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  • Summary: Race through the beginnings of Formula 1 Star Michael Schumacher career as a Kart driver. Experience the atmosphere of the world's most famous race tracks and challenge the World in the Online Tournament. MS Kart is the ultimate Kart Race Sim with 3 different classes to choose from, 16 unique tracks with various difficulty levels and an extremely life-like physics model. Choose your racing outfit, the color of your Kart, your driver's name and more. Customize the appearance of the upcoming Number One Kart Driver. [JoWood] Expand
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  1. Multiplayer racing could have lifted this from moderate game to an excellent title.
  2. 70
    Easily the best karting game out there, it still doesn't compare to other quality rev-head titles like "Grand Prix 4" and "Colin McRae Rally."
  3. Provides a decent amount of enjoyment, but is let down in a number of crucial areas, particularly longevity, and its realism in certain areas.
  4. It's ultimately too simplistic, too short, and far too prone to bumper-car madness and pinball-like ricochets.
  5. Though it looks gorgeous and is entertaining to play at times, it's conspicuously underpowered in three critical areas: physics, AI, and gameplay depth. [Holiday 2002, p.110]
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  1. Mrs.Gray
    Mar 25, 2006
    I love watching grand prixs ont.v michael schumacher is my favorite driver and i think the grand prix and g-kart games are excellent, it gives you the buzz like the drivers have when they are on the tracks. Expand