilled, just that they're unrealistically good at killing you. (When they're not confusedly taking cover behind your tank while at the same time trying to blow it up) In several missions the game hands you a well-equipped tank and crew, expecting you to go through the enemies like a hot knife through butter. I found myself hesitant, however, to do anything other than stay back and shoot, because the moment you try to charge through their defenses, they'll lob AT grenades at you like you've activated the "Catch" skull on Halo 3. Even if you're three feet away, and doing so will kill the thrower. Furthermore I found that the decision making skills are lacking, with my allies not returning fire with the enemy tank about to pound us into scrap metal, but instead continuing to shoot another German tank, one that was completely disabled and posed no threat to us whatsoever. Of course, with the "realism" factor, their shells just bounced off and made it that much more embarrassing. Which brings me to my next point. Realism is fine, but Best Way went overboard with it. It might be "realistic" that one in five of my anti tank emplacements' shells just bounce off of the advancing German armor, but it sure as hell isn't fair. Especially when that armor can cripple any of the emplacements with one hit. Well, I think that's enough negativity. Men of War does have some saving graces, and those would be the fully destructible environments, great cover system and the editor, which allows you to make your own mission and map. (I won't go into detail about a terribly pathetic campaign runthrough involving a nuke, editor explosions, hundreds of Spetsnaz troops and an infinite German spawner that was there by default for some reason.) So, there you go. In my opinion, Assault Squad is considerably better, but still needs improvement. If you're thinking of buying this game, don't expect anything great. In the words of Rob Talbert of Machinima.com, this game is a rent. PROS
    Editor mode
    Fully destructible environment
    Great cover system
    Historically accurate units

    Terrible AI
    Bad mission design
  11. Feb 5, 2012
    I bought the game on sale from Steam and I've tried it out twice. My main experience is this: if you command infantry, you can never get all of the people in your squad to go where you want them to (at least 1 of my guys always stood in place unless I brought them into cover), tank tracks are destroyed like they're made of playdough (and it seems the computer always manages to disable my tank tracks from 1000 yards off with a tiny flak gun with one lucky shot while my tank crew shoots wildly and misses half the time), and you're fighting with a squad of 8 against dozens of enemies. This is the first mission of the game on Easy difficulty. I know I'm probably going to get a lot of people telling me I'm terrible at this game, but that's just my experience and because of that, I couldn't get into the game. I also had one of the "heroes" of the game get "killed" but instead of dying he was crouched down and used up all of the medpacks I had salvaged off of dead bodies without healing himself. Expand
  12. Mar 19, 2012
    Men of War is definitely the best multiplayer RTS ever. Nothing else is comparable. Don't buy it for single player. Single players, although very difficult, is a tutorial. The game plays similar to the old Close Combat V (from 1998), but with some minor compromises in the realism for gameplay reasons, in addition to much better graphics and physics. You buy forces using points from a very large selection of infantry, artillery and tanks. Tactics and physics play a huge role in your forces' efficieny, making the game unfriendly to some very young and impatient player. You can place your tank hull down or angle their hull to survive a barrage from AT guns. You can set buildings and fields to force out enemy infantry. You can snipe the guards in a remote location of the front and infiltrate the broken enemy lines with saboteurs, placing TNT under their heavy artillery at a critical moment in the battle. These are just examples of tricks you will learn to master. For the mature audience those looking for realistic and complex tactics & great multiplayer fun, this is the best there is! Plus, getting slaughtered while facing superior tactics the first 10 or so battles scares away those annoying kids! Expect to feel like the Soviets in 41' until you get a hang of it :) Expand
  13. Jul 15, 2012
    Men of War is a great game, and as a WWII history buff and a RTS gamer I can honestly say it is one of the best games I've ever played. Tons of historically accurate weapons, vehicles and uniforms, coupled with the decent graphics and realistic effects (ballistics, explosions,cover, etc.) make me feel almost as if I was in the battle myself. The best thing about Men of War definitely is the GEM editor that allows you to create your own maps and missions. The endless possibilities of the GEM Editor really make up for the single player, that has some interesting missions but overall way too few. Assault Squad is a HUGE improvement, but as it is only $15 on Steam I would still highly recommend this game. Expand
  14. Jun 30, 2013
    Probably one of the best games about WW2 out there. Huge amount of vehicles and infantry units, large variety of battlefields from frozen outskirts of Moscow to the hot deserts of Africa. Immense gameplay depth, with individual inventory for each soldier, historically accurate performance characteristics of each gun and vehicle (shell types, armor thickness, fuel amount and much more). Great physic engine allows almost complete destruction.
    There are though some issues animations are not quite good, neither is the voice-over. Thus 9/10, not 10/10 as it could had.
  15. Dec 29, 2013
    This game is a lot of fun, despite its clunky interface, but taking this game away from the RTS genre and putting it squarely in the tactical RTS arena is refreshing, vehicles are gorgous and variety is endless, really its about a 7.5 due to its querks but it plays relatively nicely and is pretty fun playing scenarios missed in a lot of games these days like North Afrika and Crete
  16. Apr 18, 2012
    Got this game as part of the 1c box (41 items for $100). Enjoy the lack of base building and ease with which you can move around the battlefield and go from focusing on one unit to many. Look forward to playing the rest of the series. Something overlooked by those who claim the game is very realistic is how a unit can go from 10% health to full health with the use of a bandage but anyway.
  17. Sep 21, 2013
    Buggy, boring and overdone. It is playable for people who find the cold war interesting. My friend bought me this game and I tried to like it, but it was OKAY.
  18. Feb 22, 2014
    Men of War had everything to be one of the best Real Time Tactics games, but failed at it because of many details, all summed up make the game annoying and frustrating.

    I love strategy games, the more detail the better, but when a game asks me to take care of a large battle and manage 100 soldiers with such detail that I have to search enemy bodies for ammo for every single one of my
    soldiers... sorry there's something wrong here.

    The AI is a mix of amazing and frustration, but I give a thumbs up here, the AI behaved fairly decently most of the time, but even then you better save often because while you micromanage some soldiers in the right, your only tank in the left might decide to move forward for whatever reason and die miserably.

    The Camera is very bad, you have to constantly micromanage the angle of vision because it doesn't allow the player to zoom out enough, not even near enough, creates a feeling that vehicle battles are just random stupidity. For Infantry the camera is good enough.

    Graphically the game looks very poorly optimized, I have a decent computer, in some battles I had to turn everything off or to low settings and even then it was bad, I've played far heavier games without half of the slow down. This creates a huge problem with unit selection and deselection, units lost constantly because the same button to deselect also allows to make a move order, come on... why in hell!?

    But not all is bad, small battles where there's not a ton of troops everywhere can be very fun, specially when there's a low amount of tanks involved, infantry vs infantry fighting is very good and dynamic. In the end I had some fun playing this game, but just as much frustration.

    For RTT aficionados I would recommend this game, other than that I don't recommend it, and make sure you have a pretty good computer to run this properly.
  19. Dec 29, 2013
    Men of War is a great game. The campaign is challenging and offers a wide array of units, strategies and tactics. MoW also features multiplayer and LAN so you can play in games with up to 16 people. The game also comes with a free mission editor so you can create your own maps and missions. Okay the AI is quite bad and the voice overs aren't perfect but over all this is a spectacular game with rich and diverse gameplay. Expand
  20. Jan 25, 2014
    A great game built from a great concept. The game is simple yet complex , easy to learn but difficult to master and very fun and addictive to play. However, the lack of features for single player after the main missions is disappointing. The multiplayer is great fun and seems like it got more work then the single player . The editor is one of the best in-game map editors i have ever seen with tons of features.

    Overall the game is great and I recommend you buy it.
  21. Mar 31, 2014
    An undiscovered gem (for me anyway) of an RTS. Somehow this slipped under the radar back in 2008 and I didn't try it till this year. However it really changes how you think of strategy games in the amount of detail and control it allows you. Think of it as a less polished, but more detailed World In Conflict. Definitely not an easy game to learn, but if you put in the effort and familiarise yourself with the controls, it genuinely feels like you're directing a WWII battle. For mature gamers only. Expand
  22. Apr 17, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Having played Soldiers: Heroes of World War 2, its unknown sequel Silent Heroes, Faces of War, and completed every single mission of this game in medium, I can say safely that these games are diamonds if you look for a real challenge. And I mean a REAL TOUGH challenge.

    These games were truly made to test your patience, reflexes and nerves. They are not made for the casual RTS gamer. He will hate them for their difficulty. Reloading a specific point 15 times to get through it is very exhausting. Facing overwhelming enemy forces, an AI which destroys your tanks so much easier that you can destroy its (you have the same tank as the AI, you flank it, you fire at its engine, but nothing happens--> then it fires at your front armor and BOOM, your tank explodes), no time to organize your defenses as you would like, having to take care of ammunition, cover and survival of 50 INDIVIDUAL soldiers, will make every newcomer cry or curse.

    Consider these factors before your try these games. Many people come here and whine about them, but the plain true is that they were not made for this challenge. Even the veterans confess that the game sometimes becomes infuriating due to its almost impossible difficulty. And they are right. If someone claims that he found this game relaxing and easy he is a liar. The odds and the numbers will always speak of your defeat. Your crushing defeat. The quickness required to make it is almost unachievable. and when you think you have annihilated the enemy, and you start moving your forces relaxed, the next second something will happen to make you lose your color and maybe quit the game for some hours. Example? Some random flamethrower appears from nowhere and burns something you hold dear...

    The problem is that you cannot be everywhere all the time. And the enemy attacks in many points SIMULTANEOUSLY, and most of the time your units will not do that what you want. So...there comes the pause micromanagement paradise (for few of us) or nightmare (for all the others). But when you make it and destroy all the enemy forces with your own hand...this is something to boast for. You will like it when your shot destroys only the turret of the enemy tank. And this is mainly achieved with direct control. Direct control is your saviour in difficult situations. You can chose where to move, how to rotate, where and when to shoot.

    Last but not least about the game's difficulty. The stealth missions. AI's patrols choose random ways to walk. You cannot predict them like in other games. They may discover a corpse in a place you thought they would never go. You have to kill everyone with knives and away from everyone else. You will see how impossible it is when reinforcements arrive and see all the corpses you have left behind, when the dead will scream and his comrades will hear it, when some random light will catch you and so on. Stealth missions for me are the hardest. In fact, stealth missions are the hardest in reality.

    I have never been in war personally, but I have 1 thing to say to all these crying about the game being unrealistically hard. Klawzevits said that war is rarely battles. Most of the time is marching and logistics: food, ammunition, fixing bridges etc. So do not cry. Imagine the next game to have food and other survival factors in it.

    Graphics: 7/10. Good they do their job, they could have been better.
    Physics: 9.5/10. Awesome. Watching an operating tank being upside-down from a strong explosion is a lol thing. Walls falling wand hitting the infantry under them is a nice detail. Need to say more?
    Sound: Rofl...2/10 but who really cares. Mute the game like everyone and put some music. 6 Hours EVE online music made it for me.
    Storyline: Who cares...some real persons there and their actions during the war. Trust me, I do not care and none really does. Nowadays the games are too many to get intrigued in one's story.

    Some annoying bugs which do not allow you to complete missions though is the reason I put 9/10. It happened only twice on last allied mission (who cares, it was the last one after all) and the 4th bonus mission. Pissed, I wanted to play the 5th as well.

    The game will take you in many places that are not memorised in other ww2 games. As a Greek loved the 1st German mission in Crete. It was tough as hell with all these SMG's, but there is always a way to make it if you try and think. Then Africa. Rommel, Italian destroyer, sandstorm hiding sounds and much more. The devs understood that simply repeating D-Day would not help. Finding battles like Yugoslavian, Greek, Polish, Iranian (lol they were invaded by USSR), Chinese (vs Japan ofc) that are never ever commemorated is something that makes me love a game.

    The game is rewarding only the hardcore gamers. For me, the most difficult battle was the 7th USSR: Behind Enemy Lines. Not only a tough stealth pre-mission, but a main battle where you had to take some heavily fortified hills. Try it and cry. If you are casual go away.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 18 out of 22
  2. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. This might be the most gripping tactics title I've played in getting on for a decade.
  2. As a strategy game, very few titles reach the epic scale and excitement of Men of War's biggest battles. [Apr 2009, p.68]
  3. It's a hard game, but that challenge and scope will be what keeps you coming back after your arse is handed to you. Again.